Early campaign worries Bush

| 25/02/2011

(CNS): The country’s premier has criticised the new leader of the opposition for starting an election campaign more than two years away from polling day. In an address broadcast to the nation on Thursday evening, McKeeva Bush said he was compelled to speak up after what he said was a declaration by the PPM that he would be embarking on a political campaign for the next election. The premier said it would be a disruptive distraction at a time when the country should be pulling together. He said the primary allegiance of every individual should be to the country and not to any political party and asked everyone to reject the politics of division.

“At this delicate juncture in our history and development we must take the high road of national unity, reconciliation, economic reconstruction, social renewal and international respect that is the platform and emerging legacy of the UDP Administration that I have the honour to lead at this time,” the premiersaid, as he criticised the new opposition leader and PPM chief, Alden McLaughlin, for campaigning when the ballot wouldn’t take place until 2013.

However, McLaughlin said he was not sure what the panic of the premier was about and said he had no intentions of running a 27 month campaign.

“The opposition will do its job properly. That is our responsibility and we will discharge it. I have been in politics long enough to understand that a 27 month campaign, even if we had the inclination and resources to do so, is unsustainable,” McLaughlin said in the wake of the premier’s speech.

“The premier should get on with the job he and his government were elected to do. Thereis much to be done. The economy is still in shambles, unemployment is at a record high, people are losing their homes and businesses crime is out of control. The premier has promised much. But after almost two years in office it is time he starts delivering more than just another speech.”

Bush said that McLaughlin’s campaigning would have “grave implications” for the stability of the economy of the Cayman Islands, which was still engulfed in the throes of the worst recession the world has witnessed in some 80 years.

“The pronouncement that the PPM will be immediately embarking on a political campaign to regain power 27 months before an election is due, and a mere 21 months after Caymanians exercised their democratic right and selected the government of their choice is unfortunate,” he added.

He suggested that no one wanted to be plunged into a protracted period of electioneering and all its “negative and disruptive manifestations” at a time when there were intractable threats to the people’s standard of living, and personal safety and security.

“Faced with these challenges, people all over the world are rejecting political expediency and empty promises for mature governance that is accountable, participatory and which delivers practical economic and social gains,” the premier stated in his address. “People are tired of the kind of politics that concerns itself first and foremost with the fortunes of one political group and not with the interest of all the people they seek to represent. Political and electoral apathy is growing here in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere in the Caribbean and the world because of politicians who continue to parade their selfish egos ahead of the real problems of their country.”

He said Cayman couldn’t afford to feed the growing disenchantment by succumbing to the politics of partisan selfishness at the expense of national solidarity and unity of purpose. He said no other countries with elections due in 2013 had opposition parties launching campaigns. After less than two years of the UDP government talking office, Bush stated that the country was moving in the right direction.

“We realize that people are still hurting – unacceptable levels of unemployment still exists, and now is no time for the government to be distracted from continuing to turn the country around by an election campaign by the opposition,” he told the country in his speech.

However, McLaughlin reassured the country that the PPM was not campaigning and that if the premier’s government was performing as well as he claimed he should not be “so easily rattled” regarding what he had said when he took up the leadership post.

“The only place I mentioned preparing for the 2013 campaign is in the last paragraph of my speech at the PPM Extraordinary Conference. I’d spent the previous 40 minutes speaking to members of the PPM about the things we must do to put our house in order. That’s what I meant and mean about starting the preparations for the 2013 campaign,” the opposition leader said. “Structural changes, leadership changes, perception changes, new potential candidates; we have lot’s to do.And while the party will be working hard at these issues in the coming weeks and months, I have no intention of getting on the soapbox and campaigning against the government at this point.”

Closing his speech, Bush stated that the nation should be the central principle of political organisation and that was certainly the central principle of the UDP.

Read the premier’s full address

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush likes to talk of taking the high road ,only problem is he’s up to his armpits in muck while saying this .He says mid term campaigning is disruptive and sends the wrong message ;yet he is the one who in 2001 pulled off a "coup" and changed the Government of these islands and without even consulting the people installed a party system. But this was not his first attempt to bring down an elected Government that he had a beef with.In  November 1988 Mckeeva was elected to the Assembly as part of the Dignity Team which went on to form the Government.Unfortunately Mr Bush was not given an Exco seat and in July 1989 he walked across the aisle and joined the opposition in calling for the Dignity Team Govt. to step down.They also threatened to shut down Government ( if Exco did not resign)by withholding funds in Finance Committee.I guess if Mckeeva is doing this it, it is not disruptive.McKeeva is real slick :what he’s doing is trying to shut up any opposition to his plans by claiming it is bad policy and bad for the Cayman Is.He does not want the Opposition to begin campaigning too early yet this was his second national television speech to air on consecutive nights.These speeches were used to promote the plans of the UDP (unlimited Destruction Party) He may call it policy statements ,I call it campaigning.In fact all actions of a siiting Government should be viewed as setting the table for the next election e.g.posing at a ground breaking ceremony or posing while giving plants to farmers .Remember we will be reminded of these deeds when the ruling group is running in the next election.My suggestion to the PPM and in fact all Caymanians is to speak out when you have an opinion and don’t let McHeeva shut you up by intimidation or silence you by tricking you into thinking it is anti -Caymanian to do so.

  2. Shock and Awe says:

    Pulling together as a country???  Pulling together????

    All right Mr. Bush, let’s start with you:

    1. Come through on your promise to take a salary reduction.

    2,  Get rid of your people hired personal chef.

    3,  Pay your own household expenses.

    4.  Stop collecting a pension and a salary.

    5.  Stop going on holidays with your family and cronies while Cayman suffers from unemployment and crime.

    Otherwise you have absolutely no credibility and you can pull your own.



  3. Anonymous says:

    As a people we should force our leaders to think of every day as an election campaign. 

    Every decision they make should be based on, "what do the people that elect me want".  Not what is best for me.

    It is our jobs as voters "to keep them honest every day of every year" not just election years.  This holds no matter which party or individual is in office.  We do this by letting them know when we think they are doing the wrong thing.  Neither the people nor the press should be quiet.  It is our duty to speak our opinion.  

    Any politician that disagrees should not get your vote.

    It is the people who should be in power.  Not the politicians.  Not the party.  We as citizens have to make sure daily that our elected officials know that.

  4. John Felder says:

    It’s not about the PARTY, it’s about vision for the Cayman Islands. New fresh leadership creates new ideas rather than old recycled ideas of the past.

  5. ANONYMOUS says:

    Glad you have made a message like a statesman.

    As far as the new leader of the opposition, please donot let him be a distraction.

    Your primary responsibility is to be theleader of the nation , especially through these difficult times.

  6. Anonymous says:

    MCKEEVE IS THE BEST THAT HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTRY IN A LONG TIME. This was posted on 25/02/11 at 1625hrs. now i can only say that you must be from old bush i only know two people from there that would say that . But i also know that they did not put that post here. so you realy need help. try and get out and see ,hear, and read what is going on in the island. if you have any understanding you would erase this post

  7. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     It is absolutely amazing. You can take any headline about Mr. Bush’s sound bites, read the article, don’t even read the comments, just support the majority, blindly thumbs up or thumbs down. Then read all the comments and you will find the majorities favor change, are against whatever position or project Mr. Bush is spinning and do not support Mr. Bush. I cannot even say the UDP or the Government because it is all one man now.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What Mac is really scared about but couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge is the likelihood of another party or group involving The Chuckster emerging to challenge him and the UDP.

    You always have to read between the lines with Mac folks.

    He has alot of worries right now. He’s worried about an internal challenge to his leadership; he’s worried about the PPM gaining traction under new leadership and he’s worried about what The Chuckster had to say recently about the emergence of a third political “option”

    Signed : An Insider !!!

  9. Anonymous says:


    We all know that his speak as written in a letter to the Compass on the 25th Feb was definitely NOT written by the Premier. A call for unity from a person who has polarized our country like no other before him and one who has destroyed all the good values and principals that Caymanians stood for in the past. The lack of unity and the early campaigning by the PPM has only been brought on by the Premier himself because this is the response of the majority of Caymanians showing their discontent, disapproval and disgust at what the Premier is doing to our country. Summarizing why we have lost our unity and why the country is polarized is the following;

    Corruption, influence, intervention, non transparency, secret loans, circumventing and bypassing the law, UDP inner circle preferrence and inclusion only, supporting large developers, totally ignoring the people, destruction of the environment, dredging north sound, East End oil refinery, East End Port or Quarry to be handed to the country for the country to pay for its development, private walls, personal security, drivers, new cars, the high life, extensive travel, self interest, hidden taxes so on so on and so on.

    Why would the country sign on to unity under this present state of affairs and what has transpired under the UDP. Not one of them, have had the GUTS to stand up as an individual representing his people and act on their own beliefs and the wishes of their electorate. They the Government are the problem for doing nothing as they have shown their country that Goverment really is just one man. 

  10. Beachboi says:

    Mac has proven once more that XXXXX while repeating something that someone else wrote for him!!! He has no chance of re-election and I am pissed that he will then be pulling in all of that pension even after he retires behind his wall in West Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    In nature, most things that start out green eventually turns yellow, can’t be that the green party is already turning yellow now could it?

    By the way CNS, love the pic, I see Whitney Houston up there but I don’t see Kevin Costner, was this taken in the pre-Kevin Costner days?

  12. noname says:

    Mac is just plain worried. And very well he should be.

  13. Anonymous says:

     OMG!  Is it really possible that no-one sees that all the mudslinging and ‘ignoring’ what the ‘other’ party has to say is ALL ‘political campaigning’ that has gone on for years, throughout the years regardless of whether it is an election year?  It underscores and I dare say weakens the parties when they should be dealing with facts and leaving the partisan rhetoric to collect dust bunnies instead.  Discuss and argue the issues, please!  

    This is not indigenous to our Islands – it’s perhaps just the way of politics that is so ingrained it cannot change.

    PPM was correct in his word usage when he spoke, as he spoke within the context of his speech.

    The Premier is INCORRECT and rather outrageously so, to panic in such a public manner.  What ever could he be so fundamentally worried about?

    But for Heaven’s sake, make some progress with financial accountability, the entire audit process, generating viable and sustainable economic growth, balancing every single budget within government, and forgoing the pie-in-the-sky, grandiose, OTT, absurd ‘planning’ that will kill the environment we all cherish, harm our peoples through destruction of livelihoods, and generally destroy all that was founded upon the seas!

    If Government could demonstrate it’s accountability and present clear and researched planning for the country – what better place to begin the campaign for the next election?????  They wouldn’t have to call it campaigning – the WORK and the RESULTS would be generating the campaign all by their little itty bitty selves.

    SO very much time (and press) is WASTED on the rhetorical posturing from both sides of government – and yet nothing is producing what this country needs to survive.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Someone forgot to tell him that Czechoslovakia is no longer a country.  I have a high school education and I know that.  Guess he had his Sarah Palin moment. lol!

    • Anonymous says:

      I find hard to believe he did not know that as he is such a world traveller and I thought he would definitely have visited Prague by now

  15. amie says:

    To DIVIDE and CONQUOR is the colonialist’s favorite agenda against a dying nation!  I disagree with the Premier on alot of things, but I think he has a point! For these times, for Alden to start campaigning now would not be a wise move!

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Premier is a real joker talking about pulling together, he wants to dictate and have everybody march to his misguided ideas to sell this country. Can’t wait for the PPM to regain proper management of our affairs.


    • Anonymous says:

      Nevertheless, is this a correct course of action for the leader of the opposition to take? Personally I think it further strengthens the position of the UDP and weakens the credibility of the PPM. There’s a time for everything, and embarking on a two year long "election" campaign shows a shocking absence of good judgment on the part of the party’s new leader. Doesn’t exactly inspire me to vote PPM next time round.

    • Married to a Caymanian says:

       I dread the thought of PPM or UDP.  Sorry, the only difference is the color on their campaign banners.  

      Both are greedy, self serving, lazy losers!  Our politicians have forgotten the most important parts of being elected leaders for the betterment of our community…..fixing problems, getting a handle on finances, crime, and a lacking education system.

      The past decade has just been spent spending money for buddies and self interests.  

      Name me a politician who has actually proposed and followed through on organizing accounts, implementing a positive community program, improving education, fighting crime by grassroots efforts, or being a decent role model.

      I’d like to go back to to the old Custos and throw ALL of our bums OUT!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The opposition will remain weak unless they put forward some solutions. 08..30am Where have you been living, the PREMIER SAID THAT HE WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING THEY .say as he donot believe they have anything useful to say. if that is how the dictator feel why should they wase time with him

  18. Anonymous says:

    Alden said in his speech at the conference something along the lines of “the campaign for the 2013 elections has begun”. I as well as many others interpreted it as it was said. If he did not mean it exactly that way he should not have said it. Once again, Alden putting the spin on things to distract people from the truth.

  19. UDP Supporter says:

    McKeeva Bush is the best thing to happen to this tiny country in many, many years. You all can complain all you want but at least he is coming forward with good, common-sense ideas to improve the economy for Caymanians. We all need to get behind our Premier and make sure he is in power for the foreseeable future as this is in the best interests of Cayman and its future.

    • Show me PLEASE! says:

      “but at least he is coming forward with good, common-sense ideas to improve the economy for Caymanians”
      Show me PLEASE one, just one!
      Whenever your herocomes up with any idea, he flip-flops and then there is no idea.
      “To improve the economy for Caymanians”, oh yes, the economy really has improved for Caymanians since your hero became Premier, please take those UDP blinkers off your eyes.
      By the way, it is not surprising that your name is “UDP supporter”
      What a joke!

    • Anonymous says:

      Is your head in the sand. Where have you been. The best thing for our country, what a joke. Corruption. Selling off our country. XXXXXX Circumventing Cayman Laws Dictatorial rule. Oil refinery Dredging North Sound. Selling out our birth right to developers And the list goes on. How can all of this be the best thing that happened to our country. Wake up and smell the coffee for these are the darkest days of our history.

      • Anonymous says:

        22:17 could not have summed it up better. This is the most intelligent posting I have read is a long time. Thank you. 

  20. ROTFL says:

    Now I’m not for the UDP, but to be honest I’m not for the PPM either, but correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Premier, HIMSELF, say that he would not sit and listen to anything that the PPM has to say.  Why a change in tune all of sudden I wonder?  Don’t get me wrong I do agree that all sides need to stop all of this "school yard" bickering and come together, while checking their MASSIVE EGOS at the door.  Not for the better of the government in power, but for the Caymanian people.  Honestly, am I the only 30+ year old Caymanian who is terrified to see how this government as a whole is behaving?  Like I said it’s like a bunchof school yard hooligans with nothing better to do than to pick at each other.  Seriously though people we do need to remind our "ELECTED OFFICIALS" that they are just that, elected by us, for us.  This doesn’t mean that we should run to them when we need a new roof, or fridge, but rather demand action, when action is need in the community, or when we see that our beloved Cayman is hurting.

  21. Anonymous says:

    They are all alike talk, talk, talk, talk  and then Spend, spend, spend spend. I am a Born Caymanian and I dont support party politices IT IS ONLY A PARTY FOR THEM,  the rest of us pay for it in more ways than one, think about it "Party" wake up cayman and lets all vote "independants" next ellection , but I giess once elected they will then too form a "PARTY" or have a PARTY, its a flipping PARTY, PARTY, PARTY. Make a song Barefoot

  22. Anonymous says:

    In Bodden Town we had our pads and pens out from May 2009 and up until today not a stroke is on a pad.  What a shame, taxpayers have to pay such a high price for poor representation.  That alone is a hell of a burden on the country. 


  23. Sachamo says:

    UNITY is what Cayman needs now, the time for politics will come soon enough…no need to rush the mudslinging.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Crying and complaining,  or complaining and crying.  What has any Cayman leadership faction done for the Caymanian people?  You both Have led by example to the detriment of the island.  UDP? PPM? More like BAD!  Now that there is to be no more borrowing and nothing has been done about cutting down the massive spending on ???  What will the next two years bring?  Does it really matter who is to blame?  Think things are bad now? What happens when the "Premeir" can no longer afford to travel 1st class.  Just watch and hopefully learn something usefull.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Czechoslovakia is having an election in 2013, you say? I wonder if the Czechs and Slovaks know that their two countries are going to be reunited after 8 years apart?

    • Anonymous says:

      Been a bit longer than 8 years since 1993!  

      Ten years longer! ! ! !

      Czechoslovakia dissolved into The Czech Republic and Slovakia on January 1st, 1993 …….  And that was more than likely one of the only instances where such a process was peaceful!

    • anonymous says:

      Sometimes I wonder if the speech writers aren’t inside moles who are subtly sabotaging McKeeva. Let’s watch out for a next reference to Rhodesia!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I guess that old time saying is true. Throw a rock in a pig-pen and the one that squeals is the one that got hit.

  27. ALL SEEING says:

    Who needs leadership with bankrupt ideas like an Oil refinery, destroy our Mangroves for millionaires, a dock that would split the island in two, our youth wasting away, no trade school, crime out of control, traveling all over the world with little results and no prudent vision for the future. Yes we need a new non stooge educated leadership that will put our country on the right track. Our Premier is flawed and must be changed before it’s too late. He should be worried about an election.

  28. peter milburn says:

    If I am correct the Letters to the Editor in todays Compass 25th Feb has a letter from the Premier in which he says near the end of his Epistle that we all need to come together for the betterment of the country.I totally agree Mr.Bush BUT on the other hand why are you continually bashing everyone that comes up with an idea that holds some merit for the forward movement of this country?Unless it comes from you it does not sit too well with your way of thinking.and this in my estimation is just as bad or even worse for this country.Time to put aside YOUR ways and heal the rift that is forever widening between the two political parties.Come together and exchange ideas,thoughts whatever and see if this way of doing things could not work for a change.In other words MR.Premier THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX for once in your life.We will get NO WHERE if we continue down this path of continued accusations from both sides of the house.
    I have always said and will continue to say that ever since we established the party system we have gone down hill.Time for a change.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      The difficulty here is that Mr. Bush does not write his speeches and there is a disconnect with his handlers. It is fruitless for Mr. Bush to ask for unity when he has spent his whole political career fragmenting and dividing the voters of Cayman in order for him to win elections and satisfy his personal goals. Under our system elections are not won by unifying the voters. Peter, Mr. Bush is incapable of changing his ways, exchanging ideas, thinking outside of the box or unifying the country. You are right though, time for a change in leadership.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush why should you care who start to campaign have you ever stop since you been elected ?

  30. Anonymous says:

    the people of egypt had the right idea… hey caymanians..u got the guts?????

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what I been saying long time, its the only way we will ever bring about change in this country, and let the international community know what a shambolic place Cayman is becoming.  People need to stand up and be counted, and stop being so complacent sitting on their backsides and complaining about everything but doing nothing.  Cayman needs a new era in politics and plenty new, accountable and reliable politicians who observe and obey the laws rather than twisting them to suit their own agendas.

    • Anonymous says:

      We all need to get together and protest against this Government. Too much foolishness going on and all the Premier is worried about is elections. Are we going to wait another two years when no one want’s to come here anymore.

      Watch and see if business owners are not going to soon start taking their business else where. No tourist and no foreign investors what a mess that will be.

      so what are we waiting for.

  31. Anonymous says:

    what the hell?…..i had to read this several times but it still makes no sense….
    seriously, mac must be removed from office, how can somebody who speaks such nonsense be the leader of a country???

  32. Anonymous says:

    It feels like we are living with Alice in Wonderland.
    Did the Premier really spend $35,000 with a failed Barbados politician for a budget speech, as well as an outrageous sum each month on a failed (last election) UDP candidate so that he can write a letter to the press about elections in Czechoslovakia in 2013?
    As a country, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist more than 18 years ago.
    With this sort of hands-on attention to detail, it is easy to see why the Premier thought he was getting the best deal from Cohen & Company.

  33. Roadblogger says:

    What did he do after the last election?  Spend crucial time blaming the previous administration.  I don’t get it. What are we not to have an opposition party? 

    Because that’s what he acted like when he wasn’t.

    There is nothing wrong with disagreeing as long as everyone has the same goal.

    Unless they don’t.

    And this is just more hot air from both parties.

    You be the judge.  What are they doing?

    Except collecting salaries and pensions at the same time.  Are they retired?

    Nice job if you can get it.


    • Owl says:

      The people must support Mr.Ezzard Miller in his quest to put a STOP to this double dipping.Legislators are like everyone else. When you retire, and work no more, you GO HOME and collect your  pension. whether you are a retired M.L.A. or a retired civil servant or a retired member of the Private sector.  I can understand if one in a specialized area of expertise like the former Lieutenant Governor or Financial Secretary with years of experience in finance, they have a lot of wisdom under their belt. But for  so many retirees to be double dipping into our tax dollars is an injustice and is outright highway robbery and its time we put astop to you all making out like bandits!As long as you are working  regardless if you are 55 or not, just because you are an MLA  you have no business collecting two salariesl. No wonder the country is broke!

      Just because you’re 55 does not license you to SINK THE PUBLIC PURSE WITH A MILESTONE!

      Bottom line, as long as an MLA is elected, he gets a salary. When he retires, he or she gets their pension. Its only fair.

      FYI in other countries this is considered a FEDERAL CRIME even for civilian retirees to work for a full salary and collect pension. They are limited as long as they are receiving pension. the young people need to work and get paid, not you!. No wonder they are taking the bread out of the mouths of our young people that could have been paid with these millions of dollars spent on double dipping.

      Ezzard, put it on the table.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well alden mclaughlin casrto promises a more effective ppmthat he hopes will win the next election. Unlike Mr F Castro he can’t talk himself outa a wet paper bag and therefore all ya really hearing is a lot of wind, no oun intended. So if we the people are relying on a goverment thattold us we coulld trust,remember thy forgot one part and that is you can trust to spend all the peoples money,not looking to save for a rainy day. Is this something that we the people mist forget because he now leads the party. He was irresponsible then for he moves the ppm did and threw temper tamtrums to have his way. What can we really expect from Alden Mclaughlin Castro, a lot of rhetoric a lot of fluff and. Useless rhetoric as blah as he can give.

      • Anonymous says:

        What can we expect from Alden you asked, nothing much no viable solutions or ideas just a lot of talk as usual.

        With all good intentions, I would suggest to the Premeir to avoid a bi-partisan approach with Alden, he will just use the opportunity to undermine him.

    • Anonymous says:

      What hypocricy! Mckeeva Bush talks about “allegiance to country & not to party”! Is he excluding himself? There is no politician whose allegiance is more to party & self than Mckeeva Bush. He cannot even plan a “christian memorial park” for the Cayman people (Tower building vacant lot) without including the UDP’s symbol of a bell in the tower. He cannot hold a public ceremony for the people without littering it with the UDP’s party color green (& a little blue) while excluding our country’s color red. What hypocricy. And even more amazing, even more flabbergasting is that Bush “asked everyone to reject the politics of division.” WHAAAT? Did he really say that? Is there a politician in Cayman’s history that promotes & encourages division more than Bush? His political record speaks for itself as far as encouraging division is concerned, & the 2009 elections is the best example of his promotion & encouragement of division amongst the people. This man never ceases to SHOCK me.

  34. Anonymous says:

    There has been no organized opposition for almost 2 years, it’s high time that someone in LA stood up and intelligently questioned the bizarre XXXX schemes and behavior that emanates from our Premier.  Cry all you want, this is what balanced debate and accountability is all about, and the whole point of having an Assembly.   

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      The points in Mr. Bush’s speech have nothing to do with reality. Probably not worth going from point to point. One core issue though is that the country is not and will not pull together because we have a one man government who is not working with the cabinet or the opposition. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    Bush could win an election campaign at one stroke if he just did something to deal with the crime problem. Other than talk.

  36. LOL says:

    Oh dear, Bushwhacker is throwing his rattle out the pram again.  There, there, never mind dear.  Such is life in politrix.

  37. Anonymous says:

    2 Years without access to the Government purse is a long time for the PPM. The new opposition leader is anxious to get a hold of that budget to rack up some more credit cards.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a pathetic ploy, on the UDP’s part, to revert the focus back on them. This premier needs to stop playing hitler and do something useful, like make me a sandwich.

  39. Anonymous says:

    It is all about power, The people of Cayman who cannot see that is very blind.  Do not listen to any Bull they are saying.   Just watch what they do for the next 2 years.

    Want to know who to vote for, see what good deeds they do in two years in their respective districts.  This applies to the other brewing  team also wheher it be Independent or dependent.  Show us now for 2 years what you can do, other wise shut up.  Citizens I say get out our note book, and keep record of what good these political parties are doing in their respective districts and making Cayman a safer and better place to live  right up until 2013.  Then you can decide how many of them deserves your vote. 

    • Married to a Caymanian says:

       I want to see a third party made up our our esteemed respected business leaders and top Caymanian accountants  and lawyers who promise to only give up their lucrative jobs for one term, but also promise to steer this ship away from politricks….

  40. Anonymous says:

    REJECT POLITICS OF DIVISION. This man has more nerve than a rattle snake, to stand before the country and make such a statement. Who has caused more division in this country than him and his party

    • Anonymous says:

      The major part of the premiers statements to the effect as you mention above were mainly in response to the many decisive comments/remarks made by many PPM members, coharts and sympathizers after the change over in the L.A. (vote of no confidence).

  41. Anonymous says:

    The opposition will remain weak if they maintain a program of attack only and do not put forth and real solutions to the country’s problems.

    Until solutions are offered they will remain ineffective.

    Solutions on crime, labor, investment & taxes just to name a few.

    • Anon says:

      Why do we keep looking for solutions without knowing exactly what the problems are first?

      It seems everyone is asking for solutions, but yet those seem people do not even know what the problems are or are willing to admit what are the problems when they are clearly identified

      President Ronald Reagan bought a dog for Nancy when they entered the White House in 1980. Nancy complained the dog was diffficult to deal with. Ronnie said no problem Nancy, I will get that dog trained and he will no longer be a problem for you. A few days later, after some expensive dog trainnig that cost $75,000 the beautiful little dog was given back toNancy. She however complained that she could not handle the dog. Ronnie called in the Dog trainer to find out what was the problem. The expert dog handler said nothing was wrong with the dog, heresponded to commands well and was in good health. He did say that he noticed Nancy just finds dogs to be a problem and too much work, she much prefers to deal with people. That seems to be the situation here in Cayman, we get all these solutions for the wrong problems. So far we have not heard any politician acknowledge that their failed policies have caused a lot of the environmental deterioration, crime, financial mismatches and perpetual social decay.

      We keep looking for solutions instead of change our own attitude and our own fixed ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      The opposition? What about the damn government? You must be very far up their rectum to ask such stupidity! What is the government doing about crime, labor, investment & taxes (don’t bother answering about investment & taxes because we already know the damage they have done there!). Do not worry about the opposition who are outnumbered, what is the government doing about crime & labor, answer that numbskull!