Channel could spell disaster

| 28/02/2011

(CNS): Government’s proposal to dredge a channel in the North Sound could spell both economic as well as environmental disaster for Cayman. A campaign started by a group of local captains against the project has already widened to attract people throughout the community who oppose the project as a result of concerns that not only could Stingray City be lost but the whole of Grand Cayman could be greatly exposed when a hurricane hits the islands. The captains say the premier has not been open about how deep and wide the channel needs to be to accommodate mega yachts and has downplayed the size of the planned project.

Captain Bryan Ebanks, who is spearheading the community campaign “Save Cayman” against the channel, said everyone needs to understand this is not just an issue that will impact the local captains that use the North Sound for tours but the whole community. The potential loss of Stingray City alone, he said, would have a knock-on economic impact on the wider economy that could be extremely significant and the environmental impact could be truly disastrous.

“In the event that we have another hurricane resembling Ivan, this opening in the reef would allow the ocean to rush unabated down this trench onto the North Sound shores of West Bay and onto the North Sound shores of the Seven Mile Beach,” the captain said. Experts believe that the great force of the sea would stop at the North Sound shores of George Town, and with nowhere to go it would slam into the shores of George Town Barcadere, creating a tsunami.

“This would likely flood all of George Town, most of South Sound on the coastline all the way up to Newlands. If this scenario is correct, this would be a national disaster on a scale that this island would probably not recover from,” Ebanks added.

The premier told the Legislative Assembly last week that he would be pressing ahead with the project to construct a channel in the North Sound, having received a proposal from Chinese investors. He said it would not be as big as past proposals but two new islands would be created as part of the project.

The campaigners say that the premier is not being transparent about the details of the size of the channel or the islands. “In order to accommodate a mega yacht it is reasonable to estimate that a 200 foot wide channel that is 50 to 60 feet deep will be required,” Ebanks said, explaining that it would have to at the very least accommodate two mega yachts passing each other.

Professor Dr Harry H Roberts, a Marine Biologist from Louisiana State University, confirmed that there would be implications to the North Sound system if the reef was opened up by dredging a channel and it could be the case that the Stingray City Sand Bar could disappear.

Department of Environment (DOE) Director, Gina Ebanks-Petrie, has stated that the sediment plumes being kicked up by even small boats, are caused by the re-suspension of sediments that were released during past dredging which have since been redistributed by wind and wave activity.

Speaking specifically about the latest proposal she said that the DoE would be recommending  that government undertake an environmental impact assessment but she said so far no one had spoken to the department about the proposals.

Petrie also pointed out that the EIA should examine the economic argument for a mega yacht marina on the north coast and to look at whether government objectives behind the proposal could be met in another way that would not pose such a risk to the environment.

The campaigners say they will be circulating a petition this week and will be writing an official letter to government setting out the main reasons for their objections and what they say are very genuine dangers associated with the project.

“Our national treasure, the Sand Bar, could disappear,” Ebanks added, pointing out that Stingray City remains the islands’ most popular tourist attraction and, as a key driver for the cruise lines, the trickle down effect of losing Stingray City would have a severe economic impact on everyone who depends on tourism for a living.

“Dredging a channel would destroy and disrupt the North Sound as the currents would revolve around the basin, creating sediment which would smooth a large percentage if not all of the coral. It would no longer be a habitat and a spawning area for many of the creatures that replenish the rest of the reefs of the island,” he said.

The captain also queried the benefits of encouraging mega yacht owners to Cayman, as claimed by the premier. He pointed out that the vessels come equipped with everything on board and occupants have no need to buy supplies and only require a small amount of services. “As such their contributions to our economy will be minimal,” the captain warned. “The introduction of mega yachts to the Cayman Islands would provide very few jobs for local Caymanians as most of these vessels are not docked in any one spot for an extended period of time.”

He said the only people likely to gain any significant benefit from the project would be the developers.

“This island is looking for a quick fix solution and we seem to be expecting someone to save us. No community can be built upon this type of false foundation,” Ebanks lamented as he warned of the dangers ofallowing short term financial gains to influence important decisions. “This is a national issue that will affect every living Caymanian, resident, current and future tourist. This is an issue that we cannot afford to remain silent about.”

In his recent public comment about the proposed project, Bush has said he will not be stopped by the critics as he believes the channel is necessary and will not cause any significant damage to the environment as he says it has been done elsewhere safely. The premier stated that it would bring enormous benefit and Cayman had to use its assets to turn the economy around.

Capt. Ebanks and the group are asking for volunteers who can help distribute campaign materials and assist with the campaign in general. The goal is to begin collecting signatures and educate as many people and start an open community conversation about the wider implications of the government’s project. More details of the campaign are available on Facebook or people can email


Vote in CNS poll: Are you in favour of dredging a channel in the North Sound to accommodate mega yachts?

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Thats all the GOV of today cares about…..(how to get it within a min but less than an hour money making minds) That’s who YOU CAYMAN voted for sooo if this is what they want to do for money who is to stop them…..(not agreeing with them because God known’s I agree with very very little that they do “when they do” and this by far so far takes the cake) but you voted them in and they don’t listen sooo who’s to blame..Wait you all are! They did it the last time…why would they listen now….????!!!?!?!?!?
    Now this is all too funny because gas prices go up and water behind these are all ways to keep the “Prize Position LTZ TAHOE” in tip top shape cleaned and refuelled everyday…..lets not forget the new cooks and maids because we have no time to spread our own beds because we dooo soooo much sooo soo much for the Cayman islands…..also the pay cuts because money is “tighttttt” orrrr the new gov building waittt and there new roadddd way……
    Wait again!!! like my road they promised to repave…what was the outcome a gravel coated road that allows you to not only dust up the place but allows you to slip allll over the road and hit not only your own playing children but other children too ……smh…smh sooo when you look at all the lil things like that it makes you think…if they are doing sooo much but yet soo little…where is all the money going….. ???? but now they want to build a trench for the 2$ they making buy signing “couple paypas”  in LESS THAN AN HOUR…….     quick thinking right…wowwwww
    That’s an easy way to make $$$$ without yet again doing anything…..honestly come on  now if you look at the long term …all the houses that will be destroyed after a hurricane we already suffer from flooding who’s to think and say we will survive a tsunami…we can barely survive rain but i bet they will have some "payed scientist" to say Cayman will be fine…until that day comes whos to say we will man is NOT GOD….and wait the most important part…..
    STINGRAY CITY…I can’t tell you how much money that place makes for us ..Working at the airport and interacting with the tourist 1 in every 2 parties have been and even revisit stingray city every time they come…soo what are they suggesting picking up the sand bar and moving it….lol waitttt that’ll take money too???!?!?! right ?
    Lol to me the only thing GOV is fighting for is money and not looking at the major outcome of things in which they should be looking at to as they say….. “TO BETTER CAYMAN”
    LOL LOL …… RIGHT !!
    But the slogan should be : “A MONEY MAKEING GOV”
  2. Anonymous says:

    I say go for it, if there are really huge negative repercussions from dreging the superyatcht channel, we can always fill it back in no?

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Why not extend the channel right through to Southside and make a shortcut to Stingray City?

      That way there could be a toll bridge to generate more income from people travelling to East End and more waterfront properties right through Georgetown?

      Make it big enough and the curise ships could even go through and use it as a terminal! We could even link it into the airport and extend the runway to make Cayman a cruise start and end point for transfers.

      That way we can create another island for the oil refinery and avoid any problems for the tourism on Cayman itself and also split Grand Cayman in two to increase the number of islands, so that we can promote it to ‘island hopping’ tourists.

      Then as a further idea, we can dredge fill and take PFA (powerstation waste) from the US to build up the whole of Cayman to the height of Mt Trashmore – this has two benefits – not only would everyone get a sea view from the slopes, but we would survive hurricanes and sea level rise from global warming.

      Call me a genius…do I get a job in government?

    • eugene says:

      Whoever dug that channel through your brain really should hurry up and fill it back in. It is having really huge negative repercussions. God help us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone with even a hint of intelligence will not support this. When and where can I sign the petition!?

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is obvious that no patriots in the UDP or PPM have the stones to speak up against or seek an injunction against these wild environmentally destructive plans.  Will "Save Cayman", the DoE, or the National Trust earn their names? I’d definitely contribute to any legal fund towards preserving the uniqueness of the north sound.

    • Anonymous says:

      “It is obvious that no patriots in the UDP or PPM have the stones to speak up against or seek an injunction against these wild environmentally destructive plans”.

      The new leader of the PPM HAS spoken up against these environmentally destructive plans. However, as a litigation attorney the Opposition Leader is aware that it is not possible to obtain an injunction when there is no law prohibiting it. This is the very reason the Environemental law was not passed last summer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    CAYMANIANS CHECK THE ROOSTER website and print out a copy of the plans and drawings for the north sound dredging and the two islands in north sound. Is it not strange that the causeway connecting the islands and the port in north sound runs across into the Safehaven and Ritz development and that the two islands have a large residential component in them which ties into the Dragon Bay development. Are we surprized for we see Michael Ryan all over this scheme. Look closely and think for a moment that these XXXX are proposing three cruise ship ports, being East End, George Town and now North Sound. XXXX do they really think that intelligent Caymanians will fall for this foolishness.

  6. Anonymous says:

    LET HIM DREDGE THIS CHANNEL . If this channel is dredge in the north sound , itwill effect all of us.but i thjink that it will effect the west bayers that make a living from the north sound. I t will distroy the tourist attractions first of all If we get a hurricane west bay will be distroy. remember IVAN in 2004. Now i say to all you bayers get together and march on his house , if he do not talk sence with you all ther march on the goverment admin building. now if you all do not have the b!!!s to do this then i say TAKE WHAT YOU GET , THE CHUSTER WARNED YOU ALL. But he went to church and started saying that he was a born again christian and fooled all of you , by the time the next electioncome around it will be too late for west bay and cayman

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Island’s own Dept. of Envrironment has commented on dredging in its discussion that can be found at – 

    "By: The Cayman Islands Department of Environment

    The plight of reefs worldwide has often made international headlines. Stories of wide-scale destruction of these fragile environments through coral bleaching, newly discovered diseases, pollution, sedimentation and over-fishing may seem along way from the tranquil waters of Cayman, but they are in fact very real threats. Over the past four decades the Cayman Islands have seen a tremendous amount of development and while this development has brought with it many rewards, it has not been without a price environmentally.

    Perhaps the most far-reaching impacts to the marine environment are those associated with land reclamation, in particular dredging. Low-lying mangrove andwetland areas situated close to the sea make attractive real-estate and need to be ‘filled’ if they are to create land suitable for development. The ‘filling process’ most typically involves the mechanical dredging of material, ‘marl,’ from the sea floor which is pumped ashore to fill these low lying areas. It is estimated that as of 1999 ten million cubic yards of marl has been dredged from the North Sound to fill bordering land. The long term consequences of this activity are very apparent today. Important marine habitats, such as seagrasses and mangroves, and their functions are lost and most will not recover for many decades. Water quality is reduced through fine sediments stirred up during the dredging process and by currents and wave activity on the newly exposed muddy sea floors. The fine sediments are carried onto neighbouring coral reefs where they smother and choke the delicate filter feeding mechanisms of corals and other invertebrates. Reduced water quality may also impact the microscopic animal life that floats in the water column and forms the basis of the coral reef food chain. Poor water clarity means reduced sunlight reaching the sea floor, which in turn impacts the seagrasses and other marine plants that depend on sunlight and clear waters.

    The removal of the mangroves means their vital functions are lost and in their place are houses with storm drainage systems, septic tanks and landscaped gardens requiring fertilizers, pesticides and freshwater all of which can find its way into the sea causing problems for an already stressed environment.

    Indirectly related to the developmental pressures on reefs are the rising demands placed on reef resources through an increasing population and numbers of visitors. Many more recreational boaters, fishermen, snorkellers and divers can cause any number of problems if they are not managed accordingly. Boat anchors, groundings and pollution, over fishing and the damage inflicted ondelicate reefs through careless or thoughtless divers and snorkellers all take their toll on Cayman’s reefs.

    In addition to the human pressures inflicted on Cayman’s marine environment, there is also a background of natural threats that can have or have had a significant influence. Coral bleaching due to high water temperatures during the warmer summer months is occurring on a more frequent basis. This increase in frequency has prompted scientists to link coral bleaching with the current Global Warming trend, which may spell disaster for reefs worldwide. Global warming could also signal a rise in both the frequency and intensity of major storms such as hurricanes, which have a dramatic effect on reefs. Epidemics of coral diseases, fish kills and other harmful outbreaks are also becoming more prevalent."

  8. Anonymous says:

    In years past, many proposed conservation areas were considered. The process failed in the main because Government ignored them. The question arises: why?

    Petitions were raised requesting environmental studies be undertaken. None ever were. WHY?

    The following map, taken directly from the 2007 version of the Marine Park Regulations and Marine Conservation Laws brochure, clearly shows the sensitive environmental areas that would be affected by dredging. (CNS note: Your map didn’t appear – this is the current one)

    It is very clear that the current Replenishment zone would bear the brunt of the dredging. And just look at how much of the island will suffer from storm surges and/or pollutants & debris entering the proposed channel.

    The dredging will directly affect more than 50% of properties in Grand Cayman!

    We must demand a halt to any development that will adversely affect current protected areas as well as those areas considered in the past.

    Readers can visit the following link for the current brochure and map:

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your help with the brochure – but How can I send you the enlarged portion – the visual impact is better.

      I have it saved as a .jpg or .gif files – or you tell me what will work!


      CNS: Anyone interested can click on the link to the DoE site.

  9. Real World says:

    The Premier’s ethic of “revenue at any cost” is short-sighted. Government cannot simply be about plugging the budget deficit; social and environmental issues must be dealt with with the same vigor. Unfortunately, there is no balance to the UDPs policies.

    Premier Bush has travelled the world to seek inward investment — where is it? No sign of Shetty or anyone else for that matter. The only investor so far is Dart, who was on our doorstep all the time.

    Who wants to come to Cayman with high duties and taxes and rising crime? Bush must try to understand that one cleans house before asking friends to dinner.

  10. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva aint worry bout he cayman ppl he only business bout himself. When a hurricane come he going be the first one fly out and leaving us caymanian here to die remember now he have the money he can move and leave use when he ready.
    but on a real we need to get him out if we dont there’s nothing for us caymanian to survive on we already suffering cause we dont have money to feed ourself soon we wont have no where to live. and now this.
    the rate cayman is moving i don’t want to live here no more and im a caymanian. i rather live jamaica then staying here.

    • Anonymous says:

      "remember now he have the money he can move"

      It would be interesting to know how much He has in other jurisdictions.  He would be a fool to keep it all in Cayman the way he is destroying us.  I am sure he has most in a "safe " place.

    • The missing link says:

       Ah, but you see…..Mackeeva has PROMISED the big developers the yachts.  How else is a yacht going to get into Camana Bay or Dragon Bay?  He has to pay the piper.  (Not to mention the ready, but empty Barcadere Marina)

      If this is the case, it would be interesting to see what size channel those prime projects are asking for.

      Has anyone asked the developers of these two large communities what they would like?  Good interview questions CNS.

  11. Nj2Cay says:

    While I am usually all for development of the islands, this seems to be a bit much, Theres talk of the East End Sea Port which Id rather see happen then this. Theres also the redoing of the George Town Seaport. Then theres still Spots, I have to say I do not like the idea of interrupting the natural balance of the North Sound I think they really need to leave that alone. Cant these things be done on the east end where the water is deeper with less impact ? Why cant these big ships just pull up to a port built off the Iron Shore without so much digging ? As far a I understand the water is really deep over there. Am I missing something here..?

    • Anonymous says:

      Whilst I respect everyone’s right to have an opinion, even if I disagree with their opinion as I do yours on the East End Sea Port, and am just a little bit curious as to why you are taking such and interest in the Cayman Islands given your statement back in December.

      Submitted by NJ2Cay (not verified) on Sun, 12/19/2010 – 16:47.
      When my wife and I purchased a piece of Land in the Cayman Islands, we had this image of a beautiful place where we could retire and spend a lot of time enjoying our retirement. But after reading the local News Papers as well as comments from residents. The one thing I am now sure of is that we picked the wrong place. Its obvious that we would never be welcomed or safe for that matter. The last thing Id want to see is the home I spend my retirement money building, broken into and destroyed while we were away or at home for that matter. There seems to be so much ill feelings from locals toward foreigners that Im even afraid to visit at this point. I truly believe that its time for everyone whos not Caymanian to just leave and let these people have it their way. Im sick of hearing that they dont need EX-Pats, Tourists or any foreigner on the island, I say leave it all in their hands a let see how they fair. I for one will never step foot on the Island again, hopefully I can get rid of my property there as soon as possible, Id hate to be sitting on my porch and have folks pointing at me saying its my fault they have nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        as long as you’re not coming back, you may as well tell us who you are. 

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously don’t respect everyone’s right to have an opinion. That’s right. Go back home and retire there. WHY wasn’t THAT good enough for you EITHER?

      • Anonymous says:

        12.03. Perhaps you’d better stop reading the CNS blogs and actually spend some time here in Cayman, at which point you’d be pleasantly surprised to rediscover what a pleasant and friendly island we live in. I’m an expatriate with status, and in 30 years I’ve never received anything other than friendliness from the Caymanian people.

        Yes, there is crime, but it’s pretty well concentrated within a certain level of society and is certainly, from a statistical point of view, nothing exceptional. As for all these absurd and ridiculous proposed developments, like the oil refinery, I’ve no doubt the underhand scheme, a psychological one, is to exhaust the people’s energy, and then try and slip one of them by, such as East End quarry, masquerading as a port.

        But none of these irresponsible, destructive, even laughable projects will happen, except for the George Town finger piers, because the sensible Caymanian people will not allow it. They are being pushed too far, and they are angry at the ways being propsed to abuse their islands. Our Premier is a good politician, and he knows this. But perhaps what he doesn’t realize is how foolish we are looking in the international community. An oil refinery? I can see everyone checking their calendars to make sure it’s not April 1st.

    • The missing link says:

       Yup, you are missing that one of Big Mac’s cronies has already built an international sized marina INSIDE the North Sound and needs customers.


  12. Anonymous says:

    This channel is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. We’re supposed to destroy the North Sound, the reef and stingray city… for MAYBE 2 mega yachts a year??? Wtf? If MaKeeva actually goes through with this, he truly is an idiot. And no, I don’t hate this idea because it’s MaKeeva suggesting it. I would hate it regardless of who came up with it, because it’s complete and utter BS. If there’s to be a petition going around, my name will be on it.

  13. Anonomarse says:

    We need this channel to be dug deep and wide enough to get the oil tankers in to the refinery.

  14. Heart-sick! says:

    I think a key premise that defines the basis for the proposed dredging is XXXXX. However, other developers have been pushing for this dredging to benefit their developments off the North Sound for quite some time. I mean why else would you want to develop properties with their own docks in areas where virtually only the extremely wealthy will be able to afford to live? It’s the almighty greed for the $. Sustainable development exists and could function here – but that is generally ignored and dismissed as it doesn’t provide any get rich quick answers. Previous attempts to protect these mangroves and wildlife areas around/adjacent to the North Sound fell into oblivion after years of discussions with Government went nowhere, then as if summarily raping the mangroves wasn’t enough havoc to wreak, and widening and permanently altering the tidal canals and the nurseries in them for the passage of the yachts of these yet-to-be property owners wasn’t enough – Government-backed-by-developers is pushing for the deepening and PERMANENT dredging of the North Sound. After all, one dredging won’t do the job; it will be a frequent operation that as slow as dredging is will take months at a time! Such a proposal means absolute doom for the sea-life of the sound and the canals. All protection for the nurseries will be lost, FOREVER. Property owners will forever be looking at dredging equipment, at different times of year, EVERY YEAR. The reef will never ‘heal’, and where any cuts are made – the boundaries of those cuts will slowly widen year after year through damage to the basic structural growth of the reef. Then add storms and major storms – the waters surging into the Sound will precede the winds’ main direction! Kaibo could become completely submerged; Rum Point might completely wash away – along with all those properties along ALL land perimeters of the Sound. Homes in Cayman Kai – those along the beach front and those along the canal water fronts will reap severe damages. Will the developers and Government subsidize the increased insurance premiums as a factor of their stupidity for all these properties? With the mangroves already gone, submerged and washed-out properties will revert to the swamp land the area once was – and the million dollar residencies the Premier wants to sell will vanish into thin air – as will those property owners, and their rentals that attract tourists to Cayman, and the 10% Accommodations Tax that is paid on those rentals to the Government, and the boating and diving industries, oh yes, and the sea-life and all its enticements to visitors – and the sea life – THE SEA LIFE will be gone since reproduction will be damaged faster and longer than it could ever recover from. But then again, those properties farther away from the flood zones will then gradually experience towering construction to replace the land lost – and the island will take on the skyline of some metropolis. DREDGING: will only create disaster and lose a way of life for all of us. OIL REFINERY: will only create disaster and lose our way of life. I hope that each and every one will sign the petitions – let’s get this stopped. I am heartsick!

  15. Anonymouse. says:

    Out of all this will come two islands in the North Sound.

    As someone in the Real Estate business, the Premier knows well there is little left to sell, so it is time to build more land for the Real Estate Market.

    The most valuable Real Estate in this country is all dredged property and what was built in the past has been sold out so lets build some more. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • Anonymous says:

      No Hon. Premier! Did you see what Hurricane Ivan did to the Mount Pleasant and Willie Farrington Drive area in West Bay?? All our vehicles were covered with salt water. I guess he thinks that his fence will stop the sea when it reaches Town Hall Crescent when Ivan II comes along. We will have to build our houses on stilts 15′ – 20′ high to assist in preventing water in our houses again.

    • Pastor Ebanks says:

      Politics in Cayman is not the same as it once was.  Mr. Bush has been in power and politics for too long and it seems he now believe he makes all the decisions and no one should question his authority.  With every millionaire, our Premier expects for Caymanians to bend over backwards just for a little profit – XXXXX.  The last government that was in power had the country in such a confusing state and caught-up in political arguing, that we did not even realize we were robbed until elections came around and we found our pockets dry and empty – remember the unfinished projects , the helicopter scandal, the judge suing government and receiving millions, millions of dollars pumped into the investigation of police corruption, the prison investigation XXXX, the governor and political party’s strain for power, etc; which left the country in shambles as the pocketbooks of these government officials confess the truth (Kirk took as much as he could get and has retired comfortably.  Enough is never enough for McKeeva).  While Cayman need investors, the truth is we need more Caymanian business men and women to develop on the assets our government is so willing to give away.  We need for Fosters, ALT, Hydes and Sons, and other local businesses to join in the effort of sponsoring some of those community interests and to share their voices with the people.   We are three small islands and it profits us nothing to sell the little we have; what will our kids and grandchildren say to us if we give away everything and leave them with nothing.  We are living in a fast paced, high consumption generation and just as the world, we see the risks, but do nothing to divert our course from meeting them.  I want people to stand against the government on this issue and for us in the future to implement a government whose heart is truly at rest with the issues of the Caymanian people generations ahead.


      50 years ago, we believed the world would last forever.  Today, scientists/investigators/researchers are telling us that in the next 50 years many islands will surrender to the ocean as polar caps melt away and that the world may not be able to sustain a comfortable life with increasing natural disasters, global warming, man-made-environmental-disasters, the depletion of natural resources, economical imbalances, political propagandas, war, terrorism, new religion, political arguing, food shortages, civil riots, pluralism, consumption markets, prices, etc.  I have seen everything, and in this last few years it has all been happening more frequent and more purposeful.  Let us stop and think as we move forward to consider how decisions now will affect us 30 years down the road.  We don’t need a drench however, we do need our economy moving; we don’t need a Premier however, we do need a strong educated government that has the people at heart.  As Caymanians and for those accustom to our islands, lets us make a way, our own way, and let us make it to be a light for the world to marvel.  Let us use what we have today and make it work for the best of our tomorrow.

  16. UDP Supporter says:

    The only reason people are against this channel and the oil refinery is because our Premier, a Caymanian, has suggested it. McKeeva Bush is a great man trying to get this country back on its feet by suggesting good, common-sense solutions to our problems. These are great ideas and what is needed in these tough economic times. Think before you try to denigrate this great man!

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean ‘suggested it’ like ramming it down our throats no matter how much common sense is presented to the contrary? We WILL get over these ‘tough economic times’ without destroying ourselves. Matter of fact ‘our Premier’ is ALREADY reporting a ‘surplus’. Please think before you denigrate us.   

    • Bushwacker says:

      Mac-Original Idea? HA!  

      Your blind and by all accounts ignorant faith in McKeeva is startling! XXXX. Your post is frankly laughable moreover scary to say the least knowing that the majority of West Bay voters probably share similar views!
      McKeeva has never had an original idea in his entire political life, therefore your comment that because he is Caymanian this idea is immediately shot down. Considering twenty-six years as an MLA, McKeeva has grabbed proposals presented to him by someone else, look at all his manifestos and what was actually accomplished during each of those terms. These “ideas” are primarily from foreigners because if they want to do business in The Cayman Is. they must ensure that the proposed venture XXXX. Majority of local businessmen would and will not give-in to such strong-armed and imprudent tactics hence his propensity to be bullish on foreign investment. You cannot tell me that many of these proposed projects cannot be funded by local residents. Cayman probably has more resident multi-millionaires in a 76 sq. mile radius than most countries in the entire world.  
      Let me enlighten you how this proposed project more than likely came to be as we now know it. XXX
      Nepotism (favoritism shown or patronage granted by persons in high office to relatives or close friends) will be the Achilles’ heel of the Cayman Islands’ recovery process. Persons like you are perpetuating this mockery of governance that will only compound and aggravate the issues of this small and because of your Leader and his cronies now vulnerable territory.
      The dredging of the North Sound became abundantly clear on Monday morning Feb 28th 2011 on Rooster. As articulated by Mario Rankin, the site will be in the industrial park area on an industrial parcel of land adjacent to the landfill and Sewage treatment plant. This location is none other than Jay Bodden’s Marl pit. Throughout the entire radio interview no mention whatsoever of pipelines from Jackson Point (South Sound) to the industrial park was articulated. Therefore making it unambiguously clear that a modus operandi similar to what is currently used for pumping refined petroleum to the Texaco and Esso terminals will be required.   
    • Anonymous says:

      What an idiot!

    • Anonymous says:

      No, the reason we’re against it is because they’re stupid ideas. Digging up the North Sound for a few rich people and their boats is absolutely ridiculous. Not worth the repercussions.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree, the reason people are against this is because a decision was made to do this without even notifying the public that they were considering it and not letting us have our say.  And then to top it off, the Premier or his team seem to have no idea on how to release information to the public.  This information is released as to say this is what I’m doing because I think it will work and there’s nothing you can do about it, whereas if this was released as I nice information package saying hey this is what we’re doing, this is how we’re doing, this is going to be the affect on the environment, this is how much we think it will cost and this is why we think it is a great idea then I think people would be able to decide for themselves whether this is a good or not and wouldn’t deem as bad because of the presentation.  Just my thoughts.

    • Jackie J says:

       Is this post even remotely serious? Think? You’re asking those against this ridiculous project to THINK? YOU should think! This island is very small and there is absolutely NO reason for us to create a channel for mega yachts. Why the hell would we?!?! People who are wealthy enough to own a mega yacht can also afford a smaller supporting vessel which can be used to reach the island if need be. This is Grand Cayman, UDP Supporter! Not Jamaica or an island of that size or larger! Grand Cayman is an island that is a MERE 76 square miles. Do you realize how incredibly tiny we are in comparison to other Caribbean countries? It would appear that you have just decided to blindly follow a group, which you know nothing about, and causes/project, which you know nothing about. I apologize, but there is only one entity deserving of this level of blind trust and that’s God!

      Geeze, I am accustomed to writing comments on CNS but not once in my time doing so have I ever been more annoyed, upset, FIRED UP by someone else’s stupidity. Because that is exactly what you have displayed here, complete and utter STUPIDITY!  You have the facts stated above yet you still blindly follow a man that obviously does not have an ounce of concern for the betterment of our island but rather the betterment of his bank account. I am a PROUD young Caymanian and despite my inexperience and age I don’t think it takes a genius to see what is going on here. Premier McKeeva Bush is turning our beautiful island into a corpse! Slowly but surely! WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Yes, we run on tourism here but this will most definitely be the death of our tourism industry. Ask any tourist with an iota of sense what they think about this project once presented with the facts and evidence of what it will do to our environment. You will get a unanimous NO WAY!  And another thing, this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that McKeeva is Caymanian. As a Caymanian, BORN AND BRED, I must say this…Caymanian’s seriously need to STOP using that as excuse for every little thing. “O, it’s because I’m Caymanian.” “No one care bout my opinion cause I Caymanian.” “I nah get hired for that job cause I Caymanian.” “Dey don’t respect me cause I Caymanian.” “Dey tink I foolfool cause I Caymanian.” I think we Caymanians need to learn to take some responsibility for our actions or lack there of, instead of always trying to fall back on our nationality like it is some sort of crutch. But, ignorance runs rampant no matter where you are, I guess. It is just easier to see here because of the island’s size…back to size are we? Well, let’s finish with this. Because of the size of our island paradise, negative results tend to stick out like an infected soar thumb. I strongly believe if we dig a channel for mega yachts that that very thumb will finally drop off! I will most definitely be investing a good amount of my free time to the effort of ensuring that this project NEVER gets off the ground and if it does none the less, well, I tried and that all we can really do, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      your an idiot!

      • Anonymous says:

        not “your an idiot” – it should be “you’re (contraction of you are) – just saying.

  17. Shepherd says:

    Digging out the North Sound! Digging out East End! and an Oil Refinery!

    What is happening to this place! I understand the Island needs to create a marketable product, but those above ideas are absolutely ludicrous!!!

    Stick with the Medical tourism, create eco-environments! We already have some of the best diving and water activities in the world!

    I have watched the North Sound turn from blue to green due to development.

    Remember when Morgans Harbour got dredged?!! Stingray city and the dive sites outside that channel were awash with silt and it took a loooong time to clear. It was feared that some of the coral wouldn’t recover. And that was just a few extra feet for Morgans Harbour.

    Can you imagine a mega yacht facility? Say GOODBYE to ALL THE TOURISM PRODUCT IN THE NORTH SOUND! Not just Stingray city, all the snorkeling sites and the dive sites off the North wall.

    For what, a few yachts? They already anchor off of Georgetown, so what gives. And it won’t be a safe harbour in storms anymore, oh nooooo.

    Lets create a place that people want to come to, (or keep that place) the tourists that go out to the North Sound are keeping people fed, DON’T MESS WITH THAT!

  18. Anonymous says:

    OKAY, OKAY… everyone just relax a minute.  This is the premier talking. please correct me but I believe his record of actually doing what he talks about is not all that good, thank god.  (There is however that little Boswain Beach project that he pulled off )

    • Caymanian overseas says:

      And Boatswain’s Bay (or is back to being called the turtle farm now?) is a roaring success. 

    • Anonymous says:

      And let’s not forget that little “hocus pocus” of changing the building limit on Seven Mile Beach from 5 stories to 7…and now to TEN…before any of us could disagree.

  19. Anonymous says:

    So why are we courting the super yachts? How much will they actually be spending in the Islands? Not money on hotels as they will stay on board. No funds in the supermarkets (unless the crew is running a bit low). Restaurant/bar visits possibly but why ’cause if you have a super yacht then you have a chef (and your own bar). Diving…you probably have your own instructor, tanks and small boat as well. Maybe electricity to power that a/c at night so CUC benefits. Maybe a moorage fee. Really, what kind of benefit is the Island going to get?

  20. Anonymous says:


    Capt Eugene where are you for your people and fellow water sports industry members. You are asleep at the wheel sir so it is time to wake up and support the cayman people and have the guts for once to stand up against your fool dictator before it is too late. When the livelhoods of your fellow Caymanians is detroyed by this foolishness then you will see some action which may lead to some unfortunate results.

    Cayman stop this man before it is too late. He is hell bent on destroying our country and cares not for his own people as his people are the likes of Michael Ryan, Dart and the big developers.

    You voted for this dictator and now we all must pay dearly for his wreckage.

    Rise up and press the Governor and the FCO into action to stop this madness and greed before it is too late.

    Concerned Caymanian


    • Anonymous says:

      Your first sentence says it all.  The problem with Grand Cayman.

  21. Shabba-labba says:

    That custom-made strait-jacket should be ready anytime soon now.

  22. Paradise Lost says:

    When the green trumps the blue, Cayman is in serious trouble.

  23. The Crown says:

    "and has downplayed the (size) of the planned project",hmmm. Oh it is as always,the old 6500.00 yards on cement trick. Cant say too much after it’s poured huh?  

  24. Anonymous says:

    It was frightening, listening to Rooster this morning, and hearing the discussion about an oil refinery. Does anyone else see the absurdity in this proposal? Who would want to visit a Caribbean island with an oil refinery on it, polluting the air, the ocean, and God knows what else… And who will want to live here?
    Slowly, everything that was special about Cayman is being whittled away – the clean air, safety, no taxation….

    • Strangers in the night says:

      I agree it was very frightening listening to Rooster this morning & hearing about the proposed oil refinery in the North Sound, which will spell the end of our world famous Stingray city & our popular & famous sandbar, but the most frightening aspect about the propsed refinery was the revelation as to who is the local partner, did you hear that? Hahahaha, that is so funny. Did you hear who the “local partner” is? OMG!

    • Anonymous says:

      actually…… it’s not  that slowly that the whittling is being done. 

  25. Turtle's Head says:

    The opposition should engage UK environmental groups to support the technical opposition to this plan.  Perhaps they could engage the UK government too.  This battle is more likely to be won through lobbying and action in London than in Cayman, since power in Cayman is concentrated in Mac.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its funny that half the comments complain that Mac has unabated power and the other half complain that he can’t get nothing done.

      which is it?

      • Anne on a Moose says:

        It’s both. We’re terrified at his unabated power, and hope to God he continues to be totally inept in the way he fails to actually get any of these fool-fool schemes underway.

        Sooner or later though one of these schemes will begin – unless there is more protest. Everybody has to do their bit in trying to prevent the sell-out of Cayman’s future.

  26. Judy says:

    I’m hoping CNS can help me here. I clearly remember, most likely during the election campaign, Mr. Bush saying that he didn’t need to do an environmental impact study on the GT cruise ship berthing facility because “he personally guaranteed” there would be no damage to Seven Mile Beach. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to find that quote in news archives, but here we go again.

    • Anonymouse. says:

      I clearly remember, most likely during the election campaign.

      If you clearly remember, why are you wondering if it was during the election campaign?

      You obviously dont remember and is just making mischief. Thats probably why there is nothing to support your rhetoric in the archives.

      I dont agree with many things the Government does, but if you want to complain lets do so in reality and not in fantasy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I clearly remember McKeeva saying that! Been looking myself – no luck, will keep checking though. I think it was in the Compass, and as I remember made front page news? 

      • Typical udp says:

        Anon 22:21
        The writer states quite clearly for us that dont have udp blinkers on, that they clearly remembers what was said by McKeeva Bush but could not remember for sure when it was said.
        What is so difficult to understand with that?
        I remember clearly proposing to my wife but I cannot remember exactly when, even though I can still picture where I proposed and certainly remember her accepting (we are happily married) but just cant remember exactly when – BUT it was done!
        That is “reality and not fantasy” as you suggest!

  27. whodatis says:

    Folks, take a look around at every "free" and "democratic" nation today … what do you see?

    We see the masses protesting against their (supposed) "leaders".

    From London to Cairo, Wisconsin to Tripoli.

    Democracy has never truly been implemented in any modern nation today. Lobbyists, puppet masters, (unchallenged and undemocratic) predatory monetary entities / systems, dictators … all of these entities are essentially the same and operate with the same objective regardless of locale … to empower and enrich the top minority at the expense of and no regard for the lower majority.

    However, one good thing out of all of this is that the entire world is waking up to the long standing reality of our situation.

    It is ridiculous that an individual with the short sightedness and old school mentality of our Premier is at the helm of Cayman’s destiny. (By the way – is it not sad how the rest of the younger UDP politicians have all changed from sounding like passionate statesmen at the time of election to typical, slippery run-of-the-mill "politicians" in this short passage of time?)

    I only hope that when the time of ‘enough is enough’ comes we will have the courage to do whatever is required at the time to bring about change for the better of our people and precious, tiny land mass.

    (Just for the record – I am not a PPM supporter.)

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Great post…..especially about the UDP members that have sold their Cayman souls for a fat pay cheque and pension.  

    • Shock and Awe says:

      Whodatis.. I more than not often agree with you.  This is one of those times.  I too am witnessing a wonderful change in the way things are going. Not wonderful when so many are abused but in the way that people from nations we are often told are ill bred and uneducated have taken it upon themselves to throw out leaders no longer relevant to them. In general throughout the world we will find citizens are undoubtedly more intelligent, more caring, and more concerned than their elected or unelected representatives. I borrowed Shock and Awe as a moniker because that is what I am in most cases.  But also as a reminder to myself and others of the devastation brought on by an imbecilic president who was followed regardless of common sense. WMD’s? Where??  The American people were/are smarter than that, yet their choices were limited by powers beyond their control.  Reagan and financial deregulation, George W. Bush lowering taxes for the wealthy, furthering the agenda, Clinton doing the same when he wasn’t assaulting his secretary, George Bush Jr. waging wars and looting.  And Obama letting the criminals go with a tsk.  All are a reminder to us what happens when we allow the democratic process to go to seed. Choose A or B the only real difference between our fake democracies and dictatorships is the ability to elect our despots and liars we’re at the point now where people have lost faith in the political process altogether. Is that bad? Or inevitable.

      They…citizens… are turning politics around and remaking it in their image. That’s a good thing people want relevance and honesty and anyone not relevant nor sincere sticks out.  They had best duck. Because it’s messy business.

      • whodatis says:

        @ Shock and Awe:

        I am happy to see that we share a similar perspective on the most pressing issues facing the world today.

        Perhaps we will all make it after all?


        Later …

  28. peter milburn says:

    Nice to see and hear that folks in West Bay are getting into this North Sound Destruction(or Raping)for a better word.Everyone knows where I stand with this subject and would someone please contact me by phone so that I can be VERY much involved in all this.According to my experience and like many other boat captains I go by common sense and observation.You dont have to have a degree in Marine Sciences to understand what will very likely happen if we mess with any more digging.Mother nature created the North Sound the way it is and ANY outside interference will lead to Mama biting us all in the butt and then what do we do fill it all back in with concrete?Mr Bush please stop this foolishness once and for all.You might fool some of the folks but most will not listen or let you destroy what has been a God send to these islands.
    Remember some years back what happened when one of our House members cut a channel over by Rum Pt?How about another Member cutting a channel just behind Mostyns(hope I got the name right)Gas Station in BT.We lost one or two Tourists to drowning accidents and also almost lost a house washed down into the water as the strong current washed away much of the beach.I have a VERY good memory when it comes to these sort of foolish” tampering with nature incidents” and believe me this could very well be the worst one yet.Can we afford tolose the Sand Bar?Could well happen.Can we afford to make the seas in the North Sound even bigger during bad weather?Could well happen and can we afford to change the currents that move around the North Sound?Could well happen.
    Mr Premier you could very well be committing Political suicide but I guess after all these years of serving maybe you are tired and need to take a break from all this Politicking.I definately think you have earned it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    WTF? One day it’s an oil refinery, next day it is the channel again, tomorrow we are back to discussing the port or the medical tourism plans.

    You wonder why people won’t invest any longer in Cayman? It is because it seems our government doesn’t know today what they want tomorrow!

    The story changes constantly. Let’s look at the track-record. Turtle farm – Boatswains Beach – Turtel farm. Do I need to say more?

    • Anonymous says:

      15.28. "Do I need to say more?" No, but you could add that Boatswains Beach lost over $28,000,000 in 42 months, which is $22,000 per day, enough to pay a pension of $3,000 per month to 222 people  for 3-1/2 years for doing nothing.

      How is this possible? I could wrap my head around losses of $22,000 per week, but per day! This amounts to a level of mega-foolishness that is  pan-galactic in scale.

      The idea that our Premier should be put in charge of any more business projects is just as idiotic.

  30. Absurdistani says:

    Mac, we are not interested in you mortgagingour children’s future on Palm Islands in the North Sound, oil refineries and similar projects taken out of a mad scientist’s lab.

    There’s enough for you to do already…

    Shouldn’t you be focusing on improving the Education system, Owen Roberts Airport, Immigration, Public Safety, Mt. Trashmore, national energy policy, improving our Financial Services and Tourism industries, etc?

  31. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    There are numerous questions and scary issues with this proposal. Why are inward projects using the countries assets the answer? IMHO they are not. The answer is in leading and bringing the CIG under control. Why are the people dealing with Chinese Developers and who are they ? Mr. Bush will always be able to find a consultant that will write a paper agreeing with his projects. Once again this project is for the "few" not the majority. Have you seen any factual benefits to the people revealed? Very important question, why is Mr. Bush the leader of the country working against the Cayman people. This project could very well prove to destroy one of Cayman’s greatest assets, the North Sound. There are thousands of Caymanians that benefit financially from the NS and what it has to offer. But most importantly one of the golden rules is "do not mess with mother nature". There is natures reason for the barrier reef, the size of the natural channel, the sand bars, depth of the north sound and on and on. I have sailed to over 70 Caribbean islands and there are dozens of examples of islanders follies littered across their islands where they have damaged their natural resources for ever. I have a copy of the aerial photograph of the island when Ivan hovered over you. The island was in three pieces and severely underwater. I do not care what Mr. Bush’s experts say, are you willing on taking a chance that the NS will not fill up with water far beyond past historical limits. You should not ignore this. Do not let this project go ahead.

  32. Libertarian says:

    Bush is running this island like his own personal business! In the end – who will be making the profit??? This is a complete government take-over to make money!!! There is no thought of the people’s share and their environment! It is all about government take-over and $$$ for him and his friends (Dart). People wake up!!! Government is growing fat in size and soon we won’t have a small business’ private sector!!!


    • lawrence says:

      “and soon we won’t have a small business’ private sector”

      realistic words

    • AN says:

       Libertarian (not verified) on Mon, 02/28/2011 – 14:21

      Permit me to edit a bit of your post:

      ***** Bush is running this island like his own personal business [at our expense]! 

      Thank you 🙂

  33. Anonymous says:

    I largely support the Premier, but not this time. I agree with Capt. Bryan, this channel would no doubt disrupt and/or change the currents in the North Sound and it could easily cause Stingray City Sand Bar to disappear. This would far outweigh any economic benefits of creating a mega yacht channel for overnight or weekly visits as Stingray City is the most popular attraction we have. Without Stingray City, would the cruise lines even stop here at our new Genesis class cruise ship terminals? These mega yachts, the largest in the world, still visit Cayman even though they don’t have a marina whereby they can dock. I suspect people like Paul Allen and Bill Gates prefer to remain anchored off-shore anyways for privacy reasons. And isn’t the new cruise ship port supposed to have a marina to accommodate larger yachts? At least the DART proposed port did. This seems to be the most logical route.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bill Gates does not come here in a yacht and the only reason Paul Allen comes is to dive Little Cayman.  He just stops in Grand Cayman for his annual inspection – and I know this for a fact!!

  34. Don't worry I wont stay says:

    I do not think that for the one time every 5 years or so that Mr. Abramovich’s two captains have to enter the channel at the same time that it needs to be 200′ wide. Also, since Tatoosh, the 26th largest super yacht in the world and a frequent visitor here, at 303′ x 50′ has a draft of only 14 feet, why you need to have a channel depth of 55′.

    Unless of course you are a developer who wants to create a pair of mile square islands in a formally pristine clear water lagoon and sell a few hundred "new" waterfront building lots, and the more fill you get, the bigger the islands, the greater the profit potential.

    Perhaps Mr. Dart will have a more reasonable plan for the new yacht club,a channel large enough to accommodate ships of up to 200′, and just enough fill to nicely cover the landfill.

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians, LISTEN TO THE SEAMEN. Big Mac knows nothing about sea life or the consequences. So pay him no mind.

      The seamen are RIGHT. They know when bad weather is coming or going McKeeva knows nothing about protecting us during a hurricane.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is everyone jumping on Mack? There are the Deputy and the others. By the way we hear that the Deputy is off to Canada this time. I just cant believe that its true, if so with two more years to go she will cover the entire world and we will never be able to pay back the money for these trips especially with her executive Aid accompying her. Do we ever benefit from her trips?

  35. Anonymous says:

    XXX Is the Cayman Government ever truthful about anything …..lets see,                                                                

    They say its Safe –   NOT

    They say its relatively crime free –  NOT

    As for the New Government Headquarters the ONLY people holding up the entry is ….guess what – yep you have it right   "The Government " part of the reason being as it stands just now ,the office staff are free to come and go as they like and where they like ! Things will change when they have to be accountable for their whereabouts and time as they will have to stamp in and out of the new building  ,

    I think the Government should have a "Spring Clean" get rid of all the deadwood and start again,whether it means with Caymanians or giving permits to Ex-Pats who actually can do a full days work !!

    But most importantly be TRUTHFUL about what is happening with this small island ,don’t know how you expect people to come here and invest their money when the truth is not being told about is going on around .

  36. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to the oppositions opinion on this.

    • Anonymous says:

      i wonder how long you will have to wait to hear it.  and when you do it will probably be a whole lot of nothing.  just hot air.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden made the opposition’s position clear in today’s Compass. The opposition is against this luducris idea!

  37. Anonymous says:

    "Bush has said he will not be stopped by the critics as he believes the channel is necessary" – We’ll of course he won’t be stopped by critics – he is a dictator and won’t listen to anyone – XXXX It "will not cause any significant damage to the environment as he says it has been done elsewhere safely." – where exactly? "The premier stated that it would bring enormous benefit and Cayman" During the course of the year we get roughly 3 or 4 different yachts come to our shores – as mentioned before, these boats need very few supplies and services from the Islands. Most of these super yachts perfer to go some where where there are a group of Islands in which they can Island hop.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bush WILL be stopped by the critics, trust me. Bush WILL finally understand that he has a CAYMANIAN BOSS that Bush WILL answer to, trust me. The poor wayward child. We WILL stop the raping of our beautiful island in McKeeva Bush’s andhis cohorts’ interest, trust me.

  38. Anonymous says:

    It is imperative that we show our resounding support to our captains on this issue. We have to be loud and unified in our opposition to this project. Today’s newspaper already has that a MOU is just “weeks” away from being signed so one can only assume how long this has been in the works!!

    In addition the non-sensical oil refinery idea as well we need to be loud and united once with our opposition.

    BOTH of these projects should be stopped and taken off the table ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Clearly a tsumani is not possible…technically. Larger wave action possible but not a tsunami. Lets stick to the facts and not scare tactics although I am not sure this is a good idea without some serious study.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Leave the North sound alone. This channel idea is a disaster!

  41. Anna Gram says:

    Channel can’t spell disaster…. Clan Hen

  42. Anonymous says:

    Ask first, Is this necessary?
    Do you need this channel, who would use it, what “mega yachts” even cruise this area? Would more come if they had this facility?
    The answers are all negative. Mega yachts cruise areas like the Med and the Windward and Leeward Islands. They dont cruise wide open areas with few places of interest, no matter how lovely your Island may be!
    There will be lots of reasons why you will despoil your Island, and most of them are right, but if you cannot even justify the existence of this harbour, DONT DO IT!
    Ask instead for the detailed studies that give rise to the plan, bet there arent any!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Don’t ask me, ask the Captains of the "mega’s". Would you like to sit at a dock in Cayman or in The Eastern Caribbean? Answer is not Cayman. Mostof the big yachts head to The East Caribbean from North Eastern USA direct or via Fort Lauderdale then East. Why would they head around Cuba via Cayman to the East Caribbean only to beat themselves up with the prevailing winds. If they come by Cayman its for fuel and they can get that at the main harbor dock. The Channel and mega Yacht Club is a follie. Don’t listen to me but listen to some of the Caymanian seamen. Where are the environmental impact studies and objective third party reports on currents, tides, shifting sands etc. Simple question, if this channel is such a wonderful idea where is the proof? Why haven’t the people seen the documents. Smells like day old conch trimmings lying in the sun to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        One of the "reasons" given for this development is the number of mega yachts registered with the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands.

        How many have you ever seen here?  Very few.  But it’s NOT because there are not channels or islands or other such BS.

        You don’t see them here because they are mostly in places like France and Italy and chewing up the North Sound will not bring them here.

        This proposal is nonsense and if the Premier digs a hole in the North Sound he will be digging the grave for the Cayman Islands.


  43. Save Cayman says:

    Join the movement to save Cayman. Log on to Facebook and join the cause"Save Cayman". Let your voice be heard!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for stepping up now – but I honestly think this petition should have been out long ago – from the first talks about it. But better late than never. For sure I will sign it.

  45. Anonymous says:

    This Premier is talking about creating two new islands with the millions of cubic yards of material from his secret dredging plans.  Is anyone else alarmed?  Why hasn’t the Opposition sought a court injunction to restrain this person?

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      I wonder how many people read those quick words in the report…2 islands… How much water will be displaced by these islands? What will it do the the filtering for the mangroves? Who knows what will happen because no one has seen the reports IF there are any reports.  A private sector group could never do something like this. Why should a one man government be able to do this?

  46. Anonymous says:

    The sound is <20 feet deep for the most part, so dredging to get anywhere is a major undertaking.  The latest supertankers, when fully laden, have a draft of 80 feet and a beam of over 100 feet, so the imaginary refinery port would need to be dredged to something near to that over those 6 miles of north sound to provide min adequate clearance.  If dredged to those dimensions with a small turning basin, it equates to over 200 Million cubic yards of material.

    Mega and Super yachts require 15-20 feet min, although 30-40 feet is a number that has been bandied around more recently.  30-40 would accommodate non-retractable keel hulls and small cruise ships (Nassau harbour was dredged to 40 feet – do a Google for their EIA).  The channel would need at least a 50 foot beam, but probably closer to 100 feet or more to provide room for error and/or multi-vessel passage.  This channel would need to extend over 5 miles to Dragon/Camana Bay as well as requiring a large dredged turning basin so vessels could manoeuvre and reverse into their berths.

    Each of these plans would remove millions of cubic yards of material.  Get out your calculators…a mere 30 foot channel to Camana Bay would yield close to 3 million cubic yards of material.  Expressed another way that’s 600 American Football Fields piled 3 feet high with sand and silt, or a new Trashmore-sized mountain of useful fill.  I’m sure the scale is not lost on our astute politicians who are undoubtedly busy brokering the sale of this material.



  47. Anonymous says:

    Oil refinery, new hospital, new channel and numerous other projects proposed all seem to be in the best interest (financially) of a hand few.

    They appear to not be in the best interest of the country. Projects of this magnitue need to be properly researched which takes more that a few months. The research should be independent from the parties involved to ensure information is accurate. Also, the persons “fronting” as the Caymanian interest in these projects should be of good character. Otherwise just by association a project could be considered “shady”.

  48. Let me get this straight? says:

    So let me get this straight?  If our XXXX leader decided to build a channel the size of an oil tanker, we have NO WAY to stop him?  How can this pass government?  Can the UK step in to save us?  STOP THIS MADNESS.

    There is no other reason for this but GREED.

    I WILL compromise…..We KNOW all the mega yacht ships are registered here, we have their mailing lists, the owners pay annual fees. So, if you can show me a study that says these ship owners WANT this channel, I’ll look at it.

    Bill Gates brings his yacht here every year, but I don’t think there are more than 20 super yachts that would even be interested.  

    I go to the BVI every month for business and I am an avid boater.  With all of the British Virgin Island’s beautiful islands offering very deep and safe harbours, only a handful of yachts visit and these picturesque country and 90% of there are private weekly charters from Ft. Lauderdale.  The only money they spend is for provisioning and fuel.  No jobs, no tourism, makes no sense.

    Did anyone SAY there were a few hundred boats dying for a mega yacht harbour here?  There is an EMPTY SUPER MARINA around the corner in Cuba, No yachts moored in Jamaica….so WHY and WHO says we need this?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Everyone should read this!!! 

  50. Married to a Caymanian says:

    We DO have some rare places that are 17 ft deep in the Sound, and probably a small controlled 20 ft deep channel would notruin the environment …However, only a small channel should be allowed.  20 ft deep and 60 ft wide would be the deepest and widest EVER NEEDED for any super yacht.  This is all what is offered in Spain, Monte Carlo, Ft. Lauderdale, New York…..etc.

    Also, I think the Premier is dreaming.  All these yachts are in Europe,  the Bahamas, and the Easter Caribbean since it is a "destination" sailing. Theycan see many islands and cultures without a lot of fuel.  Cayman is NOT a yachting destination and due to our geography, never will be.

    Build it (at great cost) and MAYBE 100 boats a year will come?  That is a very high estimate.

    The ONLY people to make a dime off of this are the greedy crony contractors, the cartel of gas station owners, and one NEW marina near CUC who has built a LARGE facility and is now leaning on his government buddies for customers to fill his new marina.

    The cost of this project does not equate to any value to the country or the economy here.  This man needs to be stopped from doing stupid projects every time a wealthy buddy whispers in his ear!!!


  51. JTB says:

    Nobody has made a convincing economic case for the proposed mega yacht facility. This end of the Caribbean just doesn’t have the traffic to service such a facility and the benefits seem to me to be illusionary.

    At the very least there should be a serious evaluation of the true economic and environmental consequences of this scheme before the government rushes into a contract.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Can we just follow the middle-easts’ lead and get this dictator out of power? We don’t really even need to protest we just need to get enough people together and we can do it legally!

  53. Anonymous says:

    lets get a comprhensive independent environmental impact assesment done and then we can decide….
    until then, everything is just conjecture and hot air….