Robbery ‘victim’ changes tune

| 03/03/2011

(CNS): Updated 10:45am — While police reported yesterday that at around 11.15 am that day, Wednesday 2 March, officers received a report that a man had been robbed at gunpoint outside a house in Dogwood Street, Prospect., this morning they said that the alleged victim would not confirm the robbery. The RCIPS said the man stated in the initial report that cash and jewellery were taken during the incident and that he was uninjured. However, they when the police arrived he became uncooperative, refused to confirm any details of what took place or provide a description of the alleged suspect. "Therefore we are unable to provide any confirmation that the incident took place or that the circumstances, as initially reported to police, are correct," and RCIPS spokesperson said.

The incident, if it took place, was the 14th robbery of 2011, and despite the significant number of arrests made by police recently, including yesterday when three suspects were apprehended after a robbery at the Tortuga store in West Bay, the perpetrators of these violent crimes seem to be limitless. In most cases the suspects are using firearms to threaten people and businesses for very small quantities of cash, a trend which, experts say, illustrates a growing use of crack cocaine on Grand Cayman.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Get real! No desperate crackhead would commit a robbery with a gun – he would pawn the gun for a hit first! Crack has been a scourge here since the late 1980s and no one was doing armed robberies then – except the jewelry store heist and the first CNB – all of whom were caught and jailed and none of whom were crackheads.

    These robberies are 1. Organized crims who have done this before somewhere and 2. Punks who see how easy it is for the organized crims to get away and decide to do copy cat robberies (such as the machete pizza robbers) 

  2. Anonymous says:

    WoW – these drug dealers are really working hard to keep these addicts under there control. RCIP – get to the stem of the problem, the drug dealers who sell or trade these narcotics to these “desperate enough to rob in broad day light addicts”. Government should have every person living on this Island Registered , employed and not employed -this would help to determine who the hardworking citizens are and the “self-employed” individuals who are out there willing to destroy this country for a quick hustle or fix! Yes, there are honest good citizens who do not commit crimes that are without work – this would help to distinguish these persons as well so that Government can assist with finding job placement etc. Come on Premier – take some measures please!

  3. Nj2Cay says:

    RCIPS always has an excuse for the rising crime rate, previous it was Rap Music, then it was gangs and now it’s crack cocaine. The real reason is that people considering breaking the law just don’t feel they have anything to worry about. XXXXX


    I never thought I’d say this but things like this don’t even happen in New Jersey’s bad neighborhoods at least they wait until dark. Thugs here know there’s a bullet with their name on it around every corner, be it a would be victim or a cop.  And the law offers realistic protection to witnesses.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thugs know there is a bullet around every corner………….. that’s safe then.

      And the victim is not really a victim now, read between the lines.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wonder who gave these people the term “expert” as they clearly dont know what they’re talking about. If you think its Crack heads that are robbing, your clearly noton the street level. Cayman has had crackheads before i was born an they dont behave in such a manner. These are kids robbing, note that most discriptions of these robbers are 5,6 or 5,8, note also that the average “MAN” is 6 ft, and if were are to listen to “expert” advice let us make sure that they know what they’re talking about.

    • Anonymous says:

      The average man is not 6′. It varies from country to country but on a worldwide basis it is probably 5′ 9″. Cayman’s may be less than that.

      There is no doubt in mind my mind that some of this crime is fuel by drug addiction who are seizing the opportunity since hardly anyone gets caught. We obviously cannot use history as a predictor since none of what we arecurrently experiencing could have been predicted 10 years ago.

      Most of these robberies are probably committed by those in the 16-30 age bracket.

    • anonymous says:

      Hey, Hey Hey !! before you fly off your mouths on things you dont know, you should enquire.
      Does any of you know what happened? Does any of you know whether the man knew who robbed him and cannot talk for fear of his life. Some of you bloggers should find something to do instead being blogaramas talking things that you know nothing about and blaiming police and Government. Why dont you people get a job.

  5. visitorfromnj says:

    Sounds like this person has fear to speak up! If it is crack cocaine, more than likely it is not being imported, but cooked right on the island! Start looking for signs of cooking cocaine on the Island. That will help curb the amount of crack on the Island.

  6. Nj2Cay says:

    It’s time the people come together and devisea plan to put a stop to these crimes. Leave the investigating to the RCIPS.. It’s the people who will have to bring these guys down.

    All it will take are a few decoys in the right place. With backup close by.

    Here’s a few Examples that were used in the US. I will refrain from mentioning the outcome, just use your imagination.

    Newark NJ, June 2002, residents ina Newark NJ neigbourhood where there was a spree of Stolen Cars, equiped a vehicle with a remote shut down switch with also locked the doors. The vehicle was parked ina shaded area, when two thives jimmy the lock and took off with the car which shutdown and looked them in 1 block away where residents were able to catch up with them.

    Brooklyn NY, Sept 1999, A String of muggings in a brooklyn park led residents to form a neigborhood watch which placed a female decoy in the park. When the mugger approach her they were met may the neigbourhood watch strongmen.

    Winston Salem NC, March 2004, After being robbed 3 time at gunpoint a store owner mounted a 12 gauge shotgun under his counter rigged to fire by steping down on a peddle under the counter.

    Jersey City NJ, June 2000, In an effort to curb the rash of tractor trailor breaking. truck owners at a local rest stop spent the night in their trailors in luie of the hotel. As a result 7 would be thieve were caught in the act by the truvk driver.

    Needless to say these are bunch of guys who won’t be robbing anyone else. Or at lease think twcie before doing so. All of the crooks in these stories were sentenced to lengthy prison sentences in addition to the leasons they learned by being caught in the act.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Instead of dredging the North Sound and building oil refineries, McKeeva should re-open Barkers Park and make it a 24-hour camp site with free crack cocaine for whomever wants it until we can figure out a way to make the crackheads useful members of society.

    This is not a suggestion to legalize drugs, but we have to recognize that if people are taking wildlife from marine parks, stealing from their families, and accosting strangers simply to get a "fix" then it is far better that we provide the "fix" rather than have the crime that comes with them doing whatever it takes to get it for themselves.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The perfect scenario a crack head with a gun. Just what I wanted to hear. Lets wait and see how many convictions are made along with the recent arrests and if there are any releases. Just another day in paradise.

  9. Swine says:

    "In most cases the suspects are using firearms to threaten people and businesses for very small quantities of cash, a trend which, experts say, illustrates a growing use of crack cocaine on Grand Cayman."  Haha..I say it illustrates the boredom of criminals, and the ease of getting away with it, regardless of how little or how much simply because the police suck.  I’m no expert, but I think its for $hits and Giggles on the criminals part…simply because they know there will be no consequences.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a bunch a tired excuses. It "illustrates a growing use of crack cocaine…" If memory serves me correctly, the RCIPS has made a fair number of arrests and even managed to lay some charges for robbery in Court over the past year. Now, why do you suppose that none of these suspects charged with the robberies have been charged with consumption of a controlled drug, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe COCAINE!?!? Maybe I might be out on a limb here, but it sounds to me like the local crack-heads are about to take one for the team because they’re an easy target for blame. But hey, I guess the old saying is true, any excuse is better than none, right Mr. Commissionor?

  10. The missing link says:

     And Mc Russ Corner Storewas robbed last week just down the street.  Clearly we have a hot spot here and need a community watch and policing.

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.  We need a crack UK swat team to come in and clean up this mess.  Our RCIP are not equipped to handled this 

    To start, everyone call your community watch representative.  I’m dialing 949-4222 (Central Police Station GT) right now to find out who my community police officer is to organize a Prospect Park Neighborhood Watch.  

  11. Anonymous says:

    Criminals must be punished, not merely given a tour through the Cayman hotel-prison, where they are fed, clothed, and receive free dental and medical care

    Criminals must be punished, required to work hard for their keep, even given hard labor and put on chain gangs.

    This is becoming so painfully obvious that one has to wonder why criminal coddling is allowed to continue.

    Obviously, the more you coddle criminals, the more you are going to get

  12. Anonymous says:

     If crack cocaine is what’s causing the problem, I am sure the right kind should be available to help them along their happy way.  The public isn’t going too lie down and play dead and the criminals walk free.  It leaves a bad taste in ones mouth, just to think that at 11:15 am gangsters are out robbing to get a fix, while hard working people are out trying to earn an honest days pay.  When are we going to take this country back from the gangsters?  What are we waiting on?  How many more robberies have to take place?

    Be prepared.