Seaport plans still coming

| 03/03/2011

(CNS): Although the premier made no mention of the proposed East End Seaport in his most recent presentations and appears to have turned his attention to other potential projects, the developer says he still intends to submit a formal proposal to the Cayman Islands Government. The controversial proposal to develop a commercial port in the High Rock area was not raised last month when the premier reviewed the latest project ideas in the Legislative Assembly and focused his attention on an oil refinery and a channel in the North Sound. Despite the premier’s omission, Joseph Imparato says plans for the commercial port will be given to government in the next few weeks.

The developer did, however, indicate that the plans may be modified as a result of the considerationgovernment is now giving to the possibility of dredging a channel in the North Sound to facilitate mega yachts.

“In the event that the North Sound channel proceeds, as announced, then it is likely that the mega yacht berthing facility would be eliminated in order to avoid a redundancy; however, the repair and service facility for medium to large sized private vessels would remain,” Imperato’s public relations company AtWater told CNS in response to enquiries regarding the current status of the proposed port.

The developer has proposed a maritime infrastructure project that includes at least five different types of marine based commercial activities and a selection of complementary land based activities. The project had proposed to include a marina for yachts as well as fuel storage tanks, however the developer has stated that it did not include an oil refinery.

The project, if given the go-ahead, would be constructed on privately owned land and would be funded by the developer, who has said he would recoup his investment from the sale of fill which would be extracted from the site during the development. It would then be handed over to the Cayman Islands Port Authority to manage. It is not clear how much of the upland infrastructure would be undertaken by the developer and what would be the responsibility of government in order to make the port operable.

So far, Imperato’s proposal has met with a considerable amount of opposition from the people of East End and North Side and the wider community. Both the political representatives for those districts strongly oppose the project for a variety of reasons — environmental concerns as well as the impact on the lives of people living in the district — with what they say will little benefit in return to most local residents.

Although the developer has met with small groups of people from the district, he has not yet held any open public meetings. AtWater said in a statement that once the EIA is complete and the findings submitted to the government, Imparato plans to hold larger public meetings with the residents of the relevant districts.

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  1. UDP Supporter says:

    I want the seaport. You environmentalists are always trying to scare people out of their jobs and economic development. I prefer money and jobs to sea and fish!

  2. Michel Lemay says:

    Of course it is. Our leader wants it ! He likes to get what he wants, however we have a problem here. When I listen to the likes of Bob Soto, Kem Jackson and I am certain of Capt. Marvin whom have voiced their opinion against it. They should know? Capt. Eugene how can you sit there and agree because you aint saying a thing. Mr. Leader you are playing with fire and need to look inside the box. Listen to your people seriously, don’t just pretend. I expect our OPPOSITION to oppose in a smart manner without having someone get crushed by a bulldozer. Is there anybody with energy and backbone see ahead and act on it specially if they are in a position to go so ?

  3. Michel Lemay says:

    Guest what ? Our Leader HAS decided already what he wants ! The question is which one. WE have to wait until it’s a done deal and then we’ll find out what’s happening for real after the blind charm has passed..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Since an Oil Refinery obviously needs deepwater, would it not make sense to place the refinery nearer to the proposed SeaPort? This would group the major industrial activitiesgether,and still keep GeorgeTown for tourism.

    Then we would’nt need three ports, and also avoid the excavation of the North Sound.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Which of the three ports does Mac want?? All of them?

    GT ,EE, and NS??? We will not need all three.

  6. EEEEEDIATS says:

    Ehhh, its not happening Joe… Even if the government aproves it! It will litterally cause a civil war, I guarantee East Enders will not sit by and watch this one go down in their district! So please get back on your private plane and go back to Texas taking your rip off sea port scheme with you.

    • Chris Johnsin says:

      With the East End project, the North Sound project and the Oil Refinery my advice is that it better to seek asylum in Tripoli where there is only one civil war. Any bets on consultative reports coming our way, independent ones that is, so the populace can make a decision?

    • Anonymous says:

      do you know what a civil war is? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Civil War?  You make me laugh.  At most it will bring out a few people who will watch the bulldozers tear the East apart, while stuffing their faces with curry chicken.  The average Caymanian is apathetic – big words, no action…

      • Anonymous says:

        spot on…..

        • Anonymous says:

          Could not agree more – in what other country would everyone just sit by and let their government destroy their livlihoods, environments, and general day to day quality of life?

    • HEEEEDEEEAT says:

      I bet you are the general secretary of EEEEEDIATS!!!!!!!!!!!