Cruise workers arrested as cops seize 2Ks of cocaine

| 07/03/2011

(CNS): Three cruise ship workers have been arrested following a Cocaine seizure in George Town this weekend, a police spokesperson revealed on Monday. At around 2.00 pm on Saturday, 5 March officers from the RCIPS Drugs and Serious Crimes Task Force stopped and searched three men who were acting suspiciously in the waterfront area. The searched revealed that the men were in possession of approximately two Kilos of Cocaine. Two of the men are from St. Vincent (aged 27 and 41 years) and the other is from Jamaica (aged 31 years). All three are employees of a cruise ship which was visiting George Town on Saturday.

The men are still in police custody in George Town on suspicion of drugs offences while enquiries continue but the ship left port on schedule on Saturday.

The RCIPS stated that the chief of security on the ship was immediately notified of the arrests and RCIPS officers are liaising with the cruise line in relation to the enquiry. Police did not say which of the three ships that were in port employed the men. There were three ships in port on Saturday Jewel of theSeas, AIDAluna and Oceana.

Nor have police revealed if the suspects are believed to have brought the drugs to Cayman for sale here or whether they had bought the drugs here and intended to leave with them. The drugs would have an estimated street value of around $180,000 if they were destined for sale on the street in Cayman.

The police commissioner David Baines recently stated that police believe that Cayman is becoming a hub for cocaine transhipment as a result or major efforts to stem the flow of the drug in neighbouring jurisdictions.

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  1. Sarah says:

    There don’t appear to be many checks on air cabin staff and, based on theis article, Cruise ship staff (please correct me if I am wrong). Given how much they travel, they would have the ideal opportunity for trafficing. Perhaps the staff of vehicles travelling onto the island and off the island should at least have their bags sniffed by a police dog dog as they enter and leave – it wouldn’t take much time – just the resource of the dog and handler.

    i am not suggesting that staff haibitually traffic drugs – just that they should be as strignently checked as the rest of us….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure in the past all of the blame has been laid at the feet of America….. I’m certain that I have read this over and over again in the comments section….so, maybe it really isn’t America’s fault maybe it is because of Caribbean connections causing your problems.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you RCIP!! keep it up. Notice everyone else is flapping their gums and blowing air, and fogetting to give credit where credit is due…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    So Mr Baines you have a simple solution to the drugs problems – ban cruise ships.



  5. Well done RCIPS says:

    Now this is what I am talking about – you need to check this situation frequently and thoroughly as its visitors like this not only give Cayman a bad name but also killing our youths with this stuff.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this the role of customs. Aren’t they responsible for the port of entry into this island. what are they doing? We keep pressuring the cops, but really isn’t this the function of customs?

    • anonymous says:

      12:05 “The role of the Customs”? Well according to the grape vines police need to monitor that cruise ship dock, and they need to use under cover cops. Wha happe to this police force anyway. Get the job done.

  7. Pastor Bucket says:

    Very predictable & irrational responses to any "legalize it" discussions…

    How about you look @ some FACTS?

    1. Nixon began the ‘War on drugs" for personal reasons after research showed him he shouldn’t even think about it..hence the suffering & misery around the world that need not be, all to employ & justify the ‘cops & robbers’ BS soap opera we see

    2. Prohibition of ANY kind results in Crime

    3. Portugal & Netherlands both decriminalized & look what happened….,8599,1893946,00.html

    Former Pres Of Mexico calls for Legalization…

    Fight your selfish emotional fears & brainwashing that tells you drugs must be scourged – an IMPOSSIBLE feat

    PEACE x






    • reality check says:

       Legalization is a step in the right direction but history has proven that humans are not that smart.  Not being able to see beyond the first step in anything having to do with human nature has kept humans from going forward. Not being able to see a first step in the right direction has and will most likely always will keep Cayman from going forward. Insuring the rights of those who can’t respect the rights of others at the cost of the rights of those who do respect the rights of others insures the continuation of the fight for rights forever.  Just as doing something that does not work  over and over because its the way we do things here guarantees that it will never work.

  8. Absurdistani says:

    Good work, RCIP!

    • anonymous says:

      Good work police, at least some of you are listening to grape trees talking. This has been going on for years. Cruise ship workers have been bringing drugs and guns to this Island for a very long time. But when the public would pinch police about this they would not listen. The drugs and guns are comming in on the cruise ships. Trail those cruize ship crews when they come off and see who they link up with. They take taxi and head straight for the back roads or to west bay.

  9. Anonymous says:

    are they brining bit in, or taking it out?

    • Does it matter ?  Wherever it ends up it will destroy lives.

      • Anonymous says:

        It most certainly does matter which direction it was going in. If it was going out then it was just a good job by the Cayman Islands. If it was coming in then it means the cruise ship failed to stop it getting on to the ship, they then failed to find it on the ship and then they failed to stop it getting off the ship. This would mean that the private cruise ship company should be held accountable in no small way to the importation of this illegal substance.

  10. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    Just deducing here is this..could this.. possibly be…  a clue??

    How drugs and firearms are getting on island.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t say!!

      • anonymous says:

        17:19 “You dont say” ? Well let me tell you, It is time the police pay attention to the public when they are wispering to them. Stop letting it go in one ear and out the other. School children in China knows that guns and drugs are being brought in on the cruise ships. How come the police dont know anything. Want a good detective job. Park on that waterfront orundercover visit some of the local pubs and bars. Trail them when they take a taxi and see where they go and watch who their links are in the bars and pubs. Police you are getting information what to do but either you are being lazy or just dont care to follow it. Now lets see if you are going to take good avice.

        • Anonymous says:

          What about the taxi drivers who take these guys around letting the police know what they see if it is that obvious? 

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe they need to start checking all the workers,they come every week so they make connections.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about this Sherlock, our new Chopper is doing such a good job stopping the drugs coming in by canoe, that the local drug salesmen have no choice but to use the tools off thier now stopped drug trade (guns) to pull of these armed hiests that are going on. Unintended concequences are a b……… Legalise it !!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I quote the above person “Unintended concequences are a b……… Legalise it !!!”
        Well if that isn’t the most ignorant of response to crime. Do I understand you just actually made the point that if you can’t stop the crime, then legalize that which was a crime. Have you lost your flipping mind or rather did the same drugs you want to legalize burn your brain out.

        It is that same mentality that has our kids in trouble; Laws are in place to protect the greater part of society, most especially those who want to have a safe, peaceful and comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones. How about Cayman go back to teaching respect of the Law, get back to REAL penalties for breaking the law. GET SOME ORDER BACK IN THESE LOVELY ISLANDS AND STOP THE THUG ot DRUG ME UP TO COPE MENTALITY. Work for your pay, and stop stealing. Oh and just by the way when somebody does give you a day work, do not steal from them. FYI you are STEALING by standing up all day on the phone or friends “checking” you on the job, or actually stealing something you thought would not be noticed. I have given many an honest days work pay and been ripped off. Then they want to say nobody want to hire them so that’s why they turn to stealing. LIAR you were stealing that why nobody wants to hire you. CHANGE that and there is plenty of work out there.
        Not sorry for the rant, just fed up of the criminal mentality!

        • Anonymous says:

          FACT: increasing legalisation decreases crime!

          think about it if you make everything legal, then we will no longer have any criminals

      • Dreadlock Holmes says:

        Huh?  Legalize canoes? You mean give them name tags DRUG SALESMAN?