Volunteers wanted for annual clean-up event

| 14/03/2011

(CNS): The Chamber of Commerce is looking for teams and individuals to join in the 2011 Earth Day Roadside Clean-Up. The event is now in its 14th year and with some 1,500 people coming out to clean up the country’s roads and beaches in 2010, the Chamber said it wants to beat that number this year. There is no charge to participate and the first 800 people who sign-up receive a free event T-shirt. Everyone gets latex gloves and garbage bags, as well as an invitation to the thank-you brunch after the cleaning is done. A number of sponsors have already come forward to provide everything, from the T-shirts to the water, and staff from public works and environmental health will be collecting the garbage once it’s bagged.

“We are pleased to see this event so well supported,” said Chamber CEO Wil Pineau. “It is fantastic to see volunteers of all ages gathering across the Cayman Islands to keep our islands clean and green. This is a great example of how the business community can give back whilst having an immediate impact on our community’s welfare.”

The event will take place on Saturday 2 April starting between 6-7am and all teams and individuals will be allocated a clean-up area when they sign up. Those wishing to take part are asked to contact Danielle.ebanks@caymanchamber.ky or call 949-8090 ext. 124.

The Chamber is also asking drivers to be extra vigilant on the day of the event as clean-up crews will be on the roads from as early as 6am. The Department of Environmental Health has asked that all full bags are left on the side of a main road for collection, especially those collected from the beach.

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  1. Abrana Banks says:

    I suggest each campsite is visited and the camper identified.
    They should be advised that they are responsible for clean-up or they will be fined. After all, there is a No Littering Law.

  2. Merely Digressing says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind volunteer to do this when they can get Ellio to pay them for the same thing?

  3. TCM29 says:

    I applaud and thank the great people who organize and participate in this event. Hopefully there will be lots of online photos showing the intelligent, unselfish people hard at work at 6AM Saturday April 1.

  4. petermilburn says:

    Certainly wish the Chamber all success but just wish the folks who do so much dumping on the roadsides and beaches would stop doing so.Check out the beaches again right after Easter w/end.What a disgrace and shame on some people.Hats off to those of you helping out again this year.Keep up the good work.

    • Yes!!! do it twice! says:

       Yes to the above comment!

       It is great that we get a clean up for Earth Day, but sadly some irresponsible campers leave a real mess on our beaches after Easter and the tourists get disgusted so I sincerely urge the Chamber of Commerce to push back the thank you brunch to April 30th and ask for all volunteers to come out for a SECOND "clean sweep" on April 29th so that the island will truly shine after our annual trash the beach (er, um I mean enjoy Easter camping) events.

      What good will doing it twice do?  A LOT.