Mac to attend royal wedding

| 15/03/2011

(CNS): The premier and his wife will be heading to London in April as a guest of the queen to attend the wedding of Prince William and his bride, Catherine Middleton. According to Cayman27, McKeeva Bush has received his official invitation to attend the royal nuptials taking place at Westminster Abbey on Friday, 29 April, and he has accepted. He is unlikely, however, to be one of the 600 guests that will attend the lunch reception at Buckingham Palace. Although foreign royals and heads of Commonwealth countries are attending the wedding, the palace has stressed that this is not a “state wedding" but a "royal wedding”.

The wedding list has created a certain amount of controversy over who was on it and who was not. The US president, Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle are not on it, while Victoria and David Beckham, a reported friend of William, have both been invited. While the former wife of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, will not be attending her nephew’s wedding, Elton John, who sang at his mother’s funeral, has made the coveted guest list.

1,900 gilt-edged invitations were sent for the Westminster Abbey service but only six-hundred of the guests will go on for lunch thrown by the queen. And an intimate 300 will dine and dance that night at the palace.

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  1. West Bayer says:

    Our Queen would not make that kind of mistake for who to received the Royal Wedding Invitation it was send to the right person OUR HONOURABLE PREMIER and his lovely Wife Ms Kerry. you know what wrong with you all you all too jealous.

    Leave the man alone, and for me i am very happy for him the Queen know why she invite him because he is a good man and he is our Permier.

  2. Concerned Caymanian says:

    The invitation was probably meant for the Governor. That makes a lot more sense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yo Bush, it is an invitation, which means you don’t HAVE to go.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy for our Premier and his lovely wife to be invited to this Wedding….not being a State Wedding it shows that the Queen thinks highly of him to send an invitation for this Public but Very Personal occasion. I hope Mac & Kerry enjoy this event although I think it will bring back some memories of their only daughter’s Wedding Day and will undoubtedly be very emotional. Safe Travels & God Bless.

  5. West Bayer says:

    Well these wedding plans were a go up until the MARCH 11th (Japan quake) came about!!! With the rate things are going I doubt many flights will be on schedule to allow this to continue on the grand scale that it was suppose to be anyway…Oh well one good way to save 10 million dollars….plus Will and Kate have already eloped secretly on Nectar Island back in November…this is just paper work and pomp and circumstance formalities for the Queens pleasing. Love ’em both though…..A WELL NEEDED LIFT FOR THE BRITISH MONARCHY!! Plus I am sure Mac’s seat will be in row 1300 far left next to the wall right behind Charlie Sheen!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    So whats the story here ??? The monarchy is outdated and won’t last long enough for William to make it to the Throne…….get with the modern programme people.

    Isn’t it amasing how we worship the very primitive system that has kept us subject to colonial rule and oppressed for thousands of years.

    If Britain were to jettison the monarchy they could solve their budget problems and have ahandsome profit at the end of the day !!!

    • Loren says:

      So what’s the story here, why are you living and muching off a country that clearly loves to be British?
      I would suggest that you get your third world country in order and move right back there and balance you books

  7. Fed up and broke!!!! says:

    I think it is a great privalege for the premier and his wife to be invited to this event, but at the same time what most concerns would be at least on my part is…..who will be paying for this?????

    • Entourage says:

      My biggest concern is what size entourage will the premier be taking on this first class trip & if we will be paying the bill! We all know that Mac does not travel unless he has his very large entourage of colleagues, family & cronies, & I fear this trip will be no different despite the fact that the invitation is to the premier & wife only. I fear that he will find a way to wiggle his large entourage into this event, & we the people will have to foot the bill AS USUAL!

    • Anonymous says:

      Total agree same thing i say

    • Anonymous says:

      Here we go again..who is paying for this? this is so discusting,Do you think our Premier cant find two fares for him and his loving wife to fly to the UK, please do not let this be your concern, im sure you have many problems of your own…do you wish to fly to the UK? I will be more than happy to buy you a ticket, maybe you will learn something.

  8. Anonymous says:

     carry them some good ol turtle meat and beadfruit

  9. Trueblood says:

    I think Barack & Michelle Obama have much more pressing matters to attend to such as America’s crisis. Take a page from them Sir Big Mac, lil Mack…who knows these days! Glad for the day off though…….I will catch up on my Soap Operas 🙂

  10. Concerned Caymanian says:

    Tell Big Mac and the missus to visit . William & Kate have set up a foundation to receive donations for needy charities in lieu of gifts. Mac can give them some of the money (our money) that he doesn’t have, but keeps spending anyway!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Big Deal how many more is going along for the ride to say they went to England at the cost of us the people of this country .

  12. Anonymous says:

    The point is that this is not a “State wedding” because William is neither King nor next in line to be King and that is why world leaders are not invited.

    Premier McKeeva Bush is so far down the food chain that its insignificant and he’ll probably be along with most of the 1900 guests in some remote location outside the church watching via video link.

    Anyway Mac if by chance you cross Queenie anywhere please let her know that “the natives are restless” because of the UDP’s destructive policies and we want general elections in November 2012 instead of May 2013 and she should act now so that the people of Cayman don’t have to march and protest like the people in other countries around the world !

    And Mac don’t worry about not making the Buckingham Palace luncheon which is the “real” event because we know you’ll be having lunch at one of London’s finish restaurants and we’ll do an FOI request later so you don’t have to tell us about it…..we can let the record speak for itself.

    Anyway ole chappie… have a jolly ole time in sunny London………the casinos are open…..yeeaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone really care about the Royal Wedding? Although this will probably cause a little dissing of Americans, according to several polls taken in the States only about 21% of Americans care about this at all.

    Too many other things going on in everyone’s worlds to go for t his nonsense.

    • Anonymous says:

      And America rules the world, does it? 

    • Anonymous says:

      ….and if Americans don’t care about it, it shouldn’t happen at all, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason US citizens have no big interest in the Royal Wedding is that we have not been a British Colony for 200+ years. If Obama had been invited to attend, trust me there would have been a huge majority complaining about him attending when we are trying to cut the budget after the Shrub’s reign (aka G Bush). As a US citizen living in a British Overseas Territory I’m happy for the young couple and appreciate the extra holiday.

  14. anonymous says:

    How exciting
    All I can say is if we are paying for his trip and the gift, we should know what we are giving them.
    Let’s hope the gift is something they’d actually use and not keep tucked in the box or regifted.
    I’m still using the electric can opening from 30 years past. Hey! There’s a thought!

  15. Flipper says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for having taken the time to visit our Islands.  We hope that the job we’ve been paying you to do does not in any way interfere with your more important travel plans.  We regret that you could not stay longer to look after the Islands’ affairs, however  we understand that mingling with foreign donkeys’ rear ends is a vital enterprise.  What’s that wise saying about birds of feather flocking together?  We look forward to seeing you in the near future and await with great anticipation your new set of brilliant ideas for our Islands – nuclear reactors.  Safe travels, we wish you well.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Silly,Silly, Silly. Here you all go again – worring about position and prestiege. Why don’t you all signyour names so that the Premier can send you instead. The blank space on the invitation is simply, if the Premier cannot attend, he would delegate another in his place.– CNS. please try educate your people with some real good stuff. They just blabbers their mouth to keep the page going. I am sure that the Premier would be happy to take the leader of opposition with him if there was a space, then we would be assured that our country would not be embarrass when the Premier opens his mouth. LOL. hard to tell the differnce between the Premier and the Oppositio Leader when they both get into arguments.

    I am proud that the Cayman Islands were invited to such honourable occasion. I don’t care who goes – it goes to show, that as much as you blabbers critize our own Country, the Queen still recogonise us as a People, and that’s what counts.

    Who paying for the trip? – The government is paying, who should pay for this trip? – the government should pay for such an honurable invitation. – Better yet I have not heard of the Premier or the Leader of opposition begging – but voters beg them – Shut up and do something for your country.
    By the way he can’t send me – I witnessed the Queen’s Royal Jubilee, and I am not politition, or evenassociated with any politition

    • James Ebanks says:

       Where is your signature?

      • Anonymous says:

        to 09:47: I am not upset about the invitation. I welcome such gesture to our island.

        I don’t wake up in the mornings with the Premeir or the Leader of Oppossition on my mind. Get a life and live good. Enjoy life to the fullest. Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country. These are words of the wise President Kennedy. Can you follow his foot steps?

      • Anonymous says:

        09:45 I am not disgruntled about the Royal Invitation

    • Anonymous says:

      “The blank space on the invitation is simply, if the Premier cannot attend, he would delegate another in his place”

      Are you serious??? Oh goodness…now who’s silly, silly, silly. HELLO????? The blank space is there because it is a SAMPLE of the invitation given to the press. I’m sure the original is properly addressed and the two boarder lines removed. Wow, that gave me a really good chuckle for the afternoon *shaking my head and kissing my teeth*

  17. Sachamo says:

    The sugar head boy from old bush has done it again, you go Mac, west bay is with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Mac, you got a lot of disgruntle ones on here… jealousey to the max.
      God go with you and Kerry my friend, your friends are happy for you, and you have lots of them.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Give the man a DAM! break – all una do is sit on una asses criticizing other people everything I check CNS u all have something negative to say! Pls remember the man just lost a child.

    At least the queen thought Cayman was important enough to invite out premier on our behalf (CAYMAN).

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s losing a child got to do with being competent and doing the job he is being paid for?

      As voting citizens and/or tax paying residents of this country, we have the right to critisize the Premier. He is, afterall, being paid from our tax dollars!

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Anon 07:41, does this remind you of the UDP between 2005 – 2009 when they were the opposition? No one complained more than the UDP! Try take what you give, you hypocrite! The UDP are doing their best to ruin this great country & we will continue to complain about it, so if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. So Anon 07:41, go sit down & shut up, because as long as the premier continues to sell us out & do wrong we will quite rightfully continue to complain, so please “stop sitting on your ass & GIVE US A DAMN BREAK”!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi 07:41
      You have to realise the objectors,the opposition, and fools are at work here.
      I take my hat off to Mac, he has come a long way from old bush..i can see him 40 years ago standing on the corner of where the Bodmer building stands today, catching a bus,heading to ICCI.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mac will dine like a Royal even if not invited to the Queen’s luncheon. Time to prepare another FOI request for that trip.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why couldn’t he watch it on TV like the rest of us?

    • au revoir says:

      because he’s not one of you – he’s big mac…and big mac don’t pass up any opportunity to show his bluster to the world.

  21. Curious Observance... says:

    Did anyone else notice that the Royal Wedding Invitation reproduced in this news article does not actually have the name(s) of the invited individual(s) written in the space provided for those details?  

    • Anonymous says:

      It is the sample that was released to the press a few weeks ago, not actually a copy of Bush’s invitation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Any chance that the Premier will allow his official Invitation to be similarly copied and shared via the media/CNS with not only his West Bay constituents but also with the wider electorate of the Cayman Islands?  

  22. Anonymous says:

    Throughout the ages, royals have always loved jesters.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Gone again! To run a ‘country’ you need to spend time *in* the ‘country’.

    • Concerned Caymanian says:

      Cayman is not a country – it is an overseas protectorate (fka ‘colony’) of the UK

  24. Flipper says:

    As long as the Premier keeps his mouth shut for the duration of the trip, all is well.  Open that mouth, and…

  25. Anonymous says:


    It is not a "State" wedding, therefore the U.S. President doesn’t need to be there.  Only less important officials, like the Premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our Honourable Premier is obviously a friend of the royal family and we should be honoured and proud of that – I am sure that he is.

  26. ANONYMOUS says:

    Mr Premier,

    Please convey our islanders best wishes to the couple

  27. Anonymous says:

    I think it is very nice that Mr. Bush and his wife have been invited.  I hope that they can afford the trip because the people should not pay for it.

    Maybe one of his "backers" can fund the trip as a down payment for his selling out the country.

    I think the Chinese,  Indians, or some good time Joe could afford it.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Tuesday 19:32 – You’re correct on the Passman black coral cutlery set for Charles & Diana. I’ve heard that the official Cayman Islands gift will be a certain "White Paper" document, accompanied by a bill for Tempura.  

  29. sam says:

    ha… I bet my life some are just waiting to spin the gig on his travel expenses

    • actual reason says:

      I am still furious over the CI delegation going to a cell phone show in Spain!!! (coming from a Telecoms expert, tis true).  

      However, one of the perks of being elected Premier is that you might be invited to an event with the Queen.  I hope his spending is frugal and the trip does not extend to a huge personal expense for Cayman.  Big Mac, show some respect for your voters by going quietly, bringing a nice gift, study the proper etiquette and come back quietly and graciously.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad he has his priorities straight…He is obviously not needed here doing his “job” in Cayman. Every thing is fine here…No Government Overspending…No Crime…Excellent Economy…Well Managed Police Departmant…Nice Clean Roadsides…No Hungry Residents…No Unfinished Construction Projects…Why not take some more time off and sip tea with some self proclaimed Rulers? How long will you plebs allow you hard earned money go to finance an obviously over-fed dictator enjoy all the superfluous extravagances while people have to rob your businesses to put food on their tables?


  31. Shock and Awe says:

    Well they’re not getting a gift from me!!! I have never been so insulted in my entire life. Where’s my invitation while other people were saying that they were just a bunch of not too bright useless pampered adults without any real purpose playing castle I said some of them lived in houses.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I am curious, given the time frame, what McKeeva will take as a wedding gift to the royal couple.  I believe Bernard Passman was commissioned to do Charles and Diana’s wedding gift – a black coral cutlery service set for 12 if I recall. Can anybody remember if I’m correct?  I hope we have the good sense not to take anything made of turtle shell.

    • noname says:

      Something by Horatio Esteban would be awesome, but not sure if the time frame is long enough.

    • Lauren says:

      I hope we have the good sense not to take anything made of turtle shell… and I can assure you that not all Caymanians are unaware as you seem to be. Did you have to goggle the Bernard Passman commission or did you see it at one of his stores overseas? probably the one in Las Vegas in your case.

  33. whodatis says:

    Wow – interesting that Obama was left off the wedding list.

    Of all the "royals" William is perhaps the only one that I can actually stomach and I suppose he has his reasons for that particular decision, but I’d be damned if I was in his position and not have the most ground breaking individual in the world at the moment invited to my wedding.

    If "important" figures such as circumstantial royalty by way of mere birth are to be invited then why shun an individual that achieved what most in this world thought impossible?

    Then again I guess having the U.S. President attend your wedding would create a bit of a security and valet parking nightmare. Perhaps this is all in keeping with his down-to-earth persona. After all he really is a chip off Princess Di’s block – bless her dear heart. (Poor woman – she was too good for that family from the very start.)

    LOL!! I just realized something – Mac now has bragging rights over Obama on the issue of prestige and influence!

    See – unna betta try recognize the greatness of Mac … royalty does!


    • Anonymous says:

      Do you honestly think that anyone in their right mind would invite a leader who is totally destroying his country like Obama is doing? Oh, my bad, afterall Mckeeva Bush got invited. I suppose the difference is that despite being a dictator Mckeeva Bush has not as yet shown himself to be a socialist like Obama. However, they both are doing a darn good job of completely destroying their respective countries, pity!

      • whodatis says:

        Fair enough.

        However, I am sure David Cameron will be there front and center – perhaps Blair and Brown as well for that matter … look at the state of the British economy and society today.

        I understand what you say about Obama, but truth be told – he inherited one heck of a mess that has been systematically constructed over the past 3 decades – at a minimum. I find it very unfair to put the blame squarely on his shoulders.

        Regardless, U.S. Presidents do not call the ultimate and final shots when it comes to the issues that truly matter and have effect in the USA / world – as a matter of fact, no western ruler does. It is for the most part a facade to pacify the nerves of the masses and is nothing but a sham of democracy in action.

        The true boss in this world is MONEY. When was the last time that the string pullers of the MONEY GAME have been challenged, disciplined or countered? There you go.

        My reference to him was not to praise him for "the good job he’s doing" – as I no longer have any faith or sincere respect for elected "leaders" – there are simply "front men". Nonetheless, for him to be elected to the head office in a country with such a history as the USA is a remarkable achievement … no one can take that away from the man.

        Anyway, I’m signing off now as this thread is heading dangerously off-course.

    • West Bayer says:

      They say it’s a security issue…Obama would create too much unnecessary distraction that would require more security!!! MAKES SENSE! Send a representative….like what our governor did…he sent Mac! 2ND CHOICE!

  34. Anonymous says:

     A good investment for CIG would be intense training in etiquette and deportment for the Premier. Seriously.