Path cleared for K9 unit to import specialist breed

| 16/03/2011

(CNS): The governor will be amending the Animal (Prohibited Dogs) Regulations (2004 Revision) to allow for the importation of Belgian Malinois dogs for law enforcement purposes. According to government officials, Cabinet considered a request from the deputy governor on behalf of the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs at Tuesday’s cabinet meeting to allow the local police to import this specialist breed, sometimes referred to as Belgium Shepherd dogs. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service wishes to acquire the dogs as part of an exercise to replace their existing stock of German Shepherd canines who have reached the end of their law enforcement ‘careers’ and need to be retired.

Officials said the selection of the Belgian Malinois was the result of extensive research, which led to that dog being identified as the best for law enforcement purposes. Belgian Malinois are used by police forces around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries. The United States Secret Service and as well as the Royal Australian Air Force use the Malinois breed exclusively.

The newly acquired dogs will be a welcome addition to the RCIPS and will enhance the police crime fighting and public safety operations, an official spokesperson said in a release. They will be capable of explosive and firearm detection, narcotic detection, as well as tracking and locating persons.

The dogs are said to be less prone to heatstroke than German shepherds, have less health problems and are known for being easy to obedience train due to their high drive for rewards. The American Kennel Club says that while the Belgian Malinois is sometimes mistaken for the German Shepherd Dog, the Malinois is more elegant in build and lighter-boned, but does not lack for strength, agility or herding ability.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    More of the same. It was the head of the Ag. Depart, Dr Alfred Benjamin ( back in the day) that put these and many other dogs on the banned dog list. Pitbulls were also included with a bunch of other breeds. He had major input into this law. Now the Police see fit to have it waived for them, when they have proven unable to care for the dogs they have had in the past. Does no one remember the Springer Spanials and German Shepherds that were donated from some UK fund during the Super hero Haines regime? Now the Police will be charged with a law that they are not to adhere to themselves as they got a pass for whatever reason XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      XXXXXX German Shepards could still have been used. As long as they came from a reputable breeder and good bloodlines. The Belgium Malanoise is on the banned list, if there was no alternative, then so be it, but there were other alternatives. Pit Bulls are great drug detection dogs. There is or was a Pit Bull by the name of Refrigerator that had a hit on him, because he was one of the best drug detection dogs Law Enforcement ever had!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    And yet we cannot get the law changed for electric cars

  3. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with getting the dogs from the Human Society and training them? It doesn’t need to be a certain breed. All this waste in money when we have perfectly good dogs here who need looking after and can do the exact same job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I say get a good Caymanian mutt and train them to be Police Dogs. They are very intelligent, active and also will most likely have a stronger immune system since they are locally bred. Just my point for what its worth and still I say good move by the RCIPS to get new dogs.

  5. anonymous says:

    we should be happy to see that the cops are doing everything in their power to improve their capability in combating crime. rather than the constant criticism we should be encouraging their efforts. but as the saying goes ” the best players are usually sitting in the stands”.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would hope they don’t need a dog to do everything in their power to fight crime.  The K9 Unit if used correctly can assist them, but again, if you have any common sense, even if it is criticism, some of it has to be true for its majority criticism.  They didn’t need to bring in a prohibited dog, they could have used dogs that aren’t on the prohibited list.  Their research on the dog, like their research on everything else is not all 100% on what they are saying. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Bring out the Chihuahuas! They are brave and not prohibited. They can nip those gangsta’s into submission!

  6. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Let’s prohibit the prohibitionist!

  7. noname says:

    Will they need work permits?

  8. Anonymous says:

    why does every article have to turn into some petty argument…………-_-

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is another attempt for the RCIP to give the public mis-information in order to fool people into thinking that they are ahead of the curve.

    The Malinois is not only enjoyed by Law Enforcement but by Civilians in the US and in Europe as every other breed of dog is enjoyed. There are many that compete in agility, and many that are trained to work in biting sports by CIVILIANS that are never a danger to the public. They are not a SPECIALIST BREED for Law Enforcement – that is total rubbish. What is also rubbish is the claim that they do not over- heat like other breeds. In fact they are so driven that studies by Vets around the world have proven this. So before getting into bed with a fairytail, do your homework.

    Some TRUE FACTS ABOUT THE MALINOIS :The Malinois can contract heartworms, so the Officers better give the pill as directed. They also can reproduce, if intact, so there should be no breeding like the last dogs that were in the charge of the RCIP. The Malinois requires food and water also, just in case they were told otherwise.

    • Pending says:

      Last time I went around the island there were Malionois everywhere and they have been here for years and years. But they probably are not Belgian.

      Does that mean the RCIPS will have to order Rosetta Stone (French) to train them? Thats going to be difficult when half the force cant read / write.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope and Pray None of these come to the Brac and live the life that Hummer has had to live. Or get locked in a hot car in the summer while the Police are in the a/c getting a cool drink.
    The handlers need to go to lots of schooling in order to understand and handle the Police Dogs.
    They are not ready, Just like giving them a gun and them not knowing how to use it. Same thing.
    I am sure after months and maybe years these retired dogs will be kept in a cage never walked or taken care of and then they will kill them. Because that is our goverment at it’s best!.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/17/2011 – 09:44.
      Please comment on factual information instead of running off your mouth. These police dogs are VERY VERY well taken care of in GCM and CYB!!!! I speak first hand knowing that the handlers do get extensive, continuous training with these dogs from reputable government agencies outside of the Cayman Islands. So you better know your role and shut your mouth!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but you don’t know your information.  It is a known fact the a few of the police dogs had heart worm and that quite a few weren’t cared for as they should have been… get your facts straight!!!!  Do you live with every handler?  Extensive training, yeah right!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          No, I do not live with every handler neither do I judge a book by its cover until I’ve read it. The problem is too many people have far too much to say but then don’t use their resources to take proper action and instead like to sit back and whine to the rest of the world. If you did see an animal (not just a working Police dog) being mistreated it is your duty to report it to the to the proper authority and then follow up to inquire what was done. As for training, perhaps you should apply to the CI Government for a Training Officer position to better educate both the handler and the dog(s) since you clearly know more than they do.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wouldn’t want the job and have to deal with the BS. If the dogs were so greatly trained, how come we never hear about the K9 Unit tracking a criminal, or finding guns. I believe a K9 was involved in one drug bust. This is over the past ten years. How come the CI Government had to bring in outside dogs to try to find Ms Evans? If we had a K9 Unit they should have been able to send the tracking dogs out immediately. We have had numerous crimes in the past few years and not once did any K9 Unit track or was involved in any arrest.

            So, hence their trainer sucks and so do the majority of the handlers.

            • Anonymous says:

              I completely 110% agree and support Anonymous 14:46 in this case. As citizens of the cayman islands (paper or by birth) it is our duty to take the necessary action if something is wrong. If you wont contribute to help improve the situtaion why are you complaining??? May I suggest calling in to the Talk Shows, writing to the Compass and speaking to the MLAs about this matter if it needs to be addressed direly in your eyes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    To 22:88 They are on the prohibited list because of the ignorance of some of the people who judge dogs by breed and not as individuals. Which quite truthfully are generally people who have never owned any of these breeds and just want to run their mouths at something that they know nothing about. And unfortunately they are in the position of power to make these rules and enforce them …(or not 😉 …) For an island that has so many different ethnic backgrounds we are most prejudiced against certain breeds of dogs. Go to the the south and tell a southerner they can’t own their hounds or hog dogs (and they cross in the bull breeds) and see the fireworks begin. But they are a rare breed of people. They stand up for what they believe in. So many people own what I call "true working breeds" and never have any problems….why?… Because they respect the dog as a dog and a working partner not "their baby". It is not the dog that is the problem. It is the owner. And truthfully I have seen more nasty little dogs then any of these big breeds that people complain about so much. But I have little dogs as well because I DO NOT JUDGE BY BREED. Look at the news. You never hear about when your neighbors little mutt mauls their son’s friends that they  have over for lunch. You only ever hear about the big breeds (mainly pitbulls, GSDs and so on) which is not true. But so many ignorant people believe everything that they read or see on the news. They never read about the Pitbull that pulled the cradle out of the house when the fire started, saving the new born or hear about the German Shepherd  found the lost little boy that wondered off into the woods even though he was never taught to find lost people. It is amazing how truly ignorant and blind people can be.  I am so disappointed that Cayman’s people have to be like sheep and follow even though they know it is wrong and that they should lead and set an example. This is the message we are telling our children…"…Son, he is different, we don’t like him because of that. It is ok to discriminate as long as majority rules." (Big brother looking out for you protecting you against yourself,no more free thought we will do your thinking for you because you are incapable of thinking logically for yourself.) Cayman should be a shinning  light to the rest of the world with innovative thought and actions. Disappointingly, we are just the opposite.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree! Very valid points made. A few years ago I rescued a little Pitbull pup. The pup was very ill and I was told that the pup would probably be put down because there was simply no room at any of the shelters so I took him for my own, covering the extensive vet bills to get him back to good health. He has grown into the smartest, most gentle and loyal pet I have ever had. I have taken him all around the island to the beach and various events and he just loves the attention everyone gives him. Of course I occasionally get those looks of "Dont they know how dangerous those dogs are?" But most people are friendly and accepting of him. At home he is the best guard dog anyone could ask for, completely house trained and always alerting me when strangers are around.

      The police on the other hand don’t seem to share this idea. I have been harassed numerous times by the police while walking my dog on a leash that I have an "illegal" dog. I’ve even had an officer take my details and show up to my home threatening to seize my dog if I didn’t have the "right papers". I asked the officer what was the reason behind these dogs being illegal and he simply couldn’t answer for about two minutes before blurting out that they were a "super aggressive breed". While all this is going on my dog is sitting quietly at my feet not evening barking at the officer.

      6 weeks later my dog attacked someone. someone who had broken in to my garage and was trying to steal gardening tools and my lawnmower while I was at work. The only thing the burglar made it out with is his life as it was clearly visible a big struggle took place by the blood left behind. I still haven’t contacted the RCIPS because of the chance they might tell me that my "illegal dog" bit someone and needs to be put down.

      Shouldn’t the police be more worried about animal cruelty which is rampant on this island? Think about how many dogs you see tied out everyday with just a chain around their neck, no collar, barely any water if any, ribs showing and being eaten by fleas and ticks. Shouldn’t the people who own those dogs be harassed? If it is true about some of the conditions reported about the K9 Unit the police themselves need to be investigated for animal cruelty. The banned dogs list is a total piece of garbage. Its very discriminatory for no reason. I challenge anyone to post a valid reason for any of these dogs being banned.

      Its absurd that the police can amend laws as they see fit. Are they saying that the level of crime is to a point they need "specialized" dogs to assist them? If so shouldn’t that be reason enough to do away with the banned list? Wouldn’t that mean that we as civilians should have access to these dogs as well for our personal protection because crime is out of hand? Like 9:31 said "It is not the dog that is the problem. It is the owner" Police need to stop focusing on these banned dogs and focus on the people abusing them and the real criminals.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is hilarious! The RCIPS have a state of the art helicopter that even much larger jurisdictions don’t have. Now they want to bring in the world’s finest police dogs. Hopefully, after acquiring all these resources, they may actually properly train the police officers. All this spending to compensate for the serious lack of skill is very expensive and wasteful.

  13. Swine says:

    I think this is an excellent move, as I strongly believe that these dogs will end up training the police officers on how to do their jobs….

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just hope the purchaser has done their research because in the U.S. the police don’t pay for their dogs until  months down the line and they return a lot of dogs during training to the vendor they got the dogs from. Also these dogs need very capable handlers. But with the right handler these dogs are some of the best an officer can hope for . Good luck RCIPS with your new dogs.

  15. Animaliberator says:

    I do sincerely hope that the to be ‘retired’ dogs from their police careers are not being retired from their lives and are to be donated preferably to their current handlers with full support from the RCIPS or others who wish to see them live out their lives in peace and the comfort of a loving home, either here or abroad if necessary. It will only cost a fraction of the cost to initially train these special canines and allow the award of life for their special services.

  16. Jimmy says:

    what do u mean retired?
    can i have one ?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Another dog jockey sold someone a bill of goods. Importers purchase rejects from KNPV / Schutzhund in Europe for little money. The training the dog has already received is better than most trainers can supply training a completely green dog. Hence, they pay little, train little, sell for big bucks and everyone wins. Wrong.

    Think through it. You will figure it out.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The malinois are regarded as one of the best dogs for police work across the world.  Do a you tube search for the dog and police, and you will see numerous examples from Europe, the Far East and Americas.

    They are obedient, ferocious in controlled attack and strong and fearless. This is a good choice, wait till you see them in action gangstas! 

    • Anonymous says:

      The malinois are great dogs, but you need great handlers which we don’t have.  Their so called K9 Unit that they had before, do some background check, a few of them had heart worms (this is preventable with a monthly dosage of a pill), they bred them for their own personal gain.  Puppies were sold from the "so called" K9 Unit.  So, we will now have an influx of so called banned dogs being bred and puppies being sold again throughout the Island.

      The K9 officers here except maybe one or two don’t have the capability of handling these dogs.  You can’t be heavy handed and beat them down to make them understand, which is a common practice here. 

      I don’t believe we have had a proper K9 Unit for the past ten years.




  19. Anonymous says:

    If they are so good and so trainable why are they on the prohibited list????

    • Anonymous says:

      Possibly because of the mentality of the large minority on this Island and irresponsible dog care, these dogs need proper training and controlling, and not to become a status symbol or guard dog.  They are without a doubt working dogs, not pets.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the prohibited list is there to protect the dog. The dog is only as good as its owner and sometimes much much better

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you read the prohibited list? Like most things, it is not logical and very arbitrary.

  20. anonymous says:

    very very good dogs; glad to hear this. this is awesome news. the cayman islands will benefit from this. police forces world wide are going with these dogs.