Mac targets Constitutional commissioners

| 17/03/2011

(CNS): The premier has accused the Constitutional Commission of going beyond its remit and made it perfectly clear that he does not believe the members should be opposing government. Reacting to commentsmade by the commission in the press recently about the law to create advisory district councils, McKeeva Bush said their poor performance was embarrassing as they had “gotten so far adrift” from their “real role”. He said if they wanted “to play powerful’ they should “go get the money and get elected”. Bush said they could not run government from behind the scenes and were misusing their position and trying to influence public opinion.

He said his opposition to the commission was not against any individual member but against its “poor performance” of the mandated functions, but went onto say that he knew most of them had opposed him over the years.

In a damning speech to the Legislative Assembly on Thursday morning about the commissioners, the premier said it was absolutely outstanding that a body serving in the context of good government could be so “misguided in its understanding of its role" and said its misstatements were confusing for the public.

The governor was going to speak with the commissioners, Bush said, and he was encouraging them to speak with the attorney general to be better “schooled in their role and functions”, as it cannot be right for them to go on as they have and “frustrate my administration”.

The premier’s criticisms surround comments the commission made earlier this month about government’s failure to listen to its recommendations on the make up of the new advisory district councils. Bush said that the public needed to understand that no government is intended to base its executive decisions on the advice of a Constitutional Commission.

Pointing to opinions expressed by the commissioners that they did not support what had been established under the new law, he criticized them for saying the existing district council in North Side was more like what had been envisioned by the commission. Bush accused them of trying to re-open the debate on the subject and influence public opinion ahead of the proposed constitutional public meetings.

“The business of canvassing public opinion is a delicate undertaking for a body such as a Constitutional Commission, a body whose credibility rests on their clear and unequivocal non-partisanship," Bush told the Legislative Assembly, saying their comments had destroyed any chance of not leading public opinion.

He said the comments about the North Side district council was a blatantly partisan political view. “It’s as though the Constitutional Commission is out to revive January’s debate in the House by saying in effect that ‘we agree with the MLA for North Side and we oppose the UDP government, and we encourage people toadopt the same view’,” the premier said.

The more the constitutional commission muddied the water the more embarrassing it became, Bush said, adding that they should not be advocates of specific policies.

Despite his unequivocal criticisms, Bush went on to say that he had no power to tell the commission what to do, as he believed the elected government should. “The Constitutional Commission should be the remit of the people elected,” the premier stated, going on to say that there was no measure of accountability for the performance of the commission. He said it should have been something that the people’s elected representatives have some say in, not the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“But some of our people don’t seem to learn that there are those who are not as impartial as we need them to be and that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will play us like pawns upon a chess table. Some of our people would rather trust someone they don’t know and not our own. And then there are those who, when they can’t have their way because the election process put people like McKeeva Bush in place, are prepared to do what they can to conjure, obstruct, deter and smear elected politicians, as a blanket group,’ he said.

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  1. Sachamo says:

    I support the premier 100%, he is not a perfect leader but put him in a line with all the electedofficials Cayman currently has and he is by far the most capable leader. Let the man do his job; in 2 years we will decide at the polls whether he deserves another term.

    • Anonymous says:

       The best of the worst does not a good leader make. People like you are the reason people like him get elected and continue to fail at everything,

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        Sachamo you must be living in a vacum. Do you read the news, drive on the roads or pay bills. If you do then you would know that the country is in disarray and getting worse. I can only assume that you are a blind follower and don’t take the time to truly understand the situation. If you want to follow Mr. Bush at least try to understand what is happening to you or maybe just declare that I am blindly following, that i would understand.

  2. Fed Up says:

    Our Premier has lost the Nation’s confidence. Mac and his UDP are in constant denial by making decisions that demonstrate they are not in touch with the people of this Nation. Dredging in the North Sound is the most ridiculous idea that I have ever heard. This will do irreversible harm to our main island environmentally, bring minimal revenue and put us all at risk. We must change course. Our Premier has never missed an opportunity to whack our Mangroves and I’m convinced he hates them. We must fight this by any means necessary.

    An oil refinery: A ridiculous proposal by the UDP that’s off the charts. We do not need a stinking, toxic oil refinery in the Caymans a nightmare waiting to happen. We must fight this by any means necessary as well.
    It seems lately every time our Premier opens his mouth with a new proposal to move our Nation forward in reality is a dangerous move backward. This must stop with responsible leadership. Emotional rollercoaster rides is not what we want in elected office. We want stable, responsible leadership and we have the complete opposite.
    Why don’t we just balance our books? Let us deal with the public accounts committee to see where we are in the financial universe? We are sick of the squabbling, the accusations, the finger pointing, the irresponsible leadership and backward thinking that is going on with the leading party. Love to hear the PPM’s position on these issues?

  3. Deelicious0331 says:

    CNS, I think it would be real interesting to get a poll going!

    I would like to know just how many Caymanians wanna see this Dictating XXXX Crab step down are get flung down.

    I personally can’t sit here and wait for the next Election!!! I’m a [young Caymanian] and it kills me everyday to sit at my computer, and go -"ohh boy! what is this/these idiot(s) doing now?!?" *dredging of the NS, thinking about allowing the deportees back here after some time, dock, schools, who ga admin control over the Civil Service… the list goes ON!* 

    When they are finished destroying our country, I don’t think my kids, grand children, nor great  grand children will have anything to look at to call themselves proud Caymanians! They gonna wanna b out there trying anything to get rid of the nationality and heritage, the way they are gonna b SHAMED!!! BUT PLEASEE they don’t care, they gon’ b down in their gold encrusted, graves, with a niicee expensive glass coffin- PAID FOR BY THE CI GOVERNMENT!


    -TYADDD of this BS!!!

    God, I know nuff Caymanians praying the same prayer I praying, deliver us Father, bcuz I na think we can endure this no more!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the red-eyes in this picture of MacDinejad.



  5. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    The Premier. as we are all becoming aware with every one of his statements is stuck in the past.  A past where politicking was just that….. politicking.  Blustering speeches and dragging out old hats about the love of nation don’t quite cut it. He can’t seem to grasp that this is now a modern nation, and has been for quite some time  it now has a constitution.  Where the roles of government and the rights of people are clearly defined.  Unfortunately he seems intent on running the country like a small village and he is the Chief.  This mindset would be laughable if it weren’t so critical, and at such a critical time in Cayman’s future.  The job appears to be too much for him and his confusion is evident as he would rather travel with the trappings of Premier than stay home and give direction to the country and at the same time take no responsibility. Not even for the portfolio.. he gave to himself.  His answer is there is always someone else to blame.  The press.  The bloggers.  Duly elected representatives.  More concerning is the rants are getting more irrational and off-topic.  It’s quite possible at this time he is realizing the country, and it’s informed voters, are much more sophisticated than he is. They have a better grasp on reality and no one is listening as they’ve heard it all before.  Times are different but he isn’t. Demands respect.  But doesn’t give any.  Speaks consensus.  But won’t listen.  Hates "politicking" but seems incapable of doing anything else.

    This is not a test.  This is real. Cayman::  take hold of your future it’s time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “…the premier said it was absolutely outstanding that a body serving in the context of good government could be so “misguided in its understanding of its role””

    Amusing Freudian slip. Is he the most inarticulate man in the world or is it a typo?

    • I see you says:

      I think the word you are searching for is oxyMORON if I am not misguided in my understanding of the word

  7. whodatis says:


    Who pee’d in Mac’s Cheerios bowl this time?!

    Although the Premier’s comments are alarming and reprehensible I cannot help but identify the normalcy of the reality of his words.

    This is the 21st Century western world folks – everything that Mac said is the simple illumination of the way things are done today.

    Name any western nation of your choice – look behind the fuzzy fronts and cuddly policies and you will find the spirit of all that embodies our Premier and his way of thinking.

    Lobbyists, campaign donors (and future kickbacks to said donors), waging of illegal wars, unrelenting approach to subject the masses to unpopular legislation and changes – we are seeing this everywhere today.

    Are Americans content with their supposed democratic leadership today? No way.

    Brits? Nope.

    The Germans, Spanish, French? Not at all.

    (E.g. The masses are beginning to see the smoke and mirrors in regards to the "European Union". National sovereignty, identity and socioeconomic fixtures are being quickly eroded and as we can see the end result is a cocktail of Neo-Nazism, Racism, Far-Rightism and all around hatred. There is no one to blame for this but the indoctrinated and "mainstream" political parties! For too long they have been looking "upwards" to the supposed position of progress and forgot to look "down" and horizontal at the piece of the puzzle that have the ultimate say – THE PEOPLE.)

    The western world is having a blast as we witness the fates of a few long standing dictators over the horizon – failing to remember that those very "dictators" were either put in place by the West or at the very least – very much supported by the West. (Our very standard of living was / is deemed as dependenton stagnant and oppressive leaders / regimes halfway around the world.)

    Granted the predatory and undemocratic forces are much better veiled in the West but they are there nonetheless. Furthermore, on this side of the world we tend to occupy our time – with the help of the media and our beloved leaders mind you – with "important" issues  such as Islam, immigration, race, abortion and the sexual orientation of military personnel. Sadly most of us fail to even identify the entities and forces that carry the most influence upon our daily lives and future.

    I said all of that to say this … Mac is nothing but the simple embodiment of the way things are done and have been done all over the world for longer than any of us have walked this earth. It all seems a bit more absurd in his case because in this country we lack the layers of veils and cover-ups as can be found elsewhere.

    So to conclude we can see that there is no difference between Mac and any other typical world leader ("world leader" does not necessarily refer to elected individuals) today – well maybe there is one difference – most others are far more tactful than Mac could ever dream to be.

    In any event I am looking forward to the day when things change for the better – or at least the "fairer" in Cayman. We are small, full of potential and enjoy the all important quality of a calm and disciplined society.

    Today educated people (and I am NOT necessarily referring to tertiary education, as they do more to shore up the corrupted status quo than anything else) have more than enough examples of what to and what not to do when it comes to running a country and serving a people.

    I only fear that we, most notably our youths, have for too long been living in the psychological shadow of the great materialistic, consumer-driven and brain-dead force that is American society to realize and appreciate the changes that ought to be made and avoided in order to secure any degree of a stable future for the Cayman Islands.

    All the best Cayman – wish you all a safe and enjoyable weekend.

    P.S. Premier Bush – perhaps you really ought to call it a day huh? You had a good run … why do you insist on torturing yourself this way? Especially when it is clear for all to see that you are not doing this for "love of country".

    Furthermore, and most importantly, we the people DO NOT LOVE YOU (as a leader that is – as a fellow Caymanian, to the very end!) – so why bother??

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      2 things;
      “We are small, full of potential and enjoy the all important quality of a calm and disciplined society.”
      We should be the poster child of how a country can and should be run.

      “consumer-driven and brain-dead force that is American society” Nice blame game. America is not anymore consumer-driven and brain dead that other Western countries.
      Stop blaming everything on Americans. Take responsibility for your own problems.

      • whodatis says:

        You would have been much better off by making a simple declaration of; "I don’t like you Whodatis."

        Your reply is so random and vaguely aggressive that a strong dislike for the messenger (Whodatis)  is the only logical explanation.

        Unless of course you are an American. I guess I could see how my post could come across as offensive if that is the case.

        In any event I sincerely hope that you got more from my offering than the points to which you took the time to highlight and respond.

    • Anonymous says:

       You seem like a nice person but you really need to get out(of 
      Cayman) more if you want to really see what countries like America are really like.  Reading the news in Cayman is like reading the news anywhere.  Its just some ONEs opinion or point of view.

  8. ALL SEEING says:

    You nailed it Spin Cycle:
    “Go get the Money” is what it’s all about a very telling statement by our Premier.The Boundary Commission’s report to have consultancies was not implemented so the manipulation of the election process can be controlled by the Parties that have the money. Not so if the districts were broken up. What they have now is not one person one vote or equal protection of the laws. This government violates basic human rights with at large elections and they know it, never tried to fix it and that is why we are trapped in a continued cycle of hopelessness. You know we are deep trouble when our head of government won’t take responsibility for anything.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mac just hates being held accountable.  He truly wants absolute power and dislikes when anyone questions his actions.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m amazed that Mr. Bush points the finger at others.  Two of the worst things ever done for Cayman were the indiscriminate selling out of the country achieved by the mass status grants and telling the rest of the world that we are bankrupt.   We are truly in a mess until the voters stop voting for a washing machine or load of marl and start thinking of what is best for the country.  My heart bleeds for Cayman and all the people here struggling.  Whilst the Premier does nothing to address unemployment, crime, the economy, protecting the environment but rants on like a spoilt child about anyone who offends him, as in anyone who does not agree with him.  I too am amazed that we continue to sit here and take it.


  11. UDP Supporter says:

    I support the Premier as he is a good, Christian man and these people don’t understand that he was elected and not they! We all need to rally behind the Premier and let him know that we support him and his ideas! Thank you Mr. Premier for your service to Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      You and any others that voted for and support Mac Dicktator should get psychologically evaluated and get the help you need to be able to grasp the mess we are in and the changes this country needs for YOUR better future. Yours is the sort of mindset that leads people to drink poison from their leaders like the followers of Jim Jones and others…go get some serious help quick or tell us all how your relationship with Mac Dicktator is any different.

    • Anonymous says:

      Suck up!

    • Dreadlock Holmes says:

      What you say? We are rallying behind the Premier!

      Ok everyone….   PUSH!!!!!

  12. The spin Cycle says:

    “go get the money and get elected”.

    Very telling statement by the "Honorable Mr. Bush".  Grand Poobah of the Cayman Islands.

  13. The Beaver says:

    This is the man who will soon meet the Queen.  It’s not too late to change your minds and send the village idiot to the ball. 

  14. 12th of never says:

    Bullying again!

    This has to come to an end soon, trust me.

    Why is that Cayman has to be subjected to this Bullying Government and yes, I mean all the members of the UDP Government.

  15. Dark Marauder says:

    He said if they wanted “to play powerful’ they should “go get the money and get elected”.  "Yes, just like I did"….and now you are a slave to the money that elected you.

    My heart bleeds for Cayman. Where are the righteous leaders that we need in such perilous times?

    The political situation in Cayman is horrendous with vicious, hateful, driven individuals, (no names mentioned, we/you know who you are) abusing democracy for their own benefit.

    I guarantee that if our illustrious leader told us that he would build a big wall around his house BEFORE the elections, we would not have elected him.

    Honestly, I am utterly disgusted.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is tragic that the first Premier of the Cayman Islands should be this man.


      • Scottish,Irish,Jamacian born CAYMANIAN says:

        Aaaaaaamen brother!

      • trample bad mind says:

        Anonymous @ 06:40 i guess you should blame God,cause it was the Almighty who made him the first Premier of these Islands……….please stop the hate.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have to admit you’re right. The Premier is self elected since he thinks HE is God. And he’s backed by the majority of the people of West Bay, who also think THEY’RE God. God help us.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mac is crying again over criticism……I’m quite frankly tired of this cry baby stuff !!!

    The Constitutional Commissioners are right !!!! Full Stop and end of story Mac…….whether you like it or not !!!!!!

  17. Anon the mouse says:

     Yikes, he opened his mouth again.

    McKeever please, don’t you think that we can think for ourselves?  Are you saying that the public is incapable of making decisions and are so easily influenced?  That would make everyone legally incompetent.  Is that what you are saying?  

  18. Walter Bag It says:

    That’s what happens when you produce a Constitution for a “country” of about 55,000 people at most (15,000 voters) that is more suitable for countries of much, much bigger populations than ours.

    Alas, on this one, he’s correct.

  19. Anonymous says:

    “go get the money and get elected”

    And what to they get in return for the money?

    • Caymanian 2 D Bone & Proud of It says:

      Everything, our hearts, souls, birthrights, unborn children the list goes on and on, you name it they get it. What a disgrace! he is not this countrys’ Leader but yet our MISLeader and no one in Government has nor wants to do something about him, not even the governor. So sad!!!

  20. petermilburn says:

    Same old same old.Nothing new on this front folks.Tow the line or move on out.That seems to be the continued message being sent out.Lot of work done by these folks and this is the thanks that they get.Sheeeeesz.

    • Anonymous says:

      whar work did they do other than be critical. Report ,report and let the governor do his job.

  21. John Digs says:

    Are we sure Mac doesn’t tweet. The quotes in this article are just as rediculous as the tweets. You actually can’t say for sure that 345 wasn’t the real thing.

    if you, like me, are ashamed to say that Mac is the leader of our country give me a thumbs up- let’s get a good old fashionedpopularity test going.

    After all, maybe I’m the only one clueless as to why we aren’t uprising to rid Cayman of this dictator-in-the-making.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Just Commentin' says:

    A very telling statement; Mr. Bush said if they wanted “to play powerful’ they should “go get the money and get elected”. Hmmm…??

    How very interesting!

    Gee. So that’s how the Premiere and his UDP minions got elected? Money, eh? I guess we should have known it was not talent, statesmanship, tact, intelligence, or leadership ability that got them in. Now we hear it from the horse’s mouth. (I was actually thinking of another equine species – but I was nice.)

    For the record, Mr Bush: the Foreign and Commonwealth Office does not have to "play us like pawns upon a chess table".  Your "mouse that roared" mentality aside, we are under Britain’s rule. She owns the pieces, the board and the table it rests on and the house the table sits in. The plan to modernise the Constitution was moved by the Mother Country.  She rules how the process works, and rightly so. Not so hard for me to grasp. You?

  24. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Are not you tired of Cayman politricks.

    Everything has a political spin for Mr. Bush. The bloggers and twitters are hurting Cayman. The commission is releasing information at a strategic time and on and on. Why do we have a Premier who plays politricks constantly. Elected officials are elected to lead the country and take care of the peoples business. 

    Time for leaders to take care of Cayman instead of worrying about their income and job. 

    My guess is that if some elected members were making millions they would have no interest in the job. Think about that.

  25. Alan de Saram says:

    This man fundamentally misunderstands the law and the Constitutional Commission’s role and remit. Of course the Commission is going to discuss what it sees as the Government’s misguided approach to the District Councils and the manner is which they are formed as this is at odds with its recommendations. Are they to lie and not be honest about this? They have to give their best judgment about the District Councils and how they are appointed/elected and if this upsets the Premier, then so be it. This man has dictatorial qualities and seems to like to belittle and disparage anyone who disagrees with him. It isa shame because the PPM and its leaders are no better. Cayman deserved much, much better than either of these two political parties.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every breath the Premier takes is a partisan breath.  Which does not mean that everyone who disagrees with him is doing so because of partisan politics. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Alan de Saran – to compare Mac and the UDP’s approach to governance with that of the PPM on issues of governance is to be either ignorant of the facts or disingenuous. Whatever else may be said about the PPM, they introduced a culture of governance to Cayman which was vastly different to any before – and especially since. Opennness, accessiblity, a willingness to tolerate criticism, lack of intimidation, weekly press briefings, a new constitution with independent commissions on human rights and standards in public life, a bill of rights and in paarticular the constitutional commission which has Mac all het up.

      There is a lot of other fodder available to criticise the PPM about. But not to recognise the party’s immense contribution to good governance and to compare their record on this front to the UDP lacks crediblity

  26. nauticalone says:

    The Premier’s surely has the blame game down to an art!

    EVERYONE and EVERYTHING besides Mac is wrong and also not entitled to free speech according to this man.

    He should do the honourable thing (like in Tunisia and Egypt) and step down!