$55k reward for info on Anna

| 24/03/2011

(CNS): Local business conglomerate dms Organization has added $50,000 to the existing $5,000 reward fund for information leading to the safe return of missing mother of five Anna Evans, or if it turns out that she is the victim of a crime, the conviction of those involved. Don Seymour, president of dms, made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon from his head office in George Town in the presence of Anna’s family some eight weeks since she disappeared from the George Town landfill, where she worked. Stating that he wanted to show some support for the family in their struggle, Seymour said Anna was a hard working mother from the community and the money may motivate people who have so far remained silent to come forward.

He said that a website www.findannaevans.ky sponsored by dms had also been created to focus attention on the continued search, which includes the police hotline and details of Anna’s disappearance on 27 January.

“Anna is from this community, she has five kids and worked every day to provide for them, she is a valued person, civil servant and Caymanian. We want to try and help find her and we want her to be appropriately recognised,” Seymour said. “Because of the enormous efforts the family have made not to give up I hope people will help.”

He noted that if the worst had happened and a crime had been committed the family still needed answers and justice for Anna.

Struggling to contain their emotions and thanking Seymour for the reward, Anna’s family spoke of the difficulties of not knowing what has happened to their loved one. Anna’s sister, Noreen, who is looking after her children, spoke of how hard it is to explain to them that their mother is not home and that they do not know where she is.

The family said they were convinced that someone saw something that day but for whatever reason they are afraid to speak out. Anna’s family all said that they believed that Seymour’s generous support may help to persuade those people who know something to come forward and help in some way, even if they do so via the crime stoppers anonymous tips line 800 TIPS (8477).

So far no calls have been made to the enquiry hotline on 526-0911 but the family said they remained hopeful that this reward may lead to someone making that first call with important information, even this evening as the news broke about the $50K that had been added to the reward fund of $5000, which the family had collected so far.

Although no members of the RCIPS were present at the press call to announce the reward, Anna’s sister reported that the police were keeping the family updated and that the search was not over. The police are still hunting for Anna and continue to follow up on statements and information that has been collected so far.

With Anna’s 38th birthday just a few weeks away on 4 April, the family said they were still hopeful that she may be returned to them to celebrate, but while they all hoped for the best, they said they were also prepared for the worst as they spoke of the anguish of not knowing. “There is someone out there that knows something and the reward could make that someone come forward,” the family echoed.

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  1. GTO says:

    Don Seymour for George Town in 2013 G/Elections! FYI – Run as an Independent though. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don has never forgotten his roots.

    The many GT politicians that has used these same poor people (people with a heart of Gold) on Shedden Rd for many, many years has never (at least not in the public domain) come forward and make a contribution like Mr. Seymour with such a substantially reward for info leading to Anna disappearance.

    The wealthily “G-5” Caymanians (The Bodden’s, Thompsons, the other Thompsons, Crightons and Kirkconnells) have you added to the coffers?? I ask them now to come forth now and join hands with Don and help with some contributions, not to outmatch, but to show good well to this/our small community.

    And to the past politicians like Mr. Pearson, Mr. Truman, Mr. Kurt, who has made an empire from the hand stroke of these same people from Shedden Rd in the past to put them as their representatives, It’s time to stand with Mr. Don Seymour, president of dms to put a close to Anna’s whereabouts.

    Mr. Don Seymour should be awarded for his kindness and supportive roll for the many he is helping and the many he will help, for he seems to be the Cayman “Dart Family”; but one of our own, who’s not forgotten where he came from.

    God Bless,

    For a better Community, for a better Cayman and its people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A true Caymanian at Heart. Mr. Seymour has built himself and his organisation on hard work and it has truly paid off.
    Its wonderful to see that a hard working, intelligent Caymanian is always giving back to his community.

    May this kind gesture just be the start of inspiring other local businesses to inject funds towards the reward. Anna is a Caymanian, mother of 5 & civil servant, she and her family deserve all the support and resources necessary to uncover her dissaperance.

    Well done Don-Don!

  4. Michel Lemay says:

    Thank you and well done Mr. Seymour. A good example. May God continue with His many Blessings to you sir.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Seymour for your thoughtfulness, caring and generosity.  So much of that Caymanian spirit has been lost in Caymans development greed. XXXXX  May this mystery be solved soon and may God continue to hold the family together and God bless you Mr. Seymour.  You are a shining example of brotherhood to all who live and work here and I commend you for that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think crime stoppers should be offering a reward also.  If anyone knows anything please come forward. do the rightthing and then give the money to whoever is looking after Anna’s children.  Just imagine what those poor children are going though and how hard it must be financially for those looking after them. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why did a private citizen have to put up a reward when this should have been done by Crime Stoppers a long time ago! Thank you Don Seymour! Thank you. You see Don is from George Town, a real ‘Towner’ as we say. He is educated and has money and with money comes great power and with power comes great responsibility. Don has shown great responsibility for Anna, who is a Civil Servant and a Caymanian mother of 5 children. You know it makes you stop and think if this whole situation would have Been handled the same way if Anna was of a different complexion and from a different part of Cayman. This fund was established with the help of a friend of Anna’s family and an account opened by the family. Then there was the launch of the fund down In the parking lot at Seven Mile Beach. The turn out was poor but for those who were there lsaid a lot to Anna’s children & her family. We must remember that five children are now at the mercy of family and friends and we as a community must do our part to ensure that these children have a fair chance of becoming good, educated and productive citizens of these Cayman Islands. Please remember Anna’s five children. Pray for them when you pray for your own family. Her youngest child is only 7 years old. XXXX May God provide comfort to Anna’s children & family. May He bring closure in the midst of pain. May He continue to keep the Islands safe from major natural disasters even though bad things go on in these Islands. May God have mercy on us all!

  8. Anonymous says:

    There are cameras from private establishments on the dump road. Have these tapes been investigated by the police?

    If I worked in the police force I would be examining every vehicle that has been caught on video the day Anna went missing. Have the police done this?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Any woman’s life is worth more than $55,000. It’s less than the annual salary for an investigating officer. But we should be thankful for the generousity and the donations. We need to resolve the mystery so that we can protect all women.

    • samantha says:

      oh please, don’t make this into a domestic abuse issue thing now. you should say, "we need to resolve the mystery to protect people." also, how do we know that this is a crime? XXXX

  10. Anonymous says:

     God Bless you Don Seymour, and your ever philanthropic spirit! Good follows those who give graciously! So many more should follow your lead.

    Thank you once again!

  11. Anony-nony says:

    Thank you sir. This is good (corporate) citizenship.

  12. whodatis says:

    Utmost respect, appreciation and gratitude onto you Mr. Don Seymour. My first interaction with you was back in High School when a young teacher of your age group invited you to speak to our "Principles of Business" class group. She introduced you as a young Caymanian with lots of potential and drive and she obviously felt that you were a good example for us younger Caymanians. It seems as if she was onto something and you have been demonstrating excellent character and scruples for quite some time now. XXXX Thank you for keeping that spirit alive Mr. Don Seymour – I wish you well. My thoughts and compassion go out to the family and loved ones of Anna Ebanks. *If anyone has any information regarding this matter please speak up and contact the authorities. 5 children have no clue as to what has happened to their mother.*

    • Anonymous says:

      I wrote sometime ago and said that the reward should be high for anyone to come forward and give information. Just remember that if its a crime that that person will perhaps need some good financial support in order to be safe until the culprit is brought to justice. Thats the kind of money that Government need to be handing out for crime rather than paving propertys in Cayman Brac.Do trust that there will soon be some closure on Anna. Also best wishes for her dear family who never gave up, and may the good Lord continue to bless Don. Out of many ONE.

      • Anonymous says:

        what we need is people who care enough about god’s laws to do the right thing without having to hand them a big fat check!