Man jailed for road deaths

| 28/03/2011

(CNS): Alexander Callan was sentenced to four years in prison, Friday for causing the deaths of two men after a high speed crash on West Bay Road in February 2008. 21-year-old Sidney Myles of George Town and 31-year-old Bruce Lee Ebanks of West Bay were killed when Callan, who was 19 at the time and survived the smash, lost control of the car they were in and crashed into a concrete wall and a light pole after a high speed pursuit by a police patrol car near the Ritz-Carlton. Handing down the sentence following Callan’s guilty plea Justice Harrison said it was “difficult to imagine a more dangerous set of circumstances”, as he outlined the events of the night which led to the deaths of the two men. (Photo courtesy Cayman 27)

Callan had driven at more than 80mph during the high speed chase with no lights, weaving in and out of traffic, and driving on the wrong side of the road before finally losing control of the car, which was split in two as a result of the impact, the court heard as the judge outlined the facts of the case.

The police pursuit had began after officers spotted the car that Callan was driving around midnight, parked off King Road outside a closed shop with no lights, no front license plate and at least two men visible inside the vehicle. The police officers approached the car but as they did it took off at speed. The pursuit then ensued, with officers putting on sirens and blue lights and alerting the 911 centre. The chase moved on to the West Bay Road, where Callan reportedly drove consistently well over 60mph at times reaching80mph on the 40mph limit road, as the police sped after the driver.

As it approached the Ritz-Carlton the car narrowly avoided colliding with another vehicle in the turning lane, but as Callan swerved he lost control of the car, hit a concrete post, then the wall and finally a light pole before the car came to rest almost in two pieces on a vacant lot. According to police radar equipment it had been travelling at around 67mph just before impact.

Callan, who also sustained serious injuries in the smash, tested negative for alcohol, but tested positive for ganja. Police could not say if Callan had used the drug prior to the crash but a small quantity was found in what was left of the car. Officers also discovered in the aftermath that Callan had a US driver’s license but no permit to drive in the Cayman Islands, his insurance coverage for the car had expired, the license coupon had expired, there was no certificate of road worthiness for the car and the plates were stolen.

The judge said the incident fell into the most serious category in relation to the offence of dangerous driving with multiple deaths and aggravating circumstances. He said Callan’s conduct was culpable in the deaths because of his dangerous driving, as he handed down the four year sentences on each count to be served concurrently and a seven year driving ban to begin once Callan was released from jail.

Reflecting on the impact statements from the mothers of the men killed, he said it was "deeply tragic” for the nearest and dearest and no matter how long the sentence the bereaved would not think it long enough as no sentence could reverse what had occurred. “Human life cannot be restored with a prison sentence,” Justice Harrison added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is such a small place why not let them go…. And catch up with them another day, instead of giving chase and turning a simple the thing into a potentially dangerous situation?

  2. BORN on the REEF!!! says:

    its sad he was eben given a license after these double deaths -_-zzzzzzzzzz they must of been sleeping

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is my understanding that the young man who was the driver in this accident was severely injured himself and will live out his life with these injuries.

    One would be mistaken to think he walked away from this accident uninjured.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I witnessed that chase just moments before the crash and there were 5 police cars behind his vehicle – 3 unmarked and 2 squad cars. An unmarked police Chevy Aveo was riding his bumper – quite close enough to have made contact. Not saying that it did because I didn’t see that but one knows what a bump in the rear at those speeds will do.

  5. SMB says:

    The families should now sue for civil damages (which they will win now he has been found criminally liable) and make sure that every cent Mr. Callan earns for the next 50 years (after he gets out of jail) goes towards a public education campaign to try to teach idiots that they cannot get behind the wheel without insurance. (I am sure most people are bright enough not to try to pull of the rest of stuff).
    Why wasn’t he tried for manslaughter by the way?
    4 years is not long enough even with remorse. The guy snuffed out lives because of his almost incredible recklessness andstupidity.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with what you are saying but you also need to consider that the two other passengers where not being held against their will!!! They sat in the car and allow him to drive them in such manner, they too are responsible for causing their own deaths!! I say that from past experience becauseI have been in a car with someone who started to drive me in a reckless manner and I told him to pull over for a minute and when he did i simply got out of the car and told him that i am not going to be one of those young persons who is killed because of people like him.

      These other persons are just as reckless as the drive to allow him to drive them in that manner and unfortunately it cost them their lives.

    • Tuff Justice says:

      What a disgrace.  The other participants in this crime died for their stupidity and selfishness.  A heavy price but a chance they knowingly took.  I am glad that no innocent parties were injured or hurt.

  6. Simple Soilman says:

    Nationality of this selfish idiot?  Normally the reports of serious crime tell us the nationality.  Why are we letting these drug using criminals into Cayman? 

  7. Anonymous says:

     The judgement in this case against Alexander- simply doesn’t make sense. Many others sentenced to other crimes that don’t involve TAKING THE LIVES OF 2 PERSONS RECKLESSLY get more time than what he’s got!!

    I also think Alexander and his family should be ashamed that after 3 years, their still going to appeal this judgement. Bottom line— not matter how much time he spends in prison, he is still ALIVE– unlike Sidney & Bruce Lee.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families of both victims!

  8. Qricket says:

    I understand that the families will always be hurt because of their lost, however, being that this young man pleaded GUILTY shows that he honestly knew he was wrong hence the reason for the guilty plea. I think the sentence is fair, as he will now (still) have time to think about his actions which I am sure he regrets. Remember, they were all friends so he must feel bad about the whole ordeal. It’s sad that all the mothers have lost their sons,(including the mother who has lost her son to prison). Remember, GOD is, will and always will be a forgiving and loving and just GOD. I hope the families of the deceased (in time) wounds may heal and find it in their hearts to forgive the boy, and I pray this young man (when he gets free or even while he is incarcerated) becomes a voice to all other young folk to speak about the dangers of speeding, drinking and driving, the use of drugs while driving etc…

    • Anonymous says:

      Did u really have to put a thumbs down for this ?

      • Qricket says:

        Blessings. In life, always try to put the shoe on the other foot! Put yourself in someone elses’ shoes. Some of us would NOT make it! Not even our our best days! He who feels it, knows it! Don’t be the one to say I would never, It wouldn’t happen to me, "who na me", no sah, etc…. Just wait until they day something happens and YOU have to take your walk of SHAME! only talking from experience…..

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry my mother taught me right from wrong.  It is wrong to drive a vehicle with no insurance, no registration.  It is wrong to drive without a license (that is legitimate) in the Cayman Islands, it is wrong to consume drugs.  It is wrong to flee from the police when you known damn well why they want you to pull over.  So sorry I won’t be saying, not me……

          • Qricket says:

            To Anonymous – of course most parents bring their kids up, teaching them the difference between right and wrong.But once a child reaches to an age where he or she can make their own decisions and decides to do what is right (to him or her) they do it, (the parenting skills of these parents had nothing to do with what these guys wanted to do. (These were young men) sometimes with no thought or consideration towards life, friends, family etc…. but to BOLDY say "not me" is crazy. It’s obvious you are a heartless individual, who is selfish enough to think nothing like this can happen to you.YES the young man was WRONG for driving without being roadworthy, but do you think his FRIENDS didn’t know all this. It is sad YES! but do you really think his FRIENDS didn’t know about the vehicle not being in order. Do you think his FRIENDS didn’t know  he was drinking or smoking or whatever? "its all the drivers fault" (NOT) Friends know what the other friends are up to… they all share the same interests and so forth… In any event, you "say not me" and I say every d*g has there day.

            • Anonymous says:

              I doubt that about most parents bring their kids up teaching them right from wrong.  Take a look at the age group of the criminals, drunk drivers,  that are being arrested.  Take a look at the age groups that are roaming the streets.  You are saying that they have been brought up correctly, then all of a sudden at 18 they become rebellious…I don’t think so… and yep NOT ME!!!!


              This has nothing to do with being cold, I am just being factual. 

    • Dr. Hawkings says:

      In my opinion, the only thing this person regrets is getting caught by the police.

      If the car somehow managed to get away from the police that fateful day, I doubt he would be looking back on that day with regret – more likely he would be laughing about it while skinning up.

      No matter how old, how many kids, how many friends, how many charges or how succesful this person turns out to be – he will never be a man.

      It’s a near impossible task to put a price on a human life. But to give 4 years for 2 lives is almost as big an insult as there can be.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Will he have a criminal record? or just a driving violation?

    Will his passport be taken forever?

  10. BORN on the REEF!!! says:

    lets check it out 4 years for a list of offences and nothing at all for consumption and posession?? lets go again!! if i was to get caught with a Spliff or a 5 dolla ting, im treated like a hardcore drug dealer and get 5 years, if i get caught with a gun i get 10 years and no shots were even fired to harm anyone hahahahahaha, if i get caught with even a spare gun and a spiny lobster i get 1 year and a bill of $500,000. no amount of sentence can restore life but it can surely teach a lesson, oh and why this guy who has no CAYMAN ISLANDS drivers license was driving up and down on the roads of this island after this tragic accident and yes he continued speeding 2 i saw him purple Honda Integra; this island is a game just dont get caught huh??? no remorse drunk as a bat in the bus stop and all. XXXX

  11. Anonymous says:

    Exactly, why did it take so long for this to go to trial? If there is could be anything good that can come out of a tradgety like this it is a timely hearing and if the accused gulity a timley conviction so that stories like this can serve as a deterrent to the community while it is still fresh in peoples minds. The accused doesn’t wait in limbo. The families find can get on with closure if there is every such a thing.

  12. JTB says:

    Just a comment for those questioning why the Court handed down a sentence of 4 years “for taking 2 lives.”

    It has long been the law that you are tried and sentenced for your actions, not the consequences of those actions. So the fact that two people were killed is something to take into account, but it is not determinative of the sentence.

    I am not saying I agree with this principle (that’s too big and philosophical a question for me) but it is the law, so if you don’t like it then ask the Government to change the law, don’t blame the Judge for applying it.

    • Anonymous says:

      So if I shot and killed someone, I would be charged with unlawful use of a firearm and not murder?

      That’s BS.


    • Judge Dredd says:

      JTB, with all respect that is nonsense.  Some crimes are act based, but some, if not most are most certainly consequence based.  In the case of consequence based crimes the outcome of the action is always central to the element of the crime and hence the an eligible factor to be taken into account in sentences.

      Show us this "law" which needs to be changed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I miss you Sidney! Reading this made me sad. R.I.P. my friend.

  14. Judge Dredd says:

     10 years for each to run consecutively.  Minimum. 4 years is a disgrace.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess people’s lives don’t really mean much now a days….remember 15 months just a few months ago for killing a young woman – drunk driving….

  15. Fed up and broke!!!! says:

    I believe the sentence was extremely fair. He could have gotten more years like maybe 12. And why would the parent be appealing this? Although I’ve seen where other people have gotten less but your child gets 4 years which he will most likely only serve half of that and as a parent would want to appeal this? It makes no sense. What ever happend to there are consequences for your actions???? Although no parent would want to see their child go to prison but, you have to remember that he killed two people who also have parents that are grieving even up to this day! Be glad and thank God cause the sentence could have been much harsher. And being in Jail hopefully will give him some time to really reflect on what he did and learn his lesson going forward and think about what he can do so that other peers his age or younger would think twice before go on the roads.

    • Anonymous says:

      Appeal it???? If it was your child that got killed, would you want it appealed? Your child got into a car knowing his license was not valid, the car wasn’t insured or registered, he consumed Ganga, ran from the police? I think you better take a good look on your parenting skills and then rethink the decision of appeal.

  16. Anonymous says:

    OMG 4 yrs for taking two people lives plus a list of other felonies are u for real.

  17. Anonymous says:

    On Cayman 27 they stated the family of the accursed (now convicted) is going to appeal.  I just wonder how they continues to add salt to the wound. This might have been an accident prevented if perhaps this man wasn’t convicting multiple crimes.   4 years is a very SMALL amount of time for the lives that were ruined. 

  18. Cmon Son! says:

    Ok so a man that gets 11 years for self defense and this kid gets 4 years for killing 2 people, by being RECKLESS?

    I dont see the logistics…

  19. Anonymous says:

    Irrespective of the multitude of additional offences, after reading this article repeatedly, all that keeps coming back to me is “four years for the deaths of two people”.

    Not to trivialize drug charges but there are people serving almost as much time in Nortward for posession, comsumption and intednt to sell weed!

    This “man” throughhis foolish actions took the lives of two others; the families are correct in that “no matter how long the sentence the bereaved would not think it long enough as no sentence could reverse what had occurred.” however it should atleast “feel” as if he is losing SOMETHING.

    I can only defer to the wisdom and judement of the Courts, and hope he can take the 4 years and come out of it with something benficial to himself and society on a whole.

    Though it’s 3 years later, I send my condolences to ALL families involved, including those of Mr. Callan, at the end of it, living knowing that he took the lives of two others may be more than what the courts can affect on him.

  20. Anonymous says:

    So sad, for this young man to have ruined his and two other mens lives.

    Why did this take 3 years to be heard? in any case, perhaps the families will recieve some closure and move towards healing.

  21. Canadienses Castor says:

    What a sad, sad tagic story.