Elgin Road was on time and in budget

| 10/04/2011

(CNS): Government officials have revealed that the Elgin Avenue road project was not only ready before civil servants began moving into the new Government Office Administration Building (GOAB) but that it came in under the $2.2 million budget. The project included widen the road from two to three and four lanes in different locations to meet needs at specific spots. It also aims to improve usage, enhance public safety and easing traffic congestion. A new turning lane and a mini roundabout have been added at the intersection with Hospital Road, easing traffic movement in and out of the area.

With Humber Avenue widened and given a dedicated turn lane, traffic to and from the GOAP parking lot has been improved considerably, said National Roads Authority (NRA) Transportation Planner Marion Pandohie. Sidewalks now provide a smooth, continuous pedestrian walkway along Elgin Avenue from Hospital Road to the Cayman National Bank roundabout, she added.

the road is designed to provide proper drainage and minimise customary flooding in the vicinity of Cricket Square during heavy rainfall. The area is marked into three draining basins and 34 dedicated drains have been installed, NRA Design Engineer Edison Jackson explained.

NRA used a 3-D design for the first time, enabling better planning of flood water run-off, he added. “F” type curbing with gutters, which ensures drainage wells are kept clear, was also used. A raised pedestrian crossing, another first-time feature, is designed for better visibility.

During the design process, officials said thayt attention was focused on the road’s markings to ensure unambiguous transitions along the way, he noted.

“The improvements are critical to help facilitate business in Central George Town. With so many government and commercial offices, as well as banking facilities in the vicinity, Elgin Avenue has always experienced heavy peak hour traffic,” NRA Managing Director Brian Tomlinson said. “When fully occupied, the new GOAB will add to that flow, not only from occupiers of that building but also from public users. The new road improvements are geared specifically to ease that congestion.”


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