Paving Cayman Brac

| 12/04/2011

Mac’s global meanderings are a loathsome waste. Extravagant government projects are black holes for precious funds. But here are two little-known projects that utterly floored me when I heard about and saw for myself the evidence of thoughtless spending: the first is the "Grand Highway" to nowhere.

I had the opportunity to attend the annual Agricultural Show on Cayman Brac recently. Last time I was there, the Ag show grounds entrance was a perfectly serviceable two-lane wide marl road leading to the show grounds, and there were marl parking areas. This year I was nothing less than shocked to see a four-lane shiny black asphalt paved double carriageway with tree-planted medians, connecting cross-overs, and additional turning lanes at the end where it intersects the main road. It reminded me of the entrance and main throughfare to one of those ritzy Miami subdivisions. The only thing missing was the guy in a gold-buttoned uniform in a security booth at the entry gate. Off to the side all the trees had been leveled to make way for big paved parking areas. (Could not they have saved at least some of the trees? After all this is an agricultural show venue, so I would think that some greenery — rather than "scorched earth and asphalt" — would be welcome.)

That’s not all folks: To cap it all off, the "Grand Bluff Highway" has two roundabouts! Roundabouts on Cayman Brac! According to some well-informed Brackers, the cost of this project went well into seven figures. This is for a facility that by all accounts gets used only once a year! As I rode from the airport area west on the Brac’s spanking-newly-paved shiny black asphalt north side road (I have no idea what the name of the road actually is since every damn sign I saw had a different name for the road) but anyway, as I went from west to east I noticed that many businesses had newly paved parking lots and it was plain to see more lots were being filled and graded in preparation for paving.

I whiffed the scent of a scandal!

So I asked a friend of mine and they said the parking lots were being paved "free of charge" to the businesses, and that all the businesses on the Brac were to get a paved parking lot. I hope this is just a rumour. But every Bracker I asked about it said this was being done for free. Several said the "UDP" and "Julianna" were behind the Grand Highway and the parking lots. How could the Brackers I spoke with all be wrong?

AMAZING! Hard working civil servants suffer the hardship of pay cuts and social programmes are trimmed so Cayman Brac can have a four-lane freeway that is used just once a year. And Brac businesses get new parking lots! What the hell is the UDP thinking?

All the Brackers I spoke with about this thought that the Grand Highway, while a very nice road indeed, was an overly extravagant expenditure and that in these austere times the money could be better spent to the benefit of the island as a whole. Many Brackers I spoke with about it are of the opinion that the Grand Highway is nothing more than a bold-faced move to buy votes. If that is true, I do not know what to say about the parking lots.

Several Brac residents in the group I spoke with informed me that the main north side road paving work ceased at the end of 2010 and that the National Roads Authority people and the paving crews have been on the Brac preparing and paving parking lots ever since.

Imagine that! It was bad enough to hear about the odd few driveways of political cronies getting a load of marl around election time. But free paved parking lots is so freaking far over the top that I just can not wrap my head around it! It is not even election time! What happens then for chrissake?

One particularly forthright Bracker said he was embarrassed by the wasteful spending and that he and many others on the Brac feared that when news of the projects got back to Grand Cayman that people would be (rightfully) indignant about such lavish spending on the Brac for unnecessary projects.

Now do not get me wrong here, I think Cayman Brac embodies the best of true Caymanian spirit and is my favourite place on earth to unwind. I often hear that the Brac is shortchanged and neglected in a lot of ways, and from all I hear and by what I know of the situation I tend to agree.

Cayman Brac deserves better than this!

For example, I ventured east on the south side road that weekend and I turned around well short of completing the otherwise lovely drive to the east end of the island because of the potholes and poor condition of the road. I was afraid I was going to break an axle on the car! You just can not manoeuvre to avoid hitting potholes; swerve to avoid one and you drive right over three more with car-bouncing, teeth-chattering results. Later that evening after dinner at the hotel when I brought up the subject, I heard tell of people getting flats and other vehicle damage from the potholes. I can see why. Would not the resources have been better spent fixing up that road rather than doing parking lots?

(Now what should I write about the $9-million soon-to-be-commenced "Bluff Grand Resort and Hurricane Shelter"?)

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  1. Just saying, keep your eyes open! says:

    CNS, my understanding from a very reliable source is that the money spent here was not from the CI Government coffers but rather from funds that the EU sent for improvements to colonies, if this is correct why is that fact being hidden?

    At any rate someone needs to let the people know the REAL reason these drive ways are being paved, it runs much deeper than winning a few votes!

    • Anonymous says:

      First we are not a EU colony, we are of colony of the UK. The UK is broke, do you really think that the UK is going to send money to Cayman to pave parking lots? If your answer is yes then tell me did the Easter bunny come to visit you?

      • Anonymous says:

        well cayman is broke too, but it hasn’t seemed to slow down our spending. 

  2. Turtle's Head says:

    Why are we wasting so much money on an economically unimportant part of this territory? Public spending per head on the Brac was already was more than in GC and now that situation has become much much worse.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a Bracker, I understand why businesses would want the “free” paving for their parking — if the majority of businesses accept the free paving, then those that don’t have in effect devaluated their property.

    My opinion — I think it looks terrible, and contrary to the simplicity of years before. It feels like the Brac is being “Grand Caymanised” and I’m sorry to see it. I would rather have seen the terrible South Side road repaved — that would also be a benefit to the whole island as well as visitors, unlike the business paving.

    What next? Individual homes’ paved driveways? I hope and pray not, because as others have said, the Brac has many things to offer to visitors: pristine waters, rough, rocky hiking, peaceful simplicity and most of us that live here enjoy living simply. I fear that all this paving also “paves” the way for fast food drive-throughs, etc. Yes, I might enjoy a Burger King burger when I’m in Grand Cayman. No, I don’t want to see it here.

    Look at Georgetown on GoogleEarth or other satellite. It’s really not as scenic as it could be from the air (myopinion). Even overgrown U.S. cities seem to have more parks, and trees, and greenery. I worry about the Brac being blacktopped into looking “modern”, and loosing the beauty that people come here for in the first place.

    Has anyone studied the effect of blacktop water runoff on our precious groundwater and the sea? It’s possible; I kind of doubt it.


  4. Logic Seek'n Sista says:

    First of all, constant dragging of marl and sand onto paved roads will wear them out and cause damage. Most businesses in Cayman Brac don’t make enough money to survive, let alone "dream" of ever being able to afford pavement. Perhaps justification of paved lots is to protect the investment cost of the road surfacing.

    Secondly – If the desired result is to encourage new growth, infrastructure, business venture and self-sufficiency in Cayman Brac, then "paving" a few dozen parking lots is not such a terrible price to pay. Consider how many millions and millions and MILLIONS have already been spent on Grand Cayman infrastructure over the years. Please don’t try and tell me that nothing there was ever done for free! (or for a nominal fee which is next to nothing) Self-sufficiency includes growing your own food and livestock. Seems to me that improvements in the agricultural department are also a good investment. If you look good, you feel good – and if you feel good YOU WILL DO GOOD! Don’t underestimate what a bit of encouragement can do to change a persons belief in their own future – especially our young Caymanians. They see the outside world as a better place to be. Why stay here if there is no future? Let them see a taste of their own local "better" future now with more to come.

    Thirdly – Cayman Brac is the perfect place for Grand Caymanian residents to move to upon retirement. It’s safe and friendly and incredibly peaceful. Bumpy roads and dirt parking lots might be awful hard on the old bones when you are used to the pretty pavement you have enjoyed in Grand for so many years……

    Remember what investment is – you have to give in order to get. It’s simple old fashioned logic. You must plant it and water it and feed it before it begins to grow. Just remember to cultivate this time around, before the growth gets out of hand.

    • Anonymous says:


      Bloody Hell!

      • Logic Seek'n Sista says:

        It is always seems the darkest just before the dawn. When times are tough, you must tighten your belt and choose your investments carefully. If you completely shut down and give up, that would mean the death of the Cayman Islands. If you don’t plant any seeds, you will never have another crop. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be broke.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good Grief….Give us a Break!!
      Try to understand Good Governence and really, really, how Commerce and Economics Works!!!

      Are any of those so called Business Owners going to give any young Bracker or say Bracker a Job??? No as they rather employ the other nationalities who will work for CI$3-4.00 a hour…. They are already get concessions on building materials, petrol of which is not trickled down the the consumers = meaning you and me!!! They dont need Our Money they need to stop being so Greedy & Selfish, that is why the island is suffering economically because the business people will not work together with each…So you sit down and think that we swollow that old story about what they have invested in Cayman Brac, alot of them just sucked up all the money during Paloma when government and insurance companies paid out…Some people have short memories……..not me! I keep my Eyes Wide Open and my Ears and make sure that my voice is heard!

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Please do not get me started on logic. You hit a nerve and I can not let this pass without comment. You are seeking something, Sista, but so far it ain’t logic.

      Your justification of paved lots is to protect the investment cost of the road surfacing because “constant dragging of marl and sand onto paved roads will wear them out and cause damage”. Really now? Considering the many hundreds of marl/sand/gravel yards and private driveways on Cayman Brac, the current vote-grabbing paving giveaway would seem like a case of “straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel”, if keeping sand off the roads is the aim.

      It appears that there are about a half million or so real estate “for sale” signs lining Cayman Brac’s south side road. There could be more but it would take too long to do an accurate count. (Some of the signs look like they have been there since Noah’s time. I know of one or two particular real estate for sale signs that has been around in one form or another on their respective plots from the time Mr. Linton’s “Red Carpet Airlines” used to fly into the Brac from St. Pete!) Anyway, it is safe to say that the lion’s share of land for sale appears to be on the south side of the island. Brackers will tell you that the majority of “furrun investors” wanting waterfront plots or houses buy properties located on the south side road. The south side road is the road on which all the popular resorts and guest houses are located, and it is where one sees all the “soon come” resort and development signs too. Tourism is Cayman Brac’s only major industry, right? Would not logic dictate that if you wanted to “encourage new growth” money would be better spent to pave (or at least adequately repair) the wretchedly potholed and decrepit south coast road and put a good foot forward, rather than doing free parking lot paving on the north side? “If you look good, you feel good”, right? If I were a Brac resort or guest house owner on the horridly dilapidated south side road, I would be feeling pretty damn bad right now. Ya know?

      If the desired result “is to encourage new growth” would not a logical incentive be to promise a free paved driveway if one starts a new business, or expands an existing one? I fail to see how the current extravagant handout is going to encourage “new growth”.

      The new parking lots could have significant hidden costs as many of the businesses with new paved lots will see a higher electricity bill. Due to the low reflectivity and high emissivity of black asphalt, the new paved parking lots will contribute to a marked rise in ambient temperature in the immediate area as compared to marl. This will result in a higher cost for air conditioning. Sustainable, eco-friendly development is a worthy goal; stark, treeless hot black parking lots are the antithesis of sustainable development.

      Sista: Logic would dictate that your at least do some basic research before you set out to make a point. You do not seem to know much about the economy of Cayman Brac, or its environment, or its business climate, or its demographics.

      If by way of the parking lots “encouragement” was being given to “our young Caymanians” – or specifically young Brackers who need some incentive to remain on the island – it would be one thing. However, having lots of Bracker friends, I personally know many if not most of the business owners whose parking lots are being paved. Guess what? Most of ’em are old. A few are kinda young-ish (35-45) but the younger ones have other (mostly Government) jobs. Many of the established businesses in question are owned by people who can amply afford to pay for the paving. Trust me, free paving is not doing much to encourage young Brackers to start or expand businesses.

      On a very pathetic note, someone pointed out to me that in regard to commercial development the Brac’s planning board mandates leaving a certain amount of trees and vegetation. In all cases when there was vegetation in the parking lots being paved, all trees and plants were bulldozed down and the entire area covered in asphalt! This includes the Agriculture Grounds parking areas. The paving rendered the areas barren and devoid of flora. What does your logical mind say about this? Here let me help: A truly logical argument would be that businesses will enjoy a saving in the cost of weeding the marl lots and pruning trees and that saving could offset the higher energy costs. Right? Al-rightie then! Let’s pave over the whole damn island! Logic is not always the answer either; common sense has its place.

      No, I will not try to tell you that that nothing on Cayman Brac or Grand Cayman was ever done for free, but how is it in any way logical to justify present wrongs by past misdeeds?

      You proffer that “improvements in the agricultural department are a good investment” in your opinion. I could not agree more! However, spending big bucks on the entrance to the Agricultural Grounds – a venue used once a year for anything affiliated with “agriculture” – is hardly a logical-driven incentive for agricultural self-sufficiency. Maybe I am missing something here. Please do inform me: make a logical argument as to how the Grand Highway will significantly enhance the Brac’s agricultural economy and I will personally contribute to the incentive and beautify the grounds for the next Ag Show by licking the tarmac clean with my tongue.

      Do logic a big, big favour, Sista: change your screen name. Please.

      • Sista Gnata LS Camelot says:

        You have made some very good points Just Commentin’.  This was an excellent and entertaining response to my position. At my first read through, I was under the impression that you were in complete opposition to my points of view. However, through your delightful dance both on and off topic, I repeatedly found that I agreed with much of what you had to say.

        Point 1: AGREE – Driveways and side roads also cause damage. Locals will have to pay for their own of course but it’s a good plan for the future.

        Point 2: AGREE – Lots of property on the South side is for sale and tourism development both present and future is mostly directed there. It’s not paved yet. I agree that it should be paved as well and I am reasonably sure it will be. Tourism is a portion of the demographic pie, albeit an important one. Our visitors may sleep in the resorts on the south side, but they love experiencing the charm and cultural heritage that is very much apparent on the north side.

        Point 3: DISAGREE – Future businesses – free paving? New business will want to be able to compete with existing businesses. I dare say they will consider strongly, paving on their own in order to follow status quo – OR perhaps it should be mandated for them to to do so – now that all is up to standard.  Nope – no need to give pavement away in the future.

        Point 4: AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY – Hot pavement will increase power bills AND they should NOT have destroyed all their vegetation. I can only guess that this was overdone because they were given a very short window of time to take advantage of the opportunity – but that’s no excuse! Perhaps they should have considered leaving a few yards of vegetation close to the actual building at least. They also could have left some cut out areas here and there in the pavement in the same way that Market Place is set up. For  remediation, each owner will now have to work it out at their own expense.

        Point 5: DISAGREE – I did my research and I am very familiar with the economy, environment, business climate and demographics of Cayman Brac. It has maintained a rich cultural heritage and the people remain strong and very resilient. They have to. Many continue to find ways to survive on the fruits of the land and sea by the work of their own hands, just as their forefathers did. Did you know that there is no public pharmacy in the Brac? The pharmacy in the hospital only provides prescription medicine. The healing properties derived from local plants and other old fashioned home remedies are still very much in fashion…… I could go on and on, but you get the picture I am sure.

        Point 6: AGREE – Most of the business owners are older Caymanians. That is exactly the problem. Their children don’t see a future in staying here and taking over their parents business when they retire. We need to encourage local children and give them incentive to build a future here rather than leave. What better way to begin business ownership than by breathing new life into an already established location.

        Point 7: DISAGREE – Pave the whole island? LOL you certainly do have a great sense of humor – a tad sarcastic – but fun never-the-less! Answer: Refer to point 4

        Point 8: AGREE & DISAGREE – It’s true that you can’t justify present wrongs by repeating past deeds. What I did NOT say is that the deeds that occurred in Grand were all wrong – just that they were free! Sometimes Government has to bend a little to help the people so the economy can improve. In all fairness, the Brac could use a bit of help too. Grand is much further ahead in the "grand" scheme of things – even though “some” mistakes were made. Repeat what works and leave the rest – simple.

        Point 9: DISAGREE – I stand by my original statement here. Paving the road to the agricultural grounds is a significant symbol of encouragement toward a sustainable future in this industry. It’s a very visual deposit on a promise of better things that are well on their way. The people in the Brac have been left behind for far too long and their level of discouragement was increased tenfold by the global economic downturn. There was very little hope that their own people (in Grand) and their Government believed in any possibility of an improved future for this beautiful little island. Not any more!!!!

        In conclusion I encourage each and every citizen of Grand Cayman to come down to the Brac for a weekend or even longer if you can. You will be pleasantly lulled into a great sense of peace and tranquility that will be hard to let go of. You may very well wish to make it a regular trip and perhaps make plans for someday – a more permanent stay.

        • Anonymous says:

          Brackers need to be more proactive by means of working for the whole benefit of the community rather than the selective FEW!!! And I know what I am taking about.
          Put our money where it was intended, the ROADS. And apparently there is so much left out there….why not create jobs especially for the young people of the Brac, which would create incomes and expenditures to the poor business owners who then could afford to Pay out of their own pockets!
          Giving free driveways will not increase the income of their business as the unemployed will have no spending power to buy, only the existing Government Workers as there are very few private enterprise….Reason being is the mentality of the Brac existing Business Owners whereas they do not want competition….well sorry that is not how economics work.
          So start getting Educated on how to build your Island where business are invited therefore creating work for brackers hence leaving a Solid Future for the next generation…
          Remember time does not stand still…meaning we all have to depart this world, so let’s work together and leave our marks rather than leaving nothing but a big DEBT for our children.

          • Anonymous says:

            Jobs for the young people on the Brac?????????. Why are there so many Philippino and Honduranian people working on the Brac, because the local “young” people won’t do the jobs!!. Look at Grand, how many Caymanians do you see working in the bars and restaurants over there?, very few. There are NEVER going to be enough Government or Banking jobs for all school leavers, some will have to accept they are NOT going to get the job in an air-conditioned office that they would like. My only other comment is that it’s outrageous that wages of less than $5 an hour are being advertised by local employers in the newspapers, which makes it even more amazing that people will travel half way around the world to work in Cayman!!!!.

            • Anonymous says:

               "$5 an hour are being advertised by local employers in the newspapers, which makes it even more amazing"

              $5 that’s good.  I see some advertised for $4.00 and $3.00 an hour.

            • Anonymous says:

              Obviously it seems that you are either Blind or Don’t Care for our Youth! Who by the way is our future!!! Yes when we all get old and crippled we have to look to our YOUNGER citizens for help…believe it or not. There is more than just Bar Work out there for our youth who by the way it seems like you have discriminated against a certain section of the population…I will say no more. Try to think Ahead not Behind because you will be definitely LOST!

              • Anonymous says:

                You didn’t answer ANY of my points. I am not discriminating against young people, all I was saying is there will never be enough well paid jobs in Government, Banking, Fire Service etc., and some of them will have to take more lowly jobs to start with so they can prove they are reliable, honest and hardworking. Again, why are there so many non Caymanians working in the Islands???.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is not unique.

    The comments here would apply, verbatum, to the Maritime provinces in Canada.

    Only the names would be changed to hang the guilty.


  6. MER says:

    It is no secret that our Government is good at spending money, but when you back a few hundreds of millions of dollars with tiny brains you get unnecessary spending, which is what is taking place.

    I live on the Brac, and I think it very unnecessary to spend so much money not just on the asphalt, but labour, machinery and fill to pave store parking lots that have been the same way with few to no complaints for over 20 years (many of the stores have been around this long and longer).

    There are so many more pressing issues, why don’t they provide a proper sport track at the High School if they insist on paving something?

  7. Izzy Stradlin says:

    Me thinks Ju Ju been listening to too much Counting Crows.

  8. Anonymous says:

     Yes we do need the new road and the car parks. What’s the big deal about paving both the car parks as well as the main road. Don’t we want high standards for the Brac. Well I do at least. 

    • CU Bodden says:

      Then pave your own car parks for your own businesses and quit living off of someone else.
      Weren’t you raised to take responsibility for yourself and pay your own way? Or were you raised as our government, spending someone else’s money?

      ‘Let’s just see what we can get away with before someone notices the barn door open’, should be your motto. How would you like that on our flag?

      Why should the masses pay for you? You likin’ the Welfare State?!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think reader you are missing the pointdear! We all want mercedes benz, but we all can not afford it….understand now…and Normal Business have to pay their way thorugh life just like we have to pay our light bill, mortages of which the Government does not pay for us unless we Work for them. Further more Cayman Brac have more presssing issues to deal with, lIKE HOW TO GENERATE REVENUE!!!! This money could be spent on the baggage screening machine to enable International flights which would CREATE REVENUE TO spend on the fading infrasture of the Island.

    • Anon says:

      Public money should never be used to pave private parking lots and driveways. This is obvious vote buying.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Surely these roads will be much needed for Enterprise City, which would only make sense to be housed in Cayman Brac.

  10. Anon says:

    Thank you for bringing this to the our attention, I had no idea. Pictures speak a thousand words so some photographs of this obvious waste of public money would be great. We need to keep calling attention to these projects and do something about them. Did this go through the Central Tenders Committee? It should have.

    CNS: The CTC oversees large government contracts, i.e. when government outsources services. The building and upkeep of roads is performed by government (NRA and PWD) and so the CTC would not be involved. Nor is the committee involved when private entities contract government services – though this is not apparently what is happening on the Brac.

  11. Carolina Ferreira says:

    It always astounds me how quickly these discussions turn into arguments about “us” vs “them”. Whether the “us” are Caymanians and the “them” are expats, or Grand Caymanians and Brackers in this case, somehow we always manage to turn on each other.

    The Cayman Islands and all its residents deserve better: better education, better opportunities, better accses to care, sustainable development, etc. Brackers are no more “to blame” for any of this than expats are “to blame” for being allowed into the country to work because the decision was not theirs: it was our elected representatives who made these choices. Choices which, if you listened to the Premier last night, they are not sorry for having made, would have made again and will defend until the bitter end.

    People are going hungry, our schools are putting kids into the world who have essentially no literacy or numeracy skills, and our leadership is paving private parking lots. The same way which this is not surprising, neither is our inaction as a people. In fact, they are counting on it. Until we, the people, break the cycle and begin taking them to task this will continue to repeat itself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Instead of turning on each other,, everyone needs to turn on the government – they are to blame.. not the Brackers!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Well Brackers Speak UP!!!!
        If it is WRONG it is WRONG!!!
        Do not accept bribes because the other one did…
        Wake up remember You need to leave a future for you children and your grandchildren…Greed is EVil!!

      • CU Bodden says:

        Surely no one is blaming the Brackers (except those with the newly paved parking lots)(and not if they actually paid out of their own pocket). That’s like blaming the whole of West Bay for voting in MacKeewa.
        And no one should be blaming anyone for the new roads. They were necessary and NEEDED.
        I am glad they have new roads.
        But the excesses that are described here are shameful with so much money missed from our coffers.
        We’d really like to have an explanation for this.

        Thank you Just Commentin’ for bringing it to our attention.

    • Im baffled at this one. As a voter in a little sleepy district on Grand Cayman, we cant even get our roads fixed, our MLA ask for the roads to be fixed but not one have been done to date. Oh, they have fixed some but not the ones that our Mla asked to have done, same here private road paved where the wealthy live, smell a rat yet.

  12. Anonymous says:

    cayman brac is just one big welfare state……projects are invented to keep the locals(civil servants) somewhat occupied…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that we are all suffering from blindness. Whether it’s the Brac or Grand Cayman everything that is done today is done for an ulterior motive. The same un-necessary spending on the Brac happens in Grand Cayman; we are all in the same boat. Why are we worrying about things we have no control over. Do WE really think it will matter if it’s the Brac representatives or the Cayman representatives whoever they are and whenever they get in, that will do what WE want. NEVER! Not one of these 3 islands is any better off without the other, so let’s all remember that when we go slugging mud and insults. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! The fact still remains it’s very, very, very sad what is happening to OUR islands. Remember even if we don’t like to hear it or not, JESUS is the ONLY answer to ALL our problems.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The road is needed desperately but the paving of businesses parking lots is ridiculous.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s all quite interesting to read these comments but when it comes to disrespecting the Brackers who are majority civil servants and how we should receive less pay etc because we are so insiginificant it’s taking it way too far. I didn’t know that since we should get paid less and whatever benefits we receive that the cost of living was so cheap in the Brac. I didn’t even know that we’re so well off we don’t have bank loans, we are rolling in the dough; even sleep with it under our mattresses for extra padding and comfort. How so then that all the real CAYMANIANS are not over here enjoying this wonderful mirage right alongside of us?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no limit to the ends some people will go to make a point. Whilst it is unreasonable for anyone to expect government employees in Cayman Brac to earn less than their counterparts in Grand Cayman, likewise I find it startling that you would ignore the fact that private parking lots are being paved out of the public purse.

      It is this sort of thinking that leads you to cast a vote for someone who spends YOUR money taking an "executive" aide globe-trotting around the world to look after her physical needs.

      • Anonymous says:

         ‘It is this sort of thinking that leads you to cast a vote for someone who spends YOUR money taking an "executive" aide globe-trotting around the world to look after her physical needs."

        I didn’t read anywhere where this person said that what JuJu was doing was okay.  What this person is upset about is clearly stated as the insult to all Civil Servants in Cayman Brac.

        I’m not the original poster but that remark about the Civil Servants upset me as well.  All the Civil Servants in Cayman Brac would have to work for Public Works to benefit from projects and I’m sure that you all know that is inaccurate information.

        I brought up the paving of parking lots a long time ago on CNS but no one ran with it until now.  

        The road to the hotels are still not paved and that is not right.  The south side road is full of potholes as well.  Cayman Brac roads haven’t been paved for about 20 years if my memory serves me right.  This paving of parking lots is a waste of money as is the hurricane shelter and most Braccers will agree with that.

        I have never voted for Julianna either.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I am the one who made the post that you responded to. However, at some stage someone in Cayman Brac will have to stand up and say “No thanks. I will pave my parking lot when I can afford it”. It’s hard to say you don’t accept bribes when the evidence is there for everyone to see.

          On the other hand, you can try the little catch phrase that we have in Cayman every few elections: “Eat them out, Drink them out, and vote them out”!

          • Anonymous says:

            When people are Greedy and Selfish they can not see anything bearing in mind that all of those business people who have accepted the “bribes for vote” at our expense are BIG time church goers…..But will they make it to Heaven??No as god does not like ugly!!!


          • Anonymous says:

            From what I have been told, one of the businesses inquired about the cost to have their parking lot paved and was told they were doing it for free.

            • Anonymous says:

              That’s true!!!
              At least this money was used in Cayman rather than being wasted on a trip to Spain or an African Safari

              • Anonymous says:

                Excuse me BUT….The South Side of the Island has not been touched YET..Our money meaning the public for all 3 Islands is intended for the PUBLIC Roads..not the private sector parking lots! We should demand that We the Public send them the Bill now, as the receiver is a guilty as the Offender!

                • Anon says:

                  The receiver is as corrupt as the giver, you are so right, corruption exists if people are willing to take bribes offered by MLA’s. If these people had any integrity they would say no. Shame on both parties, they should both be given a personal bill instead of all of us paying for it. I’m sure a lot of public roads in Cayman Brac need repaired and have not been.

                  • Anonymous says:

                     "The receiver is as corrupt as the giver, you are so right, corruption exists if people are willing to take bribes offered by MLA’s. If these people had any integrity they would say no. Shame on both parties, they should both be given a personal bill instead of all of us paying for it. I’m sure a lot of public roads in Cayman Brac need repaired and have not been."

                    I agree.  I don’t have a business but if I was offered one, I would have refused it or paid for it and my receipt would be hanging on my shop door.  Most likely refused it though as about 12 years ago when private roads were being paved and someone asked me about mine, I said, "no way."  I like to sleep with a clean conscience.  

  15. Anonymous says:

    They are currently paving West Bay Road as you go into West Bay from around the cemetery to the 4 way stop. I drive this at least twice a day and am apalled by what I am seeing.

    First new white lines were painted on the road. Next we see the potholes being repaired, this covers the newly painted white lines which are then redone. Now they are asphalting the road which has once again covered the now twice painted lines on the road.

    This has all taken place in the last few weeks. It is disgusting how the countries money is being wasted. Whoever, or whichever department is responsible for this total waste of money should be named and held accountable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Repairing the pot holes was necessary in getting ready to pave the road.  if they had paved over the potholes theywould have had the  problem again with the new surface.  This was a case of fixing a road that needed it and doing it properly.

      Not like the waste of paving parking lots of private business.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree the job needed to be done, but surely the line painting could wait until the job is complete instead of redoing it over and over.

        • Anonymous says:

           I’m surprised that your surprised!  Things in Cayman are done this way because that is the way its done "(here).  You must be from some where else.

      • Waste watcher says:

        Fixng the potholes on the West Bay Road is a nice to have, but paving 4 or 5 inches of asphalt on the road can’t be justified.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont you often see carts on our roads pulling the horses behind. In case you have not, thats simply the way its done here.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see they are marking the white lines ready to paint again!

  16. Anonymous says:

    The trouble is, if these non-projects are not done on Cayman Brac, there is absolutely NOTHING for the many civil servants and other government workers to do all day. It is a place of total inaction.After all, how many people are living there now? 1700? And they get paid the same big salaries as Grand Cayman workers. Imagine: The District Commissioner who is not even a Chief Officer gets $140,000 a year (the same as his Chief Officer Gomez) for doing what? It’s not his fault, it’s just the way everything on the Brac is done to appease the handful of Brac voters who send two people to the LA every 4 years. It’s ridiculous but will never be any different.

    • Anonymous says:

      “The trouble is, if these non-projects are not done on Cayman Brac, there is absolutely NOTHING for the many civil servants and other government workers to do all day.”

      Most of the work is being done by workers from Grand Cayman.

      “And they get paid the same big salaries as Grand Cayman workers.”

      That is false.

      PLease get your information straight before sprouting off your mouth. Thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are talking utter foolishness 15:09 and you know it. I am a GCM civil servant who knows the whole Brac waste of money thing very well indeed. I could say a LOT more about the scams going on over there but what would be the point.

        • what is right is right and what's wrong is wrong says:

            "I am a GCM civil servant who knows the whole Brac waste of money thing very well indeed. I could say a LOT more about the scams going on over there but what would be the point."

          18:09- Unfortunately everything got put together so you can’t see what I wrote properly.

          I responded to inaccurate information that someone else posted and posted the information below:

          1. What I said is that Cayman Brac Civil Servants pay is less than Grand Cayman Civil Servants pay. 

          2. The road crew is mostly from Grand Cayman.

          The comment was made that these projects are so Brac Civil Servants would have work to do and that Brac Civil Servants make pay equivalant or more than Grand Cayman.

          What scams and waste of money have to do with what I said: I have no idea.

          The paving of parking lots is a waste of money and I have brought that up before right here on CNS.

  17. Tara says:

    Morning "Just Commentin" – Thank you for sharing – I haven’t been over to the Brac in almost 2 years and so although I am shocked and stunned by the news last year of the proposed $9 million hurricane shelter am equally shocked to realise how badly we’ve been asleep at our posts for these road renovations to have taken place seemingly without the majority of the citizens of these Islands knowledge and to the embarassement of many of those on the Brac who although happy to have paved car parks, realise that it’s not a particularly valid use of our limited resources at this time!

    I agree wholeheartedly when you say "Cayman Brac deserves better than this" – we all deserve better than this and it’s encouraging to see more of us starting to speak out on these subjects.  We need to become more passionately involved if we’re really to make a difference and we absolutely must keep calling to account those elected to serve us.

    Keep commentin!

  18. Anonymous says:

    The only thing missing was the guy in a gold-buttoned uniform in a security booth at the entry gate.

    Don’t fret. Miss JuJu has read your Viewpoint and 8 of her nearest and dearest have been hired to fill this post at $100,000 per year each.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now you’re just giving her ideas. Paul will have to get a whole new set of uniforms with gold buttons!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well I hope that those Bracers you spoke to and thought this was a waste of the publics’ money will remember so when the next elections rolls around!

    • One Bracker says:

      Yes, I can see where the money has been spent with no end in sight.  It is inconceivable that all these parking lots, etc. are being paved just out of the goodness of the paver’s heart.  I wonder just how much it cost to pave the north side road, and how much more for all the "extra" paving!  Would that information be available from the FOI office?

      • Anonymous says:

        That information is classified just like everything else Juju does so dont even think about trying to get it. If it appears in the LA aunt mary will ban it anyway.

        • Anonymous says:

           miss ju ju is spending our money on just some people  while thinking that the Brac has aesthetically improved but on the other hand is leaving where ever she chooses and whoever she chooses to suffer. While on the Brac I took a drive to the eastern districts and was shown a house by the Watering  Place Park with a partial roof on and looking in a bad situation I was told that the house belonging to a ninety year old gentleman at the time of Ivan Hurricane who has since passed while hoping that his house would be repaired like all his neighbours from the Paloma fund. Sorry I made a mistake I am now being told that the house was damaged from the Paloma Hurricane. I was also told that while that particular man was a great admirer of Mack that he was a bastard in the sight of the Brac Politician. How vindictive can one be? Power in the wrong hands is dangerous. Looks like Watering Place got a very good face lift which I am happy about but leaving out this one little house that is but and bind with the Public Park and across from the Post Office and miss jues newly paved church is rediculous. I was also told that some folks owning more than one house on the Brac had them all repaired. I do trust that if there be other hurricanes that independent folks will be in charge of the hand outs. This should not be handled by Politicians nor Cicil Servants. All I could say to my driver was that I hope that this poorman did not die with bad feelings toward the Politician and that he will have a mansion in Heaven. Some peoples Heaven is right here and especially when you are high on the Bluff you might think that  "MAN THIS IS HEAVEN"