Scottish garden party ‘antidote’ to wedding hype

| 27/04/2011

(The Courier):Thousands of street parties may be taking place across the UK for the royal wedding Friday — but the only public event taking place in Dundee will call for the abolition of the monarchy. Organisers hosting the Anti-Royal Wedding Garden Party, say they hope the event will provide a "much-needed antidote" to the hype surrounding the royal wedding. "The monarchy is an outdated institution which only serves to highlight the class privilege, hierarchical systems, and wealth inequality which blight our country,” a spokesperson said. “At a time of severe cuts in public services, it is also worth remembering that the main cause of poverty both here and internationally is the use of tax havens by large corporations and wealthy individuals.

"Many of these tax havens are Crown dependencies such as Jersey and Guernsey,or British Overseas Territories with governors appointed by the Queen. The monarchy is not neutral in these activities; rather it is complicit in this theft of the wealth created by ordinary working people."

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