Fire fighters still battling brush blaze

| 28/04/2011

(CNS): Despite hopes that the brush fire burning off the West Bay Road would be extinguished by Wednesday night on Thursday evening firefighters were still battling the blaze. As a result of the continued re-ignition of the fire in the brush area behind the site of the former Marriot Courtyard Hotel crews were forced to continue dousing the flames with water. The fire has been burning since Monday evening and the original cause of the fire is still not clear. However, the pine needles littering the floor of the undergrowth along with dried dead trees left over from Hurricane Ivan it is path, are continuing to refuel the blaze, fire experts say.

Duane Tibbetts said given those conditions it was not unexpected that the fire would re-ignite at locations throughout the brush. Although a challenging fire Tibbetts said the service was more than able to deal with it as it had experience of much tougher blazes.

Fire officials told Cayman 27 yesterday that fire-fighters would stay at the scene until they were sure the fire was completely doused.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    and still it burns tonight, come on how long does it take to put a fire out, oh yes you have to be there to fight the fire first! come on!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is obvious you dont have any knowledge of fighting brush fires..

  2. Swine says:

    Why dont they just let it burn out?  Its natures way of cleaning itself up….. Dart will destroy all the mangroves there anyway.