DoE reminds public of penalties as conch season closes

| 01/05/2011

(CNS): The opportunity for people to take conchs and whelks from the ocean is now over and anyone found poaching or purchasing the sea creatures could face tweve months in prison, a half million dollar fine and have their boat seized. The Department of Environment (DoE) reminded the public that the closed season for conch and whelks started on Sunday 1 May and runs through until 31 October 31. No one may take conch or whelks from Cayman waters , or purchase, receive or possess conch or whelks taken locally during these months. Contact the DoE at 916 4271 (Grand Cayman), 926 0136 (Cayman Brac), or 926 2342 (Little Cayman) or call 911 to report violations of any marine conservation legislation.

Vist the Department’s website at for more information on marine conservation in the Cayman Islands.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As an important aside, the courts have never fined anyone 500,000.  It is generally a small fine or slap on the wrist for taking conchs out of season.

  2. Anonymous says:

     I think Caymanians whom have been living off the sea for generations shouldn’t be banned from continuing their heritage, maybe they should fine people who catch conchs for profit instead of just everyone.  

    Also you should expect fishing to increase as the price of products at the supermarkets go up.  

    Corruption if worst crime that affects most people, conchs on the other hand don’t have any influence in my life.

  3. Anonymous says:

     "could face twelve months in prison, a half million dollar fine"

    What’s the penalty for a violent crime on 7 Mile Beach. I don’t think it’s this much.

  4. petermilburn says:

    Happy to see the season over for these wonderful creatures.I just wish that "some"people would see the wisdom in closing the seasons as we are not as small(population wise)as we once were hence the closure to give them a chance to re-juvenate themselves.I only hope that anyone found poaching will be dealt with in the strongest possible way under the law as there is no reason that we should all suffer because of the greedy few.Once again I ask our govt to get the conservation law passed and put in place and to seriously consider making Little Cayman a Marine Sanctuary.We can use L/C as a replenishment zone for future generations.Lets at least save one part of the Cayman Islands.


  5. Mr.Conch says:

    Haha…Can’t touch us anymore, humans!

    Viva La Conchs!