MLAs should address issues

| 04/05/2011

(CNS): The independent member for North Side says he supports the no confidence motion brought by the opposition leader and wants to hear government address the points raised in it. Ezzard Miller said he was neither surprised nor disappointed that all of the members of government rallied round the premier last week, but he was disappointed that they have not discussed the twenty-four points raised in the motion submitted to the Legislative Assembly by Alden McLaughlin. The independent member stated that he wanted the members of government to offer their defence of the points listed as he said that was the crucial matter at issue, not the motivation for the motion.

Miller said that if — and he was hopeful that it would be placed on the House agenda — the motion was allowed to be debated on the floor of the Legislative Assembly later this month, he wanted to talk about the points raised and not why the opposition leader had filed the motion.

“I am hoping that this motion will make it to the order paper,” he said. “I am disappointed that government has so far chosen not to deal with the twenty-four articles listed on the motion. I am concerned that the government’s debate in parliament will focus on the motivation and criticism of the opposition instead of answering the issues which genuinely concern the people.”

Miller said he would be stating clearly why he supported each of the articles listed because most of them gave him cause for concern. “I want to see government members stand up and defend these 24 points and say why the motion shouldn’t be passed. I want to know if all of the members of government agree with the premier’s move to abort two different deals for the cruise port development.”

He said government should explain why two potential cruise port contracts have been jettisoned. “It is curious to say the least,” Miller stated. He made a comparison to the deal signed with Dr Shetty. That, he noted, was extended despite very little progress being made on the part of the Shetty team, while government has walked away from the negotiations with GLF where virtually all of the obligations under the deal appeared to have been fulfilled.

The silence of the rest of the players in the port project was also curious, Miller suggested. He said there had been no comment from the port director, the chairman of the board or Cline Glidden, who was supposedly leading the project, as well as others that were on the technical committee involved in the negotiations. “The total absence of comment from any of them in fact speaks volumes,” Miller added.

In addition to this decision Miller said he had particular concerns about the fact that Finance Committee had not met to regularize the spending decisions that have been made by Cabinet and he wanted to hear if the government all supported that failure to meet and to justify why not.

The independent member also pointed to the Cohen and Co loan deal, which he said was also rather curious. “We still haven’t seen the details about what happened there, and again the silence speaks volumes,” he noted. “Given that the deal has now fallen through, the government can’t hide behind commercial concerns. Was it so terrible that no one is going to be allowed to know what happened?” he asked.

The actions and conduct of the government listed on the motion needed to be addressed, Miller said, and while it was obviously going to be difficult to persuade members of the government to support it, he said the important point was that the debate would force them to confront these issues and justify the actions of government to the people. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Other than making non-constructive noise, can anyone list any achievements of Mr Ezzard

    I wonder how successful he was in his role at the Hopsital Pharmacy, next the Miller Pharmacy, next a politician, next in an accounting firm and back again in politics.

    It is a good CV

    • Anonymous says:

      I have disagreed with Ezzard on many occasions, and on many topics, but when that happens I state my case for disagreeing.

      When you attack the man without rebutting his argument, it says his words are true and you are hurt by them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzards words are indeed true. And this post is simply one more attempt to sidetrack the Caymanian public from the real issues. This ploy is not going to hold water much longer, folks.

  2. Real World says:

    Lots of votes against McKeeva in these posts, but tell me this:  If not McKeeva and the UDP, then who?  We have the PPP now under new management.  Them again?  No?  Then who?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard I totally agree with you.  The UDP led Government should debate the 24 Issues slated by Mr. McLaughlin. Instead they held a press conference in unity to support mr. McKeeva Bush as their leader and threw their slurrs towards Mr. McLaughlin.  They are so envious of Alden and the PPM for all their achievements, they just cannot act like the leaders they are suppose to be.  They are still waiting for Alden, Ezzard and others to give them the solutions.   They cannot tackle the 24 issues or more as they are too busy doing character assassination to the oppositions.  The UDP Government members are disgraceful and disoriented.  They need true leadership like Ezzard, Arden , Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Kurt.

  4. Anonymous says:

     The biggest difficulty I have with Ezzard who is the obvious darling of CNS & Rooster with all of his attention is his distain for foreigners. He has been this way as long as I have heard him on the radio and from what I understand this has always been his view.

    His position of hostility toward such a large portion of the community is harmful to the social order. We need politicians that can bring people together not inflame.

    Obviously the right of place belongs to Caymanians and as theirhome they deserve the support of the government but Ezzard’s xenophobia is hurtful to the peace of the country.

    In many ways his is much like McKeeva in personality whch seems to be attractive to Caymanians, which is too bad.


    • Anonymous says:

      Mr.Ezzard Miller does not hate foreigners. He is an educated Legislator who is knowledgeable enough to understand that execution of his office requires sound and comprehensive support for his people who should be  FIRST ON HIS SLATE and should be first on the UDP’s slate as well.

      Tthe UDP and its leader has chosen to abuse the people stop them from gaininng lawful employment and they have no other choice but to turn to CRIME! they have families, they must sleep, eat and wear clothing.

      X-pats are hoping that the big Dicktator McKeeva Bush is re-elected because he represents them, and them alone!

      This is why it is  crucial that a referendum  vote from grass roots Cayman OUST HIM AND AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE BEFORE HE GRANTS THOUSANDS OF CAYMAN STATUS to increase his votes in 2013 he’s working fast on this, XXXX They’re al benefitting from the Work Permit injustice while Caymanians suffer with joblessness, homelessness and unemployment while the young graduates turn TO CRIME!

      Do you want MORE OF THIS! or do you want McKeeva Bush removed so you and your children can live? Then install Ezzard. The candidate that X-pats hate the most is the best Candidate for the Cayman Islands, yes EZZARD MILLER IS HIS NAME!!!!

      Caymanians BETTER VOTE FOR EZZARD MILLER  as Premier if they plan on staying in the Cayman Islands, Alden is weak and  as all local Lawyers are loyal to their foreign corporate clients NOT THE PEOPLE! He cannot  help you in the least bit.

      Alden McLaughlin like all other Caymanian Lawyers are under a GAG ORDER TO SHUT UP!  when it comes to speaking up for Caymanians, or his law firm will lose business which means losing money, so he’s definitely the WRONG MAN FOR THE JOB!.  I have yet to hear Alden criticize the work permit scams that keep Caymanians out of a job causing them to lose their homes because they can’t pay mortgage. But his interest is occupying that Big Seat! . Ezzard Miller is the man for the job as premier and X-pats are afraid that if Ezzard takes the wheel  all the oppression and suffering for Caymanians without jobs, losing homes etc. will end.

      Ezzard is the CROOKS  greatest nightmare because he is a man of integrity!

      Don’t be fooled.

      Make sure he gets elected as Premier. Start working on this now, time is short.

    • Anonymous says:

       I agree completely, but if you look at where Ezzard comes from.. (Most people know the company I’m referring to)  where he has denied countless top employment opportunities to Caymanians in favor of forgeigners because THAT was in HIS interest at the time. .  

      Otherwise known as an ax man.  Ezzard is about Ezzard (Mr. Uncorruptable as he states) and will sell out any principles for self gain.  Its just so happens he feels thatbeing a xenophobe seems to be in his best interest at the moment.

  5. The lone haranguer says:

    Don’t we have important work to do in the LA. Like get the Shetty deal organised. How much time are we going to waste on this no confidence motion, does Ezzard realy believe that the do nothing PPM is what the contry needs right now? Stop wasting our time get out of the way,stop bomb throwing, shut up and allow the UDP to operate.
    If they screw up we will wote them out in the next elections.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Ezzard Miller. This is your 254th headline on CNS. One more than the number of votes you achieved to elect you to national government!

    • Anonymous!!!!!! says:

      You poor thing you, you cant get over the fact that you lost the election and he won by 254 or by one he won, the one thing this country dont need any more of, is loosers like you crying in your beer. Grow up

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard what’s the next step, is it referendum if so we’ll support all the opposition.

  8. Bo Peep says:

    The days of autocratic rule are over. Selling our country out for two cents on the dollar are long gone and will not be tolerated. We welcome and embrace a mature political leadership that puts the country first and the no confidence vote is an shining example. An explanation by the ruling party is proper and necessary. After all we are a civilized people that believe in civil debate and transparency.

  9. KY-Voice says:

    M.L.As should address the issue about the Jamaicans that are here who are not working! Take a drive by corner restaurant, blue marlin, welly’s, and a number of other places and see the amount of Jamaican’s out there all day doing nothing. Someone is being paid to apply for their permits. These people need to be investigated. They linger around all day selling numbers and maybe even drugs. I don’t care if permits are government’s highest revenue, these people need to be sent back to where they are from. And to top it off, the Caymanian women who lack self-esteem pick up and marry these guys who don’t have any interest in them other than to use them. Come on Caymanians…. wake up!

    • Anonymous says:

      what??? take a good look in the mirror….. ask the police…who commits 90% of crime on the island…..yep…. caymanians!

    • Anonymous says:

      How come you have time to drive around watching other people? Don’ t you have any work to do either? If you respond by saying that you were driving around on your lunch break, then how do you know these people aren’t on their lunch breaks too? Your post defies any type of logic. Check out Northward prison and see who the majority of the inmates are there, your own people ! Explain that one !

  10. 345Str8Talk says:

    "The Islands that time once forgot!"….. Seems like time as caught up with us now! I hope the people of Cayman vote with a sober mind next election, that’s if Mckeeva don’t assume the role of a dictator by then. Is it fair to call Cayman a Christian country again? Naaaah! I think it’s better if we say that Christianity is tolerated in Cayman! The country on a whole is moving away from God. Everybody is playing the blaming game.

    I say this respectfully… The Felipinos, the Jamaicans, the Indians, and a number of other ethnic groups come to Cayman and succeed better than we do! Why? There is no UNITY amongst Caymanians, no solidarity.

    Oh… and congrats to Dart on his new purchase. He now owns Cayman! Thanks to the Premier of course! 

    I wonder how do people perceive Caymanians based on the individual that represents us??? Just asking!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well put, Ezzard.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am saddened that Ezzard is one of the road blocks to a new Conservation Law.

    He has explained his views that land owners need to cash in for he big bucks to developers and does not have much use for the scorpions and snakes out in the wild.

    As much as people rail against McKeeva Ezzard is another dinosaur that needs to retire.

    • Anonymous says:

      08:50 I am now begining to wonder about Ezzard Miller, is it still concerned for the people, is he selling us out or is it that he wants the Premier’s seat. Caymanians will fool you, Mac Keva will always be the Dan of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Could not agree more with the writer about Mr Miller.

      In his previous tenure in Government, he was a bull in a china shop with no respect for differing opinions. People have not forgotten the Hortor Hospital in the swamp and the rush to get it going.

      I am glad the people have become more mature now and have been seeing though this political struggle for political power.
      This is not in the best interests of Cayman as you all claim

    • Anonymous!!!!!! says:

      Saddened!!!!! you got your records all screwed up, you know Ezzard do not want the people to sell their land to developers, he just dont want national trust to tell us what we can or cannot do with it, as for the snakes and scorpians, you can have them if you think they need protection.

    • Anonymous says:

      well said…the worst thing about this government is that they are so bad that they make someone like ezzard miller look good!

    • Anonymous says:

      yep… i feel very sorry for caymanians who think ezzard miller is the solution……

  13. UDP&PPM AFU says:

     You want government to act like a Government in Cayman.  Maybe when pigs fly.  Amazing that anyone still expects big things from small people.  Its not gonna happen.  The CIG, UDP, PPM, are made up of failures and will fail period.  And there is little to nothing that can be done about it at this point in time except watch and more important plan on it.  What will you do when the inevitable happens and there is no money to pay for anything including the loans?  Will Government and civil servants work for free?  When all the expats and others that actually do all the meaningful work on Cayman and in the CIG leave how will that affect you?  Time to start on a plan B for you and your families.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mr Miller expects transparency and accountability – he must have Cayman confused with some democracy.

    • Anonymous says:

      sad thing is that their aren’t really democracies (or any govts.) that I know of that you can say are any more transparent.  Possibly more accountable…. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? – There cannot be any democratic country with public accounts so far out of date, or any democratic country where political leaders go so far outside the rules to spend public money with impunity, where registration of politicians interests is ignored, and access to registers of politicians interests is denied despite what the law says, etc etc etc

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe this is not the thread for me to ask this but can anyone tell me what happened to the investigation about the irregularities that took place on the last Election Day?