Officials hold dummy run for hurricane season

| 05/05/2011

(CNS): Government officials are in the midst of a hurricane today as a number of agencies practice preparations for the season which starts in less than four weeks. It’s 5 June and Hurricane Stretch is supposedly about 460 miles south east of Grand Cayman and heading for us at around 6 mph with maximum sustain winds of 109 mph making it a strong Category 2 hurricane. A Hurricane Watch is in effect for the Cayman Islands andthe officials as expecting further strengthening. Hurricane flags have been hoisted at government buildings and police stations for the purposes of the national hurricane exercise.

The most recent forecasts for the 2011 season point to more hurricanes in the Caribbean area compared to last season when most of the storms remained in the Atlantic. Currently experts say there is likely to be at least five hurricanes in our region three of which will be intense. The overall prediction for the six month season is for around fifteen named storms, eight of which will be hurricanes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Officials hold dummy run…

    I will take this title at face value and not read the article and just make up my own story and guess the answer.

    Trouble is I cant figure out which officials will win this ‘dummy run’ but my guesstimate is  the UDP should come in first, the PPM second and poor Ezzard will come in last…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice of them to let the rest of the country know prior to the excercise. I passed the “police” station this afternoon and saw the flag and wondered what the **** was going on as I know there is nothing near. I just figured that someone had put the flag up by mistake because they did not know what it meant! Thinking about it now though I guess the majority of people knew about it as they all work for CIG!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    oops, I thought a dummy run was the election