Teen robbers pulled shotgun trigger, says crown

| 08/05/2011

(CNS):Two teenage would-be robbers were officially charged with attempted murder Friday, along with a number of other offences when they made their first appearance in court. Jonathan Welcome (17) and Jordon Powell (18) failed to rob Blackbeard’s liquor store in Grand Harbour on Monday 2 May when the staff refused to give them money from the cash register and three members of the public apprehended the suspects as they tried to flee the scene. Laying out the particulars of the offence the prosecution revealed that one of the boys had pulled the trigger on the gun, which luckily for the men who struggled with the teens, did not go off.

The gun which the accused men took to the scene of the attempted robbery was loaded the court heard, and during the struggle outside theliquor shop, despite the attempt by the suspects to fire the shotgun, it did not discharge. According to the crown’s case the young robbers were seen by a number of witnesses at the scene and they were then chased and apprehended by some of those witnesses who were armed with a knife and a machete, before the police arrived.

During Friday’s court room hearing the two young men were charged with attempted murder, two counts of attempted robbery, possession of an unlicensed firearm, and possession of a prohibited weapon, before being remanded in custody for another two weeks when their case is expected to be transmitted to the grand court.

Powell, who was carrying pepper spray, is also facing an additional charge of assault which will be handled in the summary court.

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