Burglars tunnel in to bank

| 16/05/2011

(CNS): Police have confirmed an attempted burglary has taken place at the Butterfield Bank at the Compass Centre in George Town. Details of how the villains broke into the bank have not yet been confirmed but reports suggest that they may have tried to tunnel into the bank’s vault via the northside of the buiding. Police did say that the report was made at around 10am Monday morning but it is not clear when over the weekend the burglars had broken into the premises. This bank was also targeted by armed robbers at the end of last year, when three men wearing Halloween masks walked into the bank in the middle of the day and fired a shot into the ceiling. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The robbers in that incident ordered everyone to the ground before fleeing with an undisclosed amount of cash and, despite a reward of $US50,000 being offered, no arrests have be made in connection with the crime.

The bank was closed Monday for the Discovery Day holiday.

Check back for more details later.

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  1. Judean People's Front says:

    This is what it takes to deposit coins into an account nowadays!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reports say: a large hole was discovered at Butterfield Bank.

    Comish Baines states: "the police are looking into it" 

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess someone was watching 'Takers' over the weekend.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don't all the banks have seizmic sensors on thier vaults? Guess whoever pulled this off probably knew that there were no sensors installed or they were not working. XXXX

    Also… Not sure how many ofyou have wielded a jackhammer recently, but this is probably not a one man job, or if it was, then he should have blisters and callouses on his hands….should also be pretty tired and dirty from going at it all night. Someone must know someone who was uncharacteristally dirty, sweaty, and tired after this weekend and be able to drop a tip to crime stoppers for what little it may be worth. We are really not helping ourselves by not equipping our businesses properly (especially if you are a bank). This guy/guys should have been caught red handed, or at least still have red hands :o} 

  5. Anonymous says:

    'The Great Escape'! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe its part of Butterfields' fabulous new system: a tunnel for VIP customers to skip the ridunkulous lines!

    Innovative, no?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do we even have detectives on this island?  And if so, what is it that they do – they certainly don't solve crimes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They need to go see Rolston about some construction work on the new schools.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think this was just a customer frustrated with Butterfield's new online system, and figured it was much easier digging a tunnel into the bank rather than have to contend with the user UNfriendly new system. 

  10. Beach Bay says:

    Oh what tangle web we weave, when we try so hard others to deceive.


    • Anonymous says:

      I love that saying, but I don't think this is the proper situation to use to in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the rental agencies for jackhammers are being checked….maybe the thieves picked the long weekend for the bonus 'no charge' rental day- if that exists!

  12. Suspect Zero says:

    No worries folks just another “isolated incident” now we will have a “strategic overview” of this situation.Even in third world countries they would sack those responsible for this level of incompetent and ineptness. With the largest police service per capita in this region, people are digging tunnels in open lots next to banks and with all these police in vehicles and helicopters whizzing about is a national disgrace.It however does speaks to the type and quality of officers we now have employed and paying quite handsomely in the RCIPS. We obviously ain’t getting value for money. I am calling on you Comissioner Baines to remove those in your leadership responsible for this situation. People are sick and tired of bull$@&% excuses we keep getting. Crime is down alright,right down on top us.

  13. Sarah says:

    I suspect a mole.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it was a big iguana?

  15. Brac Star says:

    As I see it, these criminals picked a long weekend to attempt this. They probably figured they had at least 4 nights of digging before staff saw the hole. When discovered on Monday, police should have staked out the area for at least 1 night to see if they would come back to finish the job, instead of annoucing to the public what had happened. Police have to be smarter than the criminals to combat these crimes or they will continue to success.

    • Anonymous says:

      Police has to be smarter than the criminals:  The criminals need to be hired by the police force.

    • Anonymous says:

      They should sign u up for the RCIP….they could never have thought this up on their own. A stake out….Wooooooowwww!!!

  16. Right ya so says:

    You cannot be serious?!


  17. Anonymous says:

    How long police and cayman government will continue hanging macaroni on people's ears with all that "crime is down" nonsense. How long people will continue getting  paid for  producing zero results? Common, third grader could come up with a plan how to catch fleeing criminals on the island as small as Grand Cayman in the broad day light. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    Who said cayman does not have ground hogs ?

    • Brutus says:

      Everyday in Cayman is Ground Hog Day, particularly for the politicians.

  19. mclean says:

    Amatuers! Only dumb hillbillys would think they can enter the vault of a bank from underground!

    • Name changed by moderator says:

      Well I can guarantee these were not "hillbillys" 

      And I pray to God that they were "Amatuers" as I seriously doubt our authorities would stand even a small chance at catching a "Professional"

      CNS: Sorry, new rule. You must now register if you're using your real name. The sign up box is in the left hand side column.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Poor people fed up!

  21. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Yep, crime is down, it's going to new lows.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't banks have camera's in vaults? And who would know where to dig under a bank to get access to the vault?? The government better (Yes you-UDP) wake up and recoginze that people in this country have it too hard and the criminals are out smarting the police! Contradictory to watch the commissioner of police and premier state- crime is out of control in this country and a major problem!! Money can be spent on paving people/businesses driveways on Cayman Brac building 'hurricane hilton' but what about hiring some qualified police for once; in hopes of expanding the police service to allow for more patrols of businesses and neighbourhoods. This is now the 5th bank robbery in Cayman in the past 18months and still no suspects arrested or prosecuted for these crimes. But yet we continue to have continuous waste of the tax payers money on the purchase of SUV's, first class travel and around the world .

    Mr. Premier (& the party of UDP)… why not hold a public meeting and invite the public for thoughts and suggestions on how the improve the safety in our country– instead of having meetings to point fingers between the political parties. Enough with the nonsense and lets work together to get a handle on our country, not only for today but for our children and grand children. If not… 'the hole in the ground will soon be dug too deep and we don't be able to see out or climb out to save ourselves'. GOD BLESS THESE CAYMAN ISLANDS!!!

  23. Concern Citizen says:

    I honestly wonder what else are these people waiting to see, now when you look at it things appear to me moving faster that the RCIP or political bodies can even imagine, it pain to see what this country is coming to and becasue these robbbers know that they are not being cought or when they are cought they are going into a bed of roses (Northward luxury hotel) then they are going full out to commit these offences. The entire punishment for robbies offences need to be re-shuiffle, and people need to open up there eyes and unite in order to stop this foolishness.

    Cayman is small and why can't we have this under control and start putting pedal to the medal and get stuff done. God Man

  24. Caymanian Watersports Captain says:

    This "tunnel" makes it sound more like Mexico on the US Border…….. instead of the Cayman Islands.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what are we becoming to ???? 

  25. Anonymous says:

    OCEANS ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Cayman has caught up with the rest of the world!!! Sorry Selita we ain't 3rd World no more as you put it.  We moved on up!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you expect when the rest of the world is in the good old Cayman.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Man I tell you its from one extreme to the next-what movies are these guys watching?Fast Five?Seriously the majors issues of employment is really not moving fast enuff-Cayman needs to wake up these ppl attempting to pull the country down need to wake up-private sector needs to wake up, Caymanians need to wake up and work together as1 PEOPLE….I'm a young Caymanian that was raised in Jamaica-and I tell you I'm scared to see Cayman in 5 years and what it will have to offer (SERIOUSLY) we need to come together-development of our human resources and generation young and old has to be seen 1st of everything…our path right now isn't working!!! Young people wake up!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    dey was watching INSIDE MAN with denziel washington and got the idea. LOL

  28. Seagoon says:

    Presumably had they got too deep they would have required scuba gear.