Female tourist assaulted in nightclub

| 17/05/2011

(CNS): Police say that an assault on a woman inside a West Bay Road nightclub in the early hours of Saturday morning may have been connected to a second assault on a male resident that occurred outside the club a short time later. CNS understands the woman, who is visiting Cayman, was treated in hospital for head injuries after being hit over the head with a bottle inside Elements night club, and a short time later a local man was reportedly stabbed outside the same club. Police said the man, who was also treated in hospital for his injuries, refused to cooperate with their enquiry. “Inquiries are continuing to collect witness statements and view CCTV,” a police spokesperson stated.

Witnesses to the incident are asked to contact GTPS 949 4222 or Crimestoppers. 800 TIPS

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  1. Remitted Omitted says:

    This sort of thing has been going on since Sharkey's days. The only thing changed is the location of the night club. Tourist kids and local kids have been fighting over girls since I first started going out in 91. Just now when it happens its all over the blogs and everyone has an opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true to a certain extent.  While it was still often two or three punks (sorry to say but usually Caymanians) against one at least they didn't usually have weapons. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Not true.  I recall marl road "Machete" nightclub incidents going way back, pre-dating Rum Heads and long before the news outlets we have now.  These are the rotten offspring of the last loser generation, and the media coverage of their social failings are immediate.  

        • Anonymous says:

          But could it be in those days it was exceptional which is why it was reported and you remember it?  If 20 years from now someone mentions the person stabbed at nightclub or on the beach, more information will be needed to isolate the occurance. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    On the dive boat when a tourist asks about the night life I warn them to be careful. The Cayman of old is long gone and being out at night now can be dangerous. The Caymanian trait for denial does not serve the country well. Yes there are gangs, yes knives are common place and violence can happen to anyone.

    It does not make me happy to tell of the crime and violence here but I will not decieve a tourist and perhaps send them into harms path unaware.

    I remember 10-15 years ago telling tourist to go anywhere and not be concerned because Cayman is safe.

    Times change

  3. Anonymous says:

    clubs need to be strict on on their rules:

    no caps

    no chains

    no sunglasses

    no baggy shorts

    no long white t-shirts

    no sports shoes


    follow these rules and your club will have no problems

    • frank rizzo says:

      no customers

    • why stop there? says:

      No looking at each other

      No touching

      No dancing

      stand straignt

      walk backwards

      No pink boxers

      All of those things made me violent the last time I wore or did them!

      Folks its not what is on the outside that matters! its the common sense, upbringing and ethics of the individual that counts the most. I can guarantee you, I could show up naked and still not feel the urge to shank someone……!


    • Anonymous says:

      No shoes

      No shirt

      No penny loafers

      No dogs

      No credit

      No sex in the champagne room

      Lets have the old days back – everyone close at 12:45 den we going Rockets for SESSION!!!!!

  4. Name changed by moderator says:

    This is so sad to hear, crime is on the increase and we have the police head saying crime is down. When is the government gonna start doing their jobs which they where elected to do. If this continues there will be no Cayman that anyone will want to visit soon. Here this government elected members and mr.police head, when the mighty USA lists The Cayman Islands on the state department website of countries abroad that are not safe to visit, there will go the fab 7 mile beach and tourism and many a Caymanian and expat will be leaving these shores because of no JOBS. Then I ask the question where will the millions of dollars that WORK PERMITS generate come from. WAKE UP WAKE UP. 

    I voted in the last election, but for what, all I see is history repeating itself. The rich get richer in these islands and the poor get poorer. So sad. I will say this as a Cayman Bracker when and what is it  gonna take to get some real change in these islands. Caymanians the people me and your have elected over many years are getting rich and we are left to fight for ourselves. The don't care about us, its about them. What else or how many more crimes are to be commited before something is done. I will put this to the Caymanian public, a march is needed in protest of this rising crime problem, and if something isn't done soon to curb it we the public should ask for a vote BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE to vote out all members of the LA house. So who will come together with me and get a march organized to stop this crime wave that has taken over our island.

    WAKE UP Cayman and start to be counted.

    CNS: Can you register if you're going to use a real name, please – see the log-in box on the left hand side column.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is really bad!! As a tourist that has been travelling to GC for the past 12 yrs, I had a feeling these headlines would be coming. I used to go out and enjoy the nightlife every trip. Two- three  years ago, the club scene changed in GC. It was not as comfortable being in the clubs. There was an underlying vibe where you now felt that as a visitor you were no longer accepted or wanted. It was now "local night" at clubs when before it used to just be "reggae nite or hip hop night" etc. A few of my local friends stopped going out to the clubs and told me that if I went out that I should not go to the clubs anymore as they were just problematic. My last 4 trips, I have not entered any of the clubs. Sad, bad, whatever you want to call it, but there was a time where you could go all over GC and mingle and be completely comfortable. What has changed in just a few years? Whatever it is…it .just is not good.

    • The Original Anon says:

      Until about three years ago I was comfortable with my doors windows open, walking around anywhere and being out and about after sundown.  I suspect that when the Tripadvisor comments get more current the island won't be one of their primo destinations.  I was watching 'The Firm' the other day and thinking, "What is Tom Cruise doing walking down the beach at night?"

    • Anonymous says:

      The Royal Palm still has this atmosphere, and there are no crazy people (so far). But one still have to be careful. 
      On the night of the Batabango festival I took a friend (visitor) who doesn’t speak English, out. We purchased delicious fish prepared by locals and were looking for a place to sit and enjoy our meals.
      We spotted two chairs next to a large round table. On the other side of the table a group of appeared to be local ladies was sitting, some of them were wearing cute hats. When my friend was about to sit-down, one of the ladies got up and grabbed one chair from her. Another female grabbed a second chair. They called a boy 10-12 year old who sat on one of the chairs. When I saw what had happened, I said to the group that it was very hospitable of them to treat a person like that. One of the women got up and with a scary hate in her face told me to get out before she spits in my face. I really felt she would not hesitate for a second before hitting me. We turned to another table nearby and another empty chair was grabbed to prevent us from using it. What is it? The famous “kindness and hospitality” of Caymanians? I would think 10 times before going to a bar after this experience. My friend will have long lasting memories of “spirit” of Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm really sorry to hear you had to endure such barbaric behaviour. Trust me not all people in the Cayman Islands are so uncouth! Hope you all will come and visit again and your next stay will be an absolute joy.

        • Used to this now says:

          There's a lot of nice people in Cayman it is true, but it only takes one in every crowd to show people the hate that lives here.

          • Anonymous says:

            A lot of the honest small town Caymanian people have family and friend get togethers and while supporting the events don't often stay out for the evening street dances.  These similar to night clubs don't usually have the best of Cayman in attendance. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Hold on a minute here…

        From this story, it sounds as if you tried to sit at a table that was already occupied by a sizable group of local women…

        Did you first say hello and ask if the chairs at the table were occupied and could you share their table ?

        This is nightlife/nighclub/beach bar/bar protocol and manners the world over and you should know this.

        There is a thing called personal space and when a group has encamped at a table or location, that is their personal space…

        People in your own home town would have reacted in a similar manner had you invaded their space without their permission, I;m sure.

        Most fights at nightclubs take place for just this very reason;personal disrespect and invasion of people's personal space.

        • Anonymous says:

          I believe I would have just politely said "excuse me, that chair is taken". I would not have stood up and gotten into someone's face. That is how my manners play out.

          Personal disrespect…takes a bigger person to walk away then to stand there and fight. nuff said.

        • Anonymous says:

          read again. The tables were set up on the streets of George Town for everyone to use. Those ladies did not owe the table. The table was huge with 1/2 of it empty- no food or anything and empty chairs were everywhere including this particlulat table. The visitor lady did not speak English.  In the gutters of which society you were brought up to justify such unspeakable action?

  6. Name changed by moderator says:

    this is really bad ! cayman authorities must do something ! we can't continue like this 

    CNS: We really appreciate people using real names, but to make sure that other peoploe don't use them, we ask that youregister first if using your own name – see log in left hand side column. Thanks!