TCI kicks back over ‘regressive’ constitution

| 18/05/2011

(CNS): The draft constitution drawn up by the UK government for the Turks and Caicos Islands has been rejected by the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), and the Progressive National Party (the party that the now digraced Michael Misick led as premier) has called for a referendum on what are seen as the many controversial aspects in the proposed document. PNP Leader Clayton Greene has written to the United Kingdom Government saying the proposal is a blatant disregard of the wishes of the TCI people. The PDM's position paper described the draft constitution as an attempt by the UK to move the country back to an era of colonialism.

“The FCO cannot simply look at the last 8 years and try to impose a constitution on the people based upon this period but it must look back and honestly assess its own failings, gross neglect and incompetence in administering its constitutional obligations to the Turks and Caicos People and our territory, obligations that is has agreed with the world to uphold and move towards,” the party stated.

The UK imposed direct rule on the Turks and Caicos Islands after an inquiry found evidence of government corruption and incompetence.

See Clayton Greene letter here

See PDM position paper here

See draft constitution document here

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  1. Come on says:

    What everyone here fails to acknowledge is that the people of Turks and Caicos have been either intimidated into silence by lies or other means, or have flat refused to fight for their right to self determination.  There is something that we are missing.  Why haven't we heard of their fight to seek their own political movement against the Brits?  It's commonsense.   If you're abused like Turks and Caicos is (based on the fact of colonialism alone) then you fight like hell.  Maybe they are too dumb, I'll give that a 10%; but I say they are intimidated.  There's no way that all of those people are complacent being recolonized.  No way.  I don't care who was corrupt in their government, the consequence is not for everyone to lose their rights or freedoms.  That makes no sense on any level. It's one of those slight of hand arguments that the Brits use to confuse us into submission.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNS, you should have put a UK flag up – not a TCI one. What is TCI? Who is in charge? Thank you. 

    • anonymously says:

      The local people who know "home" best should be in charge!  Hence, CNS has the right flag up!

  3. Sunneversets says:

    The UK should stop pandering to tinpot mini-dictators in the OTs and simply give them a combined single seat in Parliament and centralise governance while offering a nice little independence agreement as the alternative. 

  4. Libertarian says:

    ***** The British Empire, was the empire "where the sun never sets." It was so large, the largest empire to exist in recorded history.

    Take a look at her now; dwindled in power and strength, because of stupid policies. Had America, but loss her for taxing her without representation. Had India, considered the jewel in her crown, but was abusive to the people there, and Mohatma Ghandi took her away. Had Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Somalia, even parts of Israel, and she was too immature to keep them. Had even Guyana, Australia, Belize, Canada, Burma, New Zealand, Bahamas, Burmuda, and our beloved and neighbor Jamaica, and all the people there cried for Independence.

    Some countries to date, are not better off; however, some like the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Egypt, have strong economies. I recall she tried the "divide and conquor" strategy to keep India, but although Pakistan was divided from India, she did not succeed. She tried flaming polical parties in those countries, but that was as well unsuccessful when Ghandi unified the country. The Indians and Pakistanis eventually ran her out!  And a America… what a defeat! 

    Some loyalist to the crown, will doand say anything to convince you that you would be "losing out" a great deal if you were to go Independent!  Even go as far as to say that the British Empire has made the world into a better place and that without them, we would be nothing and economically suffer. In reality what has happened (and not in all cases), is that alot of these countries prior to them going independent, were deliberately "sold out" to the british special interest, which left those countries in poverty to this date. Of course, those loyalist will claim that that was never the case. But I say read your history well. 

    If the UK was such a good ruler, able to govern its empire or another jurisdiction well, why in the world did so many people in these countries fought and died for independence just to get away from her???  And why does she hate the UN and what they stand for so much?   

    There is a saying, "you can fool the people sometime, but not all the time" ***** Libertarian

    • Come on says:

      Libretarian: simply brilliant and well put.  Infinite kudos.

    • radar says:

      I think people like you should have no freedom of speech on this site

    • O'Really says:

      "And a America… what a defeat! " No, that's history. Losing to Germany 4-1 in the World Cup – that's a defeat!


    • T.E. says:

      Thank you!  People, it is worth knowing your history.

  5. anonymous says:

    This is what happens when you misbehave. Mommy and Daddy take back the car keys.

    • Chris says:

      Interestingly, only under a DICTATORSHIP will you find this happening. But a true Democracy that represents the people and no one else, is a government ruled by the people and for the people. The people are considered intelligent enough to drive their own cars.

      Another thing:  I notice that the Brits, LOOK DOWN on their colonies, the people living there as second class subjects, and to me that is INEQUALITY!

      • O'Really says:

        I'm a Brit and the only thing I look down on are posters who make sweeping statements like " I notice that the Brits, LOOK DOWN on their colonies…" I doubt you know more than a few dozen of us out of a population of 65m, so in case you are wondering, it is your prejudice I look down on.

        • Chris says:

          O'Really, apology if I use the "Brits" term too general. CORRECTION: "those Brits" that claim to have rule over the colonies!

      • Joe says:

        Unless the people prove unworthy of the responsibility that comes with a democracy.   Remind you of anyone?

        Too me and most others it is common sense!

        • Annoyed says:

          Joe, Just curious… what proves people to be "unworthy" of democracy?  Just want to know. Is it the color of their skin?  Please enlighten me.

          • Joe says:

            How are the people doing in respect to the responsibility of making their leadership act in their best interest? They see the coruuption.  They see the waste.  They see the money going in and a litlle coming out the other end with no accountability for what happened to it.  And yet they are content to do nothing more than complain.  But most of them(you) would still deem yourselves worthy right?  Is there something wrong with the color of your skin?  Last time I checked it was the same color as mine.  Brown. All you need to be enlightened is some backbone.

            • karen says:

              lol… but HOW do you deal with corruption?  Invade the country of england?!

              • Joe says:

                By standing up for what is yours and your families.  Not something that is happening now by any measure.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is customary nowadays for countries such as the UK to apologise for abysmal repressive policies adopted in the past to countries they have colonised. So as a contrite and apologetic British subject, I would like to apologise to the Caymanian people (or at least the posters on CNS) for the fact that many years ago when Caymanians asked fervently to be a colony of the UK that the UK government cynically and in true brutal oppressive colonial fashion agreed to their request. I further apologise for the fact that the constant requests, indeed demands, from Government and the Caymanian electorate over the last 40 years or so to be given their independence have gone unreported and have not been granted. I pledge that I will bring to the attention of the FCO every formal request for independence made by the Caymanian electorate from this day onwards. Bring it on.

        • Janice says:

          ***** You say, "when Caymanians asked fervently to be a colony of the UK that the UK government cynically and in true brutal oppressive colonial fashion agreed to their request." So tell me when did this ever occurred?  Not in Cayman history!  UK never asked Cayman, and UK to Caymanians at that time, was never seen as an oppressivesystem.  Also you said, "I further apologise for the fact that the constant requests, indeed demands, from Government and the Caymanian electorate over the last 40 years or so to be given their independence have gone unreported and have not been granted." I don't recall the UK ever wanting to be severed from us!  On the contrary for the last 40 years or so they have not plead to us for Independence. Why are they holding on to us and abusing us at the same time??? Beats me!  But I can say this, after a prolonged period of timeof abuse, it will be a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE for the victim to be freed and made independent from the abuser – don't you think?  Funny… they don't want to lose us, have not indicated anything to us about wanting independence, yet they expect us to take abuse. I suggest they will end up losing us and freedom is of greater value than a mere season of economic prosperity under a colonial dictator.

          • Anonymous says:

            Janice brilliantly proves the point made by 20:40 above. At the same time, she obviously has not read any history books or articles about Cayman or letters to the press over the last 40 years or attended political meetings over the last 40 years held by Caymanian politicians repeatedly rejecting the idea of independence etc. But never mind, her ignorance of the facts doesn't get in the way of a good old rant against the UK and that's really all that matters to posters like her isn't it?Perhaps when she has calmed down she could list for us all at least one – yes, just one, – thing that the UK gets out of the fact that Cayman is a dependent overseas territory.

            • Anonymous2 says:

              I think Janice is saying that if the UK really want our Independence, they would have made arrangements already. Apparently, TCI wanted theres under Michael Misick, and instead of getting Independence, they got Full British Rule. So the actions of the UK speaks louder than her words… in this, Janice has a valid point. If your claim is true that they are getting nothing from us, then why are they so eager to maintain control over this country and other Overseas Territories?

              • Miller says:

                well said!

              • Anonymous says:

                Anon2: What on earth makes you think that the UK is "so eager to maintain control over this country and other Overseas Territories?" All Cayman (and the other OTs) has to do is formally request independence and demonstrate that a majority of the voting public want it and it will be granted faster than water off a whistlingduck's ass. The only politician here who has the guts to do that would be Ezzard and I suspect he would receive little support other than from a few CNS posters who do NOT represent all Caymanians. We and the other 'colonies" are an embarrassment to the UK in this day and age (in our case, as a "tax haven" and as a "colony") and also a potential financial liability. Stop trying to believe Cayman is an important player on the world stage; it isn't. As for TCI, you clearly know absolutely nothing about what went on there (dreadful local corruption and also UK neglect) and why the UK, belatedly, had to step in and try to restore order.

                • Anonymous2 says:

                  Wikipedia, Online Encyclopedia gives the account:  "The winning party of Turks and Caicos' first general election in 1976, the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) under 'Jags' McCartney, sought to establish a framework and accompanying infrastructure in the pursuit of an eventual policy of full independence for the islands. However, with the early death of McCartney, confidence in the country’s leadership waned. In 1980, the PDM agreed with the British government that independence would be granted in 1982 if the PDM was reelected in the elections of that year. That election was effectively a referendum on the independence issue and was won by the pro-dependency Progressive National Party (PNP), which claimed victory again four years later. With these developments, the independence issue largely faded from the political scene.

                  However, in the mid-2000s, the issue of independence for the islands was again raised. In April 2006, PNP Premier Michael Misick reaffirmed that his party saw independence from Britain as the 'ultimate goal' for the islands, but not at the present time.[19]

                  In 2008, opponents of Misick accused him of moving toward independence for the islands in order to dodge a commission of inquiry, which examined reports of corruption by the Misick Administration." 

                  Isn't it interesting that they took over TCI just prior to Misick making a possible decision of moving the country towards Independence. The opponents I strongly believe included the FCO and Minister Chris Bryant. My whole point is – the UK's FCO wants you when they think they can get something from you!  But afterwards when the country is of no more value to them, they like to always come and say "we never wanted nothing to do with you in the first place." It is all to just make them look good!

                  • Anonymous says:

                    It's only interesting if you are a conspiracy theory supporter or a UK basher or both!! But you argue your point without the rancour that is so common on this website and I respect you for that so we will agree to disagree! And by the way, I believe independence should be Cayman's "ultimate goal" so step forward the politicians and go to the polls on an independence ticket (why has this hasn't happened yet?). If you win on that basis, independence will follow soon thereafter!

                    • sandra says:

                      I guess one day, the people won't be able to take this nonsense when it comes out of hand; and one day, the people of Cayman may just have to move towards independence like the rest of other countries. The uk was unable to keep them. But at least they were liberated from the oppressed. No, I personally don't like independence when I see we can work together, but after the uk's prolong deception and misuse of power, it will be the better option. "Time will tell"  says Bob Marley

                    • Anonymous says:

                      WTF does that all mean?

                    • bradley says:

                      lol… what conspiracy?  the commenter just quoted online encyclopedia for god sake, and gave his mere interpretation  :o)

                    • Anonymous says:

                      There's no answer to you either, Bradley, I'm afraid. Forget me and my posts and start working for that independence you and your buddies crave. You will feel much better without the British yoke around your neck.

                • sandra says:

                  Hello!  You're not from here, are you?  For your information, through an Order-in-Council issued by Queen Elisabeth II, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Governor, declared full rule on TCI, and took over the country's finances, suspending their Constitution. The Queen stated herself that she wanted to secure Her Crown Lands. All of this occurred AFTER Premier Misick and his party, declared their solemn intentions of Independence. 

                  It is you who clearly know nothing about this!

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Dear God, sandra, your post is so off the wall I can't even begin to answer it. At first I thought you were deliberately being witty and satirical ("the Queen stated herself"!!!!!!) but eventually I realised you are just utterly clueless. Try so read up on all the corrupt practices in TCI by its politicians that brought it to this mess and stop wondering where I'm from. At least it's not LaLa land.

                    • sandra says:

                      Of course, there was corruption, but that issue was used as an excuse to declare full rule on the inhabitants of TCI. This was done to avoid them moving towards independence, the corruption theme was just sensationalize for their agenda. You are in La La land!

              • Anonymous says:

                Why should UK prepare us for Independence when we said that we didn't want it? Are we children that we can't think for ourselves and prepare ourselves if we want it?

                God gave us brains to use so I suggest we just use them.  The way I see it, we will be worse than our Caribbean neighbors with independence because we have too much corruption.

                When we start showing that we can manage ourselves and not that we are a bunch of children hollering at each other in the play yard then fine, let's go for independence.

                Turks & Caicos made their own beds so they have to lay in it just like we made ours.

            • Anonymous says:

              …..lots of highly paid jobs for all those Brits who don't want to leave.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is a rather clever ironic/satiric comment 18:31 but I suspect it will not be understood as such on this website.

          • Anonymous says:

            I love the misguided air of superiority. That sarcasm in this silly post is patently obvious. If nothing else everyone knows that Cayman has not been demanding independence for the past 40 years.

            • Anonymous says:

              So when you dont get a choice in the matter, you have nothing in place and it comes as a shock for all.

        • Anonymous says:

          "many years ago when Caymanians asked fervently to be a colony of the UK that the UK government cynically and in true brutal oppressive colonial fashion agreed to their request".

          You have your history bit mixed up. We have always been a British colony or at least a dependency of a British colony.

          Even if that were true it would not justify repressive policies. It's like a woman said "don't you remember when you begged to marry me? That gives me the power to be as abusive as I like". 

      • bbman says:

        Inequality – That is a trait of colonialism at its best

    • Penalty Box says:

      Did all little kids do something naughty?  That is just silly.  Besides, we are talking about a lot more than car keys being taken away.  How can anyone justify the taking of democractic rights of an entire nation.  It is sick to say such a thing.

    • Come on says:

      Not everyone was naughty in Turks and Caicos.  Taking everyone's rights and imposing a dictatorial regime is an abuse of power.  How can anyone compare fundamental rights of citizens in this way.  Are the British masters the mommy and daddy and the Islanders the little children because of the colour of their skin?  No, they are all adults and citizens of the human race.

  6. Pit Bull says:

    TCI – having shown you can't behave with the old constitution, if you don't like what is on offer go independent.  Good luck with that one.

    • Bull Dog says:

      For all you know, Pit Bull, they are better off Independent. Besides, to this date, what has the UK given to them?  What???  And don't tell me a British name or a British dollar!  I think I should say to you:  Good luck with that one too.

      • O'Really says:

        Well, not a British dollar, since such a thing doesn't exist. But how about Pounds – 175m of them, or if you prefer, US$260m, courtesy of a loan facility guaranteed by the UK. Here's a link:

        Or here's a quote from Delton Jones, Permanent Secretary for Finance in TCI, when presenting their budget on April 5th:

        "With a significant budget deficit and high levels of debt placing pressures on the economy, Jones said that, without the help it has received from the UK, the TCI would be bankrupt. The previous administration had failed to pay many of its creditors, damaging localbusinesses, yet also offered tax concessions at what Jones called an unsustainable rate. Despite these difficulties, Jones stressed that the financial support provided by the UK has given the country the time it needs to tackle the crisis…."

        Luck favours those who have some knowledge apparently.

        • Anonymous2 says:

          lol… And did Delton Jones made such a speech BEFORE the British declared full rule on TCI; or, AFTER the fact, when they cause the central bank to liquidate, ran away investors, and ruin their economy?  Oreally, you got to come better with that

          • Allheart says:

            Who said the loan is a bail out.  The Turks and Caicos has never taken a penny from the UK and the UK has never offered.  All of a sudden the British regime takes over and a "loan" is needed.   It will be used for the British agenda installed there and will not go to the benefit of the people.  Besides, a large portion of that "loan" has been leveraged in bonds, it is not transparent and will behold the citizens to the UK for generations.  Gross misconduct. 

          • O'Really says:

            Well, his comments were made on April 5th , 2011. I'm just quoting the TCI Permanent Secretary for Finance. Compared to you, what would he know? 

            • Anonymous2 says:

              Answer:  He would only know the area of Finance?!!! 

              • O'Really says:

                Well that's almost certainly one more area than you know. 

              • Anonymous says:

                If you expect someone in TCI with responsibility for Finance to know the subject of Finance, how do you explain our Minister of Finance?

  7. Miller says:

    This is shameful!  A UK dictatorship!  Almost like George Bush ordering the invasion of Iraq, a soveriegn nation without no evidence of mass destruction or ties to Al Quida. That cost the U.S. billions of dollars and a troubled economy. I sincerely believe from the very start, the UK had no justification whatsoever in dissolving TCI's elected officials. This all has to do with Her Majesty's Interest, and whatever that interest is, it has nothing to do with the people's interest. This is just an unfortunate situation.

    • Joe says:

      And what Cayman has is not shameful?  Are you proud to be part of what is happening here?  Do you really think it is in the best interest of the country as a whole or just in the interest of the few who are living large off the many who work hard and get nothing in return?  If the U.K. had not stepped in would TCI be better off?  And I am talking about the people and not just the leadership in case you don't see the difference.

      • Anonymous2 says:

        the fact that is it shameful has nothing to do with cayman – the shame goes to what the article is saying. maybe you should read it.

        • Joe says:

          I did but I can see the big picture at the same time.  Try it sometime.

          • Annoyed says:

            Sorry, but I think the big picture that you claim to see, is distracting you from seeing the real important crux of the matter. Not just read the article, but read other articles as to what is going on in TCI, and then I feel you would have a bit more understanding as to what is going on.

  8. anonymously says:

    CNS: "The UK imposed direct rule on the Turks and Caicos Islands after an inquiry found evidence of government corruption and incompetence."  LOL… I wonder if the UK government don't take a brief look at themselves. I think over there need a "direct rule" from a people's revolution.


    • karen says:

      I don't think they can see themselves too accurately, because like the Pharisees in Jesus day, they are cloak in royalty and carry royal gong everywhere they go. But hidden behind is corruption far greater than you would see in the caribbean. kisses and goodnight 😉

  9. Libertarian says:

    ***** Premier Misick should have been prosecuted in his own country for corruption – not the people of Turks and Cacois Islands! These people's democracy should have been respected, their Constitution upheld, their central bank should have never been dissolved, and not torn down by foolish and mindless colonial acts from a government that wants to show-off and flex its muscles of power on the country! They wanted to do the same thing in Cayman with their corruption probes and attempts to form a premise by which to set up British dictatorship in the Cayman Islands… yes, I said it!!!  They talk so much about democratic values here, but look what they are doing just hundreds of miles away from us! The United Nations have condemned their foolish act!  And they all say it is because TCI was corrupt and "we" saved the day – NONSENSE!!! It is a shame that the UK government has to constantly borrow from the British taxpayers for their stupid and unlawful decisions against this island nation!

    • LOL says:

      lol  :o)) … love it!  Libertarian tell it like it is!

    • Joe says:

      You have some good points there.  Although I belive something needed to be done it could have been done better.  It saved the people from their own Governments corruption but………  yea.

      • anonymously says:

        I disagree.  It didn't made TCI government any better. And what about the UK government?  Are they not corrupt too?  From day one, I smelt rat