Mac declines to talk to CNS

| 20/05/2011

(CNS): As the current administration marks its mid-way point today, CNS had asked the premier if he would consider answering six questions about the last two years of his administration and the next two years ahead. Despite CNS’ best efforts to persuade him, McKeeva Bush declined as he said that CNS was erroneous and biased (as a boat jib) and there was too much hate from the bloggers. However, even though the premier decided not to answer us directly, over the last few weeks he has made a number of statements that suggest what he might have told CNS readers.  (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

We had asked the premier what he considered his greatest achievement since taking office to be, his biggest challenge, if he would do anything differently, what he was looking forward to most, what he expected to be the toughest issue over the 2nd half of the term and how he felt this time in office compared to his time as leader from 2001-2005. Even though he did not answer, over the last few weeks the premier has made a number of statements that suggest what he might have said.

It is reasonable to assume, given his recent public statements, that Bush would have pointed to the reduction in the deficit as one of his greatest achievements. With the global economic recovery still slow government revenue remains down and at the same time cutting expenses is still proving tough. Bush has, however, recently stated on a number of occasions that his government has managed to stabilize public finances and reduce the public sector deficit.

Although it is still unclear whether government will manage to end the year $15 million in the black after ending last year with a $50 milllion deficit, Bush has made it clear to civil servants that he needs spending cuts that will deliver that surplus.

He would likely have told us that government has balanced the public books without introducing any direct taxes, despite the large public debt and the pressure from the UK. If Bush had opted to answer CNS, he would probably have also taken credit for getting Cayman off the OECD gray list and noted it as a significant achievement.

With none of the planned public-private projects which the premier was hoping would kick start the local economy having materialized and unemployment in the local population continuing to grow, Bush would likely have pointed to the stumbling blocks to the projects,in both the public and private sectors as the most pressing issue that he has not yet addressed.

Getting some projects off the ground is probably what the premier would also have pointed to as the key developments he is most looking forward to over the next two years.

With rumours of an imminent announcement about where Dr Devi Shetty will be developing his planned hospital project, Hon Development committed to building a technology park in a special economic zone and a new potential Chinese partner willing to take on the cruise port, and two other infrastructure projects, development is where Bush sees the country’s economic recovery and in turn his political fortunes.

Asked what he would do differently, despite the many controversies that have plagued his administration so far, it is difficult to say if the premier has any political regrets. The Cohen and Co financing deal, the controversy over the costs of his and other ministers’ globetrotting, the decision to take his pension as well as his salary, the recent move to cease talks with the second cruise port development project, the opposition to his desire to sell or lease the new government building, his controversial announcement about Dart and the landfill only weeks after the contract was awarded to another company, are just some of the things that he may on reflection, regret.

While there are many things that could present challenges for the administration over the coming two years, from the continuing opposition to certain key projects to the need to raise new revenue, it hard to predict with certainty what Bush would have said. However, whether the premier thinks so or not, making the necessary spending cuts across the civil service, while keeping those public sector workers on side, may prove one of the most challenging of all.

The perceptions of a continuing rise in crime, despite the police commissioner’s claim, is also continuing to be an issue which has dominated the last two years, and while Bush’s government like others before him is limited by the division of power, the implementation of the 2009 constitution now offers the country’s leader more influence on law and order when it comes to crime. While Bush may feel he cannot control this aspect of government as premier, there is still an expectation on him to at least be seen to be addressing what is, according to anecdotal evidence, the biggest concern of both the wider public and the business community.

Tackling the ever sticky issue of immigration is also likely to be on Bush’s agenda for the next two years and the evident lack of significant change to the law over the last two years is clear indication that getting it right is not as easy as politicians like to claim from the hustings.

Every administration has been challenged with finding the balance between the need to recruit specific skills and talents from overseas, with jobs for the local people. However, with unemployment rising significantly among the Caymanian population, that balancing act is even more difficult.

And finally, asked to compare this first two years with his previous term in office, I think we can safely predict that Bush would have derided the increase in bureaucracy, rules, and greater press freedom. An open critic of the public management and finance law, freedom of information and the new online commenters or bloggers as the premier has named them – which has certainly stuck – these are all new factors that he has been forced to contend with since he left office as Leader of Government Business in 2005 and ones he has made no secret he dislikes.

Support for the current administration is waning since they were voted into office on 20 May and most straw polls on CNS are revealing an average 25 percent approval rating for the his and his government’s performance. (Vote in the latest poll here).

However, the only poll that counts when it comes to politics is the one on election day and one comment that Bush made to CNS when he declined to answer the mid-way point questions was that his opponents will have to “stew for another two years.”

The questions that CNS put to the premier that were not answered are:

Q1. What do you believe is your greatest achievement as leader since taking office on 20 May 2009?
Q2. What do you consider to be the most pressing issue that you have not yet managed to address?
Q3. If you could do these two years over what would you do differently (if anything)?
Q4. What are you most looking forward to in the next two years?
Q5. What do you think will be the most difficult issue that you anticipate facing over the next half of this administration?
Q6. How does the last two years of this administration compare to when you were at the government helm between 2001-2005?

Similar questions have been posed to both the leader of the opposition and the independent member for North Side asking them about how they feel they have measured up in their respective roles since being elected on May 20 2009 and both have agreed to answer. 

Watch out for those interviews which will be posted Monday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever had one of those bosses that gets angry and flustered when asked difficult questions?  Well you all do now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva's biggest achievement was turning the economy around.

    We can all remember the doubters, and CNS even hosted a "count down", but on the morning of December 16, 2010 we all awoke and voila, the economy had been turned around.

    I missed out on the Rapture yesterday, but the economy turn around is real because I marked the date on my calendar.


    • Anonymous says:

      The economy was not "turned around" exactly, they just didn't spend any money and increased fees, nowhere near the same thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't forget the 8 million seized from dormant bank accounts.

        • Anonymous says:

          That wasnt zseized. It was merely transferred to Governments travel expense account.

      • Anonymous says:

        The economy was not "turned around" exactly, they justspend all the money and increased fees, nowhere near the same thing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Blogger 15:40, if CNS is reporting inaccuracies about things UDP and MCKeeva, then who's fault is that? If McKeeva do not give CNS, Rooster or any other media sources the facts, then the media will release a news source based on their investigations, heresay, speculations and through the FOI and other sources. That is why McKeeva and the UDP needs to talk directly to the media to avoid any misconceptions, any inaccuracies or whatever.  McKeeva represents the people of these Islands, so he has to speak to the people's news sources.  What is he afraid off? Afraid that he may be asked a question and cannot answer them.  What is his problem? What has these news sources done McKeeva? Is it because they are too morden for his Granny Politricking? What is the reason why McKeeva is harbouring so much hatred for these media houses? They helped him once to run his campaigne to win the elections.  Why his partner Ellio was running the Rooster talk show he was on every chance he got, as I recall.  Oh, how short memories he has. CNS & Rooster are thge heartbeat of the voting public of the Cayman Islands, yes…Believe it or not! It IS a fact.

  4. mmcLaughlin says:

    Wow BIG surprise, Mac declines CNS  and this is the man we have as our leader, the master of division, lies and deception.

    He's not addressing the 24 points that the opposition put to him and his government, certainly this fool will not hear out CNS.

    Anyway Wendy you keep on bringing the facts out and everything will be fine.


    McCarron McLaughlin

  5. Watler says:

    Good Job Mac, you don't have to answer any of them… leave that for the appointed time!

    • Anonymous says:

      May 21st is gone so when should he answer !

    • Just Commentin' says:

      By "appointed time" I am assuming you mean Judgement Day when all liars and decievers and those who put their lot in with such will be cast into the Lake of Fire? Too damn late to speak out then as the One listening at that time is not gonna be persuaded by slick words and smoke and mirrors. The only smoke will that arising from the Pit, accompanied by the fumet of roasted politician baxide.

  6. Ken P says:

    He won't talk to CNS because this site is too honest and direct, face it Mac wants that everyone agrees with him if not you'll be cast aside. Politics isn't my expertise yet a good politician is like trying to find a mustard seed in a pot of sand, so good luck. Integrity is not the words you think of when one is describes the majority of politicians look at Arnold " Mr. Terminator. Trust me if our MLA's were paid $60,000 a year you'll see how many of them would be running to get in the LA. I say this should be the salary for someone who is working 3 months of the year and playing twiddledee and twiddledummy. The Premier is paid about US$250,000 for what?

    Keep pressing him CNS and good luck and a tip, you might need to get a pot of turtle stew to do the trick.

    Blessings to all

  7. Mat says:

    I commend the Premier for not answering any of the above mentioned questions. It shocks me to see comments here that are attempting to associate Cayman News Service with representing the views of Caymanians, when hardly not one blogger here identifies themselves as Caymanian. And if they do, how do we know that they are Caymanians?  I am amused of their ignorance and on how far "they" would go to spin such a premise to validate their claims against a political party. Time and time again, I have said before that the party system is dividing this country and causing people to oppose even those things that are in the best interest of the Cayman Islands. Practically, on this site alone, I have not seen so much opposition against one man and his proposed projects, because he is for a party. We see these bloggers and hear them speak alot about opposition, but no one gives a hoot of what so much negativity and criticism on invalid arguments, is doing to this country! CNS, being Cayman's news service, by all means, should be encouraging the "unity" and political stability of these islands. But I guess what I am saying, goes on deaf ears, and this "spinning" is looking more like "getting back" and revenge at the detriment of the unity of these islands. I recall when their were no parties, how people oppose ISSUES!  Election had nothing to do so much with personality. There was no such thing as a face attached to an issue. People came out and vote for what they knew was right and were not so pessimestic about their leaders. They hoped for the best in their leaders and "what side you were on" was not the issue. How could anyone assume that the bloggers, anonymous with no name on this site, could represent the Cayman Islands just so to oppose a man?  Thisis a great concern and shows to us the irrationality of "these minor few" on this site that can't look beyond a party flag. I wonder what did CNS expected?  The Premier has the right to not answer his opponents when many of them and the bloggers, use this outlet just for one thing – THERE POLITICAL AGENDA, AND THE TRUTH ON MANY THINGS!  Silence is eloquence on his part!

    And note that this does not mean I approve and agree with everything the Premier stands for – don't misrepresent me! But he is my Premier, and as an opponent, anything that Government does that is in the best interest of the people, I feel, it is my duty to support them because of what is right!  I am not living each day like it is election day! That is rediculous!  Election is pass, and more than CNS, this Government represents us because their is a recorded log of votes that I am sure surpasses the numbers of people that blog and visit this site. Please, let us not become distracted by critics on either side of the political spectrum.  

    • O'Really says:

      If there's one thing in your post I can agree with, it's that BigMac is at his most eloquent when he is silent!

    • Anonymous says:

      Regardless of whether this site is representative of the population you must agree that many of the comments here represent legitimate concerns.  You seem quite knowledgeable perhaps you can give logical explanations of the following:

      1) What was justification for the trip by entourage to Barcelona telephone conference on public purse?

      2) Why did the

      Premier go to Venice to visit a damn built by potential pier contractors instead of sending an expert to exam pier built in Tampa by same company?

      3) Why is pier project being decided unilaterally by the Premier instead of CTC/Port Board with engineering consultation?

      4) What was the pre-requisit requirement for Cayman's Florida liaison and what was recruitment process? 

      5) Why was Tampa considered a more effective base for Cayman's liaison than Miami which for pleasure, schooling, and health is more frequented by Caymanians ?

      5) Why is public money being used to pave subjectively selected private interests?

      6) Why isn't government transparency with ministry financial reporting considered a priority?

      Many of the people on this site can not imagine any legitimate reasons for much of the above.  I think the suspicion and distrust of the current administration is understandable as they have either refused to address these issues or responded with general and worthless statements.

      In all sincerity I truly hope someone can provide logical explanations for the above. If not I believe the country is being run without regard to the majority of the people but instead for the benefit of a selected few.


    • Anonymous says:

      You make a very nice mat.

  8. Chris says:

    You know one thing I like about a worthy opponent, they oppose with the facts, admit when they are wrong, and be "professional" about it in order to enlighten and teach the public. I am against all character assasinations; especially, if it is against our government – be it PPM or UDP.  I am a supporting of my government of the day, and respect goes to them. If I have a disagreement, I have rational grounds to disagree with the Premier, and I voice my opinion. But I don't go so low as to call people names, brand people, negatively protray their characters without evidence, and twist their words. CNS is getting a bad because I think, freedom of speech, sorry to say, is not being moderated well enough.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mac to CNS….not today BoBo!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Next thing you know Austin and Gilbert will have six questions for him too!

  11. Anonymous says:

    CNS is bias, they report one side of things and there are a lot of inaccuracies in their reporting!!!  I agree with Mr. Bush!

    • Anonymous says:

      15:40 Why are you on here blogging, there must be something of interest, or is it for those supposedly inaccuracies.

    • Anonymous says:

      I rarely agree with Mr Bush and confess to having no respect for the man BUT, on his comments regarding this site, I have to say that editorial Stalinism and censorship holds sway here and has been demonstrated time and time again.

      This site is primarily about advertising revenue and furthering its own self serving agendas. Look elsewhere if you want impartial journalism and facts.

      • anonymous :) says:

        yet the moderator would post your comment!  doesn't that tell you something?  maybe they just need to do more work on moderation, but I could say this site has encouraged freedom of speech. Nicky and crew should all be commended for this

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      13:40….explain what the inaccuracies are. I am ready to listen to you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    "I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds that my answer may tend to incriminate me."

    Oh, my bad.  That's an "out" guaranteed by the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The Cayman Constitution doesn't have any such amendment — yet!  Or "One man, one vote."


  13. sandra says:

    LOL… folks, cns is not a public forum that represents the entire Cayman Islands.  Get over it!  If McKeeva doesn't want to answer their questions, that is his business. I wouldn't want to answer those questions too if I knew people are ready to cut me down. ;o)

    • Who are you foolin? says:

      catherine/stephanie/sandra, 2 things: (1) are you really so bored working in MacDictaror's office that you are cruising CNS all day, or did MacDictator put you up to this, and (2) will you please just pick a name and stick with it?  You're not fooling anyone.  Really, you're not.

      • sandra says:

        LOL.. 2 things:  First, I don't work for Mac; and Second, changing handle names must be your thing since you brought it up. But so you'll look good with a superficial response, you are right with my name – sandra. Have a good night.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would you worry about being cut down if you knew they had nothing to cut you down WITH?

      (Another completely indecipherable word verification, CNS).

  14. Slowpoke says:

    Mac, just answer the questions and use the best political disclaimer ever:  “Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood.” (Copyright Newt Gingrich)

    • Slowpoke says:

      For all you downfisters, I will miss you after the rapture tomorrow.  All the best,


  15. Anonymous says:

    CNS I applaud you for trying, but you are luiterally dealing with Ignorance.  He may not be worth your time nor the voting public time.  You cannot learn anything from McKeeva that makes sense.  CNS please do not become intimidated or discouraged by McKeeva's rejection. It may be a good thing.  Whatever he does, we will find out via FOI.  Leave it up to the people to expose him.

  16. Just Sayin' says:

    It would be great if Mac would just decline to talk altogether

  17. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva remember you are serving the general voting public and they are demanding answers to what you have done, doing and is going to do.  You cannot just get up on a podium and say this is what will be done.  Give us reasons, give us a chance to dissect it and give us a chance to give opinions and ask questions.  the media is our only outlet to express ourselves and you should not rebuke them.  Remember the media was used by you and the UDP potentials too, just before elections.  It served you ALL well then, so why not give the media a chance now to serve the voting public.  Why are you McKeeva, Ellio and Rolston are so angry and animated, when you are being asked a simple question by the Media and the Talk Show hosts?  It is time to tune down the rhetoric now and get on with the job you were elected to do.  Stop this blame game rampage you ALL are on.  It is sending the wrong message to the young people.  That is why they are refusing to vote in these islands, because of the bulls*#@ you guys are spitting out everyday.

    • More pee came out says:

      "McKeeva remember you are serving the general voting public…"

      Laughing again… can't stand it… more pee coming out…  Ahhhhh hah hah hah hah….

      • Eugene says:

        Careful. If you pee Mac off you might be peeing in your gas tank to get around.

  18. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva I hope you realize that these bloggers are the major voting public.  Yes, and some of them are from West Bay.  So, What are you afraid off? The questions? the intellect of the moderators? or simply the questions are too difficult for you to answer?  Ellio cannot answer every question, as he do not know everything you are doing.  You need to STOP this Granny Politricking and respond to ALL the media, as Obama has to do.  Obama hates the conservative Media, but he still go out now and then to face them, even if he has to tell them lies.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol… you mean the major "posting public"! 


    • Just saying says:

      really?  I can't tell the last time I've seen Obama interviewed on FOX News

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no comparison between the 2 news outlets. Fox News is filled with blatent fabrications and hatred….now that I think of it, lots of comparisons between Fox and the UDP!

      • Anon says:

        Obama was interviesed by the BBC last night.  Besides which, Obama is the most powerful leader in the world while Bush is XXXX.

      • Anonymous says:

        He was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News in February.  Is that enough for you??  Obama does, after all, have a few other things to do…

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, like pissing off Israel …………..!!!

    • Just Sayin' says:

      I hate to burst your bubble but the internet is blocked in West Bay and CNS in particular is most definitely not allowed!

  19. catherine says:

    Excellent!  Mac, don't answer none of their questions!  You don't answer to them – but the people of the Cayman Islands!

    • Seriously says:

      You are a pinhead.  CNS is a forum for the people of the Cayman Islands to pose questions and express themselves without fear of retribution from Herr Dictator.  The questions posed here ARE from the people.

      • Seriously Seriously says:

        Umm.. I don't think cns represents the entire population. Where did you get that from?

        • Seriously Seriously Seriously says:

          That's not what I meant.  You know that the people behind CNS are people of the Islands and are entitled to ask questions, such as they did, and to the extent that other people of the islands ask questions on CNS Mac is not proper in ignoring them as "haters".  CNS does not need to "represent the entire population" to be in a position to pose questions on their own behalf and that are of interest to the people who frequent this site. 

          PS – I said "from" the people, not "on behalf of all the people".

          • Just saying says:

            Your comment is very misleading!  For all you know the majority of bloggers on this site are EXPATS, many of which, are ANTI-CAYMANIAN to sow the seed of division and discord.

            • stephanie says:


              You know, more and more, I am seeing the illusion of these bloggers, thinking they represent the Cayman Islands. If there was ever Election Day, I can tell you, the status grants of around 3000 individuals that don't that pretty much don't blog or know CNS, would cause a rude awakening, because the government that gave them those grants was the UDP. 

              Sorry for being so frank, but if you think I am wrong, visit the Immigration website for the listing of the 2003 grants by cabinet.

              adios amigos  : )

              • a blogger says:

                I don't think I represent the Cayman Islands, but I sure as hell think the questions CNS posed are legitimate, and I sure as hell think that Mac is being a coward for not answering them. 

                I don't know if you hate expats generally, or all bloggers, or only expat bloggers or only Caymanian bloggers, but the truth survives all that:  the questions CNS posed are legitimate, and Mac is being a coward for not answering them.  You should try to stay on topic.

                • bradley says:

                  How can you say you "believe" Mac is a COWARD and at the same say, he "is" a COWARD?  You need to make up your unstabled mind as to which is it. As for me, he is definitely not a coward!  I think the real coward is the blogger who makes foolish attacks and is too scared to post his own name.

                  • Who are you fooling? says:

                    Sex change now catherine/stephanie/sandra/bradley?  It's a minute after 3 in the afternoon – aren't you already done "work" at MacDictaror's office?  Have to work "overtime" coming up with yet another fake name?  The sex change really doesn't fool anyone, but it is clear you are suffering from a brain-fart.  Someone open a window please…

            • JimminyCricket says:

              I think you have your comments the wrong way around. 

      • Eugene says:

        WHY do you overrate this guy?

    • KMT says:

      CNS is the public (people who reside in the Cayman Islands legally). Do you think the company is ran by robots or what?

  20. Maybe I can help him out says:

    Here are a few suggested answers….

    Q1. What do you believe is your greatest achievement as leader since taking office on 20 May 2009?

    hmmm, I would say getting all of the UDP elected members to ignore their ethics, loyalties, education and common sense and blindly follow me without question or concern for other Caymanians and their childrens future. I cant comment on how I managed to achieve this, but suffice it to say, they all know where their bread is buttered and Im churning butter over here babyyyy

    Q2. What do you consider to be the most pressing issue that you have not yet managed to address?

    Giving expats the right to wote, sorry vote.

     Q3. If you could do these two years over what would you do differently (if anything)?

    give expats the right to wote, sorry vote

    Q4. What are you most looking forward to in the next two years?

    giving expats the right to wote, sorry vote.

    Q5. What do you think will be the most difficult issue that you anticipate facing over the next half of this administration?

    See 2,3 &4 above!

    Q6. How does the last two years of this administration compare to when you were at the government helm between 2001-2005?

    No difference, same tactics and bull in a china shop approach, get want you want by kicking a$$ and taking names, show no mercy. I recently read the book "Management Sopranos Style" and I must say its the best management theory I have ever come across. I used to show compassion and empathy but they are only signs of weakness, this is a new day and so long as the people continue to swallow everything I say and do without question, then I dont need to worry. Every 4 years we dream up a new manifesto, we never stick to it, thats all for show really. Rolly gives a few passionate speeches ranting about nationalistic pride and fighting for Caymanians and the people follow us like sheep. I dont plan to change much next time around, I think we have the patent on stealing elections.

    The little move we did in George Town was fantastic, who would have thought those idiots would take a card from us and "just like sheep" walk into a voting both and vote exactly how the card said to vote. That was sheer genius, and you see they had to drop that investigation! we get away with murder in this place, so why change anything?


    • Anonymous says:

      Its people like you that cause the great divide between expat and Caymanian. Stir up the pot with outlandish baseless statements. You really do digust me – and low and behold I am a Caymanian through and through. T

      • Try Hush says:

        The comment was posted as a joke.
        There are countless examples of Caymanians (myself included) who have been victimized and pushed out of high paying positions by expats after years of selfless service and hard work, expats who are not qualified and simply want to create opportunities for their own kind!
        Before you even start let me assure you I am more than qualified!
        My comment was intended to poke fun at our Governments response to these injustices! Tactics such as lying to Immigration, recruiting other Caymanians to inform on and discredit their own and setting expectations so high that no one could meet their objectives are just a few examples of the tools they use.
        And the Immigration Boards are a joke. Just the other day they granted Permanent Residence to someone who had a load of letters on their file and when the people who wrote the letters became alarmed they were told there were no letters! so obviously someone in power removed them. The person who received PR is notorious for "getting rid of Caymanians" and was made famous in her particular firm for making the comment "the only way to motivate a Caymanian is to feed them donuts".
        And Immigrations response to my own little dilemma ? "you know we rely on the work permit money?", "Don’t worry I will make sure you are taken care of, you will have lots of work". I never heard from that particular Chairman again! But I will run into him soon and he will hear how "great" I am doing.

        The expat Caymanian divide didnt just happen because us Caymanians have an entitlement attitude, their deliberate and often illegal actions brought it about, and until they are no longer holding thereigns to our Government we will be no better off!

        So Its people like you who disgust me by defending them!

        • Anonymous says:

          You well and truly have lost the plot. May I suggest that your bitterness about losing a job as blinded you to why it happened in the first place. It is always easier to blame others (and in your case the expats) then oneself. No business in their right mind would replace a qualified hard working Caymanian with an expat who didn't have the requisite skills. Businesses exist to make profits, what you are suggesting is contrary to this, but maybe that is why you don't get it in the first place. Yours truly Caymanian Business Owner.

          • Try Hush says:

            Yep thats why I won my Constructive dismissal case and was PAID. You have no idea what happens in those places and as the saying goes, "walk a day in my shoes"….

            • O'Really says:

              ….. because then we'll have a day's head start and your shoes. Cool!

            • Anonymous says:

              And another saying is that 'there are two sides to a story'. Yours and I am sure your former employers. Get over it

              • Anonymous says:

                Get over it? wonderful strategy "get over it" so all the hard working Caymanians who have been made victims of racist bigoted actions in the workplace should just "get over it". You all need to read the warning signs! This place is going to get turned upside down in the next few years if these practices are not stopped and stopped now!

                • JimminyCricket says:

                  Every hard working Caymanian in my work place has received multiple pay rises, promotion and absolute job security. Those that  'disappear' during the day, spend half the day on their mobile phones, abuse their sick leave and don't keep up with the duties they are employed to perform do not. Very simple really.

        • Anonymous says:

          For their own kind? What do you mean? White? From a particluar country? Sorry it may not have been your intention but you are coming off sounding like a bigot and racist. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Kurt and Alden also had their list for friends and criminals and welfare jitter bugs  to GET STATUS GRANTS FOR too!


          Big Mac did not do this all by himself woooooooooooooooh! He;s getting the blame but Kurt and Alden ARE JUST AS GUILTY!

          I'm an Independent. I tell the truth, why don't you?

        • Anonymous says:

          Truthful as the bible.  Good article


          ITS THE TRUTH!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I blame tomorrows rapture on the UDP.

    • Waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse says:

      I agree.  To help us all out since the world as we know it ends tomorrow with the coming of the Rapture, then in case Rapture includes the Zombie Apocalypse as expected here is a helpful link to the Centre for Disease Control’s planning package for the Zombie Apocalypse.  I'm serious.  Here it is:

      Those people planning on being taken in the Rapture need not click the link. 

      Those not going please remember: if you are flying tomorrow please remember to ask if your pilot is a believer.  If he says "Praise the Lord", best catch another flight.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't expect many of the UDP will be left around here tomorrow night.

      • ppm'r says:

        oh sh%t… well that means I'm in the wrong camp!  ppm will be the ones left behind… lawd have mercy!  alden's comin on clouds to save udp instead of ppm!

    • anonymous says:

      Anonymous @ 09:26 since you blame tomorrows rapture on the UDP then you must be one of the old faithfull expecting to see almighty Alden bursting thru the skies coming to save you………..lmao

  22. Anonymous says:

    Cheeze Louise, somebody give the baby his bottle back.

  23. JTB says:

    The Premier seems unaware that accountability and communication are a major part of his job. Most political leaders become isolated and paranoid over time, but it seems to have happened with McKeeva in just 2 years.

    Mr Bush, if people disagree with you, it doesn't mean they are wicked or subversive, it's just a part of democracy. The answer is to engage with them and try to persuade them of your policies. Perhaps you could even accept that you don't have a monopoly on truth and wisdom, and you might learn something yourself from the process.

    I won't hold my breath though. The likeliest outcome seems to be that the hatches will remain battened down until the election and that you will leave office ignominiously.

    It needn't be that way.

  24. Anonymous says:

    CNS you can't constantly spit in the man's face and think he is going to continually be nice to you. In this particualr situation, I don't necessarily think he is being arrogant but just wants factual information put out rather than a sensational headline that everyone responds to rather than reading the factual content. Trust me if every time I talked to someone they would go behind my back and twist what I said for their own benefit, I wouldn't talk to those people either. It would be like McKeeva walking into the Rooster show and saying he wanted to go on air and be questioned by Austin and Gilbert. That would be political suicide.The Rooster show has taken a personal agenda against the Premier and he would be ambushed, belittled and thrown to the wolves. Not that I think McKeeva couldn't handle himself in that dog fight but why make a public spectacle of it. I feel it is their lost because if they were a fair and balanced show that would have no issue with the premier coming on there but their personal and most times unfounded accusations and political innuendo have limited their access and so they can do nothing but consistently complain and rant.

    The government and the Premier have an obligation to keep the press informed but it does not give the press, no matter how significant they think they are, the right to have exclusive sessions and questions with them. I don't know of any government in the world that the local newspaper or blog could call up or send their head of state a set of questions and expect that they will be answered every time. There would be no time for them to do anything else.

    All this being said CNS is pretty much touted as the anti-government blog and whilst I believe the government is due their fair share, some of the content and headlines on here are sensationalized and slanted and even when there are good news stories to be told they are for the most part lost because of the headlines. CNS this is not an offense to you, this is how you increase readership and keep your blog going but it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't sometimes be a responsible business citizen and tell it like it is. Sometime we don't mind the cold hard truth.

    I realise that most likely I have offended the writers and owners of CNS and this probably will not be printed but I hope my sentiments will give you pause to think that in these times of recession, depression and all the other bad things that being balanced and printing good news items and being fair to both sides would show you in a better light and believe it or not it stilll will increase your readership because the entire public will see it as fair and balanced.

    As far as the Premier goes, he was just on Radio Cayman yesterday and he is on Cayman 27 all the time and he seems to have time albeit infrequent for the Compass. CNS I would suggest if you can't get him to answer your questions directly, there is nothing stopping you like any other member of the public to call up the talk show when he is on and ask the same questions.

    When all is said and done, all of us have to live together on these small islands we call home. I am not a fan of McKeeva and personally and I know thet he won't be in office forever as politicians come and go. We may not and will not always agree with their modus operandi but we voted them in and the least we can do to the office they hold is to give them the respect they deserve as our leaders whilst they are in office. If we are not happy with them there are ways to remove them legitimately butI think it is a crying shame and certainly not the way we Caymanians grew up to constantly bad mouth and put down our own just because we don't necessarily agree with them. We can agree to disagree without trying to ruin each other.



    • Rorschach says:

      Mr. Bush needs to get over himself…anywhere else in the REAL WORLD, politicians are answerable to the people and EVERY word they utter is open to scrutiny and every decision they make is open to interpretation and dissection…

       If Mr. Bush can't take the heat…..

    • A Civil Servant that Escaped says:

      Very well said. CNS does nothing to hide personal opinions and while I am not saying media have to be neutral or objective, when they constantly use their voice to manipulate and influence the way people think withe personal opinions they become as obnoxious to some of us as the politicians who do the same thing.

    • Watler says:

      I recall the Premier himself a year ago, attacked CNS and its bloggers. He mentioned people called him a dictator and the very same things you are talking about, how the media and bloggers twisted even the facts because of either party bias or some other kind of bias or hate.

      How I see it, like the Governor said before his daughter's death, the Premier is "frustrated." I hope all those vacation trips, do pay off; or, else, I suggest he should resign. Why?  Because a leader that is reactive could make bad decisions.

      • karen says:

        Despite his frustrations, I think he is doing a pretty good job. If Alden or some other was in his shoes, I don't think he would last before having a nervous breakdown.

  25. fish tea says:

    But is he not entitle to not answer his opponents???

  26. 3RD CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Crime is the most important issue facing the ruling party but they remain silent. Crime is most worrisome in his own district but it has never been addressed. As an observer, this government is in total denial of all facts that deal with the administraition of government. A real sad state of affairs for anyone that calls themselfs leaders.

  27. anonymous says:

    How about CNS should answer six questions prepared from government and ppm political party, pertaining to their site and journalism, and have the answers posted on the CayCompass!  😉 

  28. Florence Goring-Nozza says:

    Perhaps a decline to respond by the Premier means that the UDP has no plans on serving the people any time soon. Some people in other forums have suggested direct taxation is the answer, I beg to differ that direct taxation is the one thing that the Cayman Islands DO NOT NEED, NOT NOW, NOT LATER NOT EVER!
    We do not need direct taxation here in the Cayman we would lose our national identity. Tax free is what the Cayman Islands is all about, and it is our pride and joy. Bear in mind we are the envy of not one, not two, but many nations. I do somewhat agree with Bodden in another forum that a community tax seems more palatable since we all are going to be old one of these days and may need the financial assistance.
    However, Bodden should have mentioned the wasteful spending by this present government in excessive traveling expenses, numerous counts of unecesary sundry spending and the MLA's pay needs to BE CUT by at least 33% to 40%! They are OVERPAID! they are collecting a salary equal to, or more than a US senator who makes US$174,000 per year.Why do these home grown do nothing party pigs need to be paid so highly? they live on this little rock, size 110 square miles with a population of less than 50,000 people, only approximately less than 25% of which are Caymanians, with a voting register of only 15,000 people.Comparing this study to the United States Internal Revenue service which is supported by a complimentary of 300 million tax paying citizens! How does a Caymanian MLA in a colonial setting with a low populace fit into the equation of such a high salary equal to that of a United States Senator?!

    This is not only outrageous but totally insane and needs to be revisited and the necessary salary cuts and adjustments made.

    In addition they presumptiously have the law on their side with their double dipping!  No where else in the world does an individual collect pension before he or she retires from his or her job! this law  supporting Double dipping on the Cayman Islands Law books needs to be suspended and done away with.
    These guys are getting a freeride living high on the hog at our expense,while everyone else including hard working middle class citizens are humiliated and forced into  welfare status.This charade must cease. Continual granting of work permits for cheap foreign labor is destroying our people and the hope of the future for our Children. We can not allow a government to do this to our dear children. The work Permit  abuse government allows, and deregulation of businesses  is 99% to blame for this misfortune and this present government is RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HARDSHIPS OF THE PEOPLE by creating road blocks, and door stoppers to keep our people from  employment and making an hohest living. Because of this, the high rise in crime amongst our young people is inevitable. Young grads have no where to go but the streets! this is a shame and disgrace.The people in charge, the lawmakers, yes the legislators we elected to office  need to lead the way in taking a 40% to 33% pay cut from their monthly salary which is a Las Vegas style luxury. Taxation in this country would not only destroy our reputation as a tax free nation but it would wipe us off the map as a leading financial center amongst global players.

    I think we're going to have to force them to work for us, by calling them out on the issues important to us. Since they don't seem to have the heart of a public servant, they don't seem to have any plans on working for the people any time soon, I doubt very much if they even remember why they were eleted to office based on their poor performance.

    I'm still waiting for an explanation on what exactly is Capt. Eugene's role and why his salary is not being donated to charity?

  29. Anonymous says:

    can i answer all 6 on his behalf? ok? here we go –

    1) increasing my airmiles account….i saw that George Clooney movie and i want the platinum or titanium card and the nice AA pilot to know me by name..

    2) where does the dough from the donut hole go?

    3) i'd try to ignore myself…that way i'll have ignored everyone

    4) the Olympics

    5) will i walk or drive to the nearest coffee shop from my new lovely govt building…..

    6) its hotter….there just might be something to this global warming thing

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sad but the premier either can't read the legitimate concerns raised here or merely discounts them as "haters".  It is obvious the questions that CNS and it's readers have raised are not convenient for him or his side kicks to answer.  Do not expect any enlightenment from his office anytime soon.  And now I truly believe he cannot address any issues as I am sure his answers would enragethe people and possibly lead to criminal proceedings. 

  31. married to a Caymanian says:

    Unemployment will not be solved by wasteful mega projects and new buildings! *That remains the bricks-for-buddies kickbacks and not the little man voter.

    However, one aspect of unemployment is in Big Mac's control, is the Civil Service!  It is appalling to see unqualified and average overseas workers in government jobs.  I've been married to a Caymanian for over 13 years and have a college degree from Canada, but will never have a chanve at working in the civil service becasue less qualified people than myself have locked themselves into goverment jobs.  No rollover, no work permit renewals in the newspaper.  

    You get a job with government, they may as well hand you status at the same time!

    This is why you can't fire poorly performing teachers, get decent planning or accounting, the people in these jobs are safe with their mediocrity.

    I'm sorry, but it is time to give the jobs BACK to the citizens who only hold one passport, a Caymanian passport.  There, unemployment fixed.


    • Ian says:

      When you in fact really do have "one passport, a Caymanian passport", that is, one which does not allow you to live and work in the EU, then maybe your comments above will not sound as ignorant as they indeed are.

      I'm a Civil Servant from the UK. Why don't you and your Caymanian pals apply for my job if all you should require is a Caymanian passport. My position was advertised in the UK after no Caymanian applied for it here. Two contract re-newals later and still there have been no Caymanian applicants.

  32. Anonymous says:

    what do you expect? he said he will only appear on 'his' radio station…. radio cayman….infront of one his puppets like dwayne sterling ebanks…

    • :o)) says:

      lol… boy when I hear him talk with his monotone voice and some christian lady, I can't help but not fall asleep!  The radio show has become so boring and the most important topics are not even addressed anymore.

      I also notice now, you have alot more callers not getting a chance to voice their controversial concerns. Airtime on the show is all about discussions that are feeding to the public conservative viewpoints. I just switch off the radio when I hear him talk. Because next thing ya know, I sleeping and snoring at the stering wheel of my car when its the afternoon!

      Sorry but I just had to post this

      • Rorschach says:

        I hear they are actually using his radio show to treat those persons who have severe insomnia with promising results…

        • Anonymous says:

          talk today….easily the worst radio show in the world….  and  crosstalk ain't that much better!

          • Chris says:

            Cross Talk is alright, but its just that Austen need to stop injecting his views too much. It get frustrating and repititious. He needs to just stick to moderating the callers comments, and allow people to talk and stop injecting his views. Also, he should give Gilbert or a lady for a change more talking time – not to share their views but just to take calls.  

            As for Radio Cayman talk, they need to revamp that altogether.

  33. Margaret "Silver" Thatcher says:

    If we only know his hypothetical answers, can we only hypothetically call him full of crap?

    PS:  Margaret Thatcher is not my real name.

  34. Anonymous says:

    How arrogant!! Maybe he could change a few minds if he was willing to actually have an honest discourse with people. 

    • fish tea says:

      My friend, there is no arrogance in not wanting to answer a few questions from a news outlet. Many leaders, including the U.S. has turned down the media. He is just being smart. I don't blame him one bit.

      • Anonymous says:

        'he is just being smart'…hahaha…classic

      • Anonymous says:

        where is Alden McLaughlin's petition for us to sign and get thie dicktator out of office.?

        If Alden can't even coordinate signatures to over throw or oust his greatest opponent then he's not worth much of our time or support either!

        • Johnson says:

          Better mind they don't move us from a local dicktator to a UK one – that's even worse, seeing what's going on in TCI

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps its not arrogance, but the challenge of having an honest discourse with people. 

      I used to be a supporter, but my eyes are open enough to see that none of his promises have actually come to fruition. In fact, I'm tired of hearing the same promises over and over again. At the same time, our major issues are ignored, crime etc. Moreover, I sense the word "Premier" has gotten his head. There is definitely an "I can do what I want" attitude, combined with "You are either for me or against me".  These are not the traits a leader should have. 

    • Anonymous says:

      hahahha you said "honest discourse". Two words Mac would have to look up in the dictionary.