Budget painful says governor

| 23/05/2011

(CNS): Full story – Delivering the government's Throne Speech this morning, the governor described the budget for 2011/12 as a “painful process". Addressing the Legislative Assembly Monday morning, Duncan Taylor said that government was facing challenges in its efforts to cut costs in order to bring government finances back to a sustainable level while still delivering quality services. He said government's planned surplus this year was brought about as a result of not paying into the pension liability and that in reality government was still spending more than it earned. Against the backdrop of the UK's request that civil service costs be cut, the speech was delivered by Taylor in isolation without the fiscal plans for 2011/12.

The Legislative Assembly was adjourned by the premier shortly after the governor left the parliament.

“I am praying I will have a budget to present next week,” McKeeva Bush told the House as he moved the adjournment for a date to be fixed.

The delivery of the actual spending plans and revenue expectations has been delayed as a result of concerns raised by the UK government that the personnel costs for the public sector are still too high. However, Bush has stated he does not want to cut salaries or benefits to civil servants and therefore cuts must be made elsewhere.

Delivering his second throne speech in his role as governor, Taylor said far more needed to be done when it came to government expenditure. He added that the  past year had been a challenging one for the Cayman Islands because of the continuing recession and the impact of this on public finances.

“We are still feeling the impact of the global financial crisis and the recession which it provoked.  Like most countries around the world, we are having to take difficult decisions to cut costs, in order to bring government finances back onto a sustainable track.  It is a painful process,” he said. 

With the UK still having the last word on this year's government spending, Talylor described the process of setting this budget as “stressful and prolonged” as he thanked all those who had worked on it. He added that the Portfolio of the Civil Service would continue supporting the steering group and teams that are carrying out the public sector reviews looking for spending cuts in government, but gave no more information on the most recent results of that team's work.

The governor also revealed that the Auditor General's Office intended  to provide the Legislative Assembly with the six financial and performance government audit reports, which are currently outstanding, in the coming financial year and stated that the AG would make a difference by “holding government accountable for its spending and for providing value-for-money in publicservices,” but did not refer to the current empty chair on the Public Accounts Committee.

Although government was not in a position to reveal  the actual numbers for the next financial year, the governor delivered a broad outline of the plans by the UDP administration and the official arm for the next twelve months.

He spoke at length about the implementation of e-services across government, from on-line training for civil servants to e-tickets being delivered by police. 

Tackling crime would be a key objective during the next year to secure borders and prevent organised crime from gaining a foothold on these islands, Taylor said but noted the challenges. Although crime figures were down, he said, just one crime was one too many and the increase in robberies was of particular concern.

'Public confidence remains an elusive goal,” Taylor said.  'The RCIPS recognises the key benefits of having officers at neighbourhood level, known and trusted by those they serve and key to the securing of public confidence.  This year, resources permitting, the RCIPS will increase the number of officers working with and at the heart of our communities.”

He also said that the new crime prevention strategy would soon be released to the public and that phase one of the national CCTV programme public surveillance camera system would be rolled out in the near future.

The governor listed a number of further policy plans and legislative changes that would come before the country's parliament in this financial year. These included necessary changes because of the Bill of Rights, which would be implemented in 18 months. He also pointed to planned amendments to the Judicature Law to widen the list of people eligible to serve on juries, and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Law, as well as a new law  for the Commission of Standards in Public Life Bill. He also said there would be a new traffic law coming but there was no mention of the national conservation law, merely a policy intent to have EIAs conducted before developments begin.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In what is probably a welcome piece of news for locals:  the ethnic cleansing of the Cayman Islands Civil Service has begun.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is some perspective for those of you who think that the Cayman Islands civil service is over paid.

    The mayor of Toronto makes $164,000 CAD ($131,000) per year. He pays income tax.

    The mayor of Toronto presides over a population of 2.5million.

    Compare this to McKeeva's untaxed earnings and benies for presiding over a population of 50,000.

    And here is the real kicker, the mayor of Toronto has to put up with snow and temperatures of 20 degrees F in a brisk breeze. What's that worth?


    • Dred says:

      I believe that MLA salaries should only be raised after the following:

      1) 100% vote in the LA

      This allows it to go to stage 2

      2) Approval by the UK FCO


      It befuddles me that people can vote for their own salaries to be raised and there is no one to counter them.

      • O'Really says:

        Interesting that you should suggest this. The proposed new constitution in TCI includes setting up an Integrity Commission to approve/set elected officials salary. Different structure but same intended oversight as your suggestion. 

        The response to this suggestion in TCI by the PDM? 

        "The Integrity ( Committee ) should not have the role of expressing its opinion on what is a lawful salary for a Member of Parliament; that role is for the Government and the other members of the House."




        • karen says:

          lol….. you are an expert of TCI law

          I feel you need to study the law 101 subject on "good governance" – sweetheart, that's just my opinion. 🙂

          • O'Really says:

            Hardly an expert, I picked up that piece of information by reading an attachment to an article on this site. I suspect the idea of reading as a mechanism for obtaining information is new to you. You should try it  – just my opinion, my dear.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        Yep, and to hell with how the governed may feel about MLA salaries right? Right?  RIGHT???

    • Anonymous says:


      You can't compare the Mayor of Canada to the Premier of Cayman. That's not a fair comparison.

    • Anonymous says:

      Toronto and Cayman- two different costs of living.  I'm sorry this is not a fair comparison but thanks for putting it out there.  We see what you are trying to say and the bottom line is the salaries of all of our LA Members should be reviewed. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need to trim public service costs.A few years ago a survey was carried out showing we have more public sector employees per capita than any other small country/island in the world.We cannot however trim numbers as a significant proportion of our civil servants would be unable to find work in the private sector due to their inability to spell or add and subtract.The answer is a significant cut in salaries and benefits, better low pay than no job at all,  which has been the fate of many employees in the real world.

    I am also mystified at our attempts to produce a budget when the vast majority of government departments have been unable to produce accounts, including the Ministry of Finance which is headed by someone with no financial qualifications whatsover.




  4. T. L. Haranguer says:

    Cut civil servants salarys 20% across the board make them pay half thier pension and health care costs, and the civil service will be trimmed as all the ambicious hard working civil servants migrate into the private sector.

    Simple and effective.

    • Anonymous says:

      And how do you purpose someone that made $1500 a month before those cuts survive?  You do realise that only people at the very top are making $10,000 a month?  Most civil servants make under $3000.

      • The lone Haranguer says:

        live low on the hog, hard times are here. Breadfruit fish, turn of the AC sell the big gas guzzing SUV no more Miami shopping and stop having children you cannot afford.

        My helper makes $1,200 a month she sends a least half to Jamaica for her family and she seems to be quite healthy and happy.

        The truth offends ?

        • Anonymous says:

          So, if I understand you correctly, you would wish every civil servant to live like a domestic helper??  Does your domestic have to pay rent or does she live with you??  Does she eat at your house??  Are you volunteering to sponsor a CS to live with you and eat at your house??  C'mon man…CS are people too and want a good standard of living just like everyone esle…I for one am somewhat tired of hearing about persons who come here from other countries and live far beneath the accepted standard and send money home to poor countries where the currency is worth far, far less than here and hearing that persons who are from here or long term residents should live like this… 

  5. Baby Gaga says:

    Miller Report, page 90:

    "The alternative for Cayman is to continue its current spending trajectory, but only if it is willing to institute a system of direct taxation and/or a much broader and deeper tax on consumption. In order to provide anywhere near sufficient revenues, the tax-rates would need to be at international developed-country levels, and the tax base widened to include all Caymanians, including possibly some of the poorest. Even that might not work, since with its Island geography, an increase in taxes would place Cayman at a significant competitive disadvantage for financial services, tourism, and other potential enterprises, and many residents could depart the Islands. The result could well be a contraction of the economy, even less scope for Government, and a reduction in Caymans' standard of living."

    …or it could cut the Civil Service Welfare System.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Civil Servants Suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!

          We talk about Civil Servants suffering from a 3.2% pay cut and being behind on cost of living by about 20% or 30% by now. I hope you all release that it is not the majority of our Civil Servants that is suffering because of the poor management on the part of our government.  Let me enlighten you all a little. The departments that are mostly affected are the essential department of government that is at the lower end of the pay scale. Departments such as the Fire Department, the Police Department and the Prison have staff members that have been in the system for 23 to 25 years and are not making a salary of over $3,000.00 CI dollars.
        Now tell me if that is not a height of ridiculousness. Employees who wrist their lives to protect the country and the well being of our people are treated like trash without no regards.  While the higher end of the Civil Servants such as the Premier and his entourage reaps all the benefits.    What corrupted governments we bread over the years and it’s the same individuals we the people elect to government after being given a turkey or a load of fill.  Talk about being glutting for punishment. 

    • Boston Tea Party says:

      This post just proves that don’t need to be able to spell or use grammar to see the wood for the trees

      Truth is, there is a huge bias in favour of desk jobs (largely unproductive at at low to middle non fee earning level) and very little respect paid to the workers on the coalface (teachers, healthcare workers, police, firemen etc) whose pay and conditions are way below the privileged many in core government, whose value at low to middle level is questionable for the level of are ice they provide. Particularly when compared to the benefits they receive. If more value was attached to the frontline and less to the unproductive jobs ther would be a lot greater consumer satisfaction and a lot less perception of money wasted on non jobs like low or mid level hr or other such useless fripperies

  7. Anonymous says:

    from now onwards no free gas at the pump to any one. all must line up and pay at the pump . no more blue vs green iguana business on island. and this goes out to all sticking thier dirty hands in the turtle stew/lobster pot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      let's treat all the same;have a party and live like one bigislandfamily 🙂

  8. Did I heard him correctly says:

    Taylor says, "Public confidence remains an illusive goal!"  First, to himself; Second, to the RCIP; Third …..

  9. Anonymous says:

    "We are still feeling the impact of the global financial crisis and the recession which it provoked.  Like most countries around the world, we are having to take difficult decisions to cut costs, in order to bring government finances back onto a sustainable track.  It is a painful process"

    In other words, whilst we criticize UDP and PPM for our economic downturn, let us remember Global Recession, Ivan, Paloma, – such things this government has no control over

  10. Anonymous says:

    To reduce civil service expenses,it would be good to know if there has been an offer of the following:


    1. Early retirement packages with subsequent elimination of positions.

    2. Job sharing arrangements with elimination of positions.

    3. Advancement of Mandatory retirement ages.

    I believe many would avail themselves of options 1 & 2.

  11. Mr. Fix It says:

    How wide was that tunnel under Butterfield?

  12. NJ2Cay says:

    Nope not one of them, although I am from the US. And I think the Cayman Islands treat their Citizens way better then the US by staying out of the their pockets. And I totally agree that direct taxation would be the worst thing that could happen in the Cayman Islands. As for Caymanians being against what I described as upwardly mobile development. I am just going by the impression I get from reading the comments posted here. Being a Northside property Owner myself, I think the EE Port was good idea, but do not think it is worth the risks to the Water Lens and I still do not see why the boats have to be parked in the middle of the island instead of building out, but I made my decision after seeing the EIA, not as soon as the idea was mentioned. From what I read every development idea presented is immediately described as bad for the people or potentially destroying the island. I can’t remember reading one single post agreeing with any developments, not even the Enterprise city, without someone saying it was bad for the Caymanian people or would do nothing for the Caymanian people because they won’t hire locals, which I think is the government fault the they companies cause if they gave concessions for hiring locals they’d be more willing to do it . I for one try my best to be on the side of Caymanians, but constantly hear that I am not welcome nor wanted there since I was not born there, That they shouldn’t sell property to foreigners, hell I don’t and never have worked on the island, yet I am still told that I’m taking something away from people with a birthright or you should go back where you came from. These are the reasons why I get the impression that foreigners aren’t really welcome. 

    • andrew says:

      Caymanians are becoming blind by party politrix. It is time for Caymanians to wake up from this slumber, and Unite!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your comments, as it is always good to get additional and varying perspectives. I am Caymanian and would certainly welcome you here as a visitor and land owner. What you are likely reading as you peruse this site are frustrated and more recently skeptical posters who no longer trust this UDP Government.

      Sadly the UDP Government continue to make themselves easy targets by failing to properly research their proposed projects. Therefore people feel justified in accusing them of incompetence and vindicated when evidence later surfaces. Personally I just want the government to function as it should: ensuring accountability and transparency; implementing policies that protect the rights of its citizens; and controlling public spending on infrastructure where needed.   

  13. Anonymous says:

    Civil Servants should not have to suffer because of the bad decisions our government has made. I say they should cut Big Mac and all the parties paychecks in half, surely that will bring government finances back to a sustainable level. Stop cutting the hard working mans pay which is barley nothing and start cutting the pay from the root of the problem!!

    Also, stop letting Big Mac double dip, allowing him to get his pension while others are still working to reach the age limit to reitre!!

    Something has to be done about this and i for one am sick of seing my people of the Cayman Islands suffer so ONE man can have rooms at the ritz,fly private jets and continuosly go abroad to sell my birth right as a born, breed caymanian!!


  14. Shock and Awe says:

    Why is it politicians elected or unelected and who make enormous salaries can always "feel our pain"?  In what way I ask?  It only hurts when we laugh at such statements.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Take away McKeevas passport and the pain will go away!!

  16. Naya Boy says:

    No Hurricane Hilton for Deputy Premier No West Bay School project for West Bay UDP Chairman no Religous Park with Super Gong and all these political projects that are wasting monies. It is strange how our Governing Powers same only concerned with tightening security and seems to have no checks and balances on this Police service which keeps expanding to obilvion with no positive results we are importing more and more extremely high cost personel as if it is going to expand out crime.It would appear someone is anticipating taking control and are putting the tools in place for just that eventuality or situation. They themselves talk about police confidence elusive with the highest police per capita in the entire region doesn’t that strike you as bizarre. My questions is what have they done about this situation.This situation is unbearable and has many on this island scratching their heads. One word Governor more efficency and multi tasking for these law enforcement agencies and those that who unable to meet such goals be given the axe and not on his blog threatening not to respond to reports if we cut their salary, this would clearly indicate they have alot of time on their hands. Which would be best spent solving and detecting crime and earning their money something they are currently seriously lacking at.

  17. cayman stew says:

    Of all persons, the Governor delivers the speech. This is very unfortunate that the UK is involved in our financial budget and projections. This is just a bad omen of full-out colonial rule coming to these islands. From one local dictator to a UK one! 

    Sorry, but I blame our financial conditions on both parties. Next election, I hope people will wise-up and vote in more Independents, because parties look out for their own interest. At least, an Independent looks more out for his/her constituency and follow their personal convictions. But everybody else in a party must follow what the party leader say and sacrifice their conscience.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is very fortunate that the UK is involved in the financial budget and projects.  They should have done so before now as obviously neither political party is capable.

      • born yesterday says:

        Right! … that means a FINANCIAL DICKTATOR!  So that means the people won't be able to buy or sell – the UK will do it for them!


    • Anonymous says:

      As debtors, we need to adopt the perspective that we are obliged to pay the UK back all the money we borrowed (and keep borrowing) before we can tell them to shove it.  If someone buys lunch when you have no money, do you exclaim "how dare you" and knee them in the groin?  I would hope you'd say a polite and sincere thank you, and make plans to pay them back asap!  It's truly the guy that continues to overcharge for breakfast that one should take issue and sever with.  

      • sam says:

        But correct me if I'm wrong, I thought we never borrowed any money from the UK.  Rather, we borrowed from local lenders here like First Caribbean Bank. The UK just gave us the green light to go ahead with such loans. I don't think we owe the UK anything. 

    • Concerned Caymanian says:

      It is called "The Throne Speech".  Who else but the Governor would deliver that, as he is the UK's offical representative to Cayman.  Until full independence is sought and granted, Cayman is still a "colony", although referred to now as a British Overseas Dependent Territory – it is the same thing!

      • sandra says:

        Note:  Whenever there is a "transitional phase" between a country becoming Independent from dependent on its mother country, the citizens of that colony, are robbed of its revenue. There are political wolves in sheeps clothing. And record history has indicated more than once that the UK government has contributed to the destruction of economies prior to them severing ties from them for Independence.

        Are you saying that we should just put our full trust in the Governor and our local politicians?

        I am sorry, but I don't think they all have the people's interest at heart.

        • Whodatis says:

          Sandra, you ain't neva' lie!

          Sadly however, not enough of our people understand (or believe) the beastly nature of the UK when it comes to dealing with its "other" citizens.

          Furthermore, you are likely to be thumbed down and attacked by the seemingly majority presence of Brits in the room as many of these very individuals are conveniently highly educated and informed on all things other than their own shameful elements of history.

          (Actually we have seen that many of them regard these crimes against humanity as sources of great entertainment. It is then not very hard to understand how Britain could so callously commit their historical atrocities.)

          • cayman stew says:

            Yes, the Brits scare me, but our local government as well. Anyone who is in power that their own interest over the people's interest.

        • Anonymous says:

          "Record history". Glad to see another historical genius joining the ranks of CNS posters.

          • Whodatis says:

            You are pathetic.

            Have you any thoughts on her comments?

            If not then STFU you P.A.B.! (Google it.)

            * I guess the truth hurt your over-sensitive national pride and like a spoiled 5 year old you found the most ridiculous issue to highlight and attack.

            You and my nephew would make great playmates! Should I call and arrange with your mommy?

      • Anonymous says:

        We called a "British Overseas Territory" actually.

        They removed the word "dependent" back in 2002/2003.

        We were doing quite well back then. As self-sufficient as we could be and managing our budget well up until about that point.

        Now we truly are becoming dependent thanks to the fiscal mismanagement by both parties over the past decade or so.

    • T says:

      True… all like Mike Adams dissappiont me. I would have thought he would had stood up for himself against Mac. 

      • anonymous says:

        Why so 10:48,Why? is it because Mike is white and Mac is black, i notice that most posters here on CNS is dissapointed with Mike,get over this stupid colonial mentality this is 2011 not 1811,sad to say but most Caymanians and Caribbean folks are still caught up in ths no massa yes massa bull s***.

      • Anonymous says:

        How could all like Mike  Adams surprise you?  the first thing he did was to put turtle meat prices so high that olny the greedy polititions could afford to buy.  This is an all for me Government.  Poor people is not on otheir agenda. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Err.. that was Tim Adam, Mike's brother, as managing director of the Turtle Farm.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sadly, Mr Adam has "sold out" to Mac.  Once again we have lost a good honest man to politics.

        It is not too late for him to speak out about the injustice being done by the current government, but he better do it quickly for hte clock is ticking.

        He, like the others, have lost track of the fact they represent the people not Mac.

      • Ricardo B. says:

        My God man!  Have you lost your mind???  Mike has never had the b@77s, or spine to stand up for what is right.  Just another wasted space at our LA building. He will MOST certainly NOT bite the hand that feeds him.

        It is truly sad that "our" elected officials do not collectively have the courage (b@77s) to take a stance against the tyrant whom is known as (dramatic, sinister music plays) the "Premier" and to do what is right for those whose obviously (blindly) placed faith in them to lead our country.

  18. Anonymous says:

    We can't strike or demonstrate, because we will lose our jobs.

    But what we could do is e.g. make small signs with our complaints and put them on the road.

    "Bush out"

    "No more paving"

    "Ryan, give us our money"

    "Stop traveling"

    "New elections"

    "No double dipping"

    You can do this anonymously, just don't put it in your garden.

    The islands speaks !!


  19. Anonymous says:

    By any measure, the cost of the Cayman government is away out of bounds, and the most important priority of the citizens should be to reduce it.

    Not only is it large and inefficient, it refuses to hold its spending  accountable to the people.

    While the entire country suffers under the economic crash, government is flatly refusing to reduce itself, refusing to reduce its crushing load on the private sector, and refusing to downsize itself.

    The UK, to its credit, is trying to move the government on this issue, and it is critical that citizens rally behind the UK.

    Perhaps with enough public support, something will get done.


    • Non-partisan says:

      Government (whether PPM or UDP) has three reasons as to why they do not want to downsize:-

      1. To win over voters for next election;

      2. To maintain an efficient and effective Civil Service that will serve the public;

      3. To avoid increase of crime and discrimination of Caymanian job-seekers by the private sector, by ensuring that Civil Service jobs are not lost.

      Number #1/2, I can relate with everybody else, but #3 is abig concern. If the Civil Service downsize there could be negative repercussions.

      It is the politicians job to look out for their constituencies – an employment is a big factor. 


    • East Indian Mango says:

      yeah… rally behind her and get your property tax for free!

    • Anonymous says:

      Or perhaps the public will get what it wants and just run the country broke feeding the CIG CS welfare and vote protection group.  I'd bet my money that this is what will happen.  Unless the UK grows some balls and pisses off all the voters and the leadership it will happen.  Sounds like a lot of them are pissed off already that the UK is trying to keep this from happening.  What does that tell you?

      • Did I heard him correctly says:

        It tells me nothing, but the possibility of a UK mandated tax on everyone!

  20. John Evans says:

    There are clear double standards at work here along the lines of, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say!”

    While preaching cuts and restraint in CIG spending, and urging the public to have confidence in the RCIPS, Duncan Taylor is refusing to investigate some of the still unanswered questions about the money wasted on Operations Tempura and Cealt.

    Exactly what the direct cost of these operations was to the people of the Cayman Islands is unclear but I think the current total is already in the order of CI$12million with more to come when the two outstanding civil actions are settled. The indirect costs, such as loss of numerous experienced officers who left the RCIPS in the wake of the botched investigation, are probably incalculable. What is clear is that the only tangible result has been disruption of law enforcement over the past three years and a loss of confidence in the RCIPS.

    Whilst heaping criticism on the way the Cayman Islands are being run Mr Taylor conveniently ignores the lucrative, and well documented, payments made to the parties involved during this failed investigation.

    These operations were authorised by the FCO and headed by his predecessor, Stuart Jack. So, as the resulting expenditure was not directly incurred by any CIG actions (in fact at one stage funding was blocked by the LA and Mr Jack used special powers to continue payments), it is presumably beyond criticism. However, the fact remains that the whole exercise was a very expensive disaster.

    On 6 May Mr Taylor wrote to Henry Bellingham bluntly refusing to investigate long-standing connections between those who ran the operations and some of the people they employed. This response was in sharp contrast to the treatment given to the Polaine and Bridger complaint, which included 'defamatory' attacks on leading figures in the Cayman Islands, and was made despite the fact that considerable evidence has emerged, and is still being uncovered, suggesting that that there was, at the very least, a conflict of interests in the way some contracts were awarded.

    If Duncan Taylor wants his comments to be taken seriously, by both the people of the Cayman Islands and the OT Minister, he needs to stop trying to bury the blatant abuse of position that took place as the failed investigation dragged on and accept the fact that the FCO has itself contributed to recent budget deficits and other problems.

    Until that happens there seems to be no guarantee that similar exercises will not take place in future (or are conceivably currently underway?) without considerably tougher safeguards being in place to avoid a repeat of Tempura.

  21. Lord Gaga says:

    Good News & Bad News.

    The good news is that all of this could have been avoided. The bad news is that Premier Bush failed to implement most of what the Miller-Commission recommended for saving Cayman. Saving this country is almost as easy as balancing your personal cheque book. Simply start spending less than you make and the shortfall will correct itself. Instead, Premier Bush increased taxes and duties which the Miller report recommended lowering and has failed to trim Civil Service. The report says, "Cayman is approaching a point of irreversible damage to the private sector and making our economy non-competitive."

    Mr. Bush has made it clear that he does not want to cut civil service jobs. Then at least roll back the payroll by 10 or 20 percent for while to help cut expenses. Also roll back pension contributions by 50% or suspend them entirely for a while until the economy can recover. Our problems began when the cost of living here increased due to the implementation of mandatory pension program and employee health insurance. Rolling back salaries and other expenses will make a difference without increasing unemployment. Eventually the duties and taxes will have to be lowered to make living more affordable. There are many more recommendations in the Miller report involving privitization of various government run authorities. Our elected officials thought they could travel the world to try to solve our problem and by ignoring the Miller Commission solution they are digging us into a hole we will never revcover from. To see how common sense the report is, check out this link:


    It is easy reading and will give you a much better perspective on the solutions.


    • Non-partisan says:

      Try to understand the other perspective as well.  I love the Miller Report, many people do, but it does not really address the negative effects of Civil Servants being unemployed, and a Private Sector that is hiring more expats than Caymanians. Any political party will have to answer to the electorate, andsuch issue make it even harder for them to downsize government.

      • bean counter says:

        Reply to Non-Partisan:

        You are not wrong about the political motivation and trying to please the electorate, but next year when the UK steps in to run things there will be no electorate to worry about and a lot less civil servants. Count on it.


    • Baby Gaga says:

      Lord Gaga, let's have the Major Conclusions of the Miller Report copied over, just for fun:

      1. The Cayman Government's fiscal performance was acceptable until recently, when growth in spending outran growth in revenues.
      2. The Cayman Government is on a path that is no longer fiscally sustainable.
      3. The Cayman Government has huge unfunded liabilities — specifically its civil servants' defined-benefit retirement and healthcare plans.
      4. Personnel costs are crippling the Cayman Government's ability to restore its fiscal balance and by any reasonable standard are excessive and unsustainable.
      5. The Cayman economy and its Government's revenue are highly dependent on the financial services and tourism industries, and additional levies on either would likely be counterproductive.
      6. It should be possible for the Cayman Government to restore and maintain fiscal sustainability by undertaking major cuts in spending, by privatizing enterprises, and by selling other assets.
      7. The Cayman Government can improve its efficiency and effectiveness in a number of ways, ranging from completing audited financials to reforming the budget process to make it more transparent and to make officials more accountable.
      8. Significant opportunities exist for the Cayman Government to enable the private sector to supply needed investments in the Islands' infrastructure and to develop and broaden the economy's base.

      And what is King Gonealot doing with all of this professional advice?

      • screw face says:

        Ok… now I'm getting sick of Lord Gaga and Baby Gaga!  There is only one Gaga, and that is Lady Gaga!!!  Ok!!! 

    • The Lone Haranguer says:

      Well said Gaga, I said the same thing only rougher. Our polititions do not have the cohones to do it, they want England to do it, to give them political cover.

  22. Pit Bull says:

    The UK is being too soft on Cayman.

    Why should the UK run sovereign risk backing lending for a territory where there is no income tax or corporation tax?  There are no hard times in Cayman's budget.  Rather it is that Cayman's local politicians have chosen not to adopt a sustainable revenue generation system.


    • NJ2Cay says:

      No to mention all the citizens of the island seem to be against the Government or any kind of upwardly mobile development of the Island that will generate revenue. So what the outside world sees is an Island territory where people does not want to pay taxes, does not want the government to develop revenue generating projects, does not want foreign investment or foreigners on the island including UK Citizens and are constantly protesting decisions the government makes to sustain their spending habits. All this does it make the island look like a bad place to invest or put trust in so no one wants to back any loans. It makes Cayman look like a place where the Government will soon lose control financial stability will tumble and anarchy will soon rule. 

      The answer would most like be for the Island to create more farmland and plant Money Trees..

      • Anonymous2 says:

        You don't understand!

        Despite the criticisms on this site and from anti-Caymanians, we don't need to tax in order to balance our budget and better the economy. The more I see it each, they UK cares not for the best interest of these islands. If we implement direct taxation, all our major bank clients will pull out. They will consider the tax as government theft!  And we will fall behind in terms of other financial centers competing with us!  Direct taxation would be a devastating blow to these islands, and would run many of the investors back to the UK and US where they originally want them.

        Don't be dupe by bloggers like Joe, Pit Bull, O'Really, et cetera… and others claiming some sort of loyalty to the crown. These guys have the same basic agenda.

        1. Blog and cast a shadow on the local government whether udp or ppm;

        2. Shine a bright light on the UK government and their policies;

        3. Create lots of blogs on this site to make it look like the majority of locals are for their policies.

        Don't be fooled and bambozzled by them. they don't want to see these islands prosper – it is all for her majesty's interest.

        Lol…for all I know, you're probably one of them!

        • O'Really says:

          Thanks for the mention, it's nice to know someone's been following my career. I have to say that your posts, from the few I have read, tend to be short on fact and long on BS. Your last post is no exception, so let me see if I can help you out.

          Here is a very simple challenge to boost your fact content. Quote one post from me, on any subject, where I claim any sort of loyalty to the Crown or even where my words could reasonably be interpreted as being intended to reflect loyalty to the Crown.

          Here is an observation to help with the BS. Your views on direct tax reek of entitlement thinking. You have no chance of understanding this without me explaining, so here is the idiot's version. It is possible to conceive of revenue raising measures that for once do not  target foreigners, which would pretty much exempt the financial service industry and their clients and thus address your concerns. Taxes could for example be levied on Cayman's merchant and landowning classes. There is even precedent if you think outside the box ( don't try this yourself, I don't want you to get hurt ) and take off the entitlement blinkers, since the increased taxes last imposed by the UDP pretty much did this in reverse. Taxes targeted at only certain sectors of the population are the norm, so just change the target.

          I know, a complete shocker; I must be a raving monarchist. And to think, you called it!

        • NJ2Cay says:

          Nope not one of them, although I am from the US. And I think the Cayman Islands treat their Citizens way better then the US by staying out of the their pockets. And I totally agree that direct taxation would be the worst thing that could happen in the Cayman Islands. As for Caymanians being against what I described as upwardly mobile development. I am just going by the impression I get from reading the comments posted here. Being a Northside property Owner myself, I think the EE Port was good idea, but do not think it is worth the risks to the Water Lens and I still do not see why the boats have to be parked in the middle of the island instead of building out, but I made my decision after seeing the EIA, not as soon as the idea was mentioned. From what I read every development idea presented is immediately described as bad for the people or potentially destroying the island. I can’t remember reading one single post agreeing with any developments, not even the Enterprise city, without someone saying it was bad for the Caymanian people or would do nothing for the Caymanian people because they won’t hire locals, which I think is the government fault the they companies cause if they gave concessions for hiring locals they’d be more willing to do it . I for one try my best to be on the side of Caymanians, but constantly hear that I am not welcome nor wanted there since I was not born there, That they shouldn’t sell property to foreigners, hell I don’t and never have worked on the island, yet I am still told that I’m taking something away from people with a birthright or you should go back where you came from. These are the reasons why I get the impression that foreigners aren’t really welcome.


          • Anonymous says:

            NJ2Cay, you keep repeating the nonsense that Caymanians are against all forms of development. Clearly, in a free country you will have some naysayers no matter. That is true in the U.S.and anywhere else in the world. But it is simply not true that there is any groundswell of public opinion against the Technology Park, for example. Even if they don't hire locals in the top positions it will mean employment at lower levels and revenue for the Islands.

            "I  constantly hear that I am not welcome nor wanted there since I was not born there, That they shouldn’t sell property to foreigners, hell I don’t and never have worked on the island, yet I am still told that I’m taking something away from people with a birthright or you should go back where you came from. These are the reasons why I get the impression that foreigners aren’t really welcome".

            I don't know where you have been hanging out that you would "constantly hear" these things but I guarantee you that is not the sentiment of Caymanian people as a whole. We absolutely welcome well-meaning people who come invest and make their home here. In terms of selling our birthright it is we Caymanians, like Esau, who are to blame not the foreigner for buying. The point here is not that the foreigner is unwelcome but the Caymanian will soon find himself unable to afford a home in his own country.  


      • Anonymous says:

        The "citizens of the Island" are not against "any kind of upwardly mobile development of the Island that will generate revenue", or against foreign investment or foreigners. That is being disingenuous. We are against ghastly, unsustainable development that will enrich only the  developer and those who facilitate the development, destroy our environment and take no account of the long term impact on these Islands. We are not against the technology park. We are not against the Shetty hospital in principle although it seems that we are giving away far too many concessions for it to be worthwhile at the end of the day. Bring us sensible proposals for development, not oil refineries, digging up the North Sound to accommodate large yachts and cargo ports for EE.    

    • Dred says:

      You have no clue.

      The Cayman Islands has done well for many years and will rebound and do well once again WITHOUT your high and mighty TAX. It sure helped you a lot didn't it. If you didn't just print more money you would have been broke also.

      All we need is better finance management and people who are directing it to ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. ie Not Big Mac.

      We do need to cut CS cost. This is nothing new. The Miller report stated this but Big Mac and his cronies are failing to do anything about it because they are too busy trying to get in for the next election.

      We need new revenue measures such as the Gambling which Big Mac promised he would have a referrendum on but hasn't. No surprise there. He's too busy trying to get us to swallow his other crap. ie Refinery.

      • Non-partisan says:

        But Dred, not only are they trying to get into the next election, but trying to avoid two things as well:-

        "Unemployment of Civil Servants (Caymanians)"

        And I think this is something that has not been addressed, because Caymanians are presently having issues with the private sector, hiring more expats than Caymanians.

      • anonymous says:

        Dred, I agree with you. I think Pit Bull needs to go back to his god-forsaken country of a corrupt government. But the Refinery is not crap!  I think that is something we can invest in and would do us good in the long run.

    • Bull Dog says:

      As a British dog, your UK views are distorted and not in the best interest of these of islands.

      What do you mean "sustainable revenue"?  so you're suggesting tax?  how bout the uk butt out, because I honestly believe they will make matters worse!

      The solution is found in the miller's report – not the uk's report and their stupid suggestions of taxation, which will finally destroy this financial industry. 

  23. 3rd CLASS CITIZEN says:

    You see what the powers are doing to us? FIGHT BACK! SIGN THE PETITION now.

  24. Anonymous says:

    How about cutting that helicopter trips over the premier residence and spying on people in their back yards at the same time.  How about cutting off the funding to that Hurricane Hilton in the Brac.  How about cutting on that double dipping by Mark Scotland, as his company pave Grand Cayman, while the NRA pave the Brac.  How about cutting that pension paymants to the retired aged Politicans while collecting their hugh salaries for doing nothing.  How about cutting off the funding to the churches.  How about cutting the free trips on Cayman Airways. How about cutting down on the freign benefits that the Politicans are enjoying.  Cut in these areas first and then start collecting the monies from Michael Ryan and others. The CS should walk out for 1 week to see if the spending still don't continues. Oh, and one other thing, How much did the Cohen deal cost these Islands?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do we need so many people in office?  They are just sitting and doing nothing…what on earth is Eugene in West Bay doing to collect his salary?  This is ridiculous they are going to cut civil servants salaries and the government won't take a cut….sad very sad…also take note, once they raised the permits, companies closed, there are less permits now, which does amount to less money coming in.  Rollover, people are not going to spend the monies that they use to spend, for they know they are leaving in seven years…what happened to that?  It has been almost a year and nothing has been mentioned….

      • NJ2Cay says:

        Do not forget that getting Expats and foreign businesses to leave the island was the will of the Cayman People. The rollover to get rid of expats is just what the Cayman People asked for saying that when they were gone they would all get the jobs at higher pay..

      • Anonymous says:

        They took a raise!

    • A43 says:

      You see how government is messing us up. PPM buys a helicopter that is so expensive that just love to fly over fosters, and now in their hands, its being used to fly over people's homes. Now UDP and Ezzy is talking about installing over 300 CCTV camaras here.  And they expect us to sing, "God save our gracious Queen."  Well… news for you, the same way you mess with the people, the Uk is going to f%ck us up real bad.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have a suggestion.  Some of you may laugh but its still a suggestion.  All these guys that have come here and made hundreds of millions.  Why not get each one of them… Ugland, Imperato, Ryan, Burkes, Olde, and whoever else that has come here and made it huge or is here hiding out or just stashing money away…. get each of them to make a one time contribution of $10 Million each.  I bet that would get you at least a good $200 Million (That is only 20 people but I know for a fact there is alot more of them out there) and we would eradicate the entire budget shortfall and pay off a huge amount of our public debt.   Hell offer Bill Gates citizenship here as well as the chance to build his research centre for his foundation on diseases in Africa here and let him give the island a one time $500 Million Dollar fee.  Trust me we would be in a better place right now!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Got some real idiots in this place.

    • Anonymous says:

      This contribution shows a deeper problem that lies within the local memtality. By the way I do believe it is the suggestion from a local Caymanian because it displays the mentality of deserving something for nothing which is a huge problem of entitlement in this country.

      Many rail that they are not being treated fairly and in some cases no doubt it is accurate but in other cases this mentality of entitlement is being displayed.

      It is a recent development within the psyche of Caymanians because the hard working long suffering Caymanians of past generations did not have this character flaw.

      Those who went to sea from a small island not knowing what to expect and working long hours in tough conditions to senior positions in the Merchant Marine are made of sterner stuff than those who today want something for nothing.

      That is why the past has value and should not be forgotten.

    • NJ2Cay says:

      All these names you mention are already giving Millions each to the Cayman Islands just to do business here, yes they are making a lot of money but don’t act like the Cayman Islands government isn’t getting their share of that money.  What Cayman Islands need is to develop revenue generating projects, since they do not collect taxes from the people and I repeat do not collect taxes from the people they need to make money in other ways. Don’t think for a money that the measly taxes you pay for you groceries and import duties can sustain the islands infrastructure including Schools, Police, Government as well as Financial Assistance programs. People all over the worldseem to looks down on rich folks because they made good decision that made them a lot of money. But that doesn’t mean that they owe us anything. All these people complaining need to get of their high horse and realize that weather they like it are not it is foreign investments, such as the Banking Industry, Caymana Bay all those huge hotels on Seven Mile beach as well Tourism is what’s sustaining your infrastructure so you need to embrace these type of investment because no one there including the government has the means to create these types of revenue generating business which the CIG and the Caymanian people benefit from. When you send your kids to school don’t believe that taxes you pay at Forsters is what paying the teacher salaries, yes it does contribute but it cannot sustain the island. You need outside investors to survive the way you have gotten used to so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

      Go ahead and blast or cus me, I am just telling it like it is…

    • Anonymous says:

      Why? Why should someone who made plenty money hand it over to someone who is completely incompetent in managing any financial affairs? I would rather sent it to Africa to fund some orphanages or something where it may actually do some good!

       Beside it being a stupid idea, it would just be a bandaid applied to a huge gush and not a permanent solution.

    • Robber says:

      I was just thinking our next move was rounding dem up and holding dem hostages like the pirates in somalia. But your idea is just fantastically brilliant!  Thank you very much!  I won't be robbing businesses again! 

    • Anonymous says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    The Government could privatize the Cayman Islands prison Service as they are doing in the UK. This will save Government a lot of money as the private company will ensure the service is efficient.

    • karen says:

      I don't like privitization. I public-private partnerships better, because the government can hold shares in the private establishment or service. If you privatize post office, prison, etc… , suppose they don't want to hire caymanians?  What could government do?  If they hold shares, at least, government would be able to have some influence.

  27. Anonymous says:

    go to the polls section of this site and vote whether or not the governor is doing a good job!

  28. cayman stew says:

    Governor:  "This year, resources permitting, the RCIPS will increase the number of officers working with and at the heart of our communities."  Do you know what that means?  More officers from the UK will be recruited, and more salaries to be paid from tax-payers monies. Instead of the Governor and Commissioner of Police, equipping, and training the service to deal with crime, they are talking about increasing the numbers!



  29. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of the Department of Tourism and your budget problems will be solved!

    • Anonymous says:

      Spoken like a true ignorant human being. You clearly don't understand what removing the Department would do to th etourism product and the influence over foreign markets. Cut back- maybe. But remove? Silly silly.

      • karen says:

        You guys, have you ever heard of "public-private partnerships."  Check it up on the net.  It is a better option than privitization and being responsible for the whole sho-bang!

  30. Luther says:

    CNS:  "He also said that the new crime prevention strategy would soon be released to the public and that phase one of the national CCTV programme public surveillance camera system would be rolled out in the near future."  You mean the new "colonial" controlled CCTV system to ensure big governance over little people, evade on their privacy – those who seem suspicious and against the bad policies of the crown?!

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you have not been a victim of crime or know someone who has been a victim of crime in Cayman.  I for one am looking forward to this particular Government project because if it helps put one robber or murderer in jail, it will be worth it!

      • cow itch says:

        no one is against security camaras…. rather, it is the "who" that is controlling them!

        • Rorschach says:

          and exactly WHO do you Think IS going to be "Controlling" them, Cowitch??

      • Anonymous says:

        Few people seem to understand social engineering and manipulation and I only address this reply to this comment as I feel it highlights this lack of understandiong.

        To me, this particular issue (CCTV proposals) smack of Problem, Reaction, Solution tactics, a mainstay of controlling powers worldwide to justify everything from seemingly minor laws to wars and genocide. It's subtle, so if you've never heard of it before try a Google search for explanations and examples and draw your own conclusions.  

        Incidentally, the UK has more cameras per head of population than any nation in the world. Their effectiveness in realtion to their stated aims is far from impressive if you look into it. Those who raised objections when CCTV first became an issue many years ago were marginalized and their concerns ridiculed. But that was then and now their objections don't seem quite so "tin foil hat wearing, anarchist, loony and kook" as they were portrayed in order to squash their opposition.

        There is an interesting post here on the topic


  31. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    I believe the negative comments about the Governors speech are a little off base. He is simply, politely "telling it like it is". This is all catching up to the Government in power. You cannot keep spending money that you do not have. You cannot sustain a CS without efficiency and income. No budgets no planning eventually catches up to you. The jet setting Bush and Julie do really isn't that much in the big scheme of things. What really hurts the country is the lack of attention and leadership addressing the countries problems while they are on vacation. It is much easier to fly around the world saying you are creating mystical inward investment when you cannot deal with the CS or CIG income streams. This is all working up to a giant brew haha between the UK and proper Cayman governance and our present leaders are incapable of negotiating our way through this mess.

    Lachlan MacTavish

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr McTavish, would that be…

      brou·ha·ha noun /ˈbro͞ohäˌhä/  /bro͞oˈhähä/ 
      brouhahas, plural

      1.A noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something
      – 24 members resigned over the brouhaha
      – all that election brouhaha ?

      I prefer the brew haha, laughing over a beer. Mine is a Heineken.

      Here come the liberal police, telling us that school is a bad thing….or at least paying attention in school is a bad thing.

      For heaven's sake folk, if we are going to claim the language, let's at least use it right. Can you still swing your bat? Lol.

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        It is MacTavish with a Mac not Mc but who is checking spelling ?? 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      agreed..but the governor deserves criticism too because of his poor performance…

      • tim says:

        You mean the performance of the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office…

  32. Anonymous says:

    Why weren't the civil servants caught stealing gas put up on charges?

    No one even expected that they would be charged.



    • Anonymous says:

      Over $100,000 dollars worth, right!?

      Quite Disgraceful. 

    • Naya boy says:

      Simple answer to your question, who is going to arrest and charged the Police remember what they say don't steal the government hates competition.

  33. Anonymous says:

    “I am praying I will have a budget to present next week,” McKeeva Bush told the House…

    What does prayer have to do with it? Just do your bloody job!

    Travel Much?

    • fred says:

      And you would think that after the "End of the Times," missed on Saturday, the MLA's would have at least been praying for themselves and families….. but nooooo…  its all talk about dem money$$$

      Lawd help us!

  34. Anonymous says:

    "Talylor described the process of setting this budget as 'stressful and prolonged' as he thanked all those who had worked on it." But he was so anxious to leave the LA to continue his vacation in the Cayman Islands.

  35. good advice that they just didn't take says:


    By my measure if they would have took this advice by Mr. Frank we would have an additional $74 million USD.

    Poor us can't see the shoals in the water because it has been green for so very long but now it is looking  rather ("Golden") wouldn't you say.

    A golden opportunity thanks Frank you made me put something aside for a rainy day

    Oh well …money in my treasure chest …Rrrrrrr!


    Signed …civil servant (prepared) we are not all dumb…or lazy

  36. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva should ask John John to say a prayer for the budget. I believe he has had two answered in the last two years. lol.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Allow me to shed some light on some FACTS.

    1) The Middle Class citizen in Cayman is almost extinct.

    2) There are only going to be those that have and those that have not left in these islands.

    Now here is the problem, those that have will find themselves the victim of more andmore crimes (eventualy leading to physical violence) because those that have not will HAVE TO find some way to eat. Be careful HON Premier, Hew, DART, Kirks, Chrighton, Thompson, Foster, Ugland, Island Companies etc….. YOU ALL HAVE ALOT.

    Some people are poor not because lack of ambition but oportunities and because of this lack they will use their ambition to get what they NEED, no matter what.

    So my question is — When are we going to straighten up and fly straight — or are we going to be just another third world country with a high crime rate and poor people.  

    Think about it Cayman. Its our future at hand.

    Sent by a struggling middle class citizen with ambition. 

  38. Anonymous says:

    Cash collection 101:

    1. Collect all moneys owed to Government asap (Michael Ryan to be first in line),

    2. Cut out all foolishness, including monuments to self (Julie), Government funded paving of private road (eh, Julie?),

    3. Don't be picky and waste time and money by having furniture moved around in the new government building for personal tast reasons,

    4. Have police issue speeding tickets in front of Gov building which seems to have become a personal race track for some (cha-ching!)

    5. Run Northward as a prison – not a 3star motel

    6. Stop letting Tom, Dick and Harry have cell phone, gasoline allowances etc etc etc privileges

    That should be a good start!


  39. 3RD CLASS CITIZEN says:

    This speech was all about nothing and that is what this guy gets paid for nothing. Snatch and grab politicians and a do nothing Governor.

    Today must be payday. That's the only time you see this guy. He's like and Oyster that only comes out of his shell to get his paycheck. No wonder we have no money. We are in deep trouble.

  40. Won't take my name says:

    Cuts need to be made from the TOP. The reality of all this is that all non necessary projects should be graded in prorities. Extravagant shelters, no one should have the authority to use any Gvt. money for political purpuses ie: free paving, fancy automobiles, drivers,chefs, etc.Some essentials should be paid by the persons in office. run the Gvt.like a business 3 strikes you're out after implementing a black and white agreement from both sides. Do not encourage laziness, no care attitude, times alloted for being late and lastly evaluate all your empolyees and create a business plan. Encourage your Caymanians to move on further and give them some priority with black and white agreements. Be fair. No political interferance should be tolerated except agreed by a statuary board of already serving CS.Evaluate all employees and have a separate watchdog board with teeth that will persue ANYONE wasting money. Let the right hand know what the left hand is doing BEFORE the fact and COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE,COMMUNICATE. And please someone tell me again the ROLE of the Minister of Finance OR do we have ONE. I think the situation we find ourselves in is unacceptable and totally embarasing. Mr. Governor you are not giving us value for our money since you are here to maintain good governance, PLEASE sir do not insult us that we are in difficult time. WE KNOW. Time to have a MEETING with the LEADER of GVT. and his cabinet. Don't you think ? The civil service is not all to blame just maybe more chiefs then Indians. Yours truly, Michel lemay

    CNS: Michel, once you have registered you have to log in to use the name you registered with.

  41. Anonymous says:

    the governor deserves the embaressment of his speech this morning…he should be ahamed of his performance since he took over

    • anonymously says:

      It's not him, he's just following orders.

    • Caymanian Concern says:

      I am embarrassed that you posted without checking your spelling…(but hey, it happens to all of us once in a while).  

      This Governnor may not be the strongest that we have had in a while, but his experience for many years in the Eastern Caribbean means that he has seen more of the Caribbean than we can even imagine.  

      • Anonymous says:

        'he has seen mor of the caribbean'????? what does that stand for?

        the bottom line is that he has failed in his basic role….to ensure good governance!……he has let mckeeva become what he is!

      • Anonymous says:

        Pot calling kettle black, Governnor.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Re: Goverment cuttings.

    Why not cut the salaries of the L.A. member and top members of Goverment. Cut all, the extra benfits like traveling with friends and family, Drivers, Guards day and night etc etc instead.  Person who retire and collect pensions and go back to work it also at extra cost to the Goverment.  What will happen to the pension payment that is not be done?  I do pray that the eyes of our Learder are Opened and not thier pockets.

  43. Anonymous says:

    How come I dont hear Mac saying he's going to cut his and the other MLA's salary instead of taking away from the already "poor people"?  He could also think about reducing the number of govt. paid "holiday trips" they take!

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember all the MLA's were going to do just that, but instead they all decided to cut the entire civil service 3.2

  44. Anonymous says:

    Until the Civil Service is rationalized- that is, those that do not work are FIRED and those that do work hard are incentivized and given a pay raise we will see no improvement.

    We have 3,800 civil servants and an additional 1800 in the authorities…almost 6000 persons to service 55,000 people.

    In the height of the UK's colonial regime in India they had 900 civil servants controlling millions of people.

    My experience is that there is a lot of waste at the Chief Officer level and that should be cleaned out first.

    • Whodatis says:

      Re: "In the height of the UK's colonial regime in India they had 900 civil servants controlling millions of people."


      However, they also promised a real and tangible threat of a bullet to the head of any Indian that dared step out of line as well.

      I see the point youare making but that was a horrible example to illustrate it in my opinion.

      * By the way … "controlling"?

      Let us not forget that in the year 2011 in the Cayman Islands we are referring to our "Civil" Service … not controllers. I sincerely hope this was a slip of the conscience and fingertips on your behalf … otherwise you are one twisted individual.

      Says alot either way.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Waste at the Chief Officer level…". You are so correct. In the Ministry of McKeeva there are FOUR -Dax Basdeo, Sonia McLaughlin, Ken Jefferson, and Carson Ebanks. Plus Deborah Drummond on paid leave on a Chief Officer salary plus Chief Officer Diane Montoya on paid leave.

  45. Sachamo says:

    This is what I think should happen, Government should take a another 30% pay cut, lay off 1/3 CS beginning with non specialized expatriate laborers, those over retirement age, suspend the mandatory pension law for a period of 5 years (if possible?) and freeze all non-essential government projects like the brac paving etc..for 5 years or so. The only project that should go forward is the Cruise berthing facility, this is a must.

    • Police Officer says:

      If you ever cut us, we're going on strike!  And don't bother call the hospital or call me through 911 to save your little arse, or protect your business.

      Ungrateful little ting!

      • Rorschach says:

        You should read the Police law before running your mouth…it PROHIBITS the police from going on strike…you keep up that attitude and you will be one less police that we will have to pay…

      • Anonymous says:

        wow, and here's us thinking that you've been on strike for the last 2 years.



  46. Mclean says:

    "Budget painful says governor"….

    under OUR austerity and severe measures.

  47. Mother having "painful process" experience says:

    With all this talk about changes and new legislation, it looks like Governor Taylor has taken over the Premier's post.

    And did the people of the Cayman Islands elected him?  No. 

    Hence, how in the hell he knows what is best for these islands? 

  48. mmcLaughlin says:

    I hope McKeeva will humble himself now and stop feeding the masses that hogwash, about finding other ways to cut. Now that we have heard it straight from the horse's mouth lets see what will happen now.

    Tell the people the truth, tell us what the CIG unfunded liabilities for pensions and medicare over the last 10 years are? I would guess it's between CI$ 500MM to CI$ 750MM.

    Mr. Premier please do us all a favor and start cutting back on your fat CI$ 250k salary and pension, leading by example is the number 1 quality of a good leader and so far into your term you have failed at being a good leader with a FAT F!  

  49. Anonymous says:

    Budgeting 101

    Collect the money Michael Ryan owes the Government…seize his plane and home if you have to…$4m plus. (Pisses me off that he can live in the lap of luxury, fly around in his LEER Jet  and continue to destroy our land while most of can't even find a job)

    Cut out Julie's monument errr..Hurricane Hilton…just tell Julie "Not today BoBo!" $9m. plus( come on now Julie, Remember, love of country, not just Cayman Brac. Do you really need this to get elected in Cayman Brac again? Do the right thing!

    Budget problem resolved…Now let's all get back to work

  50. Anonymous says:

    The substance of the speech that the Governor delivers at the opening of the LA is written by civil servants working at the direction of our Cabinet. All the Governor does is read a prepared text.

  51. 3RD CLASS CITIZEN says:

    There should have been no Thrown Speech becuse there was no economic plan offered. This getting to be a farce. We have snatch and grab politicians that refuses to audit our books. We want answers.

    When isMac's next trip? Where is he going? How many stooges is he taking? Cut up the government crdit cards.

    • Anonymous says:

      "A Thrown Speech"  I did not know that the Governor was a Ventriloquist.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Thank you PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Parents seeking better educational facilities for their children are thanking them as well. Now if we can only get the schools finished… (dreaming…)

  53. anonymous says:

    Which ever other millionaires that own our country?

  54. Anonymous says:

    I hope McKeeva's prayer for a budget works better than his prayer against crime.

    • Estimation says:

      It should be alot better than what Alden / Kurt's budget was in 2008

  55. Anonymous says:

    What the Premier really means is that he is praying for a big golden hand to come down from the sky and replenish CIG coffers minus his comission of course. 

    He doesn't feel the moral obligation to take a pay cut himself in league with cutting CS wages across the board.

    Lets see if our lousy Captain has the gumption to stay fixed at the wheel when the tidal wave of direct taxation crashes over our bows.

  56. Anonymous says:

    "Duncan Taylor said that government was facing challenges in its efforts to cut costs in order to bring government finances back to a sustainable level while still deliveringquality services."

    Before leaving the house in haste, he should have been more specific:

    "Duncan Taylor said that government was facing challenges in its efforts to cut [Civil Service] costs in order to bring [the Cayman Islands] government finances back to a sustainable level while still delivering quality services… [in the name of good governance and by Order of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – God Save the Queen!]"


  57. Anonymous says:

    Who's the Governor again?

  58. Mangrove gump says:

    Governor says, "painful process"?  Lol… that's funny.  And then the white coat, has the gall to run out of the House and leave it to the Premier to adjourn.


  59. Anonymous says:

    Let's put this 'pain' in perspective.

    Duncan Taylor gets a nice fat salary, a residence, staff to look after him and he can just walk away from all this when his term ends.

    Even if he totally messes up out here the FCO will conveniently find him a 'sideways move' to keep him in the way to which he has become accustomed.

    The only people getting hurt right now are the Caymanians.


    • Joe says:

      Right!  All of this is His fault.  XXXXX Ithink it would be true that the only people who arn't getting hurt right now are those in Civil service jobs.  Everyone else including expats, Non CIG sponsered Caymanians, and non CIG businesses are the ones getting hurt now and for the last two years and for the future.  Watch as current leadership tries to figure out who will pay for CIG and civil service and how they will make them pay.  Get ready because the tree is starting to fall.  Smart people….get out of the way.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I hear the slow rumble of massive fees and tax increases coming…

    • Concerned Caymanian says:

      And I hear the slow rumble of countless companies and people leaving Cayman to its coconuts and mosquitoes.

  61. cow itch says:

    This does demonstrates how the UK is in control and interferes with our financial policies. All the MLA's should had walked out of the house whilst the Governor was giving his speech.

    • itchy cow says:

      Right… If they had just let your premeir do what he wanted from the start  There would be no more debt and everyone would have jobs and of course a $20million dollar surplus.  
      But because of the UK (control?) That is not happening.   Good one.

    • Anon says:

      I don't know about INTERFERING, but I do know that this is about a 2-Sided Government CONTROL:  UK Gov. and C.I. Gov. versus the PEOPLE!

    • Anonymous says:

      You do realise how many civil servants and pointless polititians there are in the UK dont you. The UK gov will not improve any thing but your CIG waste is also on a par. Lets see how many leave the gravy train when it stops and then you will find out how many did it for the good of the CI people and how many were just lining there own pockets.


  62. PPM'r says:

    McKeeva Bush:  “I am praying I will have a budget to present next week,” You, Mac, are deliberately holding back the budget for next week. The Excellency Governor Taylor is being coax by you to say such things in the House. You will be making the cuts, because you want to do it.

    • Anonymous says:

      wow…. so Mr. Excellent is being coax by Lil Bush?  umm…. I think someone was smokin too much west baya herb this morning. And for your information, it is Mr. Excellent who is holding back the budget

    • Non-partisan says:

      Could you please disclose to us the evidence that Mac is holding back the budget for next week?  If not… SHUT UP!

    • anonymous says:

      Isn't there a repellent for ignorance?

  63. Anonymous says:

    lf Bush had any backbone he would cut the civil service now while he still can.  If he fails to make the neccessary cuts now many of the civil servents will lose their jobs in any event because the country simply can not afford to pay them.

    Mac, stop thinking about votes and start leading the country and making decisions that will save the country.  If you do that you will also win another election.

  64. Anonymous says:

    "He said government's planned surplus this year was brought about as a result of not paying into the pension liability and that in reality government was still spending more than it earned".

    Wow! And there we were being misled by Mckeeva that it was due to the sound fiscal management of his govt.  The irony is that there has been a substantial increase in govt. revenue and so the govt. cannot continue to blame the recession. Far from bringing the PPM's excessive spending to an end the govt. has added to to it.

    Smoke and mirrors, folks – that's all we can expect.

  65. Swine says:

    How about starting with cutting all the useless and wasteful traveling? How about collecting what is owed from Mr. Ryan, Ritz, and whichever other millionaires that owe our country? Why is the government not collecting from people who have money to waste, and owes millions of dollars? Why do they give concessions to the people who can afford to pay what everyone else has to pay, yet penalize the people of this country who are struggling? Why doesnt the government stop wasting money, and invest in mining equipment so that we can mine our Mt Trashmore, extract everything that can be recycled and sell it, instead of giving it to Dart? Dart will mine it out, there is millions and millions of dollars there, then he will pay 6 people $3 and hour to work it for the rest of thier sappy lives, then he will take the money elsewhere. I would bet my life that if we mined that dump, we could pay government debts 5 times and get double of that surplus MacTeeva is searching so desperatly for, while at the same time, create jobs and income for hundreds of local people. So many questions, not enough government brain or concern to answer and do something!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart is helping out with the investment of this country!  The Premier's hands are tied!  There is little left he can do when a higher power that be, orders him to do otherwise. Leave Dart and Camana alone.

      • Swine says:

        Since when does XXXXX making people work for little or nothing, put local homegrown business owners out of business, charge super excessive $ for everything that he owns or operates, screw up our environment etc help in the "Investment" in this country? And to the other poster, if your garbage can has any recyclable metals, glass, plastics, and paper in it, perhaps you should sort it and save it all up for a year and sell to recycling corporations and see how much recyclable garbage you generate, and see how much you can get for it in the end…then compare that to the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of tons of each that has been deposited at the dump. If you had any clue, you would understand, but obviously you dont, you must work in the Premiers office.

      • Swine says:

        Why do you think Dart is interested in buying a gabage dump? To make it in to a park? Give me a break, Dart is not here to "Invest" in this country, he is here to rape it of whatever he can, he is a "Business Man". Dart knows that the dump is full of money, the only difference between him and our government, is that he is smart enough to do the work to turn that dump in to cash! The two of you need to go sit down!

    • frank rizzo says:

      If there's "millions and millions of dollars" in the dump, who was the numb nut who threw it there?  I'm going to the kitchen and turn over my bin, there's bound to be ten grand in there.  How people come up with these astronomical numbers escapes me.