Camping says Rapture now coming in October

| 24/05/2011

(The Guardian): Good news for Rapture lovers! The world is going to end after all – only it's going to take a little longer than predicted. Harold Camping, architect of Saturday's dramatic events in which Judgment Day came and went without so much as an earthquake, has revealed what went wrong. He took to his show on his network Family Radio to reveal the simple truth: the Apocalypse was imminent, he'd just got it out by five months. So now the world is going to end – really and truly this time – on 21 October. Camping was disarmingly honest about the impact the world's inconvenient continuance was having on him, after he predicted 200 million Christians would rise to heaven by 6pm on Saturday followed by the destruction of the Earth in a massive fireball.

"I can tell you when 21 May came and went it was a very difficult time for me – a very difficult time. I was truly wondering what is going on. In my mind, I went back through all the promises God had made. What in the world was happening. I really was praying and praying: 'Lord, what happened?'" 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a religious, church going person . But no preacher or person can tell when the world would end . HOw i know ? Simply because the Bible says : NO MANY KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR When the sum of Man cometh"

    What the Holy Book did say though is there will be SIGNS  !!

    And we are definitely seeing  MANY  of those signs  taking place in this Era ( century)

    YOu can simply tell that the End is near at hand  like the Bible says simply by  Calusness, coldness and indifference towards Godliness and Moral Values. Simply read the Bible!!.

    What is MOST important is that we have  lived a LIFE that  is worthy of a Heavenly , Blissful life after this life!!

    Dont believe in heaven and hell ? simply read your Bible: King James Version is a good version

    Let's all life FREE of Voilence, dishonesty, Pre-marital sex, Adultery, cursing, consumption of drugs and alcohol.





    • Anne T. Krist says:

      The world will end when the sun supernovas, though we may have exterminated ourselves first. 

      I do agree with you that we should all live life FREE of violence, dishonesty, pre-marital sex, adultery, cursing, or the consumption of drugs and alcohol. 

      All except for the pre-marital sex.  And the alcohol, because God knows a beer sure goes down at the end of the day.  And the violence, because a good Arnie movie is hard to beat.  And the cursing – I mean I don't know what the xxxx's wrong with that.  So that leaves dishonesty and adultry, and I'm fine with those.  Really.

      Seriously though, I do agree that living well is really all a person need to concern themselves with.  Be good to each other and be true to yourself.

  2. B. B. L. Brown says:

    Harold Camping is a kook.  Anyone who takes him seriously has a  problem.  It's called gullibility.