MLAs plan to blockade GT

| 25/05/2011

(CNS): The opposition representative for East End and the independent member for North Side have sounded the alarm that government is pressing ahead with the East End cargo port and called on the people to join them in a full scale blockade of George Town to demonstrate the country’s opposition. Given the results of the developer’s environment report and the announcement on Monday that the premier still intends to approve the plan, Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller have warned of the serious need to stop the project before it is too late. With the support of their constituents in both the districts, a commitment from local quarry owners and truck owners, the MLAs are planning a full scale demonstration.

At a public meeting in North Side Tuesday evening McLean and Miller stated that the need to put a stop to the project was greater than ever. Pointing to the Throne Speech delivered by the governor in the Legislative Assembly Monday morning in which the cargo port was the only major public/private development project other than the cruise terminal cited by government as planned for this year, he called on the people to join the planned demonstrations.

With no mention of the Hon special economic zone or the plans for Dr Devi Shetty hospital, Miller said he believed this was a clear indication that the premier was prioritizing Joe Imparato’s plan for the East End Sea Port — which was nothing more than a disguised major quarrying project – as something he believed he could get off the ground.

“We need to continue and intensify our opposition to this project if we are to successfully stop it,” Miller said. He warned that, based on the government’s track record, the legislation to create the exemptions for the commercial port development project from taxes and other planning regulations could come to the House suddenly and without warning.

As a result, the MLAs were formulating a plan that would include as many people as possible to be ready to come to George Town with trucks to block the roads around the parliament building at a moment’s notice if necessary. He said there was a need for the people to come out in significant numbers and stand on the steps of the Legislative Assembly and make their feelings known as there was no other way to protect their country.

“We may have to act quickly,” Miller said. “We can’t say when this may happen it could happen very suddenly and we have to be ready to call on people to come to the capital and show their opposition.”

His colleague and opposition member for East End said that the government has the numbers to push through the legislation so the opposition MLAs cannot stop the premier from inside the Legislative Assembly. “This one will be fought outside and I shall be out there on the step with the people,” McLean promised. 

Although the two MLAs say they will be carrying on with the petition to collect enough signatures for a people’s referendum, the process could take too long to have any impact. By the time more than 3500 signatures could be physically collected and verified as voters the project could have already gained official approval and the necessary legislation passed.

The EIA has indicated very real dangers that the authors claim can be mitigated, but a closer examination of the report would suggest that mitigation would be difficult at best. McLean said the developer must think the people of the Cayman Islands are “stupid or that they won’t read” the report, as he said it has listed all of the things that both he and Miller had warned against, from the contamination of the water lens to the exposure during bad weather to dangerous flooding, among many other issues.

Aside from the obvious environmental issues, the MLAs warned of the special treatment that the developer of the project would be given, and even if the development was to ever be more than a “big hole” it would exclude the local people. The two men also pointed to the plan to allow the development to build up to seven storeys, a first for the eastern end of the island, where development has traditionally be held at a five storey maximum.

The law which will be passed to exclude the developer from the usual regulations is being drawn up by Imparato’s people, and according to the EIA, the Central Planning Authority will be guided by this master plan. The new legislation is said to be akin to that passed in the UK’s capital during the development of the London Docklands.

Miller and McLean explained that once he has written the rules he wants to play by, it will be up to government to pass them, which was an outrage. “The UDP government is manipulating the laws of this country for their friends and themselves,” the East End member added.

He said the people from across the Cayman Islands had to come together had to put a stop “to this rubbish” and called for full and wide civil disobedience if necessary to save the eastern half of the island from destruction.

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Do you approve of a blockade of George Town to protest the East End Seaport?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People, the old switcheroo was pulled on you.  Dervyn Scott is building this in Cayman Brac and guess who is interested: the Chinese.

    Actually, this is quite interesting.

    1. Dervyn is building this project and his son is building the first Phase of Hurricane Hilton.  

    2. Julie is paving parking lots.

    3. McKeever is travelling the world and not getting any projects started.

    4. Hmmm…maybe Julie needs to assist him with his projects.

    Well, at least it looks like Enterprise City stands a chance.


  2. Whodatis says:

    Re: Submitted by Business man (not verified) on Fri, 05/27/2011 – 13:48 …







    Wow – you really crammed it all in with this post didn't you Mr. Business Man?!

    My friend – let us stick to the matter at hand.

    I am opposed to THIS PARTICULAR PROJECT!!

    Are you able to comprehend that simple yet crucial fact?

    Of all the forwarded projects by government as of late – this is the only one that I have held a strong opinion against.

    It is people like yourself who are the spin doctors. You are the one willing to attach all sorts of labels and categories onto individuals like myself along with a cocktail of elevating keywords.

    According to you I want to hang on to the past and fight against all forms of development in this country.

    I will say this much. My very existence and upbringing within the Cayman Islands was directly connected to development and infrastructural advancement in this country. Furthermore, many people within my immediate circle stand to gain (economically) from this ridiculous proposal. Even more interesting is the FACT that even I myself could find myself in a vicarious position of economic gain from this project. HOWEVER, I still stand in my position of strong oppostion!

    Some may consider such a stance to be an example of putting country, legacy and future before self. However, judging by your chosen alias, such concepts may be lost on you.

    So, Mr. "Business Man" – kindly refrain from referring to Whodatis as "you people" – it is a very pathetic and cheap shot.

    I am but one individual and one that you obviously have no clue as to his thought process.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Remember when West Bay Road used to be West Bay Road?  Holiday Inn and all dat?   Right, 30 years fast forward!  Where would Cayman be ef we never allowed for investments in the future for the country and for Tourism back then.  Think people would have jobs along Seven Mile Beach?

    Keep living in the past and try so naw try plan for the future, in a sustainable way.   Sustainability is not about not changing.  Its about balancing the Environemental, Social and Economic aspects of development.  Walk good unnuheeree!

    • Whodatis says:

      Because an individual is opposed to this particular project does not mean that he or she is "anti-development".

      Why are so many of us forwarding this ridiculous notion?!

      The issue at hand is ONE PARTICULAR PROJECT – and obviously this one has stirred up a lot of controversy.

      The simple question to ask is – "Why is that?"

      Was everyone simply bored and idle this week?

      My mother grew up in the days of smokepans and such, and I am grateful for the things that "development" has brought to this country, however, the point of contention at the moment is not that of general "development" – it is of this particular ridiculous proposal in East End.

      * Questions:

      Are you hopeful and wanting for a West Bay Road-like level of development along the proposed stretch of coastline for this project?

      Do you consider that to bea good thing for the Cayman Islands?

      Do you think our tourists are lying when they tell us that they love the tranquil and peaceful elements of the Eastern side of the island?

      Have you traveled much and or lived elsewhere for an extended period of time? (Perspective is crucial to every opinion in life.)

      Do you not see merit in centralizing our development and coincidentally preserving other areas?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Since we are calling for alternatives to stimulate the economy….continue with the Shetty Project.

    I am an East Ender and I think the Shetty project is good for the country. Please also note that our elected MLA Arden Mclean is also in favor of the Shetty Project.  

    Plain and simple we are objecting to the sea port because its not good for East End.

    • long term planning says:

      Look at the archives regarding our G.T port 150, 100, 50, 25 years ago and presently, see how it has changed. Just imagine what it will need to look like 25, 50 100, 150 years time.

      Gorge Town will out-grow it, South Sound don't want it, North Sound don't want it. Will Bodden Town, or North Side allow t to be built there, or will they march to the L.A against it also. 

      The Capt. Brian and group are not going allow the airport runway to be extended out in to the North Sound.

      Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish.

      Please let me know what your, Mr. Mclean, and Ezzard vision is for Cayman in the future, 100, 200 or more years time.  

  5. karen says:

    It is amazing that you have not one blogger, opposing this project, who has came up with one stable revenue-measure idea that would boost the economy and create jobs? 

    All of them tear down and oppose it to the core, but no one has anything to bring to the table to better our economy. 

    Now…  that is interesting!

    • Erin T. says:

      That says a lot though Karen doesn't it!

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Your comment seems to imply that a lack of the ability to come up with a "stable revenue-measure idea" as an alternative to the port project is a criterion for one's comment to be worthy of condemnation. No?

      So, can you come up with a suggestion for "stable revenue-measure idea that would boost the economy and create jobs" as an alternative to the port project? Do you have anything to bring to the table to better our economy? Or in your opinion is the port project the only possible "stable revenue-measure idea" that will work? Just wondering if I will be amazed that you are in the same boat as those whom you condemn.

      Now…this could be interesting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i gaurantee that 99% of the naysayers have not (or cannot) read the EIA report……..

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm willing to bet that of those still in favour of the project, even less have read the EIA.

  7. Anonymous says:

    if they do that west bay will be in problems i hope they know about that crack; if they do this seaport in east end, where they have to blow up the sea grounds west bay is gonna sink

  8. NJ2Cay says:

    I'm sure there's a lot of people that will rant and rave but I'll bet they are the first ones in line for Job at the Quarry or Port or whatever it is..
    I hear people talking about how they are tired on Money influencing decisions but one of the biggest reason thing like this are proposed is because the government has to earn money to sustain the country and they do not have the means to build high revenue earning projects like this, so they are willing to work with private investor that will fund it themselves.
    That’s the price you pay to live in a Tax Free environment, People say that they don't want the east end to change it's look. How many of you would rather have Direct Taxation in lieu of these types of projects.
    You know if every Caymanian paid income and property taxes there would most like be no need for projects like Shetty, EE SeaPort or Enterprise city and the island could keep it's pristine look. But the reality is the government right now has to do everything they can to bring in money and that will mean sacrifice in a lot of different ways. And it looks to me like the last thing the current government that you all call dictators want to do is tax the people. The fact is they have to do something or else be prepared to answer directly to the queen at which point there will direct taxation anyway but it will be paid to her.
    The outcome of all this internal bickering will be Cayman ultimate undoing and you can thank you politicians for that. Because they are the ones that started all this. When everyone else is broke and unemployed and start losing their homes because they can’t pay their property taxes watch how comfortable all these guys will still be in their big houses and huge pension plans. You’ll see how much they are for the people when folks start asking them for help and they put a lock on their front gates.

    • Whodatis says:

      Respectfully, you are full of it – here are a few reasons why:

      "That’s the price you pay to live in a Tax Free environment, People say that they don't want the east end to change it's look. How many of you would rather have Direct Taxation in lieu of these types of projects."

      – That is nothing but scaremongering, plain and simple.

      "… if every Caymanian paid income and property taxes there would most like be no need for projects like Shetty, EE SeaPort or Enterprise city and the island could keep it's pristine look."

      – What the heck are you talking about?! Please stick to the issue at hand which is the "big a$$ hole / quarry / EESP. This is not a package deal. Just because one is opposed to the ruination of the best and last semblance of natural beauty in the country does not render him or her as "anti-development". Personally, I have no issue with the Enterprise city and I am neither here or there in regards to the Shetty hospital.

      "The outcome of all this internal bickering will be Cayman ultimate undoing and you can thank you politicians for that. …"

      – Now you want to conclude your intellectually dishonest post by pretending to be for the people of Cayman. No sir / madam – such irony and hypocrisy do not exist together by way of circumstance.

      You are a trickster and we see through as plain as day.

      Try again.

      • Anonymous says:

        "… if every Caymanian paid income and property taxes there would most like be no need for projects like Shetty, EE SeaPort or Enterprise city and the island could keep it's pristine look."

        I don't think that is scaremongering, Whodatis.  It is a known fact and accountants know this ver well that if you fail to balance your budget through "cuts" of expenditures and "increase" of revenue, then the other option there is, is "sustainable revenue," i.e., implementing a tax in order to do this.

      • NJ2Cay says:

        Whodatis, thanks for your assessment my ideas but nothing I said has to do with Scaremongering as you so eloquently put it. All I was doing is trying make a point that if the government collected income and Property taxes from Cayman Citizens they would have a lot more income and would most likely be less hard pressed to rely on foreign investments and ideas from people with money to sustain their infrastructure.  No I am not saying that taxes are the answer, I actually think that would be the worst thing Cayman can do but the fact remains that Cayman is in dire straits financially right now with the UK just waiting say this land is our land and the government UPD or PPM is going to have make some sacrifices to bring in money. The point I am trying to make about your politicians is that they all have their own agendas. And they manipulate the people to reach their own goals. I am no fan of the Sea Port Idea but I don’t think it’s going to destroy the island or make the island sink as some people would have you believe. And as for the Big A$$ Hole and it only being a quarry, that seems to have a started from statements made by one politician whom I’m sure has his own agenda just like every other one. 

    • PPM'r says:

      NJ2Cay, your argument holds no water. PPM will do better than UDP, and if it take stalling all of these projects, we will do whatever to cause this to happen!

      • JE says:

        And because of party politics, development stops? 

        Ignorance, I say!  Can't we please at least lay down our partisan swords and be unified when it comes to our economy?

        • The Watcher says:

          JE, I'm sorry but you can't.  Cayman has demonstrated that time and again.  It's why I fear for Cayman's future.

      • Anonymous says:

        PPM is objecting to those projects because they are bad for the country. Period.


        Another PPM Supporter

      • Anonymous says:

        Hopefully you're right, but from what I here and have read, the PPM did no better when they were in office. How do you propose the PPM will fix the budget issues currently going on ?

        Just be clear, I am no fan of the UPD or PPM, I think all Politians are two faced….

      • NJ2Cay says:

        Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 05/27/2011 – 10:00.
        Hopefully you're right, but from what I here and have read, the PPM did no better when they were in office. How do you propose the PPM will fix the budget issues currently going on ?

        Just be clear, I am no fan of the UPD or PPM, I think all Politians are two faced….

    • Anonymous says:

      Your first sentence very clearly demonstrates that you are anything but qualified to write this post.

    • Anonymous says:

      Talk about ignorance. We do not live in "a tax free environment".   Every Caymanian and resident alike pays taxes, lots of them as a matter of fact.  They are in the form of indirect consumption tax.  Since virtuallly everything consumed here is imported and almost everything imported has a 22% duty on it we all pay plenty.  If direct taxation is so great then why is the U.S. in over 12 trillion dollars in debt.  The UK is in bad shape as well.  Why are nations like Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and Spain on the verge of bankruptcy when they have direct taxation.  If direct taxation is so great how can this be?  If indirect taxation just does not work then why was the Cayman Islands completely solvent less then what, 6 or 8 years ago?  Is the reason for all the countries mentioned above including Cayman is they spent beyond their means, have bloated governments and entitlement programs?  Now the East End Seaport is going to save us right?  The developer and government both acknowledge that in order for the end product to be viable the government will have to build a new highway through island. Awesome,  where's the money going to come from.  The government doesn't have it.  If big government projects were the key to economic success for the country then the school projects shoud going full speed ahead.  Why aren't they?  The idea that this seaport is going to attract transhipment business here is an absolute joke.  Go to the Port of Kingston, our closest neighbor and look at the size and scope of that facility.  Do you really think Cayman is going to compete with something like that with our abundant cheap labor (that's sarcasm by the way).  Dream on.  Recognize it for what it is, a few very rich individuals trying to get even richer at the expense of the entire country, economically and environmentally.  By the way I'm all for the Shetty project, the cruise berthing and the Enterprise city.

      • NJ2Cay says:

        I think you misunderstood my post, I do not think taxes are the answer at all, in fact I think that taxes are nothing more than government robbery. The point I was trying to make is that since the Cayman island government doesn’t collect Income and property taxes and has that revenue to pull on is the reason they are pushing all these big projects to try and get money from wherever they can. And yes I agree with you that the reason the Caymans as well as the US is in a financial mess is because of wasteful spending. No I don’t think the EESP will save Cayman but it may help, I think the only reason they are pushing this is because they believe it won’t coast them any money. You mentioned why the Schools project isn’t going full speed ahead and the key to economic success, it’s because it’s coming out of the public wallet and not adding anything to it, unlike the other project which are  privately funded for the most part.

        And to comment on the 22% duty you pay for consumption products. That’s nothing compared to the 33% Federal Income Tax, 6 % State Income and 8% Property Tax New Jersey people have to pay and still have to pay taxes for consumables.

        At least the taxes you pay can be controlled by the individual shopping habits of each person, where the bulk of our just come out before we even see our money.

  9. Whodatis says:

    The simple fact that there is a proposal to produce a mega industrial and commercial development in one of the most pristine, untouched and awesome parts of the country should be enough to trump all other arguments.

    Why are so many of us unable to understand that?

    I spent a number of years living in a "concrete jungle" where I witnessed people desperately trying to regain the slightest element of nature in their lives.

    A place where a mere 10' x 10' "garden" was a treasured commodity.

    A place where a vibrant and active environmental community was comprised of pimple faced 14 year olds all the way up to beige jacketed, flat capped, horn-rimmed glasses wearing Grandpas even though one was hard-pressed to even witness a decent plot of green land.

    A place where hundreds of miles of its coastline was / is adamantly protected and defended regardless of the fact that it is in no way as identified by, dependent and reliant on its coastline as we are in the Cayman Islands.

    (By the way. This is NOT an "East End issue". Think about it. Who benefits at times like this from dividing up this TINY island nation in such a manner? Surely not the people.)

    It honestly and literally PAINS me to read and hear some of the comments in support of this destructive project today. For I have been submerged in the other side of the coin, so to the speak.

    I know far too well where, if given the opportunity, this road of unbridled developmentwill end – and none of us will like it.

    Sadly, I also realize that had I never moved away from my beloved Cayman and experienced the things that I have, I would not feel as passionately about this issue as I do today – this is the frustrating part!

    If the wider world was to somehow catch wind of this particular  battle taking place in Cayman today we would be the laughing stock of the decade – actually, we would probably be the "pitied" stock of the decade – for others would simply assume that we know no better.

    However, the MAJORITY of us DO KNOW BETTER!!

    Come on Cayman – let us turn the page in our story. Let us surprise ourselves a bit this time around. Let us pull together and create another moment in history, similar to 2004, for which we can be proud as a people.

    Make no mistake about it – this is a turning point in our history.

    It is that serious.

    Join us.

     – Whodatis

    • Business man says:

      Whodatis, Cayman is not as fragile as you maintain. As a Caymanian, I am sorry to say, but your doctrine is like so many other Caymanian proptectionist's views that is base off the FEAR OF CHANGE. The world has been in existence for thousands of years and have either evolved or adapted to diverse conditions. You make it look like this island can be damaged and it is irreversible – that is not the case!  As human species, we have come a long way in technology and way and means of developing that is not like you and others would think! Why are you and others so scare of the outcome of human action; especially, if such action will help to boost a people's economy?  You people talk so much about the value of nature and our environment –  Aren't we a part of nature too? Don't we have value to ensure there is production and growth? 

      It is not surprising that when you look at the more xenophobic and protectionist views in certain people here, they would use such a front like this against development. I can tell you, people like you, are the same ones who attack and oppose expats and population growth that would bring more money circulation / opportunities to the island.

      Stop spinning the doctrine of "what ifs" and "maybes"! 

      And on the question of greed, because I hear Ezzard bring it up alot of times. So what if Joe is going to get a profit from this project? It makes it sound like Ezzard and Arden is jealous of the man for the millions he could make from digging a quarry. So what?? That is what capitalism is all about! And the speculation that Joe would just leave it as it is, as a quarry, I think is a very demonic accusation against the developer. Has Ezzard / Arden came up with any proof of their beliefs??  I have not heard them with any facts but speculation. So what if Joe gets something in the millions from this project, the politicians get something as well for helping the developer, and the people get something as well from the final result??  This is the 21st century, this is how capitalism works!  Do want a communist and socialist state instead??  If people have the spirit of capitalism, government leaves them alone, and they looked out for themselves and make a profit, I can tell you, we would be an island better off than we are now. But it is people like you that whenever a develop commences, you are opposing it.

      At least, come up with a solution of a better project to pursue that would outweigh the benefits of this one.

      • Anonymous says:

        One such better project; "Shetty Hospital"!

      • Just Commentin' says:

        Sorry Business Man, but your arguments here are so painful to read that I tend to be among those who would suggest you just hang it up. (Please?)

        For example:
        "Fear of Change" You proposed a baseless claim as there is no support for the idea that all those who oppose the port project do so because of their fear of change. It is Irrelevant to the issue anyway as fear of change has no effect on the impact (for the good or bad) of the project upon the economy or the environment.

        "The world has been in existence for thousands of years and have (sic) either evolved or adapted to diverse conditions."  What does this have to do with the immediate concerns regarding short to medium-term negative environmental impacts of the proposed project? What you seem to be arguing is that if the project is an environmental disaster is it ok because in "thousands of years" the Cayman Islands will adapt. That is not very comforting to me as I might not make it that long even though I am trying to give up several bad habits. Not really a brilliant argument.

        "Why are you and others so scare (sic) of the outcome of human action; especially, if such action will help to boost a people's economy?" Let's take that thought process to the extreme and see where it leads: Do you need an economic boost? You say you would not be afraid of an action that could potentially lead to boosting your economy. Right? So suppose we decree that everyone who needs an economic boost must serve as a part-time prostitute.  Even though this action would be effective in boosting your economy, I kinda think you would probably be a bit scared of that action, if for no other reason than concern over that action's impact on your sphincter.

        "I can tell you, people like you, are the same ones who attack and oppose expats and population growth that would bring more money circulation / opportunities to the island."  Well dude,  I do not attack exacts – unless those particular expats are deserving of rebuke or a slap upside the head – whichever is most appropriate at the time. I do not oppose population growth. My spouse and I made whoopie and we had children – did it more than once actually – and thus I happily did my part to contribute to population growth in deese yah islands. But I still oppose the current proposal for the port project.

        "Stop spinning the doctrine of "what ifs" and "maybes"!" Physician, heal thyself! Your doctrine is no more proven that those held by those whom you oppose. Your life is based to a significant degree on analysis of probabilities. Your argument here is based on the "ifs" of what will happen if those who oppose the project have their way. I would opine that your support for the project is based in part on the "maybe" that the developer is a good and honourable man since I doubt you know him personally.

        "And the speculation that Joe would just leave it as it is, as a quarry, I think is a very demonic accusation against the developer." Why is this "demonic"?  It is a very real possibility, especially in a slow economy. In my many journeys throughout the world I have seen many a project abandoned by developers. We need some concrete guarantees in place.

        "Has Ezzard / Arden came up with any proof of their beliefs?? " Have you come up with any proof of yours? Or are you merely speculating according to your opinions?

        "At least, come up with a solution of a better project to pursue that would outweigh the benefits of this one." So are you condemning those who are unable to come up with a better project that the proposed port project?  Alrightie then. Can you not come up with a better proposal? If you cannot come up with a better proposal then you are in the same boat as those whom you condemn. Are you of the opinion that the proposed port project is the oneand only single sole lone solitary viable project that can boost our economy? Does the lack of a better proposal make this proposal any more practical or lessen potential negative impacts?

        "If people have the spirit of capitalism, government leaves them alone, and they looked out for themselves and make a profit, I can tell you, we would be an island better off than we are now."  So you believe in giving unbridled capitalism free reign? Crack dealers are consummate capitalists who certainly embody the "spirit of capitalism": they make a great profit on a product that has good demand. Would you suggest that we disregard the negative impacts of crack sales and urge government to "leave them alone" because of their good capitalistic spirit?

        And finally: "So what if Joe gets something in the millions from this project, the politicians get something as well for helping the developer, and the people get something as well from the final result??" Your moral compass is so trashed that you have no problem with political graft. Far from being a solution to the woes of this country, thinking like yours is a large part of the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      Will there be food laid on?

  10. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right. This is such a huge, appalling crock of garbage concieved by greedy, ignorant, uncaring minds. Yet it is typical of what Caymanians have been offered and have blindly accepted in exchange for our souls in this country. Imagine a hungry man on the street being  given a very attractive box of chicken and finding upon opening it that only the bones remain. This hole in our land is purely and simply greed driven with no consideration whatsoever for anything other than money. It is dangerous and destructive to our land and to our people and at best will permanently disfigure Cayman and the district of East End. It must be stopped. Enough is enough.     

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would attend if arden/ezzard actually had hard facts behind their arguments….or maybe some proven scientific data….but they have nothing except the quarry trucker mob…….


    • nauticalone says:

      Suggest you read the EIA with an objective view….and ask the DoE for their concerns/thoughts.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have no doubt that many of us are concerned about the potential impact on the environment of the EES, I am one of them also.

    That being said what are we doing about the dump in GT and its impact on the lense? What about the large amount of canal developments that tore up and reclaimed acres of mangrove around the Island that are still empty after years of for sale signs (why didnt East End demonstrate against those)

    What about the dangers associated with the fuel storage facilities being located so close to residential areas and schools not to mention the open ocean, and the dangers associated with piping fuel from the ships to shore.

    What about the almost non existent recycling program in Cayman.

    I think we all need to take a more long term look at what this could provide us with in terms of net revenue over time to the people of the Cayman Islands.

    There is a number of various attributes to this project that could provide jobs either directly or indirectly to Caymanians in the future. Unemployment is creeping up and what is in place or being proposed to help this situation? I would suggest that we all take a closer look and think about what matters, that of income and the ability to support our families as it is clear that the government is being pushed to retract more and more programs.

    The days of entire generations being employed by the government are coming to an end and we need to start looking at private sector initiatives for future sustainable employment.

    I would be very very cautious about scaring away private fully funded projects like this as it could make Cayman a place 'not' to do business.

    Its about what is good for the entire country not just what some East Enders dont want to see happen.

    In closing I would ask why in decades past Caymanians have allowed massive destruction of the mangrove for still empty parcels of marl with no comment or uproar and now because a politician (who is quite comfortable financially) tells you to demonstrate you tow the line? Look at the facts and the numbers and what you need to pay your bills and if that can be balanced with a careful approach to minimizing the impact on the environment make your own decision.

  13. Michael says:

    Again, Cayman, here's the breakdown:

    1. You don't want property tax

    2. You don't want to cut Civil Service

    3. You don't want unemployment

    4. You don't want Mr. Shetty's hospital

    5. You don't want Dart developing more to this Island

    6. You don't want a Marina in the North Sound

    7. Your critics of a new Cruise Berthing Facility

    8. Your critics of an Economic zone

    9. Your critics of having an Oil Refinery

    10. You don't want crime to increase

    11. You don't want a welfare state feeding over 8000 Caymanians

    12. You don't want Population increase and more Status Grants

    13. You don't want permit and trade and business fees increased

    14. Your critics of having a Premier to develop these islands

    On and on, your Christmas list of criticisms never end…

    Now you don't want an East End Port!

    So….. what is it that you really want???  Do you want the UK to take us over and declare full British Rule???  Do you want us to become like Turks and Cacois Islands???

    Our economy is in a mess, in a sham!  The UK has given us a deadline to balance the budget or else they will take action and do things there way. From one local dictator to a UK one!

    Party Politics, like I said, is going to ruin these islands. Our economy needs to be improved and people need jobs, and you would have the gall to tear down EVERY SINGLE project proposal mention in Government!  I notice not one MLA opposing these project, have provided a rational economic solution to boost the economy!



  14. 3rd CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Uneducated destructive people have no honor. These same people surrender their loyalties to a man that does not have our country or its people’s best interests. In fact this same man refuses to seriously deal with the financial back logs to see where our country’s finances are to plot a true course forward. Furthermore, this same man singlehandedly destroyed a bank, gave massive status grants to foreigners some deserving some not and short changed our government insurance after Ivan. Now they want to bring in a smelly toxic oil refinery destroying our tourist industry. Dredge-out the North Sound for millionaire mega yacht owners, their true supporters in the process destroying our Mangroves and Stingray City and build a cargo dock in the Eastern District to leave our Island vulnerable to Hurricane destruction and the governor went along. The negatives are out of balance with the positives. The ruling party has bitten off more then they can chew. We must fight back! Sign the petition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/26/2011 – 07:51.

      Would Caymanians be willing to work as truck drivers to bring the goods from the East End port to George Town?

      Would this be acceptable work for them?


      Anon 05/26/2011-0751

      It seems as if you took my post and made it into an expat issue, which has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      The business centre is in George Town which means that everything will have to be trucked to George Town which will inflat the prices of everyday items at the storm. To me it does not matter if little alians from Mars did the shipping.

      And no one has answered anything with regards to the cost for tourists to come to the Cayman Islands. Right away they will have to take a taxi from distance as Cayman goes.

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm sick of hearing the bull  s@@@ about long drive from East end to George Town,  will cost the Cayman businesses a whole lot of money.

        Have you been anywhere else but cayman? what the hell is 22 miles of driving?

        Do you realise what  the go east initiative means? Development of the Eastern districts, which means most of your freight/ cargo won't have to track the 22 miles to GT.

        Businesses are going to inflate their prices, no matter what distance the freight comes from.

        Do you live on Cayman? i see truck with Caymanians driving them everyday, making a decent living.

    • Anymous says:

      Sign which petition?  We are not signing any petition because all of them is the same, let them fry in their own fat.  As  soon as or if UDP is challenged and out, the PPM will do the same thing, and the Independent is only standby waiting for an opportunity.  I am not marching and I am not signing a thing.  Disgraceful causing havoc in the eyes of tourist, they should be ashamed.  Why dont they go to the site and do what they have to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do these gentlemen have the genuine the interest of the Islands at heart or do they want to be "history makers" to have their names recorded in Cayman's history.Freedom of movemets and freedom of association and speech are fundamental rights of the citizens but lets hope that prudence and common sense prevail. Just be careful that when you do this blocade of the Parliament Building and picket the steps of the LA you don't commit various criminal offences and instability in the Islands that will be distasteful to visitors and investors. Then if there is large scale disturbance the British Navy will come and put it down with brute force. Your militancy may give the mother country the excuse to enforce direct rule from England with all the unfavourable consequences. History has shown that what started out as innocent protest can lead to large scale disturbance. A street protest with placards is one thing, but actually blocading Parliament building is quite another thing. If you don't control your followers some may go further and try to assault lawful users of the LA building. Who would you blame for that? And if serious damages is done to the image and reputation of the country, would you think the rest of the voters of this country would vote you into Parliament again. Over to Alden you are a lawyer I hope you guide these members as to the potential problems these poffered actions could cause.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Arden you and the PPM should not have pulled the rug from under The Chuckster when he was organising the march against the UDP. If that march had not been undermined by the PPM it would have kept the UDP in check and we wouldn't be facing all of this BS now. Just look at what the mere threat of the march did……it stopped McKeeva's proposal to sell the NEW Government Administration Building !!! Its a pity you all didn't see the importance of the second reason for the march and that was the very damaging immigration policies which were being introduced by the UDP to the detriment of young Caymanians. Young Caymanians are feeling the pain now…..real pain and yet you and your PPM pick and choose what is important to your party and decide to protest simply for politicial expedency. What about us young Caymanians and what our immigration policies are doing to us. Fix that first and we will join you on your East End Seaport protest otherwise we will fix what you all seem incapable of fixing !!!!

    • nauticalone says:

      I agree with you about marching earlier (for the Govt. Admin Bldg). However, Mr. Cliffords efforts did work for the better of the country!

      What Arden and Ezzard (and others) are calling for here (stopping the EE Sea Port, really a huge Quarry) is much larger than any individual or even politics.

      This is about saving Cayman from man made destruction. And i have no doubt that Mr. Clifford supports this initiative also….as being in the best interest of Cayman and it's people!

      • Anonymous says:

        to 13:45:

        And the best part about that is that all those quarry  owners are only interested in their owns selves.  They are no better than Mr. Imparato who they  claim is destroying the island.  These Quarry  owners only hire Phillipinos not even the poor  Jamacans can get a job, because the phillies are dime a dozen and will work for anything. The quarry owners are all like the government only seeking their own powers.  Ask the quarry owners how many Caymanians they provide jobs for – very few!  The Philipinos don't even buy groceries, they don't pay rent they live six to a room- That's running down our standard of living – before we speak  – these are some of the deadly issues that are slipping through. Quarry owners show us what you mean, and we will support you, otherwise Mr. Imparato you make your plans, we need jobs.

        The only quarry owner this Island had was Dick Christinsen. Say what you may, but he provided jobs for East Ender, Ask the current owners who they provide jobs for.  But you know what  I hope Mr. Imparato does dig a Quarry some East Enders will get some jobs unlike the current ones that are around now.


         I am an East Ender 

      • Anonymous says:

        I have heard Charles Clifford on Roostertelling them that he fully supports Arden's and Ezzard's efforts in relation to the East End Seaport. Unlike the PPM Clifford is decisive…..if he decides to do something you can believe that he is going to do it and is not going to flip flop like some in the PPM.

        • Anonymous says:

          You obviously haven't been listening to PPM. The WHOLE PPM is with Arden on this. Mac and Imparato sure has a ton of opposition from the Opposition AND the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      The threat of a march caused a turnaround in McKeeva's plan to sell the GAB which was the main reason why anyone would have marched. It was a simple question of do you want the building sold or not.

      The East End port hole is another simple question, do you want this project or not?

      Immigration Policy is a host of questions that does not have a single answer, and is beyond the comprehension of many who might have marched.

      Either a march, and by that I mean lawful assembly, or threatened march will not be effective if used repeatedly. It must be reserved for very important items and issues when those in power will not listen to the people. The sale of the Government Administration Building, the East End port, and dredgeing of the North Sound fall into that category.

      People should march because they feel very strongly about an issue, not because Chuckie, or Ezzard, or Arden, called them to march. The last thing we need is a bunch of illiterates marching behind a pied piper.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Calls for revolution and mass protests will be met with apathy and no shows – prove me wrong!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I recently visited a friend in Texas. He pointed out all these huge "holes" that were all over the place where companies had come in to excavate and then………….nothing! The area looks now like something you would expect to see on the moon or so. Nothing much left growing there. Nobody has any interest to develop anything there.

    Why bother to get an environmental impact study if a couple of bullies are just deciding to do whatever anyway? Why do we call this country a democracy where it is clearly a dictatorship. No, the dictator isn't Bush, it is the $$$$$!!

    I have said it ime and time again, everywhere else they are moving towards environmental protection and learning to develop WITH mother nature in mind, not going against it.

    But here in Cayman we are still blinded by some idiotic promises that are likely never coming to frutation.

    If the people residing here do not put their foot down now and make it very clear that this project is not wanted, then there is no turning back.

    Remember the Ritz had set a presedence for 7 story buildings on 7 mile beach! Well see what 7 mile beach looks like now – everyone going 7 story high and has all this developing done as any good??? No – we are still experiencing a recession just like the rest of the world.

  18. Whodatis says:

    My Fellow Caymanians,

    We are now witnessing the strategy (aka "the newest trick in the book") designed to confuse and divide the masses.

    A rough outline is as follows:

    1. Propose a controversial concept (East End Seaport in this instance)

    2. Test the waters for presence of "choppy seas".

    3. Upon discovery of said choppy seas tell the opposers something … anything to simmer the tensions and uprising – voila, the promised, and now released, EIA. (The passage of time is an extremely powerful tool in such a process.)

    4. Present the "great pacifier" (EIA) to the masses.

    5. Disclose and relay all negative factors therein. Crucially, this casts the impression of a sympathetic and or concerned entity. In other words, some of the original opposers will now feel they are able to trust you.

    6. Publicly declare your own concerns regarding said controversial concept – however, express faith in and reliance upon the mitigating options proposed in the very pacifier (EIA) forwarded by YOURSELF to the masses – for which, by the way, you have footed the bill.

    7. Stand back and wait – for if the tactic is successful, and this is usually the case, there will develop incidents of in-fighting amongst the people and masses. (Sounds familiar?)

    8. A divided people is the easiest type to dupe and manipulate.

    Wake up Cayman.



    • Freedom Man says:

      The Hegelian Dialectic is a process handed down through the years by Goverments to keep the people infighting and get through more ominous, draconian measures.  If you don't understand this than it is about time you open a book or turn on your computer and take 5 minuts out of each day to open your eyes and understand exactly what the elite have in store for you…Please Wake Up People! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah finally, someone with eyes open. Respect to you, sir.

      • Freedom Man says:

        I’m sad for those of you who find this funny.  How much oppression will you receive?  Exactly the amount you will tolirate!  I for one will not stand for a tyrannical government!

  19. Michel Lemay says:

    Again I am more confused then properly educated or just plain don't get it. First, I think many of us are extremely paranoid at what our leader is proposing for the mere fact that we are not certain which foot he will dance on. I am expecting a bomb shell around the same time of having a proposed budget. It will have to be forthe UK to approve this. So it will be I predict a Good news and Bad news. The question is at who's expense. I am for some sort of blockade BUT there needs to be a plan if it's going to work. I don't agree with the proposal quarry/ port maybe one day and suspect Mr. Imparato doesn't really care as long as he addsto his fortune or just go back to the ranch. The North Sound project again is confusing to say the least and again we cannot oppose for the sake of opposing but that won't help our budget will it ?e already have no confidence in our premier and his crew. We need a budget first. We need answers to the many questions not yet answered. We have no money to start anything and if you think we will get anything for nothing from those proposed project seekers, your head is in the sand. Priority #1 is eliminate to unnessary expenditure including your many travels Mr. premier. There is no money therefore there should be no travelling. And if those ask you why you can't go tell them the truth, there is no money.Collect aggressively what is owed us. Mr. Ryan sould be first. He is having his cake and eating it all. No Hilton on the brac. It's probably safer then here since after Paloma. Identify who else owes us money, eliminate departments that are not contributing or getting us any revenues by reshuffling certain employees where ther is more of a need. Do not cut or punish the CS until you do a proper assesment and not done in a political way. A neutral board with teeth. Our deputy Governor (a Caymanian) a good man should get more involved since our UK designed Governor is not really sure of his job description when it don't suit him to answer. Ah ! and the Chinese mr. premier what is the real deal. Will you present them like our Saviors aroung the same time that you will announce your surprise budget and mr.premier the UK will play you now re budget as they have not yet suggested anything except the CS. We know that is not the only problem. Wake up man! I will march when I see that we are marching towards a GOAL and not for the sake of just marching . Time to listen to the people or pay the consequences. I was glad to hear the Leader of the Opposition wanting to know more how the public sector can operate in all this mess. Yes treat our GVT. as it was a business and time to cut or downsize was is dragging us in this big hole. STOP WASTING OUR MONEY or it won't be pretty.

    • Michel Lemay says:

      Thank you both for an easy education and I did go to the site. You are absolutly right. Of course the more confused we get the less focus we remain. I wish we could all meet under an almond tree or mango tree and have some good old backyard discussion. Bodyguard not welcome and you would be told that the kitchen might get hot but we at least need to agree to disagree no matter what. Characters welcome.

  20. Caymanians for logic says:

    Myth 1: Cost on island will go up due to traffic drive.

    Fact 1: Shipping cost TO island on the bigger ships will go DOWN MORE than the extra $200 of trucking from East End. 


    Myth 2: Travel time to East End will increase. More trucks will be on road.

    Fact 2; Myth partially correct if the required road is not built. For port to go there then the bypass road will be needed, particularly around Bodden Town. All eastern roads actually far under capacity as is.


    Myth 3: The East End water lens will die

    Facts 3: The EIA shows very little potential impact over 50 Years. Secondly building the port with steel piles all around will eliminate all such issues. The ecoli has already been identified in the EE water lens.


    Myth 4: The East End water lens will pour out into the sea

    Fact 4: The water lens is not like a bag of water. It is like a sponge with water in it. Even if you cut off some of the sponge the rest of the water remains in sponge. Yes there are splits in rock (sponge) that isolated fresh water on the edges will turn brackish if the basin approaches it but see Myth 3.


    Myth 5: Project bad for sea.

    Fact 5: Being inland basin any oil spill or such is contained in the basin very easily by booming entrance.


    Myth 6: Inland basin will swamp inland areas, North Side, Bodden Town etc.

    Fact 6: By the time water or wave leaves sea and enters basin then climbs sea wall and the berm around project those other areas will be long swamped by the normal sea action. Bodden town will be swamped just as it was in Ivan (over the reef and over the beach). East End Port will not impact that. Also with breakwater offshore the lands will in fact get much better protection than the little seawall (lovers Wall 🙂 ) placed there now.

    This does not even take into account the fact that if the hurricane passes to the northside the basin will actually feel a negative pressure and take water out.


    Myth 7: Its just a quarry1

    Facts 7: The "quarry" will cost $50M to build. The material coming from it will produce $180M( if you can find someone to buy all that stuff). Developer makes big profit….however if developer takes that $130M potential profit and fills his other 500 acres that he bought for $6M and turns it into development lands he ends up with $400M worth of land- High and dry. So I say, will he take the $130M and run or stay around to complete it and take the additional $400M? Joe has more insight than that…yep folks..this is not just a quarry! sorry to end that little myth.


    Myth 8: Will kill the other quarries.

    Fact 8: Actually will kill other quarries if the quarry owners and government does not negotiate with Joe- although he has promised to send fill off island.  On the goodside, will kill the local cartel and reduce the cost of fill on island (costs go down obviously). Also this would be inline with CM2Hill report to DOE on deeper, more localized quarries rather than many shallow holes all over the island.


    Myth 9: We don't need a new cargo dock.

    Fact 9: One of the biggest myths out there. We have a puny 300 foot pier in the middle of our town. It is highly susceptible to major wave action. In a westward hurricane the potential for building ruble and sand to fill the harbour in now great given the construction around it in the last 35 years. We have to work at night to land cargo so we can use dock in day for tourist. Our cargo loads have been down only because of this recession and the fact is the other Half of the existing dock is in Industrial park anyway and most importantly the East end port would not come fully functional for 10 years- in that time we will see the benefit of the foresight of moving it there.


    The long and short is there are a lot of myths about Joe's project. I agree that if he does not finish it, it will be bad. If done incorrectly from an environmental point it can cause some damage however the myths surrounding this just for politics is huge. Most of these issues are easily dealt with technically. We should analyze it properly but not with these myths above.



    • Anonymous says:

      This is one of the few rational contributions rather than the emotionalism that seems to be the norm on these threads.

      It seems the usual contributors to CNS are angry, frustrated people who need things to rail against.

      This fits perfectly into the hands of those who want to gather support for or against an issue.

      Package the project as a quarry and attack attack attack until the desired result is achieved. Then rail that there are no jobs and no economic future.

      To shut up Ezzard and the opposition simply ask them what their plan is for the ceonomic growth of the Cayman Islands?

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no problem with development – if it is done right and if the entire truth is put upfront.

        I don't think people had that many issues with the medical tourism or the proposed tech park.

        What is the problem is that this government is all over the place…….but has yet anything to show for all the rambling and pounding their own chest.  Look at the cruise ship docking facilities. We are on, we are off, then its Dart, then its the Chinese…..the list goes on. Look how successful Boatswains Beach was – and back then it was touted to be the answer to all tourism issues.

        If you want trust and respect – your earn it by showing respect and demonstrate that you are competent and you know what you are doing. Right now, we don't even know whether the country is broke or not as the story changes weekly!

        Who on earth is still supposed to have trust, faith and anything good to say with a Government that carries on like that?

    • Anonymous says:

      The whole thing is BS. It's presented as a port plan for "Post-Panamax" ships which is why they want to dredge to 55 feet. But there is no evidence that any ships of that size will ever be sent to Cayman. On the contrary simple logic says that these large container ships are going to go to large container ports that serve large economies. No one is going to send one to Cayman to drop off a couple of dozen containers. They will go to Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Port Everglades, etc etc where the whole shipload of hundreds of containers will be unloaded, and then any that are going to Cayman will be put on little ships just like they are now. You may want to build a better port than you have now, but it ought to be the size that fits the island. The economic premise for this port plan is just plain crazy (except as a quarry.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir, I think you mythed the point.

      • Anonymous says:

        A transshipping port serves as a port where big ships that hold up to 1000 containers coming from East Asia dock to transport their containers to smaller ships.  These smaller ships can enter normal size ports and distribute there goods to places teh big ships could not have entered.  Cayman is in a location that makes it a prime destination for ships exiting the Panama Canal.  Cayman will act as an intermediary to ports all over the Carribian as well as Mexico because Cayman is a much more stable country than say Mexico or Jamaica.  So to say that just because the island is small that it would not attract big ship is foolish. It will merely act as an intermediary between the two destinations.  

    • Anonymous says:

      You didn't mention the myth that Government will actually find the money, once they finally manage to pay for projects like Hurricane Hilton, or the schools for our children's education, by raising duties on fuel, to actually fill this hole with a sea port. 

  21. Anonymous under the regime says:

    The East End quarry project has been driven and pursued relentlessly for 6 years by two men, Imparata and Bush. After the Quarry project was rejected, Joe dressed it up in differing shades of a Port Project. Joe’s dogged determination to extract the vast amount of money available from excavation of East End overshadows all else. And his endeavors are supported primarily by one man, his ally Bush who is best positioned to ram this project home. Make no mistake about it, first and foremost this Quarry project is about making a few hundred million dollars from excavation  and job creation and the well-being of Caymanians is far behind in the thought process. However, Bush's Government colleagues are fully aware that if they back this money grabbing scheme, they are not going to be reelected when Bush sails off into retirement in two years time. They know what this Quarry project is all about and they know that everyone else does too – except perhaps the Governor.  Neither does Bush have his colleagues total support for HIS Chinese Port project but again they remain silent in public. When will they stand-up and be counted? Who will be the first one to show their true Caymanian colors? Well done Arden and Ezzard on walking the talk.    

  22. NJ2Cay says:

    The one thing that will come out of this protest, blockade or whatever it'll be called. Is that it will truly show how much support or lack of support this whole Stop the East End Port movement lead by the governments opposition really has. I for one cannot wait to see the outcome.

    The number of people there will give a good perspective of how many people are actually against this.

    As far as the port goes, I still could not understand why it had to go inland, but after seeing the Port in St Lucia. It kind of looks like the same or a very similar design, I wouldn't be surprised if he got his Idea from this one and there’s quite a bit of small businesses in the immediate area which seem to be mostly run by locals. Check out This may however take some the food out of the mouth of Georgetown business owners if they lose some traffic to the EE Sea Port. I can understand why some of them would be against it.

    Me I'm still not completely for the Port nor against it. Still trying to weigh everything, such as the fact that yes it will increase my property value, but so will the Shetty Site and the Enterprise City. But I also have concerns that this will do me no good if my land is flooded and ends up under water or my buildings damaged or washed away. I would really like to see some detailed plans of how they actually plan to mitigate the risks mainly the risk of flooding, storm surge and the potential threats to the Water Lens. As for as Plants I believe they can safely be moved and may end better off with proper care and for the animalsthere will still be plenty of space for them but some areas should be protected such as the Botanical Gardens.

    I find it a little hard to believe that this is just a huge quarry that Imperato is looking to build mainly because from looking at his other projects he seems to be an excellent business man with a desire to build rather than destroy. Yeah, I’m sure he will make millions from selling the fill, but he would make a hell of a lot more if the project is completed and turns out to be a beautiful thing and attracts lot of ships. One thing I do think is that he shouldn’t be allowed to export any not a grain of fill off the island when it is and will be needed so much locally and can be sold at a more reasonable rate that what fill currently costs which is ridiculous. Roads, breakwaters, infrastructure, office buildings will all need to be built to complete this project and I’m sure there’s plenty of people that own land that could benefit from lower priced fill.

    I do not believe that Mr. Bush would agree to something that would actually destroy the Island as some have suggested, after all he is a born Caymanian and I assume he loves the Country just as much as the opposition members. I do however believe that this whole thing is partially if not mostly politically motivated. I’ll bet that if the PPM was in the big seat and the port was their idea, Mac would be against it that’s just how politics work one party against the next, they never agree. So I try my best to weed out of Bull*&^* from that facts.

    One question I do have for the people that are against the port, say this is actually started and there are jobs offered to Caymanians for the project would you refuse to work at the site ?


    • Anonymous says:

      "The number of people there will give a good perspective of how many people are actually against this".

      Actually it won't. There are many who object to the port but for the same reason that they remain anonymous on CNS they will not come out to express their objections.  


      • NJ2Cay says:

        If that's the case, then they won't be counted and the numbers will show that there isn't much resistance. I'm sure there's a lot of people that will rant and rave but I'll bet they are the first one in line for Job at the Quarry or Port or whatever it is..
        I hear people talking about how they are tired on Money influencing decisions but one of the biggest reason thing like this are proposed is because the government has to earn money to sustain the country and they do not have the means to build high revenue earning projects like this, so they are willing to work with private investor that will fund it themselves.
        That’s the price you pay to live in a Tax Free environment, People say that they don't want the east end to change it's look. How many of you would rather have Direct Taxation in lieu of these types of projects.
        You know if every Caymanian paid income and property taxes there would most like be no need for projects like Shetty, EE SeaPort or Enterprise city and the island could keep it's pristine look. But the reality is the government right now has to do everything they can to bring in money and that will mean sacrifice in a lot of different ways. And it looks to me like the last thing the current government that you all call dictators want to do is tax the people. The fact is they have to do something or else be prepared to answer directly to the queen at which point there will direct taxation anyway but it will be paid to her.
        The outcome of all this internal bickering will be Cayman ultimate undoing and you can thank you politicians for that. Because they are the ones that started all this. When everyone else is broke and unemployed and start losing their homes because they can’t pay their property taxes watch how comfortable all these guys will still be in their big houses and huge pension plans. You’ll see how much they are for the people when folks start asking them for help and they put a lock on their front gates.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Let me get this straight.  With all due respect to the wish and will of the "majority rule" democracy for the people of the Cayman Islands.  Is the main objective of this birthing facility to advance the development of Tourism, an industry described as one of the pillars of the Caymanian economy?

    Is it vital for Cayman to exploit the benefits of a lucrative Crusing sector?  Is it crital for Cayman to contniue to compete with other destinations in the region and around the world?  Will it create jobs and incomefor the citizens ans local businesses of East End and North Side, and by extension other districts on Grand Cayman?  

    Other areas of concern should be, has there been an Environmetal Impact Assessment (EIA)?  Has there been adequate consultation with the community?   Does this inititative has the majority support of the ruling Cabinet and the Governors Office?

    Has all the financial capital resources for the initiate been explored by the decision makers and has analysis, arrived at the most feasible option for the best business interest of the Caymanian peoples future?

    Then, tell me this good, humble and God fearing people, "whe de backside is all this hooting about".  Who playing politics with the future of Cayman?

    Lookya, unno try so go find some thing to do yu'ere! 

  24. Maverick (trying to be verified) says:

    Er Ezzard, me old fruit, you might want to check out Sec 68 (1) et al of the Penal Code (unlawful assembly) before you go arranging a protest such as you propose…. You willing to go to jail for a year?

    Tread carefully grass hopper.

    p.s. I'm available to give legal advice as to how to circumvent the 'po-po' if you want me… and bar mitzvahs…



    • Anonymous says:

      You must be new here.

      There is a huge difference between the laws on the books and the laws that are enforced.

      That said a couple of MLAs have been arrested so prehaps Ezzard could get some rest time in Northward. I suspect after a show trial he would get off and announce he will run for reelection.

    • Anonymous says:

      They can't arrest us all.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was waiting for you to crawl out of the woodwork, Mr(s) Maverick.  Did you have anything to do with crafting the Hazard Management Law, cos that's a particularly nasty piece of legislation?

      I would suggest to all planning to attend the protest that you keep a close, close eye on people within the crowd that try to stir up the spirit of the mob.

      These people will be planted there by the authorities hoping to send in the police attack dogs. If anyone gets out of hand, rebuke them and challenge them to explain who they are and what they are doing because I'll guarantee they won't be real Caymanians.

      Let the games begin.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Tread carefully grass hopper." (Probably meant grasshopper)

      I would suggest that you use less threatening language because someone might get the wrong idea.

      Also, if circumventing the 'po-po' and offering bar-miztvahs are synonymous, then I would suggest that you are steeped in corruption and I don't want anything to do with your bar-mitzvah, as you are obviously available to the highest bidder which would make money your god and not God.

      Your arrogance precedes you and I suggest that you return to the Zionist hell-hole that you just crawled out of to spout your flagrant contempt for a simple people wanting to make their voice heard.

      You do not belong here, whoever you are. So XXX XXX. Please delete my last phrase….lol.


  25. itchy cow says:

    At last.  Some people with Balls.  The only thing That your incompetent leadership has to fear.  Strength and Courage.  You might win your island back but they will put up a fight to the end.

  26. nauticalone says:

    No, no, no! To East End Sea Port.

    Yes to Shetty Hospital, Special Economic Zone and GT Port Expansion!…with sensible provisions (ie; no extreme concessions).

    And completion of the Schools/GCM Hurricane Shelters.

    And most impotantly; Govt. must curtail excessive/perk (and apparent vote buying) spending. Lead by example!

    Development needs to be for the Long Term Good of Cayman and the majority of it's People. Not for the short term gain for only a few.

    Therefore; bring on a referendum, petition and/or March/Blockade. I'll be standing with the many who are thinking of the long term good of Cayman!

    And yes, i'm a Civil Sevant! But first i'm a human being and a voter, Caymanian/British resident….and as such i am entitled to and claiming my Human Rights!

  27. M says:

    Again, I notice those opposing this project, has not suggested at least 1 revenue idea measure to boost this economy and create more jobs. You can criticize and tear down, but if you can't edify and build up, that is so unfortunate for this country and our future prosperity.

    Not saying that this project is the best – it has its flaws. But at least Ezzard and Alden must have an economic plan to better the economy. How come we hear nothing about it?

    • Anonymous says:


      It has it's flaws, so it must be stopped. Since McKeeva is 'running' the country singlehanded, then MCKEEVA must have an economic plan to better the economy.

      • Gav says:

        Yes, McKeeva does – but what about ppm?  Havn't heard it and havn't seen it!  It is all about opposing the same projects that they would rather pursue if they were in UDP's place.

        I say it's Jealousy!

        • Anonymous says:

          McKeeva has an economic plan??? That's news to me! Pretty sure it's news to the Governor and the rest of government too! Why don't you ask your buddy to reveal it to the country and actually START doing something?

          • Anonymous says:

            McKeeva has always had an economic plan. Unfortunately for us, it is a Microeconomic Plan rather than a Macroeconomic Plan.

          • Anonymous says:

            The previous back and forth is a perfect display of my point.

            Ask for the opposition's economic plan and they point to McKeeva.

            Ask for an Ezzard economic plan and they point to McKeeva.

            Ask for a different plan and get the vote thumbs dowm.

            Where are the great ideas of the Opposition or Ezzard?

            It looks like the tail wagging the dog.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, McKeeva does.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have touched a raw nerve that will go no where except thunb down votes.

      Ezzard and the Opposition will shoot down everything but seem to have no solutions themselves. When you ask for alternative idea or solutions you hear nothing.

      Ezzard wants bed & breakfasts in North Side but that will not move the country forward.

      It is interesting that the greatest voices against these projects come for the least populated districts.

      Everyone posting on these threads rail against the government but offer no solutions except a different political party.

      Apparently they do not want to offer solutions that the current government which will take credit, pretty patriotic huh?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Mac's disregard for the developer's environmental report and the petition against this development is the most blatant disregard for the peoples' interest I've ever seen.

    Create jobs? Sure! For how long? 2… Maybe 3 years? Then what? Those hundreds of workers (including mostly cheaper expat labour) are going to be given jobs at the port? No! Where will they go then? Probably on to the next silly government project I suppose…

    Boost the economy? Sure! When's that boost gonna come? During the project? While the government is throwing every red cent we have at it?

    I know this is another sore subject but it has to be brought up. The schools. While governments have changed, money has been spent, arguments have been had, our children are still growing up and going to school in trailers and into 60 students per teacher classrooms!!! They haven't "paused" their growth or their education in the hopes that our government will finish the schools and give them somewhere capable of developing their young, creative minds!! I'm certainly not saying that the schools that were started are necessarily what we needed as I believe great schools could have been built ata fraction of the cost… But the money has already been spent… Structures have been erected… Let's do something for our FUTURE by moulding the young minds who will inhabit and run this country!

    I've also never been more insulted than when Mac told the public that we should not voice our opinions regarding his decisions because it causes bad publicity and scares away his investors… MAC! GET THE PICTURE! THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY TO RUN THE WAY YOU ALONE SEE FIT! WE ELECTED YOU TO PROVIDE FOR US AND OUR COUNTRY! THE FINAL SAY IS STILL OURS! THIS IS A DEMOCRACY NOT A DICTATORSHIP! IF YOU WILL NOT LISTEN TO US WE WILL HAVE YOU OUT OF YOUR SEAT IN GOVERNMENT!

    I have more to say but I'll leave it at that for now.

  29. Country First says:

    I love this country too much to have it go the way of hard head leaders and their equivalent opposition reaping the result of not putting country first. I agree that the roads belong to the people and is the peoples' internet but when used must do so responsible, like ensuring that there is a permit in place, respect the instruction of the police and instruct the participants to be civil.

    It is unfortunate that opposition has to take to the street but I believe that this is due to the speaker of the House stifling debate in The Peoples House and the government not allowing opposition motions to be heard.

    I would advise that all "ponks" be there be where and show good Caymanian manners like the young men so called by our leader.

    However all must agree that it is hard to manage the country at this time and ideas are needed from all of us to overcome the economic funeral we are now attending. XXXX

  30. The Crown says:

    Good! Taken it to um Arden & Ez. God open's his hand to "THE SHEPHERD'S THAT STRAIGHTEN THE NATION". Sad we are dealing with lunatic's,at least they're wicked lunatic's.

  31. Ms Anderson says:

    All we do is sit down an bicker about everything that we do not want. We curse the current government for trying to develop the country. Ezzard and Ardon, all they do is beat down this project, what ideas have they come up with. All the past governments have destroyed this country. The people bicker and complain and because of their complaint they are causing the country to be backwards and far behind many other countries. With everything you do in life people there are risks. Good and bad. The people of Cayman are  so stuck in their ways that they refuse to go and do their own research on these projects before they jump up and raise their swords. Ignorance is what is going to kill this country. People wake up. You know the funny thing, if they get elected next election, they'll probably be the same ones pushing for this project. IDIOTS. They'll do anything to win votes even if it means destroying the country.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I live in the eastern part of the island and must endure the bumper to bumper traffic on a daily basis. I cannot even imagine what it would be like if this project starts and heavy equipment must be moving construction equipment and fill on our already congested roads.

    If it succeeds then there will be excessive transportation costs for everything used on the island since everything must be trucked that long distance. Aside from the new roads which we dont have money to build, the cost of living will further increase.

    From an economic standpoint putting the port in that area would therefore cause a substantial financial drain on our already depressed economy for generations to come.

    Then additionally there are the environmental and other negative issues.

    • Nathan says:

      Hey, to take a drive from East End to George Town is like taking a little drive somewhere in the States from point A to point B.

      Please don't exagerrate and blow things out of proportion. 

      • Anonymous says:

        When you take into consideration that the states have highways and vehicles travel at excess of 65mph, it makes a HUGE difference.

        It's not a good comparison because the road from EE to GT is not a high way, has 25 mph zones, schools and homes on the side of the road etc.

        • Anonymous says:

          Enter the completion of the gazzetted (and needed before this project) East-West arterial … problem solved!

  33. Anonymous says:

    It's no need for us to run our mouths after the damages are done, it will be too late when our country has been destroyed.

  34. M says:

    It is funny that you guys are turning down one out of many projects that will create revenue and bring in jobs. So I have a question for you commenters:-


    Just asking a rational question.




    • Anonymous says:

      don't ask awkward questions!

    • The Crown says:

      First: a immediate revelation of the number of work permit holder's in this country. Second: out of that number subtract the amount of Caymanian's out of work. THIRD: Get it through once & for all that Caymanian's on the frontline of tourism & otherwise must posess at all times(regardless of whatever ie: investor) 80% of those job's,regardless! FOURTH: Get it through to Mr Bush as well as ANY other like minded politician's,developer's,whatever THAT THE REASON WHY TOURISM IS THE ENDURING BACKBONE OF THE ECONOMY IS BECAUSE PEOPLE COME HERE TO ESCAPE. They do not come to Cayman to be engulfed by the chaos they need a break from .You & i are tremendously foolish if we have thought that Mr.Bush & Co are really concerned about "a economy" or in the mind of a meglomaniac "a few small fish".

      • John says:

        Sorry lad, your plans will not be able to create that amount of financial gain the country needs to sustain itself. But nice try

        • The Crown says:

          Sorry as well chap,those are just a few basic outline's,ironically not fixed as of yet by the present….. lowerment & Mr Anglin,the champion of getting people back to work,has once again regurgitated any particle with a minimum wage DNA. Lastly pal,Caymanian people have exceptional abilities that could contribute greatly to various form's of industry,yacht building,exporting our technical expertise,up & coming model's,actor's,boxer's,track & field event hosting,sports tourism,artist,potential industry development to embrace our young entreprenuer's in area's such as luxury good's to mention a few. All of which,if history is a indicator,will have tweaky oppression to contend with,as did ALL other's which are now manifested.  

    • Anonymous says:

      So we have a project to build a dock in the eastern district of East End.

      There we will have cruise ship facilities as well as normal shipping.

      What happens to George Town Harbor?

      Things are extremely expensive in this country all ready, what will happen to cost of good brought in at this new facility and then have to be trucked into town. Seems like the costs are going to go through the roof.

      What about cruise passengers?

      They will have to take a cab if they want to or not. And such a distance from Seven Mile Beach as well as the Turtle Farm and downtown. Taxis are going to be happy but not the cruise ship passengers when their main complaint right now is the cost.

      Plus of course this is not a Government project so what will they get from it. Port fees from a private venture?

      • The Crown says:

        For real….. I have relayed those blaring concern's more times than i can count since this fallacy started. Your not supposed to ask what happens to GeorgeTown Harbour nor expected to be that far on to Mr Bush's idea's/plan's.

      • Anonymous says:

        A very good question indeed. What will THEY get from it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Would Caymanians be willing to work as truck drivers to bring the goods from the East End port to George Town?

        Would this be acceptable work for them?

        • Anonymous says:

          There have been lots of Caymanian truck drivers, for years. I know many Caymanian truck drivers.

          Butthat isn't the issue here, the issue is that Mac, the UDP and the developers are going to destroy our country with these projects.

    • noname says:

      A hole in the ground is not a revenue measure. All the developer wants to do is blast the hole. Any actual port would be paid for by us, how is this a revenue measure?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Can some reader post where one may sign the petition against the development ? Many thanks

  36. Michael says:

    Cayman…. So much speculation:

    1. You don't want property tax

    2. You don't want to cut Civil Service

    3. You don't unemployment increased

    4. You don't want Mr. Shetty's hospital

    5. You don't want Dart developing more to this island

    6. You don't want a Marina in the North Sound

    7. Your critics of the Cruise Berthing Facility

    8. Your critics of an Economic zone

    9. Your critics of having an Oil Refinery

    10. You don't want crime increased 

    11. You don't want a welfare state feeding over 8000 Caymanians

    12. You don't want population increase and no more status grants

    13. You don't want permit and trade and business fees increased

    14. Your critics of having a Premier to develop this island

    15. On and on… people, I can go on…. of the things you don't want, but criticize about vehemently.

    Now you don't want an East End Port.

    So….. what is it that you really want???  Do you want the UK to take us over and declare full British Rule???  Do you want to become like Turks and Cacois???

    Our economy is in a mess, in a sham!  The UK has given us a deadline to balance the budget or else they will take action and do things there way. From one local dictator to a UK one! 

    Party Politics, like I said, is going to ruin these islands. Our economy needs to be improved and people need jobs, and you would have the gall to tear down EVERY SINGLE project proposal mention in Government!




    • Whodatis says:

      Sorry Michael, despite all that you have said above its tally still does not equate into this big hole proposal being a good idea for Grand Cayman.

      Let us remain within the parameters of the particular matter at hand.

      Also, in my opinion, you are using far too broad a brush for your conclusions. For example, whereas I am opposed to the "big hole proposal" in East End, I am in no way the type of individual you have described.

      Lastly, live not in fear of the UK. Yes they talk a big talk but they have far bigger fish to fry in regards to their own mega-shambolic economy.

      Don't drink that Kool-Aid my friend as that is the first step to being devoured.

      The UK is a joke today – nothing they say can be respected.

      In my book "respect" is what matters – "fear" is a tactic of the weak and insecure, therefore to it we ought not to submit.

      • Anonymous2 says:

        "Yes they talk a big talk but they have far bigger fish to fry in regards to their own mega-shambolic economy."

        Ha ha this sounds strange coming from you – How is it that you still speak so much about the UK if that is your claim?

        • Whodatis says:


          1. It is the truth and

          2. Clearly not enough of my Caymanian people are aware of this truth.

          3. The issue at hand is not our relationship with the UK – I couldn't care less about that right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Michael, we do want people who have a command of the English language as obviously you do not have. Please go back to school and try to learn the basic difference between "there" & "their" and "your" & "you're". When you have competed that task then maybe you can graduate to Year 2.

      Has anyone gone back to the basics and asked the question "What is the purpose of this proposed Port in East End?" "To do what?" "Why?" What are we missing?

      What we do want is a Cayman that is more for ALL Caymanians to live in peace and harmony and not be subjected to whims and fancies of those of our own who want to cash in on perceived quick wealth at any expense.

      And as for your comment about becoming like the Turks and Caicos Islands, please educate yourself and open your eyes to the fact that the situation in the Turks and Caicos Islands was done because of official corruption, NOT because of a budget problem. And do not try to make sensible people believe that we do not have corruption here at the highest levels. THAT will bring direct rule from the UK, NOT objection to a Mega Quarry in East End!.


      • Anonymous says:

        Hello!  I can't believe this!  And did not the "official corruption" in TCI effected the "budget problem"?  You can cherish your false beliefs all you want, because Misick was was draining the country financially through his corruptive deeds.

    • Anonymous says:

      I will just ignore your first 15 points/statements as ranting – but I must tell you I agree with your statement "Party politics, like I said is going to ruin these islands"

      • Anonymous says:

        I would say you're both talking in a completely inappropriate tense.

      • Caymanian Concern says:

        Agreed!  Party Politics are ruining this island.  

        Please recruit (12) well respected local businessmen to come in and sort us out for the next election!  They can rule that no majority party can band together again….When we had MLAs that disagreed, but had to move the country forward and work together, we did not have the conyism we have today.  This bucks for bricks scenario….

        This island is too small to be giving our annual budget to contracting buddies.  Help the economy?  Sure, but some of these old boys need to realize that construction is not always going to be a 3rd arm of our economy…we only have so much land.

        The build-$-projects-for- jobs plan is flawed!

        New ideas? Train Caymanian plumbers, A/C techs, hairdressers, electricians, all make a very good honest wage.  If then, with this wage you get a BS degree, then welcome into the white collar world as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      If becoming like Turks & Caicos stops this port, then yes, that is exactly what Cayman needs.

      The port project is utterly insane, the wanton destruction of the natural environment, one of the greatest assets of Cayman, for nothing.

      There is no need for the port.

      The government will not be able to fund completion once the quarrying is done.

      The port will therefore never function.

      The port will seriously damage the environment.

      The tourism industry will be decimated.

      It  is absolutely insane that such a project should  even be considered, and every Caymanian, every expat, everyone has an absolute duty to stop this.

      If that means direct rule by the UK so be it.

      If that means the removal of the current Government by force, so be it.

      If that means forcing the perpetrators of this environmental and economic crime into permanent exile or imprisonment, so be it.

      This port threatens the very bedrock of Cayman, the very foundations of civil society, even democracy itself. It must be stopped. It will be stopped.


      • cow itch says:


        I am one that don't want to be under a UK dictatorship – I must always have my say!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Some Questions,

    Where will the workers needed for this project come from? Will there be a percentage of jobs reserved for Caymanians at all stages of development?

    If cheap expat workers are brought in, where will they live? Will "camps" be setup to accomodate?

    How will the fill be moved off island? Will there be 100+ truck journeys a day to and from Georgetown? If so, how will this affect tourist business in town if you have that volume of traffic added to an already unworkable traffic system?

    Can the current road infrastructure handle the load? Will extending the aterial bypass road impede further on wildlife, property that are in its path?

    What happens if the East End water lens is contaminated beyond use? Are there emergency plans in place for such eventualities?

    If politicians are truely concerned, then why aren't they asking for international assistance from environmental organisations and making the international media aware of the situation?


  38. Anonymous says:

    Besides all the environment issues people as saying here, have anyone looked at what else this project will do and what is being proposed.

    The owner is doing nothing but a "BIG DIG". He gets his money from selling the dirt then packs his bags and is done with the project. It will then be up to the government and Port Authority to go fund the building of all the facilities, roads and any other infastructure that is needed. Its government land that surronds this developers land. Who is to say that after the dig, the focus has not changed for goverment to sell the land (at higher prices)for other purpose and no Port ever comes.

    Now lets look at where 99% of the cargo that comes to Cayman goes. It all comes WEST! So, now you have to truck 300-400 containers per week on these roads from east to west then back. This is a lot of traffic on roads that are single lanes each way, can't handle the weight of 60,000lbs and will take 1 truckers over 1 hour to do a round trip. How many more trucks will then be needed? How many accidents will happen with heavy equipment? Truckes running 24/7. Lets look at people like Fosters Food Fair that does its own trucking. They will now have to drive 1 hour round trip for 1 container. The fuel cost, the delays in unloading at the store, the number of employees they will now need. What will that do to our already high food prices? With the imports down as much as they are now (look at stats on port website) do we need to spend the MILLIONS that nobody has seen yet on this? Leave it alone where it is at now.

    Think of all the other areas that will have impact on this project and then see if it is needed. I can just imagine what trucking fees are going to be now. I can just see all the headlines in the paper, "Container truck flips and smashes family of 4 flat! while speeding" Is this something that we need?

    • BORN FREE says:


      I will be right there alongside Arden & Ezzard, fighting for the future of these islands. There comes a time in life when we can no longer sit back & hope others will stand up for us, & that time is now. That time is now! I will be there with Arden & Ezzard in support of Cayman & I implore every Caymanian who loves their country & are fearful of the destruction that this proposed quarry (port) in E.E. will cause to the environment & our island to join them in protest against it before it is too late.

  39. Libertarian says:

    As a colony, the battle of what is right from what is wrong, is wage between those who claimed that your allegiance belongs to your local government, and those who claimed that it belongs to the United Kingdom – between those who affirm that the moral thing to do is to sacrifice yourself for the sake of a political leader and those who affirm that the right thing to do is to sacrifice yourself for the Queen. And did you noticed what the two party system has accomplished for us versus electing Independent candidates?  It has not only caused division amongst us, but has made it even harder to say that your life belongs to no one else but you, and the right thing to do, is to live in peace and in harmony with nature. All members of any political party answers first to the head of that party and to whatever is in the best interest of that party. But your interest and the interest of the constituency, is left behind. What cause this to happen? 

    You the people decided to "vote straight," you were singing it prior to elections, and refused to vote in the Independents, men/women who were at the better position of representing the Cayman Islands. A majority of Independents in the House would have been more answerable and accountable to the constituency. But you chose a party system to trump your personal interest.

    In addition, you the people, decided to be complacent with the British colonial system. You had politicians who failed to stand up for your basic democratic rights. You had them draft a constitution that did not ensured unmovable democratic representation. No politician with the backbone to stand up and say, I represent what is in the best interest of my people and my people only. Unfortunately, you left the House with only one Independent minister, the day the UK gave you clearance to vote for parties.

    Now look at what you reaped!  These are my harsh words, but Cayman, you have all brought this on yourselves. No one else is responsible for your country but you.

    Luckily, as there is a God, you are able to amend your ways, fight for what is right, and turn things around – before it is too late. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You talk about voting for independent as if we should vote for independent no matter their abilities. What happen last election is that people split their votes between independents, UDP, and PPM. Perhaps they thought they would get a coalition government, perhaps they thought they were voting for the best candidates (in their own minds) no matter if they were green, red or independant. Whatever they thought, the result was that the UDP ended up with the most votes.

    • Right About the Constitution says:

      Ok… next time, I'll vote for you Libertarian.

      Promise  ;o)

    • t.tom says:

      libertarian if we did NOT VOTE for PPM or .UDP and voted for the INDEPENDENT candidates they would have formed a party anyway so what is the point you are trying to make.

      • os says:

        ummm… they can't form a party without registering the party; and, for them to do that would be to compromise serving their constituency. Sorry, but I don't think an Independent candidate would do such a thing. You guys voted the wrong people in and just don't want to admit it!

    • Slowpoke says:

      I used three of my four votes and – none of them got elected.  At least I am free to criticize these clowns at will :>)


      • Anonymous says:

        Awww. Now we know where you're from. Congratulations anyway. Be sure to vote right again next time.

  40. T. L. Haranguer says:

    The bomb thrower and the big mouth, lovely combination. I wish they would just shut up and get out of the way of progress.

    This country has to expand to the east that is where the land isand the east must contribute it's resourses for the betterment of the whole country.

  41. Anonymous says:

    It is my understanding the Mr. Imparato will only be dredging and selling the fill. After which he will hand over the "hole" and surrounding land to the Government to develop the facilities. If the Government is broke how will the facilities be built ? And what protections will be put in place until the facilities are built (retention wall/buffer, breakwater, etc.) and by whom ?


  42. Whodatis says:

    Personally, I find it a bit disappointing that Ezzard and Arden are at the helm of the proposed protest.

    Not because I dislike either of them, quite the contrary actually, but simply because this scenario enables this issue to become a "political" one. Judging by the primary focus of the posts here on CNS this appears to be the case.

    However, in reality, this is not an Anti-UDP movement – if the PPM was proposing the project or even my own father I would be of the same opinion. (See previous posts for details if interested.)

    What is interesting is that myself and others were in the initial stages of organizing a similar vehicular protest, although not constituting a full blockade nor intended to take place in George Town alone, when the news story broke this morning.

    Anyway, the more hands on deck the better!


    • The Beaver says:

      ummmh, yeah, that's right bobbo.  i too was tinkin of stuffing i mean blockading my mouth, i mean the road, with some curry chicken, i mean trucks.  yeah, me too was in that initial phase – but no, no full blockade for me/us either.  just a partial one or else that chicken bone can get stuck.  that's rite bobbo, can neva be too careful with that chicken bone…  The Beaver

      • Whodatis says:

        We desperately need a "stupid filter" on this website.

        • Kung Fu Panda says:

          you funny guy…  you really funny.  where do i sign up for blockade?  Kung Fu Panda

        • Anti-bobo says:

          Man you got that right.  

          And if I hear "Bobo" one more time, I'll puke right through the internet and onto the desk of whoever typed it.  Seriously.  And I just ate corn too.  (OK sorry, I was just testing if the stupid filter was on yet)

    • IRON CLAD says:

      Whodatis, there is NO ONE ELSE to take the leading role, here we have TWO concerned  and courageous MLAs. If we show up in the THOUSANDS, then it will be the PEOPLE against one DICTATOR.

       Political or Non-political, we HAVE to stop this MADNESS… we have to STOP William McKeeva Bush NOW!!!

      Ultimately IRON CLAD

      • Eiblo Goughts says:

        But will everyone be able to find a sufficiently close parking space so they don't have to walk too far (i.e. 200 yards?).  What if they want to carry on an inane BBM chat with their BFF – does that not come first?

  43. Anonymous says:

    What will be interesting will be to learn is this is a national consensus or simply the view of the East End & North Side MLAs and a group of their residents.

    Clearly these 2 politicians were trying to enlist the North Sound group to their cause but at the end of the day this issue may not excite people from the other districts.

    It is ironic that the Conservation Law that was not passed might have assisted the protection of the environment in this case but these politicians did not support it.

    Other than the talk radio and CNS the country does not seem up in arms over this issue.



    • Hmmm... says:

      I work in town with a bunch of expats who all live in town and support stopping this port.  I also speak to tourists who visit the East End frequently, and many of them have stated in no uncertain terms that if the East End Port and/or the Oil Refinery projects go ahead, then this will be their last visit to Cayman.  Some have been visiting annually for over 20 years.

      The majority of the people I speak to do not come from the Eastern Districts at all, but they are all against these projects nonetheless.

      Don't get me wrong, I am not against every project that's been proposed. Subject to further scrutiny/info I am quite supportive of the Shetty hospital and as for the new IT development recently discussed, I am all for diversification such as this that could (if dealt with properly) equip Caymanian people with new skills and also bring new business to Cayman.  I am all for diversifying our products, just notfor the destruction of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Check out the major supermarkets on Saturday, you'll see how many people from every district care about this and the North Sound

  44. Anonymous says:

    heres an idea…why don't arden and ezzard come up with their own EIS report…maybe then they will actually have some real reasons for opposing this……right now they are just full of hot air

    • Hmmm... says:

      You give me the impression that you have reasons to support this… pray enlighten me as to any good reason to proceed with this project… or are you giving us all 'hot air' too?

      • noname says:

        Maybe he's getting a per cubic yard rate too.

      • Anonymous says:

        private money developing private land., nothing to do with me… problems once environmental and planning conditions are met……..

        • Anonymous says:

          They are going to be allowed to circumvent the planning law as well as paying no duties on anything. This is what is wrong with this hole in the ground.

      • Anonymous says:



        • noname says:

          There are lots of jobs out there.  There are lots of unemployable out there. Busting a hole in in the islands lens well and opening a place with large swell up to a Hurrican won't change unemployables into skilled, hard workers. You will never be satisfied.

  45. Mud-Foot says:

    Never forget Hurricane Ivan with the very strong winds, very high tides and extreme height of the waves.

    Remember the destruction.

    We should never think that it cannot happen again.

    Leave EE alone.

  46. Anonymous says:

    LMAO MacMac we coming for you poor people FED UP

  47. Young Caymanian says:

    All they (Present Government) doing is setting up other parties or induviduals for failure, and look…he gone on a plane again…yea like he cares…so much for conserving the money Cayman needs.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Dear big dummies…. I can't believe how stupid some of you are. Build the damn Seaport! This will create jobs for a good while to come. The only reason Arden doesn't want it done now is because Big Mac is doing it. People should have stopped the dumb azz PPM from building roads, three schools (which we all know how that turned out), and a BIG GOAP building at the same time that left our country broker than a crack head from Harlem.

    I am not a Big Mac fan, but just like in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight, he isnt who we want, but he is who we need!

    Kurt XXXX, glad he stepped down. Now the new PPM Leader is about as soft as mud fish. Heard him give a speach at an award ceremony and almost shouted at him to tell him to STFU and sit down.

    That being said, don't follow this march that will block traffic and cause more mayhem than we have going on now. Just be open to the new things that can happen and possibilities we can uncover with something new.

    Don't be ignorant just because you dont like Big Mac. I dont either!

    Young Caymanian (getting old though 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes, Ms. brave girly (Anon 14:03), you can call the PPM reps all kind of insulting names on the internet because they do not know who you are. Well what is good for the goose is good for the gander, but I will not be influenced by people such as yourself to tell you what I think of your UDP reps & the names they should be called, but what I can say without doubt is that at least the PPM spent 4 years in government & the worst you & the UDP can come up with is that the PPM spent too much money on schools & roads, but never once was there a wisper or suspicion of CORRUPTION! NOT EVEN ONCE! Can the same be said about the UDP?

      I am proud to say that the PPM were never involved in selling out their country, under the table deals, insider trading, conflicts of interest, or corruption of any kind. Their detractors accused them of overspending & putting the country in financial trouble but even that has come into question because we are now not even sure if the country was "bankrupt" (as big mac claims) or we were just going through what the rest of the world was experiencing (a massive recession)! How on earth could we be bankrupt yet the UDP still be able to WASTE our money so carelessly? I believe they exaggerated the "truth"!

      Yes, the PPM did alot during their 4 years but it was all FOR THE PEOPLE, not themselves. You can call them all the insulting names you want (in typical UDP fashion), but you can never call them thieves or sell outs!

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually XXXX I told Big Mac that I can't believe he hasn't told off Kurt yet and can't believe Kurt hasn't told him off yet. See Mr/Ms ignorant dummy, I am neither a supporter of PPM or UDP. I am a supporter of making money so me and my family can survive once harm isnt done to people's lives.

        I grew up knowing alot of the PPM politicians who actually know me by first name, I also know some of the UDP politicians as well. I have NO issue saying what I want and how I feel to their face. I have spoken with Mark Scotland about how I feel about Big Mac, and Lucile Seymour about how I feel about her administration. And she said to me, "Kurt might not be the smartest, but he is kind hearted." WTF??? You think I want to hear that the leader of the PPM is not the smartest???

        Now you can represent your PPM and hate on other peoples UDP all you want, but I won't one to turn down good revenue when it comes around.

        But if you're broke in the end, hey, at least you will have peice of mind. lol

        And if you only knew my nickname, you would know that I'm not one to skin up and tell people how I feel to their face, XXXX 🙂 

  49. Cayguy says:

    How foolish can Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller be, I am sure they have plenty of $$$ and a nice pension for the future while the average Caymanian is working harder than ever to survive. The people that show up for this demonstration will be very short sighted. Let them show the investors we dont't want development and they will just go to another country that is more welcoming. The future of Cayman is our children and without jobs which come from development we are going to see more crime and the whole island will be visiting Social Sevices for a hand out. Oh, we will always have mangrove soup to live on.

    • Anonymous says:

      What's being shown, if anything, is the majority government is destabilizingthe country by its actions.  It tells the world that the Cayman Islands can not run itself civilly.  

      This is what will hurt us economically.  We are one of a few stable, and somewhat safe countries in the region.


      "Let them show the investors we dont't want development" – I'm sorry, but you're retarded.  This is not a sensible argument.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Boy, Alden can you hear Chuckie chuckling!!! Wonder if he will be out to support you?…Isn't it strange how you can support civil disobedience when it's convenient for your own political agenda.

  51. Anonymous says:

    The one thing I don't understand is why they propose to build this 'thing' inland rather then outward. Many countries have taken some ocean spaces instead of taking land spaces to construct their desired developments. We are possibly constructing the berthing piers in town one day but we are not digging a channel inland instead there either are we? If Dubai can build Palm Island for instance, what is our excuse? In actual fact, we could do with some more land rather then more water. The same concept was proposed with that South Sound development a little while back, more and more waterways included, good thing that one got shelved.

    How much water do we really want or have to look at I wonder besides the evironmental disaster this will result in? The impact to the sea may just be a whole lot less on top of that if very carefully assessed, if not, shelf it!

    • anonymous says:

      The seas up there are too rough for even an outward dock.

      • Anonymous says:

        And you really think this is going to change the sea if one builds inward???

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, that would not give the developer the tons and tons of feeling that he plans to take out and are the real reason of the project.

      You could also do it in one of the swamps it this was not a disguised project. Enviromentalist would scream as there is life in the swamps, but I wouldn't mind, they are disgusting.

      The reality is that it is what the two MLAs are saying, the port is just a smoking screen….

    • Sinking... says:

      But isn't Palm Island sinking?  Don't get me wrong I am dead set against this proposal and work permitting, will be there to show my support.

    • NJ2Cay says:

      I have the same questions but this design looks simular to St Lucia.


      Check out,

    • Anonymous says:

      The proposed site sits on the virtual edge of the Carribbean Tectonic plate: where the 'wall' is, the depth of the sea plunges rapidly preventing any outward building. Palm Island had the advantage of relatively uniform sea beds and by comparison quite a bit shallower overall depth to deal with.  They also weren't destroying coral reefs and protective barriers!

      That said, I still opppose the project based on the EIA, the further destruction of our reefs and the most probable major events of the future with hurricanes (high seas, storm surge access to inland areas) as well as the impossible situation thatwill exist if the port procedes on the roads for all persons – delays, frequent never ending road works for repairs and eventual re-routing and expansion of those roads.

      With regard to the overall safety of a petro-chemical storage area in the same port – why hasn't the fact of the Carribbean Plate been discussed before?  When there are major earthquakes along other parts of the same Plate (Haiti for instance) this affects the stresses along all other portions of that Plate.  Likewise, earthquakes along other points of the same Plate in Central America puts additional stress on 'our' portion.  For every force there is an equal and opposite force.

      The Ivan earthquake and the January 2010 earthquake were along a very minor portion of this Carribbean Plate.  Both of these were 'responses' to earlier quakes of the Carribbean Plate along its perimeters on the far northern edge and eastern edges.

      Will Cayman learn nothing from the Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster of the past few months?

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not sure I follow your post but Cayman is not on the Caribbean plate but on the North American plate.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I AGREE, WE LIKE TO COMPLAIN BUT WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO THE TEST  there will only be the women that turn up. Caymanians like to sit down and complain too much and they only have hands and mouths to abuse women. I will be there with my camera to see how many that will turn up. Forget about the George  Towners, the  Bodden Towners and the East Enders will. They have all the balls and guts.

  53. been off the boat for a while says:

    I'm not the most informed when it comes to the bible, but I do remember the story of King Solomon and the two women who claimed to be the mother of a baby. King Solomon in all his wisdom tricked the woman who was willing to cut the baby in two just to be right. Because only the true mother would not want to harm her child.

    There is only one Cayman(baby) how do we all propose to take care of this Country .

    There is no question about who own the land, and Joe has surely earned his space on the national hero's wall. (if he not on it he should be.) He has been here a long time and has definately done more good than bad. ( I really love and hate CUC.)

    I also think it fair to say that Joe definatlely knows how to make money, and he has also shown his loyality to this country as well.

    So is the new quarry/seaport a bad idea, not if we look at Joe's track record. In fact if you really looked into it, the CUC arrangement went bad not because of Joe, but because of misguided politicans.

    This is a good deal for the country. …on the other hand …maybe the politicans want to play at being King Solomon

    The only problem is ….the one's with nothing to loose is willing to risk it all !






    • Anonymous says:

      And look at how many Caymanians in top positions at CUC … all of them. Now let's see how many in CAL, CNB … our Cayman companies? Not such a good record. We can't do for ourselves what we want, but someone else can … and we gonna shout him down? i just don't get 'my people'.

    • dd says:

      All of sudden now this is a Church forum!!!  I don't know how you can combine King Solomon, Cayman, and Joe Joe together! 

      You lost me somewhere!

      • even longer off the boat says:

        I did not loose you…just don't don't want to drink the water….

  54. Anonymous says:

    I'm a Civil Servant….and i'll be there! CSs conerns must be counted also. We are voters between elections also!

    This is too big a concern to not stand up for.

    This project will result in major permanent damage….the EIA clearly shows this to be the case (the mitigation suggestions will not work, for the most part and will likely not even happen). Remember the re-planting of the mangroves that was going to happen?

    And what with not National Conservation Law! Hmnn.

    The Shetty Hospital, Special Economic Zone and GT Port Expansion seem like "sustainable" projects and where Govt. should focus their efforts.

    And completing the schools/GCM Hurricane Shelters.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to get the facts..The Shetty hospital and Economic zone will together tear up 1500 acres of land…three times the size of the East End harbour project ( the hole is actually only 100 acres).

      Development or No development? Jobs or no Jobs? that is the question… can't have your cake and eat it too!!

      • Anonymous says:

        The East End Seaport project almost totals 500 acres in its entirety.

        • Anonymous says:

          500 acres for “phase 1.” The total area the official site dedicates to the port development zone (allowing for future expansion) is approximately 1500 acres.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good for you, I'll be there too – West Bay Paper Caymanian

  55. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope the RCIP Police have enough handcuffs….totally irresponsible for our siting MLS to call for civil disobedience! Totally unbelievable actually.

    Us merchants are just holding on as it is now these two MLA's, who get their fat salaries every month, want to disrupt our little business.

    If this report is correct, they have gone too far in this very personal quest and Commissioner should look into whether this crosses the line "for inciting civil disobedience".

    • T.E. says:

      It can't be civil disobedience. It is freedom of speech so long no violence or damage to property is incurred.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, it may bring more people into town to watch – you may make a profit!  Where's my lemonade stand…!

    • Anonymous says:

      12:33 I agree with you. But you can bet is the ordinary joe that will get locked up. The two MLAs will sit back and collect their salaries

    • Anonymous says:

      Does money and profits really have to be the bottom line consideration on every issue in this world? Please consider, my Caymanian people, what we, as a people, as a nation, are about to lose, and what we are about to gain in return for it, in comparison to this ones (maybe, maybe not) losing half an hour's worth of profits from his 'little business'.  Perhaps a good pair of handcuffs would be better used to prevent postssuch as this one.

  56. Starving & Hungry in East End says:

    I find it really funny that after the Environmental Report wasissued ( as promised by the developer) that 'Ardon & Co seems now desperate to act in the name of something else.

    I thought all along that it was going to destroy the environment. Now that we see it will not, 'Ardon & Ezzard wants to set back the economy with a silly march in town in the name of politics. Shame on them.

    'Ardon knows that most East Enders need work and will not make any big fuss as their land will go up in value, just like it did in George Town and Savannah.

    When they lets us know how they will create real jobs for us so we don't have to go beg for money to pay our telephone or light bill, I will be satisfied.  But until 'Ardon and them show us something other than fish fry, bed & breakfast and thatch rope I say lets get on with these projects and I do hope the Government fast tracks this one….Lord knows we need the money.


    • The Crown says:

      I belewe you sum way down on 7 mile beach buddy. It naw nobady stawin in East End,unless they just swim ashow from Cuba,in how loong yu bin ya det you caan spell Arden?

  57. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    If Joe Imparato goes through with the East End project and it's left incomplete as Miller and McLean suggest's it will be, (Just a big hole) I have a great name for it ……………..Just like how the dump is called "Mount Trashmore" then the hole in EE will be called,"EAST CANYON"


    • cow itch says:

      How about "High Rock Valley" . Come all, come everyone – excursions to see the the rock lizards are available Mondays thru Fridays. please don't get your feet wet from the salt water.

    • Anonymous says:

      East Canyon sounds good, but try this one on: Joe Holes

  58. Concerned Citizen says:

    UDP Pressing Ahead with East End Cargo Port, and N.S. / E.E. MLA's Planning on Blocking Access through George Town in Response, whilst the UK's Governor Push for more Financial Austerities ***


  59. Anonymous says:

    This is about protecting Cayman! There are other ways to develop a country and provide more jobs. Whether you are Caymanian or Expat we need to come together to fight this one project as it doesn't serve any good to develop a Port in EE.

    We are not the only country in the world suffering in this economic downturn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Protecting Cayman from what, may i ask, please tell the country other ways to develop our country and provide more jobs….we are waiting…please!

      No we are not the only country suffering, can you also mention that the rest of the world has a tax system, and lots of industries, which will eventually get better for them.

      Can you say what is your real reason for wanting expats and caymanians alike, to fight down this development.

      My friend you must be sitting pretty good, financially, most of us are waiting patiently for something to happen, so we can feed our children, and pay our bills.

      Fighting down these projects won't put food on our table.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Don't we already have development, Custom Duty, Labour and environmental legislation drafted AND implemented?? What is it that they are drafting now? And will it be for the entire Cayman Islands or just his property/project? Why write a law for one project?

    • Anonymous says:

      Have development??…when last you spoke to a contractor or Planning?

  61. Fred from GT says:

    Am read to lay down!

    • supporter #2 says:

      ummm… I don't think its safe to lay down before oncoming traffic. I just stand here by the side walk…

    • anonymous says:

      Old buddy Fred it sound like you sick a living……lmao

    • police officer says:

      dat could work.  layin down and lots of rest is the ting me do best

  62. nauticalone says:

    Thanks Ezzard and Arden, for taking the lead as Elected Representitives of the People!

    I will be there!

    This Hole/Quarry (err project) is ONLY about short term gain (for a few, mostly already rich people) which will surely produce major long term pain for the many.

    And we will NOT allow it! Just as we did not allow the sale of the new Govt. Admin Bldg….another shortsighted proposal!

  63. Anonymous says:

    This country needs an upgrade, think about it…. i am one of the young people and i say do it….

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes the country needs an upgrade. One more reason to say no to a huge hole in the ground in East End in one man's interest. Unfortunately we might just have to wait another two years for the upgrade.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I don't think Ezzard and Mclean will only 600 votes between them can dictate how the government should be run.The majority of the people poke loud and clear in the last election so seat down and enjoy 2 more years of the UDP.Democracy worked for us.

  65. Anonymous says:

    'A commitment from local quarry owners and truck owners the MLAs are planning a full scale demonstration'…says it all to me……small town politricks at play here….

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't the quarry owners know of how much potential fill they can sell?

      Don't the truck drivers know the amount of material that will need to be moved?

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm sure the developer knows exactly how much fill he can sell, I assume you mean him by the "quarry owner" comment. Estimates are 150million dollars. That is all he is proposing to do. Blast the hole and sell the fill. WE WILL ALL HAVE TO PAY TO BUILD THE PORT. Why can't people understand this?

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course the truck drivers got enough sense to know they will be running material 24-7, now they will be able to feed their children.

        I will bet, you wont see any senseble truck driver at that blockade, unless they are loony, and brainwashed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anybody else wonder about the cost of fill and how EXPENSIVE it is now? I for one would love to see it sold at a real cost and not a 'Cayman, because we can, inflated cost'.

  66. Whodatis says:

    The standing and accepted avenues of "democratic" protest DO NOT yield useful results in this day and age.

    Hence the alarming scenes we have witnessed in what has long been considered to be the most democratic places on earth as of late. London has been set alight, citizens have engaged in violent clashes in the streets of Athens, marches, strikes and rioting have been witnessed in the USA, Italy, Portugal and Spain!

    Are these people criminals? Are they bored? Should they all be thrown in jail in the name of their caring, wonderful and attentive "democratically" elected leaders and government?

    (Let us not forget the ongoing battles and revolutions of the "Arab Spring" where thousands have already lost their lives and many more injured.)

    Hopefully we will never see the day when Cayman shall witness such scenes but the principleis the same.

    I trust that our elected officials are FINALLY waking up to the reality of the collective Caymanian mindset!

    If not, then frankly – WHY are you there?! You are an absolute waste of space and obviously have no regard to fulfill the wishes of the community which you claim to represent.

    History will DEFINITELY be made in the coming days, weeks and months in the Cayman Islands. These events will go down in the pages of our national history. What side of history do you want YOUR grandchildren and descendants to see you on Mr. and Ms. Politician?!

    As for the rest of us (the real and true Caymanians as it seems) – let us not be afraid to break conventions. Talk is cheap. Nothing is achieved by way of inaction.

    If we whimper away on this issue we will simply find ourselves with the same depressing outlook that the majority of us hold today in regards to Seven Mile Beach and West Bay Road.

    A new and BOLD form of protest is the ONLY way we can stop this harmful and IRREVERSIBLE proposal from going forward!



    • Anonymous says:

      Very well written comment.  I do not share your optimism that the current administration will wake-up as I believe they are wide awake and realize this is their last administration.  They are going to make sure they never have to work again.  

      The new FOI was a hinderance to old style self-interested leadership until the last and current governments realized it could be mitigated by taking away the information by clandestine negotiations instead of due process of CTC and delaying all reporting as long as possible.  The UDP only have to delay ministry reporting for two more years and then the new administration and auditor general will again say lets ignore historical and just try to report going forward…the cycle will continue.  Using excuses such as "haters" is really just another way of getting around providing information by responding to questions which have no logical or legimitate answers. 

      And the newest method is to just avoid the island all together except for camio appearances to "support" a homie in court. 


    • anonymous says:

      Whodatis the people of Spain and Portugal are protesting mainly against unemployment while the people in the Middle East are protesting against a lack of democracy and dictatorial rule………….Maybe Premier Bush should really give Caymanians something to protest for, he should 1) stop all development and progress /turn a blind eye to unemployment 2) ignore the constitution and demand independence 3)  extend term limits to thirty years , and 4) kick all expats out of the Cayman Isands / take back all foreign owned property etc……….Ezzard and Arden are nothing but two ignorant misguided nationalist ,these two will neveragree with anything that premier Bush does,Caymanians must reject this planned protest before the world see us a bunch of ignorant bush people!!!

  67. Joe says:

    Just what I thought, these objections have nothing to do with the environment. It’s your cronies you are concern about you said it (1. “A commitment from local quarry owners and truck owners the MLAs are planning a full scale demonstration”) (2. “Aside from the obvious environmental issues, the MLAs warned of the special treatment that the developer of the project would be given.”) This is no different from the Hospital issue “stopping real growth I must say”. But gentlemen make no mistake, stop and think very carefully, look at the age group of all the people objecting. If you stop these projects now it is just a matter of time before the next generation see that you were wrong and implement then. You are no different from the old school who didn’t want electricity or motor cars.
    Tell you what, if any of these investments was offer to a next country the next generation will not forgive you men from the north and east.

    “Playing politics with the country growth” you should be ashamed of yourself
    Constructive thinkers lets get ready to show our support for the projects.

    • Watler says:

      What about the water lens?  Hurricanes?  That this man, Joe, lives off the island, and owns shares in CUC. He has not lowered CUC's cost yet. What about Ezzard, saying that this is all about him digging a quarry and making millions for himself?

      • anon says:

        What about jobs this will create?  What about fixing the water lens and building barriers for storm surge?  What about Joe lowering CUC cost when we needed it most?  What about the economic revenue this country and East End could generate?

      • Anonymous says:


        Not to mention – the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was funded by Joe himself. The EIA was not done by government. 

        • Anonymous says:

          all EIAs are funded by the developer unless it is a government project…..

    • Biologist says:

      Who says that all these people objecting are only in the older generation..I can tell you one thing for sure, I am not in that generation, I am in the generation that will reap the repercussions of this seaport. i do NOT want this seaport built, not only because of my opinioin of what a rediculous project this is but also from a scientific view. You can not tell me that this seaport will have "minor" affects to the island and everything that lives on it or around it. I have personally read both the EIR and the appendices and they do admit to some effects but what they wrote was that these "minor" affects can all be mitigated or that these affects will ONLY be seen in 50 years! how can you just neglect those affects just cause they wont happen until 50 years from now….who do you think will see and feel these affects?? My generation and generations to come….do you really want that for your kids and other family members?

      Next time you want to comment on something, make sure you have your facts RIGHT!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Tell me where, tell me when – I will be there.

    A born Caymanian

  69. Anonymous says:

    That's right Mr. McLean and Mr Miller. Stand up for what is best for Cayman before the UDP destroys our island. Majority of us Caymanians are behind you 100% except for those that depend on a few dollars or a favor now and then from the UDP that blinds them. These people don't give 2 cents for our islands future, our any care to our children or grandchildren they only care about themselves and what they can get today.


    By the way, so funny did anyone notice when they were interviewing people on Cayman 27 a few nights ago about what the UDP has done so far, that the majority of them that gave good remarks about the UDP were jamaicans. Could it be one of Mac's status holders. ( I don't have anything against Jamaicans), just thought it was so funny.

  70. Anonymous says:

    The Country need work!!!! Because they happy and fat in their mansions does'nt mean that everyone is.  We need construction on this island to get the economy going.  Time to get head out of a**es and realise that!

    • Whodatis says:

      Growing up as a little boy in the 1980's it was said that the country "needed work" as well.

      Therefore, "development" on SMB and West Bay Road got into full swing.

      Today I am barely welcome in most sections of SMB and have even experienced blatant discrimination in one of these very "needed" developments (novelty themed restaurant) – all of this in my own country.

      Yes the country needs jobs, however, if a dangerous, irreversible and environmentally destructive proposal such as this big hole / port development is the best we can do, we might as all just pack up and jet set out of here right now.

      Not every thing offered in this country is for the good and long term benefit of its people.

      We all need to wake up to this reality.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its because of the level of development on 7 Mile beach which is why we can attract such high level clientel and tourists.  Every caribbean Island has beaches some better than ours.  But the service and level of accomodations that ours come with is exceptional and allow us to compete with other high end destinations.  Also there are a lot of "caymanians" past and present who benifitted and are still benefitting from the development on SMB.


        • Whodatis says:

          I completely agree with everything you have said above!

          However, rampant and unregulated "development" will ultimately result in us becoming yet another concrete jungle pretending to be a natural and tropical paradise … as we were in yesteryear (today).

          I am not anti-development. I am anti-EESP for a number of reasons which include its admitted damage to the natural environment, its location being right in the middle of one of the last untouched areas of the island and the blatant unnecessity of the project.

          Yes the country needs jobs and projects, and people very close to me are suffering as a lack of our current state of affairs, however none of that negates the negative elements of this particular project.

  71. Lets See says:

    Lets see how much backbone Caymanians have now? I bet Ezzard and Arden show up and find nobody out there willing to stand up with them!

  72. anonymous says:

    Ah lawd, I can see it now…

    Eastenders with rakes, brooms, and frying pans.

    • Anonymous says:

      A very ignorant post. This is not just an East Enders issue.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes it is, its always the same in the world, everyone wants progress but no one wants it in their back yard.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong! Those were UDP supporters at election time!

    • Anonymous says:

      Whatever it takes, we WILL be there and we're not from East End or North Side.

  73. Anonymous says:

    they're usually blocking it with their illegally parked cars anyhow.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Yes…. I don't like the Premier. But let us be rational:  In order to develop the country and provide more jobs, I don't see why people should be opposing this particular project.

    Sorry Arden / Ezzard, this is nothing worth opposing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course this is something worth opposing.  This is going to destroy our environment.  This is a huge deal to our life.  I'm not sure why no one thinks the environment is something to stay up for.

      When you realise the damage that can be incurred from moving coral reefs and natural cliffs.  Don't you remember Hurricane Ivan.  Things will be far worse if we mess with our natural buffers.

      On top of this we need to protect the species of floral and fauna as well as animal life that is there.

      I can't understand why few people see this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you being serious ? the damage to our environment alone is going to be devastating. Do you have the money the developer has that will allow you to pickup and relocate when this place is destroyed? or are you going to stay here and suffer with us and bid him a fond farewell?


    • Anonymous says:

      You should reconsider why you don't like the Premier. You seem to have an awful lot in common with him.