Police hunt for third man in West Bay stabbing

| 25/05/2011

(CNS): One man is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries, another in custody and a third on the loose following an altercation in West Bay on Tuesday evening. Police have confirmed that a man who has been arrested was stabbed in the shoulder during a fight that took place in Batabano Plaza at around 7:40pm last night and one man who received a bloody nose has also been arrested. The RCIPS were called to the location of the incident after reports were made that one of the men was brandishing a firearm. A search of a car beleived to have been used by  the suspects was searched and ammunition was recovered.

With investigations continuing along with the hunt for the third man, the police said that so far they were receiving very little co-operation from the men reportedly involved in the fight.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incidentor wo can help identify those involved in the altrcation is asked to contact West Bay police station on 949 3999


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Last time I checked Batabano Plaza is 4 minutes walk away from the West Bay Police Station. Not to mention that a location that has been robbed repeatedly is half of that. 5 minutes walk in the other direction is Four Winds Esso, Timbuktu, Alfreso Restaurant, also victims of robbery. Also 4 minutes away from the junction is Kelly's bar, no need to elaborate here. Given the proximity of the station and the reltive density of the district, proactive policing could help rid the district of these ills. How about officers walking a beat instead of having a pair cruise in patrol car at the top of each hour? Would require too much common sense I think.