Barkers moves to tourism

| 27/05/2011

(CNS): Although it has been a goal of the Department of Environment for over a decade to make Barkers a protected national park, the concept appears to have been moved into the premier’s tourism ministry. An announcement by the governor in the Throne Speech on Monday that Barkers would be expanded and designated a national park with its own park rangers was coupled with a notice in the gazette of a compulsory purchase order of land to expand the proposed park, signalling changes ahead for a site that is considered an important environmental area. Despite its scientific and ecological significance, it appears Barkers is to be managed as a tourism attraction and not by the islands' conservation experts.

The DoE confirmed that the 3.8 acres of land in question is within the boundaries of the proposed Barkers National Park (BNP) and that the department has not had any involvement in the compulsory purchase of the land. The department also stated that the Park Rangers which have reportedly been hired are not employees of the DoE and it had not been informed that staff were being taken on to work inside the park.

“It is unclear to the DoE exactly how the Park will be established and managed as there is no legislation that allows the creation of National Parks. This is an area that is covered in the Draft National Conservation Law,” a spokesperson told CNS.

Back in 2001/02 the environment department was the government agency steering the proposal to establish the country’s first national park at Barkers because of the natural significance of the area which also has beautiful untouched beaches, areas of swamp and mangrove and is home to a number of unique flora and fauna.

With that goal in mind, the DoE began meetings and discussions with the stakeholders, such as the horse-riding businesses based there and the land owners in the area, as well as with the wider West Bay public. Through the public consultation, the department said it managed to achieve consensus on a common vision for the Park.

“The DoE is concerned that the general public’s trust in the department could be eroded if the current plans, of which we have no knowledge, vary significantly from the generally agreed vision for the proposed BNP,” the DoE said in this week in the wake of the announcements.

In a speech delivered by Duncan Taylor in the Legislative Assembly Monday, government had outlined its broad goals for the portfolios and ministries. The expansion of Barkers was listed in the plans for the Ministry of Tourism. However, it was not made clear under what legislation or how the new national park will be designated or managed, in terms of conservation, if it is to become a tourism attraction.

The governor said the ministry was in the process of securing additional property and had already employed park rangers.  “This will protect important aspects of our natural resources and culture, while again enhancing our tourist attractions,” he said.  According to the gazette, government is purchasing block 9a parcel 99, a plot which is over 3.8 acres, under the land acquisition law.

Although often believed to be a national park, Barkers was never designated as such and there is no legislation to protect the area. The goal, however, was to create the first land based environmental sanctuary at Barkers, which covers over 261 terrestrial acres coupled with the more than 2,036 marine acres that are already protected under the Marine Parks legislation.

It is a unique, diverse and environmentally valuable coastal eco-system that, despite considerable development pressure throughout the rest of the peninsula, has remained largely undisturbed. The area is a prime example of untouchedlow elevation Caribbean beach ridge vegetation, a native and diverse coastal forest community of ironwood, silver thatch, wild cocoplum, broad leaf and other species.

The ponds and extensive mangrove wetland area already provide feeding, breeding and passage grounds for a variety of bird species and the land had been earmarked by the DoE as a potential burrowing ground for a planned re-introduction of the endangered endemic Grand Cayman Blue Iguana.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think darts driveway on SMB would look much better without all those palm trees.  I think I'll develop it.  development is good, right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    the god lubs dart. he gibs him everting. He gibbin him barkers rite now…. while we sleep.  wonderful world wit good parking lots for all. good night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Methinks that Dart does not want the Calico Jack's cruise people next to his nifty upscale hotel and it's patrons.  They will move them away and send them to Barker's.  Watch out Tiki Beach.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Check out and see how many parcels of land belong to Dart Reality!!!!!
    I counted more than 25…………Here we go again.

    Stand guard it might be something to take our eye off what they are doing elsewhere.




  5. Kiteman says:

    Their has been alot of very suspicious activity by certain government/political officials in the Barkers in the past 3 months. Something tells me that a national park ain’t happening for us the good people of Barkers.NO development for Barkers Cayman it is the last undeveloped land in Cayman.

  6. Anonymous says:


    While I believe Barkers is an important environmental and cultural area that would be well worth saving, why not give it the DOE or the National Trust to manage?

    So just how much of Barkers does Govt own and how much does that 4 lettered developer own?

    If the developer, through his various companies, owns the majority of the land in that area,,,

    If Govt is now acquiring other sections that the developer does not own… 

    If Govt is not going to place it under the care of the DOE or the National Trust…what could all this mean?

    I've heard stories from years ago about land owners in Barkers who refused to sell the the big developer. I'm curious if this land Govt is acquiring is from someone who had previously refused to sell to the developer…

    Could mean that eventually the Government is the only adjacent land owner to the developer.  We know a certain group in government have always found it hard to say no to that particular developer.

    So if that developer wants his way with a project, who is going to object to a future development? The adjacent land owners?  HA!

    DOE can't object becasue they are stuck writing reports to be filed under 'B' for bin and neither can the National Trust as they are not an adjacent land owner.

    I wonder if anyone knows just how much of the North Sound rim that same developer owns?  I suspect the number of people who could object is his future developments are getting smaller by the day.

    Would be well worth someone looking up the land ownership in that area and updating the public.




  7. nauticalone says:

    All the more reason to sign the "Save Cayman" petitions.

    MacMan is out of control….totally!

    And the Guvna is gone jogging or swimming again….as usual.

  8. Gilligan says:

    I want to apply for a Park Ranger. TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE; i.e., mosquitoe infested regions along side dangerous dykes!!!  With my nice crisp 100 dollar military uniform, my own gun, a machette, and horse, I should be a center of attraction.  I can only dream about it now…

  9. Libertarian says:

    CNS:  "Although often believed to be a national park, Barkers was never designated as such and there is no legislation to protect the area."

    Interestingly, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex deemed Barkers to be a National Park. Still don't know why the National Trust, DMS Broadcasting, and other organizations, failed to make carry through with the Prince words.

    I would hate for our government to purchase the land, increase more government employment, increase fees, and use Barkers throught he Department of Tourism for their revenue.

    Come on people, you are opposing North Sound dredging, and now what is looking like more of a valuable place to secure like the Botanic Park, there is no petition being made for donations so to acquire this land before C.I. government does.

    Money talks more than signatures on a piece of paper! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Libertarian, I hope you put your money into the proposed project, the way you put your opinion out in the open.

      Having said that, I would like to save that land for future generations too but where do you think I'm pulling money from?

      This county needs to stop spending money to correct political mistakes and vote in proper leaders!  Leave the clowns at the circus where they belong!

      • anonymously says:

        how I see it, if you want them out, do a petition to OUST the Premier. That would save you from doing more than one sort of petition that gets you no where – JUST GET THE MAN OUT BY REFERENDUM!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seven Mile Beach has already been sacrificed, beautiful Rum Point is nothing but a tourist trap.  Enough is enough.   The last thing we need is another tourist trap filled with cruise people.  That's what this will all be about.  Let the locals keep this peaceful for themselves.  If you want cruisers back in West Bay, renovate the old Spanish Bay Reef hotel.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeh , Barkers  as a national park, I just hope they relocate the tree from West Wind building there, the Blue Iguanas and the few Native Caymanians that are left there, if this is the intent, it's a WONDERFUL THING, if not let it be.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gov't says it needs to save $15 million.  UK says personnel bill too big.  Mac says hire Park Rangers, but that adds to personnel costs.  Send him to the doctor, his hearing is bad.  Hey, no audits, so no one will really tell if it is on the books or off the books.  What the hell, he'll get political mileage for creating some employment. CIG will suffer because of politics.  Imagine if we never had the UK as a check and balance?  I for one will never vote for independence for fear of what would really happen to Cayman. So you egotistical MLAs seeking ultimate power, forget it.  We've seen what you can do bridled and dread what you would do if unbridled.

  13. Anonymous says:

    God hates wilderness. He threw adam and eve out cuz they wouldn't slash and burn.  Do you want that to happen to us?  for us to be thrown out of our own country?  Now some people see the light…. many places on SMB are doing god's work.  They are laying down the pavement on that irritating and yes, sinful sand.  It's time to cover up gods embarassment at barkers with all things man made. It's the only chance we have.  tell me when and where and I will be there with my shovel and chain saw.

    • Anonymous says:

      and by god a steam roller and a back-hoe, if only I knew how to drive one!

  14. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva promoting West Bay I'm shocked. Hey, I'm over here in East End. Hello, Hello!

    • Anonymous says:

      You get a quary disguised as a port.

      • Anonymous says:

        We also all get to pay for new roads out there for the trucks to run up and down on. Sad, Sad, Sad…………

        • Anonymous says:

          be thankful they don't quarry that and you have to pay for a tunnel to town.  Hey, wait,  that sounds likea good idea. soon can't see the ocean anyway!

        • Anonymous says:

          You should be paying to use the roads anyway, nothing is free, it is stupid for the Govrnment to not install  toll booths and parking meters for the vehicles.

          Here's how stupid it is …all the roads sides  down town are taken up by the businesses, free parking all day long.

          With 50,000 vehicles now using our roads free, large lorrys tearing them up,

          Toll booth, one on the West  Bay thoroughway, one on the east end thoroughway, lets do the maths,

          Just charge for one way, 50,000 hits @ $ 1.00 is $ 50,000.00 per day remove Sundays, this is a free ride, 365 days less 52 Sundays = 313 days per year @ $50,000.00 per day = $ 15,650,000.00.

          Now the large Lorrys that will be making 4 to 5 trips a day across the toll getting paid $3.00 per yard for their cargo of quarry product, a 25 yd truck will be paid @3.00 x 25 =$75.00 per trip.charge them $2.00 per toll, they are inflicting more wear on our roads. This extra should add another $1,000,000.00 to the revenue.

          Consider that 15% of the vehicles will use the toll more that once a day, now add 15% to the $16,650.000.00 =$2,497,500.00 Total of $19,147,500.00.

          Wow! any private business  ready to go partner, with the Government on  this one ? just agree to collect the toll for two years.

          And people  got the nerve to keep asking,  where the Government is going to get the money to do their capital projects, man, i wish i were in their shoes.

          There, your debts are being paid, and a surplus also. You can build all the roads you need.

          And I haven't touched on the Parking meters yet.




  15. Libertarian says:

    I wonder if it would not be much more cost-effective for the advocates here on this site and local charities to stop trying to make this government protect wildlife and the environment, and to start buying the land and wildlife that needs protecting and do it themselves. Not to mention, more legitimate. Besides, whatever government does on one hand, it does a bad job on the other hand.

    Just food for thought. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The resident population can not afford to purchase every scrap of land that is importnat.

      What we need is good government and for the people to demand accountability.  

      The solution is inexpensive – vote the buggers out.

  16. Dumpa Ebanks says:

    The best possible use of this site would be for the relocation of the landfill.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Caymanian Concern says:

      Hey Big Mac, be a man and adhere to international politics instead of XXXXX


      International environmental agreement approved at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Negotiations began in 1988 under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Program. Its goals are the conservation of the planet's biodiversity and the fair use of its resources. By the early 21st century, more than 185 governments were party to the agreement.


    • Anonymous says:

      Dumpa Ebanks,

      Dump you say?

      You clearly were giving a healthy dose of ignorance, greed and short sightedness at birth.  You have no idea of the treasure you are sitting on in WB as an eco tourism site and to have a sustainable income from in years to come. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    please please please, leave it alone. please leave something alone….just one place.   please.

  18. Anonymous says:

    "“It is unclear to the DoE exactly how the Park will be established and managed as there is no legislation that allows the creation of National Parks. This is an area that is covered in the Draft National Conservation Law,” a spokesperson told CNS"

    Mac, here you go again with another of your “Substance Over Process” crazy goingson.  Of course you have stated in onw of your speeches or maybe it was at a public meeting, but I know that I heard it, that you no longer support the 2004 Draft National Conservation Law that you introduced in the LA. 

    The newspaper reports that after 2 years the Minister of Environment "cannot get comfortable with the draft Conservation Law", why is this?

    Has he even read it?

    Has he had any public meetings on the subject?

    Is he tryin to get to know the law?

    Mac, you have never told us why you no longer support a draft law that you proposed??

    Come on Mac you know better than then – do not take us all for fools, please.

    Is this how UDP elected MLA’s and members believes our Islands natural environment should be managed or is this Mac charging off on his own horse alone?

    “Through the public consultation, the department said it managed to achieve consensus on a common vision for the Park.
    “The DoE is concerned that the general public’s trust in the department could be eroded if the current plans, of which we have no knowledge, vary significantly from the generally agreed vision for the proposed BNP,” the DoE said in this week in the wake of the announcements.”

    Mac, for once please stop, look and LISTEN to us poor people, we know that you have dictatorship aspirations but I do believe that deep down inside of you, the part the we used to admire, let the part of you that wants to listen to the public have a chance to do that again.  Tell your controllers to go away for a while, please.

    Is this how UDP elected MLA’s and members believes our Islands natural environment should be managed or is this Mac charging off on his own horse alone?

    “Although often believed to be a national park, Barkers was never designated as such and there is no legislation to protect the area. The goal, however, was to create the first land based environmental sanctuary at Barkers, which covers over 261 terrestrial acres coupled with the more than 2,036 marine acres that are already protected under the Marine Parks legislation.
    “It is a unique, diverse and environmentally valuable coastal eco-system that, despite considerable development pressure throughout the rest of the peninsula, has remained largely undisturbed.”

    Mac, here we are fooled again by government, this is why we do not trust government!

    Smoke and deceptive mirrors by the UDP.

    Is this how UDP elected MLA’s and members believes our Islands natural environment should be managed or is this Mac charging off on his own horse alone?

    Mac, are you now going to create another Disney like $100 Million attraction enriching your buddies, bulldoze all natural vegetation, scrape the sand away then import plastic plants and treated sand?  Madness!!

    Is this how UDP elected MLA’s and members believes our Islands natural environment should be managed or is this Mac charging off on his own horse alone?

    I had hope in the UDP, it really seemed to be an alternative govnerment but some ugly colours are now comming forth.  Until we see otherwise then all UDP elected MLA’s and members are assisting to ruin the Cayman Islands – shun them!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Guess what this means folks……remember that we always had free vehicular access to the beach in front of Courtyard Marriott (now Dartland Marriott)???  Remember when we had the same access to Starfish Point???  Well get with the program…..we will soon no longer have any access to Barkers either and thats a fact people unless we rise up as one and revolt against the atrocities Mad Mac and Dart are committing against us.  Dart will take over this whole island while Mad Mac is in power and then Mad Mac will work for him when he has gotten everything he wants here.  Trust me that includes NO CAYMANiANS in case you havent figured that out yet.  Mad Mac and Mr. Beach Bum Taylor have got to go….ASAP  

    • Anonymous says:

      19:44 can you prove what you are saying, or  are you speculating,  I serched all news media relase and can't find anything to back up your statement.

      And whats Mr. Dart got  to do with Barkers ?

      The Marriott Courtyard you mentioned, is  Mr. Dart private property, why didn't you lobby past Governments to purchase these strips of land? or other pieces of property deemed fit for the Caymanian population.

      As far as my understanding , Mac is trying to purchase, and save this piece of Barkers for the Caymanian people, should you know any different please post it, but make sure it is legit. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    I guess Boatswains Beach has not been a big enough failure!  BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  People wake up…Dart is your PREMIER and Mac Dicktator is his Deputy!  JuJu is just a wannabe!!!!  This place has really gone to HELL and ironically it started in West Bay!!! 

  21. Anonymous says:


    "How does a government operating at a deficit buy 3.8 acres of land?"





    "How does a government with a hiring freeze on hire park rangers?"



    • Anonymous says:

      Wait, let me understand this, the government is short of money, civil servant's salaries have been cut, people being layed off, yet government can purchase land and hire "park rangers"?  Is the park rangers Police or so other entity that is being hired by government? 

  22. Anonymous says:

    So hiring freeze… unless you live in West Bay?

  23. Libertarian says:

    I often wonder if it would not be much more cost-effective for the advocates here and charities to stop trying to make governments protect wildlife, and to start buying the land and wildlife that needs protecting and do it themselves. Not to mention, more legitimate. Besides, whatever government does, it does a bad job at it. Just food for thought. 


  24. West Bay Park Ranger says:

    I was told that we will be allowed to do a "controlled burning" of anything we find washed up on the beaches. That's the only reason I applied for the job.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Great place for a natural boat harbor.  Won't have to dig out land.  On the lee side of the island.  Close to storage areas etc.  Wait.  What was I thinking.  This is Cayman.  Yea.  Let CIG do their thing.  Can't turn a horse into a cow.  Too bad.  Its such a nice place now.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Please seek the Lord's guidance before touching this area. Please do not let any alcohol licences be given to anyone who plans to do business there. This is the place where my grandparents, aunts and uncles had their home. The place where every Easter, folks would camp out, where families had picinics, where Churches went for recreation, where youth groups gathered for fishing trips and cook-outs and slept under the stars!!

    This is one of the 'precious gifts from GOD to us' let us not destroy it! Not only the natives enjoy it but most of the Tourists like it the way it is. Every day they travel to see this area away from the concrete jungle on the rest of the Island.

    The horse owners who use the beach  for their own benefit need to keep it clean and realize its not their property but for the whole island to enjoy so people and their children  need to have the freedom to roam the beaches and not be interfered by HORSES!! [There's another story]

    REMEMBER the ENVIRONMENT !!!  Without that there's NO TOURISM !!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 05/27/2011 – 12:58 I think what we need is a government we deserve and then you wouldn't see any of this being posted. It would read more like "Barkers designated a National Park. Park and Beaches to be maintained by DOE with proper litter disposal areas. No littering signs posted $500 for littering and actively enforced. Then we just have to make sure the DOE does their job. Once again, government administered by Civil Service

  28. Anonymous says:

    To 12.58  I guess your are NOT one of those Sensiable Caymanians either are u. And since CNS is so bad why are U posting your back yard and Sunday dinner two piece on it. Pot Cusing kettle black again.

  29. Logic says:

    I think the only way to keep and maintain Barkers, is to manage it as a tourism destination, because the money from the visitors to the park, can be used to pay for park rangers, security, and conservationist experts.


  30. Anonymous says:

    If is was a Genuine Cayman Park it would be littered with trash and condoms but don't worry the expats will pick it up

    • Anonymous says:

      Because they would the ones getting the jobs to do it.

      Job Requirements as advertised:

      Good oral and written skills

      Ability to train volunteers

      A minimum of 7 years work experience in the custodian field

      Hold an internationally recognized custodial certification, particularly the NPCA, or the ONEC

      The successful candidate will also have management experience

      Salary: $25,000 per annum



    • Anonymous says:

      So did you take a DNA kit out there test those condoms and bits or garbage to ensure it was all Caymanian garbage. 

      I'm sure the parks were you come from are perfect right?

      You are an ignorant back end of a horse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not any more! I used to get involved with Earth day, corporate clean ups, etc.

      Since it is often levelled at expats that jobs are being taken away from local persons, I now refuse to do this anymore.

      If I did, there would be no trash left for the 'unemployed' to pick up and get their free food and seventy bucks per day.


      • Anonymous says:

        With an attitude like that, it must've become a friendlier environment after you left the clean ups.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Will this be a "Genuine Cayman Park"  that when you pick it up and look at the bottom is stamped "made in China"?  Like Mac's other projects?

  32. Green Hornet says:

    The reason Barkers was designated as a "national park" in the first place was because the UK (bound by the terms of the Rio Treaty) was aiming at Cayman protecting a minimum of 13% of its land-base. While this is only a basic target for protected areas which are designated environmentally sensitive (under the Brundtland Report) Cayman's protected areas (land-base) is only about 5% on all three islands. 

    This is why we are a laughingstock of countries (many in the Caribbean) which have moved in the past 20 years to protect more and more of their ecologically sensitive areas. When one of the Royal Princes was visiting Cayman about ten years ago, there was a great deal of hoopla from you-know-who to get some major PR and pay lip service to the UK and show them we are good environmental managers and protectors.

    That was the first time we saw the Conservation Law which has since been regurgitated every couple of years with a thousand meaningless promises. Needless to say, it will never pass until we have politicians who not only live up to their promises, but are serious about protecting our children's future.



  33. Anonymous says:

    I am a west Bayer I was born there raise there all my life and that wasnt no 10 years ago either. What McKeeva and ther rest of his  yes men need to do is leave this place alone as it is. This is the only place us as locals that really knows this place can go for Easter to camp or just go on a sunday with our  family and have a quite time together. there is know where left on this Island that has been develope or should I say DISTROY because once its gone its gone.  People wake up all these plans sounds good put look around and tell me whos making any profit these days sure hell its isnt the lil common man.

  34. Anonymous says:

    The government needs to seriously look into closing CNS. This is bad for Cayman. Some of the things we say here would be better kept in our back yards over Sunday dinner and not for national or international view.
    And to any who reads these posts!

    These views in no way represent the masses of sensible people of the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are correct, your views in no way represent the masses of sensible people of the Cayman Islands.

    • Pending says:


      And the MLA's represent the masses to right?

      The MLA's are the ones damaging this country. Plain and Simple.

      They have no regard for the people or their voices. Plain and Simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you don't read the posts then do you?

    • Anonymous says:

      what is wrong with you??

    • Libertarian says:

      "This is bad for Cayman… for national and international view"

      Freedom of speech and the press, can never be bad for the Cayman Islands!  In fact, the more freedom there is to make negative / false comments that are not censored, believe it or not, the better!  Why?  Because people who make comments on Cayman News Service site in a free environment, will always be able to correct those negative / false comments with positive / truthful ones.

      Cayman News Service becomes an educational tool, a tool to expose error and enable rational thought!  Who knows… something could happen to Cayman down the road, similar to Turks and Cacois. And the only historical record the international community would have about Caymanian view and how Caymanians see their governments and culture, would be what has been painstakingly recorded on Cayman News Service' site.

      There is a saying, "Remove not the ancient landmarks."  Because if you do, you have not only taken away what you thought was "bad," but have certainly taken away what was as well beautiful, thought-provoking, debatable, and good.

      Don't encourage a dictatorship!

  35. Anonymous says:

    three words:


  36. Jungle Juice says:

    I would not be against a tourist attraction being developed at barkers. As long as it is an "eco" or "green" attraction. I would be against a rumpoint style attraction, and all motorized watersports should be prohibited.

    But a couple of very rustic huts selling cold drinks and fried fish might be a nice addition to the area. Offer tourists windsurfing/kayaking/snorkeling but DO NOT offer those noise machines also known as wave runners or jetskis!

    Anyway knowing our present Government they will buldoze the lot and want casinos and waterparks.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The place has already been cut up with mosquito control canals and roads. It is hardly untouched wilderness. That said, the beach is nice, the snorkeling is good, the roads suck and what on earth are park rangers going to do out there? Pick up the trash on the beach? I tend to give credit to the mega development conspiracy theory. It'll be right by the megayacht channel.

  38. Anonymouse says:

    Me smells stink fish


    All you folks jumping on this bandwagon? You people do not pay attention to details.

  39. Frequent Flyer says:

    " According to the gazette, government is purchasing block 9a parcel 99, a plot which is over 3.8 acres, under the land acquisition law."

    Waaaait a minute…. This is a contradiction. Two words here … 'purchasing' and 'acquisition'

    Are they PAYING for it or acquiring it under the land acquisition law???

    Who is paying the new park rangers??? This land does not generate an income.

    But more importantly, what about this person that owns the land that is being acquired? Cayman 27, get your investigative reporters out there.

    People, when will you ever learn?? You are not being told the WHOLE story.

    • Anonymous says:

      All good questions.

      How does a government operating at a deficit buy 3.8 acres of land?

      How does a government with a hiring freeze on hire park rangers?



    • Anonymous says:

      Acquisition and purchase are of course the same thing. Read the Law; Govt will pay the going rate. Use of this procedure was recommended in an official UK commission of enquiry a few years ago after it was found the (Bush) Govt had paid the owner (allegedly a relative) way over the top for some West Bay land.

    • Anonymous says:

      I imagine we will find that Dart currently owns this parcel in Barkers and wants the crown land adjacent to the land he bought from Stan Thomas in exchange.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Just for the record, Barkers was cut up by MRCU dykes 30 years ago and is hardly more natural than anywhere else along there at this point. Cars drive the length and breath of it.  Ivan also decimated the landscape and dumped debris there.

    Those that use it seem to leave enough junk, bottles, condoms, soda cans, KFC boxes that it is clear they do not value it.

    So clearly it is not "untouched"….the so called "park rangers" may actually make Barkers a better place if it is only to reduce the garbage there.

    • A43 says:

      Well they could have private developer just include indigenous shrubs and local fruit tress, seats, tables, to beautify the place and make it into more of a tropical site. Just like people love to take pictures at Camana Bay. They could include rockery and flower beds along the roadways.

      • Anonymous says:

        or they could leave it as it is and the people that want to take pictures go to caymana bay and people that want to sit at tables go to a public beach and heaven forbid people that need to get drunk go to one of the many existing gin joints. and as I said, they could just LEAVE IT ALONE!  for god's sakes, what freaking sickness do we have that we thing we can improve on nature.??!  anybody?

      • Anonymous says:

        make it into 'more of a tropical site' than what?  Than God did when he made it….. in the tropics?

    • Anonymous says:

      there is much that you don't understand.

  41. Power of the People says:

    What is not stated is WHO the owner of a significant portion of Barkers is. Do not be so 'fool' to think that gov't would be footing the bill…this initiative will have a 'new town blossoms' kinda appeal. Catch my drift!?

    What of the "compulsory purchase of land"? That is SOMEONE's property and has been for a looooong time. They refused to sell out and now face imminent loss of their OWNERSHIP….why?? Because of GREED. Because one person with a HUGE agenda WANTS it and another with a bottomless appetite for POWER & MONEY can take it and give it to them all under the auspices of governmental priviledge.

    THAT IS WRONG. Full stop.

    Barkers is one of the very few places in Cayman where nature and beauty are untouched. But greed will take that away from us too and destroy a natural environmental piece of this country that will NEVER be recovered once developed. So let's go ahead and dredge the North Sound, plant enormous hospitals, ports and other initiatives that will erradicate our natural resources and destroy our environment – – – all in the name of progress and money.

    Cayman is only so big. We cannot accommodate the big vision that some have taken. Our island is not the US, UK or Canada…what we have is all we have. Preservation is key to the continuity of our culture, our livelihood and our people.

    The fast paced, no holds barred, tear it up and spit it out government needs to stop and realize that the reason that they THINK they need SO much funding to sustain the country (hence the need for all of this drama) is because THEY are draining it. The combination of a top heavy civil service coupled with overpaid elected officials with insane ideas of unnecessary spending, unaccounted expenses and unsupervised budgets is the FIRST PLACE we should be focussed. Once we clear those hurdles THEN we turn our attention to ways to reasonably and harmlessly increase government income.

    What is the point of putting a bandaid on an amputated limb that is bleeding out when it makes more sense to cauterize and sew it up first, then apply proper dressing and ongoing care.

    This country needs FIRST AID.

    I think the public has a right to know what the plans are for the Barkers area and WHO is behind it all. Follow the money my friends. It has always been evident that this government – – – and that now includes ALL of them, as not one of them has taken the public's suggestion to distance themselves from the madness – – – is only a self-serving mechanism for greed and power. Whatever proposals come to the table have a trail of questionable gain and smell of subterfuge.

    Those out there protesting have nothing to gain. They are simply wary of the unseen hand(s) driving this country forward – which do not necessarily have our best interests at heart. Why would they? Who are you to deserve better?? What can your existence benefit them?

    Maaaaannnnnnn….this has gah to stop, yuh hear wha I tellin' yuh?!? I am so SICK and TIRED of being ignored, raped, victimized, cornered….

    This is MY country! These are MY beaches. This is where I will DIE. This is where my children and their children will live out our days.

    WHY are we letting a few bad apples spoil the bunch?

    Revolt! I call for a revolution and I mean NOW! This is beyond ridiculous!! Radical action folks. Desperate times, desperate measures.


  42. Four wheel critter says:

    Those who think the government is going to do right by Barkers is merely deluding themselves. We wait with baited breath?????

  43. Anonymous says:

    if you want to create some meaningful jobs, why nor pay people to dig up rocks along some of the roads here.  Lets the public see where the money is going and gets the rocks some much needed air and sunlight.

    later we can turn the rocks over, and put them back in the ground for a while.

    oops this just in:  that project is now underway!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Bye Bye Barkers

  45. Len Layman says:

    It needs to remain a natural and undeveloped park.  if it is I applaud this action.  If it is turned into a gaudy tourist attraction I am against it.

    We need to have some respect for the ecology of our country.  The way government treats this issue  will be interesting.  I think that before they make any decision on how to move forward with this park they should pass a conservation bill.  If they are unwilling or unable to do that they should not touch this precious natural land.

    • Anonymous says:

      well Len, based on what you've seen any govt. do, which do you think it will be: undeveloped park (which it is now) or gaudy tourist park, with more trash than now?  and boom boxes!

  46. Anonymous says:

    just talking out loud but I think ….people always wonders why. We know the talent goes in to the private sector to make money. The politicians want the money but can't cut it in the private sector. For a few, they have made it in the private sector but still have an ego to fill so they become politicians.  Still everyone wonders why they do what they do. As if they are supposed to be reasonable and make the right decisions. We can always leave BUT wait…their are politicians in every country and they all are the same! At least here we don't have to pay income tax so…….we shouldn't beat up on our politicians too much. It is a low pay job and doesn't attract high pay talent. You are asking too much of them. It will never change as long as the talent is lured to the private sector. Of course we know sometimes you do get talent in the government but they are usually young with visions of grandure and realize they are seriosuly outnumbered so they give up or leave. As far as people going into politics for love of country, to serve the people or to make change….if you believe that you need to think again. Government plauges all peoples of this earth. The $ is more powerful and governments will always continue to shock and awe us as their profund abilities of decision making. There would never be War otherwise. Democracy let's everyone be chef in the kitchen and it is one big chaotic cluster and nothing gets done and a dictatorship is wrong, can be abused and someone always loses out so someone else can win. So, we can only look beyond what we have to greater glory and try to live our lives the best we can.

  47. Anonymous says:

    the proposal for barkers is to make a rum point like bar, restaurant and watersports area………

  48. Anonymous says:

    "It is a unique, diverse and environmentally valuable coastal eco-system that, despite considerable development pressure throughout the rest of the peninsula, has remained largely undisturbed"

    You can imagine the thought process:

    "Perfect. Let's build an oilrefinery/port/quarry there. After all, we must take all possible steps to destroy the natural environment.

    How about a combined nuclear waste reprocessing and ship-breaking facility.

    What do you mean there is no need for one of these in Cayman? Greed, not need is the issue.


  49. Miller says:

    Good News!

    Together we can make Barkers into a beautiful place. We can also erect a monument against Domestic Abuse and the importance of Family Values at the site where Estella was killed. I think to invest in Barkers this way, would be a very positive thing for these island.


    • Libertarian says:

      That is a great idea!  I think a historical monumental structure could be posted on the site. Not only to educate the public on domestic abuse, but about the history of barkers.

  50. Blukoto says:

    I have always considered Mr. Taylor to be a sort of bulwark against political and economic extremism in Cayman.  Wishful thinking on my part because unfortunately all this Governor appears to be is a rubber stamp of whatever Mr. Bush wants to do. 

    Think of the great ecological tourist attractions of the world: the National Parks in the U.S. and Canada, the Amazonian region of South America, the big game parks of Africa.  What do they all have in common?  They are conservation sites first and tourist sites second.

    Big Mac and the Duncanator apprently don't agee with this model.  They forsee another Boatswain's Beach at Barker's.  That fabulous success of a tourist and conservation site (not!).

    Thank God its Friday.  I'm gettin drunk tonight and will try to forget that these two genuises are our "leaders"

  51. bahhh! says:

    wow – I wonder if there is development plan in place for this (theme!) "park"?  What will DOT do differently?  Seriously, if the charge of Barkers is being moved to DOT, what are the reasons? presumebly (ha) there is a some kind of proposal? 

  52. Anonymous says:

    Are the Park Ranger jobs available anywhere other than MacKeewa's office?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who expects this government to do anything positive for the environment is Bark(er)ing up the wrong tree.

    • Ebanks says:

      This is a very negative approach!  Already something positive and you twist it around to something negative. Pathetic!

  54. Anonymous says:

    This is an error in my opinion to turn this land into a tourist attraction and away from the DoE. Next thing you know there will be another Calico Jacks at Barkers.

    • Anonymous says:

      This does not have to be an exclusive thing. Surely there is room for every business that cares to make an appropriate campaign contribution.

  55. Anonymous says:

    So at the end of May it is Re-election Campaign 1 – Environment 0.

  56. Libertarian says:

    Sounds good to me, Cayman why not?  We have reject so many projects and proposals. At least, we can accept this one. There is no harm done and it will help our tourism and increase jobs. The park will be a place where people can hang out, meditate, school children can take trips with teachers, and enjoy the beauty of nature. The park rangers will be employed to ensure there is no breaches to the law, and the blue iguana will have a habitat away from the dangers of traffic. And my blessings go out to Pappagallo Restaurant, because I know they will benefit from this change.   

    • Anonymous says:

      As a good libertarian how can you support government borrowing more money (or not paying back some of the huge debt we have) in order to expand the civil service and build another money sucking venture like Boatswain Bay?

      • Libertarian says:

        Of course, it would have to be something that we can do as a longterm goal. First, likeyou said, we have to pay back some of the hugh debt. However, bear in mind, certain "projects" can help us to do just that

        • Anonymous says:

          By putting something in quotation marks, like "project", you are indicating an ironic meaning, like "bogus". 

          • Libertarian says:

            Let's say-  here is the project I recommend on first priority: 

            The Establishment of the Miller's Report  😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Libertarian is right…it will be a park, a park is what it will be.All the trashy talk about destroying the enviornment and the country, politition getting rich off the project…another camana bay. Shit load of speculation..if you ask me!

        As for government borrowing money for projects… should we shut the Island down… and stop opperating as a Government? there are loads of other places that would welcome the opportunities, that you all want to stop.




  57. Anonymous says:

    Given our large budget surplus and tiny civil service it makes complete sense at this time to be buying land in West Bay and employing more people in the civil service. I hope that they go ahead with the combined Space Shuttle landing zone and polar bear theme park as well. Afterall, a bought vote counts just the same as an honenst one and it is not like they are spending our money afterall.

    • Michael says:

      Government workers or not, it will be providing jobs and I believe both parties, including Ezzard, should be supporting this proposal. Everyone can benefit from this conservation + tourist zone.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Oooooh, did Big Mac decide to make a water-slide park? A way for more of his taxi and bus buddies to drive tourists to West Bay to see "a great view"?  

    Wow, he really does whatever he pleases doesn't he?  Forget what the people have asked for.  For the first time I am leaning towards UK direct rule.  Just send in some non-political accountants to balance our books, trim the fat on the bloated civil service and get back to simply managing a small island instead of raping and selling our heritage.

    • Michael says:

      So after rejecting all proposals including this one – what do you suggest the country do to get on its feet?  Can we not move away from Mac and Premier, party politics, and look at the big picture for once in your life?!  You're not helping this country but destroying it by creating division here!

      • Anonymous says:


        Are you serious?  You think turning the nation's first "National Park" into a bloated government run theme park is what will get this country back on its feet?

        My complaint isn't about the parties, its about the blatant disregard for our environment and wasteful spending.  That's the big picture dude.  Stop blindly agreeing with anything that remotely has a chance at creating a few jobs.

    • Doomed says:

      Non-political accountants have already been sent in at a cost of $2m and we are no better off. By the way did that go out to tender ? Nope. Turks and Caicos here we come.