Masked robber strikes at waterfront bar

| 30/05/2011

(CNS): An armed masked man held up an employee of Hammerheads in George Town at gunpoint last night (Sunday, 29 May) at around 11:45pm, police said Monday morning. The robber who was wearing a purple bandanna around his face confronted the bar’s employee brandishing the firearm threatening him before fleeing the scene with cash. No shots were fired and no-one was injured in the incident before the robber reportedly jumped into a dark coloured Honda Civic which drove off towards West Bay. The suspect is described as being around 26 years of age and was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

George Town detectives are now appealing for witnesses to the incident at the bar which is located along the George Town Harbour Front and is a popular spot with both residents and tourists. Police did not say if customers were still on the premises when the robbery occurred.

Anyone with any information about the crime should contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).


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  1. Man on the Corner says:

    Those blaming commisioner Baines for this dire situation, also need to hold or local incompetent lackeys running round in the media talking utter rubbish about proactive patrols and isolated incidents they are disgrace and one of the main reason why so many foreigners have to be brought in to run our police service.They are the perfect justification for the UK to maintain control of everything. They got one thing right though they are responsible for Crime alright!

  2. frank rizzo says:

    You will soon find that some of these robberies are inside jobs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems like this has become an easy way to make a living…The robbers have no fear of the Police or even getting caught..

    I think Commissioner Baines really needs to come up with a "no tolerance high profile plan." Going to Chamber of Commerce meetings and comparing year over year numbers does us absolutely no good when crime is consistently happening on our streets and in our neighborhoods. What difference does it make if it is lower than last year, crime is crime, no matter how much it is? I for one am fed up with this Commissioner using statistics to justify his inadequacies and shortcomings. It may make him feel good but it makes me angry and I am tired of it.

    They say he who feels it knows it and I bet you if this was happening in Baines' neighborhood you would find round the clock police patrols and all kinds of crime prevention efforts introduced.

    It still amazes me how much police officers, equipment such as boats, cars helicopter, special forces we have and still crime is rampant and worse no one ever gets caught and ifthey do the police are so ineffective and improperly trained that they either mess up the crime scene or couldn't prepare a case they could win to save their lives.

    I am amazed that Mrs. Cheryl Richards has been able to prosecute the few she has successfully and it must be awefully frustrating for her to have to deal with these inadequacies and ill prepared cases.

    What has our country become?



  4. Anonymous says:

    Within 1 minute of this guy leaving the bar the RCIPS would have known dark coloured Honda Civic with at least 2 people heading toward WB or up Eastern Avenue.  That should be easy to find.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well that covers just about 75% of the cars driven by the target market that the Police would be looking for then – shouldn't be too hard to track down !!

    • Anonymous says:

      I know, it seems inconceivable that the police don't appear to be able to track these individuals/vehicles. Grand Cayman is 22 by 8 miles. What the hecks the problem?

  5. Anon22 says:

    "The robber who was wearing a purple bandanna around hisface confronted the bar’s employee brandishing the firearm threatening him before fleeing the scene with cash."

    Potential Robber:  Oh easy like dat!  Thanks CNS for the idea! ;o) 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Okay, this is the third "dark colored Honda Civic" report since March. 

    Hellloooooo RCIP ?!?  I've called in THREE times reporting suspicious dark colored japanese cars in our neighborhood and never once saw a patrol car or had an officer interview me.  The public cannot help you if you do not follow the leads and follow up with those of us who alert you. 

    Whoever is in charge of the RCIP operators, are you monitoring the phone calls or just sleeping? 

    • Anonymous says:

      time for another crackdown on tinted windows too…stopping and searching these cars will uncover alot…..

    • Anonymous says:

      RCIP please note this post and ACT!

  7. maverick. says:

    I'm getting to the point where I can't decide who is the more tragic, Baines, or the 'criminals'.

    Firstly, Mr. 'around 26 year old criminal', park your getaway car around the corner where it can't be seen, or tell the driver to park further away will you? At least put some effort in. I know you have the same fear of comitting armed robbery as the rest of us do of going shopping, but come on… don't make evn easier for the po-po to find you.

    Secondly, Baines, any chance of some proactive patrols aound these soft targets? While I have come to accept, like every other esident, that your lot couldn't catch a cold in an ice-cream factory, at least make it look like you give a XXXX.

    Oh CNS, one more point, is it a suspect a black, white or beige suspect? I know he/she was wearing a bandana, but the witnesses must have seen some skin…

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is a long drive toward Westbay (enough  time  to catch fleeing criminals). What was police doing? Sleeping ,as usual? Or rushing to a crime scene, as usual?

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you know they are ONLY using a get-away car, there are lots of fisherman who would for 2-bucks escort them to any place on the Island traffick free.

    • Anonymous says:

      Theyprobably went to the bar first rather than chasing the criminals. It amazes me how they all rush to the scene when the robbers are speeding away elsewhere..They could have easily called the West Bay Police Station or for that matter the fire station as they would probably respond quicker to put a car or truck at the entrance to West bay and search the car coming through..

      Baines can talk a good talk but when it comes to common sense and solving crimes, he is sadly lacking in that area.

  9. Anonymous says:

    That's an interesting description! "Around 26 years of age", peculiar that they said 26 and not 25 years of age. Do they have a particular suspect in mind?

    • Anonymous says:

      And how exactly can you estimate someone's age if they had a bandana around their face.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's a silly comment you've just made!!! It says 'around 26 years of age'. If it said 24,25,27,28, you would say the same thing. So don't be on here making silly comments. The victim is merely providing as much info as they can, meaning that if you know someone around that age, 25/26/27, driving a dark coloured Honda Civic, then call the police to inform them. And don't be on here making these comments. Go back and play 'tetris' on your computer.