Students want change for scholarship drive

| 30/05/2011

(CNS): People are being asked to give up the small change in the pockets and purses this weekend in order to kick off the International College of the Cayman Islands ‘1 Cent Scholarship Fund’ drive. The goal is to help fund education for those in financial need and although the ICCI students are only asking for a few cents if everyone chips added together the small change can amount to an opportunity for learning for some students that otherwise could not afford to go to college.

“Most people have some spare change lying around their house, cars, or the bottom of their purse,” said student Weston Williams, explaining if most people donated their spare change, it can add up to a significant contribution for the scholarship fund. “Through this small effort, we hope to raise at least $500.”

Some 30 students from the International College are expected to participate in the 1 Cent Scholarship Drive, starting at 6.30 am and continuing through the afternoon this Saturday. The studnets will be visiting supermarkets and other high traffic areas across the island seeking donations. 

The 1 Cent Scholarship Drive is one of three class projects in a sociology class at the International College with a focus on community service at the grassroots level. Assistant Professor Rick Singer, who teaches the Social Problems class, explained that he challenges students to take action in a tangible way towards social change.


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