Cops arrest visitor for fraud

| 01/06/2011

(CNS): A US citizen who was attempting to sell property along Seven Mile Beach that didn’t belong to him has been arrested for fraud. Police say that the 65-year-old man, who was visiting the Cayman Islands from Colorado, is currently in custody in connection with the suspected fraud offences which relate to an attempted property sale scam. Officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Financial Crime Unit arrested the man around 4:20pm yesterday, Tuesday 31 May, following an operation in the Seven Mile Beach area, where the man was trying to sell a condo worth around USD$500,000. 

Police said that the operation was conducted after officers received a report that the man had attempted to sell property on Grand Cayman, at the Poinsettia condos, which did not belong to him and without the owner’s authority.

He was arrested on suspicion of uttering false documents and attempting to obtain property by deception and he remains at the George Town police station while enquiries continue.

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  1. Kung Fu Iguana says:

    Doesn't sound anything compared to the price fixing cartel that is CIREBA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope everyone realises how much organizations such as CIREBA are damaging our economy!? Yes they are organized and designed to make sales efficient but they operate like a cartel, they ar self regulated and their rules are aimed to help them maximize profits, nothing else. CIREBA is responsible for the high rent and selling prices because they artificially inflate the prices and keep them high in order to keep getting the big comissions. The member brokers are sometimes crooked as well; I came across one who took my deposit on a deal, however when the deal didnt go through it took me over 6 months to get my deposit back. His excuse was that he was sure the deal was going through so he spent my money instead of keeping it in escrow. That was both unethical and illegal but they do it all the time. Real Estate here is suffering because we have a Cartel dealing with all of the sales and high prices are in their favor! Liberalize that market and we will see a higher volume of sales!


    • Naya boy says:

      I am forming a new real a State brokers Business Cayman Islands Ripoff Experts Backed Association in this way you know what to expect up front no hidden fees and scams to get your money. My Business motto is “You will get Stung on this deal for sure Guaranteed”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judging by some of the postings this guy has no chance of getting a fair trial in the Cayman Islands so hopefully the RCIPS will just put him on the next plane out.

    • Anonymous says:

      By that standard no high profile case gets a fair trial in the U.S. since it is all litigated by the media, the most recent case in point being Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Should he simply be sent on the next plane out to France, or were you being a hypocrite?  


  4. Cow Itch says:


    Going at $2000 dollars each like buying a brand new car!  If you want to view it, email me and I'll email you back the pictures with a bank account for you to deposit money to secure your claim on the land.

    But you got to hurry up!  Pronto!  3 lots have already been sold!!!  If you are interested, please secure the land before some foreignor takes it, by depositing a small amount of $500 dollars. A large amount of this money will go towards helping the Red Cross and cow sanctuary! And we guarantee we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    email address: ichycowlotsforsale at


  5. Anonymous says:

    something is fishy here…as usual, the headline sets the tone without any proving facts

  6. Anonymous says:

    You can tell he is a newcomer. He should have robbed a bank instead of trying to sell property…One you get caught doing, the other the police will never find you or the money…

    You have  to be here long enough to find out what crime pays…This type of crime will get you caught everytime..Try going straight to the bank or your local liquor or convenient store next time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Geesh I only said this in jest…didn't think the robbers would take me so seriously…now two more gas station holdups..I'm keeping my mouth shut…..Not that the word wasn't already out!!


  7. Just Sayin' says:

    If we are going to start locking up crooked Real Estate Agents, we are going to need a much, much bigger prison.

    • JC says:

       Just Sayin' – 07:57

      I bought my place in last July and was thinking the same thing!!  They're pretty much all scammers and will say anything to sell without consideration of telling the truth.

  8. Anonymous says:

    come on RCIP remember we are not supposed to blame non-caymanians for anything!!

  9. NiceTry says:

    The criminal always wins. I should try something like this, if I get caught, then I get 18 months in HMN Hotel, with 3 meals a day, books, cell phones,free clothes and guaranteed exercise, something to burn and some good quality time. Beats this job I got any time!.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe thats really a crime.  Which condo, cuz it sounds like a decent price.  I wish they'd arrest the person that sold me my house.

    • Cow Itch true Colors says:

      ah chucks… and to think I was about to escort two to Camana Bay!

  11. Anymous says:

    Scammer I hope they give him 65 years in prison

  12. Anonymous says:

    See Cayman…it's not only the J'cans that do this type of thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS, this is extremely offensive to honest, hardworking Jamaicans. I am disappointed that you would allow this comment.

      • Anonymous says:

        The comment was meant to point out that it isn't only Jamaican's who come here and commit crimes. Yes we have a lot of hard working honest Jamaican's here but there are some bad apples. Geez! Take the stick out. 

    • Anonymous says:

      hell, we americans been selling land that don't belong to us for about 400 years!

    • Anymous says:

      Of course not, check out where 99% of the scammers are.  They are in England, london.  The biggest scammers in the world is in London. Thieves.

  13. Jacky boatside from oldbush says:

    Everybody else here is getting away with Sh#@ on this island i guess he said why not me?It ain,t no crime if you hustling in the Cayman Islands our politicians do it every single day!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow!  Good Work RCIP!

    What a cruel way to fraud someone!

  15. Lundy Lundy Bridge says:

    Never been a better time to buy!