Storm brewing over Cayman Islands says NHC

| 06/06/2011

(CNS): A large area of low pressure currently sitting about 90 miles south-southwest of Grand Cayman is not only causing rainy, thundery weather at present but the system has also been given a 50 percent chance of developing into a tropical cyclone in the next few days  by the NHC. The Miami weather experts said the system which is moving slowly toward the northwest and is gradually becoming better organized. The NHC said thunderstorm activity has developed closer to the surface centre and a tropical depression could form later tonight or Tuesday before upper-level winds become unfavourable.

“There is a medium chance (50%) of this system becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours,” the NHC stated. An air force reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system tomorrow afternoon, if necessary. Regardless of development the forecasters said heavy rains could cause flash floods and mud slides over portions of Haiti, Jamaica and eastern Cuba as the system moves slowly toward the northwest or north over the next couple of days.

Local weather forecasters are calling for variable cloudiness and possible isolated thundershowers over the Cayman area during the next 24 hours as weather, associated with this broad stationary low pressure system lingers over the Western Caribbean. Showers may be locally heavy at times and winds over open seas will be east to northeast 10 to 15 knots with.  Seas will be moderate with wave heights of 3 to 5 feet becoming rough in and around showers where small craft should exercise caution.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hurricanes never hit here….. right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good idea, then we don't have to get supplies and hurricane shutters. Fool !!


  3. Anonymous says:

    We have to pray very hard that we do not get a hurricane this year as there is so much hate being displayed in our little Island, not to mention the wrong doing. Just before the Ivan Hurricane there was so many crabs {red shanks}  crawling all over the place, now we have an abundance of butterflies .


    • Atheist says:

      Do butterflies come out when there is "hate"?  I am confused.

      • Noooo Geesum Peace says:

        Butterflys come out when there is impending doom, they are satans little messengers. Dont let their docile beauty fool ya! they are evil to the core and they summon the Hurricane gods and attract all sorts of destruction.

        Or maybe this is the time of year that this particular species transform from caterpillar to butterfly?? hmmmm….

        Nah the messenger of evil story sounds more interesting…


      • Anonymous says:

        No you silly muppet. Lollipops and yellow ponies come out when there is hate.

        Butterflies start hurricanes by flapping their wings over African waters!

    • Anonymous says:

      Good idea, then we don't have to get supplies and hurricane shutters. Fool !!