FIFA corruption probe reaches Bahamas

| 13/06/2011

(Tribune): An ex-FBI director hired to head FIFA's ongoing international corruption probe will be visiting the Bahamas next week, according to the international press. Louis Freeh has been tasked with investigating claims of bribery in connection with the world soccer governing body's recent presidential election. A series of interviews are scheduled to take place in the Bahamas beginning next week. This comes after two Bahamians blew the whistle on regional soccer officials who allegedly tried to offer a cash gift during an official meeting.

It is claimed in an affidavit that Fred Lunn, vice-president of the Bahamas Football Association, sent a text message to the association's president Anton Sealey immediately after he was urged to accept a large brown envelope filled with $40,000 cash from a Caribbean Football Union (CFU) official.

The affidavit is part of the evidence dossier harvested by FIFA's ethics committee to investigate claims put forth by a group of Caribbean football officials – led by Mr Sealey – who exposed an alleged attempt by a presidential candidate to bribe regional officials to support his bid.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    International news is saying Cayman has not been implicated:

  2. noname says:

    Next stop Prospect?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well several Caribbean officials have stated thatthey received funds for their vote, can we get a statement CNS,, from the local Football officials or are they exempt from local commentary?