Mac signs oil refinery MOU

| 17/06/2011

(CNS): Full story – The premier has revealed that he has entered into another 'Ministerial MOU', this time with two firms who plan to develop an oil refinery on Grand Cayman. McKeeva Bush said the deal was merely to allow talks and research to begin between the ministry and the developers, Ventech Ltd and a local company Navitas Ltd. The proposal will see crude oil being imported to the island and then turned into products such as diesel, propane, aviation fuel and gas for cars, at what is being described as a modern refinery, which those proposing the project say will remove emissions and toxins. The proposal will double the amount of crude oil coming to the island compared to current levels of diesel.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Friday morning, the premier said the proposal, if it were to go ahead, would bring significant benefits aside from cheap fuel costs, such as jobs, revenue for government and reduce government's dependency on imported oil. Announcing his intentions to talk with the companies who are proposing the development, he said the 'Ministerial MOU' opened the door just for talks and further research by the ministry's technical team.

At present the islands consume around 3,400 barrels of refined oil products but if the refinery was to be given the green light it would produce around 6,000, with the additional product being exported, creating a new revenue stream, the premier stated. This would mean that while the duty taken for government would be less on the future imported cheaer crude oil the increase in the number of barrels would see government collect even more revnue than at present as the developers are not asking for any waivers or duty concessions.

Bush listed what he believed would be a catalogue of benefits with the introduction of the plant including the immediate reduction of the fuel surcharge on CUC monthly bills and a reduction in the cost of gas at the fuel pumps.

“By installing a refinery here on the Islands, we are in command of our destiny and can participate in setting the ultimate cost of refined products such as Diesel (CUC), Gasoline and LPG,” the premier told his legislative colleagues. “This plant will allow every citizen to realize reduced energy costs that will immediately better your quality of life and reduce the cost of living.”

He also said that the royalties collected would be placed in a sovereign fund which would be shared directly with the public through annual dividends or funding green energy projects. 

Bush said the firm had already commenced a full environmental impact assessment to analyze all the potential issues related to the development. He said the firms would be “utilizing modern technology that is very safe and doesn’t employ the use of the refining technology of the past, which generated major pollutants.”

Mario Rankine, one of the local people involved in the proposal, said that the technology behind the 'emissions free' refinery has also been offered to CUC to reduce the emissions on their towers. He stated that the refinery will use state-of-the-art technology to clean the emissions from the plant to the point where they can be diverted for use in greenhouses to grow vegetables.

So far, however, the technology which the developers propose to use at the refinery to clean up the toxins and poisonous by-products has only been used at power generating plants and has not yet been used at any oil refineries.

Although the developers claim the project is environmentally sound, there are concerns over the transportation of the filters which will be used to clean the toxins from the refinery process, which will have to be shipped overseas.

In addition, the question of how importing almost double the oil currently consumed on island will help government achieve its goal to reduce the use of fossil fuels and encourage more sustainable forms of energy has not yet been answered.

See the premier's statement below.

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  1. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey says:

    Yeah another mess:  I heard them defending this by saying: this nah no fire breathing dragon…but I sure as heck know it nah no grass eating cow either!

    Where my sanka is?

    • Kirky says:

      Unna don't know that MOU means McKeeva means – Macky Owns U!!

      Johnny Cake, save me a cup a dah sanka for after this budweisa.

  2. ex non caymanian resident says:

    So is it  two 6000 bpd plants (per the first line of the 'benefits…' paragraph) or one (per the story and 21st bullet point of the strategic benefits piece).

    If it is two that means that Cayman will be importing 12000 bpd of crude and exporting 8600 bpd of refined product. And some are arguing that this is less risky to the environment than importing 3400 bpd of refined product – I was not aware that only incoming ships and pipes leaked.

    If it is one 6000 bpd (and really even 12000)  is basically what is termed – disparagingly and for good reason – a 'teapot' refinery.

    CUC is inefficient in part becasue it is of severely suboptimal scale for core generation. That (and similarly desal plant) is a fact of life for Cayman. The refinery will also be sub optimal. Will it be cheaper than import even with that disadvantage – others can do that analysis with their calculators. Will any savings be worth the environmental risk / disruption / change – only the Caymanian people can do that analysis with their hearts.

    Oh – and purely as an aside before we go into the 'create increased economic activity / investmnent for Cayman and Caymanians' route – anybody care to hazard a guess as to whether the 'required skills' for building and operating an oil refinery -as they will be laid downnby the third parties concerned – will create opportunities for Caymanians or be filled primarily by foreign labour?

    Good luck with this one guys.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't worry, there will soon be plenty of Chinese here to operate this refinery for us!

  3. Facts says:

    'Ole MacKeewa had a country… hera a MOU, there a MOU, everywhere a MOU MOU.

    • Bean Counter says:

      Ole McKeewa had country,

      EIA I owe,

      And in his country he had some sheep,

      EIA I owe,

      With a Baaa Baaa here a Baaa Baaa there……

  4. Anonymous says:

    Interesting how everyone jumps in to give there $0.02, without knowing any of the details.
    Here is what I’ve found out with very little research or DD (due diligence)
    Currently there is no refining capability on the island, we import Finished Product. This means petrol and diesel are each shipped here; this is a very expensive way to operate. Not to mention an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Would you rather spill crude or petrol into the water? (easy answer).
    Tankers would not have to get any closer to the island than they do today, the crude will be pumped through the same pipes as diesel and petrol are today.
    The significant savings realized by turning crude to diesel on the island would bring down our electric bill, if you ever read your CUC bill we pay to import finished product
    The refinery will need to employ several hundred people to operate at capacity; this means a nice boost to employment. As well as the profit sharing fund the population gets to share in.

    • Against the Oil Refinery says:

      Great, so we all get jobs (or ther Chinese do) while in the meantime, the East End overtakes Mount Trashmore as Caymans biggest eyesore.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It's weird to me that neither of these "developers" is a refinery operator. Ventech does sell refinery equipment, but who is it that actually wants to own and run this refinery. Is the government proposing to run it or is someone going to be hired to run it or what? All Ventech does is sell the equipment. "Navitas Ltd." doesn't seem to have a phone number of its own, but I guess Mr. Rankin can be located to ask who the refiner will be. Once again, this looks like a "development"  with no business model or plan, and nothing more than a equipment supplier looking to make a sale.

    • Anonymous says:

      From the article Navitas will own and operate the refinery, this isn't as far as I can tell a government financed or operated project. The population does however get to share in profits and enjoy reduced energy costs

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can wholeheartedly say that the Department of the Environment and its hardworking team, have Cayman’s best interest at heart. I trust that any EIA submitted to them will get the right scrutiny.
    If an environmentally friendly oil refinery can be achieved and approved by our DoE, then that’s great, but what is equally important is that these environmental considerations be a part of the contract and that the environment is monitored regularly (min. Monthly) by DoE for the duration of its operation. I fear that profits often outweigh the environment, and if the agreement with government does not have enforceable teeth from DoE this may be the biggest disaster for Cayman. And I hope that the re4venue in fees to government will pay for the added staff and equipment required for the DoE to monitor properly.
    Another question, how environmentally friendly isCUC’s plant. I would love to see a report from DoE, I have always wondered if they are indeed protecting Cayman’s environment. I would hope with the cost of electricity, one would expect the most high tech plant in the world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This 'country" is cutting the branch it is sitting on. It only has one valuable asset-pristine beaches.Once it is gone(polluted) there will be nothing left to attract anybody. And then they can start "oil products" barter with each other.

    • Anonymous says:

      The island pipes in diesel and petrol today, if there were a spill you better believe crude is better than these two

      • Anonymous says:

        If my interpretation is correct, we are talking about importing THREE TIMES the amount of crude and then exporting two thirds of that, that amounts to at least five times the risk of a spill in my books. Is it worth it, considering that once it happens we are permanently doomed? I don't think so.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How About one of these?

    You may even generate some revenue conducting tours for environmentallyaware tourists. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Money is evil and vile.  I agree.  That's why you should stop handing it to preachers and politicians and give it to me, a powerless, hell-bound heathen. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Would work great… until the clouds come. And, of course, it won't work at night.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Money is the root of all evil!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so wrong; it is the love of money is the root of all evil.

    • Bean Counter says:

      You mis-quoted the famous quote which states the "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil." Money itself cannot be evil or you wouldn't put it in the collection plate at church on Sunday.

      • Anonymous says:

        "Money itself cannot be evil or you wouldn't put it in the collection plate at church on Sunday".

        Maybe churches are the root of all evil.

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe the one Mac goes to must be pretty well off. If he's being honest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not the money- greed

    • Anonymous says:

      This saying is a misquotation from the Bible (Timothy 6:10): "For the love of money is the root ofall evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

  10. Anonymous says:

    So if  the North Sound dredging is off the table, how are the ships going to get to and from this oil refinery? Obviously we cannot believe anything this man says. Obviously a channel would need to be dug through the North Sound to access the land that this major UDP supporter owns. Mac, you need to go.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a crying shame that we still have so many Caymanian sea men stil around and they fail to clarify and educate the people making such  negative comments on this site.

      In regards to dredging the North sound to facilitate an oil refinery in pure nonsence.

      Many Caymanian seamen loaded oil from the coast of west Africa…..Nigeria and  Angola. the 800,000 ton ships tied up to a bouy so far out from the land that you could barely see the African coast line, and  it is a very mountanious land scape.I would venture to say, these ships are at least 15 miles off the coast.

      Your answer 08:27, we hoist  up a submarine hose, from the sea bed,  then we connect it to the ships pipe line, on deck, which then pumps it into the tanks, and we haul ass to the next port of call, to unload.

      We do not need to dredge the North sound to get ships to load crude oil to the refinery.

      Its all done by miles of pipe line.

      Wake up you Caymanian seamen, educate your people. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "Its all done by miles of pipe line".

        Right. That's just what we need, miles of pipe line filled with crude oil just waiting to burst wide open. Accidents happen all the time, just ask BP.


  11. Ken P says:

    I smell a rat here bo bo. A point worth making is trying to figure out how Mac can justify getting a oil refinery in Cayman as he claims to lower the price of fuel. He gets Mario Rankin to speak as if he's an Energy Expert and can sell oil to an Arab in the desert. It so sad that after the positive news of Dart major investment comes Mac pushing further down a empty hole looking for gold, he is a puppet for Joe and this is what this whole oil scheme is about. Lets not forget that Joe Imporato was the Chairman of CUC who we know is a major consumer of oil products.

    Mario claims that the refinery will be environmental friendly tell me how? The best thing would be to invest in alternative energy and build a solar farm and an offshore windmill farm now that's going green and cutting cost. So Mario we know you're a big UDP guy and please don't try to ruin Cayman for your own self gain.

    Blessings to all,

    • Anonymous says:


      Have you read up on alternative energy…do you know what it cost the large Industrial countries, the mega buck involved… for wind farms and solar farms.

      The whole world is looking at going green, but it wont be feasible for the next 30 to 40 years.

      • Environmental says:

        Actually, solar energy options are doing well in Barbados.  As for wind energy, recent studies reveal its not such a brilliant idea after all!

      • Anonymous says:

        For Cayman yes but not due to the lack of money.

      • Anonymous says:

        Solar and wind both are promising technologies, but the cost per MW is still not feasible for wide scale unsubsidized deployment. With the best hetro-junction Si-C solar cell the peak efficiency is still less than 20%. It will be quite a few more years before these numbers get into a range of cost per MW with fossil generation

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG!! You are so right. I was just thinking the same thing. I bet the EE port and the oil refinerly are some how linked. The two worst ideas I have ever heard of for the Cayman Islands. God we need help! That's all I can say. I pray that some how our prayers are answered and all of this madness from these two men will go away forever!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      let me answer that for you. I heard the radio show a few months back, when mario and the other guy who i can't remember his name right now was on rooster and i think they did a pretty good job explaining how the refinery will work so i think now what him and his group should do is come out and share that info with the people of the cayman islands and show them exactly how this will work in a environmentally safe and if it can then we should embrace this project. 

  12. Thomas Jackson Jr. says:

    Dart is going to spend millions capping the dump. How will he feel when a oil refinery is built east of the dump (directly south of camana bay)? UDP says PPM and members of public are running away investors here is a fine example of UDP doing same.  Please UDP work hard on explaining recently announced plans by Dart group on dump, road work, etc. to the public. Continue negotiations with port in George Town. Get these projects going.                                                                                                                                

  13. Anonymous says:

    My people do not beconcerned, Ken Dart is a chemical engineer and he knows bull when he hears it. His investment would turn to complete BS if the Refinery were built. So don't worry no UDP interest group can push this one, that was just politricks to keep someone happy…..

     The Prince "Keep people dependent on you"

    Laugh at this spectacle. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    The most needed refining station that would benefit Cayman is a place where  we can send certain politicians to get them refined!

  15. Anonymous says:

    What the f…!

    Does anybody know if the Bellviue place in Jamaica is still open?


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Bellvue is still open.  I will be happy to call and make arrangements for his accommodations.  Just let me know when he will be transported.

  16. Ubelievedat says:

    It appears that Mac and Mario graduated from the same school.

  17. Dred says:

    I am guessing alternative energy options are not sexy enough for him. Why not look at what I would see to be the most blatantly obvious thing to lower the cost of livingin the Cayman Islands, SOLAR ENERGY!!!!

    People if we haven't noticed it as yet we are in the Caribbean and we are probably close to one of the lowest rainfall countries in the region. Why is this not being brought to bear?

    Let's look at the score:

    1) It's clean energy

    2) It's overly abundant

    3) Does not require shipping in

    4) Little to no potential of fall out

    I believe the government should tell CUC that they have to find alternative ways to generate electricity. It's not a request it is a demand or face being replaced.

    They should also move to pass legistslation allowing fully electric vehicles to be used in the Cayman Islands. I mean if they can rush legislation for Shetty they can do it for all of us.

    I would also make duty on any vehicle that's a hybrid or full electric to be 5% to encourage people to buy electric while also realising that electric vehicles are more expensive to buy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    wow u all love W Bayers so much!!!

    cant keep WB out of your chit chat.

    the man, who you all know so well, went to all districts during the campaign including LC & CB., got you all in a feeding, drinking and begging frenzy and now you all want to blame WBayers 4 everything.

    u all gave him the power to run things, let's get our washboard out and start scrubbing.

    I guess all those "self professed" intelligent voters from those districts who gave the Mac their vote and the >>> POWER >>>will continue to blame WB for the

    ruination of these Island.   Please look and see, listen and hear, think whats best 4 these islands next time around.

    our  GCM. Isl's are worth more than marl, fridge, liquor, wake up and do the right thing.

  19. Yo mama says:

    Great thinking! Who wants to get into solar, wind, and hydro energy? Clearly oil is the future! Yes, our Mac is a genius.


    Seriously, somebody needs to ask the Cayman public if they are prepared to accept the increase in cancer rates that will accompany the presence of an oil refinery.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Give us a break!!  Has anyone thought of the luncacy that the Premier is touting?  How on God's green earth would he put an oil refinery in the N. Sound and Uncle Dart is taking over the dump to expand his elite city into an hazardous zone.  With all the fumes and pollution from a refinery, that is the most intelligent announcement that the Premier has ever made.  Hats off the the brilliant star.  Go Premier, Go.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The only way this type of nonsense will end is if either the people of Cayman actually do something to rid ourselves of these "no vision beyond their wallet" politicians, or someone figures out a plan which way allows politicians and their cronies to get rich quick off sustainable development which protects our environment. 

  22. HURT says:

    This Moron government first wanted to destroy our Mangroves now he wants to coat our fish with Black oil. How crude. This Government is hazardus to our political, financial and economic health. God save us.  

  23. Anonymous says:

    This lunacy angers me beyond belief!! I am still trying the absorb the entire Dart deal and then he drops this nonsense on us.

    We are so lost there is no thought process about the long term viability of this Country behind these "deals". It is the greedy shorty sighted thinking of the ignorant few. People are so unscrupulous these days they can barely see beyond the small amount of kickbacks they are receiving. Its not worth it.

    An oil refinery on a 22X4 ISLAND where Tourism is one of our major economic pillars is beyond ludicrous to me. It is so absolutely insane that I am sitting here shaking my head as I am writing this.

    If we want out of the box innovative credible ideas lets investigate solar panels , electric cars , etc lets move in that direction away from the reliance on oil and any oil related products.

    Honestly Cayman when is enough going to be enough with this Premier. When are we going to demonstrate the power of the PEOPLE???

    • Rorschach says:

      "When are we going to demonstrate the power of the PEOPLE??"

      BoBo, you ARE demonstrating the power of the "People"…all everybody here does is TALK and ……Talk……and talk…….

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Sir Bush is fully made of play dough.

    • Anonymous says:

      When are we going to demonstrate the power of the PEOPLE???

      On Saturday in East End and on Tuesday in GT – be there, I will be.

  24. 4th Class Citizen says:

    Please resign Mac your solutions are worse then the problems. You have no ideas that are constructive to lead us into the twenty-first century. Everything YOU come up with is harmful to our small country. For God’s sake man and oil refinery do you know what that will do? It will kill off our old people and give our young breathing problems while our smokers die in four years after production starts. Do you think Caymanians want this or your millionaire investors?
    For the good of our country resign now.

  25. Anonymous says:

    In a few decades there won't be much oil left to refine, so in the end again, some people make a lot of money and the next generation of caymanians is left with a closed ruiin of what once was a refinery.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Worry about divide and conquor and not so much about an oil refinery.

    Look around at the Cayman Islands and notice what is happening.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Problem Solved.

    Instead of going through the time and expense of building an oil refinery here in Cayman, I propose this quicker cheaper cleaner solution:

    Buy an existing refinery in Trinidad (near the oil fields) or buy some land in Tinidad and build it there. Then ship the refined gasoline / diesel / gas in ready to use form to Cayman. The crude oil ship will have to make the same journey. Now we have cheaper fuel without the mess.


    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

      Tell us what these individuals are fighting for on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands before you put their names forward.Which one of them represents labor and creating jobs for the people instead of loking the other way leaving them in a, jobless and helpless state. Which One?  Name them, point them out to us, we need to know  .How many Caymanians do they have in their employ? and how do they treat their workers? Good or bad? local or x-pat.Are they underpaid? Overworked, scared and frustrated? Do they stand up to BIg Mac or the PPM publicly when they are making bad decisions or are they running scared too? Which female candidate can stand up to Big Mac and the rest of those dick heads in the L.A. without trembling in her shoes?.

      Are people going to run for office just because they want to control big government construction contracts or other procurement contracts? Think again.

      No more of this electing people that we like, start electing people that will fight for you and who have the guts to put their name and their business on the line to stand up for what is right.

      I have yet to see ONE article in any of these forums submitted by any of the above that demonstrates that any of these proposed names for George Town are indeed people that will fight for what is right and are willing to take the risks. These are rich people who will continue to  protect their own interest. This is what has been screwing you in the ground, electing rich people, its the same as electiing the chamber of commerce.

      Until the people of the Cayman Islands  stop accepting gifts in exchange for a vote and allow middle class and working class candidates to be supported by public funds you will indeed get more of the same. Yes more of the same as Big Businesses pay for the campaigns instead of the people giving their candidates huge donations. If Big Businesses foot the campaign expenses, then its only politically correct that Big Business will be represented and not the people. This is what is being deonstrated now by the UDP and the entire nation is crying misery.

      To date we have 3  lawyers elected to the L.A. Are any of these 3 fighting for issues that scratch where you itch? Has Alden the so called leader of the GOP PPM  filed even One document to ensure employment for the Caymanian people? Has he drafted or filed even one document that will protect and ensure human rights of guest workers that are filling key employee or mandatory positions that really can not be filled by our local people?  No he has not! He's a coward!  XXXXX

      Alden does not represent the working class so take your mind off him as soon as possible and look elsewhere. He will let you down when you really need him. The L…A. functioned a whole lot better without lawyers, that's the big mistake we've been making electing people just because they have a law degree. Read my lips, they will never work for you the people.     only Big Business.  They are more of the same.

      We need some Debras and some Joshuas, its time to win, and win big!

      • Anonymous says:

        People paying for the campaigns?….you do not know the latest Caymanians….they DEMAND the campaigns PAY them!!

        Until that stops you are wasting your time writing.

      • Anonymous says:

        So THAT's the big mistake we've been making, selecting people to run our country just because they have an education, well kiss my glass. Really, sometimes I am almost ashamed to call myself a Caymanian.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are wasting your time.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am not at all convinced that even this idea would result in cheaper fuel costs given the cost of building and manning and maintaining an oil refinery. The 09:30 post above is absolutely correct. The worldwide supply of fossil fuel is very rapidly running out and we are destroying our world by insisting on sucking out the very last drop in the name of the almighty dollar. Make no mistake people, THAT is the purpose of the sorry intention for an oil refinery in Cayman. But it will fill a very few pockets while destroying our beautiful island and our people, and it will make life much more difficult, not better, for the average Caymanian. Any Government in this world that gives a hoot is seeking and implementing far superior alternative energy technology for it's people rather than being hell bent on fattening the pockets of a few at the expense of the many while destroying everything in sight. Every single project that the Caymanian people have fought so valiantly against since the unfortunate reinstatement of the UDP has been purely and simply in the name of greed with absolutely no regard whatsoever for this country and its people. We desperately need to wake up and do something about the situation we find ourselves in in regards to our wayward government, my Caymanian people.

  28. Worldview says:

    MacMOU speaks and the world wonders.  Is this guy a despot or merely another desperate leader grasping at straws in a time of ecomonic despair?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Just remember if something goes wrong there is no rewind button

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a great comment which can be applied to all of Mac's hair brained schemes with the possible exception of the "tech zone", he will destroy most of Cayman's natural wonders. Think the tourists will still come here then?

  30. Yeah but.... says:

    Why are you all getting so wound up about this MOU?  Mac has signed more deals than Donald Trump in his lifetime, but hasn't delivered on a single one!  NOT ONE! This will fail just like everything else the CIG tries to do.  

    Go back to waiting for the next robbery report on CNS.

    • Anonymous says:

      I once worked for someone like this. He signed contracts and deals like they were going out of style but none of the people ever delivered so he went bust.

      Mind you Mr Premier while you are in the signing mood I have some great plots of land for sale around Mare Tranquillitatis with landscapes unspolit for millions of years, not much atmosphere but great potential if we can solve the transport problems. Maybe we could sign an MOU to build a rocket launching pad on Little Cayman so visitors can do two-centre holidays? 


    • Anonymous says:

      well said!

      people forget that this happens every 2-3 months….wherby mac anounces various pie in the sky ideas which gives the appearance that something is getting done……the reality is of course that NOTHING has got done over the last 2 years except for some sham budgets which are crippling the economy…..

  31. Anonymous says:

    How attractive when our visitors fly in. Look we are near to Cayman,I  can see the flames coming out of the chiminey…..

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bush is doing this for the same reason he does everything else.  To pay for the bloated and ineffective civil service so he can keep riding the gravy train period.  Please stop with all the comments about how he is not good for Cayman or its people.  He does not care.  Never did.  Never will.  Cayman will get anything he with his 5th grade education can think of and nothing anyone smarter can think of.  This is the future of Cayman. Thank you Civil service.  You rule.

    • Hear me now,Believe me later says:

      Well said!    " YOUR WELCOME"

    • Caymanian says:

      I have an ANSWER to the bloated Civil Service!!!  It is so simple.  There are hundreds of people receiving paychecks that no longer show up at their jobs, this is true.

      All you need to do is look at the payroll and if you have not reported to work in the past 90 days, you are now granted your 90 day notice and by September you are no longer on the payroll, period!

      FOI on just how many people pull a paycheck from the Govt, but are not actively working…..too many, too many, too many!!!

      • Anonymouse says:

        Yes, please make that FOI. I'd like to be the fly on the wall when your delusion is poped by reality.

    • Anonymouse says:

      Blaming this on the Civil Service is about as sensible as the proposal in the first place. Delusion upon farce.

  33. Reality Sucks says:

    Mac and Joe have us headed in a most scary direction…  If you want to see the results of wanton greed and disregard for the environment at work, check out this very scary reality check another small island is experiencing – all be it a world away…



    • Caymanian says:

      That is a story that ALL Caymanians need to read!  Our huge egos will be our downfall and Mac's ego is in sky and bordering on delusional.

      The only answer is a better education system and our children need to start taking advantage of UK universities with our birthright passports.  Until our greatest export is our educated skilled talent (instead of rumcakes) we will be headed to poverty like the island nation in that article.  

      From the article….and 40% diabetes, starting to sound familiar???

      The phosphate mines, before they dried up, gave the nation the second-highest per-capita GDP in the world. But today, 90% of its residents are unemployed and the nation's economy sags under enormous debt. The phosphate mineral money that brought Ferraris to the island in the 1970s and '80s has dried up, leaving all those sports cars to rust. Today, most Nauruans live on about 90 to 100 Australian dollars a week.

  34. mmcLaughlin says:

    Big Mac and his Fries are wrong on this one again, I would highly recommend Mr. Bush sends a fact finding team to Curacao to see the effects such a facility will have on the long term health of these islands.

    I travelled recently Curacoa so what I'm writing is from first hand knowledge, you may know by now Curacao refines alot crude oil from Venezuela.

    I was shocked at the cost of fuel which is approx. USD 5.00 per gallon, being that Curacoa is a stone's throw away from Venezuela and they export refinned fuel back to Venezuela where it's sold at a state subsidized price of approx. USD 0.12 per gallon, I taught the fuel prices should be a whole lot cheaper, so I decided to do a little investigating and discroved that much of the Island of 150,000 costs of fuel are linked to governmen taxes, the fuel is heavily taxed.

    I spoke to 12 individuals and of the 12, only 2 agreed that the refining should continue, I was told when the refinery opened in 1915 it's supported the Island and everyone could see some benefits during the boom years, but now this has changed.

    The refinery has destroyed the environment and many cancer deaths have been blamed on the refinery, although the government hasn't confirmed or deny this, a majority of Islanders believe the refinery should go in order to promote a better way of life.

    On the south coast of the USA, right now in Texas about 5 major refineries have been up for sale and shutdown for 2 years now, and we have this buffoon Mckeeva Bush seeking to open one to help send up to our graves faster.


    Go to website below if you have a few minute to understand better what we are faced with in Cayman if we allow this. 



  35. Anonymous says:

    I will never vote for independence.  You imagine what damage could be done without the UK as a check and balance.  I may not always agree with the UK policies, and sometimes I think they cut these guys too much slack, but not having them around gives me the chills.  Imagine our politicians with unbridled power and no one to answer to?  I am Caymanian to the core, but I will never ever vote for independence from the UK.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bermuda too doesn't want independence, so let's get our Islands sorted out from these politicians who look to ruin these beautiful Isles.

      • Common Sense says:

        Amen!  I'd rather have the UK and some hassels than our greedy homegrown fools running amuck with absolute power.  We need to get rid of the party system and go back to having simple administrators working for the people.  

        For over a decade, these bums have put a prosperous country into ruin.  We should have the BEST education system (with so few students and such a huge income from the finance sector) instead we have failed our youth and forgotten out elderly.

        I'd love to see a group of independents ban together for the next election. Come on you successful and wealthy businessmen,put aside your differences, get your act together, and throw these UDP and PPM bums out!!!

  36. anonymous says:

    Well fools the oil refinery is in the works so it now means that the EE seaport will go ahead and no big hole will be left there like most of you are saying……..go de UDP!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently the UDP is paying your utility bill every month. Please try getting your head out of the UDP's a** before you get taxed to death along with the rest of us.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Now he has completely lost the plot. It would be madness and against everything that Cayman stands for.  Lets stop wasting energy and get solar moving.


    Focus on what we can do  and stop talking about this project and that project-there is no crededibility any more. It is getting to be a joke

  38. Anonymous says:

    Nothing but distraction from his clandestine deals with Dart and Chinese.  Not hearing much about Shetty anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      we getting ready to blow you away with the shetty hospital, hope you can handle it.

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah whatever…..soon come…zzzzzzzzz

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac is that you? You already blowed us away several times this week. We could certainly handle it if you would kindly blow us BACK with the Shetty hospital. Boy do I hope it's not yet more crap…

  39. anonymous says:

    There's been a huge misunderstanding! Our elected officials seem to think that we elected them to lead us. They may come up with titles like "Leader of Government" but they are not the leaders of the people. We are not some kind of community action group that requires leadership. We are a country with MLAs we have elected to carry out our wishes. When they fail to address our needs and go off on this "leadership" tangent, they will get their wake up call on election day.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you but I don't think we can wait another two years until election day. Our country will be ruined by then.

  40. nauticalone says:

    An Oil Refinery in Cayman is a completely foolish and selfish idea.       And neither Mr. Bush nor Mr. Rankine are qualified in same.

    And to announce this right after the Dart deal. What "Lunacy"!

  41. Michel says:

    The big bang theory has finally been told. Two big worries that I have. Close partnership with Dart is ok as long as we don't use his money to pay off or guarantee our national debt. Argentina still is shocked. when our Premier says the Chinese will have control of thr Port ? did I read well and HOW are we going to repay everybody without going broker (new word). Michel Lemay. Come to think of it there are many worries I have but so do everybody else..

  42. Caribbean native says:

    I have a question no one seemed to ask? How on God's green earth do we combine selling Cayman as a medical tourism destination combined with this health killing monster?

    Being a native from another Caribbean island with a refinery, I have one piece of advice for Cayman: Stay away from this!! The long term consequences are devastating!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you very much but it looks like you're talking to a brick wall.

  43. Truthseeker Too says:

    The statement claims that:

    "Government will collect revenues and royalties which will be placed in a sovereign fund, those revenues will be shared directly with the citizens by the way of annual dividends or funding green energy projects."

    Can the Premier advise   (a) the total amount of $2.50 environmental departure tax has been collected since the tax was introduced and (b) the total amount of that tax that has been applied to environmental projects.


    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

      I TOLD YOU SO!
      Most of  us are not paying very close attention to what is really happening right up under our nose. The People of the Cayman iSLANDS now need to engage in comparative studies of the preceding atrocities and financial scape goats that are let loose in the wilderness of British colonial territories and societies PRIOR TO THE UK imposing Direct Rule or forcing the territory into independence. Take out your history books begin to read.The Premier is OBVIOUSLY withholding information.He's just not telling us everything,and his actions speak much louder than his words. our Premier whether he's right or wrong  is apparently preparing for independence.Unlike some of us that are still asleep; I'm curious as I would really loved to have been there when Mr. Bush seconded Attorney A.Steve McField, M.B.E. to the UK last year  as a diplomat in the Premier's stead, to discuss Independence whether Yes or No. The nature of the talks we can assume called for a legal mind or a political science expert. It is safe to assert that such a serious topic does indeed call not only for a multitude of counselors but also a multitude of witnesses! Although we have no full proof of what really was discussed,but I'm sure  that was the intention of Mr. Premier, not to cause any premature unrest .. Afterall had anyone else accompanied Mr. McField to the UK that would be a third person responsibile for keeping this obviously top secret.As the old saying goes " It is difficult for three people to keep a secret."
      Guys, Yes There is a secret, I don't need an explanation, as these signs usually follow all those that believe in Independence:
      Huge development
      Oil Refinery
      Imparado Project
      Dart Development
      Dr.Shetty's Mega Hospital
      Direct Taxation
      Gun Men out of control
      More guns in the country than there are bibles and text books.
      Politicians' Loyal to the Party and no loyalty to the People.
      More focus on having fun than education.
      Alleged Gross Corruption accusations targeting grassroots highly decorated law enforement officers, suspended, with no convictions, jobless,  apparently innocent and made a victim or scape goat.
      Influx in Immigration out of control, unregulated and unsensored.
      Big Business Chamber of Commerce running the government.
      Politicians not accountable to the people anymore only to the rich and famous.
      High rate of UNEMPLOYMENT
      Abuse of employees, local and foreign.
      SPENDING OUT OF CONTROL! by elected government and former government now Opposition. Not acting with good stewardship in handling the Public purse is something that the UK acts as an opportunist and scorns,abhors, and she will act before co-signing any loans for her child that could causes her to loose her own good established credit on the world's stage.

      Most of us do not want Independence, we have no sustaining or natural resources but what choices do we really have with the UN beating the UK daily accusing her of colonial bigotry and modern day colonial slavery sentiments filtered into the UK territorial oversight? Of course the UN has a hidden agenda as well.

      I conclude These signs follow them that believe in Independence.Some hard questions need to be answered good luck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Looks like he is certainly preparing himself for retirement.

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP they had WANT! UDP they GET!!   



      • kenroy chin says:

        Tiger, you said:  "And I am no fool I am a Goring.  from the lineage of C.J. Henry Goring,Educator, Vestryman, Barrister at Law."

        That is what you said on CayCompass on their article on Oil Refinery. Your handle name is "Tiger." 

        But I just have a question for you why is SPENDING OUT OF CONTROL, and INCREASE IN CRIME signs of Independence? To me those are signs for other things.  

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      It helps you to buy a Ferrari but what good will it do for Cayman and the Cayman people – SELFISHNESS!

    • Anonymous says:

      Quick question has anyonethat have posted comments on this site including CNS…have found anything that can factually say that the plant that Navitas ltd and Ventech inc.plan to build in the cayman islands with technology that is currently being used in Alaska that takes the emissions from the plant and run it through filters and pump the clean C02 into green houses for growing vegetables can't work??? my guess would be NO!!! so why is it that everyone is assuming that it's gonna harm,destroy,and do all the things you're suggesting….it is hard to think that something that could possibly work with no real environmental issue's and bring down the cost of living is not even being considered by some….here's food for thought do you realize that CUC runs 17 generators 365 days a year pumping harmful emissions in the air but it seams like all of you are ok with that WHY?? and there is a propane storage site less than a 100yards from a school but still i haven't seen one comment about that from either of you all including CNS so if you all are gonna be so enviromentally concerned then it should be across the board…. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Mario, da you? Nobody on this island is OK with CUC… that compnay was forced on us by our govt so many years ago, and given a monoply.. you edjit.

      • Forelock says:

        Luckily for us, all those CUC emissions are blown across George Town and then out to sea by the prevailing winds.

        Logically, to minimize any local environmental damage, this refinery should be located at North West Point.

        Perhaps this is the alternative money making plan for the Turtle Farm?

        Seriously though, this initiative really is the worst idea I have ever heard. Even worse than dredging then channel in North Sound, but only just.

        • Anonymous says:

          Unfortunately, this would have to go along with the other worst idea, the only way to get ships to this site is to DREDGE THE NORTH SOUND!

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a HUGE difference between burning diesel to produce electricity when no immediate options are available and refining CRUDE OIL when there is no need.  

  44. Anonymous says:

    Siting/locating of petroleum refineries

    A party searching for a site to construct a refinery or a chemical plant needs to consider the following issues:

    The site has to be reasonably far from residential areas.
    Infrastructure should be available for supply of raw materials and shipment of products to markets.
    Energy to operate the plant should be available.
    Facilities should be available for waste disposal.
    Refineries which use a large amount of steam and cooling water need to have an abundant source of water. Oil refineries therefore are often located nearby navigable rivers or on a sea shore, nearby a port. Such location also gives access to transportation by river or by sea. The advantages of transporting crude oil by pipeline are evident, and oil companies often transport a large volume of fuel to distribution terminals by pipeline. Pipeline may not be practical for products with small output, and rail cars, road tankers, and barges are used.

    Petrochemical plants and solvent manufacturing (fine fractionating) plants need spaces for further processing of a large volume of refinery products for further processing, or to mix chemical additives with a product at source rather than at blending terminals.

    Source:  Wikipedia


  45. Anonymous says:

    And once again dispite what the people might or might not want Cayman will have a refinery, the east end big hole, and whatever else the King wants.

    • Caymanian says:

      That does it.  Over a decade of this decadence is enough!

      This "Party system" has done nothing but create a complete mess in our government.  We can no longer suffer the UDP or PPM…the madness has tostop before we become as bad as our Eastern Caribbean cousins.

      I call on every YCLA winner to stand for office.  Wait, after looking at their honorary board, this looks like a group of intelligent and level headed leaders…please give us the next term and fix the country that has made you money and success.  PLEASE give a little back (four years) and steer the good ship Cayman back onto course.

      This should be our new goverment: 

      YCLA Honorary Board Members – sounds like a decent mix and people who could work together to fix this mess:

      Tim Adam
      Bobby Bodden
      Heather Bodden
      Naul Bodden
      Dax Foster
      Shane Foster Rod Hansen
      Al Thompson, Jr.
      Roy McTaggart
      Karin Thompson
      James Tibbetts
      Olivaire Watler

      • Forelock says:

        All fine people indeed but they are mostly, if not all, George Town residents. Sadly, such a qualified and experienced team would never get the opportunity to lead us.

        Our political base is too narrow. All those who have lived here for more than 5 years should be allowed to vote, because that will make them want to integrate, invest and care about the society.

        True, they would vote for their best interests, but those interests would be no different from ours.

        Such a move would break the civil service lock on the election result so that the politicians would then be able to deal with them from a position of strength.

        But wait, Isn’t that the way it was back in the 70’s, when Cayman’s economic miracle began?

    • Anonymous says:

      Up the King's big West End hole.

  46. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Our elected Government cannot have a decent productive debate because there is only "one" voice out of 14 that makes decisions. Common sense dictates that this is not healthy for the country. It is ridiculous to continue to say or believe that all the folks elected to government are helping you out. For two years now none of the countries real issues have been addressed. CS not addressed because anyone getting this under control won't be elected under our system. This is just plain wrong. Crime not addressed because it is easier under UK rule to point a finger, pathetic. Tourism and the financial services industry ignored because there is no personal wealth opportunities there. Environment, who needs the environment, that is because leadership has no long term plan or outlook for the country. Very sad because Cayman has such a future still in these areas. So one poor "old horse" continues to be whipped and that is major projects for the country will save the country. What a follie to keep thinking this. Transparent well managed projects are fine if all other business is taken care of and the country is a stable platform. The several on again off again huge projects that the leadership keeps proposing are potential disasters on many levels. History is repeating itself and unless the "other" elected members get together and make change with the majority of the voters anyone who will just look at what has happened to Bermuda, The Bahamas and JA over the past 50 years will be looking at where Cayman is headed. This is a very sad state of affairs for a great place and a wonderful people. 

    • P. says:

      "This is a very sad state of affairs for a great place and a wonderful people." 

      Lachlan, when are you going to come back to Cayman, and at least have a real understanding as to what is going on here?  At least, come to Cayman and make your assesments. 


      • Anonymous says:

        He can read and see what is going on like many others online.  As a Caymanian I'm scared enough here and what will come up next from the UDP camp.  God send help please!!  Fast and Furious.


        • Anonymous says:

          Lachlan, has been off island for years. Every now and again he makes his comments on CNS. Look at the other commenters here, do you seriously think they are living here. If I am living in Canada or the UK, I can spew all kinds of nonsense on this site without the fear of repercussions. I can only make comments as to what I see on CNS and I can only look in from the outside and make my judgements. 


          • Lachlan MacTavish says:

            Yes, I have been off the island for years but Cayman is my home and I have status from the 70's and a Cayman passport. For well over 2 decades while living in Cayman I was and am still an advocate for freedom of speech and expression without fear of retribution and retaliation, zero tolerance for corrupt conflicted politicians and their misuse of their power, support for the middle class, good governance, good education and health systems, stay over tourism, and the eradication of violent crimes especially where children are involved. It is still such a shame that people have to use "anonymous" because we continue to elect individuals that abuse their power and positions. I respectfully disagree with you, I may be living off the island but I am in contact with dozens of people on island that feel the same way I do about Cayman's pressing issues and they contribute on a daily basis hoping for change. To many people stick their heads in the sand and think that "someone" else will create positive change, they don't have the time etc. Cayman's erosion into the ridiculous political situation of today will be her down fall unless something changes.

        • Common Sense says:

          I like the idea of getting our successful businessmen together to steer us back onto a path that does not have this party system.  Term limits and accountable administration is what we need.

          The only way out of this perpetual mess is to get an entire new set of people in the goverment…not the UDP or PPM.

          The party system has simply divided the civil service (UDP and PPM) and since they are themajority of the voters, the rest of us remain helpless.

          The bloated Civil Service will never actually pay for half their health care or pensions or ger rid of their own dead weight.   Sadly, this is a growing mess with crooked politicians lapping up what they have created and it will be hard to break this mold.

          It does not matter if the PPM gets back in.  This is the same circle of hell. (Dante's 8th circle reserved for corrupt politicians)


  47. Anonymous says:

    Very bad

  48. Worried Caymanian says:

    I think someone's been watching to many episodes of the The Beverly Hillbillies. Which area did he shoot that oil shot from the ground??

  49. Anonymous says:

    An MOU is a document describing a bilateral or multilateral AGREEMENT between parties. It expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action. It is often used in cases where parties either do not imply a legal commitment or in situations where the parties cannot create a legally enforceable agreement. It is a more formal alternative to a gentlemen's agreement. In some cases depending on the exact wording, and MOU can have the binding power of a contract; as a matter of law, contracts do not need to be labeled as such to be legally binding.

                                                                                        — Wikipedia

  50. Jab-Jab says:

    Actually, who I feel sorry for in all of this is Dart. They just finished a mega-deal with CIG that was all so they could cap the dump to make Dartland smell nice and now here's the same Minister Of Uncertainty signing an MOU to put a stink-stack upwind of them again.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can't see too many people lining up to buy homes in Dart's new residential area, if they're going to have an oil refinery in their back yards.

  51. Anonymous says:

    After a week in which the Premier's government announced an incredible deal with DART that even his nemesis Austin Harris said was good, the Premier decides to neutralize his own good news with this stupid announcement. All Alden has to do is sit back and watch this government implode- it will even with such a poor opposition.

    The Premier is really out on a limb here. It makes no sense whatsoever to take his blockbuster deal off the news headlines for at least 2 weeks and replace it with a project that, at best, will not work as advertised.

    Why? Just stupid.


  52. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians, this is really a fronted project for the dictator and that is why he will not let it go. This is his personal project, however please note his comment about current imports of crude oil. Crude oil has never been imported into the Cayman Islands and he and his front man think that if they import 4000 barrels of crude oil they will refine 4000 barrels of diesel for CUC. They do not know anything about the oil industry and it clearly shows. This also shows how totally stupid they all are, and these people are actually trying to run our country.

    Cayman, we are in really big trouble when we allow fools without high school diplomas represent us and run our country.

  53. Anonymous says:

    This is good for the country Caymanians need job, businesses and they need to get their apartments rented at the end of the day.

    This is a good investment for the Cayman Islands as the developer will bring in an energy efficient plant and not like those in the Gulf States.

    Way to go Mr. Premier, don't let these people stand in your way of progress for these islands and your people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go back to school and reach your potential.  Or at least take head out from ass before speaking.

  54. Anonymous says:

    OMG just another pipe dream, sweet dreams ):

  55. Anonymous says:

    I'll buy everyone in Cayman a fridge if THIS doesn't finally and permanently put an end to Caymanian support of the UDP forever.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Why not put it in the Brac?

    It will provide employment

    • Caymanian says:

      25 acres just went up for sale in the Brac this week…there you go Mac, ask Ju Ju to spearhead this one.

  57. Anonymous says:

    LMAO!!  All these comments are killing my sides.  But, seriously, the majority said they wanted this madness last election – tha wha ya git!!  And now we all have to wade in this crap!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, you don't need a majority to get into power in Cayman, you only have to have more votes than the next person running in your district. So, for example, you get 40% of the votes and the next person gets 30% and the remaining 30% is split amongst the other candidates, you get elected. Appoint a cabinet and back bench who follow everything you do and say without questioning, you have a dictatorship.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Who in the hell voted Bush into office??? 


    Oh, wait, I remember, it was a few hundred West Bayers.


    Thanks for imposing him on us. Appreciate that.




    Wow, what a great form of democracy we have in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry buddy.  It wasn't a few hundred West Bayer's who allowed Mac to take the reins of the country. Had the rest of the country not fallen for the political BS spewn by the UDP, there would have been only 4 UDP members elected which would not have allowed him to become premier.  In fact, he wouldhave been nothing more than the opposition.


      It took the rest of the DUMB @sses to elect the remainder to make up the government.  So remember when you cast blame, you yourself are not without blame.

    • Anonymous says:

      George Town has the largest voter list, so it's the towners that have allowed this madness to reign supreme.  And to think towners always thought they were smarter than the bayers.

      East Enders turned out to be the most sensible of the whole lot!  Go East End!  Continue to fight to protect your beautiful shoreline!

      We as a people could have been asked for a solution.  We could have been asked to vote on what we needed to get done in order to bail us out of this financial hellhole; not by decisions made by a few greedy indiviudals behind closed doors who think they know what's best for all!!

      I don't like the idea of taxation and most don't but if it came to taxation vs what we are faced with now I'm sure many would prefer to be taxed in order to preserve their homeland for future generations.  Once it's gone, it's gone forever!

  59. Anonymous says:


    This put me in fits of laughter reading this annoucement that the idiots in Government and their associates are so stupid that they believe this crap let alone try and sell this to the public and convince us that we really need this on our island. They have absolutely no clue about the oil industry or the oil refining industry and just ask your self if this was all true why would the USA and Mr Obama not be adopting this technology, WHY ????

    Caymanians do not be fooled by these fools – the botttom line is that there is absolutely NO manufacturing industry in the entire world which does not produce waste, emissions, & effluents let alone the toxins that the oil industry produces.

    Check out who the Cayman partner is in this foolish venture and you will understand that he knows nothing about the oil industry and is therefore as gulible as our stupid dictator who is also falling for this project.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are adopting this technology. It is already being successfully used in the US. It is you that is foolish and stuck in the old ways of thinking. Do you not know that all your "concerns" are already happening here with the way oil is being brought here now!!!! I think thats what is so upsetting. You people don't even know what is going on here and just like to nay-say. I do not know who this guy is but he's working alongside some of the most brilliant, technologically advanced,  and environmentally-conscious minds in the oil refining industry. As I have done my research, which YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NOT. Since this announcement, I have read all about this technology and the people who want to help bring it here and not only is it possible: it's gonna change our lives for the better.

      • Anonymous says:

        What drugs are you taking man, for you are as gullible and stupid as the dictator and his front man. If you know anything about the oil refining business you would be aware that refineries are only economically viable on volume, massive volumes. If this so called new technology was so great the world would be building these refineries everywhere. I suggest that you walk through a refinery to enlighten yourself in your quest to complete your research, however you need to stop smoking the weed my friend so you can smell the odours and toxins in the air and on the ground.

        • Anonymous says:

          The MAIN reason many places haven't switched to this type of technology is because they don't have to. Many countries, including the US, have no incentive to make the big change to a clean system because agencies like the EPA havent changed their laws in over 40 years. AND FYI if you had done any research at all about this particular plant you would have found that this a small, compact refinery that is specifically designed for small remote locations that have a population from 50 to 90 thousand people. Also, it reuses all of its by-product which does not require sludge bed and other toxic disposal areas that you would find in the refineries that you suggested I walk through. It is in my humble opinion that the weed that you referred to that I am on is obvioulsy better than the crap your smoking, because I have done my due diligence on this particular refinery. Only those environmentally conscious groups of people in the US have taken it upon themselves to make something like this work. This is an innovative technology which has been proven effective. And solar power? What do u folks ride bikes or walk everywhere? HA! I know for a fact you don't. You don't even drive hybrids. So until YOU buy ME a solar powered car, get off my ass and over yourselves. And I know none of you fly Cayman Airways either. You take sailboats stateside don't you? LMAO! Maybe we should boycotte the car dealerships and airlines for pushing these monstrous, polluting, vehicles upon us. Those evil car salesman. "OH LORD please save us" ??? blah blah blah. He needs to save you from your hypocrite xxxx… SMH

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, if you don't know this guy then you cannot comment any further about what is going on.  You can research and say all you want about the technology etc. but that's about it.  You don't know this guy, you don't know the talks and the contracts and the deals and the wheelin' n dealin' that's goin on with the so called leader of these Islands do you?  Why don't you write about the research on solar here, who can bring that with all this sunshine and heat.  You going backwards with your research and ideas.  That happened long time ago….people and countries are moving on from that. 

  60. Bean Counter says:

    This could truly reduce the cost of living here and grow the GDP if greed does not set in. This may be our best last chance at redemption economically. Only time will tell.

  61. Paradise says:

    How about investing in solar power instead? Or does Cayman not have enough sun in Mac's opinion? 

    • Anonymous says:

      What would a dinosaur know about solar power. He hasn't heard about it yet. That's way way way ahead of his time and way way way over his head.

  62. Anonymous says:

    A refinery is not cheap. I'd be surprised if the island itself uses enough oil products to make a Cayman-only refinery cost effective.  I'll bet the real money will be in exporting to other local countries in the Caribbean, and they're probably not going to highlight that part of the business case.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard a Cayman 27 news reporter say that they could export to caribbean neighbours like Jamaica or Cuba. Well news flash, Jamaica has their own oil refinery, Call Petrojam.

      petrojam info copied from their site:

      Main Business
      Refining crude oil into finished products

      Refinery Typ/Technologye

      Plant Size
      Rated Capacity of 35,000 barrels/day

      Average Production
      28,000  to 30,000 barrels/day

      Products Sold
      Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
      E-10 Gasoline(87 and 90)
      Automotive Diesel Oil
      Jet/Turbo Fuel
      Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) 2% and 3% Sulphur
      Marine Fuels –
      Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO 380)
      Marine Diesel Oil

      E10 sell for approx US$5.57 per gal. -87


  63. Anonymous says:

    We don't import crude oil.  Every adult should know that what we import is highly refined gasoline, propane, diesel, and aviation fuels refined quite acceptably in someone else's noxious and cancer-plagued backyard.  

    It is painfully obvious that the chosen one has not even cracked the textbook on how crude becomes useable fuels and waste.  Nor has our halfwitted hero given any weight to the overwhelming opposition to this concept from his own voters and former supporters.  Instead, like a lunatic he has unilaterally signed an MOU to allow more time to research how bad and unsound the idea it is, a lesson that could be instructed by grade-school children.  

    If I were somehow asleep in the UDP backbench, I would now suddenly awaken in a wild panic to replace the leadership before the campaigning for election proceeds.  I am amazed that their intelligent stakeholders have let the party proceed this far.  It is a worldclass freakshow!  When the leader cannot lead, it is time to stand down.

  64. Truth Police says:

    Here's Ventech:

    Didn't find anything on Navitas yet…

  65. Anonymous says:

    I say put it in West Bay right beside his home fortress.  

    • Anonymous says:

      "I say put it in West Bay right beside his home fortress."

      I say put it in his back yard.

  66. sea bash says:

    Again, according to Frank McField and Burns Conolly, the UDP are going ahead with the East End Sea Port.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Well of course, the need to put the refinery somewhere don't they!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes for Another UDP big mouth supporter that think he is smart enough now to know about the oil refinery industry but thank God its a job for him too.

  67. Anonymous says:

    The people of Cayman could keep signing petition after petition as our out of control Premier puts forward one idiotic idea after the other – or we could have a petition to have a referendum on removing this menace. Why don't we have a no confidence petition – it is clear that only those few cronies etc that stand to profit want him to remain as Premier.

  68. sea bash says:

    This could be an indicator that the East End Sea Port may very well be going through, because I think an Oil Refinery will need a port for the big container ships.

  69. Jayman-WTF says:

    CNS…. I am appealing to you if you could please, by whatever ways and means you have to do so ….have 'Mr. Big Mac' explain in DETAIL the last sentence of this article. 'BENEFITS'?? For who….?? What is this…? What benefits could there possibly be for the John Public…. like the commentators say in the NFL when a player screws up a play,like Mac does all the time; 'C'MON MAN!!' Who he tryin' to fool… no one believes anything comin' outta his mouth…. 'PULL THE WOOL A LIL' MORE OVER OUR EYES WHY DON'T YA PLEASE SIR'….

    He been eating too many a dem Big Macs at Micky D's when he go on dem trips nuh…..Can't wait to get back overseas to visit McDonald's again to fill his belly wit dem good old burgas… da wa dis all about… worried bout fillin' he belly and makin' people STARVE OVA YA!!! 

  70. Anonymous says:

    Won't need to drop the rollover after this latest news – mass exodus!


  71. Anonymous says:

    Hope his pen runs outta ink soon!!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Won't we have to dredge North Sounds so that the crude oil tankers can get to the refinery by CUC? Or is there going to be a dock and pipeline from East End? This seems to tie everything into a bow, sort of.

    Have you ever see the lights at a refinery? You will be able to read books at night in your backyard by the glare, not to mention the flames shooting out of the flare stacks. Do not believe them when they say the flares will only emit steam…that is only on days when everything is working perfectly, which, sadly, is not most days.

    Speaking from long experience.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Grand Cayman….Land of opportunity.  Where even a 5th grader can be King.

  74. The lone Haranguer says:

    Gidi up Mckeeva watch that horse run………………………….????????!!!!!!!!!

  75. Clever says:

    The Oil Refinery will need a port for ships to embark.

    Joseph Imparato must be smiling.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Hey!  I just thought of a 4th of July (Constitution Day) present for Mac… white, buckles in the back, can you guess?  Somebody say STRAIGHT JACKET!!!  We got a genuine 100% mad man on the loose!

    Sorry CNS but I probably won't get chance to read your other articles today.  This story, and these comments got me laughing to hard.  Back to work before I lose my job or mind like this crazy dude we call Premier.

    I got one before I go though.

    Get it while it's hot!  Premium grade and top of the line!  First class with no class! Bound to blow your mind and your cash!  Raise cost of living and inflate gas.  Import gas while passing gas.  Ghastly?  Maybe.  None other than a premier league mad man on his tush____ Premier McKeeva Bush. 

  77. Anonymous says:

    I bet you never thought that you could be surroundedby one idiot

    • Anonymous says:

      How very, very true.

      • Anonymous says:

        Gulf Spill.  Do I need to say anymore??????

        • Anonymous says:

          One of the most ignorant statements on here. This is a refinery to refine crude. Not dredging for oil underground!!! And four people agreed with you? Wow. Shaking my head. Please do the research before commenting again and embarassing yourself and this islands people.

    • Anonymous says:

      This man needs to be shipped off on a boat to no where PRONTO!!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Finally something we can ALL agree on – this is a BAD idea!

  79. Bombo Rass Kloth says:

    Then what in the XXX you all want the man to do?Any XXXXX suggestions??

    • Anonymous says:

      If he could come up with a sensible idea (and leave the dumb ass ones alone) that would most certainly help.

    • Cat says:

      Of course we have suggestions for him, however some would probably be X'd out on CNS,but others would include,

      Scrap that stupid Idea of an oil refinery because its going to destroy our country's environment, most likely cause very bad air quality,water quality,HIGHER CANCER RATES, more pollution despite what the article says.  He needs to try to have  renewable energy and natural resources intoduced,solar,wind water,methane from the landfill compost and livestock to create energy and not a fuel that scientist have revealed, that once its run out,we won't find more in our life time, because it takes hundreds maybe thousands of years before oil is created.

      If not we could also suggest for him to,



      Let someone else lead whose brain is actually functioning.

      • Anonymous says:

        Everyone in the UDP is brain dead. Just look at the back benchers. Get the point???

    • The Lone Haranguer says:

      Ras clat it is not in the perview of the DNBSNIC (do nothing big spending no idea crowd) to have suggestions, thier job is to critisize and pioson and try to get themselves back into power so they can finish destroying the country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Granny bulb they better hurry if they gwine beat McKeeva at that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. We would very strongly suggest you switch your Bombo Rass Kloth over to the PPM. Unless of course you prefer to remain a loser forever.

    • Caymanian says:

      Bombo Rass Kloth:

      Yes, go back to the days before we hd greedy politicians.  We used to have people who simply SERVED the country as administrators not opportunists.  

      We used to have people who cared about spending wisely and took care of our young and elderly.  

      Now we have greedy politicians and a party system.  The only thing this party system will do is destroy us. 

      I'd love to see all the Independents WIN next time.  Just regular businessmen and not greedy cronies.  I beg and plead for the business leaders of these islands to ban together, create a third party, WIN and throw the old bums OUT.  Just one term is all we need.  One term of accounting saavy, level headed, do-the-right thing leaders!

      Where are you?  Come on millionaire Caymanians….your people are asking YOU to give a little back and get us back on the right track.

  80. Anonymous says:

    As if this country needed further proof of the integrity and quality of leadership; this is the 'cement boots' to advocates of the Premier.

    Complete and utter stupidity – no its' worse than that – it's complete and utter near-criminal disregard for everything that has made and kept Cayman a desirable location for the cruise/tourism industry and FAMILIES who live here.

    The Shetty medical center will be treating respiratory diseases for years to come; or use common sense and run like H**l from any commitments to this country.

    We have less than 80 sq miles of land mass; any refinery disaster will totally devastate the island for years.  With the prevailing wind patterns that are seasonal, ALL areas of the island will be affected.  So much for Dart's inward investments just announced yesterday – at least those seemed to be on the face of it, for the BETTERMENT of the islands and her people.

    The MLA has to take steps to bring a no-confidence vote; otherwise they should at least be advised that their politcal careers are assuredly coming to an abrupt end.

    If nothing else this clearly demonstrates the vital and urgent need for a Conservation/Preservation Law.

    I can predict the exodus of property owners of rental properties as such a huge structure will be visible from every part of the island, and the vapours will be in every crevice of every home and place of business.  

    Please save us!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Relax everyone, its a small 4,000 barrell a day plant near CUC, most of the output which CUC will use to run its turbines.  This isnt a big tanker farm like you would see in Texas. 


    • Anonymous says:

      We do not want it in Cayman.

      • Rob I. says:

        The Caymanian people seem to want nothing here. We don't know the details.. yet we're kicking and screaming already. 

        • Anonymous says:

          So true!  They think small and worry big.

        • Anonymous says:

          The details are:  The Premier, for reasons incomprehensible to any sane human being on the planet, wants to build an oil refinery in Cayman. That is the reason we are kicking and screaming. Now do you understand, nit wit? 

        • Anonymous says:

          The Caymanian people want to keep a clean atmosphere and clean waters and keep some of the environment that is left.  What do you want?

        • Anonymous says:

          Perhaps you could try asking McKeeva to give us the details BEFORE announcing that he is proceeding with his lunacy?

      • anonymous says:

        How about the Brac? They need something to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Err….haven't there been recent explosions at CUC?

    • Anonymous says:

      How does even a small tanker get to a small plant, they would have to dredge the north sound!

  82. Young Caymanian says:

    Where's that vote of NO CONFIDENCE now!!!!!!!??????????  Really Cayman after all this foolishness he is coming up with how can anyone trust him anymore???  Were any of you consulted??? I know for sure I wasn't!!!!! Big Mac is no longer even pretending to be concerned about what the people of this country think or care about!!! How do we get him out?????!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I ga some 2×4's if you ga plywood.  Anybody got nails and hammer for a protest?

    • Anonymous says:

      Young Caymanians do you really understand how the parliamentary process works and how a “no confidence vote becomes effective,suggest you do some home work and stop following the crowd.
      God bless these Cayman Islands

  83. Anonymous says:

    1)  Large Scale Residential Batteries that can store months of electrical energy for an average house and can contribute to a distributed grid. Anybody who reads science literature knows this is the new holy-grail. 

    2) Non-invasive and non-destructive to the environment Solar Panels to collect the needed electrical energy. More than enough radiation in Grand Cayman, even on a cloudy day.

    3) Engineers to maintain and innovate renewable energy systems. Many here would already qualify.

    4) Electric motors for cars(…and boats…and planes). Bring serenity back to the Island.

    The longer we remain closed minded to safely repeat what we already know what works(oil) for the quick fix, the longer Cayman will remain an oil junkee that leaves a whole list of chemicals and catastrophes to be unleashed.

    Yes, a refinery will bring jobs, but so would a coordinated effort by intelligent government officials who did their research to bring renewable energy to the Island.




  84. Anonymous says:

    Is there a cowboy out there that can please lasso this mad man and puthim in the corral with the bulls!  Sorry bulls!

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember the Governor and Mac got rid of Cayman's cowboy – former Auditor General Dan Duguay – and you wondered why?!


  85. Anonymous says:

    Now Mac has lost the only little marble he had

  86. Anonymous says:

    He seems to be revealing all these sh*tty things at once, maybe in the hopes to distract us from something bigger going on.

  87. Anonymous says:

    XXX our Premier XXXX, I just can't see him doing all that has just recently been announced. Is he trying to turn our Island into some 3rd world country. This Island is a unique place where everyone lived in harmony, and God and Church was our way of life.

    It's getting so that I can hardly absorb all that is about to happen here on my Island, moving roads, building more schools when the ones that are started can't be finished, is this sensible?,destroying Barkers, dump problems, dock problems, north sound woes, berthing facilities, these should have been done by now if only there wasn't so much hatred and revenge with these two parties UDP & PPM, now another talk again about oil refinery. All I can do is pray and ask God to intervene some how, for I am overwhelmed and distraught about all the recent announcments by our Premier. But folks I have this to say, when you see things starting to happen in the churches and the christians showing hatred and jealousy for one another, and letting good folks have to leave the church and schools, it's time for God to intervene and he will, may not be today or tomorrow, but remember he is reigning on high and sees everything we do.. Mr. Premier I am praying for you I know God is speaking to you, and you have to be very careful how you approach his throne on Sundays. Think back and remember your ancestors, and remember MONEY is not everything. I am very saddened to hear all I have heard in the past couple of days, and it breaks my heart to see this Island go down the path it is going. I won't sign my name, because I am fearfull and I never used to be that way. But my God that I serve has laid what I've said upon my heart, and all I can do is pray, for PRAYER is the answer to all our problems.


    A very disheartened Caymanian  

    • Anonymous says:

      Turn us in a third world country???    So are we first or second world. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  88. Cat says:

    First thing I'm going to say is that I wish it was April fools day again and this was simply a little hoax to get the gullable stirred up, but usually when something insane has Mckeeva Bush in it, its not a hoax, its a nightmare about to happen.

    "The proposal will see crude oil being imported to the island and then turned into products, such as diesel, propane, aviation fuel and gas for cars, at what is being described as a modern refinery, which those proposing the project say will remove emissions and toxins. "

    Oil Refinery- Remove Emissions and toxins?

    Doesn't this sound a bit backwards?

    That's the pretty much the same as the Government's 30 million dollar deficit and he still expects a surplus. It's so backwards!

    Putting the almighty dollar and the supposed employment oppurtunities asside,Where is it going to be placed?It's most likely going to disrupt our environment more than it already is from contaminated fluids draining into the sea from the landfill.This will mostly likely have some impact in some way.OMG!

    Lord Please…helps us.Our precious island is going to be destroyed.

    Now let us open the Cayman Version of the Bible and read the Cayman Pslams together:

    Cayman psalms: mckeeva is the shepherd i did not want, he leadeth me beside the high cost. He restoreth my faith in PPM & Independants, he guideth me in the path of unemployment for his parties sake. Yea though i shall bare more hunger for no food is with me. He annointed my income with high cost of living, my expenses runneth over. Surely poverty and hard life will follow me all the days of my life and i shall live in my parents' house forever, Mr premier.


  89. Anonymous says:

    Other things  that will be released by the end of the weekend:

    1.  Nike shoe factory to give our pre-teens a place to work

    2.  Mining  (there has got to be something valuable under this rock)

    3.  An outdoor ice arena (there arent any in the Caribbean, we can be the first).

    4.  A deer hunting farm (the deer will want to get shot — its too hot for them)

    5.  Cryogenics lab.  We can store the brains of deceased heros until we find a cure for what killed them.

    6.  A "house", similar to some of those in Nevada…..

    7.  A dog racing track.  (gives the strays something to do).

    8.  Not one, but two, dolphin experiences (oh wait, we got that already)

    9.  A dairy — not with cows, but with hamsters. 

    10. A time machine.  Columbus can finally put to rest whether there were crocidiles here or just large iguanas. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Now this is funny!

    • Anonymous says:

      shhh!  Stop giving him ideas.  Next thing you know we go have space shuttle launches from Rum Point and missle silos in the East End iron shore.  ooops!

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't forget an asylum, we could all benefit immensely from a good one man asylum.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Now I can get that V12 car I always dreamed off, have a glass roof, windows open all day while the a/c cools the whole neighborhood!

    • Anonymous says:

      already been done!

    • Jungle Juice says:

      "have a glass roof, windows open all day while the a/c cools the whole neighborhood!"

      You just described the design of the new school buildings perfectly!


  91. Anonymous says:

    Lets just dynamite this whole island, sell the material at very low cost to our neighboring country all in exchange for some canoes for the residents to float away on OR allow the caymanians to sell all they own including their nationality/passports, etc in exchange for anywhere else in the world where madness is not so common!

    • Married to a Caymanian says:

      Just google "Aruba and refinery"  Voters, this is your new skyline.

      This is madness.  I want the days when greedy politicians did not rule our island.  Our children and eldery are being neglected so that the powerful can live like kings.  There is NO reason all our of charities need to be funded by private companies and individuals while those in charge squander our inheritance (both by bad bookeeping and overspending and by wasting our land resources)

      This XXXX man will be the end of us all.  



    • Anonymous says:

      it's really foolish to compare this refinery with the one found in aruba because from what i have heard, via media and talk show, it is not only a different type of technology, it is also environmentally safe. its not like what is being used in other parts of the world and it's not the same size as the plant you make mention of in aruba so please stop scare-mongering the people of these islands….by suggesting this refinery will destroy the environment with no real factual information to say that it will. so let's wait to hear all the facts and then form an opinion 

  92. Jayman-WTF says:

    Pure insanity for real…. I back up The Truth is Out There @12:39 – 17/6

    I can't find any other word to describe this foolishness! INSANE!! So who will pay import duties on this… of course… GENERAL PUBLIC… unless 'Mac D Knife' has a waiver for that…. NOT! Like you say Truth…. WHEN WILL IT STOP!!??  


  93. Dred says:

    When he is removed from Office and we declare West Bay as not being part of the Cayman Islands because those nimwits keep voting him in.


  94. Anonymous says:

    Bye, bye tourist industry.

    It's going to be great producing all these petrochemical products with no one around to use them isn't it.

    Anyway who are Vintech and Navitus? Is this another Matrix saga in the making?

    • Anonymous says:

      Vintech is short for Vintage Technology. Navitus is Jamaican patwah meaning “Not With Us”

  95. Anonymous says:

    Wind and solar are perfect for Cayman.

    The trade winds are reliable and blow at night when the sun is down. This electricity is prefect for re-charging electric cars over night.

    The sun is reliable. There are very few overcast days in Cayman. Solar is perfect for running AC and supplying hot water.

    Wind and solar would boost the economy without the negative environmental effects of an oil refinery.

    Yes, wind and solar are expensive….and so is the present and future price of oil.


  96. Mud-Foot says:

    They musta gave him somethin strong to smoke up in Jam!

  97. JD90 says:

    The day Mac gave Dart Status was the day he made sure no future small busniess owners woulds survive and signed up our children for modern slavery. 

    The last couple days have proved this and now show he's trying to "cash out" before this term ends.

  98. Anonymous says:

    If there was ever any doubt, Mad Mac has proven once and for all that he doesn't give a hoot about the ecology of the Cayman Islands.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Well, now we know why the new environmental law was delayed…….

  100. anonymous says:

    And it is either UK dictatorship with direct tax OR, remain with a government that is partnered with a private entity that will eventually become a monopoly.

    Cayman, we are in a mess, and no it seems no politician has Cayman in best interest!

  101. REAL TOXIC says:

    This guy will do anything to destroy us. Now oil how crude?

  102. Not what it seems says:

    Q. Why would we possibly need an oil refinery here?

    A. We don't.

    There is no possible way that a society of 50,000 even up to 100,000 with no oil reserves could possibly require a refinery for it's own purposes.

    So, what is this about and are we prepared to be a part of it? 

    Cuban crude refined and sold to the US as "product of Cayman"?  I don't know.

    I can not imagine that it would be cheaper for a company to refine here that at source. Maybe it is?

    Just tell us the truth!

  103. Whodatis says:

    Ah boy … (smh).

  104. Anonymous says:

    As an American that visits your island several times a year for the past 15 years I can tell you that this is the one thing we hate about Aruba!  There is nothing worse than being on a beautiful island and off into the distance seeing an oil refinery.  Bad, bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you!  Let's hope we have many more visitors/tourists writing the same way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you!

      If I had a few more of these, I'd print a book and read one page a day at the LA till they listen!  Wa more proof we need.  Wait till the international media catch wind of this… Sound like America's Funniest Home Videos – Politics Edition in the making

  105. Jungle Juice says:

    Ok Mac… you are going too far!


    Do you realy want scenes like this on the streets of GT??

  106. Anonymous says:

    If my CUC bill and my car's gas bill goes down, I am all for this!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are pathetic. Actually your CUC bill and your gas bill will continue to skyrocket since we will have an oil refinery to pay for. God help us.

    • R. U. Kiddin says:

      My Dear Anonymous 13:19,

      Either you are joking or you are an idiot.  Electric bills never go down.  And….  for your information, gasoline prices are about the same in cities with refineries as they are anywhere else.  I don't remember gasoline prices going down any meaningful amount either.  It's all driven by greed.

  107. Kevin says:

    O Lord, more reason to grant Joe's project.

    Good Luck, Cayman!

  108. Anonymous says:

    Seriously has this man gone off. Becasue  know one with any Common sense would be doing what he is doing but then again common sense isnt as common as its name  its like he is on a roll to distroy this country.

  109. Anonymous says:

    CNS – you're making this s–t up this week aren't you. . .

  110. Anonymous says:

    let's go nuclear

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea, can we do it under the Government Administration Building please.

    • fukushima was nothing says:

      Sure!  We can name it the Macushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster, er,  I mean Plant.  Where do we sign?  If Japan gets radioactive whales, damit we should have glowing turtles!  Good thinking!

  111. nauticalone says:

    On the surface of it this proposal seems like a Big No No!

    Cayman is small and cannot afford projects that will most likely pose huge negative environmental risks.

    Any objective research will clearly show that learned societies are moving away from oil as the major long term energy source….and towards cleaner and sustainable sources such as wind and solar.

    The risks for an oil spill or other leak/contamination are simply too great it seems.

    Very similar to the EE Seaport….too large a negative impact on a very small island.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Well…everyone wanted to live large. There's no turning back now. For all those longing for the good ole days, Little Cayman here we come. I have to move away from the new dump anyway.

  113. The Truth is Out There says:

    This is insane. When will the stupidity stop?