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3-try Bailey puts Suisse in credit

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(CRFU): The spotlight fell on Division 3 of the 2011 Summer Touch Rugby season last week with all eight teams on the menu getting their first run out and what a feast of rugby they served. For the appetizer, KPMG2 were up against perennial old boys Queensgate Grizz’s Old Fellas.   A contrast in styles was evident from the first whistle with KPMG2, full of youthful energy and ideas against a stout opposition with more miles under their belt than some would care to admit.  A cagey first half segued nicely into a spectacular second half. (Photos by Caroline Deegan)

A dance-off between Shakira and Ricky Martin would have less hip-swivels than those on display from Larry “the Swerve” Cayasso and Dennis “the Hips Don’t Lie” Hunter.  Both rolled away the years with fine cameo performances, sending both the defense and the crowd the wrong way with a superb series of side-steps and shimmies.  However KPMG2 were not only able to meet the challenge but also added some neat footwork of their own to sashay through a few gaps and waltz down the pitch to complete a 4-3 win.

The main course was a fine game between Deloitte and GCM.  Two contrasting halves saw GCM ravenous in the first period as they ate up the yardage with some excellent handling, scoring tries by Bob Podany and Alanna Grace.  A breakaway try for Deloitte made the score more respectable but they were definitely in need of some new ideas at the break.  I’m not sure what was in their half time refreshments but Deloitte raced out of the blocks with two quick tries by Gareth Wilkinson early in the second half.  GCM looked a little punch drunk in response until they recovered their composure in the dying seconds with Jason Scarff’s ace try, leaping over the try line like a salmon heading up stream.  The spoils were shared 3-3.

After that feast, the crowd definitely felt like a second helping.

The day’s “Special” was a performance by Credit Suisse with a mouthwatering 6-2 win over Rawlinson & Hunter.   New to the division, Credit Suisse will be delighted with this win and stake a claim as league leaders.  The catch of the day was held by Michelle Bailey who ran in the third of three tries to push her team to the top of the Division.

Unfortunately, Ernst and Young had to forfeit their game against Island Heritage who took the points. In the exhibition match that followed they showed great promise and hopefully they’ll return next week with a full team to give a good account of themselves.

The “port and cigars” awards go to Conrad Proud (Rawlinson and Hunter), Craig Linley (Ernst and Young), Alanna Grace (GCM) and JS Kruger (KPMG2) who were voted their team’s Most Valuable Player.
This year will be showing a selection of touch rugby games each week.  Fans can also become friends of Cayman Rugby on Facebook to see player profiles, interviews and get an inside look at the worlds of touch rugby.

Division 3 Results – 15th June 2011
Queensgate Grizz’z Old Fellas
Rawlinson & Hunter
Island Heritage (awarded 3 points for a win)

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Teen not guilty of murder

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(CNS): Full story — Jordon Manderson (18) has been found not guilty of the murder of numbers man Marcus Duran in Milawanis Way, West Bay  in March 2010. In a ruling onTuesday morning that took just short of two hours to deliver, Justice Charles Quin said there was no evidence that Manderson was part of a joint enterprise to rob the victim or that he had been recruited into it by Raziel Jeffers. The judge did, however, tell the defendant he had real concerns about the lies the teen had told his family and the police. Justice Quin told Manderson to think long and hard about his future as he was a young man who with luck would live a long time. (Photo courtesy Cayman27)

He said that not only had the young defendant not assisted the police, he had sent them on a wild goose chase when he did not tell the truth about how he was shot on the night Duran was killed.

Justice Quin said it was very disturbing that Manderson had told so many lies about what had happened and even more so because he said that he was scared.

He said the guns involved in the killing of the victim had still not been found and the judge said it was important that people co-operated with the police, otherwise the community would never address the problem of violent crime. “It is time for people to stop withholding information,” he said.

Manderson and his family and friends, who had attended court throughout the trial and who were all present for the verdict, were visibly delighted with the acquittal.

The judge, who was sitting alone in the case without a jury, said there were no eye witnesses in the case, no one had been identified, there was no gun, no fingerprints and no evidence that the defendant ever had a gun or had entered into a joint enterprise, as claimed by the crown. He said the evidence of a figure running behind the building in the wake of the shooting pointed further way from Manderson, who had already been shot in the leg.

He pointed out that the teenager's presence at the scene was not evidence that he had committed the murder. Despite his many lies, the judge said that did not mean he was guilty and there was no evidence he had participated in the robbery, as suggested by the prosecution. The judge noted that the victim's wallet containing several hundred dollars had been found on him so there was no evidence a robbery had even taken place.

“There is no evidence that the defendant used a gun, authorized anyone to use a gun or was part of a joint enterprise to rob,” he added. I find there is insufficient evidence and I must find the defendant not guilty,” the judge said as he concluded his ruling.

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Chinese get 49 yrs concession

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(CNS): The Chinese state owned company which has entered into a deal with the Cayman government to build the cruise port in George Town will be getting a concession of 49 years, according to the MOU. Government has agreed that China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) will build, operate and transfer the cruise piers and upland port development under a concession agreement. The firm will receive a share of the passenger fees from the cruise arrival figures in order to recoup the cost of financing both the George Town cruise berthing project and the more recently announced cruise berthing facilities in West Bay as well as the renovation of the Spotts jetty.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) which was signed in June between the premier and CHEC, but has not been signed by any representative of the Port Authority,  calls for exclusive negotiations with CHEC and the Cayman government until November of this year.

The firm will be undertaking a feasibility study, the MOU reveals, to establish whether the investment is worthwhile, which will be completed by the end of July with a view to beginning the project in November. The MOU also asks the Chinese firm to supply proof of financing within ten working days of the document, which is dated 13 June and states that if CHEC does not do so government can terminate the agreement immediately.

Government has agreed to supply the firm with the related information regarding the necessary approvals, including the EIA, and provide the firm with the support it needs, as well as the areas for the developments, the work-permits it will need, waive duty and get the necessary minimum passenger guarantees from the cruise lines. The deal also includes anagreement by the Chinese state owned firm to sub contract work to some local contractors, according to the MOU.

In a separate element of the deal CHEC has agreed to start the Spotts work by 15 July, having advanced some $3 million for the early start of this part of the deal. The MOU states that a separate contract has already been signed with the PortAuthority in relation to this part of the project. The agreement to start work on the Spotts dock before the rest of the MOU has been settled was at the request of the CIG but does not impact the rest of the deal the document reveals.

The premier revealed on Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly that he had signed the MOU with CHEC. The talks with the Chinese came in the wake of the premier’s decision in April to walk away from the previous exclusive talks it was involved in with GLF/Royal Construction.  Less than three weeks after the revelation by CNS that government had pulled out of the GLF talks we also revealed that the Chinese firm was seeking an immediate MOU with government.

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New commissioners face full slate for reform

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(CNS):A review of the Defamation Law, the Succession Law, the Wills Law and the Interpretation Law, as well as codification of the duties and responsibilities of company directors and a review of the law regulating enforcement of foreign judgments are just some of the issues the newly appointed Law Reform Commission will be tackling over the coming months. Attorney General Samuel Bulgin welcomed the new chair of the Law Reform Commission, Ian Paget-Brown, earlier this month to replace Langston Sibblies QC, who has served six years as chairman. Paget-Brown, an attorney with 43 years experience, has been a member of the commission for the last five year.

Also joining the commission is the legal department’s Vicki Ellis, who is currently acting as solicitor general in the wake of the changes at the legal department, which saw the former SG Cheryl Richards take up the post of Director of Public Prosecutions. Ellis has been a counsel with the CIG legal department for a number of years.

She is joined by Kenneth Farrow QC of Mourant, an attorney for 45 years who has been practising in the Cayman Islands for the past 12. Farrow has had a wide and varied career and has, during his more than 30 years practice in the UK, sat as an Assistant Recorder and Recorder trying both civil and criminal cases and was one of the Bar Representatives on the Legal Aid Board between 1988 and 1992. He has also contributed to the Cayman Islands’ chapter in Sweet & Maxwell’s Special Report on Cross-Frontier Insolvency of Insurance Companies (2001).

The commission has also said farewell to Justice Andrew Jones, who had served as a member since its establishment. The new commission now comprises Ian Paget-Brown, chairman, DPP Cheryll Richards QC, Eileen Nervik, ASG Vicki Ellis, Kenneth Farrow QC.

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Cayman athletes search for medals at friendly games

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(CNS): A large delegation of local athletes will depart for the NatWest Island Games in the Isle of Wight shortly, with more than 70 athletes representing the Cayman Islands in track and field, golf, table tennis, squash, basketball, swimming, cycling, shooting, tennis and volleyball. “Cayman is again fielding a strong, multi-talented group and I thank all the sporting associations and team managers for preparing and motivating our athletes,” said Sports Minister Mark Scotland. “This event provides our athletes with invaluable international exposure and the Ministry is proud to support them.”

The International Island Games, also known as the Friendly Games, take place every other year. Launched in the Isle of Man in 1985, today’s membership includes 25 islands with populations of 120,000 or less. This year the games will be opened by former runner Steven Coe whois now a Lord on Saturday.

The Cayman Islands first competed in Gotland, Sweden in 1999 and saw local athletes placing 6th in the medal count. Since then, our competitors have brought home more than 120 medals.

“We have high hopes of our team continuing this excellent performance by scooping more medals this year. And while most of us won’t be there to cheer them on in person, I urge everyone to follow their progress and give them a warm welcome when they return after the meet,” Minister Scotland said.
NatWest Island Games 2011 – Cayman Islands Team
Athletics: Sheyla Torres, Ameilia Gillispie, Tyrone Yen, Michael Letterlough, Carl Morgan, Carlos Morgan, Junior Hines, Rhymiech Adolphus and Robert Ibeh.
Golf: Samantha Widmer and Emily Ribbins.
Table Tennis: Ansel Tempral, CY Elliot, Dante Ramoon and Rohan Clarke.
Squash: Janet Sairsingh, Chantelle Day, Marlene West, Caroline Heal, Jaclyn Ridgway, Cameron Stafford, Gabriel Rabess, Warren Urquhart and Malton Blair.
Basketball: Samuel O’Garro, Shaad O’Garro, Dwight O’Garro, Leslie Chad, Jerome Narcisse, Cory Thompson, Jorge Ebanks, Rotando Thompson, Jerome Record, Lloyd Samuels, Deandre Simpson and David Terry.
Swimming: Lara Butler, David Ebanks, Joel Rombough, Geoffrey Butler, Summer Flowers and Tori Flowers.
Cycling: Michele Smith, Michael Testori, Jerome Ameline and TJ Olivier.
Shooting: Edison McLean, Andrew Schirn, Kevin Schirn and Christopher Jackson.
Tennis: David Berry, Alexander Leonard, Eduardo Torres, Marc Reid, Panac Jha, Nikjil Jha, Carrol Reid, Sian Harrison and Emma Lang.
Volleyball: Martin Bodden, Kevin Solomon, Olney Thompson, Richard Campbell, Keeble Knight, Brian Purcell, Davison Ruwende, Shameel Ali, Jacob Strand, Daniel Pattico and Dulian Swaby.  

For more information, visit the International Island Games Association website at For details on this year’s event (25 June to 1 July) or to track results go to


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Women’s flag football kicks off Saturday

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(GCFFA): One of Cayman’s fastest growing sports, flag football, welcomes a new women’s league organized by the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association (GCFFA).  Kicking off with an open scrimmage and registration session and two scheduled games at the Cayman International School field this Saturday 25th of June from 9am-12noon, organizers are encouraging women and fans of the game to stop by the field and join in on one of the 20 minute long exhibition games. The scrimmages will be from 10am-11am and the inaugural pre-season games for pre-registered teams will be from 11am-12noon.

The open scrimmage is being held to introduce new players to the game, have teams become familiar with league members, encourage registration and build camaraderie amongst the players. For women ages 17 and up, who are not currently registered with a team, or are interested in learning more about the game of flag football, Saturday’s event is the best time to become familiar with players and the new format of 7vs7.

As the number of female players grows, so is the style of football being played. Moving on from the 5vs5 format, 7vs7 more closely mirrors ‘real’ football with the inclusion of blocking, shadow blocking,more complicated plays and technical aspects.

The GCFFA women’s season will be running into the fall of this year. Games will be played from 10am-12noon at the Cayman International School field. Registration is $25 per player with a cap of 18 players per team. There are currently over 70 women registered with the league.

League co-founder, Sophia Dilbert said the GCFFA was formed to focus on the development of a women’s league as well as an inter-high school youth programme.

With the number of female flag football players continuously rising, “we wanted to be able to expand those numbers within the high school system and encourage even more participation,” Dilbert explained. She went on to further say that in the fall, the GCFFA intends “to introduce a high school flag football program through the NFL Youth Program which we feel will afford the youth an opportunity to participate in meaningful extra-curricular activities.”

There is currently no inter-high school competitive flag football programme, and by bringing in flag football, the GCFFA hopes to tie the youth of Grand Cayman together through sports-friendly competition. In doing so, the GCFFA will be bringing back a focus on sports as a track to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

For more information regarding the GCFFA and Saturday’s kick-off scrimmage games and registration, please email


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Cayman rugby celebrates

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(CRFU): The Cayman Rugby Football Union celebrated the 2011 local rugby season with their Trinity Fund Administration sponsored annual player’s dinner on Friday 17 June. The traditionally all male affair which is now open to female rugby players and more recently guests and partners, was attended by 215 people at the Arts and Recreation Centre at Camana Bay. The evening provided an opportunity for  friends, family, colleagues and team mates to celebrate a year of all things Rugby in Cayman and thank volunteers, staff members and sponsors without whose support the continued successes of Rugby in the Cayman Islands wouldn’t be possible.

Guest speaker for the event was scheduled to be former England Captain, 2003 Rugby World Cup winner and British and Irish Lion Phil Vickery but an unexpected last minute apology allowed former England and British and Irish Lions and Leicester scrum half Harry Ellis (above) to step in and regale the attendees with stories of his bright professional playing career which was abruptly ended in 2010 due to a recurring knee injury.

2010 player awards:

Most improved female player (Sponsored by DMS Organization): LIZ AUSTIN
Female players’ player award (Sponsored by STUARTS WALKER HERSANT): CARA HENNESY-COLGAN
Female player of the year (Sponsored by Heineken Light): LISA BIRD
Junior male player of the year (Sponsored by CRFU Angels): MORGAN HAYWARD
Most improved male player (Sponsored by Artifacts): TOM MANN
Magners Player of the Year (Sponsored by Magners Cider): ETIENNE DUVENAGE

The Club Person of the Year award, which is awarded to the individual who volunteers the most time and effort to Cayman Rugby went to GEOFF BECK for his tireless work with the CRFU Disciplinary Panel and the Referees’ Association.
The CRFU would like to give a special thank you to all their Partners & Sponsors for the 2010/11 season especially;
Gold Partner: MAPLES
Silver Partner: Logic
Bronze Partners: IToutsource Ltd, Hews, Z99, Heineken, Caymanian Compass, International Rugby Board, Cayman Islands Government Department of Sport, Cayman Islands Olympic Committee
Gold Sponsors: Greenlight RE, Cayman Rehab services,
Silver Sponsors: Mourant, PWC, Fidelity, Global Capital Management
Bronze Sponsors: Scotiabank, DHL, Queensgate, John Doak Architecture, Water Authority, Krys Global, AR Scott Ltd, ABC trenching, OMNI Career search
CRFU & CJRDF Associate sponsors & Donors: Cayman Islands Helicopters, Conyers Dill & Pearman, RE/MAX, Pool Patrol, Trinity, Otis air conditioning, Comfort Suites, Butterfield, Pestkill, MCS, Cayman National Trust (Co) Ltd., Trinity Fund Administration Company Limited, Mr. and Mrs. Tonge, Derek Haines
A big thank you for the catering services for the evening provided by Mise En Place and decorations provided by Lions Productions.

Years Club / team Caps (points)

2001–2010 Leicester Tigers 173 (145)
National team(s)
Years Club / team Caps (points) 2004–2009
2009 England British and Irish Lions 27 1 (25) (0)


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Self determination at impasse, Cayman rep tells UN

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(CNS): With the UK's position that it does not believe the Cayman Islands should even be on the United Nation's list of non-self governing territories, while at the same time having devolved none of its real power in the 2009 Cayman Constitution, Wil Pineau told UN delegates that self determination appeared to be at an impasse. “We do not regard the introduction of a new administrative arrangement between the administering power and her territory as a sincere attempt to advance the progress towards self-determination,” Pineau said on behalf of the civil groups he was representing at a recent UN meeting.

“During the constitutional discussions, the UK made it clear that specific conditions had to be met and lines could not be crossed, otherwise the administering power would not agree to a new constitution for the Cayman Islands,” the Chamber CEO added.

Pineau was addressing the Caribbean regional seminar on the implementation of the third international decade for the eradication of colonialism, which was held in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines earlier this month, on behalf of Cayman Islands Non-Governmental Organizations Constitutional Working Group, which included the Chamber, the People for Referendum (PFR) and the Concerned Citizens Group (CCG). The meeting had originally been scheduled to be held here in the Cayman Islands, but the CIG declined the invitation and chose not to send a government delegate to the talks.

In his address Pineau said the UK government had failed to educate the people of the non-self governing territories (NSGTs) about the options for self determination and called for more help from the UN.

He suggested that future regional seminars should only be convened in the NSGTs with public access including the press to all deliberations and for the UN to work with government and civil society groups in the NSGTs to provide education resources and funding.

“Find ways to develop governance and capacity building with or without the administering Powers cooperation and involvement,” Pinneau said in his address as he called for more support. Pineau also suggested increasing dialogue between the C24 and civil society in the OTs that would assist with the development of participatory democracy.

“At present there is minimal communication between the C24 and civil society in the Cayman Islands. Communication usually occurs leading up to the regional seminars. Correspondence submitted to the UN Secretariat in most instances remains unanswered,” he added.

Pineau said that education must continue to be at the epicenter of all activities. “Such education must of course clarify to the people of the Cayman Islands that the expression 'self-determination' is not a synonym for the word 'independence' – although 'independence' is numbered amongst the options to be available to NSGTs.”

He added that the UK, in cooperation with the territorial governments and appropriate bodies of the UN system, should develop political education programmes for the territories in order to foster an awareness among the people of their right to self-determination.

“An informed and enlightened civil society will ensurethat informed choices are made as they make decisions towards self-determination,” he noted.

See full paper here

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Mac defends budget

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(CNS): The premier said he hoped the people of Cayman would realize that he is working hard for them in order to turn the economy around, as he wrapped up the budget debate in the Legislative Assembly on Monday afternoon. McKeeva Bush spoke for more than four hours as he answered the questions and criticisms of the opposition bench. Defending the budget figures and the decision not to cut civil service numbers, Bush said that his economic policies had worked and that was how government had achieved a surplus for this financial year. Having turned government finances around, he said, he was not going to risk further compromising the local economy by cutting local jobs.

Bush explained that this was the argument he had presented to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office when questions were being raised in London about the level of personnel costs and the government’s failure to stick to the three year plan.  He said he had protected jobs for Caymanians and the local economy from more austerity. He said there was flexibility in the budget and spending had been increased in key areas such as policing, education and health in an effort to deal with the pressing social issues.

With the CUC cut Bush said he was delivering on a previous promise made when he was forced to remove the fuel rebate during the first budget. Now government had the money, he said, he could give it back but he said he did not need to notify CUC until he had found the money and the power company would be informed shortly.

Although the budget did not receive written approval directly from the UK, the Governor’s Office confirmed yesterday that OT Minister Henry Bellingham and the premier had discussed the budget before it was presented last Friday.

“The Cayman Islands Government developed their budget in line with those discussions, and with the intention of meeting the targets set in their published medium term plan,” the office confirmed on Monday via email. The spokesperson noted that the Cayman government was at liberty to decide how money is spent or cuts made. “The UK is just keen that finances in the Cayman Islands return to a sustainable track,” the office stated.

Bush said that the finances were in much better shape and the numbers in this budget were correct, and despite the criticisms from the opposite benches, the central government surplus was $12 million before the losses from statutory authorities were added and that was the normal way to present the budget.

The premier suggested the opposition had failed to find anything wrong with the budget and had displayed ignorance of economics during their questions and criticisms. He also complained about the constant disagreement in every corner of society and accused the former opposition leader, Kurt Tibbetts, of throwing cold water on everything.

“I don’t expect fairness in opposition politics but it seems everyone has to disagree,” he said, adding that in churches, in schools, in clubs and associations and everyone was “fussing and fuming” and being disagreeable. “We live in an atmosphere where it seems no matter what you do, you do wrong,” he added. “You are not going to have everybody to agree with you so I have given up on that but nobody has a knack of criticising quiet like the first elected member for George Town.”

Bush also took aim at the current leader of the opposition and accused him of having a dramatic road to Damascus conversion over the rollover policy. Bush accused Alden McLaughlin of criticising without the facts, of not understanding economics and of spreading rumours to destroy him but of having no viable alternatives. During the week of budget debate, he said, after all of the attacks he had not heard one single idea from the opposition benches to raise revenue or create jobs.

Throughout the four hour presentation the premier spoke at length about constantly being investigated and reviewed and said the opposition were creating doubts to make him look bad. He said that while it was him they were trying to make look bad and scandalizing today, he warned it would be them, or their children, in the future. Bush said, however, they could go to the governor, the police commissioner or the auditor general as “his heart was pure and his hands clean.” The premier said he had done nothing wrong but that things were not getting done because of constant accusations and in the end it was the Caymanian people that would suffer. “It is my job to move this economy,” Bush added.

As he commended his budget to the Legislative Assembly, he said he had done much to improve the budget position of government, and while there was still some way to go, he was proud of what had been done so far.

In its second reading the budget bill passed, with nine government votes over three abstentions by the opposition and independent member. Three of the opposition members were also absent from the chamber when the division was called. The Legislative Assembly was adjourned for Finance Committee, which is chaired by the premier and will now scrutinize budget appropriations for all government entities.

Check CNS this week for more on the premier’s closing budget speech including comments on the Cohen loan and immigration, as well as detailed reviews of public spending plans for 2011/12.

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People’s demo set for GT

| 21/06/2011 | 127 Comments

(CNS): The people will be taking to the streets of George Town next week to demonstrate their opposition to a number of government projects, not least the proposal to develop a commercial sea port in East End. Members of the opposition, the independent representative for North Side, Save Cayman, the Concerned Citizens Group and other associations are coming together to show their concerns over recent announcements and decisions made by the current government and will be hosting the public show of opposition with a march through the capital on Tuesday, 28 June, from noon. 

“This all-inclusive coalition protest aims to bring together all those who have growing concerns over recent announcements and decisions made by the current government,” the opposition said in a release on Monday afternoon. “Several topics of national interest, including but not limited to the East End mega quarry, corruption, the North Sound dredging, the oil refinery and the planned closure of the West Bay Road, will be embraced under the umbrella of this demonstration.”

With the announcement that the Cayman Islands Tourism Association is opposed to the project and the comments submitted by the Environmental Advisory Board over what is being described as the East End quarry, the sea port project continues to be the main focus of the demo. However, the opposition said the ongoing lack of information and transparency about a number of projects has also “touched a nerve as growing suspicions of corruption are beginning to undermine our nation’s growth as a truly democratic society,” the PPM leadership added.

The North Sound dredging is still a concern, despite comments that the latest proposal has been abandoned, as there are no guarantees that a future proposal could still be considered for a channel, and this along with the UDP government’s apparent support for a number of other projects is causing  considerable “distress in the community”, the opposition added.

“Despite significant outcry about these concerns, the voices of the people have been falling on deaf ears. To many it has become clear that the interests of the people are not being represented,” the PPM went on to say in its release, which was derided by the premier when the news reached him during his closing speech in the budget debate inside the Legislative Assembly.

McKeeva Bush lashed out at the opposition for organising the demonstration. He said he would not acknowledge it and believed it was just a minority of people as most people knew what government was doing to make the economy take off. He said the opposition’s attempts to throw him out of office would be in vain and he “would not buckle” because of the march.

Bush said he hoped the people would not join the group that was marching because they had no solutions. “You won’t fix me,” he told the opposition benches, “and now my resolve is built even more.”

Speaking outside the legislative chamber, Ezzard Miller said the decision to hold the full scale demonstration in George Town against the East End port was as a result of the most recent developments in the LA compounding the actions of the developer.

Miller said both he and his parliamentary colleague, the PPM member for East End Arden McLean, had already called on the developer, Joseph Imparato, not to pursue the project, which had been ignored. He said they then had both called on the premier to state that he would not allow the project to continue. Instead, on Monday he indicated just the opposite, making it clear he supported the project.

“This leaves us with no other option but to demonstrate to show the government the substantial opposition among the people to this project,” Miller stated.

The PPM members added that all these issues were important, not just to Caymanians but to everyone living and working in the Cayman Islands. “If these projects are allowed to proceed and corruption or the perception of its existence is allowed to reign, the eventual result will be a lawless and undemocratic society which erodes the foundation of our success as a country,” the party leadership added as it called on all concerned citizens and residents to come out for the event, either to show support or to learn more about the issues.

For further information or to receive event updates email

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