Child knocked down on North Sound Road

| 25/06/2011

(CNS): Update 8:45pm Saturday — The RCIPS has confirmed that a young female pedestrian was injured when she was knocked down by a vehicle Saturday morning, 25 June, in the vicinity of The Humane Society, North Sound Way. CNS understands that the child was walking one of the dogs from the Humane Society, which was unharmed. Police say the incident was reported at 10:47am and that the child was injured in the collision and was taken by medics to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town, where she was admitted. No one else was injured in the collision. At 8:00pm Saturday night her condition was listed as stable with no fractures or any life threatening injuries.

Any witnesses to the collision should contact the investigating officer PC 347 Kenville Holder on 946-6254 or George Town police station on 949-4222.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    It makes me very happy to read all these articles in support of stopping the lunacy on the road by the Humane Society.  As a volunteer that walks the dogs every weekend, my heart is often in my mouth crossing the road, especially with 2 unruly dogs in tow.  We can see what is coming to get across but how can you see us when you are driving 60 miles an hour arond a bend and on your phone?

    I agree that the Humane Society is in a bad spot especially for dog walking but if we had the funds, we would have a huge piece of land where the dogs could run free and happy and we would have areas to take them to get them out of their kennels more often.  Our space is so limited that these walks are the only reprieve they get and it is critical they continue.

    I understand not everybody is the same animal loving person that the volunteers in the Humane Society are but please dont endanger the lives of the people walking the dogs just because of your dislike of animals.  People speed up when they see us to show their disdain of the animals and what we are doing but these are shelter dogs and can get scared by loud noises.  Put your feelings aside and respect people who are helping the community which is only in this state due to irresponsible pet ownership and lack of responsibillity in not spaying and neutering your pets.

    To the local business owner who complained about the "business" on their private land, point taken and noted – we will be more vigilant to monitor new and inexperienced dog walkers to respect your land.

  2. Rorschach says:

    While I am certainly glad that the young lady is going to be ok and that the animal was uninjures also, please allow me to comment on some of the statements made on here regarding the speed limit and unenforcement in this area…a while back there was a police officer who used to patrol and do radar in this area like it was his own back yard.  "Mannie" used to be seen on this road all hours of the day and night and "whoa be unto you" if you were caught speeding…now knowing Mannie, I knew that he did not really bother you unless you were going more than say, 10 mph OVER the posted speed limit…but guess what, he was nearly always giving someone a ticket for speeding…and were the public happy??  NOOOOO…..some of you complained about be "Persecuted" rather than being "Prosececuted", and a few of you thought that you were above the law and went and pulled on some strings and whispered in a few well placed ears and BADA-BING…that area is now a racetrack again…SO, it's the same old story…when your police service is enforcing the law you are unhappy and feel like "victims", so you pi$$ and moan and complain…well, folks, you can't have it BOTH ways…you must either learn to obey the law and take your licks when you break it, OR you must get used to living in a lawless society…it's completely up to you….and just for the record, I am NOT a police officer, just a citizen who has been around the block a few times and can see things for what they really are….

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right. It IS a RACETRACK. People behind me honking because I’m only going 28 MPH. All so you can get tom the roundabout sooner than me so you can wait…….

  3. petermilburn says:

    Glad the young lady is ok and I must say I agree with a couple of posters.The Humane Society building should be set up somewhere else.Having said this our Govt(s)should be putting a large amount of cash support into this project as it because of many locals that the dog and cat problems are as bad as they are now.There is far too much cutting loose of these animals when they become bigger and less cuddly.We need enforcement of current animal laws(if indeed they are any)and owners MUST be held responsible for getting their animals speyed or neutered.Right next door to me there are at least 4-6 dogs that are very aggressive especially a female Pitbull and she has has gotten out on the road on numerous occasions and were it not for a passing motorist getting between them and the person walking or riding a bike there would be some serious attacks taking place.I know that the police have been called as they were around last nite checking.There is a school right next door and I cannot but wonder what would happen if a young child were to be attacked.I hope that the govt will take heed of this advice and help the humane society with much needed funds to take care of the growning pet problem that is caused mainly by local caymanians that refuse to take care of their pets.As a foot note there are many locals who DO take care of their pets but its now a case of the good suffering for the bad.If you cant take care of them DONT HAVE PETS.

  4. Animaliberator says:

    Allow me to refer to my article published a little while ago in the Forum section "The Humane Society's Death Trap".

    This could possibly mean that volunteers are going to think twice before they cross that road again at great cost of the human and animal well being but, I have the perfect solution to this problem; It should become mandatory that ALL off-duty officers become volunteers not only to firsthand  witness the madness that is going on that road with totally selfish speeding drivers who care only for the well being of their cell phones but also as a well needed added service to our communtity. All ordinary citizens have the right if not a duty to call in if they witness traffic offences particularly of this nature now having a volunteer nearly killed, the dog just got lucky this time around so, for an off-duty RCIPS officer it should be easy to nail these offenders on the spot.

    God speed recovery to the volunteer who got injured and hope she will not be deterred to walk the many dogs that are housed at the CIHS.

    It would also help very much if current owners of pets would try a little harder to keep their petsrather then just dropping them off when things get a little tough, in particular those who got rolled-over and simply leave the animal(s) behind for someone else to be found and cared for.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Police need to once in awhile monitor speed on that road.  The speed limit is posted as 25 MPD, and about 85% of drivers are in excess, and often well in excess, of 25 MPH.   I drive that road about 8 times a day. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    It was only a matter of time before someone got hit in this area.  The Humain Society should be moved. The road is dangerous there.

    • Anonymous says:

      The road is NOT dangerous…the idiots driving along the raod ARE dangerous

  7. Anonymous says:

    The speed limit on that road is posted as 25 mph however it is a rare sight to see anyone driving under 40 mph. This is one of the most dangerous roadways on the island …particularly leading up to and within the roundabout at ALT. Perhaps this unfortunate accident will serve to remind drivers that those annoying traffic laws and limits are posted for a reason. It is a shame that a Saturday morning good deed turned into a tragedy for this young lady. I wish her a quick and full recovery.

  8. Caymanian says:

    There should be a crossing there and people should slow down to the correct speed. Hope she is Ok.

  9. Anonymous says:

    check the drivers phone records and see if they were texting at the time.


  10. Cay 9 Poop says:

    Whilst I commend the dog walkers for giving up their time and the society for their efforts to save animals, I have a few comments…

    1, This is really a facility that needs to be located out further from the busy roads and town center.

    2, They need to ensure the volunteers don't tarnish their reputation – today I witnessed 3 incidents where dogs did their business on the sidewalks and the volunteers kept walking.  In two cases it was the same volunteer, first walking with one dog, then with two.

    3, They need to respect their neighbours.  I am a neighbouring business owner that has the walkers bring dogs by and let them wander on our PRIVATE proprty and cr@p at whim.  We have told the society, but it still goes on.  (FYI – we have taken the significant support we personally and as a business gave to the society and channelled it to others more aware of their environmental impact – Miss Nadines, the NCVO, Hospice Care, The Pines and Cancer Society all thank you for not listening when a donor asked you to respect their property…)

    I will continue to frequent the book loft, help out at the thrift store and try and do what is right for the animals often overlooked on the island, as long as the management ensures the society respects those around who don't appreciate their volunteers shirking their duties and leaving steaming piles of cr@p on their land!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps, other than buying a few books on the cheap, you could show your support for the animals by walking a few yourself (rather than watch others doing it – which is slightly creepy) and set a good example to those terrible volunteers who spend their time and energy doing something which they think is worthy. Or you could follow behind with a scooper… 

  11. MER says:

    And to think this concern was raised in a recent CNS forum topic!