Robbers shoot victim in face

| 30/06/2011

(CNS): A young man was seriously injured following a robbery attempt at the jerk chicken hut in Red Bay last night, despite offering no resistance. The attempted robbery took place around 11:30pm on Wednesday evening as the staff began to close the stand. Three armed men carrying what seemed to be hand guns emerged from behind the Drama Society Theatre and demanded cash. Without provocation, one of the robbers fired a shot and the young victim, who was a customer at the stand and was helping staff was hit in the face. Following the senseless act of violence the robbers fled on foot empty handed in the direction they came, sources tell CNS. The young man who was still conscious was rushed to the Cayman Islands hospital. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Friends of the twenty-eight – year old victim, who worked for the Cayman Islands Brewery, said Thursday morning that despite the severity of his injury he is alive and doctors are making every effort to stabilize him so he can be airlifted for further treatment. He has lost an eye but it is believed the young brewer has not suffered any brain damage although the bullet passed through his face.

The RCIPS has now confirmed the incident and officers are appealing for witnesses. All three suspects wore masks and spoke with Caymanian accents. One was wearing a hoody type jacket.

“ These are dangerous individuals who need to be caught before they injure or kill some other innocent person ,” said Detective Sergeant Wright. “ If you were in the area at the relevant time last night and have any information about what took place, or the identity of the gunman and his accomplices, please call us now.”

Information can be passed to George Town CID on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Signsof the time, it begining to look a lot like certain countries in the mid 1970 and 1980. Political parties and colours = corruption, unemployement, deep seeded proverty, social breakdown and overnight increase in violent crimes. 

    This crime wave must stop.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea, no need to retire the police and replace them with Chinese.  The UK officials will soon be here to take over and bring in their own people and the sooner the better to enforce law and order.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have an Idea..

    Outsource the police.. retire all RCIP and allow the Chinese to Police the Island.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Government had better get a hold of this problem for the very first time in the history of the Cayman Islands our young people are idle and have nothing to do.  When people expecially the young are idle without gainful employment they become dissolute and lawlessness takes over. 

    Leader beware stop the garrison politics look about and I am going to be very blunt stop being influenced by the outside political influences.  Don't you see that we are becoming a mirror of Jamaica.  The best example of this was the the rally at the public beach for job registration.  Where in God's name did this kind of mentality come from in these islands, is this another unwanted import ?

    I am so very angry to see where my country is heading.  I beg you in the name of God stop this behaviour.  I beg the governor, do some thing, show your leadership, please represent the good name and graces of HM.  Good governance is what is needed here right now as a matter of fact it's past due.

    • Anonymous says:

      Calling for Fidel Castro for temporary 6 month rule over Cayman!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is now time for some kind of operation to stop these gun crimes and criminal, police need to start targeting the problem areas and place of business that are easy targets for these criminals.

    We do not need this degree of crime and fear in an island so small.  If we are unable to do this or lack the know how seek overseas assistance ask RudyGiuliani what he did in NYC to clean it up as before he did NYC was a scary place to be back in the 80's and today I feel much safer in NYC than here in Grand Cayman.


    • Anonymous says:

      Rudy brought in the special forces from Miami, that knew how to fight the type of crime that  had infested his New York state.

      You will never see that done here. we are a stubborn and bullheaded people, and don't want to listen to advice. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kick in some doors and bash some skulls til you get answers. And people please when they go kicking in doors, stop talking foolishness about, "boy, that na right yu na, dey shouldn't do dem daaat cuz dey innocent".

    Maybe the RCIP should use the tactic now adopted by the Jamaican Police, when things go down, they give a list of names to media outlets to have them turn themselves in (known criminals or names that are being called by the community) by 8am next morning or by 9am the next day.  And  its working, 99.9% of them do, because they know that when they don’t, it’s an excellent chance that they might end up  looking at a body bag from inside out. These gunmen are now even afraid to be called dons. Imagine.  

    Its time for different tactics, with these young thugs ,  the more they do, the more stripes they earn in their gang. These are not the days of one officer on patrol.  And as for community policing, a little guy riding around on a bicycle???? Those days are gone, the only type of community policing now needs to be hardcore policing. If your children hang with the wrong crowd and you sit by and say or do nothing, then your doors, windows and everything deserves to be kicked in.

    By the way people, are your teenage children working? If not, are you giving them money? if yes, is it enough to buy the expensive things you see them with? If they are not working, where are they getting it from? Are you accepting the things they give you without question? If so, you are just as bad as them, no, actually, worse.

    As Reneto Adams once said “them alligators need to be crushed from the egg, you don’t wait til they hatch”.

    Caymanians Look up Reneto Adams, give him one week Cayman would be back to normal. Every yellow bellied alligator egg would flee.




  7. Anonymous says:

    Simple enough solution to a large portion of the muggings, rapes and robberies. Arm and train the citizenry. Small time criminals are basically school yard bullies. They never pick on the big kids. If the law abiding public had the means to defend ourselves on an even playing field and the legislation to protect us when we act in self defence there would be a massive drop in the horrible crimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Arm and train the citizenry:Thats an extreme action. Its the police duty to protect and serve the community. Train the police properly and if they dont measure up, fire them including the Commissioner and some of his senior officers. Then source good and genuine police officers from here and abroad(not Just England ) to properly detect and irradicate crimes. When you put guns in citizens hand some of whom are of intemperate nature and with bad tempers, you will have more domestic violence and shootings. If you have not seen what happens on some Friday nights and some holiday weekends in some homes on this island and at the night spots, you need to take a ride with the unifom patrols and spend some hours at George Town or West Bay police stations and you would be surprise to know what goes on when you are blisfully asleep.Guns in the hands of some citizens would be tools of  family  violence. Citizens are alreay volunteering with the Constabulary, and interestingly these are not trained in fiearm usage.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It was just a matter of time before someone was deliberately shot during an armed robbery.  It won't be long before someone iskilled.  What will it take for SERIOUS action to be taken, the relative of an MLA or the  family member of the Governor?

    • Pete Mitchell says:

      Yep, just a matter of time. While Baines can't be responsible for every crime not prevented, there is a systemic failure in the RCIPS, and that is for him to fix. Not helicopters, not cameras, not trying to teach tards to write and spell properly, but live up to your first words on this island, "We've been policing 150 years, we know what we're doing".

      He HAS to admit that he's got it wrong, head hunt back the good cops that his less that professional 'professional standards' department have routed out of the service, or pack up and go home.

      Diving holiday's over Dave, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  9. Anonymous says:

    To All Senior Civil Servants, ok the top 4 and you know who you are. You are in charge of law enforcement, you can make the changes and at this time you are doing nothing, oh sorry you have spent millions on the helicopter and now a couple million on cameras.


    We need to get to the root of the problem and this is education. Yes we need to start in the schools with our young children. Unfortunately my age group 35-45 have brought our kids up in as an entitled generation, whatever our kids what they get, as Caymanians we are entitle to jobs, not learn how to read and write. Our teachers can’t even disciple children in school, if they do parents go down the school and threaten the teachers, the kids see this and now have no respect. What these young Caymanians need is a good thick ear and maybe even a beating 9 to all you human rights people @@@@ off). Our problem is not going to be solved I the near future, I personally feel we have to right off children from the ages of 12-26 at this time, Now for those of you that have gone to further your education and have jobs, congratulations, however, I have seen some of you out at clubs and in public areas and your manners are dreadful. Learn respect. In Fact what you need to do is look at a young Caymanian  named Felix M, look up to him, he doesn’t have to swear he treats all equally and a very good example of what you can do with your life if you put your mind to it. To be honest, for those that know Felix, we need to push him to run in the next election, as I believe some of these young person’s would listen to him rather than us old people. As we are not cool and he is.


    To the Commissioner Mr. Baines, you need to let go of your English ego and go speak to some of our older police officers that have left the force, utilize their experience, most of the former officers know the streets and have been on the island a lot longer than a lot of your new officers, I recently spoke to some officers ( not from the UK, but Jamaica) and they didn’t even know School House Rd and Scranton. Also you have to get more officers on the streets, I heard that there is one inspector on duty to run the whole island at night and CID get off at midnight unless something happens. @@@@ I recall before you guys brought this English policing policy of community policing, DTF, uniform, traffic, CID worked all the time. Finally, Mr. Baines I believe you think you are doing the right thing for the Caymans but you are not, don’t listen to your senior officers, go on the streets and speak to the man on the street, as I believe you really don’t know what is going on with your department and this island. Just my opinion.


    Now time for bed and to get ready to wake up again in the morning to read about another robbery or some sort of crime on CNS.


  10. MER says:

    So can I legally carry mase yet? We as civilians risk prosecution for carrying pepper spray, pocket knives or other forms of personal protection but our RCIP are too busy doing God knows what to catch these criminals! I would love one of you to have one word to say about people carrying pepper spray after this incident! It is not a major defense to a gun, but it's dang better than being empty handed!

  11. Anonymous says:

    What does Cayman have to offer anymore? I used to justify the high cost of living because it was a safe place to live. Now I'm just feeling ripped off. Despite what many may think, there are many safe places on this earth. I know the ignorant will tell me " to go then", but this doesn't solve the problem here. There are many Caymanians who have had to leave Cayman because they can't make ends meet, because they want a better education for their children, because they want more out of life. Are these Caymanians going to be told "not to come back?"

    • Anymous says:

      18:59 I am a Caymanian and I agree with every word you have said.

      I believe the police should have searched every home in that area.

      Somebodyknows something, but just wait, the little suckers will be caught

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m just glad to be gone.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The place where the young unfortunate man was shot does have crowds of people there. it is open air and next door to On-The-Run in Red Bay that is target so often. One can  expect anything to happen at this Hot Spot that is one of the reasons the Police should make many checks around this area.   I am starting to wonder; How safe are the School children there, because it could have happened during the day.

    The Cayman Islands have a grave problem on its hands, we need many of our good citizens helping to monitor places and roads days and nights to help fight this cancer that is taken over the country by wounding innocent persons to get a dollar.  Can we get an answer on the next steps citizen should take in securing and preventing these actions??  Don't say, lock your doors, as there are other ways and means of entry. Personally, I have had three break-ins and one attempted  all within three Months between 2 and 3:30 am. My contribution is to be alert and prepare  for such events more than bad times are ahead.  Some cleaning up is required in our country or this will have to be the next demonstration to take Cayman Back. 

  14. Diver says:

    Easy to sort out. Martial Law for a month. Stop suspects at any time, ask who they are, what are they doing, how they sustain themselves, take them in and ask more questions. If caught and convicted, maximum penalty for traitors and enemies to the country; for anyone who robs or hurts our own must be treated as an enemy to our islands and be dispossed off. No prison. Then invest on education so the next generation learns better values and higher standards and the respect that has been lost. Our generation is already corrupted. Only severe consequences will stop the crime.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They ran away on foot. Where is the K9 unit? Or have the dogs lost their training? A good K9 officer could have found those guys last night.

    • Anonymous says:

      Either on training or overworked from the day shift.

    • Anonymous says:


      I totally agree with you, but that would need some intelligent police on duty, to give out that order….what a mess we are into.

      As a person with no police trainning, that would be my first common sense move.

      block all roads around the bushes, that  they ran into, and send in the dogs.

      For christ sake Marlon , are you guys afraid of these gun tooting thugs? if that is the case, then import the ss,  they are not afraid of taking a bullet, these guys are well trained in war fare. May i ask, how many of your cops are trained in this type of warfare.

      I guess like the rest of the industry…they are hired because they say they are policemen. How many have  been to high intensed trainning camps. If you can't  answer that question, then I will tell you, we  do not have a proper police force .

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wish I had read this before we booked in the Marriot

    • 2 Wrist says:

      Marriott will swap your booking for a different location – and your vacation dollars will go much further elsewhere.

      In the last year there have been several serious attacks on tourists a few hundred yards form the entrance to your hotel.

    • Anonymous says:

      When are you coming? Mac says he'll have it all sorted out by this time next week.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is there a place you can rent a gun? I'm down there next week.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have this really nice residence in West Bay with a twelve foot fence and 24 hour hour security that we can put you up in. Utilities and all other services are compliments of the Cayman people. And if you decide to stay till Christmas we'll throw in free Christman lights for your enjoyment. Don't worry, Cayman is still d bes man.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The government needs to earmark a special fund for fighting crime.  This fund is for any info leading to the arrest and prosecution of any individual involved in a serious crime.

    The reward should be no less than $10,000.  If the gun is recovered, and is found to be used in the crime then and extra $5,000 will be added. 

    The pool needs not be greater than $400,000.  The govt can recover the funds from business by requesting a one time voluntary contribution ranges from $250 – $500.  I personally know that business will be glad to pay into this fund or pool.

    There are a lot of hungry people who would gladly give up these criminals if it was worth their while.

    The crack heads would turn in anyone they know for that kind of money.  Eventually they would rat everyone out.

    $10, 000 for any info leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in a serious crime or is in possession of an illegal firearm

    • Anonymous says:

      Bush's slush fund would be ideal for this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard the young man is being sent to the US for treatment. The best hospitals for eyes in the US are John Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland or Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston, Ma.

      Not sure if the family has a choice or the funds, but if my family had a serious eye injury…that is where we would try to get to.

      My prayers go out to the young man and his family.

    • time for action...! says:

      police have been offered hitech solution – they are slow to adopt –

      imagine if 3 minutes after the crime a text was sent to 10,000 phones across cayman… "robbery – 3 minutes ago – 3 masked men seen running from jerk standin redbay"…and 2 minutes later a person responds to the text " just saw 3 suspicious guys enter a black suv license plate 123456"… then a new text " suspected robbers in black suv license plate 123456 leaving red bay area 6 minutes ago – anyone see this car?"

      there is little chance that the car would get far on our "2 main road country"

      the armed police could then quickly catch up with the car/suspects thru the use of their radios … and deal with them accordingly

      sms texts are almost free

      mr. govenor please ask the police to implement this idea before we have senseless deaths…the system has been offered to the police for free by a local company

      the system obviously has flaws – and may not work every time –  but with the speed of text messages… many of the crooks would of been caught thru the alerting of people in the area minutes after the crime…

      on another note – has anyone heard about the quantity/types of drugs circulating in the jail? is it a surprise freshly release prisoners are stealing to buy drugs? are drug addicts to blame for their desperation? who are the dealers? and how quick can the dealers be shut down? are there police involved in the distribution of drugs?

      mr govenor, please take responsibility for the police and their success/failures…

    • Anonymous says:

      Bossman please spare us with your financial wiz program to pay for more incompetence.A special fund thats exactly what they need another pile of money 30 million was just alotted to themand they are having special fun wasting it. How about we sack those responsible for this crime situation as any reasonable country has or would do. This UK run Overseas Territory appears to reward ineptness and incompetence with promotions and title. All we get is gibberish and excuses although i must say they have improved alot lately to telling outright lies these days,much much better than before. They have imported the finest specimens of police from various jurisdictions and kept our dumbest. However in this crime situation that is occuring in our little society there is a peculiar thing it would appear that violent crime is only affecting a certain segment of our society. Maybe thats why our illustrious police appear to be unable to control it.Criminals are not dumb they fully understand perception and response. CNS posted a really good article of preceptions of crime sometime back in viewpoint it should be re post for some to read again .

    • Anonymous says:

      Government need to employ NON-CAYMANIAN police with brains, not designate money.

  19. Dred says:

    “ These are dangerous individuals who need to be caught before they injure or kill some other innocent person ,” said Detective Sergeant Wright. “

    This is not a time to be funny but I found this to be an extremely STUPID remark especially "before they injure or kill some other innocent person". So what do you call being shot in the eye? Does that notcount as INJURE?

    It's just like the police still not in emergency mode!! What does it take.

    I believe ALL POLITICIANS both UDP and PPM need to come down on the Governor and Police for RESULTS. This is their citizens their voters being killed and shot and robbed. This is something that need not be politically driven.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dred, I like much of you write but you are a bit incoherent on this one. First, I have no idea why you think what the Det. Sgt. said was stupid. Perhaps you missed the word "other" in his statement. Then you go on to say that all politicians should put pressure on the Governor and the police but end with the apparently contradictory conclusion that it is not something that should be "politically driven". Did you mean that it should not be a partisan issue?    

  20. Joe from NY says:

    So much for the line "no shots were fired and no one was harmed".  I pray that the good people take back your island.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest, these three persons have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, girlfriends and other family members. The family members will not give up their sons or relatives and they never will. All these persons will say is their son would never do this, even if they know they do.

    I am not sure if you have observed over the last several robberies but there on a majority of these crimes there have been three people involved, are these the same three people committing these robberies, all they do is rob a few places over a week get cash, then stop for a couple of weeks, then start again. I’m sure if you go home and see your kids, boyfriends not working but are able to pay for gas and going to the clubs they must be doing something wrong.

    Crime has got out of hand and we need to form some sort of national security group, not the police, a unit that can specifically look into and investigate this, then deal with the guys. I recall reading a year or so ago persons writing about this unit. The Premier needs to push this unit up and running.

    To the Commissioner, Mr. Baines, I see one problem happening in the next year, members of the public are scared and what you are goingto find is that they are soon going to be arming themselves with illegal firearms. I never use to think that we should be allowed firearms arms but with all these crimes going on I believe I personally need one now as I am sure some of you now feel.

    Lastly; everyone that knows persons who are committing these crimes need to stand up and give this info to crime stops, @@@@ the reward. If you do not assist us catching these persons maybe your children are going to be the next victim, and you are going to cry and pray, but you maybe have been able to prevent this from happening.

  22. As I see it says:

    This is so sad – that this young man should have to lose an eye, and most likely suffer other injuries because of this madness.  This is what the public should be marching about – instead of supporting power hungry politicians!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      arrange the march and I will join in. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Yea, me too, where are these three amigos, you guys want to arrange a march to rid the crime …i didn't think so…no political milage in it for you?

  23. Anonymous says:

    XXX…'re helping someone clean up and you get you eye shot out. Scum of the earth and the parents that didn't raise them. Hats off to all of you Baby Faddas and loose women out their. You and your spawn are lower than turds. You have no place in Society. XXXX

  24. NB says:

    (Intelligently Aggressive) please tell us what part? So much foolishness going on on this island. before God we are all equally wise- and equally foolish. RCIPS=Big Joke!

  25. Which way did they go, says:

    Very sad when i heard this on the radio this morning.

    First thing i thought when it was reported they ran toward the public school is that they knew where they were going. Not because they had arrived days earlier, looked for a successful business, planned an escape, they just knew.

    If in danger i would never run towards an enclosed area that i did not know what was on the other side. Especially a school that typically has a fenced yard. 

    Police, you are looking for three people that have been customers at the stand. They live in the area. They played in the area as kids. You have their names… They went to that public school. 

    You have a list of names of men who attended that school, go back up to 15 years. Cross of the many who have made something of themselves, cross of the ones who have left the country, cross of the ones who died young or are in Northward. 

    You will end up with less than a dozen,  go ask them where they were last night.


  26. Mrs. White says:


    Times has changed, so by that the things and people change, it’s harder to live now a day’s. Back in the “old days” life was much simpler, people where more humble. Now a day’s people want more than they can account for and have no ambition to get it the right way, so their ignorance gets the best of them by them going out and committing these vicious crimes and taken other people’s life accountable for


    Things will only keep getting worst. The people who do these crimes, don’t you think they think about these acts before they do it?! There’s no stopping a man when he’s made his mind up, unless you stop him in his tracks and tie him down. Until you can master that, mind reading or you can see into the future’ these things will ALWAYS happen.


    We live and we die. All I’m saying is; you want to get something out of life for yourself, live good with God, and work for things the right way.



    A struggling Caymanian, who works hard for what she has/wants and if she can’t get it (no matter how much it upsets her) she will just have to make-do without.

  27. concerned caymanian says:

    after such a hideous attack on an innocent individual last night in red bay i want to ask the rcip this question, when something like that happens last night shouldn't the entire police force be on high alert?

    if so then why were there five (5) police cars parked in the parking lot of the west bay police station at 8am being washed by a mobile car wash company?

    they should be patrolling the streets to ensure that an attack like this didn't happen again. another question i have is who is paying for these police cars to be professionally cleaned? is this the reason that the rcip needs such a big budget?

  28. Anonymous says:

    And they say demonstraying will drive away investors?

  29. Anonymous says:

    And still our government refuses to do anything that might inconvenience the thugs – professional courtesy???

  30. Anonymous says:

    I dont think that the finger should be pointed at the police, more toward's the government!

    The police in Cayman may be iliterate and uneducated but lets be honest they get paid very little for putting their lives at risk each day. 

    It is the Governments responsability to provide education, training and jobs, so that the people of Cayman should not have to turn to crime for a living. It is the governments responsability to have effective Customes to prevent Guns and Drugs from entering the islands and it is the Governments responsabilty to attract new commerce to these shores.

    Who is going to want to come visit theislands, set up business here with the esculating Crime here in Cayman ?

    Why havent the Government got projects underway for the Cruise Ship Terminal, Hospital, extension for the runway, finished the Schools ? All things that would create jobs, increase spending, reduce crime, increase long term cash flow and make the sialnd more appealing to investment!

    Without the investmetn from DART announced recently their really would be very little positive for Cayman to look forward too!

    Mac……XXXXX, increase the police force, introduce new laws and think of the people of Cayman and Cayman future instead of yourself !   

    • Anonymous says:

      So, are you suggesting that these societal weaknesses are an excuse for 3 criminals to walk up to a small business, demand money and shoot off a poor, innocent man's face because there were no pickings there to be had  to make up for the bad hand they've been dealt ?

      It doesn't take a doctorate degree to open a jerk chicken stand to try to earn an honest living and it certainly doesn't take one to pull a trigger but who is the victim here ?

      Count yourself lucky that I don't know who you are and we live oceans away because if our paths ever crossed and you expressed those opinions to me to my face….

      Well, I'll leave the rest an unfinished sentence

    • Anonymous says:

      I think before you call the police "iliterate and uneducated", you should probably check your spelling and grammar. For starters, you have misspelled the words illiterate (iliterate?), responsibility (responsability?) and escalating (esculating?). And don't even get me started on the grammar! – "Why havent the Government got projects underway" ….. 

      Your comment may have had a greater impact had you checked the spelling and grammar, especially after calling the police illiterate and uneducated.

  31. Whodatis says:

    The element of the now present "serious crime" in Cayman is a tremendously new arrival.

    There is no good reason why any competently led and organised police force should not be able to gain a higher level of control over the situation – none.

    Of all modern police forces the world over, the RCIPS appears to be the one that expressly relies on "witnesses" and "information from the public" the most. Whereas these are helpful in regards to solving crimes and making arrests – I am still of the opinion that they are not doing as good a job as they should be.

    If we were to follow their logic we would not have much need for a "police service" in the first place. We would simply report all crimes to a designated "Crime Department" and thereafter arrests would be made.

    These are not sophisticated, organised or experienced criminals – we know the calibre of our "bad boys" and we know that the vast majority of them are nothing but pathetic and insecure dumb-a**es!

    So here we are, having to rely on the idiots to eradicate themselves – which, by the way, was a job well done in 2009 / 2010.

    RCIPS, quit allowing these idiots to make fools of you – it is not a good look and in the meantime innocent people are being seriously injured.

    Best wishes to the victim for a safe and speedy recovery.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Well in all fairness all islands pretty much this way

  33. Anonymous says:

    Im so sick and tired of these S.O.B's!!!!   The RCIPS needs to go and get search warrants for every property that have offenders living there with previous history or charges for drugs, guns or similar crime!   If you all need more police power, I will work for FREE!   I am sick and tired of this s#it!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Profiling…everyone know who the the Wanabe bad a$$es are. Go get them. Get alibies. Not hard to do. Not for real men with backbone anyway. Won't happen though. We need new police who are are not afraid to confront citizens on just cause. Won't happen though. Where there is smoke there is fire. The thug culture is prevelant in many peoples lives on all different levels. Including the children of police in the music they listen to to the clothes they wear. So much so the most of the locals can't recognise it as it seems to just be the way they live their lives. You can say I'm not like that but I like the music or I like to dress that way too. From an outsider we can see the difference like black and white. Night and Day. I know what Lil' Waybe be singin'. Gaurunteed these kids are 5' 7" slim build with a vocabulary of mo dis and mo fo dat. No job. Like de gold. Pants be hangin down. It's all right in front of our faces. No ones foolin anyone. You reap what you sow. Got all these Gangsta roll models. Even sports "Stars" like Michael Vick and all the high paid idiots getting bought in on criminal charges. Guess it's a culture thing. It's cuase dey is stupid. This islands has been sold out to this and why not. XXXXX Bye Cayman as we remembered you. The only way is for the people to take it back. Problem is on an island of 50,000 only 200 turn out in protest aginst a XXXX government so…there is really no hope folks. Anything else is just wishing.

    • Anonymous says:

      What unarmed man with an ounce of common sense is going to confront a thug with a gun facing jail time if taken?

      But you give a man an even chance with a firearm then "step off BOBO".

  35. Anonymous says:

    time to look for a new island to visit…after 20 years!

    • I am a tourist says:

      Good luck.  I've visited over 15 Caribbean Islands and wish you luck.  This may have happened, but I guarantee it is still safer here than our Eastern Caribbean cousins.  However (if you are Canadian) try Cuba.  Enjoy the third world water supply…

      I'm sad about the crime too, but the grass is not greener on other islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you find a better place please tell me where.


  36. Anonymous says:

    Crime is everywhere in Cayman and it needs to be Stopped!

    Every time there is a crime involving guns I keep coming back to the statement made by the Collector of Customs sometime last year where he said "Guns are not manufactured in Cayman so they are coming in from somewhere". So I ask is enough being done to prevent the guns & drugs coming to our shores.

    Yes, the police need to fight the crime issues but Customs needs to prevent the guns & drugs from getting here in the first place. I never hear them reporting on gun or drug seizures. Do they even inspect the containers anymore or is it only about hassling the weekend shoppers to pay duty. Their department employees over 100 officers so why don't we hear of or see them carrying out extensive searches (cargo containers, air cargo, etc. (obviously the criminals know where the enforcement gaps are). Come on Customs earn your salaries & protect our shores!


    • Anonymous says:

      No further news on the customs guy that was accused or arrested in drug smuggling….?

    • Married to a Caymanian says:

      HEY RCIP!!!

      There seems to be a robberyt or police call required in this area at least twice a week….so how about POSTING A POLICE VEHICLE IN THE AREA READY TO RESPOND?!?

      I called in suspicious activity near Marina Drive and it took the RCIP over a half an hour to respond.  I can drive from here to Camana Bay in that time!

      Get with the program and get READY to nab these punks.  Where is out elite SWAT team?  *The ones that CAN carry arms?  I say, a week or two of nightly postings in this area and you will catch the same thugs that are doing these crimes.  Until you catch these punks, the crime wave will not stop.  

      Sorry to say, but it is about that time (4 weeks+) for Mc Russ to be robbed again, will the police be anywhere near the area?


  37. sickntiredofbeingsickntired! says:

    What next? Innocent people now  have to suffer for these fools!!!

    Well… I tell yi wa….this has me more upset and angry than anything and government 2 busy with their politricks to intervene.

    Civilians we need 2 take matters into our own hands and join our forces 2getha cuz the force that representin' us as ROYAL don't seem 2 keen 'bout wa goin' on…

    This is a cryin shame! Catch these fools man!!!!

    Where our fisha man hero's is when yi need 'em? Una try hurry come save da day!


  38. Beachbay meatballs says:

    Sad so sad put down the guns,the nation is crying,people are dying,there is no need for the gun or speed. Stop the trend whether foe or firend there is no need for the gun and speed.

  39. Andy Buck says:

    The RCIP are brave, but the criminals are armed.

    Strap a NINE to the already brave RCIP…. it would be raining justice.

  40. Jayman-WTF says:

    Let me add to my previous comment…. STOP THE DRUG TRADE and you'll see the robbery percentages drop down…. these low-lifes are feeding their drug habbits… because sadly…. that's why they are low-lifes… no education, no job, no love at home; drug habbit…. a sad sad never-ending saga…. the world and nations have seen this way too many times…. parents need to parent their children…. this is why the majority of these criminals are young people…. prevention better than cure… parents need to stop 'throwing down' their kids and they are left to fend for themselves… this situation is the grim end result….

    The whole digusting part is; too many players in the drug game…. High Society members/law enforcement/gov't officials/bad parents…. so…. what else can they expect…. the mentioned have created their own demise because of greed….. and the PUBLIC PAYS…..

  41. Glenn says:

    The Caymans is (was?) known to be one of the safest places on earth, a beautiful paradise that one could be feel safe.

    However, it is becoming almost a weekly occurance,if not more, when there are reports of a shooting / robbery with weapons / killing.

    If YOU, the people do not push for change, be it within the police force, to start doing their jobs, earning their wages, or government to ensure this is implemented, then you are seriously at risk of losing your well deserved reputation built over many many years. You will lose the visitors, both cruise and stayovers, and this could bring the Cayman Islands to its knees. 

    It is right that most decent people out there are worried and know that something needs to be done – but what is being done to retify the problem? Do you need help from the UK police force, if yours is not doing what it should, do they need (more) training or permanent UK police transfers, to replace the current officers that could be too close to the criminal element? Is this what makes people scared to inform on the criminals because of being 'found out'? If so then you have a serious problem within your setup and they need to be rooted out, then replaced with the correct people.

    The robberies and murders are not just a problem on your beautiful island, as there are low life people out there, in all countries that will rob / murder for cash or quick gain, without trying to earn this honestly, like through hard work, but your islands rely on tourism more than other countries around the world. 

    Before anyone starts stating they cannot get the work, how about getting your head down and train/study for the work that is available, show enthusiasm and commitment, this goes such a long way in creating a great impression on potential employers.

    If this crime wave continues on its current course you are going to kill off the good fortune that has been blessed on your island, as tourism alongside the financial sector, are the two most important factors in keeping the CI afloat, and once its gone…

    I am sure that 99% of all sections of CI society are decent, honest people but if you don't wake up and take/demand action you are at the mercy of the 1% who would are just in it for themselves.

  42. Anonymous says:

    This is RIDICULOUS…..Do you imagine what that citizen is going through a total *Life Change* I cannot be shocked by whats going on in *OUR ISLAND* NO MORE!

    Everyday it is something more and more drastic…GCM is Loaded with Guns unless it is the same ones used over & over again (which I highly DOUBT)!

    What can we expect anyway…WHEN the RCIP is only wooried mostly about DRUGs! I can only speck for Myself & let me tell any1 who is reading this right now. I am DISGUSTED with Cayman Premier, Government and Police Officers!


  43. kirk says:

    The policies of The Commissioner has failed miserably, trying to purport a safe Cayman is a grave fallacy when so many daily robberies and weekly shootings are taking place. You cannot continue to implement UK crime fighting measures here in Cayman. Just as there are economies of scale, the UK can afford to have cameras' on every street, bus, train, etc and also a quick response armed force. The UK will lock down the area for hours to find a criminal. Cayman cannot afford that type of cctv investment. Hence the Commissioner needs to adopt new crime fighting measures and stop being like the proverbial ostrich who hides his head in the sand when trouble comes. The police needs to be armed, we are all like lamb to the slaughter, how can we continue when we are all preys to the vultures who just wait on another easy daily pickings. Mr Commissioner, please stop purporting a safe Cayman to look good in the eyes of the Mother Country when the opposite is taking place. What good is the police if they hear of an armed robbery and have to stay afar and wait on the armed police who may be at the other end of the island. If the policies dont change to protect the people of this country which is one of the main mandateof a government, then we are in serious trouble.

  44. Jayman-WTF says:

    SAD SAD SAD…. Another result of the drug trade in these islands…. DRUGS are rampant here people… these guys HAD TO BE under the influence of some strong drug…. and I'm not talking about alcohol or marijuana…. what else could cause a person to fire off a gun in a another person's FACE for no reason if it was not premeditated for that person to be shot… they were another victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time….. imagine they were being a GOOD SAMARITAN and now they have a gruesome reminder of this for the rest of their life when they look in the mirror…. God knows what other adverse effects they will have.. both mentally and physically…. NOT FAIR MAN! Wish I could find these no-goods myself and strangle them with my bare hands…..

    This is the whole problem with the constant, vicious cycle of these 'petty crimes'…. it has now become a 'serious crime'…. ATTEMPTED MURDER…. The biggest fear and most dangerous part of these crimes have come true… SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH…. Therefore….. DEATH SENTENCE is required we live in a way to lenient society…. even if these guys ARE caught what becomes of them….? 'Slap on the Wrist' of course right…. don't worry though… the Police won't get them but KARMA will….. oh yeah BoBo Today BoBo…. can't run from KARMA….

    My heart goes out to the him and his family and i hope he has the best recovery possible for this is a hard pill to swallow for both….  

  45. Anonymous says:

    I am deeply concerned by last night's events. It seems that the public has become numb, to the crime wave that is sweeping the Cayman Islands. As a citizen and a mother I have a vested interest in the islands, and it is disheartening to see the reactions of the Police and Local Government, it is always after the fact. We need a proactive, preemptive response to crime. We need proper intelligence gathering and neighbourhood watch groups which are supported by the community police officers. To make matters worse, we now have hundreds of recent graduates of the respective high schools, facing grim job prospects in a struggling economy. It is all well and good to protest against proposed capital projects, and the damage that will be done to the Caymanian way of life, however as a paper Caymanian, who has lived here for the past twelve years, the sustained increase in serious crimes and the proliferation of armed gangs will be Cayman's undoing.

    I pray for the full recovery of this young man.

  46. Anonymous says:

    To the "anonymous writer" who posted his/her comments about prayer at 9:46 – Tell me, what have you done to prevent crime in the Cayman Islands?????

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      He's probably done about the same as you……. nothing.  There isn't much anyone can do.  I would vote for arming the police immediately.  Would you be anxious to go up against armed criminals without a firearm?  I wouldn't.  The police need more direction and freedom of action by their superiors.  Let's get serious RCIP! 

  47. dumbfounded says:

    RCIP's please catch them and charge them with attempted murder!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Dumb nervous kid with a loaded gun, no training in weapons safety, running, gun not on safety, pointing the weapon at people with his finger on the trigger….gun goes off accidentially…poor innocent bystander gets seriously injured….same dumb, nervous kid is now scared and maybe horrified by the grusome scene unfolding at his hand…..runs off without robbing the place….

    • Dred says:

      Training in weapon safety?

      Do you think this is the Police?

      This is a criminal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just sayin how I reckon events unfolded. My belief is he fired the weapon by mistake because he was an untrained, unskilled, nervous idiot. Don't get me wrong, I also have zero sympathy for these low lives and think they should be hanged.

        However, to respond to your point Dred – Do you know which nation has the highest percentage of (legal) gun ownership in the world?

        Switzerland. Not the USA, but Switzerland. Why? Because every Swiss national is expected to do national service in the military. During that time, and afterwards, they keep their military firearm at their home address. They have been taught how to handle weapons professionally, and military-grade weapons are everywhere, yet gun crime, and accidential discharges of those weapons are virtually unheard of. 

        I'm not saying it would work here, but it makes you think.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, let the nervous kid hand himself in and he may start to feel better.  Then somebody should take him to see the young man that he shot in the face!

    • Banker says:

      Yes, that's good… bring in the excuses early… poor kid… parents never got the money to get some gun training for the child… then he was running and a shot got fired accidentely and hit somebody in the eye… "nervous kid is scared"… "horrified"… What planet are you living on? This was not a kid… this was a monster… a scumbag… something that our society should get rid off…  Are you trying to become his defense-lawyer? You don't need to… our police will never arrest him. And if they arrest him, the police will lose the evidence, mix up the dates and times or file reports with so many spelling-errors that the judge has no other choice than to drop the charges…

      I hope that the victim recovers – however, his life is changed forever. Can you imagine to live with one eye? To look in the mirror every single day of your life and to see the hole that once was your eye? For this alone the shooter should get prison for life. People like you focus too much on the criminal – try to understand the implications that this moment has for the victim. If we teach our children the impact that crime has on individuals and criminals, then I believe that our children will not do these terrible crimes.



    • Hmmmm says:

      I agree with the "dumb" part, but I have ZERO sympathy for anyone–dumb or not–who points a gun in anyone's face for no apparent reason.

      If the person is that "dumb" then remove him from the gene pool before he creates any more "dumb" criminals.

      Can't blame the RCIPS for not wanting to bring a baton to what has become the nightly "gun fight" in the streets of Cayman. If our "dumb" robber had perceived any chance of having shots returned at him, he probably would have stayed home and played video games…and the victim would still have his eye.

      And for all of you praying for change, even the Bible says, "Faith without works is dead." If you stay on your knees…it makes you better targets. Instead, stand up for what's right and put the fear of God into these criminals by making them less certain that they will be the only ones with guns. After all, bullies love people who are afraid to strike back.

      Ecclesiastes 3:8 says, "…a time for war and a time for peace…" Can you tell what time it is, Cayman??

  49. Anonymous says:

    Am I making this up or was there not a report recently about how crime has decreased?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, there certainly was. Unfortunately the one responsible for that report couldn't possibly care less about whose child gets shot in the face. HIS interest in MUCH BIGGER crimes than this one, I assure you.

    • Anonymous says:

      But i thought the Commissioner of police said it was only 15 people who where committing crime on the Island and all were behind bars now but there is still crime what does this tell you cayman the commissioner does not know Wat he is talking about

  50. Anonymous says:

    It's time enough to change the law, if the crimminals can walk and rome the street with guns and knife why can't the police and the citerzens of these Islands do the same for protection.

    WHO is the question doing all the robbing, is it the young caymanians or is it the expats from other countrys?

    Do the police know who is committing  these crimes?

    Why is nothing being done to stop them?

    Are the person and persons involved friends or family to the police?

    Mr Preimer can you make a law that any one catch in this inlawful act be sentence to life in prison with out parol to keep the public free of these hidiouis crimes?

    Mr Preimer instead of building a new port, build a prison in the middle of the Ocean for these idiot let the hurricane and shark take care of them?




  51. Anonymous says:

    This is horrible!  It's only a matter of time before people start taking the law into their own hands….and you know who'll get punished for it all?  The people who try to defend themselves.

    I ran into a tourist last night also who said he was mugged two days ago outside the Marriott by a bunch of locals.  They took his watch and jewelry. 

    It's a shame that this island has got to this point.  It truely saddens me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most tourists can't tell the difference between locals, or any one else from the region

      • Anonymous says:

        You would be surprised what 'us' tourists KNOW…and I, as a tourist, CAN tell a Caymanian from a Jamaican from someone from Cuba, Canada, South Africa, Hondouras etc…..don't think we are stupid. We are far from stupid.


  52. Anonymous says:

    This is without doubt one of the saddest stories every reported on CNS and my heart bleeds mercifully for the victim. I literally feel rotten and sick to my stomach and can only hope that things turn around for the betterment of this nation. Words just cannot describe the array on emotions I feel this morning!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday I drove from Industrial Park to Smith Road by way of ALT round-a-bout, CNB round-a-bout, pass Credit Union around 6:15pm. I saw three police vehicles at three seperate times and started to wonder what's going on.

    It's sad that actually seeing a police vehicle is the exception and not the norm.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I see lots of people declaring that they are "praying" for all the right things to happen.  Is that really the best you can do? Essentially you are dealing with the problem by asking a wizard to intervene.  Just as you have done for the last several years since all this began. You prayed that woman at the dump would be found, then you prayed for her kids, you prayed for that 4-year old, then his family.  You've probably prayed for all those rape, burglary and mugging victims.  The only thing it has achieved is probably to make you feel like you've done your best to help.  Well, you have done nothing and things are going to carry on the same until you stop asking God to deal with your problems and make some tangible effort to fix them yourselves.

    • Thankful Again says:

      While I appreciate the point you are seeking to make: We must do something…for emphasis lets be clear – God's timing is not ours.  Answered prayers come in many ways.  Rest assured though, when answered, it is well done.

      Our uncertainity or inhibitions is not a reflection of God's power, ability and help in the "storms".  Who knows, the last three/four major robberies has been foiled in some way or another.  Could this be divine intervention?  Could this be the unseen hand in some fashion working through others to intercede?  Could this be His mercy to those who are committing these acts to halt what you are doing and set your path straight before someone gets hurt?  Now if they choose not too (the act of evil played out as in this case), that is one thing.  Again, rest assured thier ticket will be up soon.  Old people used to say: time longer than rope….God neither sleeps nor slumber.  So not for one second should this be a judgemnet on our faith.  But I support we must ACT now collectively with tangible means to do our part.

    • Nothing grand about Cayman says:

      Couldn't agree more…

      Sh*t in one hand and pray in the other… see which one fills up faster!

    • Anonymous says:

      So please tell us; what have you done?

  55. Anonymous says:

    Cayman please wake up…This is one of the main things we should be marching for…a safe Cayman…These crimes remind me about where I came from, it all started just like what I'm seeing here…At one time we had a very safe country you could walk at almost anytime at night and not be in fear…when there was a murder it was the biggest thing people talked about for weeks now they talk about it for minutes…the police could not get a grip of the crime situtation and it went way out of control…now almost every house has bars in the porch and windows…Lets not see Cayman become one of those countries…Take back Cayman…

  56. Anonymous says:

    This is the 2nd attemped robbery at the same location. Why are there so many guns on the island and so little police around the place? There are lots of houses and families in that area.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Post 9:11 can you please say who are the rite people to be rob. NO one  deserve to be rob NO ONE.

  58. Kent says:

    I can not put into words the hurt I have for this young man, and the rage towards the less than human cowards that have done this!  The disgust with our leadership for not making crime priority one.  What is this young mans pain worth?

    Each and every one of you so called "leaders" from the law makers, to the Governor and police comissioner need to go and visit this young man and make his sacrific and those who have been injured or killed  before him, not be in vain!

    Shame on our leaders and the cowards that have done this, as this young mans blood is on their hands, and I pray to God he will give them the wisdom to get control of this, and it will be in a very rapid and decisive manner.

    God grant the victim a rapid recovery, with a long and fullfilling life ahead. 

    Kent McTaggart.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Our prayers go out to this young man.  Our prayers are that the doctors who are tending to him be given the wisdom and clarity in how to best treat his injuries.  This is so sad.  He is in our prayers. 


  60. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    You haven't seen nothing yet !! By the end of this year or early next year, we are going to have a "big repeat" of what was happening in Grand Cayman about 18-24 months ago; with all the killings. To add fuel to fire, robberies and other serious crimes are going to accompany this "upcoming crime wave". Don't believe me, just you wait and see. I'll be posting a lengthy article to the media concerning this and when it all unfolds, I'll say to you all, "I told you so".     

    • Anonymous says:

      Not a very helpful post to stand there and say "I told you so". It achieves nothing except to make you look smug.

      You'd be better placed to spend your time trying to come up with ways catch and punish these bastards and think about how you can do your part to make sure it does not become an even worse crime wave.

      If you allow it to happen, it surely will happen. If you take an active stand against it, maybe there is a glimmer of hope.

  61. Thankful says:

    The came and fled from the same area from behind the Drama Society building. 

    Now as far as I know that is swamp area – so no access to cars for at least 5 – 10 Minutes.

    Did the Police shut down all vehicular traffic in the two adjacent streets – Red Bay and the residential area East of the Primary School?

    I believe a massive Police presence surrounding this area would have yeilded something.  I can almost bet every dollar it was: all rush to the scene, yellow tapes, look for shell casings and lots of talking at the scene.

    This is a whole new level.  I pray for this young man and his family.  I pray that these guys are caught – somehow dear LOrd. Amen.

  62. Anonymous says:

    They robbing all the wrong people AGAIN!

    • Anonymous says:

      Are there wrong and right people to rob? Another senseless act of violence and crime in our beloved isle!

  63. Jolene says:

    My heart bleeds over this senseless tragedy. I pray for the families involved and for the young man in question.

  64. Absurdistani says:

    This is not the Cayman I know and love.

    Until this senseless violence and inept governance comes to an end we will remain "Absurdistan".

  65. Libertarian says:

    My heart goes out to this innocent bystander. These robbers have to be dealt with by full brunt of the law. I suggest the RCIP have more undercover officers placed at vulnerable locations. It appears these guys mode of operation is to commit robberies in a time-frame sequence, and if a fail robbery occurs, just afterwards attempt some place else. Hence, based on this information, and seeing that they got away with no cash. It won't be too long they strick again – perhaps today or tomorrow. It is now that Police need to be on the ball and have undercover armed officers posted at strategic locations.  More than anything else, fighting crime will have to be our top priority in the Cayman Islands, if we want to portray a stabilized financial center. The innocent bystander could have been a child, a elderly person, or even a tourist.

  66. Anonymous says:


    Wow, absolutely crazy, with out provocation they decided to fire XXX and almost killed someone, these little idiots/cowards

    Its only a matter of time before innocent people start getting killed, and its 99% likely that the robber that did it will not get caught,

    But if me as a victim find someone in my home and bust a cap in the bandit azz before he can bust a cap in mines, I’m going to get sent to northwood before i can say Oh S**t

  67. Nothing grand about Cayman says:

    I knew it wouldn't be long before they hit that place. They were just too successful, and a very easy target. The manager taking the cash always had a massive wad of bills in his pocket.

    Very sad times in Cayman. Hope the victim makes a recovery, and the scumbags who did this are brought to justice (wishful thinking I know).

  68. Rorschach says:

    Well, well Mr. Baines….your departmental policy of "See no evil, Hear no evil" has failed miserably..and now an innocent young man fights for his life after being SHOT IN THE FACE….we await your next pronouncement of what non-action your department will be taking…what's that???  The SILENCE IS DEAFENING…..

  69. Anonymous says:

    OMG- This was so senseless. My prayers are with this young man. RCIPS please catch these criminals so we can hang them…

  70. richard wadd says:

    See what WE have done?

    Our FAILURE to address this issue, is paid for by the Blood of the innocent …

    SHAME ON US !!