CIB offers reward for gunmen

| 01/07/2011

(CNS): Following the news that a member of the Cayman Islands Brewery (CIB) team was shot in the face last night in an attempted robbery in Red Bay, the brewery is offering a $5,000 reward for the three masked men who were responsible for the shooting. A spokesperson for CIB said this afternoon that the team was shocked that their Assistant Brewery, Kemar Golding (left) was shot in such a senseless act. Detective Superintendant Marlon Bodden said this morning that the police were now treating the shooting as an attempted murder as he urged the community to help find these dangerous men.

“Any individuals who were in the area at that time please help us,” Bodden said, adding that he did not expect anyone to put themselves in danger and to be sensible about communicating their information. “But people need to be more aware of the need to help us and hunt down these people who possess the firearms.”

CIB said Thursday afternoon that it had teamed up with Crime Stoppers to offer a $5,000 Reward for anyone to bring information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the people involved in the crime. Information can be sent confidentially to the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-TIPS (8477).  Crime Stoppers themselves are also offering an additional reward for this information.

Police have a confidential crime hotline 949 7777 or members of the public can talk to any individual officer.

“Our prayers are with Kemar and his family and we want to thank the many people who have called and emailed and visited to show their support. This has outraged the community, as obvious from the reaction seen on the blogs and commentaries,” said Matthew Leslie on behalf of the brewery.

CIB is asking anyone with information on the senseless shooting to come forward and share the information with the police to bring comfort to the family and friends of Kemar Golding.

“These criminals, if left uncaught, will commit this crime again and the victim may be you or someone close to you.  We cannot and will not stand for such acts of violence and as asmall community we know someone has the information out there that will lead to an arrest. We support the police in their efforts to solve this crime,” Leslie added.

On Thursday morning Bodden said that Golding was still in the George Town Hospital where he had undergone surgery. The young brewer has undergone extensive surgery to save his life as, Bodden explained, the bullet had entered through his eye and exited behind his ear and had miraculously survived.

Leslie revealed that doctors have said Golding has lost the eye and is expected to be airlifted from the Cayman Islands for further treatment over the next few days.

“He is very lucky to be alive and we thank God for this,” he said. “Kemar has a young daughter and loving family who has been left heartbroken by this.  Whoever you may be, please do the right thing and come forward.  These individuals are dangerous and must be caught.  Please help us. The Cayman Islands Brewery wishes Kemar and his family our prayers at this time,” he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What is Matthew's UDP government doing about this crime situation in Cayman? Especially now that it has hit so close to home for a young member of the YUDP?

  2. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to Kemar and his loving family. I would challenge anyone with an ounce of feeling to remain untouched by (in particular) the last paragraph of the CNS report. It's all about who we are.

  3. A Centrist says:

    It is unfortunate that often times when something bad happens some people take out their scatter gun and blame all and sundry for the problem. Before we attempt to blame, ask ourselves, what are you doing personally to help?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, we can start by providing the police with the intelligence needed to apprehend these criminals and put a stop to their reign of terror over our little community. Police forces the world over rely on information from the public and Cayman is no different. So, all you folks who know something, start giving information to the police. You know it's the right thing to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes – we hear you officer.. BUT please dont start pointing the finger at the public again.  This is YOUR job.

        But, if you give me the guns, cars, vests,dogs etc, I'm sure I could do a better job in wiping up crime on my own….

        WHy dont you all start by restoring public confidence in your ablity to relate humanely and confidentially with law-abiding citizens..or is it now TOO little, TOO late?

        • Anonymous says:

          Not an officer, actually (I wouldn't have the patience or the physical stamina!), however I do agree with you that the RCIP, as an organisation, has much work to do in the ways that you mentioned. Yes, there has to be a feeling of mutual respect in order to elicit information from the public, absolutely. Personally, I'd like the public to be able to supply timely feedback about how they rate any interaction with the police (good as well as bad, of course). Would a simple form, supplied by the officer upon reqest,be at all feasible, I wonder? Being personally accountable, instead of merely an anonymous figure in a uniform, might do wonders in terms of improving police conduct, and help weed out those officers who feel that being polite, courtious and respectful towards their employers (the public) is somehow optional!  I wonder if the RCIP at present fully appreciates the potential level of public support for their efforts in fighting crime. It's got to be team work, surely, so let's start passing the ball, so to speak, and working together towards identifying and neutralising the criminals in our midst.

          • Anonymous says:

            OK – reasonable.  The prob is that (apart from his they mishandle public info & confidence), even their public complaints investigations are handled by officers ..

            Can anyone say "Conflict of Interest"?

            But never mind, the CCTV Camera$$ will solve it all…yeah right.

            I'venever served, but any fool knows htat the heart of policing is relations with the public!

            • Anonymous says:

              Totally agree. A lot to improve, but as a public let us remain reasoned and focused on what we want our police service to provide, for they belong to us, after all, even though they might appear remote and detached at times ; we are in control of them, ultimately, and they can be whatever we, the public, want them to be in the long run. They are our servants, not our masters, although admittedly the aberrant behaviour of some of these insolent individuals in uniforms would have us believe the opposite! Let us stay calm and prevail in the true Caymanian tradition.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One thing's clear, our present style of policing isn't working, despite the best efforts of our officers. We need armed officers, suitable attired (and alot of them) tasked with patrolling areas like where these offenders seem to just pop out of then disappear back into. With enough boots on the ground and good communication capabilities they should be able to establish a perimeter (or whatever they call it) and have at least a chance of nabbing these low-lifes, surely? If the result is a need for body bags, well I don't suppose the public will be too upset, I certainly wouldn't be. Tonight my family have decided against going to our preferred restaurant because the carpark is in a darked area, and the possibility of being held up at gunpoint is now a very real possibility. Sad isn't it? I pray that something is done soon to stop this terrible scourge.

    • Anonymous says:


      Where is the hotspot team? Where is the serious crime taskforce?

      George Town has gone back down recently!

  5. Matthew Leslie says:

    Dear Readers-

    I just want to thank the hundreds of people who have called, emailed, visited, and sent their well wishes to Kemar and his family over the last 48 hours. 

    Life is so funny at times that we forget that in a blink of an eye it can be taken from you by the selfish acts of others.  We are so lucky that we are not dealing with a murder but yet are praying for the recovery of Kemar.

    On Saturday, July 9th, 2011, I want to personally invite EVERYONE (yes that means EVERYONE) to the Brewery to come together in a positive approach and show your support for Kemar's recovery.  The Brewery will be open to everyone to come and drink and socialize FREE OF COST.  This will include being able to experience all 4 brands that our company produce as well as food provided by several of the top restaurants on island and entertainment.  We will be giving away many many prizes and as said there is no cost for none of this.  You have shown your support to Kemar and the Brewery Family and this is our way of thanking you the best we can.  There will be a donation box and we ask that you feel free to put something in it no matter how small. It all adds up.  The Brewery itself will continue to financially support Kemar and his family during his recovery as well.

    So please remember SATURDAY July 9th, 2011.  Starts at 9am in the morning and continues on until 6pm in the evening (Maybe longer).  Bring some chairs or blankets for the grass.  Bring your taste buds and come THIRSTY!!!!  We need to bring back positive attitudes in the community so please come out and if you want to bring a grill and bbq then by all means please do.  A sense of community is the only thing that will stop these criminals as they will know we will not stand for these crimes in our islands. 

    Thank you so much for reading this and God Bless.


    Matthew Leslie

    The Cayman Islands Brewery

    • peter milburn says:

      I certainly urge EVERYONE to come out and support this worthwhile event and Matthew please do not allow any Govt members to have free drinks.In fact I will go as far to say that our Govt should be held responsible for any bills that are run up by Kemar whether it be here or in the USA for hospital visits etc.There is a certain Nation Building Fund that should be used for just such things and until this Govt understands that the people are getting very short on patience re this run away crime spree nothing will change.Where are our Govt leaders in all this.The silence is absolutely deafening?I also urge the public with any information on any of these crimes to come forward and let someone know as every little bit helps and we are all in this together.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, Matthew, for this. We are overwhelmingly good people in Cayman, and this pathetic handful of dreadful individuals cannot be allowed to shape our society in any way, shape or form. I hope the RICP have a presence at the event, either on or off duty.. This has got to be a team effort, afterall.

  6. CaymanFisting says:

    Anxiously awaiting the comments from our scholarly “_premier” or some sort of a _government member as to the plan of attack against these sorry excuses of individuals….look higher than your green fence McKoward and stand up for your citizens while you are still halfway in office

  7. MER says:

    Once again I would like to bring up that many years ago the Government closed down a wonderful after school program that was free & staffed by volunteers. We volunteers devoted our time each evening and the students who benefited were the one's from the poor communities, the areas where our "thugs and gangsters" tend to develop. The afterschool program provided a type of santuary for many of these troubled youths and gave them positive adults to spend time with them, encourage them and assist with homework and just to have a good role model.

    The program was shut down in 2003 (it ran from the old racket club building) Government promised to help locate another building for the program to use, now almost 10 years later it has never been done!

    The reality is, we have a community of adults who are in no position to be positive parents, but they do try, they work crazy hours for little to no money and their children are left at the mercy of the world, and usually live within the lower communities on these islands. Then on the other hand we have adults who are severe drug addicts having children, also mostly residents of the lower communities and their children are obviously left at the mercy of the world, their companions become the street thugs and drug dealers, and they learn from them because these older people become their influence with absent parents.

    It's a lost world beyond our luxurious condominium complexes and waterfront hotels that the Government and the public at large have long ignored, denied and overlooked for many, many, many years. Well now the neglected youths of those rejected communities are making themselves known, whether in a good way or a bad way, this is a call for attention and I suggest the people and the Government wake up and address these serious situations from the root of the problem!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately Truman Bodden dropped the ball years ago when there was evidence of the start of gangs referring to them as"social groups". How do you like them now Mr Bodden??

    I truly believe until we have an armed Gangs Task Force and the wherewithal to investigate and convict these thugs we are never going to get this under control.


    • Anonymous says:

      I do hope Cayman wise up when election comes around, and vote out all the UDP and PPM that is in house.  Sweep it clean, because they are responsible for crime so rampant.  Send these friggin criminal off the Island to do time so when they do come back they will be wearing dress instead of pants.

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand what you are saying, but IS this really gang violence?  It sounds more like the kind of senseless crime frequently committed in another country I lived in. Had nothing to do with gangs and this country needs to wake up and deal with social problems now existing rather than laying blameon previous administrations of government..  

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think every beer drinker in Cayman should consider switching to Caybrew this weeked (I know I will) to show our support for CIB and Kemar Golding.

    I wish him a speedy recovery.

  10. Anonymous says:

    CCTV….expensive but it will prove its worth over time.

    • Patriot says:

      And just exactly who will watch over the watchers? Nice try but no cigar. Therein lies both the problem and the solution. Far too many among us have not chosen to be a part of the latter.

      • Anonymous says:

        Seriously speaking, the politicians are to be blamed.  Why dont the Politicians make it a law for at least five years that all Young men are put under curfew from 10 pm till   If they are found out without their parents, then lock up the parent along with them

        It wont be long, when the politicians and commissioner and all the big boys will be targeted.   So just sit there and do nothing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    My sympathies go out to this young man. Thank you also to CIB. I am also glad that at least part of the business community is doing something. Now if only our politicians would stop with the luxury travel and zoning changes and amend our laws to allow criminals who do these things to be put away for life. For too long the politicians have been pointing fingers and saying that there is nothing they can do. That is foolishness. Competent politicians would change are laws because they are the only ones who can.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lazy parents are to blame.  Poorchild rearing skills are the root of the problem… Thes parents need to learn that parenting does not end when your child learns to tie their own shoes!!  If you can make a baby you can be responsble for it until it becomes an adult.  If these criminals are under 18 the parents should also be charged!

  13. Anonymous says:

    True..I have sent e-mails to the RCIP about illegal activities and never received a response

    • Anonymous says:

      Marlon, I think it is in the best Interest of our country that you follow up on 11:33 and 11:20 statements, maybe you have officers amongst you that are protecting these criminals.

      These reports should be on your record at the satation, the time and date that these complaints, and tip off were made, and who covered them up.

      This way you can clean up your incompotent officers…. the seat warmers. 

      Why don't you just let go those that have no proper police training, and I mean training for the 21 century, to combat the 21 centry criminals.

      Have you ever thought of bringing in the special forces, a  private security force, which would sweep this Island in 6 month and clean up the Illigal weapons.

      It would cost alot less of our tax money. Hire them on a 3 month contract basis, do their job and leave. That way we can cut our local force in half, and get a professionaljob done. 

  14. Sorry I had to post this! says:

     will be critical.  Marlon XXXX.  How dare you make a statement Cayman better wake up and the people shouldn't be silent.  I am sorry, I was a person who use to get involved when I would see something, I would call the police, I had pictures of known criminals and drug deals.  You know what??? The people I reported made threats again family members.  And you know what the police did…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! How on earth did these people know I was making calls, when not once did the police investigate what was going on.  So when a common citizen sees something, unfortunately they think twice about reporting it for you damn well are not going to be protected by the Police and you damn well know the criminal will find out.  So Marlon, before you make statements like that about the people of Cayman, the police better wake up and do their job and start protecting the people.  Where I know you can't be everywhere, somewhere at least is better then no where.  You really don't see your units out there and when a crime happens, where are you?  Where are the dogs?  Where is the helicopter.

    Also a more detailed report should be printed on what actually happened to this young man.  Was he working the jerk stand?  Was he customer who got robbed?  The public really does need to know.  Because if you have now a person with a gun that is just randomly shooting people because they don't have money, CAYMAN has a big big problem.

    Hey Marlon have you ever solved the case where a manager of progressive was shot execution style in the parking lot?  Didn't think so?  So I think you [and the Commissioner of Police] better wake up!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Too many foreigners and yes i have lots of expats that are my friends, they are great people but there are too many expats in the police force!!!!!!

  15. o says:

    Perhaps the police should train officers to be snipers and keep a look out at key areas. When seen shoot them in a place where they would have to run to the hospital for treatment, and then arrest them there.

    • Anonymous says:

      No what the police need to do is to  stop making false traffic offenses just to say they are doing something, stay off their cell phones and solve these unsolved crimes.

  16. Patrick says:

    When are the police going to stop asking the community how to be of assistance in yet another senseless act of violence? When, when, when?Do your job now and get rid of these vermin.

  17. M says:

    What a wicked act!  To shoot this man in the face when he told them he didn't had any monies to give them. If they are so eager to make a statement by shooting someone in the face, I don't see why we should have Police Officers unarmed and unable to respond with the same degree of lethal force in order to stop these guys. Very wicked and cruel!  I hope that man receives Justice!

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Unless armed police officers are with you before you are attacked, their arms are useless to your need for protection.  This shooting is one example why I believe law-abiding residents, who want to arm themselves by some means – including by means of firearms, for their defense should do so.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If account is being set up to help defray any medical costs not covered by insurance, rehabilitation and loss of income, please publish the account number.   I (and others likely) would like to help.  

    (How damn selfish of these cowardly criminals to permanently handicap a person in an effort to rob maybe a hundred dollars.   Gawd this makes me so angry.   Damn cowards.).   

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well, it seems that you can not go to buy jerk chicken, go to the bank, bar, restaurant, store etc. etc. without having to look around you and feeling that at any moment you can be the next target!!!  What has Cayman come to?  When will it end?

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    Simple, becuase if they did that they may have actually found them and had to confront and shot them, something the RCIPS is not in the position to do…They will let them get away them hopes of catching them after an investigation. the RCIPS is not in the business of catching criminals in the act or or intervening into a Criminal Act..

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to the CIB for stepping up and offering this reward.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Our thoughts with the victim and his family for a speedy recovery. Cayman is fast becoming a random crime culture with these thugs. They obviously think they are beyond the law with no fear of aprehension. It is time for the Governor to step in and get involved with policing measures that can curb the crime culture violence in our country. meantime I have faith that this that know these cowards turn them in to the law, without the reward.

  24. Stephen says:

    Serious respect to CIB. Get well soon Kemar

  25. Subway Cookie says:

    Anon 6:20 made a good point.  At one point parents who stopped off places and left their kids in the car (even if within the parents' sight) were frowned upon but nowadays that might save their lives!  O can definitely feel a change, a heightened fear and awareness.  I go about my daily life in different ways than I used to.  For example, I make sure the garbage is taken out before it gets too dark and I lock the front door before going in case in that split second someone goes in.  At drive thrus I keep my windows up and doors locked, windows only come down when ordering and collecting food.  My handbag never sits on the seat anymore, on the floor under my feet.  I won't even leave so much as an envelope in sight in my car in case it tempts someone.  I'm in my early thirties and even I can say it never used to be like this.  When at home, I often wonder what I would do if someone broke in while my child and I were asleep.  I take so many precautions I never had to before.  Its sad but necessary.  Cayman is being ruined and our leaders remain silent on this issue.

  26. anonymous says:

    Comissioner Baines,

    Here is a simple procedure which is fundamental to catching a criminal immediately after committing such a serious crime. Especially when you and the RCIP were told right away that the gunman ran into the bushes nearby:

    The greyhound dogs should be on patrol all day long with his partner ready  to sniff out the bastard, and drag his worthless carcase out of the bushes.

    Moreover it is common procedure for Police to "CASE OFF'  the area with Police Yellow tape so that they can search the area withing the immediate parameter where the criminal is obviously hiding. Search all vehicles entering and leaving the area, search the bushes with the dogs and the houses, yards, outhouses, tool sheds, garages, dumpsters  etc. This should be an open and shut case.The police should have already flushed him out and caught him within minutes of the crime being comitted. If we hade a sensible Comissioner or a Caymanian RCIP Comissioner at the helm there would be no need for a reward being offered.What a shame. Obvioously they were scared and afraid to pursue the assailant!  Now they want the public to do their work which could have been completed already. This head of RCIP is scared to tell his men to go into the bushes to catch a criminal! Governor Duncan its time to send Baines home. He's no use. You're not safe with him neither are we. How about a march for police to arrest and jail for life those causing insurrections amongst our people importing so many fire arms? This is serious. WHO IS IMPORTING ALL THESE GUNS into this little country. Does anyone realize that these incidents are historically labeled as " insurrections"?! Based on what is happening politically that is exactly what it is. The problem is Who is distributing the guns into the hands of these thugs? some of them can't afford guns so tell us who is distributing them freely to them?

    We all conclude that the current head of RCIP " is  XXXX a poor excuse for an RCIP Comissioner, we can do better with one of our own more experienced and trained local Police Comissioners but the UK is always sending us incompetent Police and directors.We all realize that the useless  current  Cayman Islands Police policy & procedures to fight crime is not only a gross failure but it simply


    • Anonymous says:

      Your problem is you still believe! you simply just don't get it look at who has been put incharge of crime nuff said!

  27. Andrea says:


    I feel the Commissioner of Police need to step down. He is too much about talk and apparently for a 23 mile long island, can't catch thugs that have repeatedly committed robberies and now attempted murder.

    He needs to be replaced. He relies too much on money and more officers. Really, it is all about how he is managing a 300+ police force.



  28. Bobby Anonymous says:

    What dogs?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Marlon, im not being critical here,  it was stated that the gunmen  ran into the bushes…that area has some thick bushes, they couldn't have  gotten too far.

    Why didn't  the police cardon off the area, close off all  streets, around that area  and send in the dogs?

    just my vision.

    • Anonymous says:


      Because the police are a bunch of cowards, 

      With crimes like this they much preferto sit on there fat azzes and eat a patty and wait for the smoke to clear

      But if there is a smidgen of oil on the road that require some sand, the entire force is out with two fire trucks and causing traffic jam!

      Bunch of jokers

      • Anonymous says:


        I have to agree with you , the police are a bunch of cowards, they do have some powerful weapons, I saw them stopped a car yesterday and the officers had hanging on their thighs… guns….ooked like a traffic offence.

        The reason the whole force is out when a misdemeanour happens, is they dont have to worry about taking a bullet, same as when they hear of an Illigal  drug seisure, the whole force is out on that call, you can vertually take over every  police station on the Island.

        So,to let the public be aware, our police do have a an arsenal of arms and ammunitions, they are just scared to take a bullet.


    • Anonymous says:

      That would make sense how dare you suggest that? Why would some persons in power want to solve crime when it is making them look good pretending to solve it? any other place heads would roll in Cayman you get promoted! This place is in a real bad way.Anon 5:39 don’t waste you time.

    • Anonymous says:

      This question was asked MANY times.WHy??

    • Anonymous says:

      I will be critical.  Marlon XXXX.  How dare you make a statement Cayman better wake up and the people shouldn't be silent.  I am sorry, I was a person who use to get involved when I would see something, I would call the police, I had pictures of known criminals and drug deals.  You know what??? The people I reported made threats again family members.  And you know what the police did…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! How on earth did these people know I was making calls, when not once did the police investigate what was going on.  So when a common citizen sees something, unfortunately they think twice about reporting it for you damn well are not going to be protected by the Police and you damn well know the criminal will find out.  So Marlon, before you make statements like that about the people of Cayman, the police better wake up and do their job and start protecting the people.  Where I know you can't be everywhere, somewhere at least is better then no where.  You really don't see your units out there and when a crime happens, where are you?  Where are the dogs?  Where is the helicopter.

      Also a more detailed report should be printed on what actually happened to this young man.  Was he working the jerk stand?  Was he customer who got robbed?  The public really does need to know.  Because if you have now a person with a gun that is just randomly shooting people because they don't have money, CAYMAN has a big big problem.

      Hey Marlon have you ever solved the case where a manager of progressive was shot execution style in the parking lot?  Didn't think so?  So I think you better wake up!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sure Marlon knows there is a criminal element in the Prospect Park area that sneaks over/through the fence to get into the Admiral's Landing sub-division to burgle houses there. From Admiral's Landing its a short trip to the jerk stand through the bushes. Knowing who they are is easy, the difficult part is getting evidence that will stand up in court. That's where the residents of Prospect need to step up to the plate.

    • Anymous says:

      Marlon it is time that the police use their darn heads.

      Imagine three people with a gun and shooting, and ran on foot.  No one saw anything????????????who the hell you think is going to believe that.  The police should have organized and immediate search party in that area and door to door search and had STAND UP COMEDY for every body in every house.

      Unless the little sunday school police force we have here start getting tough and begin kicking some asses, this will always continue.

      The police is not being vigilent and tasked they are just being simple soft and veggie.


    • Anonymous says:

      Rather puzzled by this myself. How could they just ,(apparently) "evaporate" into thin air on a 22 by 8 flat piece of land? Surely there are many ranches in Texas bigger than we are? Comment, RCIP? (I'll hold my breath, in the knowledge that my wife will benefit from my life insurance!)

  30. Anonymous says:

    Please anyone with information on the criminal(s) who attempted to murder this innocent man give the information to the relevant authority (i.e. police, preacher,JP or anyone that you trust).

    This type of behaviour must stop in this country, we must restore law and order and to give information on any crime/criminal is a start.

    Again I beg please turn this person/these people in.  This is not the type of country that we want to leave for our children or that we want to live in.

    • South Sounder says:

      If they want to turn them in anonymously, don't trust the Law or anyone else, I will be more than happy to shop the murdering B@#$%^&s and hand over the reward to the informer…I am not intimidated by these childish cowards, and nobody should hide them from justice, unless they also want to spend time in Northwood as well.

      Scum, like these morons, are a blight on all our lives and need to be brought to justice before they have the opportunity to shoot your son or wife! 

  31. The Truth says:

    Trust me with times as hard as they is I would turn them in if I knew who they were.  That $5000 is alot more than what they would ever make stealing

    • Anonymous says:

      I would turn them in  without the reward. Wish I knew who they were so I could get them of the street. I go there, with my kids in the car, and pick up jerk every so often. Hard times is not an excuse to rob and shoot someone. The ones doing the robbery probably don't even truly feel the economic pressure.

      I bet the young people who robbed Blackbeards still lived at home, with probably only a mother, who fed and clothed them.

      Where did we as Caymanians go wrong??? So easy to think that it is non-Caymanians, but look at who is arrested and in custody for many of the previous robberies.

      We might not be able to save this current crop of teenagers to 20 somethings – but we need to make damn sure we get the little ones coming up.

      Any suggestions? I know that parenting will be brought up, but how do we fix the parenting. I think that if parents get $ from the government – then parenting classes and home visits are a must. I also think we need more ideas as a community and less reliance of the governement – as I think it is a societal issue that cannot be fixed by government alone.

      We also need quality foster-care parents. There are many good ones, but we need more.

      Dowe need a well organized grass roots movement that includes improving the local educational system?

      • Anonymous says:

        You have already started the process by not living in denial and taking the responsible position that there is a problem and now seeking a solution. Unfortunately I fear that many if not most people prefer to blame and point fingers as it is less painful and difficult.

        I respect your post.

      • Anonymous says:


        What we need is for our leaders and MLA’s to take this as serious as they take things that boost their political agendas.   Crime is on the bottom of thier lists and will stay there until it effects them directly..

      • Let's do this Cayman! Make a change! says:

        Education is a must.  Children from a disadvantaged home can become successful with proper guidance.  Here are a few suggestions:


        1. Etiquette training incorporated in all aspects of the school curriculum.  Have all students from ALL schools taught how to become ladies and gentlemen.  Proper etiquette, not limited to manners can improve society immensely.
        2. Extend school hours to 5:00-5:30.  Fill the students’ time with meaningful events.  I don’t like to reference them, but the school at Camana Bay offers extra curricular activities as part of their program.  I believe that if the school committees put their heads together and thought of MANDATORY programs for after school for all students, the island would see an improvement.  The programs could be educational, work programs, sports, arts, life programs, cultural etc.  These programs should all be age appropriate and with an essential end game of improving and advancing each and every child.
        3. Have mandatory community programs, where these students are required to do community service starting from pre-school until graduation from high school.  Regularly scheduled visits to the pines, the humane society, the Red Cross and any other charity that needs exposure.  Instilling community activities into children will foster the desire to continue when they become adults.  There are many children that are unaware of these programs and are only thinking of self, rather than how they can help others.
        4. Each school should have a school counsellor.  The school counsellors should be independent of the school system so the students do not have fear that these individuals will report unnecessarily and breach their trust.  The school counsellors would provide to identify the children at risk or in need and provide assistance to these students. 
        5. Parenting programs should be mandatory for all parents whether attendingprivate or public school.  Parents have to attend the classes until they pass the program.  Programs are required at certain stages of the child’s development, varying from providing parents with skills on how to identify and prevent anti-social behaviour and how to deal with certain stages of child development. 
        6. Attendance of the parents at the schools should be required on a rotational basis.   Parents not attending the mandatory school meetings should be penalized.  The first penalty can be as simple as naming and shaming on a central website, which lists all the schools, the names of the students with the names of the delinquent parents beside (CNS, are you game?).  Second penalty can be letters to the parent’s employer asking for direct debit from their pay check sent to the relevant school for the benefit of the specific school, not government.  The amount to be determined.  Third penalty, any suggestions?


        They are many more suggestions please add, start with the children.  Parents, really take interest in your child.  Schools, provide assistance to the children that need them or direct the parents to places where they can get help.  Government, acknowledge that this is a social problem that money alone cannot fix.  The problem can be fixed by people who care.  As a community we should get together and help improve society.


        As for this young man, my heart bleeds for him.  Anyone that knows who do this to him, report to the authorities.  Letting the perpetrators reign free is detrimental to society.


        We can do this Cayman!  Let's make a change!  Find them! 

      • Anonymous says:

        I went by the jerk stand last night to show support. They weren't open but I will make sure I go there when they are. This is part of a horrifying trend in Cayman which needs to be stopped. My thoughts are with the young man and his family. Kudos to the Brewery for putting up this reward.

      • Anonymous says:

        We need to bring back the death penalty……BIG TIME……  there is no deterent for these dregs of society, prison is a joke and their time there is way too short.

        We need to set some examples that this will not and cannot continue and the only way is to show TRUE punishment.