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Gunman’s victim thankful for his life

Gunman’s victim thankful for his life

| 02/07/2011 | 16 Comments

(CNS): In an interview with Cayman27 Kemar Golding (28) tells the TV station he is glad to be alive. The assistant brewer from the Cayman Islands Brewery miraculously survived being shot through the side of his face in a shocking, senseless act of violence at the hand of a gun man in an attempted robbery. Golding has lost his eye and is preparing to go to Miami for surgery. Speaking from the Cayman Islands hospital he said the three robbers surrounded him and his friend as they took out the garbage from the chicken stand. Golding remembers them asking for money and one of the robbers telling the other man “to give him one” before he heard the shot and fell to the ground. He said he did not see his attackers and could not recognise them again.

Caybrew, where Kemar has worked almost since it opened, is offering a $5000 reward to help find the men who shot Golding and bring them to justice. Police have also confirmed that the botched robbery is being treated as an attempted murder enquiry.

Anyone who has information that could help catch and convict the the three men should call Crime Stoppers on 1-800-TIPS (8477).

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