Passport is success re youth unemployment

| 20/07/2011

(CNS): Around three quarters of the young people that have passed through the government’s work training initiative have found work or are in some form of formal training officials revealed this week. As the employment ministry opens applications for the fifth passport2success programme it revealed that 76 percent of the 21 students which graduated in April, from the third programme are employed, engaged in internships or are involved in some sort of formal training.  Six months post-completion, half of the 24 graduates from group two have secured either full- or part-time employment, while 16 percent are pursuing further education.

The , twelve-month report for the pilot group shows that 68 percent of graduates have secured either full or part-time work and 32 percent are pursuing further education, ministry officials said. The fourth group are currently still going through the course and will graduate Monday 25 July.

Government is now looking for school leavers for the next programme and officials are urging interested people to submit applications as soon as possible as spaces are limited on the free public-private funded initiative. To qualify applicants must be Caymanians aged 17-20 years, who are recent high school graduates and who have not yet found suitable employment. Candidates do not need high school qualifications or work experience to participate but they do need to be committed and willing to attend every day and have a desire to improve their skills.

The Passport2Success Programme is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, CML Offshore Recruitment, Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd. and LIME Communications and was launched in April last year. The twelve-week course provides training to help young Caymanians succeed in the workplace. The programme is more than a skills training initiative as it focuses not on how to do things but how to behave in the workplace and the expectations of employers from young employees.

Participants receive ‘passports,’ to which stamps are added as they successfully complete programme and personal goals.  Each stamp confirms to potential employers that the holder is skilled in a particular area. The more stamps collected, the more employable the individual becomes.

Participants are required to attend classes each day of the twelve-week programme; participate in all activities including daily lessons, group projects and community industry site visits;  undertake in a two-week job placement with organisations where business relates to the participant’s chosen areas of interest and engage in a weeklong community-service project. Candidates earn a weekly stipend, but it is not guaranteed and must be merited by meeting certain programme criteria.

The programme emphasises adult literacy, adopts a practical hands-on approach, and uses adult-based group learning instruction methods. Participants may also customise the programme to suit their areas of interest, but must participate in group activities.

Apply by visiting and either fill in or download an application form. Alternatively, paper forms are available from The Wellness Centre located in Unit D5 at Cayman Business Park on Thomas Russell Way. Completed online forms may be submitted via email to or printed and mailed to: Passport2Success, The Wellness Centre, P.O. Box 10462, Grand Cayman, KY1-1004, Cayman Islands. For more information, visit, email The Wellness Centre on or call Shannon Seymour on 949-9355.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I graduated from the second P2S program, to me this program has helped me alot. At first, before the program I was a very shy girl, when i got into the program it help me to become more confident in myself. It helps you to learn how to do resumes, coverletters anything to get yourself ready for the workforce, it has really help me alot & i encourage young caymanians who is out there without work to apply for this program. and also teach you how to stay of your phones because in the worforce you cant be on your phone or you will get fired. I thank the P2S cordinators for helping me get this far.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a very good program I just wish our government/minister of education would see the need to provide education from primary to university free to all Caymanians.   Then we would see real results like they have in most of europe.

  3. noname says:

    Whooo!  At first I thought Allright!  About time! then I saw only 21 students.  O K now it makes Cayman sense.

  4. Help.Those.Who.Help.Themselves! says:

    This programme was a very smart concept; however they should continue this programme as it will help the young BORN CAYMANIANS! of Grand Cayman,Cayman Islands.


    [Please give a thumbs up if you think they should continue this programme!] After all its a benefit to CAYMANIANS ONLY! which its about time something like this happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why shouldn't every graduating child be taught how to make the most of their potential?  Perhaps there could be a fee for expat kids and the programme could be subsidised for Caymanian kids…..but banning kids from other nationalities seems a bit harsh.

    • Heather says:

      You have lost the plot. 

  5. Knot S Smart says:

    Good initative Mr. Anglin! You are a good guy!

    Jjust need to put some miles between yourself and others in your party…

  6. Anon says:

    There needs to be more than 70 percent of these graduates trying to further their education. Yes this program is good as they can get hands on experience, but being qualifed goes a long way in the workforce and creates more job options. It hurts to see young bright young people being passed over for employment or work promotions because they don't have any qualifcations. This further education needs to be encouraged.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what is needed and I applaud these efforts – clearly the results are showcasing the benefits and will continue to do so.  Well done. 

    In my opinion, though, every young person should have a regular class before they leave school addressing approach to the work place, career planning, how to nurture a quality resume and how it can impact your professional career, how to set goals and measure yourself, how to behave or not behave in interviews and also in the workplace, how to present yourself in an appropriate and professional manner, public speaking and report writing skills, how to approach appraisals and self assessment and also the value of of humility, acknowledging and respecting those who have more experience and how to work with them to improve your own skills sets.

    I recognise that these kids in Passport have demonstrated committment and responsibility through their required attendence but I think that there is value in these lessons for ALL kids.