Crew of missing vessel alive

| 26/07/2011

(CNS): Update – Earlier this afternoon one of the crew members of the Miss Janice, which has been missing for five days, contacted his family to say all six men who had been on board the vessel were safe and well, police confirmed Tuesday afternoon. The 37-foot vessel sank on Sunday, 17 July, approximately five hours after setting sail from Grand Cayman. The men had been floating in the water for nine days without any food or water when they were picked up by a passing tanker this afternoon. The tanker, the CPO Sweden, is currently en route to Houston, Texas, and is expected to dock in Houston on Thursday 28 July.

Police said that a short time ago a member of the Miss Janice crew, Travis Welcome, spoke to his family and to Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay of the RCIPS by satellite phone and confirmed that all six crew members are safe and well.

The Miss Janice departed Grand Cayman on Saturday,16 July, with four Caymanians and two Honduran nationals on board, heading for Swan Island, Honduras, but never arrived. A five-day air and sea search was launched began after the Miss Janice was reported missing last Thursday, 21 July, covered more than 4,000 square miles and involved the RCIPS Marine and Air Operations Units as well as the Lynx helicopter from RFA Wave Ruler. 

The RCIPS thanked the media and all of the partner organisations who assisted during this search.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs to adopt and incorporate the SOLAS V conventions on international maritime safety into our local marine laws.  Every serious flag-bearing nation has done this except ours.

    All passengers on international voyages from Grand Cayman should be checking out (and back in again) with Immigration and HM Customs in George Town Harbour.  Immigration and HM Customs need to make it easier for people to do this – esp during fishing tournaments.  Fuel is duty free if you are heading out from there – fuel up and save should be the carrot for getting people to comply with existing laws.  With boats leaving and arriving throughout our islands, without any resistance, it is little wonder we have the gun, drug, and people problems we have now. 

    Lastly, concerning navigation, we should demand that our government agencies properly maintain and mark channels and marine hazards.  CUC line markers, and other private hazards in north sound should be illuminated via rechargable solar beacons, or those responsible fined.

    The year is 2011, time to modernize and get with the times.


  2. Anonymous says:

    When I heard of the news of this boat disapering, and the men couldn't be found, it struck me again…of the incompetent, sub-standard, inadequate authorities, we have in this country.

    I do not blame the men that was on that boat, I blame our law makers, for not applying a Coast Guard law, to regulate  the thousands of vessels we have  locally.

    Why!??? with these Islands surrounded by water,  founded on seafareres, seamen, we do not have a cost guard.

    A Coast Guard is the authority to make sure all vessles  are licensed, meaning if you are licenced to fish, you fish, if you are licensed to carry cargo, that is what the boat is allowed to do.If you are licensed  for pleasure, then that is what you do.

    The Coast Guard  randomly check these vessels for life vest, life raft, flare gun, whistle, life rings,fire axe, and the load line usually called the insurance mark  on the hull,  by the water line. Depending on the size of the vessel and it's purpose

    And guess what! if you do not comply, you do not leave port. This is branded as a competent,qualified, and Intelligence authority.

    We are now in the 21st centuary, and it amases me how f@@@@g backward we are.

    License your vessels, we boast of being the top registrar of vessels world wide, and we ignor the most important aspect…local boats.


  3. Anon says:

    Thank goodness everyone is safe.

    Does anyone know who is the owner of this boat?

    Which entrepreneur decided to instigate this voyage?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stick to what you know…

    … and stop making excuses…

    If your job is landscaping or renovation, if you make a mistake, it's unlikely to cost you your life…

    Buying a fishing boat without seagoing or fishing experience is asking for trouble, as you may end up buying a vessel unsuitable for the purpose, or worse, dangerous for the crew…

    That's why the previous crew walked off the boat and the vessel was sent to Honduras to look for a replacement crew – the cargo being loaded to defray expenses and buy ice, fuel and bait once a new crew has been found…

    However, once you finally realise that the boat was unsuitable for the purpose, as made abundantly clear by the previous captain, then it should have been time to GIVE UP, instead of exposing another crew to potential death through bad choices, inexperience and negligence in not carrying emergency communication equipment (EPIRB)…

    It's time to stop making excuses and realise that, had this trip resulted in the death of some of the Honduran crew, there would likely have been criminal consequences for negligence – the same way as an impaired car driver who kills a passenger or a passer-by usually ends up spending a few years in JAIL…

    Btw, the crew spent 9 days in a life raft, not swimming around like the lady of the recent record. They had some emergency rations, as found in all rafts and gathered rain water to drink, but it must have been a real ordeal all the same…



    • Anonymous says:

      Why would there have been criminal consequences only if some of the Honduran crew died? What about the Caymanian passengers?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok, No one doubts the desire of the people on the boat to make a living, but ignoring basic safety requirements does not excuse the position.  These guys went into the ocean with a boat that everyone but them can see – did see – was doomed.  All you people from East End and relatives and friends need to step back, and realise you nearly lost those friends and loved ones through a reckless attitude to basic safety requirements. Six people could have died because there was no beacon that makes the emergency services job a whole lot easier.  It is an arrogance that ignores safety needs, and is bordering on criminal recklessness.  Had one of these people dies, there could easily have been criminal proceedings.  The fact that they had a lifeboat is a redeeming fact, but apparently with no equipment?   Negative comments they may be, but with all this comes accountabilty. When the dust settles, whose decision was it to set sail in a boat that was never fit for the ocean.  When you are dead, who brings home the bacon then?

  6. ANONYMOUS says:

    Whilst it is true that it was a poor decision for them to venture off in this vessel as it was, will these guys be applauded anyway for fighting for their lives and surviving without food and water and subject to shark attacks…. Penny Palfrey was 'praised up' for her oceanic endurance subjected to the same things but she had food/water and sharks killed in her name…. in my eyes these guys are heroes for staying alive more than Plafrey is for making her record…. My boy Charles-'not 2day bobo' was not there to help these people…. so….

    Just my 2cents ya na…  

    • Anonymous says:

      she wasn't an idiot – she took precautions…

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do I get the feeling that if these seamen had been from Australia there would be a completely different take on the story?

        When the sharks were killed (one of Penny's "precautions") it was the Caymanians who were blamed.   

        • Anonymous says:

          has penny ever thanked bobo???….don't think so…she left cayman totally embareesed by the cayman kind experience…..

  7. Jayman From Cayman says:

    Very glad and relieved to know that they were rescued…. I personally know one of the guys who is from the Bay Island-Guanaja, Honduras so would have been sad to know that it would be another friend lost….

  8. Anonkymous says:

    My heart sank when I first heard about the missing boaters, having been close to the situation last year which, sadly, did not end so mercifully.

    I felt the pain of the families of these men, especially the children. The loss of a parent at such tender ages is devastating long-term, and with the way of society these days, we need to hold on to the fathers of this country – especially those who are devoted to their children!

    When I saw the photo of the boat a few days ago, my heartbreak was violated by a tinge of anger. I stared at it for several minutes trying to understand what I was looking at, imagining the rolling waves of the ocean and the heaviness of the cargo and the inevitable doom of all on board.

    I admit thoughts of condemnation towards these men crept in. Primarily because their bad decision had the potential to cause their families to live the rest of their lives wondering how death came to them and their children to grow up with out fatherly love, attention and advice! Foolish, foolish, foolish!

    Then this morning I heard the wonderful news of their rescue and my first comment to my spouse was: "Boy those East End men are Ford tough! They don't make 'em like that anymore!"

    What a miracle! How incredibly lucky they are! I mean SERIOUSLY! Who lasts 9 days afloat in the middle of the ocean??

    Then my reason returned and here's where I'm at: I want to slap each of those dingbats up side the head!! Hug 'em and hit 'em! What the hell were they thinking!? If that were my child, father, husband he would be forbidden from looking at another boat…ever! EV-ER!

    I've read most of the comments below and am in total agreement with the ones that suggest more stringent measures are put in place to ensure that disasters such as this are at the very least mitigated, but more importantly, avoided. I'd rather this country invest in measures at the front end than pay for it in search and rescue – or worse – recovery.

    I sincerely sympathise with the position of these men – they were simply trying to feed their families by carrying cargo to sell. What's one more box of goods, and then another?? Pretty soon, all you are seeing is dollar signs and not disaster. It's a long haul, best to make the most of it rather than two trips. Sadly, as with most similar situations, all is lost when you are unable to discern responsibility from the concept of 'more'.

    I hope these men have learned a valuable lesson, have appreciated that their lives were spared and realize that their new lease on life should be utilized to the best possible potential!

    And while I am partially of the mind that they should be made responsible in somesmall part for the expense of the search – I would never press that forward as clearly they are financially incapable of handling it and furthermore, that is what we have search and rescue teams for. Did we ever ask anyone who got lost in the wilderness of EE/NS to pay the search and rescue to save them?


  9. Anonymous says:

    Swan Islands is not a port of entry (and there is no one there but a couple of sailors) so why bring a bunch of merchandise there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    To those with the negative comments:

    Seriously get a life, have some compassion and hope that you are never put in a situation where you risk losing members of your own family.


    A family member of one of the "Super Sailors"

  11. The Beaver says:

    Really, how dumb can one truly be to think that this boat had any chance whatsoever???  May as well have thrown in a cow and a bull for good measure!  I hope that [they] are forced to pay for the search and rescue.  The Beaver

    • Anonymous says:

      Those were family members, use your brain and stop being an arse.

      • The Beaver says:

        Just because they were family members does that negate the fact that it was a dumb thing to do?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that what they did was a recipe for disaster.  In case that you have not figured it out, let me spell it out for you:

        1.  overload an already top-heavy boat so that it barely clears the water line

        2.  set sail without proper equipment

        3.  set sail for a distant land (it's not like it was 5 minutes away)

        4.  set sail in unpredictable seas, with waves that are a minimum of 5 feet and a maximum of a hundred or more

        5.  add 6 crew members in case that the boat wasn't heavy enough

        Does that add up to you yet?  The Beaver

        • Anonymous says:

          No one is negating the fact that it was an incredibly risky and stupid decision to go out on that boat. But by making an arguement against a situtation like this is insinuating that those sailors deserved what ever was in store for them, even if that meant death.

          By pointing out the mere fact that those are someones family members, should have maybe given some reason to at least be happy for them that they are able to have second chance and to learn from an incredibly stupid decision.

          It seems however, in normal fashion these days, more people are lining up to criticize and pass judgment.

    • Anonymous says:

      You're right.  Next time they ought to try sailing to Honduras in their bathtubs. LOL

  12. Anonymous says:

    Quick, let's round up some Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Australians to come down for some "good ol fashion" Caymanian sailing lessons!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am from East End and wish to say to all the negative, please walk a mile in people shoes to understand how hard life has become and  to understand that these guys were only trying to make a honest living to feed their families. They were trying to make honest trades rather than going out and using guns to steal and murder, so please let’s just give thanks that their lives were spared and stop all of the negative.

    Come on people grow up and face the facts that the common man face a daily struggle just to survive. I have a great job and make good money and really don’t know how people survive CUC,gas station and the supermarket each week.

    Give thanks people give thanks



    • Anonymous says:

      Well Said, Thats what wrong with us caymanians today we talk before thinking, you have a point its really shocks me sometime to say that i am caymanian.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are you assuming that all the negativity is coming from Caymanians? There are many expat posters on here that harbour animosity against Caymanians. Just watch the thumbs down.

    • Anonymous says:

      11.36. As Clint said in 'The outlaw Josey Wales', "Dyin' ain't much of a livin', boy!"

    • ANONYMOUS says:

      Well said…. well said….

  14. Anonymous says:

    why aren't the six super sailors named in the report?

    • Safety first says:

      I'm very happy to hear that these people were found alive, but "Super Sailors" I think not.  

      As a certified Captain, the first rule is "safety first" and if the cheap cost of USD$699 (EPIRB emergency postioning system) is not worth the cost of your crew, then you should not be our at sea, period.

      Yes, this was a wonderful ending by the grace of God no denying it.  However, the cost of the search, the distress to the families, and the potential loss of life should NOT be discounted.  This boat and their sail-plan was unsafe and the laws of the Cayman Islands need to be changed to prevent these continued boating accidents from happening.  I am tired of hearing about unsafe vessels, lack of life jackets and provisions, bad communucation *or no emergency systems….people, the Sea is a deadly force and it needs to be respected.  Wise up, safety first!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        'super sailors' was meant sarcastically……zzzzzzzzzzz

      • Anonymous says:

        You can also get a PLB for 250 US or at Harbour House Marina for 350 CI !!!!

        Still less than the EPIRB.

        Yes, ik know PLB is not the same as EPIRB, but will have the same effect.

        • Anonymous says:

          It will not have the same effect it is not nor will be type approved or tested to the proper standards people like yourself confuse the confused do a SOLAS course then comment

  15. Anonymous says:

    caymanians….fine fine sailors…..

    • Anonymous says:

      What an animosity you have against Caymanians. You should be marvelling that they survived 9 days on the open water at the height of the summer sun without food or water and did not perish. But instead you are here making nasty sarcastic comments.  

    • Anonymous says:

      What's up with the stupid comments here?   

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians is from an island so is  come natural for us to be good in water BoBo.

  16. Anonymous says:

    As the parent of one of these young men on board, I must say I am sick to my stomach at the negitive remarks made by you people.  These is our husbands, sons, brothers and fathers that was on board that boat.  To read your remarks on whether any  of our family members should have live discusses me to my soul, but rest a sure that we serve a "GREAT GOD" and in him we put our trust.  When we received negitive remarks like some of these we rebuke them in the NAME OF JESUS, as I am doing right now.

    To the many that joined with us in prayer and praises for their well-being, we thank you all.  Remember we never know when our time of grief will be knocking at our doors.  So praise God now, do not wait until the time of trouble is upon you and your family to seek him.

    Last night I was finally able to sleep with peace at mind, that our God has once again delivered and that everyone on board was safe and well.

    Caymanians it's time to bring God back into your lives, back into homes for he is a merciful and loving God.  Stop making the devil take control of your family, your marriages, children, jobs and your businessess take back control in the Lord.

    Today I sing this song

    It's all about you Jesus, It's all about you…..It's all bout you Jesus, It's all about you.  When I lift my voice up on high and I raise my head to the sky…..It's all about you Jesus, It's all about you

    God bless you all and have a blessed day.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know some of the men on board too and I completely understand your feelings on this.  However, it doesn't alter the fact that several seasoned seamen appear to have commented to the Captain that the boat was listing and should be fixed prior to him setting off, but he took no heed.  Had such (well intended) advice been followed, perhaps the crew of the boat, and the families and friends of such crew would not have been through such a traumatic experience.

      Having said that, I am still delighted to know that all are safe and well, and I am glad to know you have cause to celebrate their life and are not grieving for their loss.


  17. Michel says:

    Thank you God we never doubted you.As a former sailer,seaman I had seen that boat being worked on and though it to be top heavy . I cannot imagine wihit cargo, on top of that. 9 hours floating st sea you are all tryly Blesses and remember the promises you mabe while you were fearing for your life to end. Please keep them whatever happens. God Bless. Michel Lemay

  18. Phew says:

    Thanks goodness Charles got rid of those white tips 🙂

  19. Anonymous says:

    For those who say no one is to blame for this situation where are the safety inspections for this vessel how could anyone allow this vessel to leave our shores and GTown Harbor overload or how it was loaded. The truth of the matter is no one is really patrolling our waters the way they should or as they claim. The marine unit have other obligations besides drug interdictions. The standards have really slip. People expectations are so low these days of the Police on the whole.With the amount of vessels they have there is simply no excuses for this type of situation to be occurring.  Poster 17:44 is right the old DTF marine unit were far more effective with less equipment and certainly had more competent leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      What law were they breakign that Marine Police could have stopped them from leaving? Not saying there shouldn't be, but you can't demand adherence to rules that don't exist.

    • Anonymous says:

      you need to send the crew of all vessels to school. There they will learn not to go on death traps. once trained if they decide to go thats up to them. if found alive jail them as you would in motoring offences. but until people are trained you can't jail people for being stupid

  20. Anonymous says:

    I think the same person who modified the boat must have operated the crane in this video. They obviously never studied mechanics. For seafaring men, this is shameful. 


  21. Anonymous says:

    This is great news! Thank God!

  22. Anonymous says:

    A seriously FLAWED boat….

    …like this one should have been taken out of commercial service long ago…

    Its former fishing captain claims he had a couple close calls with her because she is not designed to carry a load.

    The topsides and deck are so low, that when loaded with cargo, the deck was below the waterline and the scuppers had to be blocked off – which is just what happened before departure. Add to that the engine bay cut out in the deck had a coaming only some 2 inches high and holes had to be bored into the aft deck, so any water on deck would drain inside to be pumped out by a lone electrical bilge pump and you end up with a DEATH TRAP of aBOAT!…

    The boat originally had no captain or any one else experienced to take it to Honduras and was supposed to follow another one – another bad idea – which canceled its trip at the last moment due to mechanical issues.

    Then the vessel was not only grossly overloaded, but also had a large top load that greatly compromised stability. It was unreliable and had problems from the begining, which forced a stop at Georgetown harbour. If the engine stopped at sea, the boat would lie beam to the seas and would stand a good chance of being rolled over.

    Not having an EPIRB on board means that the location of the sinking could not be automatically reported immediately to the authorities by way of satellite.

    The crew was told in no uncertain terms prior to departure that the way the boat was set up, it would sink once at sea, but through lack of experience, no attention was paid to the warning…

    As a result, all boat leaving with sundry cargoes to such places as Honduras should be subject to a thorough inspection by an experienced Marine Unit officer prior to clearing. They should have an EPIRB and a portable satellite phone onboard, which are now quite affordable.

    In addition, those boat owners who – through greed and/or foolishness – put their lives and that of their crew at risk and cause a great deal of Search and Rescue expense, should PAY for it once found …     

    • R.U. Kiddin says:

      Well, gohhh-lee, Anonymous 21:14.    Nobody's perfect!

    • Anonymous says:

      In a ski resort if you travel out of bounds and need to be rescued you are charged  for the search. Glad all are safe.

      • Anonymous says:

        Clearly you live in a different world. That is an inappropriate comment. These are poor people struggling to make a living. They are not rich brats sweeping around ski slopes. If they had the money to pay for the search they would not have been making this run.  

  23. noname says:

    Thats great news but i must admit spoke to an ex DTF marine officer who predicted the these guys would be found and if that is the area exactly where they would be found it they were alive.There is a serious lack of ability and presence in the area of policing our marine environment. This was not always the case i can remember a number of sucessful marine search and  rescues operation carried out by the former DTF Marine unit but just like everything else this area of policing too is seriously diminished.. Cayman has seen its good days. A big shout out to the DTF Marine crew we miss you guys badly.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are being a bit unfair – they were found apparently towards Belize, and that is miles from Cayman.  If you read the first report, they were not reported missing for SIX of the nine days, and RCIPS said they had alerted all shipping repeatedly in the area.  And I recall the Renegade that was found by the police alone after about a week last year.  It wasn't just the RCIPS looking, it was the Hondurans, the US coastguard, the Cubans, the Mexicans,all shipping, the Royal Navy and the RCIPS.  And one of those found them.  But you just criticse the current Marine Unit.  Oh well. 

    • meanly sqeezed eyes narrowly shut says:

      Actually they had been quite sucessfull on rescues since january 2010. Don’t think this one can be blamed on them either; just a couple hundred miles out of their range!

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 17:44

      Let’s face facts; most of the ‘old DTF marine’ were carried on the coat tails ofofficers like King Bush and others who are still there. With the exception of maybe one ‘old timer’ customs have made changes by adding better officers than the ‘Old ones’. .

      However you are aware that Marine don’t clear boats that are leaving; it is the Port authority and the article points out that it left from GTown harbour. So the question is; who cleared them to leave??

      Overall leadership; Derek Haines is a tough act to follow by any standards.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Father God.

  25. Libertarian says:

    Once again, God has answered our prayers and has showed compassion. God has kept the waters at bay, and has been merciful to the families and six crew members. Those who know the fury of the sea can relate well with what I'm saying. They now can sing, "it is well with my soul."

    • Anonymous says:

      Didnt god cause the boat to sink?   So you are saying that god didnt cause the boat to sink, but then decided, hey, let me cause a little fun grief and then let these guys be rescued.  

      Secular humanism.   There is something to be said about this. 

      • Libertarian says:

        My friend, it depends how you define God. To me, God is the "life we experience" and hence, logically, God is the "source" as well. And further, if God is the source of all things; especially, life that is of intelligence; then logically, God is also personal and of intelligence being the source. It'smy rational view of God. I hold no religious view. "Life itself and the source of life = God." I do not limit God to a religious concept of Christianity, Muslim, or Jewish faith. A concept is a mind-belief. My God is more than a mere belief – God is Life. So before you ask me any question of "god," we have to be on the same page as to what "god" are you talking about? If by "god" you are referring to the Christian concept of God, I can clearly see you being a bit confused as to why I would make such a statement. You don't understand my view – that's why! 

        Someone who understood me a bit, would have probably asked me, "Didn't life caused the boat to sink?" And I would have replied, "yes". And to answer the next question, "Didn't life caused the six to be delivered?" My answered would be, "yes." It is no mystery to me, what seems to you, a contradiction. All to say, that my God allows it to happen for a reason. But still you may never understand me if you can't stand where I am standing from. Regards 🙂  

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes you are right…nobody understands your gibberish and nonesense because it lacks all logic.  The only logic it has is that it is illogical. 

          • Libertarian says:

            lol… I love your comment. That is why it should be gibberish and nonsense to the whole world, because it is how I see. Only "I" can know my personal experiences. We learn a valuable lesson that no one else can "see" for you (and should never make the attempt) unless you allow them to do so, and disregard your personal intelligence.  😉

        • Anonymous says:

          As another poster said that is total gibberish. Sounds very New Agey. It is meaningless to speak of God as life in the sense that you use itand yet speak of God allowing things to happen for a reason. Is a God an intelligent being or not?

          • Libertarian says:

            Like I said, God is life and the source of it. What do I mean by life? Existence. What do I mean by Source of life? Consciousness. Because how can you personally experience the world and have knowledge if you are not conscious in the first place. God is Consciousness and Existence; in other words, life. Hence to answer your question:  God is more than intelligent being and is not an intelligent being. To say God is liken unto a personal entity, some old man figure with white beard, sitting on a throne amongst clouds with angels – apart from everything else – sounds very Christianity to me. Regards

      • Anonymous says:

        Travis is a christian man and attends church on a regular basis.  Did you ever stop to think that maybe it was HUMAN error that caused the boat to sink and Divine power that kept them alive ?  God is good and merciful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes he did, after he made the boat sink,.

      Don't you have a brain ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Human error caused the boat to sink. God had compassion on them.   

  26. Anonymous says:

    lucky they were not attacked by those dangerous white tip sharks!……… isn't that right bobo?

  27. Anonymous says:

    are the office chairs ok?????

  28. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    The word around Harbour House Marina was that this vessel was seriously overloaded. The photograph appears to show this. With an overloaded vessel, all that is needed for a distress situation to come about, is one "rogue wave". This will either swamp the boat down or cause the cargo to quickly shift to one side, which will then cause the vessel to eventually capsize.

    Overloaded boats are like overloaded planes, it renders them incapable to maintaing a normal and safe momentum forward. I understand that the VHF distress call was received in Swan Island Honduras but the authorities responded that they had no fuel in their vessel's to reach them.  How awful a situation !! 


  29. Anonymous says:

    I just spoke with the wife of Travis Welcome.  She has confirmed that a ship bound for Houston picked them up drifting. All six are alive! I then called the police. They said they are still waiting on confirmation, but as far as they know, they are all well. Travis's wife has confirmed directly to me that he called his daughter directly from the ship…..Wonderful news!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Did they have a survival raft and ditchbag with portable water maker?

    • Anonymous says:

      unknown…that would take good journalism…….something we don't have much of in cayman

  31. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Crew is safe and sound! thank God!!!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I am no expert but all you sailors out there – is this a boat that six people can safely go out into the ocean.  All that funiture on top looks like it would topple over in a wave.  Is that what you mean about safety 13.11?  If so, is there a law in place that can be enforced to prevent vessels going to sea.  If it were a car, the police would be ticketing it I would have thought.

    I am sorry that people are missing, but there seem to be a lot of questions that need asking? We have to hope they are anchored up soemwhere without communication?

    • Anonymous says:

      where you're wrong is that the police would probably NOT be ticketing it.

    • Anonymous says:

      there is laws in place for all vessels SOLAS safety of Life at Sea. its not policed in Cayman one of the few places that does nothing. I travel the caribbean from cayman to carry out safety inspections on all types and sizes of vessels. only 3  vessels based in cayman follow international law.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree that Cayman should take immediate steps to incorporate SOLAS V standards into our flag's marine laws.  Anybody on the sea who is in breach of SOLAS V requirements may find themselves subject to legal proceedings.  Section 4 requires that passenger and cargo ships on international voyages to carry radio equipment, including satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) and Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs).


  33. Durrrr says:

    Could they have loaded any more junk on the top of that boat?!

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on people, we need to be more considerate and humane stop and think before you call people belongings JUNK, would you want anyone to call your belongings JUNK? I DON'T THINK SO. So stop being so negative  and lets just give God thanks for their his mercy to these men.

  34. A family member says:

    They have been located. All 6 persons are ok. Unfconfirm reports that they were picked up by a passing ship. The boat sank around Sunday night- A family member

  35. noname says:

    They actually found the in belize water about 2 hours ago…….Thank god

  36. A family member says:

    They have been located. All 6 persons are ok. Unfconfirm reports that they were picked up by a passing ship. The boat sank around Sunday night- A family member

  37. Anonymous says:

    When is Cayman going to implement international law regarding vessel and crew safety? How many more people will be lost before maritime law is policed in these Islands?

    • Anonymous says:

      One can clearly see that the vessel in the picture has been  dangerously modified (like a lot of other vessels in Cayman) just by adding the upper deck affects the stability that’s without storing goods or people on the upper decks. In frank the vessel pictured is a death trap and would not pass even the basic of vessel inspections in the western world!

  38. Michel says:

    Prayers are needed at this time of anxiety for the families and friends and let’s ALL remember them in our times of prayers. With God nothing is impossible. Michel Lemay

  39. Libertarian says:

    As well, I pray and hope for their safety.

  40. george towner says:

    My heart goes out to the families of these six missing crew. My prayers be with them and I hope they are all alive and well.