Mac: UK must leave us alone

| 29/07/2011

(CNS): Cayman Premier McKeeva Bush has told other Overseas Territories leaders that the OTs are handcuffed by the UK. As reported by the local media in the Virgin Islands, at the opening ceremony of the recent Pre-Overseas Territories Consultative Council (OTCC) meeting Premier Bush said that, while the Overseas Territories (OT) appreciate the UK’s utmost concern for governors in the countries, the UK must leave them alone, and he revealed his intention to tell this to the Cayman governor and Britain. reports that in his remarks on 22 July Bush said, “At the same time, the whole cliché still rings true that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him the food,” adding that the OT welcomes tactical training in any area of mutually agreed need."

Bush also told fellow delegates, “I will say to my governor and to the United Kingdom, leave us alone to do what we do best. Don’t ask if we can do it. Just see where we came from. We came from nothing to what we have. All we need is not for you to handcuff us, all we need is for the United Kingdom to help us and show us the way and in showing us the way, do not handcuff us because the same good governance (and I don’t care how people feel when it comes to that because it’s an issue that is strong to my mind) for 60 million people will not always determine the facts of good governance on my Island. The culture is different.”

Bush went on to ask the attendees of the Pre OTCC to bear in mind that the representatives of the OT are the best advocates. “Let us also remember that our voices will always be strongest when they are shared and steadfast.”

TheOTCC  meeting brought together heads of government from the United Kingdom Overseas Territories (UKOTs) who met on Scrub Island from July 22 through 24 to deliberate on critical issues affecting their respective Territories. Present were the Virgin Islands Premier and Chairman of the pre-OTCC meeting Ralph T. O’Neal, Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush, Chief Minister of Anguilla Hubert Hughes, Minister of Communications, Works and Labour for Montserrat Charles Kirnon and their accompanying delegations.

Photo above: L-R Ralph T. O' Neal, Charles Kirnon, McKeeva Bush, Hubert Hughes

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The day UK leave us is the day I leave for the UK

    • Libertarian says:

      Independence would be the worse thing that can happen to us. It would be better to annex ourselves to another superpower as protectorate than to go on our own. The UK's Foreign Office serves as our watchdog against corruption… that's of course, they do what they suppose to do:  watchdog themselves!

      • Anonymous says:


        Let's exchange for residence rights in the US – as the "Gibraltar" poster said earlier.

        Independence cant work here!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mackeeva needs to go, not only leave Legislative Assembly but leave Cayman. Needs to stop spending our money, selling us out to foreigners, lying about what he has done for us, and wasting our resources. To add he also needs to be investigated for giving out our status's XXXX. My fellow caymanians do not support this clown. Dont you see by givin status out, limits our resources, causes higher unemployment especially for young Caymanians seeking jobs. Open your eyes recieving free washers, dryers, and fridges will not result in a great leader and running of our country.(as you can see)  Stop voting for the wrong reasons. Think about your children and there future her in cayman. Think about your island. The UK have been good to us. They may have some flaws but who would u prefer?. And west bayers, just because mackeeva is your neighbour and gives you guys a few paved roads doesnt mean you have to aid in the distruction of our economy, corruption and future of those who actually want the best for cayman.

    bottom line…Mackeeva need to go.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac….I wish you would leave us alone!

    • dragon breath says:

      Mac is currently being investigated for a crime. As far as I know he is not guilty of any crime or corruption. So what the big fuss?  What is the big deal?  Sorry, nothing is for nothing!  In order to boost the economy Mac has signed deals with Dart. How do you suggest we boost the economy?  Haven't heard no solutions from Alden!  Ifyou are asking Mac to stepped down during onging investigations, could you at least tell us who would replace his business common sense?  If you can't find a replacement, then shut up!  Isn't there elections in 2013. And I have read your comments on this article, they are sooooo stupid. Mac must go, but who will replace Mac!  You seem to forget that the Uk will step in if we can't balance our budget before the deadline. Is Alden going to do it after putting us in serious debt hole?  You would have to be smoking pot to believe in his flip-flops. One day Alden is for rollover, the next your same Alden is not for rollover. So tell me if he gets in and Cayman's population increase and lesser jobs for Caymanians, tell me, will that  replace what Darts will be able to do in generating jobs?  About Mac must leave Cayman during a recession?  Who do you think you are? 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree totally with this – McKeeva is the worst of a bad bunch of politicians who "think" they can a run a country – but look at the mess we are in today…… huge debts and still trying to rob peter to pay paul, crime on the increase….jobs on the decrease… pay rises stifled – except for their own – they are allowed to draw their pensions – we can't… How fair and democratic is this?  Politicians are some of our worst XXXX yet we keep voting them into power..!  ridiculous……aalthoug to be fair they are just like politicians the world over….all in it for what their own personal gain – never really for the people…

      If this is how our politicians are trying to run this country as a dependency – God forbid the day that theUK steps aside and tells us get on with it ourselves…..  The UK does not need us…. We need the UK…without the UK dependency this Island would be back to fishing for food and basket weaving….there would be no tourists, no banking jobs, no visitors…..Is this what we want or need?

  3. Anonymous says:


    Try so find yourself an education. I don't want you representing me and I think the majority of people would agree. Stop making these statements as if you're a loyal, positive representative for Cayman. I don't think Cayman is in a position to go independent and considering the poor mismanagement of our finances, if UK wasn't there to apply pressure re: borrowing, Lord knows how much of a mess we would be in. You only want the Governor as obselete because of the inquiry against you. Perhaps in future, yes maybe we should. As of right now, no. I can only imagine chaos if you declared yourself the President. Might as well load the gun right now so i can shoot myself, figuratively speaking.

  4. Whodatis says:

    Sorry X Pat, but you would have been much better off simply saying;

    "Whodatis, you've hurt my feelings."

    Next …!!

    (Did you even understand that my post was centered on the historical events and "developments" leading up to the current state of nations such as Jamaica?)

    • Anonymous says:

      "Historical events and developments leading…" Ha ha ha More like WHODATIS' skewed and tainted interpretation of things he has no clue about.  Ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Libertarian says:

    For those who are saying I am UDP, a propagandist, someone who needs to see the doctor, a McKeeva lover, cheering for Independence, antogonistic lover of conflict, and all the names spewed out against me, let me just reiterate that everything McKeeva has said in the OTCC meeting is truthful. Opps… sorry. If you want to read more on what was said, visit this site – Still… a British intervention is not the sole solution of resolving crime and corruption in the Cayman Islands. The Uk has required of us a new Constitution and they can always do it again with more checks and balances this time. The Uk does not have to dissolve Cayman's democracy and install a dictator. The Uk like the Premier said, can "teach us to fish" instead of trying to "give us a fish" or turn us into a welfare state like it has done in Turks and Caicos Islands. We currently have AntiCorruption Laws that have not been enforced. The Uk / Governor can respect the people's democracy and see to it that such AntiCorruption Laws are enforced. There is no justification for draconian, arbitrary, and harsh Uk rule over these islands without the people's consent. There is not warrant for "handcuffing" and dissolving the people's elected cabinet. But I guess… I am a Mckeeva lover, routing for Independence, and need to see doctor, because I speaking the truth. This is a result of what party politics is doing to Cayman. One party is attacking the next, and we are "dividing ourselves to be conquored." Cayman, we must unite and speak out against colonialism – on how the Uk mistreats the Overseas Territories. We can't allow party poli-tricks to make us blind to reality. If you look at the link above, the OTCC meeting has nothing to do with Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and Montserrat, seekingIndependence. See the link on the Premier's comments that are more lean towards the spirit of colonialism and draconian system. Why am I stressing this? Why am I not dropping this subject so easily?  Because it does injustice to the OTCC meeting to portray it in the wrong light. By sayoing that the Premier was in this meeting because they were about Independence, is an assumption, and does an injustice to what this meeting was all about. Please think before you post. Regards.

    • Whodatis says:

      @ Libertarian,

      We are all literate and adequately educated individuals here on CNS.

      Ignore those that constantly attempt to miscontrue your words and perspective. For you see, at that point you are dealing with emotional beings. Their feelings are hurt. They are no longer logical but instead acting like a spoiled little toddler that relentlessly demands for the return of its pacifier (dummy / suck-suck).

      Don't waste time on those idiots my friend – let them be. Make your case as clearly as you can, based upon the way in which you see the situation and simply walk away.

      What more can you do? Absolutely nothing.

      * If you're like me you may want to use their ramblings as a means of having a little fun though!

      • The Beaver says:

        You funny!  Too bad you're trying to be taken so seriously…  Ha ha ha ha ha The Beaver

      • Anonymous says:

        Please don't encourage him. No one is buying what he's trying to sell. Maybe a Xanax or two and we wouldn't have to wade through a hundred of his posts over the weekend.

      • Whodatis says:

        @ Liberterian,

        See what I mean?

        The usual suspects have shown their a$$es yet again as expected … just read immediately below.

        Don't worry bout dem doh – mos likely dey jus wex cuz dey facin rollowa in couple a dayz!!


  6. Whodatis says:

    Re: " Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 07/31/2011 – 00:05.

    There was a survey done recently in Jamaica …"

    I hereby forward to you and the many supporters of your post the following repost that speaks to the primary issue raised.


    " Submitted by Whodatis on Wed, 06/29/2011 – 15:52.

    This is clearly a rather unfortunate sign of the mess that Jamaica now finds itself in today.

    When surrounded by daily chaos and turbulence it is almost impossible to see the bigger picture.

    What this survey failed to consider are the external factors that have contributed to the economic and socioeconomic hardships that exist in countries like Jamaica today.

    When "out-of-the-loop" nations like Jamaica decide to go independent, a planned and orchestrated tactic is devised to ensure both the impossibility of economic growth and the breakdown of civility within the country.

    For example, for hundreds of years (slavery) Jamaica was a major cash cow and source of natural resources / agriculture for not only its inhabitants but much of the Western world. Fast forward to the 1980's and 1990's and all of a sudden people are hungry and the country is mysteriously unable to feed itself, much less sustain a thriving industry of agriculture.

    However, the mystery is somewhat resolved when one acknowldges and understands the callous policies of institutions such as the IMF / World Bank / Inter-American (Latin American & Caribbean) "Development" Bank. (It is important to note and understand the bases, headquarters and entities behind these institutions.)

    The nature of the currency policies, lending "agreements", treaties and trade partnerships of these institutions are not intended to aid "development" in such countries, but instead to DESTROY them.

    When one understands that these institutions and their benefactors actually profit from and thrive off of the hardships and socioeconomic failures of the nations in question then it becomes clear that their was never a "mystery" in the first place.

    Interestingly as we look around the world today and as we see many European countries in turmoil (Greece is involved in bloody street riots at this very moment) the people are finally beginning to understand how this world is structured.

    They finally see that the traditionally shunned and disrespected people of the "third world" were not inherently ignorant, violent, uneducated, poor or inferior. No, most, if not all, of the economic hardships in this world are by deliberate and careful design.

    Traditionally most people dismissed the expectations of people by way of race, color or region, but today the aforementioned hardships have arrived at their backdoor.

    The western media has done an EXCELLENT job of instilling prejudice, blind patriotism and arrogance into the collective mindset of "nationalities" however, the world is awakening to the smoke and mirrors that have been propped up around them for decades now.

    Ironically, the "colonial masters" have experienced their own share of riots and protests. Their economy is one of the worst in the EU with almost 20% of its children now being brought up in "workless homes" (i.e. being housed, fed and clothed by the British government.)

    The simple fact is that regardless of history, background, race or creed  – when people are made destitute they will resort to desperate and unthinkable measures to survive.

    Jamaica, like many other "developing" countries was never expected to be a success and the powers that dominate this world saw to it that this was the case.

    The people that make up the nation of Jamaica are so far removed on so many levels from the "in-the-loop" type of people that there is no question as to why they have endured such hardship since independence.

    Of course, all of this is not to excuse internal corruption and mismanagement, however, the internal factors are always subsequent to a pre-existence of corruption and callous policies from the outside.

    Therefore the findings of such a survey are far too simplistic to be given any consideration. Most people in the world are unaware of its realities or are simply too preoccupied with their daily survival to consider the external factors that create and contribute to their hardship.

    "The world to a man is what he sees."

    * I am certain many folks on here willdisagree with my perspective but this is the reality of the world in which we have lived and are living. Those that outrightly reject such reasoning are stuck in the misguided past and fortunately are a dying breed.

    This "democratically elected western world" is actually built to mimick a pyramid – and as we know there is not much room at the top and PLENTY of room at the bottom.

    (If you don't believe me you can go ask the 23 year old Athenian that has just hurled a slab of concrete at the city's riot police. Or perhaps you should interview the young British men that jumped upon Prince Charles' limo and jabbed his Camilla in her royal side.)"

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummh, yeah, Jamaica suffers from political, social and economic violence and corruption, beginning with those at the very top and ending with those at the very bottom, because of its own greedy and corrupt politicians and leaders.  Blame the white man is an overused game that is losing its effect 20, 30, 40, and 50 years later…  That's the problem with the Caribbean, Africa and other parts of the world – people unwilling to take personal responsibility…  And why not, it's much easier to blame others for your own ills.

      • Whodatis says:

        "Ummh, yeah, Jamaica suffers from political, social and economic violence and corruption, beginning with those at the very top and ending with those at the very bottom …"

        And the same does not apply to the UK, USA, Spain, Greece etc.?!

        My friend, do you own a television? Do you use your internet connection for anything other than material to feed your ignorant state of existence? (Sorry, but that assumption must be made in light of your comments.)

        Go and ask the YOUNG, WHITE, BRITISH kids that set London alight just a few months back about "blaming the white man". While you're at it take a trip over to France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain and do the same. (Or are you one of those that breaks down "whiteness" by way of Anglo, Saxon, Germanic, Slavic, etc.?) My point is that Europe (white people / "the white man") is experiencing the same oppression that other "non-white" nations experienced in yesteryear. Where many people assumed they were safe from the foreign savages of the world – they now find themselves in shock and awe as the same forms of oppression have arrived at their front doors.

        Obviously my words were lost on you and are determined to remain in your state of uninformed bliss. Individuals like yourself will never wake up to the reality of this world and will likely die content within your own misunderstanding.

        To each his own though.

        Thanks for commenting.

        *P.S. In thefuture please refrain from using such cheap, and lowly cards within this forum – at least when replying to any of my posts. It runs the risk of devaluing what otherwise is sound and interesting discussion. Your cooperation is very much appreciated in this regard. Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your very astute synopsis. The very sad part of the whole thing as you pointed out in your pyramid example is that we who comment on these pages are but a very small fraction of society. The overwhelming majority of people either do not care or are uninterested in attempting to steer our ship into the future. Wealth trickles up and poverty trickles down but corruption trickles everywhere


      Charles Darwin was a very smart and observant man. His theory of Natura Selection which shows the Surival of the Fittest can be seen in every aspect of our world. When good men stand by and do nothing, nature will eventually work things out. This is guaranteed, it just takes a bit longer.

      • Whodatis says:

        "The very sad part of the whole thing as you pointed out in your pyramid example is that we who comment on these pages are but a very small fraction of society."

        That is so very true.

        Thanks for commenting.

    • X Pat says:

      "Those that outrightly reject such reasoning are stuck in the misguided past…….." So, anyone who disagrees with you is wrong?


       I outrightly reject such reasoning of yours on the grounds that it is shallow, contrived and  seriously prejudiced against developed nations and the UK in particular.  How can you blame the current corruption in Goverment on the "pre-existence of corruption and callous policies from the outside".


      And I ask again, what "callous policies" has the UK imposed on Cayman lately, or ever for that matter?  Apart from maybe putting a warship into George Town occasionally to remind neighboring nations that this place is defended?

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm sure Mr. "Leave Us Alone" will not fail to mention to prospective lenders that the UK's full faith and credit backstop is implied in our loan agreements.  It is actually the only note feature that would cling us to the edge of investment-grade.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry X-Pat the article spoke the truth, plain and simple, you might not want to believe it but it is the truth.



        • Whodatis says:

          Thank you.

          The reason so many are against my post and its holdings are because it disintegrates their misconceived assumptions of exceptionalism within their groups.

          End of.

          They would rather try to ignore truth than admit that they have been wrong all along. (Even when that truth is clearly relevant to their own current state of affairs!)

          How does that saying go? "Pride goes before a fall."

          Unfortunately, their societies are now "falling" to the very fates that have devoured others.

    • anonymous says:

      Can't you prove your point without having to bring Jamaica into the topic? 

  7. Knot S Smart says:

    Every reckless outburst  from our leaders seem to go from worst to worst!

    Which gives me some concern that the rest of the world might soon start perceiving us as the 'Island of the Apes'.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier,  

    You please leave us alone.  Stop:  ignoring crime, wasting our money, playing favourites, ignoring unemployment, promising projects which never materialise, avoiding giving us the true financial picture, travelling first class on our money and trying to cover up the fact that you are being investigated.  UK please do not leave us alone with this man.


  9. MER says:

    So I guess this is the beginning of our independence from the UK and Bush's true dictatorship career?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I say follow Gibraltar's lead… Seriously people!

    In the interest of our future (and the impending global financial/currency realignment or crash) I say we negotiate Now with the USA and UK, and exchange Some of our finance system for the option of shared ownership (and residency rights) with the US.

    Keep enough to remain viable (ie Isle of Man/New York) and work within the new global framework. We have no choice, right?

    Gibraltar has such an arrangement – called a "condominium" arrangement.

    I'd rather be a (semi) dependant of the US/UK than to risk independence!

    Who'd want that -we cant feed or defend ourselves – Cheese Louise Cayman!

  11. Libertarian says:

    I urge those who love their country, to not stop telling the truth no matter what. Don't be discouraged. Yes, we are outnumbered now in our own home country, but God is on our side. The right side is always God's side – a call for unity. To the few of us who see for the need of national unity against UK colonialism to improve our relations with them, do not be discouraged by the thumbs down ratings of this site, nor the comments that appear partisan. At times, we are misrepresented as those who want Independence; especially, here we are portrayed to be UDP supporters. This is how "divide and conquor" works on this site and other sites: they make it appear that one of our parties is against the other party; or, they blow out of proportion a political issue to start fire. So you read CNS comments and can't believe people would be so lost and blinded by the party politics. I urge those who love their country, don't get caught up in party politricks. If you want a party to join, join the party of Truth, and follow no man!  

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, why not just ignore the corruptpoliticians who are running this country into the ground and just pray for God to save us. Of course he will, and why shouldn't he. After all, we have more churches per capita than any country on Earth.

      Your comment reminds me of the story about the Priest and the Rabbi. A town is flooding and the water is up to the roofs so the Rabbi gets in his boat and rows over to the neighboring church to find the Priest standing on the roof of his church.The Rabbi says, "Come on Father, get in the boat". The Priest says, "No, I have prayed to God to save me and I know he will". So the Rabbi rows away and comes back later when the water is even higher. Now the Priest is clinging to the top of the steeple. The Rabbi says, "Come on Father, get in the boat". Again the Priest refuses help and professes his faith that God will answer his prayers and save his life. He sends the Rabbi away. Eventually, the water rises even higher and the Priest is taken by the flood. He goes to heaven and meets God. He asks God why after having such strong faith and leading a good and holy life did God not spare him from the flood. God responds, "I sent you a life boat twice and you refused to get in".

      Our life boat is our laws and our desire to enforce them in making our political system work for us and not against us.

      • Libertarian says:

        Thanks for the story. The saying that goes, "God helps those who helps themselves" rings true today. Your story also reminds me of the story of "Miss Janice" which recently sank about five hours after leaving Cayman. The boat like the law has its imperfections. Yes, our MLA's can do what they can to utilize the boat, but if the UK like the Port Authority, does not inspect the boat and help us to amend our laws and Constitution, we will sink. So we need the outsight oversight and help from the UK. This is another lesson we can learn:  we can't manage Miss Janice on our own, and we don't expect the Port Authority officers to drive the boat for us with their British rule. Rather, inspect the boat, help us enforce the law, so we can safely drive the boat on our own. That is being fair, because we "elect" our leaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      god is on our side too

    • Anonymous says:


      You speak the truth and explan the  facts so well, my hat off to you. 

  12. D.O. Double G says:

    Me thinks Snoop Dogg released Mac's 2013 campaign song a bit too soon..

  13. Big Whopper says:

    MAC S..T..F..U…. PLS

  14. Whodatis says:

    What a pathetic bunch of ignorant and narcissistic idiots.

    Do us all a favor and honestly examine the state of your home nations today and try to realize how ridiculous are the things being uttered within this thread.

    The (greater) western world is in no position to criticize others in regards to corruption, bad government or financial irregularities.

    Rather than focus so much time and attention on the issues surrounding Cayman and the OT's – try to dedicate that passion to the reversal of the broken state of your economies, societies, communities and general morale. As for corruption … let us not go there – too much to choose from. Don't believe me? Simply open a copy of "The News of the World" … whoops!!

    * Faded glory is such a sad reality. Furthermore, as the world becomes more transparent and equitable it becomes glaringly obvious that certain formerly "great" nations were only able to achieve such status via oppression, corruption and trickery. Given a clean state they are sliding off the top rungs one by one. However, not to worry – when in fear … Enter: Military / Fake threats / Illegal invasions etc.

    Very sad indeed.

    ** Once again, it is quite comical that today the UK has to rely on bullying tiny island nations like ours in order to feel useful and relevant in the 21st Century. Says quite a lot doesn't it? I for one would never consider her as a strong and admirable mother. In fact, she presents more as a used and worn out old hag – you know, the type that cries in the mirror as she wishes for yesteryear.


    • X Pat says:

      ……"today the UK has to rely on bullying tiny island nations like ours" …..


      OK,  what bullying have they done to Cayman? Come on, give some specific answers, not just rhetoric about colonialism. Hello? How have Caymanians suffered at the hand of the UK? 


      The thing about corruption in the UK and other developed nations is that they root it out and make a big noise about it when they do. Unlike here where it is tolerated to the degree that it is the norm.


      Bush has made another embarressing smell that stinks to high heaven. Cayman should be appalled that he comes out with such remarks without consulting his Governemant or the people at large .Why don't you concentrate on commenting on the matter at hand rather than looking for an opportunity to bad-mouth the UK?

  15. Loren says:

    Mr Premier with the best of intentions for these your beloved islands, please step down and appoint another from your party to your position temporarily until this investigation is done.  I know that justice will prevail and you should have nothing to fear.  Please do not give the UK a reason to come in here and impose direct rule as they did in TCI and ruin our economy.

  16. Anonymous says:

    As a UK Tax Payer I would be very happy if the bushman was able to lessen my tax bill, or at least have my tax money spent on worthier causes.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There is a bigger problem than the UK. It's called West Bay. Learn to vote for the right reasons or don't vote at all.


  18. Incognito says:

    Arn't you people aware of what is going on. Senor  Bush has done, said and acted in such a negative way in the past few months, he had to atleast say something that the masses would agree with.

    You all can debate about this, but to wise, it's just a hack so that you guys can ease off him a bit. Its better to say he has a big mouth than to say he's trying to sell off the island. lol. This as usual is a smoke screen.

    The man is smart. His spouting about this situation will get no where and he knows that, but if he looks a bit interested in the welfare of the island, then he might can regain some allies. Not to mention, s

    It's really sad to know and feel that whenever your LOGB does something that "looks" in the favor of the country, people tend to wonder what XXXX. Something else going on, and this is his way of make people look the next way. Watch and see


    To be safe all, you betta tek his wud wid a grain a salt and dont hold you breath,,, cause it might be your last one.

  19. R Ebanks says:

    We Caymanians seem to be good at shooting guns so at least the new army we will have to form will have one plus point. On a negative though is the fact that other than fighting the expats we have no experience of war. Oh well can’t be that hard can it? i mean we have loads of cash to buy the best weapons and equipment etc. How can it go wrong for us. On another note (no pun intended) how much do you think it will cost to change and reprint our NEW dollars with no queen on them. Sounds like money well spent to me.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This departs from the subject matter of the original CNS story but to I'd like to make a counterpoint raised by a poster:

    Over the same 30+ years most countries have also declined economically and morally. I  lived in Britain in the 1970s and seriously considered making it my home as I was accepted in the area of the country where I lived, had become socially (and physically) acclimated and the opportunities for education of my children and the advantages of life in a largersociety and older culture were obvious. But I returned to Cayman – just before the rise of the National Front and the Thatcher years. I made what I feel was the better choice, as standards of life in England have since declined. The amenities of life have no doubt modernized but I have visited often since and still have family there who admit the same. I would venture to say that English people will identify many of the same reasons for the decline of their society as we do in Cayman. 

    My point is, economic, social and moral standards have declined all over the world (except perhaps Singapore!) and unfortunately, Cayman has been no different. After all, in 30+ years our population has tripled, our immigration policies have followed international trends and multiculturalized our society and our accommodation of this growth (education, expansion of the economic base, etc.) has not improved – for reasons which could be debated as another subject.

    So, apart from international trends and similarities, we didn't help our own case very much in some ways but we are not alone in moral and economic decline.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I find Mac’s rambling most entertaining.
    Does he not realize that he is the head of Nation that is smaller than most small towns in America.
    His Title of Premier is laughable. Mayor of Cayman county would be more suitable.
    While we are at it We should change his name to Boss Hogg.

    I’m just trying to figure who the Dukes are in this scenario.

  22. A True Democrat says:

    Mr. Libertarian, It is quite obvious that you have chosen your penname  not because  you adhere to the true meaning of the word liberty, but only when it suits your particular type of  libertarianism. Meaning anything that falls within the ambit of the UDP style of governance.

    Please be assured that the last thing I would be advocating is a takeover by the FCO whose record of governance is equally as bad as that of a dictatorship. However to  continue to let things run themselves [ laissez-faire] as you are suggesting, is simply put "madness".

    Please note that the cause of the intervention in TCI was exactly the kind of corruption that has been perpitrated here on this island for quite some time.  What is needed now more than anything are honest hardworking politicians, who when sworn"under oath"  to uphold the law and adhere to our constitution will do just that.

    If we could accomplish this, then maybe, just maybe  we will not have to be concerned about a take over like that which has occurred in TCI. 

    • Libertarian says:

      Dear True Democrat,

      You don't understand what I meant by "laissez-fare." I was not referring to the unholy marriage between private entities or elite persons with the elected government. Most libertarians would agree that governments may engage in private sector deals when it comes to the essential services and operations of government; however, they all oppose unfair concessions, special favors, and receiving favors from private entities. They oppose the wasted monies pumped into nonessential services. The private sector must be allowed to thrive on its own without any government interference or intermingling, and the government should be a small and effective political body. Here, my usage of laissez-fare is really about individual rights and freedoms within a democracy. I think those rights should be "laissez-fare rights" – that's what I mean by the usage of the word. But note that I don't condone a society without laws to protect people, employees, and customers. I don't condone the increasing size of government expenditure, the only increase should be in the essential services like police. All like Public works can be privatized, and public-private partnership deals can be made so long those deals are devoid of any special favors. As for me being UDP, call me anything you like, because it appears that I hop sides, when in reality, I don't follow personalities, but the issues. I am Independent. Now as to relying on our politicians to uphold the laws in order to fight corruption, I don't believe that is possible without the help of the UK ensuring such measures are enforced. Truman Bodden and Company recommended that our Constitution was devoid of important "checks and balances." I think we should have a better drafted Constitution. However, to avoid extremity, the Uk like the Premier said, should not handcuff or suspend the local government whenever they feel like. Change has to take place not through arbitrary means, but through having a laissez-fare approach, due to respecting the people's rights and individual freedoms of their self-determination. A full British style intervention like TCI, should not be tolerated. The leaders should always speak out it against that, because it will not only hurt the financial reputation of these islands, dissolve the little democracy that we have if they had to take us over, due to a "corruption charge." The draconian method is old, immoral, and abuse of power that is unnecessary. The inhabitants have no say… so worse, it is non-democratic. Right now, our Constitution is immaterial to the fact that under clause 125, they can for the cause of socalled "good governance" at any time disregard the conditional democracy here in the Cayman Islands without working with the Cayman Islands government in fighting crime and corruption. Again, this can not be done without their help! As a Libertarian, I support the Uk's "arbitrary measures" on ensuring our local politicians do their jobs in fighting Corruption, and I support other joint initiatives between the UK and our local government. But I severly oppose declaring full rule with no regard for the people of these islands. I think that is being extreme and abuse of power. Regards

    • Anonymous says:

      If, under investigation (for 18-months now remember), the Premier refuses to stand down voluntarily, and the opposition are unable to muster a majority of the LA to force him to stand down, the only other option is for the Govenor to dissolve parliment and bring in the UK.  If Bush tries to hang in (as it appears he is doing) and he continues to treat the UK with utter contempt it will not be long before the UK steps in on the grounds of uncorrected corruption.  The Premier's arrogance, and the opposition's total ineptness at bringing this despot to book are bringing Cayman to the verge of a UK takeover.  Shame on the whole political class if you let this happen.

      • Libertarian says:

        My friend, dissolving the Parliament and bringing in the UK is NOT the only option. The Governor can respect the people's democracy and elected representatives. I am sure there are are many ways on how they can pursue "good governance" in the Cayman Islands. The OTCC meeting was about the way the UK deals with the Overseas Territories. The Premier was making a remark about colonialism, which entails arbitrarily declaring full British Rule on the territories. This meeting (if you read) had nothing to do with Independence like some of the commenters are saying on this site, turning this issue into a partisan one. Also, the British takeover (and many will disagree with me) wouldn't really be Cayman's fault because the "will" for a takeover rest in the hands of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and they and Governor are not cornered or force in taking Cayman over. They have the "will" to respect the people's democracy. It is not like their hands are tied and therefore they MUST take us over. They can do the right thing. If a takeover occurs, rest assure that it is the "special interest" that would be behind the intervention. That's my view.

  23. Anonymous says:

    There is always a trade off.  As an OT we get to shelter under the extended political stabiltiy of the UK. However the UK remains primarily  responsible for any liabilities/contingencies arising from  treaties/conventions which they may have extended to us.  It should therefore be no surprise that the UK will monitor our actions to ensure that we don't act in a manner which triggers further liabilities for them.  The situation in the TCI resulted from a culture of corruption where individuals did not speak out for fear of reprisals. The UK was forced to step it to properly investigate the rampant corruption there.   If we don't want a TCI situation we have exercise our democratic right  to speak out, demand respect for the established processes and procedures, and most important demand that our elected representative know that they are accountable to us.  Granted, the Governor and  UK will act in their best interest of our Island provided it is also in the uK's interest. This simply means that our destiny is intertwined with the UK's and it is important that our actions and the actions of our representatives is not in conflict with the UK's interest.  I for one am happy to be sheltered under the politically stable umbrella of the UK where I enjoy the rule of law and human rights and a system which delivers due process.  How about you Cayman? Do you really want Mac to run off at the mouth where he reduces us to banana repulic of which he's the dictatior?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Despite Mac's tactlessness (intentional?), he is absolutely correct in this matter. Which colonial power ever meant well for its colonies? I don't care what they call us – Dependent Territory, Overseas Territory, whatever – we are a colony to them and that mentality has changed little in 400 years. Does anyone not see how the UK has always sided against us in matters of financial industry regulations, while favouring Switzerland and Lichtenstein? Why are Territories like Falklands and Gibralter favoured (IOM & Channel Islands are categorized differently) over the Caribbean territories? Have we forgotten the Brian Gibbs era? Do we think that has passed? If anything, they've become more involved to sabotage our industry. Reasons can be debated – taking business from the City, hiding taxable pounds, our lack of finacial dependence loosens their grasp, etc., etc. The rusults are the same – as long as we choose to remain as a Territory we will be under as much UK control as we will tolerate. 

    I will never forget a novel read to my first form class by our English English teacher back in 1968, of the British experience in southern Africa set in the late part of the 1800s. It was rife with "Bwana" mentality and being portrayed to our young minds as an 'exciting' way of life. I often wonder as to the purpose of that teacher's choice and consider that it was the embedded mentality that he came to the Caribbean with which reflected the mentality he was presenting to us from a century earlier – brainwashing?  After all, there are still some Brits who view Americans as their subjects.

    No, colonial mentality will not change so at least Mac is letting the "powers that be" know that "Bwana" mentality is not welcomed here. Yeah Mac!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Over the past 30+ years I have seen Cayman go from growth and prosperity to an economic and moral spiral downward. None of our current problems of crime, unemployment and declining economic conditions are a result of anything the UK has done but are a direct result of our own flawed policies and inept and possibly corrupt leadership. The UK has acted only as a mother would watch her child at the beach, making sure the child didn't wander off or go into the ocean without supervision. Otherwise the child is free to play and do as it likes as long as its acitvities are not harmful to themself or others. All of our problems are our fault. Be thankful that we have a watchdog that puts the breaks on when things get too out of hand. If the UK had not been present we would be in considerably worse shape today.

      The Premier seems to make statements over and over that point to his desire for independence. Why doesn't he just come out and tell us his view on the issue so we can stop guessing and know where he stands.

      We are not being oppressed by the UK but if we allow our leaders too much rope to hang themselves with we will all be singing a different tune when the UK finally has to come in to clean things up.

      The Union Jack on our flag gives us tremendous credibility as a country. Without it we are just another third world banana republic (without many bananas) and tourism and the financial industry will vanish overnight.

      Will you be saying,"Yeah Mckeeva" when you are wondering where your next meal will come from?


      • Libertarian says:

        You see, that is where we disagree. The Premier's words does not have to mean that he desires Independence. That is an assumption that does injustice to the truth:  colonialism is alive and well, and it must be stopped. Nothing is communicated that the OTCC meeting was a meeting with the Virgin Islands, Montserrat, and Anguilla leaders for Independence!  Where in this article do you see anything about Independence?  Please be truthful and factual and demiss your assumptions when making claims.

      • Libertarian says:

        The Virgin Islands Platinum News site, tells you what this OT meeting was all about – no Independence was mentioned amongst the members, but full cooperation with the UK. See for yourself –

  25. Come on says:

    The UK can't propaganda their way from the OTs naturally wanting independence.  It's not a dirty word.  It's the natural progression and evolution of western civilization and has worked rather well for the commonwealths.  

    Listen everyone, the clue is simple.  The UK is creating a new white paper and has already secretly dismantled the 1999 white paper giving rights to the OTs.  The OTs are going down one by one.  Whether the "pushy" pro-UK bloggers are insane or induced, they are wrong.  The UK has been calculating for YEARS on keeping control without giving the OTs autonomous rights or reciprocal rights.  Let's face it.  The UK is going to force this thing to happen. They want the power over our economy and resources without giving us a thing in return.   Our future generations will clean it up because we're too clueless or too late to plan a proper opposition.

    I chuckled reading a comment (of all the comments) from someone saying the UK couldn't want anything from us only good governance.  How cute.  The UK has VAT power to gain, moral authority, natural resources, commercial revenue, land revenue ….  need I go on? Yawn to such doopey thinkers.  The UK could care less about corruption … need I go on to explain that?

  26. Anonymous says:

    There was a survey done recently in Jamaica asking Jamaican's living in Jamaica their views on Becoming Independent, the result was that 60% regretted becoming independent of Great Britain.

    One of the main reasons politicians seek independence all over the world since in the late 50's & 60's was to have have full control of their finances ( the main reason, history has proven was to steal their Countries revenue, look at Africa & almost all of the Caribbean as  prime examples)

    In addition the political party system has proven all over the world to be: childish, top heavy, full of corruption, & in the world eyes never able to work together which has never been a good example for the citizens of their countries, these politians get paid millions & steal even more & look like assholes to us all. 

    If Cayman wants to hold on to what little reputation it has left we better understand the consequences of making that decision, just remember all the maids, gardeners, & poor workers from the Caribbean seeking to work in Cayman, that was because, of our position in the world as the only  affluent Caribbean country (through Great Britain) 

    • Libertarian says:

      Even that poll that surveyed 1000 people is questionable – it does not represent all Jamaicans. I am sure that the young generation that were drill on this poll, knew nothing about how the days were like during Independence. I read the poll in the Jamaican Gleaner, and the company that did this poll had previous questionable polls done as well that were inaccurate. Jamaica love their Independence Day. When the event comes every year round, music, festivities, dancing, partying, and even fireworks. Thousands of Jamaicans come out and celebrate their culture. Please don't take polls as facts! 

  27. John the Baptist says:


    You forgot that he got all the expats to vote for him? And he is going to be elected again. 

    • Judean People's Front says:

      One slight flaw to your argument …… Expats cannot vote!

      • Anonymous says:

        They can if you give them a Cabinet grant of status and they get naturalised. 

  28. Libertarian says:

    The party system has gotten hold on many of us that we are unable to see that we are on the same ship, and our relations with the UK should not only be strengthened, but improved! And in order to improve this bond, we have to back our leaders (whether they are PPM or UDP or Independent) that speaks out against the wrongful dealings of the UK on such territories like TCI. Cayman can only succeed and prosper only when the UK learns to allow its citizens to thrive in a laissez-fare democracy that is unhindered by them. And only when they finally USE the anti-corruption laws we have to fight crime rather than dissolving a people's democracy and Constitution in order to do it. Cayman, let us stand for our democratic rights and not get caught up on political rhetoric "dividing ourselves to conquor." Wake-up and let us unite for our national interest. The Premier may not be of good character, but the OTCC meeting against colonialism and what they stand for in this meeting, must not be buried away in silence. 

    • The Beaver says:

      The TCI Legal System did not fight crime by using the available anti-corruption laws because there was no local political will to do so.  The same can be said for the Cayman Islands.  Do you note the parallels or do they somehow escape you?  What good are laws when they are not being enforced?  The UK stepped in because corruption ran rampant and unchecked and someone had to step in.  TCI took up the rope that they were given and hung themselves with it. 

      • Libertarian says:

        The UK stepped in because the UK stopped rendering assistance and stop doing what they said they would do to properly govern the island. They didn't had to step in. They could had respected the people's democracy.

  29. A none E:mouse says:

    There's an old saying that goes! 

    It's not for the lack of a tongue why cows can't talk.

    • Judean People's Front says:

      Equally, there is a saying 'Rythm is a dancer'.

      Both have obscured origins, make no apparent sense and are as prophetic as any MOU that has recently been agreed!

    • cow itch says:

      very insulting… my tongue is just fine, you mouse!

  30. Anonymous says:

    What an ungrateful spoilt child!  Mac doesn't seem to recognise that we gained political stabiltiy ONLY because we operate under the umbrella of the UK.  Mac is determined to turn us into every other banana republic in the region with kangaroo courts to booth!  Our culture is different! what poppycock!  Good governance is all about follow procedure which can be objectively scrutinised.  Mac is clearly running scared of the increase scrutiny.  He's feeling the pressure people!

  31. Sharen says:

    Nobody is talking independence we are talking protecting ourselves from UK draconian procedures as they did in TCI.  For the political agents taking control over these comments and net waves, please see that throwing Mac out of office with UK will not give us new elections (elections were suspended again in TCI last week for the upteenth time). It will get us direct rule.  It will hurt us dramatically as a culture and as a people.

    There was no need for UK to take autonomy and democracy from TCI.  Besides allegations still unproven by the UK, they had laws in place in TCI to deal with Misick that the UK governor should have exercised.  Misick is still walking a free man as Libertarian said.  If there was so much proof of corruption, he should be behind bars.  But everyone wants to scream corruption and take away freedom from TCI people when the target of the accusations hasn't even been tried.   The UK had every function to stop corruption under TCI's old constitution but the UK is stretching to make a connection to Misick to bring a new constitution which it did.  

    The TCI had no say in the new constitution primarily because the UK snuck some terms allowing expats to vote in TCI.  These will be some blessed new voters in TCI from the UK.  They will have voting rights in UK & TCI and will have legal recourse in the UK.  They have no legal responsibility in or to TCI for their actions but can make determinations by their vote.

    We have to stop, stop, stop listening to the political agents telling us this is good for us to have UK intervene.  Let's stop, take a deep breathe and think about what it means to be stripped of our self determination. 

    Maybe Mac did something wrong, but let's work this out as a country or we risk losing control of it.  Please friends, help us spread some good sense. 

    • Libertarian says:

      Timeless, nationally unifying, and non-partisan. Thank you, Sharon. The message needs to get out there to the young.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Sharen, Please tell therest of us how the UK takeover of TCI was beneficial economically or politically for the UK. How do you see the UK benefitting from this? The only benefit I see is that of protecting the people of TCI from bad governance at great cost to the UK. If you see something else please reply.

      A mother bird does not kick her chicks out of the nest until they are ready to fly. Obviously TCI is far from being able to fly and is a thorn in the mothers' side that must be dealt with.

      I assure you that independence isn't even a consideration in TCI. Although that is the ultimate goal. All Overseas Territories are a costly burden for the UK. They do not possess extra power or financial gain by retaining OT. The only reason they don't just cut us all loose to fend for ourselves is because that would be irresponsible and in some cases inhumane. They have a vested interest in their colonies and will do what is takes to assure order is maintained.

      • Anonymous2 says:

        Don't be fooled!  Not everyone in the UK benefits from TCI takeover. It is like you saying if US benefited from invading Iraq – Answer: No and Yes!

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you have no idea about how bad it was in TCI.  It was so bad that they are still sifting through the piles of illegal contracts, undeclared accounts, unsecured "loan agreements" and other soft and hard dollar transactions.  The TCI people were the victims of their own politicians.  The opposition candidates are not necessarily innocent or an improvement over the current administrative control.  If you talk to serious TCI business owners, this action has been a Godsend.  Business and development which had fled is starting to return now.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Wow, if that don't get somebody offended on our Mother Country ( O T. ministers) specially.

    Can something be done to declare this man unfit to Lead our Country because he is not speaking for the majority of us the People ! I real feel ashame I must admit

  33. Truth Police says:

    "…on MY island".  Not yours, not mine, not ours, HIS!

    I rest my case.

  34. The Beaver says:

    …and when I said Bushtalk 101, didn't mean that his last name is Bush.  More to the effect that this man just got out of the bush.  I man born ya.  🙂  The Beaver

  35. Anonymous says:

    The UK knows better and that the statement make by the Premier is only a smoke screen to divert attention away from the real issue at hand.  Caymanians will ultimately decide their own fates and I have all confidence in the Caymanian populace we know that silenceis golden a rule that our Premier is all too willing to forget and follow empty barrels.

  36. The Beaver says:

    Bushtalk 101.  The Beaver

  37. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians you are the real idiots for voting this guy back in.. like yall have the memory of a fish! #jussayin

    • not today LuLu says:

      I don't think you have to worry about that, HE NOT GETTING BACK IN . Lucky if he completes this term. I am compelled to start getting involved to the needy and deprive in West Bay and have a little talk with the folks to make certain they understand what's going on and take it from there. No sir, we are not going to take this laying down and further who don't desassociate(?) with this man, will lose the respect of many. MARK MY WORDS 

    • Anonymous says:

      How about West Bayers? The majority of Caymanians would NEVER vote for McKeeva.

    • Empty Chair says:

      Why doesn't "Mac leave us alone"?

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of us "Caymanians" did not vote McKeeva in, or the UDP, so don't blame this whole mess on all of us. Thank you.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Under the previous PPM Administration The Chuckster and Alden were the two Ministers that traveled the most. We never once had any embarrassing comments coming from either of those two gentlemen. Their comments were always coherent, measured, diplomatic and sensible. Contrast that to what we have now:  Bullying, incoherent, undiplomatic, embarrassing, third world bushtalk !

    Why won't the UDP puppets remove Mac from power ? Perhaps they all owe him too much and he owes others too much so they need to keep the DollyHouse in order.

    So the answer is in the hands of the people to act. The question : can we wait until 2013? Thats a very serious question Cayman !

    • CJ says:

      I'm trying to figure out what is embarrassing about Mac comments above?

      • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

        Hey CJ, your parents should have used CJand you wouldn't be around to make such stupid comments!

    • Anonymous says:

      You failed to point out some other obvious and important differences with Charles Clifford and Alden compared to the Premier. The two former Ministers are educated, smart, tactical and honest  ! Mac is……..well…….certainly none of the above !

  39. Anonymous says:

    Mac will do all he can to draw attention away from the investigation into his prior activities. A primate is at it's most dangerous when injurued, and I'm sure we'll see a great deal of gnashing, scratching, bluster, posturing, and misdirection over the coming months.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I have a message for Mac too – Leave us alone! (the sooner the better)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Mac please shut up. You continue to shame us.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Cayman People – Mac must leave!.

  43. Dred says:

    We are in dire need of an alien abduction.

    I believe we have waited far too long for this man to grow a brain.

    I woudl call him a mental midget but I wouldn't want a midget riot on my hands.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is ruined

  45. Anonymous says:

    libertarian(?)= thumbs down….. i like!

  46. Anonymous says:

    If the Premier wants to tell the Governor and Britain something then tell them why he was requesting money from Stan Thomas. Tell them why the sewage system hasn't been sold. Tell them why he went to Cohen for a loan, XXXXX.

    There are many things that we would lke to hear him tell the Governor before telling him that we can handle our own affairs, which obviously we can't.

  47. Anonymous says:

    People memory is so short. Do any one remember why the Uk took over TCI. I will remind you, because there was speculation of corruption by their Premier and he would not step a side for a proper investigation. Is this not the same thing that is happening to us, but no one is asking our Premier. to temporay step down.

    We the people should be marching so that we don't go down the same road. I make this statement without any affiliation to either party, but because its the right thing to do.

    What happen to us as Caymanians? do we no longer have any morals? is it ok for us to just stand by and watch and see wrong doing and look the other way? Caymanians get a back bone and do what we know is right, XXXXX


    • Anonymous says:

      The uk took over tci for other reasons than corruption. Corruption could have been dealt with in tci, but they had other things on their mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems like Caymanians can only pry on their own people to try and destroy them, I've seen it in my 59 years here.

      Why are you all  so hell bent on moving the only man on the island, that has the balls to try and bring the Cayman Islands economy back up and running.

      I wonder what death sentance you all would put on President Obama and Senate Republican leader Mitch Mc Donnell, both fighting to keep America's AAA rating. At the moment, fighting  to raise their debt ceiling.

      Serious debate going on at the moment.

      Why are you so adamant to remove Mac on speculation of corruption?and asking him to step down.("please Mac tempory step down)! you all sound like a bunch of primary school children…you really think Caymanians are stupid…Mac got more common sense that half of you.

      Talk about morals, you  take a look at in the mirror recently.

      Let me tell you what you should be marching  for, better opportunies for your brother Caymanians, better education and training, amending the burdensome laws that causing small businesses to fold, the stupid pension scheem that is exporting the poor man's investment, the mandatory work permit fees that the small businesses have to pay for their employees.

      Stop the childishness act of prying on the  personalities of you polititions, ammend the unfair laws. Nothing will change, you replace Mac, these laws will always be there.



  48. Loopy Lou says:

    So this is what fear sounds like . . .

  49. Anonymous says:

    I did wonder what was the context of the Premier's statement — and the media do tend to run with what sounds like sensationalist copy without giving the full background and context in which the statements are made — and that can give a very different colour to what was being said.

    Nevertheless, aspects of the story are worth commenting on.

    It was a bit difficult to follow the most interesting part of the quote, something to the effect that good governance is different in different cultures.

    I am not sure I agree with that — ethics and integrity are the same wherever you go — and that is broadly what good governance means to me, as it applies to how government is managed, etc., of course.

    More specifically,the Auditor General at the recent UCCI conference defined good governance as:

    "Governance relates to the institutions, processes and systems by which countries and organisations are governed. For a definition, I’ve used the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) study paper, “Governance in the Public Sector: A Governing Body Perspective, 2001”, that states “Governance is concerned with structures and processes for decision-making, accountability, control and behaviour at the top of organizations.”

    The AG further quoted the IFAC study paper: “effective governance in the public sector can encourage the efficient use of resources, strengthen accountability for the stewardship of those resources, improve management and service delivery, and thereby contribute to improving peoples’ lives. Effective governance is also essential for building confidence in public sector entities — which is in itself necessary if public sector entities are to be effective in meeting their objectives.”

    From my perspective, however you take it, whether a technical definition as above or a broad definition, good governance is the same in principle wherever you go.  Clearly, however, the systems that seek to promote good governance must be adapted to local conditions, and I can't see how anyone would disagree with that.

    Does the Premier mean that in banana republics one set of rules apply with regard to what is good governance? Sure, that would obviously be in opposition to most modern democratic societies that are striving for best practices and strong moral codes.

    We really don't want to go down that road.

    The idea that he is communicating that things are or should be done differently here with regard to "good governance" is not just a little worrying, especially in the context of the ongoing investigation.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I posted a comment a few days ago about what an utter embarrassment JuJu and macdicktator are here much less to go abroad and further embarrass us and it was not published…….let me add a word or two and see if that helps……Effin Embarrasing and im not the only one who is embarrassed by them…post this and lets see…..


    • Anonymous says:

      I hope it is posted and I am going to add my support for that statement.  The sooner the Governor dissolves the L. A. and calls for a new election, the better for the islands.  McDicktator is running these islands singlehandedly into a banana republic.  The majority in the L.A. are all a part of his party and he will not allow the opposition to intervene or even comment on his XXXXX schemes.   That is a dictatorship,  He has some very-well educated men in his party, but due to his blustering and threatening, they seem to be cowed into agreeing with him.  A good man would look at the situation in his country and decide to stop wasting the money on his own personal wants and wishes, just because, and I quote, "it is all a part of my benefits as the premier of the islands".  Be that as it may, in "good governance", he would look at the fact that his country is suffering and cut back on the world travel.  McKeeva is an uneducated blusterer and has been allowed to bluster and holler himself into the top position in the country.  XXXXX  I am trying to get my family to seriously look at returning to the US, because, even if the worldwide recession has affected everywhere, we would be able to buy food and our electric bill would not overshadow the "world debt". 

      • Libertarian says:

        You say, "The sooner the Governor dissolves the L. A. and calls for a new election, the better for the islands."

        The Governor could call for a special referendum to see who would want elections called to remove the Premier from power. That would be the most democratic and fair approach. But a full British rule like how so many ignoranmous people are saying on this site, is non-democratic!

        • Anonymous says:

          Why would anyone have a referendum to see whether to call elections? That is just double unnecessary  expense. The election is in its own referendum. 

  51. Knot S Smart says:

    Mac needs to leave us alone and stop imposing his idiotic schemes with billionaires  on us!

  52. a naw no mouse says:

    2013 cannot come soon enough!

  53. Libertarian says:

    I don't think Independence is the best way forward for the Cayman Islands. But I do agree with the Premier and the leaders of Virgin Islands, Montserrat, and Anguilla, that we need to always speak out and protest against the way the UK treats islanders, BOTs. There needs to be political reform on their side too. 

    • peaceful protest man says:

      Libertarian please call Dr. Lockhart at 949 6066.

      • Anon says:

        huh  call dr. lockley because he thinks Independence nor british take over is NOT the best way forward for us??  hello  I too must need the doctor

      • Libertarian says:

        Just curious, what do you think about the above statement I made?  Before you can recommend a doctor, you must be able to spell out the symptoms. So what in my statement is sickening – that requires I see a doctor???

        • peaceful protest man says:

          Libertarian your mind is twisted. You think everyone that wants a good honest government, would like to have the FCO suspend the constitution. You keep misssing the points in other people's posts and your mind is not letting you see beyond your nose, which is stuck up Mac's posterior. It is bestyou call a doctor now to help you. Oh and you got too much time on your hands.

          • Libertarian says:

            hmmm… you don't understand so you have to belittle my character. You will one day understand all that's twisted. 😉

  54. nauticalone says:

    Another embarrassing spectacle by MacMouth!

  55. Anonymous says:

    so if Cayman did achieve independence, how much money would have to be borrowed to implement the structures, laws, international diplomatic relations, the list is endless…

    Does the finance industry not completely depend on the islands status as a BOTC to function?

    If independence was achieved, is there a strong possibility that Cayman would be blacklisted as a financial centre by the international community?

    It would be interesting but I doubt it would be successful.

    <sits on fence>

    • Libertarian says:

      Independence is not what we need. But I guarantee you that after they downturn TCI's economy and the people there begin to hunger and thirst for their Independence due to sufferances, the same UK powerheads will say to them, "we didn't need you any way. Go on your own – be independent for all we care!" they would say. I think that is how colonialism operates:  After the Administrative power takes all they want from the people, they refer to them asmere natives. First, they don't want them to go Independence… Then all of a sudden once they received and got what they want, are apt to cut them loose. 

      • Loren says:

        Libertarian what is now happening in TCI is not the fault of the UK, this is the result of political corruption, greed, intereferance and very bad advice from outsiders. The reputation of TCI was tarnish by their Premier long before the UK went there to repair the damage.  I will not get into the allegations and scheninnegans of the then Premier as they are all written for the whole wide world to see all you need to do is google his name and it's all there in black and white.  The TCI gave the UK no choice but to intervene , it was the UK's responsibility in the name of "Good Governance" to administer direct rule over TCI for all that was happening at the time in TCI.   Like the people of these islands the vast majority of the people of TCI are good, decent hardworking people who want good governance and what is right for their country.  All I would say to you don't under estimate the people of TCI, they are like the Phoenix they always rise from the ashes, neither should you take them for fools they will never advocate for independence at this time, sometime ago back in the mid to late 80's they researched the possibilities and came away knowing that independence at that time was not a good option so they choose to ask Cananda if they would annex them but that fell through for what ever reason, it is there to be researched.  If the Premier prior to the UK direct rule of TCI did not take counsel from too many outsiders, fools and fair weather friends and had stayed true to his intentions by now TCI would have become the Monaco of the Caribbean. 

        • Libertarian says:

          You said, "The TCI gave the UK no choice but to intervene , it was the UK's responsibility in the name of 'Good Governance' to administer direct rule over TCI for all that was happening at the time in TCI."

          For your information, I am against this sort of UK intervention. It is not democratic, the people have no consent to it. It is an abuse of power and is not ethical. About Premier Misick – he could have been prosecuted in his own country. The Constitution was there and there were laws in TCI that could have been enforced. The UK could have seen to its enforcement. Now we have the UK governing the islands directly, a UK dictatorship, and they still have the man walking free. You would think that if they had evidence of corruption, he would have been incarcerated. No they have him free about the place. It is after two years and last month that they decided to freeze all of Misicks assets.

          Loren, I am not contesting whose fault it is for corruption!  Everybody like you said can read it in black and white, and know that Misick was of shady character. But I support 100% the OTCC meetings and the OT' leaders such like of Anguilla, Virgin Islands, and Montserrat, coming together and making statements that opposes such arbitrary acts against the people. Let us not stray away from the issue here. Let us not become blinded by party politics. I advocate "political reformation" on the UK treats the Overseas Territories and you should too. 

          I disagree with the posters here that the Premier, Anguilla, Virgin Islands, and Monserrat leaders, met to bring in Independence. This is how they (meaning his opponents) are trying to protray them on CNS. Party politics just blinding people from knowing the reality of the situation. Nobody want independence – I don't recommend it. But where in this article, did you hear any of them speaking about Independence?  Once your eyes are open and you start telling the truth as it is, you become their enemy. Loren, welcome to the two-party system of the Cayman Islands. I guess its true… "divide and conquor" is happening now…  

      • My2cents says:

        "After the Administrative power takes all they want from the people….."

        Do tell me what the UK takes from the Caymanian people? I'm dying to know…..taxes? no. Products and services? not really….slavery?…erm…no. Natural resources?….no again.

        So please do tell me what the UK takes from Caymanians?


  56. Libertarian says:

    I assume that most of the posters or commenters here are aligned to a political party against the UDP party, and some commenters may be anti-Caymanian, in that they would want more than ever for a UK dictatorship and for them to declare full rule on us. So it is no surprise they would read into this article that the Premier who has after so many times disregard the UN from coming here, would be looking forward for our Independence from the UK. Also, those on the PPM or political party bandwagon will be using this site to discredit the UDP, and make the UDP party look like they are for Independence. Cayman, this is why we are not heeding the warning signs. The party system has gotten hold on many of us that we are unable to see that we are in the same boat, and our relations with the UK should not only be strengthened, but improved!  And in order to improve this bond, we have to back our leaders (whether they are PPM or UDP or Independent) that speaks out against the wrongful dealings of the UK on such territories like TCI. Cayman can only succeed and prosper only when the UK learns to allow its citizens to thrive in a laissez-fare democracy that is unhindered by them. And only when they finally USE the anti-corruption laws we have to fight crime rather than dissolving a people's democracy and Constitution in order to do it. Cayman, let us stand for our democratic rights and not get caught up on other things.      

    • Strangers in the night says:

      He probably assumes that if the UK "leaves us alone" that that police investigation will go away! No way bo-bo! You must think we fool-fool!

    • Anonymous says:

      When "THEY" finally use the anti-corruption laws we have? It is up to US to use our own laws effectively. There is a tendency here to sweep things under the carpet and not rock the boat. There are far too many supposed investigations into corruption that end with a statement of "insufficient evidence". Has any politician or high ranking civil servant EVER been charged let alone convicted of official corruption? That must stop. We must mature politically so that we are seen as capable of managing our own affairs. The UK will not then have any excuse to interfere. Unfortunately, the antics of our Premier is giving them more and more cause to intervene.

      • Libertarian says:

        So you agree that the UK should interfere and dissolved an elected government?  If you say "yes," then why can't they give a bit of interference by creating laws and measures to prevent the islands from getting so slack in its fight against crime and corruption?

        • Anonymous says:

          My post did not say that. Why can't we create our own laws and measures? Why can we not enforce them? If we choose to not enforce them doesn't that mean that the UK will eventually have to intervene?  

          • Libertarian says:

            No… don't enforce anti-corruption laws for us! Teach us and give us the resource to enforce them for ourselves!  And if there is no one to teach, amongst the 50,000 inhabitants find someone that will learn. If the posters like you can't trust the people here to run their own affairs, then you are really advocating a UK dictatorship!  I don't know you commenters, but with all due respect, anyone advocating a UK dictatorship, is against democracy.

            • Anonymous says:

              Libertarian: if we don't enforce the laws, the UK will have to do it for us.  Have you seen the comments under the BVI article?  That is scary.

              Unless the Governor disssolves cabinet and asks for a new election, we are doomed.  That is the only way to have these laws enforced.

              • Anonymous says:


                let me sum this up in two words….BULL SHIT.

                You would rather bite off your nose to spite your face. Libertarian is right…you guys are breeding politricks.

                Why would anyone want the Governor to dissolve cabinet , but to put who they want in those seat.

                The way I see it, the Governor is placed here to observe good Governance, and as far as i can see, that is exactly what he is doing.

                Don't you think, the OT would say something to him by now, if we needed to dissolve cabinet. You're not only rude to the leaders of this country, but your misconduct, and stupidity extends to Great Briton's OT office.

                • Anonymous says:

                  We would want the Goveror to dissolve the LA AND CALL NEW ELECTIONS so that good governance can be restored through a democratic process.

                  I do not see what the Governor has done so far to ensure (not merely observe) good governance.

                  Like Libertarian, you are just a McKeeva propagandist.   

                  • anonymous33 says:

                    daaaah… if Bush is found with corruption, the Governor can always call for reelections without having to declare rule on cayman. Get you mind out from the ppm / udp thinking, and stop trying to divide us because it is not working 

            • Anonymous says:

              You seem hell-bent on misinterpreting my comments. I did not advocate for a TCI style UK takeover. You are disinhenuously trying to reduce this to a choice between trusting our current leaders versus wanting UK direct rule. That is nonsense. You are a Mckeeva propagandist. It is obvious thatwe cannot trust our current leaders to manage our affairs. We are in a complete mess. The Governor needs to dissolve the LA and call new elections.  

              • Libertarian says:

                My apologies. At least we agree on one thing the Governor can do to promote our conditional democracy. And I am not a McKeeva agent or propagandist! Just because I agree with what he says, does not mean I am a propagandist. This is the reason why party politrix is going to ruin Cayman:  the polarity of "black and white" is seen on which side you are on, and that is WRONG!  We need to get off that mentality. People speak truth and people will tell you lies, but never close your self off to what people have to say, and never pre-judge them. I could care less if Alden or McKeeva told me something – I AM ABOUT SPEAKING THE TRUTH!

                • Anonymous says:

                  Libertarian, I read all of your comments in amazement. I have responded to some in the past too. From what I see, most responses to your comments are well thought out, logical and make sense. You seem to see the world differently than most people which draws quite a bit of fire. It is not about party lines or "black & white", it is about totally disagreeing with your point of view about the way things work. Try showing real world examples of your ideas to back up your words. You appear to be antagonistic to the point of distraction. If I tried as hard as I could I would not be able to come up with some of the reckless and antagonistic philosophy you spew. I highly suspect that you do this for fun and enjoy watching people reply to your nonsense as I am doing now.

              • Anonymous says:


                Can you please explain to the people , why we can't trust our current leaders to manage our affairs?and I'm not  misinterpreting your comment, you and many more are staking this claim.

                You should'nt just blow hot air, prove it.

                • Anonymous says:

                  That is completely self-evident except to the wilfully blind. We have a Premier that is under criminal investigation for possible corruption. We have an Auditor General's report that shows widespread political interference in Govt. procurement to the extent that there may be fraud and/or corruption. We have a govt. that is evidently so embarrassed by its dealings that it wants to stifle FOI. That is clear from the Premier's own pronouncements as well as the recent statement from the FOI Commissioner. There is a complete lack of transparency in Govt. dealings, e.g. the Cohen loan and who refuses to answer pertinent questions concerning these deals that circumvent the proper process. Lawsuits against the Govt. are piling up because of govt, breach of contracts. We have a govt. that is proposing/supporting projects which will destroy this Island but will put money on the pocket of rich developers with noguarantee of any benefit to the Islands. We have the govt. imposing new taxes in the middle of a recession which caused greater economic hardship and businesses to close. We have a govt. on a spending spree on their own jollies and foreign excursions and vote buying projects while the rest of the country is hurting. We have a Premier that is shockingly inept and makes deeply embarrassing public statements. A Premier who does not permit his Ministers to speak. XXXX

        • Anonymous says:

          TC isn't a real country and in the end it didn't have a real government.

  57. Whodatis says:

    It is quite disappointing to see how so many of us are stuck in the past and still haunted by the proverbial "Independence Boogeyman".

    (E.g. It is apparently justified to refer to what happened to Jamaica – albeit via ignoring the way in which such independences' were designed to fail from inception – regardless of the fact that it was HALF A CENTURY AGO. However, when one refers to the illegal, inhumane and state-sanctioned racist-based policies and atrocities committed by the UK onto other nations (Kenya, India, Chagos – oh yeah) we are quickly told to "stop living in the past", "get the chip off the shoulder", "times have changed" and such.)

    Even more worrying is the way in which so many of us actually believe that the UK is a good example of "good governance" today.

    One thing I must say about the UK is that they have done a stellar job of creating the illusion that brings about these ignorant remarks and perspectives.

    However, some of us actually have a clear understanding of what is what in this regard.

    Free your mind people – for your own good.

     – Whodatis

    * Bring on the commentless "thumbs-downs".


    • The Beaver says:

      okay – thumbs down!

      • Whodatis says:

        Your comment and vote would mean a lot more to the original poster (myself) had it been accompanied with some sort of explanation for your position on the matter.

        • Anonymous says:

          ok, whodatis, I'm not the original poster but I'll give you my reasons for not going the independence route right now

          1. McKeever is in power

          2. We don't have sufficient laws or the will to enforce them.

          3. We can't support ourselves

          4. We obviously need babysitting in regards to our finances.


          I could probably add a few more but another thing that irks me that you say is that the UK is out to get us.  I think that is an excuse for our own defiencies.  It's like 1. Caymanians that always complain they can't get work and the expats is out to get them.  This doesn't apply to everybody but those same people don't show up for work.  

          2. Those people that expect the government to do everything for them.

          My motto is "stop making excuses".  We want to go independent do it and stop whining and blaming everyone for our problems.

          • Libertarian says:

            The Uk in general is not out to get us, but the "special interest," and they like to deal with us in the colonial way. Is independence the solution?  No!  But for them to drop colonialism, is the solution behind the OTCC meeting!

          • Anonymous9 says:

            If I could click more thumbs up on this, I would


            Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Watcher says:

      No thumbs down comments or condescending replies.


      Just a simple 'Give it a go and lead by example'.


      If the Independence gig doesn't work out for you, then you can state that all independences are doomed to failure.


      If it does work out for you, I will be the first to admit I was wrong, albeit from somewhere else in the world.

    • Judean people's front says:


      This month's 'first to mention the Chagos Islands' prize is George Foreman Grill!

      • Whodatis says:

        How can you and your supporters find humor in such a horrid story?

        Thank you for yet another great example of why I am grateful for the Rollover Policy of the Cayman Islands.

        People like you make me sick.

        Do us all a favor and educate yourselves … hopefully some of you may come out on the other side with an ounce of humanity onto others different from yourselves.

        "Stealing a Nation"

        • Poster Child says:

          We are just sick of you churning out the same old irrelevant hackneyed examples.

          • Whodatis says:

            Weak individuals like yourself choose to latch onto 2 words of an entire post as a form of response.

            Sorry buddy – you are not on my level … come back when you find some self-respect.


            • Anonymous says:

              Whodatis, you drop the load on them that time…there is no respect, when it comes to politricks, and wanting to get some one's seat, they would stoop to the lowest.

      • Pit Bull says:

        Chagos Bingo ! Hurrah!

      • Libertarian says:

        Thanks for mentioning Chagos. For those who don't know about Chagos, here is a good documentary film about them being evicted from their homes by the British, so as to turn their island into a military base, an terrible act of colonialism. The Chagossians have been cruely made a laughing stalk because of it –

  58. Anonymous says:

    The story reads like a victory of Appleton's over common sense to me – LOL!!!!!

  59. Libertarian says:

    Again, Independence is the last thing we need for these islands.  We can not fend for ourselves – we don't need Independence!  I can safely say, after turning down the UN committee from coming here and giving speaches on our self-determination that the Premier is not suggesting INDEPENDENCE!  Nevertheless, the Premier is absolutely correct with the unified voices of Montserrat, Anguilla, and the Virgin Islands: – the United Kingdom's Foriegn and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Her Governors, ought to respect the "democratic representation" of the people of the Cayman Islands via individual and our local politicians. There should be respect and human dignity for all islanders. Turks and Caicos Islands are now feeling the effects of being under a UK dictatorship. They are reduced to a Welfare State under "mothers" colonial rule. Their Constitution has been abolished, no elections are allowed, land has been conficated, the financial reputation of the offshore center has been marred for many years to come, the press has been censored under the UK dictatorship, they are force to accepting a new Constitution without their consent, their financial records has been seized, and the TCI Central Bank has strangely been liquidated. We see what ARBITRARY UK intervention has done to TCI!  And we make appeal to the UK's Parliament and those with political influence to stand with the Overseas Territories and help us protest and fight for Political Reformation. There is a need for Territorial Equality in terms of freedom and democratic rights. Again, I don't think the Premier is referring to Independence. I support all the OT' leaders at this meeting! 

  60. Anonymous says:

    I man born ya.  I man glad we are under Britain.  I man Na vote for NO Independence.  You hear dat? NOT voting for Independence at all MAC. So when you say things like that, you are only speaking for MAC and few others.  Ok?  UK – Please na badda listen to him.  He only beating his gums.  Us Caymanians na voting to sever no ties with Britain.

    • Anonymous says:

      For the lack of knowledge my people shall perish!..Sayeth the Lord….where in that statement did Mac say he wanted Independance?

  61. Libertarian says:

    I am seeing the many comments posted here, taking this article to mean that the Premier is suggesting Independence. I say that is not the case. The OTCC members shares the same sentiments with those in Turks and Caicos Islands under a UK dictatorship for the last two years now. The UK has been condemned by the United Nations for her constant mistreatment of the territories. Should not our leaders speak out on her constant abuse of power and disregard for the people's basic rights??? The Premier is merely echoing the Virgin Islands, Montserrats, and Anguilla's stance on the issue of colonialism. People, think before you post your comments!  Get out of the partisan mindset!  

  62. Anonymous says:

    UK…please don't leave us alone!

  63. Anonymous says:

    ain't got the stones……

  64. Anonymous says:

    uh oh…idiot alert!

  65. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Dog eat our supper the day the UK leaves us alone and Mckeeva Bush is at the helm. 

  66. PPM'er says:

    One thing I like about Bush. He tells it like it is. Alden is more quiet and appears indecisive at times.  Ezzard has backbone but may cry out for Independence. But Bush!  He, like Kurt is a born politician. Bush publicly threatened to sue the last Governor in his face over Operation Tempura. I recall that poor man was Jack.  I sometimes wish we had more Kurt Tibbetts or Jim Boddens amongst our ranks. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      you cant be no “PPM’er”

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't understand this statement at all. Does that mean you are a PPM'er?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah but Kurt never backed up that threat. In fact the climb down (something about legal advice?) was downright embarrassing. I'd have been more impressed if he had simply smacked Jack in the face.

      What's the old saying about, "He can talk the talk but can walk the walk?"

      The harsh reality is that without independance all public figures in the Cayman Islands, whatever they may say, have to kiss a**e to the UK government because they dictate what goeson here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Comparing Jim Bodden to Kurt Tibbetts?? No way, the difference is like chalk and cheese! You sure you knew Jim Bodden?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Yes UK, please leave Big Mac alone so that he can replace democracy with  "DeMORKERYcy" !!!!!  



    • Libertarian says:

      Hmmmm…. I don't think that is what the Premier is saying amongst the members of the OTCC. The Premier is merely echoing their stance that although they all want to remain under the UK, the UK has to reform her ways on how she treats the Overseas Territories, and that means "don't give us a fish, teach us to fish" or in other words, "don't make us into a welfare state like TCI, use our anti-corruption laws and laws to govern the Overseas Territories aright. I don't see the Premier beckoning Independence.

      • peaceful protest man says:

        Libertarian, seem like you the only one that knows what MacDinejhad is talking about and you seem to have an abundance of time on your hands. You leave Mac alone long enough you will not have a supper for the dog to eat.

        • Libertarian says:

          I don't have time to take sides when it comes to personalities.

  68. Anonymous says:

    "Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime"?  We don't need anymore fishermen. How about, "Teach a leader economics 101 and feed a country for a lifetime."


  69. Anonymous says:

    What an Idiot UK must leave us alone and he beggin dem for money* LMMFAO!

    • Libertarian says:

      Rather, through the Management Finance Law, the UK prohibits us from borrowing from a Lender, such like, First Caribbean Bank without their permission. The UK government has not lend us money! On the contrary, they did lend Turks and Caicos Islands money from UK taxpayers to bailout the government there after they declared full British rule on the inhabitants.

      • Boston Tea Party says:

        Wrong – the PMFL only requires the Government to seek permission from the UK to borrow in circumstances where the principles of financial governance set out in the PMFL have been breached.

        The only reason that the UK has to get involved in the budget process here in Cayman is because the PMFL says that, in circumstances where the present and past governments have got the finances into such a mess that they no longer fall within the parameters of financial good governance laid out in a Cayman Islands Law, passed by our own LA, the UK has to give permission before it will allow things to get worse by additional borrowing (in the hope that they will then get better – although not much sign of that on the cards at the moment)!

        • Anonymous1 says:

          still, I think Lib is right. mckeeva is not begging the uk for money. the first comment makes it look like the uk tranfer funds to cayman to help cayman

      • Robin Hood says:

        Libertarian may I suggest you disclose all facts of the Turks and Caicos problems. Their situation is so bad because of the raping and pillaging of the country that no bank would ever lend them money. Thus the UK Government being the lender of the last resort stepped in. Obviously with so much past corruption they had to take charge. Please study the TCI situation and get a better understanding.before you make further meaningless and inaccurate comments.

        • Libertarian says:

          Yours is an excuse for a draconian set up. Bank lending was never an issue in TCI until the reputation of TCI was internationalized by the UK intervention.

  70. Anonymous says:

    What Mac meant to say was, I came from nothing and look what I have now! You are not speaking for the rest of us Premiere. You want to run the country on your own don't you. The day that happens we are in a whole heap of trouble and you are pretty close to it already. Cayman people stand up now before Cayman goes independant. Then you can definitely kiss our beatiful island goodbye.

    • Libertarian says:

      Independence is the worse thing that could happen to these island, but I don't think the Premier honestly believes that he will achieve Independence from a speech at the OTCC meeting. He already turned down the United Nations Committee from coming here and educating the Cayman Islands on our self-determination so to not strain relations with the UK, as the UN has been on the UK's back on how they treat the Overseas Territories. So I don't believe the Premier is routing for Independence – that is not how you route for Independence. The UK don't grant Independence to a colony though one man's advice. The Premier along with the other members are merely talking about the UK's arbitrary dealings with the OT's. 

      • Anonymous1 says:

        the commenters here are so deluded, lib. You would need for starters a referendum on independence. McKeeva has never call for a referendum. just party politrix as usual on  cns

        • Anonymous says:

          You might want to ask the millions of Hong Kong Chinese who got their British Overseas territory passports cancelled overnight whether they got a referendum in 1997?

          • Libertarian says:

            That's because they were done with Hong Kong!  They are not done with Cayman yet, but when they are done, they will be the first to say, "we never needed you… go on your own!"

  71. Born Caymanian says:

    "We came from nothing to what we have"  For once in my life, I agree wholeheartedly with the Premier. The UK never built this financial industry – we did!  And by "we" I mean both locals and those expats that loved Caymanians and contributed for their cause. We caused the creation of this financial industry and became properous. The only thing we got from the UK was their "name" and the Queen's face on our dollar. Other than that, not one englishman, layed the block towards building up Cayman's castle. Jamaican, Hondurans, and U.S. citizens have done more for us than they did. It wasn't after weeks, after Hurricane Ivan that they sent to us one ship – just one ship!  Now they want to come with a stick and beat us over the head and tell us how we must run the show – sorry bobo, it don't work like that. And then call us all natives, look down on us, and say we must show "respect" to them. We appreciate all their efforts in helping us fight crime, yes no doubt, they are doing well with a few things that other nations could chip in and do better, but "respect" goes a long way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Born Caymanian: you seem to have forgotten that McKeever ran them away when they came to help.  After Hurricane Allen, the Briitish came and even helped Cayman Brac put up light poles.

    • Anonymous says:

      and I thought it was the withdrawal of the finance industry after Bahamas got Independence that brought on the rise of the Cayman finance industry.

      That will be my fault for listening to the facts!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Mac should have added "and certainly no investigations into our financial doings!"

    • Libertarian says:

      Hmmm… but he did not, which means, he is meaning something completely different, as the investigations pertaining to him is being done by the RCIP and no anti-corruptive team from the UK.

      • Anonymous says:

        Which needs to be done!!

        • Libertarian says:

          You do realize that the anti-corruption teams, such like, Operation Tempura that came here and supported by the Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks, was paid for by Cayman's indirect tax-payers. We paid for Operation Tempura, which in myopinion, was a waste of time and monies, seeing that not one case was successful. We had AntiCorruption Laws legislated by the PPM government, and there is still nothing done to enforce the law. The UK officials should have at least support the idea of training and "teaching us how to fish" and investigate corruptions in our own country, but no… there arbitrary policy and focus in dealing with the Overseas Territories, helps no one, but those special interest behind the intervention!  And it is interesting that the same man who headed Operation Tempura, is being investigated himself. THINK!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Lord have mercy! Where's the duck tape

  74. Anymous says:

    I sincerely support Mr Premier Bush on this matter, and all Caymanians, and all other person who call and want to call Cayman home, needs to support his voice on this.  Please put aside your differences of not liking him or name calling.  Cayman needs to take a firm stand on what the UK has been doing to us lately.  Is it that they feel we should not have goodhomes and drive expensive cars eat stake and drink red vine,  Is it that  they want us to  be living in wood houses, riding donkeys on dirt roads and catching turtle.  Those days are finished, so if you all value you your stable life, yes  agreed UK must let  us grow up and wear designer jeans once we can afford them.   I have constantly heard the old folks say that UK never did help the Cayman Islands.  So why all of  a sudden they want to be Cook, chief and bottle washer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you mean going back to the days when people could leave their windows open and doors unlocked?

      When people knew who their neighbors were?

      When people you passed would greet you with a smile?

      When there was full employment and every Caymanian who wanted a job was guaranteed one?

      When the word "guns" was not in our vocabulary?

      When murder was unheard of?

      When there were no fast motorcycles and hot rods cars?

      When people respected each others'  rights?

      When gangs and gang related crime did not exist?

      When the drug problem was "somewhere else" but not here?

      When glass shattering music did not blast from passing cars?

      When the community came together to make sure those in need were helped?

      When  traffic jams only happend near the post office on Saturdays?

      Wnen people mattered more than money?

      We have come a long way from those days. The days when we did for ourselves with what we had and did not depend heavily on the outside world for our existence. When life was productive and had meaning beyond dollar signs and aquiring wealth. Life was simple, life was good. Now everyone wants their "piece of the pie". 

      You can't threaten me with going back to the old days for that is not a threat, it would be a gift. I would go in a flash if I could.



    • A Guy says:

      I love stake and red vine.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't know what old folks that you were talking to but as much as my father dislikes the British, he has always talked about them helping us.

      • Libertarian says:

        The British has helped us well, but they will destroy us too if they don't mend their ways.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Then decare independence and STFU.

    • Libertarian says:

      It is not Independence we need, but political reformation in the UK on how they deal with the Overseas Territories. We need to always speak out and protest until we are heard and acknowledge. All Civil Rights groups have change and shape the political landscape and their governments by speaking out!  I am not UDP, but I don't see the Premier supporting Independence – never heard him yet once say that Independence was the solution!

  76. Eye on the Isle says:

    I agree with Mac. The Vampires must let us be.

  77. B.B.L. Brown says:

    Hmmmmm…..  Do we still owe the United Kingdom any money?  If so, how much?

  78. Living Cayman Islands says:

    When is someone doing to stop macreckless he is reckless driver on a collision course that we Caymanians are going to pay the consequences for.  It is time that he is stopped and stopped immediately.

    The day England leaves us alone is the day we all will suffer, yes we may be financially strong but indepedence is not going to help us.

    Please UDP supporters dont be blinded by your ignorance and this mans ignorance.

  79. Southside says:

    "on my Island."

    This dicKtator really thinks he owns the place huh?

    DO US ALL A FAVOR WESTBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP VOTING FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Swine says:

    What a Effin Dummy…..

  81. Whodatis says:

    Now Mac, how could you demand such a thing?

    Don't you understand that meddling into the affairs of tiny jurisdictions such as ours is the last semblance of "power" and influence in the UK's arsenal?

    Personally, I don't understand their obsession with our affairs when clearly they have more than enough issues to address and sort out in regards to corruption (e.g. Murdoch / Police / hacking / PM / Cabinet etc.), economic woes, and civil unrest.

    On what basis could they even dream about advising and regulating another nation's affairs? They can't even handle their own.



    • Libertarian says:

      The UK is unjustly meddling into the affairs of tiny jurisdictions, but you don't do it by disregarding the people's democracy and without their consent!  TCI is next door to us. I have to agree with McKeeva when he voices his views on the way they pursue their socalled "good governance" strategem.

  82. Anonymous says:

    I personally don't care for fish. But if that's the only food source left after this country dies a slow death then I am happy to learn how to fish. However, I have been told that there aren't enough fish in these waters to feed all of us. Then what?

    Look at the Premier's lack of sound judgement in forming the current budget. 10 million dollars appropriated for "Nation Building". Some of it when to build churches. A fiscally responsible leader would have used the 10 million dollars to help reduce the debt. The  interest payment on our current debt is 40 million per year. That is more than 1,000 dollars per person and that doesn't go toward reducing the the debt at all.

    Imagine how may fish we could buy with 40 million dollars.


    • Anonymous says:

      Amazing that he has the gall of talking about teaching a man to fish being the better way when he has been giving certain West Bay voters all the fish they want and more for generations! I'm surprised that he doesn't choke on the words.

  83. Boston Tea Party says:

    I bet the Governor is quaking in his boots.  It would be laughable if it wasn't so transparently sad and dangerous.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Well go independent then Mac!  Watch and see how Cayman then suffers at the hands of their own government.  Jamaica did such a good job of it!

    • Libertarian says:

      How you conveniently love to use "Jamaica" as a parable. Seriously, you think Jamaica is the only place the broke away from British colonialism. America, Egpyt, Canada, India… all booming economies, are doing just fine without the British, and they all celebrate their Independence Day. Jamaica's hurting economy is due to a corrupt political system that was corrupted even before days of Alexander Bustamante when the British had full colonial rule. Hence, Independence had nothing to do with their economic downturn. Independence was merely a transition from the corrupted British government to a next governmental system that eventually through two-party conflicts, became as well corrupt. The people of Jamaica never had real representation to govern and run their own country. The parties sapped up the monies and looked out for their own interest: human nature versus human kind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reading the above post, I guess that you do not travel much. The fact is … prior to Independence, Jamaica was the place to live. Post independence, people could not leave quick enough with cash hidden in every conceivable place possible. Most of the countries you mention descended into Civil or international wars resulting in partition and division of nations. Cyprus, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar are just a few to mention and some of which I have personal experience.

        Try asking the population in Colombo or in Jaffna how Independence went?

        Ask any person in Zimbabwe how things are since the Unilateral declaration of Independence occurred? Especially if they ran an efficient and productive industrial farm.

        Admittedly, Jamaica is often over used as an example. Why dont you pull out some more examples of the 'non success' stories and not just from the British Overseas territories?

        Try East Timor after the Dutch gave it back, Mozambique after the Portuguese, the Spanish Sahara, Vietnam after France pulled out.

        Even economically, your argument is weak and flawed. The US dollar sinks daily with the Cayman dollar tethered to it.

        The question is not 'if' Independence occurs, it is how can it be stalled, steered around or the blow softened?

        The only way this can happen is to increase the population, tax the population and create a financial base that can self sustain other projects such as tourism, refineries, etc.

        The problem is … the population is falling, people are leaving and in September, get ready for a mass exodus and roll over.

        • Libertarian says:

          Understood last paragraph… I believe the decreased in Jamaica's population was due to corrupt and violent politics between PNP and JLP. 

  85. Flipper says:

    My mother always told me that no matter how much perfume you use to cover up the smell of sh1t, it still stinks.  Flipper

  86. The Beaver says:

    Can take the man out of the ghetto, but can't take the ghetto out of the man.  The Beaver

  87. Anonymous says:

    The ultimate way to be left alone is independence. Why not ask for it Cayman? You will get it faster than water off a whistling duck's a$$.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Ah boy……he's worried about handcuffs now 🙂

  89. Anonymous says:

    The title should read "Mac Seeks Independence from the UK" or "Mac seeks to aviod the handcuffs of the UK"

  90. Anonymous says:

    So in other words this is Mac's warning that he is seeking independence from the UK. Read your Constitution Mac……..even though we know you want independence from the UK you cannot do so without the consent of the people !

  91. Stiff-Necked Fool says:

    Spoken like a true dictator! The Cayman Islands are British & under the watchful eye of the UK, & he wants the UK to leave us alone? It is obvious why! If they leave us alone he can do ALL that he wants, then GOD help us! It is bad enough with them watching us but can you just imagine how terrible it would be if the UK left him alone? GOD FORBID! Oh no Lizzy, you keep watching us please!

    • Anonymous says:

      can see it now. we have to choose between a local dictator or a uk one, don't know which is worse? God help us

  92. Anonymous says:

    So who is advising Mac on his terminology now. The irony of Mac using the word "handcuff" at this particular time apparently completely escapes him. Imagine him begging the UK not to handcuff him. Lol.


  93. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva begging not to be handcuffed by the UK… does anyone else see the irony in this? Has McKeeva been having some bad dreams lately?

  94. A foreigner's view says:

    Read that "Independence" for the Caymans.  When Mac speaks, the world wonders.  When one seriously studies the obligations the UK has taken on in recent years, coupled with the overall deterioration of its over government and its economy, I don'tthink the UK would stand in opposition of all of its overseas territories adopting independent status.

    Just get ready Cayman.  It's coming!!

  95. Anonymous says:

    I suppose one's attitude changes when one is being investigated. During the Cayman Business Outlook in January, Bush was sucking up to the Governor while trying to imply that the PPM was anti Governor. 

  96. Anonymous says:

    Sounds mighty close to advocating independence. Mac cannot have it both ways, either we are independent and they leave us alone or they get to tell us what to do, cant have it both ways!

  97. The Truth is Out There says:

    Good one Mac, this is exactly what the world wants to hear from a politician who is being investigated for financial irregularities.   Things are going from bad to worse because of you.

  98. Libertarian says:

    Again, may I add that the Turks and Caicos Islands (before the 2009 British takeover) had a Constitution and Laws that could have been enforced to combat the corruption there. Could not have "good governance" been exercised in a way that would have avoided dissolving the people's elected Cabinet in accordance to their Constitution?  I suggest that the OTCC meetings should come up with effective solutions on how to strengthen our relations with the UK and "better" that relationship by respecting the democratic rights and freedoms of the BOT citizens. Whether we have a PPM or UDP Premier the issue of addressing modern-day colonialism is imperative for our national interest.

  99. Anonymous says:

    His island…

  100. Anonymous says:

    I hope the UK Representatives are listening and planning.  This runaway train needs to be stopped and stopped quickly.

  101. anonymous says:

    He's using the word handcuffed asking the Uk to leave the territories alone. He is including the governor who approved his investigation as well!  Do you see the psychics between the lines of  his offensive pitch? I think he means they must leave "Him" personally alone since he is the one being investigated and jeopardizing the Cayman Island's position as a British territory on the brink of getting our first bill of rights. Having enacted our mordernised constitution in 2009 if Mr. Bush continues on his route he will ruin all chances of the people of the Cayman Islands living out and enjoying the true  freedom of democracy.  He is the one inviting Direct Rule. Does this Premier have a mirror. Caymanians born and Caymanians with Status need to be leery of this man.

    Next time ou visit the dollar store sent him a little pocket mirror that he can take with him everywhere he goes.

  102. Libertarian says:

    Independence is the last thing we need for these islands.  We can not fend for ourselves – we don't need Independence!  Nevertheless, the Premier (although I am not UDP) is absolutely correct with the unified voices of Montserrat, Anguilla, and the Virgin Islands:  the United Kingdom's Foriegn and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Her Governors, ought to respect the "democratic representation" of the people of the Cayman Islands via individual and the local politicians. Turks and Caicos Islands are now feeling the effects of being under a UK dictatorship. They are reduced to a Welfare State under "mothers" colonial rule. Their Constitution has been abolished, no elections are allowed, land has been conficated, the financial reputation of the offshore center is marred, the press has been censored under the UK dictatorship, financial records of TCI has been seized, and the TCI Central Bank has been liquidated. We see what ARBITRARY UK intervention has done to TCI!  And we make appeal to the UK's Parliament and those with political influence to stand with the Overseas Territories and help us protest and fight for Political Reformation. Just like many would fight for Gender Equality, so there is a need for Territorial Equality in terms of freedom and democratic rights.

  103. Anonymous says:

    To the People of The Cayman Islands

    William McKeeva Bush is a Premier Mad Man running our country.

    This XXX MUST GO and go at the SOONEST POSSIBLE DATE!!!

  104. Jack N Meoph says:

    Ahhh the loose canon is back…

    Someone needs to put Mr School Yard Bully in his place – and I can think of no better time or place than when Mac decides to "tell the Cayman Governor and Britain".

    I feel a little smackdown coming on…

    Bring it!!!

  105. Anonymous says:

    Time for independence…lets show them that we are Gods greatest nation. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If there was a proposal to go independent it would more than likely be in a referendum. In such a case it would never pass, although it may get more support than in years pass. The UK would not let us that easy either way. They would look to see if they think we could run the country and the evidence suggests otherwise.