Police still search for Kerry

| 02/08/2011

(CNS): Various units from the RCIPS are continuing the search for a missing Bodden Town woman following the discovery of her car on Monday in Pedro, Savannah, around noon on Monday. Twenty-five-year-old Kerran (Kerry) Baker was last spotted on Saturday evening by friends and has not been seen or heard from since, which is said to be out of character for her. Police discovered a suitcase in the trunk of the her white Honda Civic but have offered no other information or clues to the whereabouts of the missing Jamaican women, who worked at a doctor’s office. Police were searching the area where Kerry's car was found Monday and in other areas of George Town as the day drew to a close with still no sign of her.

A friend of Kerry’s discovered her handbag and partly unpacked groceries at her apartment where she lived alone in Arrow Drive, Bodden Town, Sunday after raising the alarm with her landlord. The friend then contacted the police as concern mounted about the missing woman, who is said to use her phone frequently.

“The fact that Kerran left the house without her handbag is very unusual,” said Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden. "She also uses her phone a lot – but none of her friends or family have received any calls or messages from her since Saturday evening.”

The senior officer said that door to door enquiries have been conducted in the area of Arrow Drive and throughout Monday afternoon scenes of crime officers processed her vehicle for evidence, including fingerprints the case was also removed from the car. K-9 units and the RCIPS helicopter searched the area and the police were also said to have made visits connected to the investigation with a K9 unit to apartments in the George Town area.

Kerry is described as being around 5’5” in height and approximately 135 lbs. She has brown eyes and dark shoulder length hair. At this stage there is no description available of the clothes she was last seen wearing.

Anyone with any information about Kerran should contact George Town police station on 949-4222.

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  1. sexyone says:

    No man am very upset how things are going,Kerry is a girl that I kno very well ,we attend the same high school and I kno she is a fighter she will not give up,so we the people must do the same.please somebody speak out tell the police anything we need back our friend,Kerry is my friend I live in Florida ,now am always watching my back even when I’m in a store or driving my car please Cayman island people speak out to fine my friend Kerry,may god be with her.u.

  2. Hopeful says:

    Here we are again " another missing woman"!!!  Someone definately knows something out there!!!!  Today there are so may ways to get information to the police without placing oneself in jeopardy….if you know something PLEASE COME FORWARD…. IT COULD BE YOUR LOVED ONE!!!!! and you would want the same assistance… !!!!  This is such a small island for this kind of thing to be happening, but agreed the police can't be everywhere all the time.  We need to give them a helping hand!!!   COME ON CAYMAN!!  WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sad what is really happening on this LITTLE small Island.

    Police has her car?

    Question 1: Was the keys in her car or her was her car locked?

    Question 2: She lived in beach Bay is that area beening search?

    Question 3: Are the polices checking the houses that have cameras pointed to the road? becasue beach bay is a wealthy area i know alot of houses would have proper security system installed.

    Question 4: What about the houses with cameras in Pedro? 

    Question 5: Is the Police really taking this serious and what statagies is been sort to protect young ladies on this island?


    • Anonymous says:

      This woman didn't live down in Beach Bay. She lived on Arrow Drive which is close to Beach Bay. So camera's on people's houses in Beach Bay is not going to help this situation. Please calm down and let the police do their job. You're not helping by ranting and raving. I can imagine it must be frustrating, believe me the not knowing is a difficult position to be put in. But, hopefully it will be resolved soon and with a good outcome.

    • Libertarian says:

      They said she lived alone in Arrow Drive. That drive is not off Beach Bay Road.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is natural for humans to cast blame on another when they are suffering from grief, fear or disbelief. This approach does not help the situation; especially when the "blame" is based on "opinions" and not "facts." I belive that the R.CI.P.S is doing an excellent job; considering the cards they are dealt.

    The public may not realize this, but the R.C.I.P.S takes every missing person report very seriously. There is a hectic and time consuming process which takes place within moments of receiving a report of a missing person.

    The R.C.I.P.S consist of mere humans just like you and I. Their strength is about 350 officers. They cannot be every where, know everything, and solve every crime-they are not God! But they are well trained professionals whom can work on intelligence given. Someone must know something- they should do the right thing and come forward-a beautill-ambitious woman's life depends on it.




  5. Anonymous says:

    I think even Cheif Wiggum would be appalled with the police force here..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let us remember and continue to search for Anna also, my heart goes out to the families of these two missing women.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is there a search on again today (Wednesday), how can I help?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Check her voicemail, BBM and text messages for clues!  Thats how people communicate these days!  Hopefully the cops are already on to this. If not, GET IT DONE ASAP PLS!!!

  9. nauticalone says:

    This is indeed very scary!

    Once again i say: it is way past time that law abiding residents are allowed the means for some protection of self. At least maze and/or pepper spray.

    What is it going to take for the Lawmakers to wake up?

  10. So Sad says:

    Is this animal living amongst us? Is he foreign or domestic? Is he someone she knew or was it  someone else? Did she have an ex in Jamaica who was upset with her because she came to work in Cayman? In most cases of this nature the perpetrator is someone with whom the victim is familiar! In the U.S. when someone is missing like this ,there are posters everywhere with their picture  asking have you seen this person and giving a contact phone no. that one can call to report any  sighting any suspicious conversation regarding this person.


    Has she no family here? Come on RCIP show your skills! Build back your good name!

  11. Anonymous says:

    This has gone around via bcm message today so just to get the word out there for those who may not have gotten it;

    On behalf of a friend of mine, I am kindly asking all in my contact list to please give good consideration to assisting with the search for Kerry whom disappeared this past Saturday under suspicious circumstances. The search party will meet today at 5:30 pm by Pedro St. James to formulate and set-out on a plan to locate Kerry. Prior to closing, I humbly urge each of you to try and earnestly place yourself in this unfortunate situation this young lady and her family is currently in. Then ask yourself, would I like or more importantly would I appreciate help? I am confident everyone would say YES! Therefore, I sincerely hope to see as much faces out this evening to perform a simple act of kindness. As part of your act of kindness please copy this text and send to all your contacts in an effort to reach as many warm and kind hearts to help in this effort to find someone's loved one and hopefully bring her home safe and sound. Let us not let selfishness and evil prevail in these Cayman Islands. Yours Sincerely, Woody DaCosta

    • Anonymous says:

      Woody, is there a public search on today that you know of? Thanks for broadcasting this, let's find this young lady.

  12. Anymous says:

    We got some real weird men living amongst us, so be careful.  I heard a friend told me that a well known young man asked her and her girlfriend to take some pictures in bathing suits and lingere clothing, and that they would get paid well for the pictures to go in a magazine.  .  The set up was done, and the pictures began to roll with the man taking the pictures(or pretending to take the pictures)  Giving them instructions of different poses, and soon asking to slip the straps allitle and remove the bottom part, when suddenly after posing for almost one hour, with the man all over them in close up positions with the camera,  her friend said ,but there is no film in your camera.   She grabbed the camera and sure enough there was no film.  He apologized and said that  he had forgotten them home.  You believe that?

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is really scary kerry is my friend we grew up together I know her family very well & I pray for her speedy & safe return. Its sad to know that she had a stalker & that another woman is still missing what’s going on I just hope & pray for the best cause she is truly a sweet girl.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is very disturbing to know that this island, as small as it is has ladies that are going missing and in the case of Mrs. Evans not yet to be found. This island has got to get its priorities straight and speak out in matters like this where people's lives are at stake and let the police know any information whether u feel its important or not. When a 12 yr old girl gets pregnant the whole island talks about it. They know her name, age and who the baby father is but refuse to help in matters like this which are ruining our isand. I dont even know this lady who is missing and I can only imagine what her family is going through right now. I as a concerned citizen fears the worst but of cuorse hopes for the best. PLEASE if anyone knows anything, if you saw her at the shop, if you know what she was wearing that day or know about any evening plans she had please let the police know. ALSO A MESSAGE TO THE RCIP. DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY AND THOUROULY. We the public dont really know what you guys do from what you dont we can only assume, and yes some of these assumptions are wrong however you need to know within yourself that you have done everything possible, followed every lead no matter how irrelavent it may seem at the time, questioned all who knew her including family and check all cameras and records that may lead to a suspect or someone who came in contact with her that day. Phone records are vitaly important seeing as more than likely she had a blackberry that can be traced even if the phone is off so please lets find this lady and pray that she is safe.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I had an issue with a man stalking me, breaking into my house and waiting for me  for over 8 months and as much times as i called the police and went and made statements on this individual it was not until he kicked in my door and came in with a gun that they finally came to my house and took me serious.  They were a complete waste of time they offered no help to me what so ever. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Women reporting to the police of being harassed is useless. They do absolutely noting about it, statements go missing (they even refuse to give you a copy of the written statement you signed) and they accuse you of dealing with the person and then wanting out. Even with recorded messages, you are told that it is not clear what the peson is saying. Instead of trying to help you, they tell you it is nothing they can do, and advise you to get a lawyer to write the person. I have absolutely NO confidence in the police, it is sad but true. if you try the family crisis center you are told that they cant help you unless you were in a relationship with the person. So tell me who do we turn to. God help us all, cause we sure won't get the help from our law inforcement.

    • anonymous says:

      You waited for him to kick in your door? What about laywaiting him with a Mall or a can of gas to light the bastard a fire? TORCH HIS ASS videotape it and send it to his mama!

      You people think RCIP is concered about defending you and your safety? Think again.

      Every woman in the Cayman Islands need to have a Plan in place how she will DAMAGE permanently ANY MAN THAT SEEKS TO TAKE HER LIFE OR HARM HER.

      And God approves of this before you Pharisees start to agitate us all. My daughters are trained not to associate with men who have the slightest sign of domestic violence.

      They are also trained how to TAKE 'EM OUT if they are attacked . Do not allow a man to take your life. Take his life if you have to  its OK in a case of self defense. It's OK. Send him to prospect while you sleep at night! ITS OK!

      Until you Caymanian women get tough, this is what you're going to get.


      If the Deputy premier was worth 2 cents she would be leading such a group.

  16. I SAW IT COMING says:

    I am sad and feel for this family, God be with them.


    On another note all women need to go to the police & government and demand that we be allowed to purchase pepper spray to defend ourselves.   Enough is enough, 

     Arrest us for carrying our pepper spray and slap the criminals on the wrist for butchering us. Chief inspector  which is worst. Lets arm our selves against these  heinous animals.          Cant leave it up to the police and judges anymore.

  17. Jono says:

    In response to the article posted by Brac Star and speaking as a husband living on the island with my wife; I feel there is a awful culture adopted by some men that is unashmefully sexist and in some cases damn right perverted. There are men that drive around in their cars intimdating women or approaching them on beaches, asking them if they would like a ride etc when the woman clearly does not require this and would rather be left in peace. This practice is disgusting, these men believe a woman alone is a woman to be prayed upon. These men should be taught by both women and other men, that this practice is not 'friendly' but is sometimes scary to women. These women are not in night clubs looking to be 'picked up' but are simply women going about their business and want to be left alone. This kind of behaviour is breading fear within our community and men should take more responsibility in remembering we all have mothers and may have wives and daughters to protect and respect and not to scare nor intimidate. There need to be a behavioural change as there are clearly some men living here that thinks it is a right to infringe upon somebody elses daily freedoms!! I also hope and pray that the young lady Kerry concerned in this article is found safe soon.   


  18. Anonymous says:

    I doubt that the police have considered any and all suggestions already – they are far too inept and incompetent to have done so.  If you note, there is an earlier article today about a man not being found guilty for shooting at his brother…  The article mentions that the police swabbed the suspect, his clothes, etc. for gunpowder residue but did not submit it for testing.  When it came to trial, the prosecutors could not establish if a gun had been fired that evening, because there was no gunshot residue evidence – which left the judge with little choice but to free the man.  Now, do you still think that the police have done everything and all that they can to find this woman – I doubt it.  They can't even send in evidence for testing, evidence that they had in their hands…  These people (da PO – LIS) are clueless with a capital C!

    • Anonymous says:

      When certain evidence is not submitted for testing, is that and error or is it diliberate?  How many heads have rolled? NONE.  It is a Big Joke.

  19. JEB says:

    Trust and PRAY she will be found safe and well

  20. Libertarian says:

    Ms. Kerran Baker is a very beautiful lady, I say, the pride of Jamaican and Caribbean culture. And it concerns me that we are living in an age where "beauty" is being targetted by certain men who are bent towards satisfying themselves, and abusing, raping, deceiving, and intimidating in order to get that satisfaction. Beautiful women are not being respected like they should by the young men of our culture. Sadly, they are being taken more like sex objects, and the "person" behind the beautiful veil, is not appreciated and respected for who she is. To hear these insults in music, watch them on television, hear even females accepting men, calling them "she dogs" and "hoe" – it is just disturbing, and it shows us that mere education in the classroom, is not enough on educating our young men to show respect to not only beautiful ladies, but to all ladies. In terms of education, alot of our male youngsters are different from the young girls – they need to be taught from mentors. Young men need an example to follow – that is how they learn. Instead parents allow their kids to be educated by the television and their peers. Fathers are so busy that they have no time to sit down with their sons and bond with them. Not meaning to drift from the subject. We don't know yet for certain if Ms. Kerran Baker is a victim of a crime; however, incidents like this raises a red flag – she is the second missing person / woman for this year. The beloved Ms. Anna Evans has not beenfound yet. Her family is still greiving and pleading for those in the community who know something to at least speak out and help the police. I hope and pray that anyone who has seen the whereabout of Ms. Evans and now Ms. Baker to please carry forward the course of Justice. This is thing about being "silent" because you are scared of someone marking your face and posing harm to your family, is without excuse, seeing there is Crime Stoppers Anonymous tips online, and other ways on reporting to the Police without identifying yourself. To the families represented, I hope she comes home safe and in good health.

    • Subway Cookie says:

      I love your post, you are absolutely correct.  I don't know Kerry so my comments are in no way a reflection or judgment against her.  I agree 100% that the way women are treated by some men, how we are portrayed in music on tv and in life in general as over sexed, without morals and completely ignorant.  We do deserve better, but remember this "its not what they call you, its what you answer to".  As a woman, you draw the line clearly as to what you will and will not accept PERIOD.  There are women who exchange sex for money or material things.  There are women who do no want a relationship, they are happy to have men on the side who pay their way.  THAT life breeds trouble as some men can become territorial and can grow tired quickly if they feel they are being used.  The art of "boopsing" is a delicate task and it rarely leads anywhere positive.  I know first hand how easy it can be to get a man's attention with looks, sexy dressing etc and parlay that attention into drinks, hair done, nails done and the list goes on.  Trust me, I judge no-one but I matured and I started to believe I was worth more and deserved more and that people didnt deserve to be used by me.  But, trust me if you buck up into the wrong man, who won't take no for answer, who won't let you leave, who tells you he will kill you if you cheat on him then the situation gets sticky FAST.  Now, I would rather work and make do with what I have than risk going back down that road.  Again, I'm not saying Kerry did this all I'm saying is that while we do need our men to respect and love us we first need to respect and love ourselves because then men would know there is no alternative.


  21. Hold says:

    My prayers are with this young lady and her family – we all hope for a happy outcome

  22. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyway the public can help be involved in an organised search so as not to hamper but HELP our Police dept. find this young lady?  God knows we would not want to do anything that might be a hinderance or in anyway mess up dog scents by searching the areas aroud her home or where her car was found.  Can you post how we can help please?  Many are willing but have no encouragement or assistance to know how so far.

  23. Anonymous says:

    She was reported missing Sunday?  I hope the search began Sunday.  Why on earth would the police even state a suitcase was found in the back of her car but can't disclose what was in it.  What are they implying.  Why even say anything about a suitcase being found in the car.  If they had a proper K9 Unit there is a good possibility they would be able to do a proper search. 


    I hope and pray she is found!!!! 

  24. Brac Star says:

    This is all very scary. Although, I live on Cayman Brac, I have many relatives in Grand Cayman and fear for their safety. The law has got to change where women are allowed to carry maze or pepper spray to protect themselves. It's not right that we are targeted so easily because the criminals know we can not protect ourselves.

    Ladies, we need to be creative. Carry a small spray bottle with bug spray or bleach with you. Always have a whistle and don't be ashame to scream if someone is making you uncomfortable. Never go out alone. Try to always have a man in your group when going out. We have to protect ourselves.

    I pray for the safety of Kerran.


    • anonymous says:

      It is even more of a shame  and a disgrace that we have a DEPUTY PREMIER that is a WOMAN ATTORNEY  and she has not even remotely attempted to draft a simple small piece of legislation for Cayman's women to protect themselves from the animals living in our society.  Yes the deputy Premier as a woman has really done us an injustice by DOING 'NOTHING"

      Talk about Gender Policies, well the first one is PROTECTION, AND SELF DEFENSE!

      One has got to be insane or illiterate not to allow women in our society to at least carry some maze or pepper spray to defend themselves in a society ridden with crimes against women and a weak RCIP that is incapable of protecting evidence to convict the same criminals carrying out the crimes.

      Its time Juliana t stop taking so many trips and think about the women in our country. We can not afford a BODY GUARD LIKE YOURSELF. So in all fairness  draft some legislation, get together with the opposition, and come together in a bipartison way and get this done for the women of the Cayman Islands. YOU DON'T WANT TO GO DOWN in history as the women in the L.A. that did NOTHING forthe women of Cayman in their weakest hour.

      NO NO NO. You don't want that on your record ! We're going to use it against you in Campaign 2013 Yeah Yeah Yeah!

  25. Michel says:

    My Prayers are with the family and friends at this time so that they remain strong. Time is of the essence. Please if someone knows anything,anything that may help I urge you to come forward to the Police, Pastors or anyone you trust if you feel intimated. Heaven forbid if it happened to any of us. Please pray for all concerned and do not listen to or spread false rumours, it will make matters worst for everyone.I ask the Police to keep the public informed to help stop some of these rumours. Michel Lemay