Acquitted man faces new firearm’s charge

| 03/08/2011

(CNS): Jose Sanchez from West Bay who walked free from the Grand Court on Monday 25 July after being acquitted in a murder case was back in court Tuesday facing fresh charges of possession of an imitation firearm. The twenty-four year old West Bay man who had been released from custody after some fifteen months in jail on remand was re-arrested after only three days of freedom. Sanchez (left) He was released from custody again however, at the instructions of the magistrate who order that Sanchez go live with his grandparent outside of the West Bay area.

Sanchez was joined in the dock by Robert Bush and Christopher Bush who were also released on bail having faced charges for GBH assault. All three men were arrested by police on Thursday last week after an incident outside Club Inferno in West Bay. The men are accused of threatening another man with a gun and then hitting him over the head with a bottle. The name of the complainant was not revealed in the court and men’s case was listed to return at a future date.

Jose Sanchez was found not guilty of the murder of Alrick Peddie along with Robert Crawford and Deward Bush after a judge alone trial in the Grand Court last month. Peddie was shot nine times as he was gunned down in the middle of the afternoon in his grandmother’s yard in West Bay on 24 March last year.

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