Friends fail to come forward

| 12/08/2011

(CNS): Senior police officers have expressed their puzzlement that the people who sent and received BBM messages with Kerran (KerryAnn) Baker after the last known sighting of her on Saturday 30 July at 7pm have not come forward. Chief Superintendent John Jones said that the police were aware that several people were communicating this way with Kerran that evening and it is fair to assume that they must be her friends, yet not one single person who communicated with the missing 25-year-old has come forward to tell police about those messages. DS Marlon Bodden said it was extremely disappointing that no one had come forward.

“It is completely baffling that people who were messaging Kerran who must have been her friends won’t come forward and help the police to try and piece together what might have happened to her,” CS John Jones added.

Bodden, the officer with strategic oversight of the missing person investigation, said that despite the numerous appeals that he and Jones had made to these friends, no one at all had come forward to talk about the messages they sent to Kerran or the messages they could have received from her.

“We are aware that Kerran was a heavy BBM user and there was significant traffic after 7pm that evening. It is reasonable to assume that these were her friends so surely it is logical that they would want to assist us,” he said as he expressed his frustration that no one had admitted to either sending Kerran a BBM message after 7pm that night or receiving one from her, despite evidence that many people had done so.

The officer confirmed that as yet the police have still not recovered Kerran’s phone.

Once again he pleaded with the community to assist as the investigation reached its 13th day with no more information on what happened to the Jamaican nurse after she left Foster’s supermarket where she was caught on CCTV at around 7pm on 30 July.

Jones said it was possible that some of those people who were using the BBM service to contact Kerran were sending out group messages at the time which included her address. If so, the police said, the messengers may not realise it. However, he added, police still want to speak to those people. The two senior officers said they want even those people who may have sent a very short message to which they did not receive a reply to comeforward. “It is critically important that people don’t take things for granted,” Jones added as he pointed out that what people may think was an insignificant detail may be the crucial clue that the police are looking for.

With no further concrete leads, the officers said that they were continuing to closely scrutinize the hours and hours of CCTV footage as well as continue to follow existing lines of enquiry, cross-checking statements gathered so far. They said that a line of enquiry regarding her efforts prior to her disappearance to have a Weststar cable box installed revealed nothing sinister and police had been able to close that line down.

The officers impressed on the wider public yet again that the police cannot get to the bottom of what happened to Kerran without the support of the community and in particular her friends.

As the officers wrapped up the daily press update on Friday for the missing person investigation, Bodden and Jones both said the case was still a priority investigation and there were no plans to reduce the amount of officers on the case at present, and with a search coordinator on standby should the police receive any new promising information over the weekend, they would be ready to conduct more searches.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea.  Let's play the blame game, it's so much fun!  Why don't we sit around wasiting time, being no help at all and post comments online trying to blame various people for either not doing their job or not handing over information.  Seems to be what's happening….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is the sad thing. When this all first happened I wrote in to CNS and said I hope the police are getting her bbm messages asap. And that I also hoped they havetracked her phone if they dont have it. I think I got a hundred thumbs down and everyone jumped all over me for suggesting that the police would not be all over this.  

    Anyone who knows about bbm will know that you can almost always track such a phone using GPS.  Many primary school kids could even tell you this.  It should have been the first thing the cops did since they didnt have her phone.  If it was still on, which it may have been after a few days (but almost certainly not now), they could have easily found its location.  If you dont believe me that this is possible, look it up on the internet. Also, here is one of a million links you will find :

    I am really saddened by what is happening in Cayman. But I am even more sad and scared that we dont have very good police officers who can tackle these sorts of crime.  It would be really nice if the Premiere or the governor had spent some of that Nation Building Fund and built a proper police detective unit instead of whatever they say that did with it. 



  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine if it were a female American citizen/tourist missing….she would either be found already or we'd surely be up s%@! creek. Let me point out here that if she were missing in her native Jamaica her story would not get all this attention as this is much more common there…so the RCIP would have an easier time finding a conclusion regarding her dissappearance here on this small dot where missing ppl aren't frequent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Her friends are obviously complete cowards

    • Twyla says:

      I really do not think her friends are cowards, they just dont feel like talking about it, besides for the time being,  I think  we should leave her friends alone, and just have positive thoughts, like she is alive and well somewhere.

      • Anonymous says:

        You talk about the old-fashoned Caymanian disease of 'denial'.

        Yes, just sweep it under the carpet, convince yourselves that both Anna and Kerran are alive somewhere…hiding from their loved ones and causing them untold grief and pain of not knowing where they are or what has happened….

        Think POSITIVE, people, murders don't take place in the Cayman Islands and the world is a perfect and peaceful place ! (I hope the sarcasm here is overwhelming).

      • Caymanian Abroad says:

        " they just dont feel like talking about it, besides for the time being, I think we should leave her friends alone, and just have positive thoughts"




        Are you serious??  You actually believe that is the best course of action?  That her friends are just having a rough time and we should leave them alone.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  If her "friends" are going through a rough time, can you imagine what Kerryann is going through?  This one of the most ridiculous statements I think I've ever read, destroying chance after chance that this woman is found alive each minute.  "Positive thoughts"?????   You think positive thoughts is going to get this girl back??  Or are you having positive thoughts that she's in heaven already?!


        If you do know something, the good people of Cayman beg you to come forward.  If that were your daughter or son missing, would you just leave their friends alone just to be polite?  Would positive thoughts help you sleep at night knowing your son or daughter may be robbed/continually abused and raped/dead in a ditch?  Would you allow the "friends" of your child to just sit at home watching the news every night, eating their rice and beans and pepper steak and a cold beer, shaking their heads and saying, "Chhh, boy, hope dey find her soon!  We were supposed to hit up the club dis weekend" when they could potentially have VITAL, LIFE SAVING information on YOUR flesh and blood??


        It is comments like these that are selfish, unthoughtful and downright dangerous to the Caymanian community as a whole.  If you don't want to contact the police, anonymously contact her father.  Even if you get called down to the police station to make a statement – YOU are standing up for a citizen of Cayman who right now cannot stand up for herself.  YOU are being pro active.  YOU are being hero when no one else is.  YOU can make a difference to this woman's life.  I believe wecan conclude that this woman's life is in danger, and anything that may or even may not be helpful is still a move in the right direction.


        For all those "friends" out there – Kerryann may be hurting, alone, scared, near death.  She called you "friends" because she trusted you.  If you were in her position, would you like her to come forward for you?


        I know the police have been getting bad press left right and centre, but at the end of the day there is not much we can do to change how the police do their job.  What we CAN do is provide the police with all the information we have, and really hope that cumulative effect is enough to find this woman.  Alive.


        There is no time for cowardice or selfishness when a life is in danger.



        P.S.  I'm sorry Twyla if this seems like personally attacking you, I'm not.  I'm just trying my little part to change a mentality in Cayman that is causing major problems with the increase in crime.  I don't know this girl and I am scared for her.  I'm scared that next can be one of my friends, or family members.  And I'm scared that with Cayman's lackadaisical attitude towards the police, pro active participation and all around community spirit, I believe this may potentially be the beginning of a dangerous, downward spiral.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People that call themselves her friends and can't come forward are not real friends. If you don't want to go to the POLICE find a PASTOR or someone to talk to if you know anything.

    You may be scared but can you imagine what her parents and family members are going through.

    Two missing ladies in one year and nothing to findout what happend to them. This little place is too small and I feel/believe that people know what happened but will not talk.

    Come on people ofCayman wake up and talk.

    Prayers are with both families.


  6. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    AHhhhhhhhh Mr. Chief Supt JONES, it called "No Confidence in the Leadership" of the RCIPS !!!! Since you all are such expert and professional detectives/leaders from Scotalnd Yard, why the "major screw up" in the recent UK riots ??  Why are so many cases becoming undetected in the Cayman Islands including Bank Robberies, Attempt Murders, Women disappearing and individuals walking out of court "free as a bird" having been formally charged with murder ??

    I see you all have finally come to your senses and did one positive thing in the UK, getting advice and guidance from a real expert and professional law enforcement leader in William "Bill" Bratton. Maybe McKeeva needs to give Mr. Bratton some capital from the "Cayman Islands Development/Building Fund" so that he can visit the Cayman Islands and teach/guide you "so called Scotland Yard experts" all about policing and getting results like what he Bill Bratton and Mayor Gulianii did in New York several years ago.

    Is the score now in our local court's (Defence 5 – and Police 0) in relation to "aquittals vs convictions" in Murder cases ??    


  7. Anonymous says:


    CNS: Please can you not write with the caps lock on. Generally, comments that are written all in caps are automatically deleted without being read.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bring back the death penalty???  Not on this Island…  The RCIPS are so inept and possibly corrupt that you end up with hanging 10 innocent for every 1 guilty. 

      • Anonymous says:

        The courts would have to be inept as well. The prosecution have lost a lot of cases recently.  

    • Libertarian says:

      But why should we have to pay this government to sentence someone to death?  Because murder is murder – is it not?  If revengeful people want someone to be put to death for murder, let them do it or pay to have it done themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please! You would be no differentthan the criminal. By the way, irregardless is not a word.  

  8. Anonymous says:

    So, our incompetent RCIPS strikes again.  Firstly, is is not 'fair' to assume that those communicating with her, were friends, thats why BBM lists them as 'contacts'.  Not all who use BBM are friends.  Secondly, BBM works in many countries and yet the RCIPS expect these people to come forward who may not necessarily be here and may not even know this person is missing?


    Really RCIPS it is no wondering your case solving record is so bad with this kind of poor detective work.


  9. Trust Police says:

    To 17:09::::Which Jamaican male that went missing and then his body was found in the bush off Bobby Thompson Way? You sure you got that right?? To my knowledge, I heard it was an old man that carried his cows to the bushes, got tired, lost his way  and died. PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD ANY UNNECESSARY RUMOURS ON THE POLICE.  This will only damage their efforts and the moral of the force.

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously know nothing about the history of the disappearance of this man, as some of us do.

      We were well acquainted with him and he was no old man taking cows into the bush.

      This was a very healthy man when he disappeared and the same talk that is now swirling around the streets of Grand Cayman about Kerran's disappearance is the same talk that was current when this man disappeared as well.

      Have you noticed, people in Cayman have an expertise in making other people just disappear….

      Or is it 'ghosts' or UFOs that have spirited them away ?

  10. Trust Police says:

    To my previous post 8:24: I meant "The foreign police keep their mouths shut". And honestly they did a better job than the caribbean policemen for me.  Our caribbean police force have too many brethern and sisteren, just a little too comfy with each other. 

  11. Chet o Ebanks says:

    The police here are a joke. All is see is everyday them riding around in cop cars with a cell phone up to one ear. I can sur e says I would never trust anyone of them, the can't police themselves much less the public. Protcet yourselves citizens of Grand Cayman this is just the beginning of what is going to happen on this island. As I have said before the only how something will get done is when you see an American tourist killed on this island God forbid. 

    Then the powers that be will take action, as the US government will list The Cayman Islands on their travel webiste as unsafe and to avoid us. Until then citizens of Grand Cayman protect yourselves. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Every week the same old line now by the police blame the public and never once asking why?Why are people not coming forward to give information? Here is a perfect example a few years some friends of mine and i went to an office to provide confidential information to a senior police officer each person spoke to this officer and left the location. Within approximately a half hour i met and spoke with a  friend who could tell me that i had attended that location and with whom i spoke and could tell me my exact conversation almost verbatim. Even more serious one of the friends who attended was named as a possible suspect by the public just base on the fact that they had attended the office location and to make matters even worse the police did absolutely nothing to dispel such vicious and false rumors against that friend. These situations like many others have now culminated to a point where people are simply afraid of dealing with the police at any level based on even perceptions that might be drawn by the public. The RCIPS have in fact done very little to remedy this very dire situation and have infact diminished and eroded their credibility even further by removing some of those officers whom you could trust and promoting certain others.To add to that dynamic they have imported other nationalities whom they falsely believe are not influenced by or loyal to their own countries oforigin nationals. Which is a very bad misconception on our government's part,whom frankly are allowing or don't seem to care a whole lot about this terrible situation that the country is now having to confront. With that said i hope for our sake we can get some resolution and justice for all those who have lost their lives in these awful circumstances on this island. We need to make a stand with or without the RCIPS who along with our politicans just don't same to get it.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are enough annonymous ways to get a message to the police, the girl's dad, a pastor, CNS, or someone involved. 

      You can lie to yourselves and make up all sorts of excuses and blame the police, but you are the one who will have to live with yourself for not giving up the information if you are "in the know" and could help her parents find info. re. their daughter.

      No matter what her lifestyle was..whether one approved of it or not…NO ONE has the right to play God with her life and decide when she lives or is taken from this earth or has harm come her way. That is not up to someone to decide. (If that were the case)

      Women are living in fear….her family can not sleep at night…tourism is being damaged and it can be calmed if someone does the righteous thing for all women, for this young woman's family, for the people wondering if the island is still a safe, peaceful place to visit.

      Friends, Family members I pray for you to find peace and hopefully find a clue that brings you Kerran.

      There is no excuse. Let her mom and dad (who most of you know?) be able to find some comfort in knowing that the people on the island where he spent so many years  still have good and love and values, respect for one another in difficult times. Blessings to them.



    • 8768 says:

      While I agree with most of your post, I disagree with; "To add to that dynamic they have imported other nationalities whom they falsely believe are not influenced by or loyal to their own countries of origin nationals"


      Do you notice that only Jamaicans, Hondurans and the likes go to HM Prison for serious crimes in this country? Think back on the last few major crime convictions and or re-trial;  whilst Caymanians walk free for all levels of felonious offenses.




      The last few convictions for foreign nationals were swift so your above statement don't stand up to scrutiny; however my guess is, you will argue that the prison population is majority Caymanian. My response to that would be, correct, majority are convicted for petty offenses and end up in prison because they’re a public nuisance and those who prefer to live a CI$50K a year lifestyle without sweating. This category of prisoners gets frequent day releases and miss nothing on the outside world.

    • Truth Seeker says:

      You say you went with some friends. How do you know that none of those friends passed on the information to the other friend with whom you later spoke? Did you not ask them how they got the information?

      I am not sure what you mean by saying:  – Even more serious one of the friends who attended was named as a possible suspect by the public –

      Please explain more clearly, as you are denigrating the integrity of the police and potentially discouraging others to come forward to help solve a crime.

  13. Scared says:

    I am afraid of the police. Matlock does a better job.

  14. Trust Police says:

    I used to have the same problems with the police years ago. I got no help from any of them because they all went to school with the person who used to abuse and threaten me, Some were relatives and some were friends. When I discovered that I was not getting anywhere I went to the station and asked for a officer who was not from the caribbean. I related my story and the rest is history. Problem solved and it was so easy. My advise to you do not trust the local or caribbean cops but use the Canadians, Americans and English police men. (1) They have no local connection (2) They do not know these culprits families (3) They never schooled with the locals (4) They KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHOUT.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, please. What garbage. My experience is that English will look out for the English and harrass innocent locals on behalf of their own.

  15. 8768 says:

    How much longer are the Police/CoPs going to keep begging for friends to come forward? If witnesses were normally corporative, would there be growing reliance on forensic investigations. Should the police be asking Digicel (or whoever the missing woman’s telephone service provider is for her telephone and blackberry records? Shouldn’t the Cops get an order from the courts and summon the required information from the telephone service provider?

    If this woman lives alone, the last person she spoke to on her telephone or via BBM (providing its after leaving Fosters) should be a person of interest or anyone she spoke to during the course of that day.

    Did she receive multiple calls from one number during the course of the day she went missing? If yes, what was the pattern when compared to previous days? Did any of the calls last under 1 second? – This would suggest she may have declined the call or someone called to threaten her. The CoPs need to hear from that person.

    Forensics. Forensics, Forensics and a little bit of deduction —

    Did she drive her car to where it was found? I think not if the keys were tossed away in nearby bushes; now, I hardly think the driver would have worn cloves. Would there be finger prints on the steering wheel, door latch handle, indicator lever and the keys that were found?  


    Was she scheduled for a vacation? Where to?  did she plan to travel alone?—her boss may have this answer  or if the ticket was bought, Cayman Airways could say if the seats beside her was booked at the same time hers was booked– –  Reason for asking; trying to zero in her close friends (male/female)  who may know more that her family members would.

    Have the CoPs checked the cameras in Country Side parking lot to determine if the young lady was alone in her car or whether she visited the location as a passenger in someone else’s car? My reason for asking is because the CoPs are saying she was last seen checking out of Foster’s Savannah; which I do not believe to be correct, as 4 CCTV cameras are in the vicinity of Country Side’s exit lanes and one of them would show her driving off the property… This would have been the last time she was seen.  Readers – – Please don’t think this is immaterial as if someone was a passenger in her car and has not gone to the CoPs to say what he/she knows, something is “fishy”.

    I could go on and on but hey, I am only a car wash guy, not a CoP! Also, please pardon my grammar; I dropped out of high school!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Up to this point, the RCIPS is still conducting a 'missing person' investigation, not a criminal investigation into a missing person.

    There is a great deal of difference between the two.

    By the time the police do get around to conducting a criminal investigation it will be way too late to solve any crime that's been committed.

    It must be only the police who have not come to the conclusion that Kerran is missing as the result of a crime against her having been committed.

    The same thing happened with another Jamaican male some years ago; everyone just comforted themselves that he had left Cayman by some unknown means and left it at that…

    Until his body turned up in the bush off Bobby Thompson Way some months ago….



  17. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, I agree with you 1000 times over.  A few years ago I went to the Police Station and sat inside a closed office with only myself and the police inspector present.  I made a factual report of a crime that was being committed and had been committed several times.  When I finished the report and left the police station, I met the offender by the post office and he immediately accosted me and informed me in front of a few Caymanian people, that he understood that I had just left the station after filing a criminal report against him. Only the police officer that I spoke with could have made that call or had another officer do it for him.  If that was something that could have caused the offender to shoot me, I would have been dead.  Ever since that time, I have had no confidence in our police department and officers.  I am extremely sorry about Kerry-Ann and I especially reach out to her parents, since I am a parent myself, but I really do not have much confidence in the people in Cayman who are sworn "To Serve and Protect"

  18. TCM29 says:

    *They" never do. Anywhere in the world. Welcome to the subculture.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read up on the English public turning in the looters of the recent riots in England, that level of public response to criminal behavior does not happen in Cayman.

      Why is that?

  19. Right ya so says:

    Shame on them!

  20. MER says:

    I wonder if they even tested Kerran's apartment for fingerprints? You never know if the person she was with went to her apartment with her that day, which could also explain her unpacked groceries, obviously she left in a haste! You can also look at what was not packed away and determine if she had planned to go far and stay long! Obviously if a person carries groceries home and doesn't unpack them and there is stuff like icecream (not sure what she had out), frozen meats or refrigerated items out, they left in an extreme hurry either from fear or the intention of returning very soon!

    And just because Kerran was alone on Foster's CCTV, doesn't mean she might not have had someone in the car waiting, or even in the parking lot waiting in another car! Why won't the police publish a checklist of all means of investigation that has been conducted so far and the results so that we as the public can make suggestions XXX! And if her car was just parked, you think perhaps the person responsible for her disappearance might have just driven her car there and left? XXX Also, did the police search the old quarry and all the turning, twisting, 2×4 dust roads that lead no where and continue for miles behind the pedro site??? If there was BBM activity after 7pm, Kerry was aparently still on the move, so whatever happened, happened late, and Pedro's road late night is a dark, quiet place for this person to have left her car, walked a bit and taken a cab or even to have had their own vehicle propped and ready. In order to catch a criminal you have to think likeone (unfortunately) did any cab drivers make pickups that night in and around that area???? It is said that some of the best crime scene investigators are the ones that could be A-list criminals! We are on an itty, bitty island, maybe we should even try bringing in an investigative psychic to help, it has worked in thousands of cases when nothing else has before! With something like this no option should be ruled out, nothing should be taboo and all steps should be taken and all measures exhausted, but the RCIP are only going to investigate and publish whatever for several weeks (I give them till the end of the month before the lighten their concern) just like they did with Anna, who still has children and family and friends waiting for answers and the only thing around about her now are faded missing posters!!!

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Quotation: maybe we should even try bringing in an investigative psychic to help, it has worked in thousands of cases when nothing else has before!

      I checked wikipedia to see what they have to say: .

      Here are a few quotes (backed by references) from the article titled Phsycic detective:

      UK – In 2006, 28 British police forces responded to a query from the UK-Skeptics to say that they did not and have never used psychics

      USA – No police department reported any instances of a psychic investigator providing information that was more helpful than other information received during the course of a case.

      No psychic detective has ever been praised or given official recognition by the FBI or US national news for solving a crime, preventing a crime, or finding a kidnap victim or corpse.

      You may find the following link of interest:


    • Anonymous says:

      Psychics don't solve crimes. Anything success they claim can be explained away as luck or giving vague information ("the body is somewhere near water or near a highway").

      Psychics are scum who prey on the gullible, the vulnerable and the desparate. Please don't suggest that our government employ them becuase, given the brain power of our leaders, they probably would do it.



    • Sheerluck Holmes says:

      Can someone buy this person a CSI DVD box set and take away their computer?

    • Judean People's Front says:

      Forget that … has anyone thought about using the 'Shamanic trance' method?

      Using a powerful hallucinogenic such as Ayahuasca from the Amazon, the Shaman is capable of travelling through to the spirit world and consulting with the Ancestors.

      The shaman is then returned after about 2 to 3 days with knowledge on how to treat sick people, weather conditions, good hunting areas and what number will play on the Honduran lottery at the weekend.

      I am sure I saw several people in Sound way who looked like they were in a two day shamanic trance.


  21. Anonymous says:

    This is the way things are in Cayman. It is every person for themselves. People talk big about what a caring society there is here but that is not true.

    What about the man shot in the night club in front of 150 people and people were sending photos from their cell phones and no one came forward.

    This is not a caring society.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you ever thought that people are fearful for their own lives if they talk what they know? Perhaps it is a basic instinct of self-preservation. It is very easy for us to cast judgment and sound oh so righteous when we are not in the position.

      • Anonymous says:

        That may be the rationalization that you use to keep your secrets but to clarify it is a lie.

        It is enabling criminals to escape justice and your spin may help you to live with yourself but that does not make it true.

        There are ways to safely pass on information if you so choose.

        Self righteous rationalization is the choice of cowards.

        • Anonymous says:

          …and ignorant statements are refuge of idiots.

          • Anonymous says:

            It sounds like I struck a nerve with you, what's wrong, got some secrets about local criminals. Does it make it difficult to see yourself as a caring person?

  22. MER says:

    First of all, people are always reluctant to come forward in any matter pertaining to assisting the police, and who could blame them? XXXX Our officers are incompetent, untrained, unprofessional and sloppy with all their investigations! Our island could have it's own series of "Cold Case Files"! And it is not for lack of people coming forward, there were days when people flocked to assist officers with cases because of genuine community concern, until the persons they spoke against were some how "informed" of this taking place, the bigger the police force the larger ratio of corruption, from the bottom to the top! I can point out so many wrong procedures and steps the RCIP has taken with this investigation so far that I solving the case has already been compromised because of their lack of skill! If our Government really does give a hoot and really wants some of these crimes solved, they need to bring in some experience, trained investigators at least temporarily to assist, we gave 4 million to churches, perhaps they might be interested in donating some of that money back to help solve a murder, or two, or three???

    • Anonymous says:

      MER: stop making excuses for these people. CNS has ben so kind to allow their website to be used as an anonymous way of communicating with the police.  


      To the police, I say XXXX take [her friends] to the police station and grill them, bug their phones, get the phone company to give you their phone data, etc but please do something because these so called friends seems to be hiding something.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It is certainly someone Kerran knew and trusted who seem to be involved in this.  Police need to grill and get out the truth from such people.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, right. I once came forward about a very serious assault and battery and the police acted like I was bothering them so I just walked away confused.


    Another time I was robbed so I called the police. They came to my house and took several items to help with the investigation. I never heard anything from them again. After a few months I asked if I could have my items back and was told they were all lost. The way I see it, I was robbed twice.


    Maybe it's a confidence issue with the police. I'm not saying this to be negative. The police need to focus on building up an image of competence and deep concern for crime. Then the public might be inclined to get more involved.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep…100% times correct.  I reported things to the police on numerous occassions…and guess what the person I reported, knew I reported him…let me know about it by phone…..beat that one…..


      Unfortunately I will never report anything to the police ever again and I know there are many people out there thinking the same thing…very sad, but very true…


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s so easy to make things up under the cloak of anonymity, isn’t it? I for one don’t believe you. And I’m not a cop.

      • Anonymous says:

        I for one do believe him or her because a similar incident happened to someone who I knew well…  As for you not being a cop, that is something that I do not believe.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Friends? with friends like those makes you wonder why not enemies?

  26. Anonymous says:

    perhaps they are scared to come forward!!!  they could be the next do disappear!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    What's this about friends failing to do this and failing to do that.  It's not the friends, it's the police that is at fault.  Trace/track the numbers down and haul their behinds in for questioning – then no friend will fail to do this or to do that.  Makes too much common sense?  Of course, that's why the ever incompetent RCIPS are not doing it…  They'd rather go around and tell the press that nobody, yet again, is helping them.  So as you may see, we have a failure to communicate here – it's not the friends, but the police!

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you are not up to date on the BBM process.  The only number in a BBM is the "pin" number of the blackberrys.  The police may leave a lot to be desired, but to find out where those bbm messages were coming from, they would have to  involve LIME and DIGICEL, which would prolong the investigation for a long time.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are correct to state that I am not up to date on the BBM process.  However, I am well aware that all electronic messages can be traced back to a person or persons.  I am also aware that the investigation has to involve LIME and DIGICEL and possibly other parties (e.g., RIM – the maker of the blackberries), which as you state would "prolong" the investigation…  And that's exactly the point…if after a day or to nodoby has stepped forward, get the process started, find out who those people are and go get them; even if it takes extra work, time, effort and/or court orders, etc…  No it's not simple, but it's better than sitting on their fat fannies and throwing their hands up in the air. 

  28. Shepherd says:

    Well then, arrest their a$$es.  hostile witnesses are better than no witnesses.

  29. Anonymous says:

    People not coming forward may be a sign of lack of confidence in the police.

  30. Anonymous says:

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?


  31. unnibelievedis says:

    very peculiar indeed

    Hmmmm………a friend would definitely be the first to care to help a friend who have gone missing. 

    Reluctance to come forward can signify a few things………maybe the RCIPS should bring in everyone they find on her bbm contact for questioning,  They might make some progress and remove the disappointment instead of waiting for the public to come forward.


    • Anonymous says:

      The fact the police have not already begun to question her "friends" is an outrage.  RCIPS get on with it, for goodness sake!

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps these friends (women) are afraid that the same thing will happen to them if they come forward.  The perpetrator may know who they are and might have threatened them already, or they may suspect who it is and are scared.  After all, who will protect them? 

      Was the cell not found thrown down a distance from the car?  Think of the names and numbers she must have stored, the killer probably scrolled through it and knows her closest acquaintances. Something to consider. 

      Aren't BBM messages documented by the service provider somwhere in cyber space the same way they are able to record monthly cell phone usage. All you needto know is her cell phone number and contact the relevant provider and they should be able to pull up her BBM activity.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Then why don't the police get the numbers and contact the people who communicated with  her??? I am sure the phone provider can make the numbers available to the police!! The way the police are handling this is actually scary….are they really that incompotent?

    • Anonymous!!!!!!8 says:

      Just because the police dont tell us everything does'nt mean that they are not doing just that. We really dont need to know their every move. Sometimes silence is golden. Evidently they are doing something if they can tell you that no one is coming forward and they by now know that a phone is a very good piece of evidence.

      Good luck to the RCIP and God's blessings to the family.

    • Anonymous says:

      The police asked for her BBM friends.  Do a little research on BBM and privacy. 

    • Anonymous says:

      22:09 the police cannot get the numbers from BBM messages,not even the FBI has that capability.

      RIM the maker of BB were almost banned from selling thier phones in many eastern and arab countires because of just that the messages cannot be traced.

      Solution is instead of turning your frustration to the police howabout publicly barating the people who have NOT come formward to help.

      • Anonymous says:

        22:09 why bother berating the lowlife scum who refuse to come forward they don't care about anything you or I say or think or about Kerran. Maybe if enough people complain about the lack of police work it might help.If the police can not get  the numbers that were called or that called her can they get an updated GPS track from her phone as it was being used to try to locate a position where the calls ended?It would at least give them an area to start searching from ,although it has been 2 weeks …what a shame.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Why isn't anyone coming forward, why are they so afraid? i just cannot understand.

  34. C-Mon 2 de Bone says:

    Are you really surprised?

  35. JamRock says:

    that's because dem nah no friend. If dat how fren stay in Cayman… mi no wan' none o' dem.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, they are just rushing to volunteer information and report crimes in Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please try and hush up, becauce inJamaica no body talk anything.  fe raid they get shot in they mouth. so hush.

  36. Dred says:

    Dear Mr. Jones,

    XXX There is a reason they are not coming forward. It is about time you stop waiting for things to drop into your lap and start acting like a police officer trying to solve a crime.

    It is befuddling to me that you are so passive, so timid. Why are you acting like you have no choices.

    Mr. Jones can we do a little exercise? Request the following….

    – Telephone records of all calls in and out of Ms Baker cell phone for the past 3 months.

    – Of the people located in these calls request place them in order of who was called the most down to the least. Keep every name because everyone is a person of interest.

    – The people she called the most request information about calls going in and out of their phone BUT identify each and every person and list them as people of interest. Cross up the people she called the most with people who she called called the most. These are mutual friends who are sharing information.

    There are several objectives to this exercise.

    1) Establishing a list of potential witnesses or informants

    2) Attempting to possibly identify possibly a secondary phone she may have. Some people have other phones and it's possible the people closest to them may have this number OR she may out of desperation call with secondary phone. Thsi is why you must find out the owner of each phone and speak with them personally.

    3) You have a reason to speak with these people which opens up opportunities for them to speak freely or accidentally. Shake their tree a bit when you speak with them. Find out what they spoke about. Have a subpeona ready for their phone but ask them first if they BBMed her often. If they say no then request to see their phone. If they are unwilling take it from them. The questions are only to determine willingness to help. If something is found then you know they are wilfully hiding information and then they become a suspect.

    This way Mr Jones you are not sitting on your hands looking stupid. You are out investigating not just rumours but people who were activily around the young lady.

    Someone has done Ms Baker harm and that someone needs to be found. You need to stand up Mr Jones and be counted. XXX

    I am not saying that policing does not need to use community help BUT and that is a big BUT you must be able to dig stuff up on your own.

    All I am saying is start rattling cages of the people who you can figure out know stuff and are not talking. Maybe something will give.

    I personally believe this is not a simple situation but something quite complex. I believe she knew her attacker but the question is how.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 21:17

      I couldn't agree with your statement more.

      What has become of our police? why do they seem to be so incompetent?

      In the days of of the backward Cayman, the police were stopping vehicles and serching for weed…and jailing the Caymanian boys for a weed seed.

      Is it something to do with human rights laws? as I see the same slackness of Police work going on in England today.

      They are now importing the former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, to fight their crime in England, are the English police hands tied by these human rights advocates, or the Englishman has become wimps?

      England, you better get your ass out of Brussell real quick, or you are going to go down the drain.


    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to Dear Mr Jones.

      It is frustrating and heartbreaking that this disappearance has not been solved as yet.

      Police will not give out the evidence and findings they have during and investigation

      until they have something concrete and can arrest a person or persons and the
       information comes out in court.

      They probably have already covered all the points and more that you have mentioned

      in your post.  Because they have not published their findings it does not mean they

      have not made some progress. 

      Sadly when all their leads are exhausted and no one comes forward with new

      tips then that will be that and a case will go cold.

      People do not need to be afraid of phoning in on the 1-800 tips line.  Worried about your call being traced to your cell? Go and use a public phone and please make the call…..



  37. Anonymous says:

    These so-called friends don't have a soul.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I'm beginning to think that one or more of these so-called group of friends had something to do with her disappearance.  Were it my friend missing then I was going to the police with any information I had even "under cover" if I had some fear of harm being done to me for talking what I know.  Why?!   Because I would be worried sick about my friend and want to help her family and the police find her – dead or alive!

    Get serious RCIPS and find a way to bring these group friends in for some hard questioning.  It shouldn't be hard to find out who these females are!

    I can't imagine the turmoil of having a loved one go missing without a trace.  My prayers go out for the family of Kerran.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Her friends, Digicel and the popo's should all be arrested for not having a clue!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I ask from my mother to another mother…someone out there knows something, please go to the police and tell them what you know….bbm contacts please go forward too.

    I can't  imigaine what her mother, father and other family members are going through.


  41. Anonymous says:

    Then they should be considered as an accessory to her dissapearance and all detained until someone talks. 

    • Anonymous says:

      An Accessory to the fact is a person who willingly participates in a crime. Calling a person is not an accessory unless the call was to facilitate a crime. If that was the case we would all be in jeapordy to be arrested for quite innocent acts. Thats not how the law works in a democratic country friend.

  42. Anonymous says:

    They should all be arrested for lying to the police and the police should be arrested for taking so long to "force" a response outta Digicel and Digicel should be arrested for being slow and useless. Everybody switch to Lime; they had Estella's phoned traced in no time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Una betta cgeck some a ye police cell phones, see how many ah dem whey BBm ing her daily.  No wonda una cant get a clue.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Some friends they are………PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Things are never as simple and clear as they seem with young people today. Something is not right about this lack of contact from her BBM "friends"

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ever since I read about this, and especially that Kerran had partly unpacked her groceries, I had been wondering why would anyone do that?  I sort of got one possible answer when Idid the same today.  As soon as I brought home groceries from the supermarket, it was time for me to drop off my daughter to a class, which was at a drive of about 3 minutes.  So I quickly put away the frozen stuff in the freezer and left the other stuff on the kitchen counter and left to drop off my daughter, knowing that I would be back at the most within 10 minutes and these things could wait on the counter until then.  I also read that Kerran seemed to be preparing her dinner.  I do that sometimes.  I leave the half chopped vegetable on the chopping board and step out to drop off my daughter to a nearby class, knowing I will be back in minutes. 

    This makes me think that may be someone that Kerran knew had come home with her (maybe met on the way back from Fosters) or had waited outside her home for her to return, and asked her to drop him/her to a nearby place urgently, giving whatever excuse for their own car.  If the person asked to go somewhere nearby it is not surprising that the groceries were left the way they were, as Kerran might have thought she would be back in minutes to continue with unpacking the groceries and making dinner. 

  46. Anonymous says:

    They must be all scared that whatever happened to her, will happen to them too.  They might feel that this island is so small, that even if they make an anonymous statement, somehow it might be traced back to them and they too will suffer her fate.  Sad, because that is what criminals are counting on.  To her friends, if you were in her position, you would have wanted someone to speak up.  Would you want your family to go through what her family is going through?  Be brave and tell what you know, call the anonymous tip line, use a public phone booth if you are too scared to use your own phone.  Do something before crimes like this take firm root on this island and escalate so badly out of control, that nothing can stop it.   If you don't, criminals will feel empowered to do more acts like this, as they know they will never get caught because people are too scared to talk.   To Caymanians, take back Cayman from the criminals and restore it to the relatively safe environment that it used to be, before it is too late.   Stop protecting friends, neighbours and family members if you know they are engaged in wrongdoing.   Think of the other family members, neighbours and friends whose lives are being affected by the crime, and do the right thing.   Otherwise people like me who were attracted to this place because it was considered a safe environment, will get up and leave because of escalating crime and then you will be here alone, battling the criminal elements by yourself.  And then it will be too late to root out.

  47. Lady Goo Goo says:

    Seems like Ms Kerran didn't have a very high quality friend base. Until someone who knows something comes forward this is as far as this investigation is going to go and we all know that no one is coming forward with any help for the RCIPS.

  48. Anonymous says:

    That's why I have 1 friend.  These aren't "friends" if they won't come forward.  The UK found a way to get that info.  We should be able to do the same thing.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Or, perhaps those messaging with Kerran are not coming forward because they're involved in her dissapearance?

  50. Anonymous says:

    And they are suppose to be her friends I wouldn't want to have friends like them. They should be careful that God doesn't punish them for not coming forward.

  51. Anonymous says:

    That's Cayman for ya

    • Anonymous says:

      What does Cayman have to do with her friends not coming forward?  Get real check and know who her friends were.  Are they Caymanians for real?  I pray that they will make that crucial step up to the plate and talk.

    • Anonymous says:

      15:54 watch ye mouth, because no one,not even the police can say that anything sinster has happened to Kerryann, for all we know, and they know, she may be aliveandwell somewhere.  Hope so.  But to tell you the truth it is time the police stop wasting time, gassoline, helicopter fuel, because those who know about her being missing is not from Cayman.

  52. Anonymous1 says:

    Mystery of Mysteries – nothing on Anna and nothing on Kerran. Don't know who to blame with no leads. This is just frightening!