Mac not facing public outcry

| 23/08/2011

(CNS): The opposition has queried how the premier can still be in office representing the Cayman Islands overseas, running the country and making decisions impacting the people when he is under criminal investigation for financial irregularities. Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said he was shocked by the lack of public outcry about the fact that McKeeva Bush was still in his job while being the subject of a police probe. “This has to be the only modern democracy in the world where the leader is under investigation andyet still remains in office,” said McLaughlin last week at a media briefing. The PPM and independent members suggested that there is not enough pressure from the public or the media on him to resign.

“How can we have the premier up in Miami negotiating on the country’s behalf with the FCCA (Florida Caribbean Cruise Association) with the full knowledge that he is under investigation?” McLaughlin asked.

The speculation that the premier was the subject of a police investigation was brought into the public domain by the opposition in June. On 30 June CNS posted the details that were known about the investigation, including the invoice Bush had sent to Stan Thomas stating that he had ensured that land owned by Thomas had been re-zoned and asking for a $350,000 payment. In July, after several weeks of avoiding admitting the probe was underway, the governor finally admitted that the premier was the subject of an investigation regarding “financial irregularities”.

However, despite the media coverage and the online comments, the premier has declined to resign, has denied doing anything wrong and has spoken little about the investigation. Although he has stated on a number of occasions that he intends to make a statement on the issue, he has remained silent on this particular subject. In his most recent television statement the premier spoke entirely about the Nation Building Fund and made no mention of the ongoing probe.

Independent memebr Ezzard Miller said that during his last trip to the UK two members of the government had been forced to resign as a result of inappropriate off hand remarks because of media and public pressure, while the Cayman Islands leader of government was under investigation by the police and yet he remained in post. He also questioned why local industry bodies, such as Cayman Finance and the bankers association, were not also demanding the premier’s resignation.

He pointed out that Cayman Finance in particular, which was previously quick to rebut any criticisms in the international media about Cayman’s standing, had not said one word about the investigation to the media, but Miller said he could not possible see how any of them could stand up on the public stage and back Bush under the current circumstances.

“This idea that we must hide our problems from the world must stop,” Miller said, as he pointed out that the country must clean its own house and not wait on the UK to come marching down and suspending the constitution. “The business community must step up to the wicket and apply pressure on the premier to resign.”

His comments were also echoed by the PPM member for East End, Arden McLean, who said it was outrageous that the premier was still in office.

“We have a premier who is under criminal investigation running the country like a bull in a china shop curtailing the voices of the people,” he said. Noting that the opposition had been criticised for doing nothing about him, McLean pointed out that when they did by forcing the issue of the investigation into the public domain nobody else did anything and he is still in office.

“The premier goes about running your country as though nothing has happened,” McLean said directly to the public at large. “We need the public’s help. He is worse than ever now; the people need to stop him. We can’t wait for two more years we need to do it now … I’m not promoting rioting … but someone has to step up.”

The opposition members and Miller all called on the public to write totheir MLAs and put pressure on them to demand that the premier step aside until the investigation into the Stan Thomas affair is resolved.

Vote in the CNS poll: Does McKeeva Bush's performance as premier match your expectations?

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  1. Dred says:

    What amazes me is this….

    When we have a Police Officer who is being investigated for anything we put them on "Administerial" leave pending the results of the investigation. This goes for other departments also. Then why is this not happening here?

    Now some may say this is different but I say why? Is it because of his position? That means nothing in the grand scheme of things. He more than ever should be as he represents the country and he affects our standing in the world community more than any other one person probably even more so that our Governor.

    The press should be for our MLAs to press the governor to put him on leave and make the backup run things.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hon. Premier,  First Elected Member of West Bay, Mr. McKeeva Bush, for the love of country please come to your senses and do the right things.  What has happened to our beloved  McKeeva Bush of the 1980s, the young man who had such a passionate love for his birth country and its people? yes the same young man that took counsel from his elders all over this island (many now deceased, think about how they would feel now).

    Mr. Bush it's not too late for you to change direction and do the right thing we care about you and our country and only want that is best for both. 


  3. John the Baptist says:

    All Caymanians should know Slow-Come from Breakers. I vote Slow-Come for our next Premier.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    We do not have anyone in the house who can do a better job than Mackeva.  All the others are only power hundry and want his sead.   But we are not giving it up nex election.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It shouldn't require a public outcry… the wheels of justice should step in and do what is right. Where is our governor in all this ?????

  6. Anonymous says:

    So, if the Premier was removed during investigations, who would fill in the space, JuJu??????? 

  7. Dred says:

    I have been thinking about this post ever since I saw the artical more than 24hrs ago now.

    PPM on this we are BEHIND you. But please note the wording BEHIND YOU. This is not going to be another BT Elections where you put some poor lamb out to slaughter. This has to be your bacon up for grabs. Let's be real, you will be the one making that GI-NORMOUS paycheck so now you have to earn it.

    I believe you need to wage a campaign to get him out of office. Call in all those favours and pull whatever strings you need pull. Put pressure on the legal system.

    Hold on. You do know unless you keep this issue in the people's eye and let the police know you are weary of them being passive this case about irregularities will simply disappear right? You do know this right? I don't know this for a fact but it is my belief the police is either in Big Mac's pocket or scared of him. Let's keep in mind he gave them a nice raise in budget this year.

    May I suggest district meetings to rally the individual districts to get behind you. This way you can lay your case out for people.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Let justice prevail the Premier is under investigation not charged.  Most Caymanians have become drunk on politics, power and greed this is just the begining of garrison politics, ask anyone old enough from our next door neighbours Jamaica and they will tell you the honest truth.

    Caymanians better wake up and do the right thing, this ship is fast approaching the reef of destruction.  Oh my God, please help us.  Mr. Governor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office we need help.  Better direct rule than what we have now, this is chaos, total chaos.

  9. James says:

    If what he is doing is against the law, regulations or policies then the Governor is the person to DO SOMETHING about it! So the real question here is why HE does not?

    • noname says:

      What is to make him?  the outrage of the Caymanian people?  Look at the effect its haveing on bush.  Stop your crying, pay your Bush taxes and start planning on where you will go next.  Its what the smart people on Cayman do.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The people are looking for a leader.  Mr. McLaughlin Get something started such as a peaceful demonstration outside the governor's house or hte new govt. building and you may find that a lot more people will attend.  The first march was just a start.  Now that the Offshore Alert has an article on the premier, Cayman will only get more and more bad press until we step up and do something.  Demand the premier's resignation. Demand the rest of the UDP's appoint a new leader even if its temporary.  Look at the gentlemen involved in the football scandal.  He has stepped down and that is no where near as serious as allegations of financial wrong doing.  Hurry up and do something before the UK steps in and no-one really wants that do they?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wah I don't understand is the fact everyone is kicking out on bush. People wat was the reason ppm got taken out of power for?????? Lemme guess they wasn't doing what they suppose to do, so give the man a break and make him do his job. Its hard now plenty people have no work to the moment let's focus on that instaed of worrying who runing the country. If u vote out udp now and put back in ppm the same bull snap is going to tek place, unna going complain about them same way then u guys vote them back out, we will never get any better if this keeps up, so why doesn't alden and the rest of ppm party try 2 help work wid udp as one instaed of sitting there and critising every thing they try 2 do, XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      boy are you clueless

      • Anonymous says:

        He very obviously doesn't remember when and why the UDP was kicked out before and were able to buy their way back in through idiots like him. Don't worry, they don't have enough money and there are notenoughidiots in Cayman to get them back in this time.

  12. Anonymous says:

    To Anon 20:00


    The march to stop EE seaport and NS channel did work. Both projects are no longer being considered. The struggle is not for power, it is to remove the man who is under investigation by police, the same man who raised duties and fuel taxes that are the direct cause of your financial struggle.


    If just one MLA will stand up and announce a march for the resignation of the Premier with dates and times, I assure you the masses will show up in the largest numbers ever seen here. It wouldn't hurt to end the march or rally with a free concert under the stars and maybe some food booths catered by the local restaurants or a chili cook-off.


    The people are ready, we just need someone willing to lead.


    I might add that the Premier's rally at the Public Beach for construction workers has resulted in not jobs so far. I wonder if he still has their votes.


  13. Anonymous says:

    What a stuggle for power!  It cannot get any clearer than this.  The march did not prove fruitful, now they are questioning why the public is not supporting their hunger.   Well I will tell you why, we are trying to survive in a struggling economy without work in many instances, whilst having to maintain our mortgages, feed our families and pay utilities that is completely out of control.  

    If the four of you had our concerns at heart you would be offering some suggestions on how to better improve our economy so that the unemployed can get jobs, and ways to bring the cost of living down so that we dont have to struggle and juggle our few pennies every month. That's really what's on our minds, not Premier Bush and his personal issues, he is big enough and strong enough to handle this own problems.

    So, If you really want our support then get with the program not for  power  but ways to improve our islands and we will be behind you 100%

    I personally think Premier Bush is doing a good job manageing a broke government and a struggling economy whilst seeking investors to come our way and bring jobs and investment so that we can rent our closed apartments that we cant pay the mortgages. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Do yourself and all of us a favor. Get a flashlight. bend over exactly 180 degrees, look straight up, shine the flashlight in the same direction you are looking and with any luck you will find your brain. Pull it out and put it back where it's supposed to be, in that crater between your two ears, please.

      • Anonymous says:

        What we have here is not open dialogue but a number of anti UDP – McKeeva blog thugs who abuse anyone who disagrees with their self righteous beliefs.

        They verbally abuse any opinion that disagrees with them.

        They believe the entire country is represented by the CNS world that they seem to live in.

        In the latest poll about McKeeva less that 300 voted against him. Given the voting population that number does not represent a majority. CNS offers these people a format to vent their anger toward the current government.

        Disagreement is what is good here and mature conversation and intelligent discourse is preferable to childish quips.

        McKeeva is innocent until proven guilty. It isn't just my opinion it is the law.

        If those who abuse or try to bully disagreement think their childish put downs are impressive then they are sorely mistaken.

        • Anonymous says:

          Please check out todays headlines on CNS, Dickhead.

        • Anonymous says:

          Please check out todays headlines on CNS, Dickhead.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Doo Doo, we take it you're continuing to observe the CNS headlines and the rapidly growing number of abusive blog thug posts?

    • Anonymous says:

      if you think McKeeva is doing a good job i can see why you are having difficulty managing a few pennies – lol. 

      McKeeva's issues are not "personal" as you call them.  Every one of these stupid unethical ideas Mckeeva comes up with is going to affect each and everyone of us long term! If you think we are struggling now, you let McKeeva keep going on this path.  Our reputation will soon be down the tubes and we will struggle to do business with anyone.

      Yes we need inward investors but we also need to keep the ones we have.  We have many foreign institutions already in our islands, most of which, will not tolerate an unethical, corrupt and erratic government.  Under his leadership we will soon struggle to sell out financial industry.  You can say what you want but if you see that industry start having doubts about us as a jurisdiction, we are cooked!  But Iguess you and McKeeva will not worry… all tend to think Dart is the be all and end all.

  14. Charm says:

    Who wrote the constitution for the Cayman Islands? I guess the Constitution allows the Premier to act and do whatever he feels is right for the Cayman Islands, and which will continue without any interferance from the Governor or the people. Therefore, you cannot blame the Premier for his actions … remember, he is only doing what he believes is right for the country. Apparently, no measurements were put in place when the constitution was written to prevent all that you guys believe is criminal or insane. Therefore, Mr. Bush should be left alone becausethere is nothing that can be done now.  It really looks bad when you guys continue to put him down and throw him under the bus.  The Constitution which he advised the public to vote 'NO' to seems to be working and protecting him.  Therefore, you cannot blame him and all of you should stop belittle him,  blame the people who put a document together which was incomplete.

    • Libertarian says:

      Whilst he may not have played a pivotal role in the creation of our Constitution, McKeeva as the Premier, is still responsible and accountable for all his actions and passage of laws. Yes… the political system is marred, but don't forget that the players are all accountable!

    • Yo Mamma says:

      Who wrote our constitution, you ask? Why it was Kurt Tibbetts, McKeeva Bush, the Chamber of Commerce and a bunch of pastors. It may suck as far as being the highest law in the land and all that, but it's great for making sure them gays and women don't get too uppity and start insisting on yucky human rights and such.


    • Anonymous says:

      No wonder this man keeps getting elected when our voter base includes people of such evident stupidity and little sense of ethics and decency as this poster who is willing to excuse and justify his every action no matter how reprehensible. It is like we are living in Jonestown.

      Obviously the Premier must be held accountable for unethical actions including political interference which is outside the Public Management and Finance Law and which has cost this country almost $900,000 more than if the proper procedures had been observed. Obviously the Constitution established a Commission for Standards in Public Life which can look into these matters – something which the old Constitution did not have. The Commission needs to leap into action. The fault is obviously not Constitution but the officeholder of Premier.  

  15. Jumbles says:

    Mac is clearly scared to say anything about the investigation. 

    • Dred says:


      Do you have to say more?…….

      This has taken 1 year and a half now…..this will be swept under the carpet….."lack of evidence" watch…..

      Mac is not scared….they are scared of Mac…..

  16. Castor says:

    The expat is always the boogey man, the source of all ills.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Right!  Leave it up to the people who pay to work here, get kicked off after 7 years, and can't vote.  You had one thing right.  There is no clear imparitive to worry about the future (of Cayman) especially given the fact that they will need to find a new job for themselves after giving years of service.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone who is paying to work here (rather than their employer paying) is breaking the law. They needn’t wait 7 years but should probably leave now.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The reason you have someone like Bush as a leader is because you will not allow expats any rights. They do however get an automatic get lost after 7 years card apon arriving (NO CHOICE)  good try, by the way and no incentive beyone what is given to them by employers who must pay the Cayman people for the right to use qualified and experianced workers over a work force that has proven time and time again to be of substandard qualification.  Just look at your Government for proof.  Both workers and leadership.  Just telling it like it is instead of what I wished it were.  Your government was and is the fault of the Caymanian people.  But go ahead and blame it on the expats if it makes you feel better.  We're used to it. I guess your waiting for them to fix it too.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well then Alden why don't you call a general strike?  Show some guts!

    • Anonymous says:

      He is already showing all the guts and ability he has.  As have all the rest.

    • online says:

      As much as I like Alden, he appears to be a conformist that wants to play by the rules too much.

      • Anonymous says:

        Right, so he needs to find another career – he is not a leader.  Leaders step up to bullies and punch them in the nose.  The country is counting on him to do that.  Instead, he cries booh hooh.  Like I said in my earlier post, show some guts Alden!

        • Anonymous says:

          What Alden needs is the backing and support and cooperation of the sleeping public rather than this type of idiotic posting. The Caymanian public needs to wake up and get off their backsidesand start DOING something to save their country and their future and their children's future from a full blown maniac, rather than complaining and criticising and castigating that is serving no purpose whatsoever other than gigging the hole deeper for themselves. Alden is not God almighty, he's a human being doing his best in the face of undue and unreasonable criticism to dig Cayman out of a hole that its people seem to be very insistent it is never going to come out of, a huge, deep, black, ugly ,filthy hole that WE put ourselves in and that we are now expecting Alden alone to dig us out of in the face of our own ignorant resistance. SHOW SOME GUTS, CAYMANIANS. 

          • The Beaver says:

            Ummh, no, he's actually doing squat – as in zilch.  Leaders lead, they don't cry like little girls…  boo hoo

            • Anonymous says:

              May we ask what YOU'RE doing apart from criticising the wrong person?

      • Anonymous says:

        Our current premier is ruining our country and the lives of our people, including you, by doing the exact opposite. It totally confounds me that people like you will not SEE that.  

  20. At Last Oh At Last says:

    @ But is the Premier…..Just read the letter, BoBo and listen to the small wee voice we call our conscience, you may need to sit still and listen carefully, listen, and you will hear it very clear.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs to do a (Libya) rebels on 'em!!

    • Anonymous says:

      caymanians ain't got the stones…….

    • At Last Oh At Last says:

      @Cayman needs.    All of us who are disgusted should on Friday the 26th                              Start to drive with our car and motor cycle headlights on in the day. That will show the Premier how many people want him to step down. Simple and all will see, Ezzard get your supporters to come out for Cayman. Cock Roach dont like light!

      • Anonymous says:

        Haha! That will show him! Let's get really strident and wear our clothes inside out!

  22. Anon says:

    Proven stupid doesn't count?

  23. MER says:

    If McKeeva Bush is a Government Official, representing the people, for the people; then if WE; as THE PEOPLE no longer want him to represent us then we should lock him out of his office, change the locks, that is a GOVERNMENT building, paid for and built FOR the people BY the people!!! The country is suffering from crime and unemployment, unsolved murders (or missing people) whatever you wish to dub it, we are too small a country to not be able to get a hold on this, we just need the righ people in the right places who are not pre-occupied by unnecessary nonesense to get it done!

    • Anonymous says:

      That would take work… and everyone showing up on time.  Not going to happen Bobo.  the country suffering from unemployment and crime is not all Governments fault.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Many persons in public office or civil service are frequently asked to step down or have their position suspended until matters they are involved with have been completely investigated.   Why should this position be any different?  The issue at hand, is not whether someone is proven tobe innocent or guilty, it is the fact that a public official continues to hold a post while under investigation, which does not bode well for the country's international reputation and standing.  In other countries, the normal thing to do is to step down until the investigation is completed. 


    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely correct. When there were certain allegations made against the former Director of Labour the UDP administration required him to be suspended pending completion of the investigation. Ultimately the investigation exonerated him. It seems to me that the Premier and Minister of Finance should not be held to a lower standard particularly where the investigation concerns financial irregularities and possible bribery or extortion.   

  25. Anonymous says:

    We used to it That's why. All Politicians are pigs at the trough and point at everyone else butthemselves. That's why the never get anything done.

    • Anonymous says:

      If they ever passed a law saying every MLA charged with a crime or even being investigated had to step down, we wouldn't have any MLAs left.  Between whacking people with bull penises and assulting people  you think might be sleeping with your wife, most MLAs would be forced into retirement so we'll never see that law.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is not true of course. There are only a few MLAs that have been charged with a crime or are being criminally investigated and they all have a common party affiliation.

        The bull penis incident did not relate to a sitting MLA and so there would be no need to stand down.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, tough crowd!  Already 7 thumbs down for the comment.  For such an outwardly homophobic general audiance, that is a lot of bull penis support! 🙂

  26. South Sounder says:

    This is a Cayman issue and the apathy shown by the voting public is astounding given the shocking state of the country….come on you should be proud of your democracy, make it work for you, it's your country, not McKeeeevers!

  27. Anonymous says:

    What about the rest of his recent shortcomings? The investigation into the letter is relatively minor compared to his failure as a minister to observe proper rules on use oif public money, and his criticism of the Auditor General  for mentioning the same, and his complete contempt of the LA by ignoring private member motions and written questions.

    Each of those and many others are serious, but all taken together, not to mention his record over First Cayman, and you have a person who in my opinion is unfit!

  28. New Caymanian Patriot says:

    The business community cares – but regrettably ( including because of an absolute failure by Government to enforce business licensing and immigration laws ) the business elite are largely expatriates. Yes, many of them have become Caymanian, but in their hearts that status is most often an immigration permission, rather than a nationality. Their commitment to Cayman is not ( in most instances ) patriotic, it is financial. Doing something and speaking out requires rocking the boat. That creates instability. Instability is bad for business. Business today is more important than future generations in which their children will not play a part.

    There is no clear imperative to worry about the future. They will be leaving ( by choice ) in the next 5 or 10 years anyway. For now, the attitude is one of enjoying it and profiting from it while it lasts – and until the inevitable happens as a result, none of them are likely to do anything to “stop the carnival” now, even if that is a requirement to build a sustainable future.

    • anon says:

      Afraid thats about right on the money, its up to the born/bred Caymainians to get rid of this monster in thier midsts

    • tim ridley says:

      I find this comment very interesting, but question it. There are a significant number of powerful business elite families that are very much Caymanian and for many generations. I do not have to list them by name, but take a look at the various large wholesale and retail operations around town. And some of the real estate and construction concerns. Even the odd law firm and accounting firm have heavy hitting and influential locals in charge!

      It is indeed these people who should take the lead in shaping the political future of the Cayman Islands. And it is only right and proper that they should do so. That they choose for the most part not to take a leadership role, is very concerning. For Cayman to progress politically, this needs to change and sooner rather than later.


      • Wayne Panton says:


        I agree with your comment but similarly I agree with the comments by the New Caymanian Patriot. You are both right. However, NCPs comments do not go far enough to describe the reality that significant elements of the business community (particularly in the financial industry) are much more than just passive observers who are disinclined to rock the boat.

        There are also those who use their privileged financial positions to influence the outcome of particular decisions or policy positions for personal and business advantage irrespective of the potential negative consequences for the country and the society within which they live. I say that deliberately because many do not see themselves as a part of one Caymanian society rather they are the separate and distinct upper stratum of society in Cayman.

        This behaviour reflects some of the unfortunate aspects of human nature – money for some wants to buy power and privilege. On the other hand it reflects the lack of integrity and care for the country and their constituents (as well as the greater good of society) by some politicians. Those that observe and do nothing are just as bad.

        I am not sure which side of that coin – those seeking and those selling, that I am more displeased with. In many respects they are equally responsible for the inevitable degradation of the country.

        We have a broken system but it is not something that a bit of decency, cooperation, sound ethics, honesty and respect for the laws of the country couldnt repair.

        Failure to attempt to address it simply results in growing frustration, sense of disenfranchisement, discontent, social tension, rising crime, lower quality of law and general degradation of society. Sound familiar?

        It is our collective duty to hold those perpetrating and perpetuating this accountable. We must expect better. We must progress as you say.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bang on point, Wayne. I very much hope you will run for office. You will have widespread support from grassroots and business alike. You are part of the next generation of educated and business minded Caymanians who recognize right from wrong and sustainability over a quick profit. Integrity and the rule of law are the ingredients we need to wake us from this nightmare.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crass generalisations from someone who has probably never spoken to an expat let alone asked his/her opinions.

  29. Anonymous says:

    But is the Premier a suspect that is charged for a criminal offense?  Why should he resigned if he has not even been charged for a crime?  It is like the opposition cares not for our reputation in demanding that the Premier resigns when he is innocent until proven guilty.

    • Anonymous says:

      "he is innocent until proven guilty."

      We should hold our leaders to a higer moral and ethical standard than this.

  30. Anonymous says:

    This is OUR country. Let's step up and speak up. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok what’s your name and phone number so I can call you and we will speakout together

  31. Anonymous says:

    Not sure what else we can do on this?  We live in a non-democratic country and our hands are tied.

     We've done everything we can peacefully do including marching, talked on the radio, offered comments on various websites, offered petitions on various subject, talked at town meetings, and most importantly we've employed you all to speak for us, what else are we supposed to be doing?  I am not trying to be difficult here just at a loss for the next step.

    Perhaps the Governor should step up?  How about the "other" UDP Members stop being afraid or should I say stupid and do the right thing?

    I agree he should step down but let's face it, he won't.  He'snot reasonable and rarely can anyone make an unreasonable person face the truth.

    I only pray that he does have some realization of what he's doing to my country and step down.  Until then or our next election, we'll have to keep praying!




  32. Libertarian says:

    Ezzard Miller says to the effect that "the country must clean its own house and not wait on the UK to come marching down and suspending the constitution." As much as I hate to see this small and limited democracy of ours dissolved by our UK masters, it could just be that such an intervention could be Cayman's only hope of establishing a better democracy with checks and balances against political corruption.

    However, please note that "full British rule" means a UK dictatorship and it is a risk to take such a rule as our ultimate solution to our problems, because you have people up there who do not mean Cayman any good, but just like some politicians here, money and power is all on their minds.

    And I hate to be put into the position where I have to "hope" in the mother country and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) that have people therein that do not mean us well. The FCO and Governor were behind the drafting of our limited constitution that lacks many provisions of direct democracy for Caymanians, and lacks checks and balances against corruption. God forbid… they draft us with a document like Turks and Cacois Islands.

    We need a Constitution with direct democratic provisions. At the onset of a full British rule, our local politicians should do whatever they can to ensure we get a decent and direct democratic system where communities with no vioce are not left vulnerable to big shots and MLA's that have forgetten to represent them. I hope we have politicians who love their country and the people therein, and push for a fair Constitution that does not support the ills of a two-party system. Regards

    • Anonymous2 says:

      Sadly I have not heard of one mla who has made inquiries in the uk to implement what you are proposing on 'direct democracy in our constituton. Maybe we are born in the wrong place. Ezzard looks like someone who has brawn, but he is too much of a home boy.

    • Married to a Caymanian says:

      I would only welcome British rule if I knew our financial industry would be protected, but sadly, both the US and the UK have found that by crying out for offshore "taxes" and "Business tax evaders" they can get local votes at home.  So I'm scared of letting in the UK.

      However, I do NOT think we need our bloated and crooked politicians anymore and we need to throw ALL of those bums OUT.  Fat paychecks and nothing to show but bad governance I say!  I am completely against the two party system that has torn this island apart for the past few years.  All we need is a smaller and honest administration that is accountable.

      Accountability was lost a decade ago.  Our education administration has done nothing to improve our children's test scores  or chances in life and we still have a broken school system- one of the worse for a wealthy little nation!  Our civil service has become jobs-for-life without pride or promotion.  Adecent way of making a living is lost and thanks to our politicians (bad schools, no vocational programs, glass ceiling for locals), most Caymanians now have only a false sense of entitlement.

      I don't know the answers, but it is certainly not to trust our current politicians (any of them).


  33. Mark Eb says:

    I agree, tell me what you need me to do and I'll do it! (within reason that is)

  34. nauticalone says:

    I agree completely that the Premier should not be "leading" Cayman while under Police Investigation.

    However if the "Elected Representatives" feel Powerless to cause him to step down, just how do they suppose "the people" feel? I have written and spoken to numerous persons (including UDP Poiticians) about this. They simply "defend" Mac.

    Going straight to "defending" without objectively listening/considering seems to be an attitude that many Politicians (and some others) in Cayman have "down pat". The Opposition is no stranger to this attitude either! They might ask why the "Modernised Contitution" does not have more useful Checks and Balances available?

    Like why does/can't the Governor not cause the Premier (while under Police Investigation) to step down/aside and/or new elections?

    It is clear that "enough" of us in Cayman are not yet "hurting" enough and content to "not rock the boat" for fear of retaliation/hurt. Including Big Business and the Church! (both huge voting blocs).

    This is a sad indictment on the Moral/Ethical decay of a land that has had so much for long enough now to either not know or have forgotten not having….generally speaking.

    This is changing though. Time is indeed longer than rope!

    I hope, and continue to work towards us finding the fortitude to deal effectively with our own issues also….but it does appear we will not!. And will thus effectively "cause" the UK to step in. A situation, i agree i would rather not experience, but one that is increasingly seeming to be more and more necessary, as we continue to NOT be willing to Step up!



    • I have an idea says:

      To be fair to the PPM, the Constitution has as many checks and balances as the Westminster system allows for, and they did not draft it.  It also establishes a number of bodies which McKeeva has starved of funding and staffed with lackeys.  The problem is not the Constitution, it's the person wielding it.

      • nauticalone says:

        It seems that where  "a person weilding it" (the Constitution) can happen….that indicates it's lack of effective Checks and Balances!



        • I have an idea says:

          I can see why you might think that.  As I said, there are plenty of checks and balances, the problem is the internal power dynamics.  Where other people need to be objecting to his appointments and flouting of the rules, they are not.  Edna Moyle would not put up with his treatment of the opposition.  No previous governor would not have said something by now.  Jennifer Dilbert and the AG are the only allies we have.  Everywhere else – the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Committee for Standards in Public Life, the Register of Interests, the Legislative Assembly, the backbenchers: all of these people and bodies have been silenced with bullying from him, ignorance of procedures, cronyism, non-disclosure and delays.  This is classic dictator behaviour.  The problem is not the Constitution, trust me.  The problem is that everything in Cayman is too local and too close for the persons tasked with watching him to be justified in standing their ground.  In larger jurisdictions people keep each other in line with social pressure – and even then they have to know what is going on to do this.  It is a culture problem – not a Constitution problem.  That is what is so worrying.  

          • Anonymous says:

            Please explain what you think Edna Moyle would do that the Opposition and the Independent member from North Side are not already doing.

            • Anonymous says:

              Use her authority to list the matters that are being sidelined andissue a stern rebuke to the government that the Legislative Assembly is a deliberative and legislative body, not a rubber stamp.

              • Anonymous says:

                I may have misunderstood your point. Apparently you meant Edna Moyle vs. Mary Lawrence as Speaker of the House.

                You've got to understand poor Ms. Mary. For her whole adult life she has wanted to be a part of the LA. Now her dreams have come true. This is the best salary she has earned in her entire life. She will also get a pension from this if she finishes the term. He has employed her daughter as the Cayman Florida liaison at a salary of some $40,000 p.a. Do you really think she wants to endanger these benefits in any way? XXXX

                But I know Ms. Mary can count. It takes 2/3 of the House to remove her and the UDP have only 9/15 members. She can actually stand up to him and make it to full term but does not want to incur his wrath.     

          • nauticalone says:

            I agree with you that the systems and offices/persons you speak of "should" be causing "checks and balances". And also that we have a serious "culture problem.

            However, as Cayman is a BOT should the UK/Governor not be doing more to effect "Good Govenance" under a "Modernised Consitution"?

            Your argument speaks to the theory….mine is concerned with the practice!

            And to excuse an entire system because one man is "Bullying" others is wrong!

        • Anonymous says:

          In this case, 'the person weilding it'  is doing so by completely ignoring it like he does everything else. Unfortunately there seems to be no checks and balances against that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Try telling Truman Bodden the dinosaur that.

  35. Anonymous says:

    How could anyone (FCCA etc) negotiate with the Premier knowing he is undering investigation? I wouldn't, I would be too worried that anything he committed to would end up being cancelled and my association would be out of pocket and that we would have wasted our time.

  36. Caymanians against Mob Rule. says:

    oh..'Ardon….what are you promoting then?  You would have not mentioned "rioting" if you did not want to put it in someones mind, would you?.

    I am glad that we still have rule of law in this country and that someone can be under investigation and is not considered in the slightest guilty until charged. If he is charged, I am the first to stand with you that he must resign but before that, let rule of law override politics and mob rule!

  37. Anonymous says:

    In Cayman are you presumed innocent until proven guilty?


    • Anonymous says:

      Depends if your Caymanian or expat.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not quite, but if you cannot get money from the Public Defender's Fund then you must be guilty.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you know McKeeva?

    • Anonymous says:

      According to the Premier, no. He said we should not have to pay for the defence of "criminals" out of the legal aid fund thereby presuming guilt.   

  38. Anonymous says:

    Alden I quite agree with your assessment. Let me ask this question, is this not what has caused Libya's current problem?  This Nation Building Policy?  Yes it is…… and Mr. Bush, you better change yourphilsophy and start practicing good governance and become transparent and accountable for every action.

  39. Knot S Smart says:

    Oh Dear… I dont know what will become of our God Forsaken little islands…

    First we had Hurricane Ivan and then we have Hurricane Mac. The Jury has not yet decided which was more devastating….

    Seems to me like the first one pulled our people together, and the second one tore us apart.

    • Anonymous says:

      If we allow Mac to continue and to tie this country to any long term deals with Dart or any one else the recovery time will be generations not the few years it took to rebuild after Ivan.  That is if there is a way to recover.

       I think we need to stop him before any further MOU's or agreements are made. 

      Maybe and ad in the newspapers:  "We we the people hereby notify the world that The Premier Mr Bush no longer acts on behalf of the Cayman People and we the Cayman People are not responsible for his actions or bound by any agreement he may make!"  This should be published world wide.  He must be stopped now.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Why the heck didn't Alden give other examples of high profile politicians under investigation that had stepped aside instead of citing two junior politicians that resigned after making inappropriate comments?  What does that have to do with the scenario in Cayman?



  41. Anonymous says:

    How about Libia?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Where are the statements from CIMA? CIDA? Cayman Finance?  STEP?  Chamber?  If Mac was in the private sector, there would be several SARS reports already filed and he would be asked to surrender his passport and go on mandatory gardening leave pending the outcome from FCU investigation.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Alden and Ezzard are drooling for McKeeva's job. What planet is Alden from, many leaders are investigated while in office, it is called innocent until proven guilty. Any lawyer would know this.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is utterly incredible that people like you continue to completely ignore the fact that McKeeva is destroying this country while you continue to insist that Alden and Ezzard are the culprits for "wanting his job". One has to assume that you do have a brain in your head otherwise you couldn't possibly write your obnoxious post, or even have someone else do it for you. The huge question is, why the XXXX do you insist on NOT putting that brain to some good use. You are continuing to encourage and assist in the complete destruction of our country and the ruination of everybody's lives here including your own by writing posts like this. Please try getting your act together, idiot. McKeeva must and will go and SOMEBODY will have to replace him. Perhaps you should apply for the job since you claim to be more intelligent than Alden. It certainly isn't showing, dumbo, but who knows, if you come from West Bay and can muster up enough money to buy a couple of fridges you might just get somewhere.       

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem weakly capable to insult people who post here and it sounds like it was written by a high school student. My point remains that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and if you find fault with that you don't even understand the legal system in the country and if you are a lawyer then you need another career because you are incompetent.

        Alden's emotional plea is not founded in the law. As a politician he knows this and wants to circumvent the law. If you have no problem with circumventing the rule of law then you are not part of the solution just a nasty mouth.


        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you, next time I will try harder at insulting you, since that "weak" attempt obviously didn't achieve the desired effect. I am not a lawyer but I am most certainly proud of my nasty mouth, which apparently needs to get a little nastier. Never mind, I'm working on it.

          • James says:

            now now children…

          • Anonymous says:

            Neither of the 2 responses mentioned my point about the need for a rule of law. In Alden's own way he is ignoring the law by calling on the people to act. Alden knows the legal process here.  These people are simply throwing insults which does not move any conservation forward.

            They are in denial and remain part of the problem. Baby blog thugs

            • Anonymous says:

              psssst. Please check out today's headlines on CNS, baby blog thug. That's OUR secret, OK?

              • Anonymous says:

                More again today… and many, many more baby blog thug responses. This is starting to get exciting, don't you think?

            • Anonymous says:

              Do you really think the word "law" means anything whatsoever to burger king? You really have to gall to accuse ALDEN of ignoring the law? Makes me wonder who's really in denial and remaining a part of the problem, baby blog thug.

          • Anonymous says:

            Mouth is about all you have, and no I am not the person you first insulted.

            But you do sound a lot like your hero…Mac! That by the way is most certainly meant as an insult.

            • Anonymous says:

              Insult accepted. I know, I know, the truth hurts, at least now we're even so please no more nasty back mouthing, OK? You're getting to be almost as good as I am.

        • Anonymous says:

          P.S. Thank you for giving me credit for a higher education than even the Premier himself has. I'm actually starting to like you.

  44. anon says:

    Alden, there is an onging investigation. No one is found guilty. We don't even know if the Premier is the prime target of investigation. Why can't you and Ezzard wait to see the outcome and leave the police alone?

    You just want power.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have been told by the Governor that he is under investigation for "financial irregularities". Were you asleep? 

  45. Anonymous says:

    PPM needs to grab themselvs by the u know what~~~~~~~ and have this mad man removed, you all seem to be intimidated by him also.

  46. Married to a Caymanian says:

    Not enough pressure?!?  Pul-ease!!!   We USED to have a somewhat honest system for hard working Caymanians, but now we have a confused and divided disaster of politics.

    The common opinion is that Big Mac is a disgraceful bully who is out of touch with reality, will do whatever he pleases, and the public would welcome his removal.  However, McKeeva is determined and power-mad to live in his fantasy world and sadly our voters who embraced this two-party system must now live with our third world decision for a dual politcal party system.

    You liked the good years, the wealth, and kept your heads in the sand….now we reep what we sow!

  47. Sad Truth says:

    The people know that, sadly, they need the support of the politicians to depose our Greeder.  But, regretably, we are represented by a group of spineless, self-indulging do-nothings in government more for their own benefit than that of the country.  This sad period will go down in Cayman history littered with the names of these losers.  We have tried marching, speaking out and voicing our disgust, but the governor and cabinet's inactions shouts loudly back that they don't care about us.

    I sadly surmise that the undercurrent of disappointment and disgust in our leadership will continue until either, a, our cabinet grow a pair and stand up to Ma, or, b, the governor finds his marbles, or c, it hits a boiling point and violence hits the street.  Sadly c, may well come before and and b here…


  48. Anonymous says:

    Because as much ans anyone suspects him, he like anyone else gets to be innocent until proven guilty….now, give us the results of that inquirey and then you will hear from us.

  49. Anonymous says:

    So Alden, you are ineffective in creating a reason to kick the Premier out of office, so now you are blaming the Public.

    In case you have forgotten, the Premier was elected to office by the people.

    Find another reason because your whining just is not effective,

    • Anonymous says:

      Ignorance continues to have a death grip on an alarming number of, I am ashamed to say, my Caymanian people. I truly do symphatize with you Alden. With support like this from the people you are trying to help, I can't help wondering if there is any hope at all for us. God help us. 

  50. Anonymous says:

    It is clear to everyone that is not stupid, comatose or corrupt that we need to remove the Premier, but sadly Mr. Alden is wrong in part. My country is no longer a "modern democracy". Whatever democratic institutions there may have been have been highjacked by a despot and his cronies.

    We elected MLAs like Mr. Alden and Mr. Ezzard to represent us and they are being paid for full time work and should be doing that. It is ridiculous for any of them to say that they can do nothing They should be organising and publicising a march on the Governor's office for a day in September demanding that the Governor calls immediate new elections. They should be organising for publicity for that march so that the Governor's Office and the FCO will not ignore the people's demands.

    Get on with it.

  51. SORRY STATE says:

    The FCO never gave permission to borrow $20 Million for Cayman Airways which could mean that they don't approve of government continuing that support. Mac could be in deep trouble over this.

  52. Anonymous says:

    “This has to be the only modern democracy in the world where the leader is under investigation and yet still remains in office”


    Sorry, but we aren't all that special.  From a FEC investigation of Obama to multiple investigations of Italy's Berlusconi (including one for child prostition), I think you'd have a much harder time finding a leader not under some type of investigation than finding one who is.  Luckily most democracies have the understanding that not all investigations find wrong doing and thus simple allogations and investigations don't mean removing the leader of a country.

  53. Anonymous says:

    the most ppwerful people are not stepping up:

    our mute governor

    media like cay compass/citn….. absolute embarressment to journalism

    chamber of commerce, tourism association…..


    • Anonymous says:

      Tourism Association?  You do realise that Ministry of Tourism is under McKeever, right?  Guess what would happen if they spoke up about him?  All that advertising money would disappear. Department of Tourism and Ministry of Tourism sponsors a lot of events.


  54. Freedom Man says:

    Why would the sheep stand up against their "Leader"?  They are too busy watching Football and Dancing With The Stars to actually care about being XXXX by their "Leaders". Not until they all are starving in the streets will these people stand up with torches & pitchforks to take their country back.  So Sad!  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  You ARE the Government!

    • Anonymouse says:

      Yeah!  But we ike those refrigerators, etc.  Now if we can just get the church to divvy up with us, we be o.k.