North Side MLA to unveil district jetty plans

| 26/08/2011

(CNS): The independent member for North Side will be revealing the proposals for what he has said is a much needed new jetty for his district on Saturday. Ezzard Miller will be unveiling the plans at a family fun day in partnership with the district’s pirates committee. North -Siders will also be taking on Brackers in a special volleyball tournament and the district’s two Miss Cayman Islands 2011 contestants will also be there hoping to drum up support for next month’s pageant. Miller has been working for some time to enhance the facilities at Old Man Bay and the details will be presented on Saturday.

The gates for the fun-day open at 2pm and the old ManBay jetty plans are scheduled to be unveiled at 2:30pm. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly will also be in attendance as will the Designer & Architect of the dock, Marco Whittaker who will offer a detailed explanation of the project.

North-Siders will take on the visiting volleyball players from the Brac at 4pm to add to the family fun afternoon with a variety of free entertainment, live music, face painting, wow balls and refreshments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just make sure it stays at Old Man Bay. We don't need any more holes cut in the reef to the west.

    • Anonymous!!!**8 says:

      Just make sure its not the west:    If you read the article with an open mind and not being malicious you will see that its not dredging thats being done. Its a jetty extended out in the water for the benefit of all the people. You sicken me with your hate and predgedist attitude. I attended this event and was very  well entertained by the performance of the people involved. You go north siders.

  2. anonymous says:

    No dock for East End but dock for North Side, wha???

  3. anonymous says:

    …I am concerned this jetty will flood EAST END! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will this be another one of Ezzards major dredging operations for the district like the channel for “the people”

    • Anonymous!!!** says:

      The good people of north side deserves a better comment from you. You are still holding a grudge for something that was done for the benefit of all north siders, which they gladly admit to.How ever its only a few disgruntled folks that feel that the dredging of the channel in bowsies is the cause of the problem they face, far from it.

      Its a crying shame that the people of north side cant have whats their God given rights and must be dettered by some money hungry unhappy people.

      The fishermen want it, the residents will enjoy it so will the tourist. Stop being malicious.