Man twice acquitted of murder faces burglary charges

| 27/08/2011

(CNS): Jose Carillo-Perez has chosen a judge alone trial to answer charges against him for burglar. Having been acquitted twice by two difference judges in for the murder of Martin Gareau in May 2008, Perez is forced to return to the Grand Court again having pleaded not guilty to one count of burglary in an entirely unrelated matter. The trial is set for 16 January next year and is expected to last for just three days. Perez remains on bail having been released from custody when he was found not guilty by Justice Smith last month in a retrial which was secured by the crown after winning an appeal last summer.

Perez sent most of the last four years in jail on remand after he was arrested in the wake of the murder of the Canadian national in Beach bay during a holiday weekend in May 2008. The crown’s case was based entirely on two partial and smudged prints found near the bloody murder scene but as an acquaintance of the victim Perez had visited Gareau’s home only a few weeks before for a barbeque when he said he would have left his prints on the garage door frame after assisting Gareau with the barbeque grill.


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