Woman finally able to admit stabbing mother

| 30/08/2011

(CNS): A West Bay woman who has made at least a dozen court appearances since she was charged with attempted murder was finally able to speak to the court last Friday when an interpreter was present. 32 year old Laverne Gould who is deaf pleaded guilty via a sign language interpreter to wounding with intent in connection with the incident which took place on Finch Road in West Bay earlier this year. With the assistance of the interpreter Gould apologised to the court for her crime. The woman had stabbed her 63 year old mother, Leanna Ebanks, in the neck while she was sleeping but her parent has written to the court making it clear that she has forgiven her daughter for the attack which was made in a fit of temper.

Gould will now be sentenced on 7 October following the submission of a social enquiry report. Ben Tonner the defence counsel representing Gould said that mitigation would be made on behalf of his client, who has no previous convictions, outlining the circumstances of the attack in due course, but the interpreter told the court on behalf of Gould, "She's sorry about it; she never meant to do it."

The West Bay woman has been in custody since her arrest on 1 May and has made numerous court appearances but on each occasion despite continuous requests by her attorney no sign interpreter was available to assist Gould to understand the proceedings or speak for her. At the last appearance on 19 August Ben Tonner had pointed out with only two sign language interpreters working in the jurisdiction it was proving difficult to coordinate.

However, Justice Alex Henderson had ordered that a sign language interpreter be present at the next appearance and was finally able to move the stalled case along.

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