Judge alone trials continue in firearms cases

| 05/09/2011

(CNS): Another murder case involving a fatal shooting is scheduled to open In Grand Court Monday and yet again the defendant has rejected trial by jury. Leonard Ebanks (39) who is charged with the murder of Tyrone Burrell who was gunned down during a social function almost one year ago, will appear before Justice Charles Quin to judge his fate. The 39 year old man is accused of killing 20 year old Burrell last year in Birch Tree Hill on 20 September during a social gathering. The police said at the time of the killing that Burell could have been a witness in another case but had never told police what he knew, however, his silence had not saved his life.

The fatal shooting took place in the same West Bay yard where Damion Ming was killed on the eve of his return to prison for drug related offences following the failure of an appeal against his conviction. Police have not stated if they believed Burrell had witness that killing or another gun related offence.

Ming was shot and killing in March 2010 in what was a peak period for shootings in West Bay. One man is currently in custody charged with Ming’s murder and that of two other men.

Over the last few months defendants have rejected juries in favour of judge alone trials in the last three firearms related murder and also in two case of attempted murders. So far judges have acquitted in all but one of the firearms case. A verdict in the case against Elmer Wright who was accused of robbing Mostyns Esso in Bodden Town and the attempted murder of a police officer is expected next

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